Did I tell you about the trample parties an old girlfriend used to have? (A true story)

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by MrRugman, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. MrRugman

    MrRugman Member

    Did I tell you about the trample parties an old girlfriend used to have?

    Barbara was a part time shoe model, she was 5’7” about 135 lbs and her shoe Size was 5 ½. She must have had over 250 pairs of shoes & boots. And that girl LOVED to trample me with them.

    I asked her if she would ask some of her friends would like to join her when she trampled me. She said she would ask some of her friends to join in.

    So she started holding what she called her “Trample Parties” every month.

    It started out small. The first time she only invited 2 of her girlfriends from work. After a few drinks the 3 of them really did a number on me. Her friends wanted to come back and try to kill me again but Michelle told them if they wanted to come to the next Trample party they had to bring at least 1 friend to join in. Next party Michelle invited 2 more friends and the girls from the first party brought 2 friends. After they got drunk there where 11 women in stilettos trying to kill me. I didn’t think I was going to live. LOL

    After a few months of parties and all the new girls bringing 2 friends there were over 75 women coming to the parties. There wasn’t any room in her apartment for all of them and I was stood on and trampled for hours. After I would look like hamburger. LOL

    I even found an old photo of her. https://fetlife.com/users/43730/pictures/68653173

    michelle black pumps.jpg
  2. jaybootlicker

    jaybootlicker Member

    Welcome back! Always one of my favourite posters, and I remember a good 20 years ago where you would routinely share experiences and photos, at a time where information was pretty scarce to come by! Thanks for your input over the years
  3. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    I also remember seeing you in the old magazines and papers before the internet...Dominant Mistique, Trampled, Heels and Toes (or maybe Soles), etc.
    Glad to see you again>
  4. kalkar

    kalkar Member

    is this a wish or a true experience?
  5. MrRugman

    MrRugman Member

    This is 100% true.
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  6. bdb844lg

    bdb844lg Member

    Hello Mr Rugman - nice to see you posting. I always loved reading about your experiences.

    So what's it like having dozens of women walking on or around you at the same time ? Did most or all wear heels ? I'd guess some would actively look to step on you while others would just ignore you underfoot. I don't know which I'd like more !
  7. trampleme5

    trampleme5 Trampleme5

    I remember you as well and used to enjoy reading about your events at clubs and bars
  8. kalkar

    kalkar Member

    well , people doesn't become legend for nothing :) can you please tell the most panicked moments? especially under high heels?

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