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Extreme Smother Queenz Presentz Mz.Inkredible "Buried Alive"

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by ExtremeSmotherQueenz, May 10, 2018.

  1. Mz. Inkredible (5'9 486lbs) is extremely cruel and shows absolutely no mercy to her victim (5'7 155lbs). He squirms taps and even tries to move her but has no luck. Bone breaking butt drop like you never seen before. Her victim doesn't stand a chance.

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  3. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    What an amazing-looking woman. :p
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  4. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    She is AWESOME. Damn she has a mega phat ass. It is extremely hot watching the slave so scared, all while she calmly wiggles and grinds on his face and smacks her own ass without a care in the world. Instead of giving him some desperately needed air, she just spread her cheek to make sure she kept his nose buried deep in her ass, and left him under there. LOL. She is definitely my new favorite on your Smother roster for sure. Keep her busy, PLEASE.
  5. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    Damn, Crushed looks intense...
  6. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    Yes it does -- especially the end of the clip. A 450 pound female full-weight ass smothering a small female on the hard floor. All that ass and weight crushing her head against the floor. OUCH
  7. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    @aslik … I mean just look at that shit. That is almost 500 pounds on her face, on the hard floor.
    The slave is terrified and helpless. Listen to her wheezing and gasping for air, while Inkredible just wiggles and flexes her bOOty on her face, without a care in the world. That is so fcking cruel and erotic. It looks like she has Wanda's idontgiveafuckness, plus she has a sexier ass. SO MUCH potential. I wonder when he will make this video for purchase.
  8. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    Anyone else distracted by the huge logo obscuring the view at times?
  9. Fcushion

    Fcushion Active Member

  10. nexlevl22

    nexlevl22 Member

    It drives me crazy!! Why does the giant logo need to be there for the whole clip??
  11. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    I'd assume so it's obvious if people are stealing their stuff.
  12. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    By no means was I being critical about the purpose of copy writing their product. Just suggesting it could be smaller and strategically placed so it doesn't block the view.
  13. Krazy4Culo

    Krazy4Culo Ass Fanatic

    Yeah the logo really is too large. It's like 20% of the view.

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