Doing It Thickalicious Style

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    This is a double squash with two of the most beautiful bbws. Queen Krusha features Thickalicious in a squash to remember. Watch as they both take turns in smothering,squashing, and butt dropping the seat! This is the 1st time thickalicious has squashed a seat so, Queen Krusha provides the assist! Replay Cam is available. Did I mention a double butt drop to end his night?! Please follow thickalicious on IG at

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  2. tiggidy21

    tiggidy21 New Member

    This is awesome!! How much does Thickalicious weigh?
  3. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    Oh yes, she's doing it alright. :p
  4. breethe2001

    breethe2001 Member

    Just bought this clip and it is awesome! Only 2 things would make it even better...

    1- For Thickalicious to use ALL her weight when doing s buttdrop on the slave's face


    2- For me to be the slave!

    If he ever needs a break, I would love to have my face crushed by Queen Krusha and Thickalicious! It would be great to see a double buttdrop with Thickalicious holding Krusha around the waist, then do a fullweight butt drop with the weight of both coming down on the slave's face at the same time! Or maybe doing some fullweight trample and facesitting at the same time? Thanks and keep up the great work!
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  5. driwulf54

    driwulf54 Member

    this would be the best way to spend the rest of my life
  6. volupfan

    volupfan Member

    PLEASE tell us you #bigsexybeauties are planning on doing sessions or meetings in the future so that some of your new fans can get a real taste/feel for treatment like this!
  7. Thickalicious is working hard to add more force to her butt drops! Not sure of her weight but you can ask her on IG: thickaliciousent

    Queen Krusha does not do sessions at the moment. However, thickalicious is open to doing sessions but she does not travel. Please contact her IG for more question about sessions! Thanks for your support!

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