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Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by theothersin, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. theothersin

    theothersin New Member

    Hello! I'm new here.

    My girl and I love facesitting and prefer it over sex. We're particularly into bare bottom smothering.

    I took one of those custom dice apps on phone and made a game based on a story I read online, there are 2 dice:
    Duration (Example, 10seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds)
    Point modifier (Example, 1 point but add 10 seconds, 10 points but double time)

    The rules are she must do whatever the dice say, no re-rolling. I am bound securely to the bed so I cannot force her off, or struggle enough to breathe out the side. The objective is to get 100 points within an hour or I'm not allowed to cum. (The point limit and reward change from time to time)

    Does anyone know of other games? Or have other ideas to randomly suffocate with?
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  2. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    I keep it simple: I'm a voracious reader and play a little game with Steed whereby I will read entire novels sitting on his face. Obviously, it takes multiple sessions, but my proudest has been reading Tolstoy's Anna Karenina in Russian, the ENTIRE book read smothering him completely. It was hours and hours of smothering. We're working on War and Peace now. Ha!

    Sometimes, I base our smothering sessions on my day trading. S&P500 is too stable; I only do it according to my crypto positions (finance manager here) which are super volatile. For every loss, I'll eliminate his ability to breathe and won't come up until the asset in question has increased in value. It's tricky, but it works most times...

    I think the longest was watching XMR Monero drop for a good minute and him struggling under my ass until it finally went up a few SATs. That was great. It sure makes him appreciate the market.
  3. theothersin

    theothersin New Member

    The longest I've ever gone is 2:15 which was several months ago. Seems hard for me to go over 1 minute now. Especially when I need to keep licking the entire time. I think it's extra hot not having control over how long you're being smothered for.

    I've suggested to her to do something else (Since she gets bored LONG LONG LONG before I do) But she says it's too intense for her. The only thing she can focus on are the orgasms.
  4. Stout

    Stout New Member

    I have only ever played 3 smother games for facesitting although they are along similar themes to yours.

    One breath game: my hands were tied to the side, mouth was taped and the sitter sat for 10 seconds gave me 1 breath, 20 seconds gave me 1 breath, 30 seconds 1 breath and so on and so on. I managed around 1min before I was struggling to make it any further. It can be done without the tape/hand tieing it just made it more intense.

    On similar themes I've done the dice game but with the 26 sided dice and a normal dice and times them together to get the time to sit.

    Also done turn cards over and times together aces are high also incorporated 2 red card = non full weight , 1 black card = full weight and 2 black cards = strenuous position

    I have also seen a game from one of goddess d's videos where she did the dice game like yourself e.g 2 6 sided dices times together but it only ended when all combinations had been met
  5. theothersin

    theothersin New Member

    Those are awesome! thank you so much for sharing. What did you do on the One Breath Game after you couldn't make it further?

    I love the d26 x d6, up to 2.6 minutes is so exciting, although I've never done that much. After the smother you could re-roll them, ADD them for your break then reroll for next smother.

    The card one is interesting. I always do full weight 100% of the time, and most of the time in strenuous position. (Although a smother box is on it's way).

    And the last one is dirty, possibly never ending game.

    I love nearly unwinnable smothering games. My longest "session" was 2.5 hours and I loved every minute of it. Would've done it all night but her pussy went numb lol.
  6. al-uk

    al-uk Active Member

    When I have wrestling sessions with Raven or Lisa at the Manchester Wrestling factory , the deal is that if they wrestle me into a submission, I have to allow them to sit on my face for a time of their choosing. It usually starts at about a minute and increases in 10 second interval...

    My avatar shows what happened when two of us males challenged the the girls....
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  7. Not quite a game but fun, using an inflated yoga ball with a bit of give to it, stick it on a chair next to a bed with the seat removed so it’s like a 3rd of the way inside. With your head on the ball and body on the bed. She can bounce her ass on you super hard easily. Her force coming down and the balls resistance coming back up forcing your head to throw her back up allows for repeated bounces without exhausting your lady friend nearly as quickly and can feel way more intense.

    I’m more fond of control, forced oral, crushing and bouncing aspect than the smothering
  8. MadameSmotherme

    MadameSmotherme New Member

    I like to read, do my nails , watch TV while dominating . I also do cam shows . If any questions for you subs desire this big brown ass have your PayPal and cash app ready .

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