Extracting Orgasms From Carmen - LESBIAN DOMINATION

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    "Extracting Orgasms From Carmen Valentina"
    I've told you my fantasies are rather depraved, yet here you are for a taste of them once more. This is simply a visual I've created to mirror my day dreams; my dark desires. Role play at it's finest, though very real reactions and cum. The idea of snatching orgasm after orgasm from a beautiful, bound up woman whilst she squirms and moans in my clutches... lovely.

    With Carmen Valentina held tightly in a straightjacket, her legs stretched wide in by a spreader bar I've shackled to her ankles and chained to the bed, I finally have her exactly where I've wanted her all this time. She's expressed to me before how sensitive she is, how hard she cums from the most simple of touch. Imagine how many times she'll cum from my complex predicaments; her pussy wet and dripping as I extract orgasm after orgasm from her. Fingers, a hitachi, my pounding fucking machine, I use only a few of my best tools to fill the room and my ears with her moans. She squirms and thrashes in her entrapment as her sensitive pussy is worked over again and again. Her skin dripping sweat, open mouth threatening to spill drool, and her pussy drenching cum. What a beautiful mess I make of her.



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