Does Your Chest Hurt?

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by krushingentertainment, Jul 13, 2018 at 2:07 PM.

  1. Thickalicious returns to Krushing ENTERTAINMENT to help Queen Krusha demolish the seat. Both show no mercy in this squash fest! Many butt drops, smothering and some trampling. Replay cam is available!

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  2. Oh, wow! Double squashing on the chest.. That's a pressure!
  3. volupfan

    volupfan Member

    Holy shitsnacks ... thats a whole lotta ASS!!! and NO cushion this time OMFG!
  4. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    Are there any videos where Thickalicious is wearing only underwear/thong, as opposed to the leggings?
  5. tiggidy21

    tiggidy21 New Member

    Her IG doesn't appear to have anything squashing related. Is it ok to ask her questions about this stuff?
  6. I'm sure it's ok to ask her about squashing.
  7. Yes, Underwear and fishnets. Visit her studio on kinkbomb.

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