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favorite facesitting methods

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by Fcushion, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Fcushion

    Fcushion Active Member

    Mine is reverse facesitting, but while the mistress is really putting as much full weight as they can on the face. Or forward facesitting but with legs stretched out so you can really feel her weight.

    I don't like seeing the videos where the mistress are moving around to much or hovering over the face, wish there was a class to teach some of them how to facesit. Just my take, what everyone else's take
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  3. I like reverse cowgirl best. But I like being teased - there's nothing like stretching your tongue out to reach that gorgeous ass and pussy hovering just half-an-inch too far off ....
  4. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    From the perspective of the Woman doing it - definitely reverse. It's far more comfortable and easier for me to sit full-weight. I kind of abhor "hovering" - I feel it defeats the purpose; I don't want to expend a ton of effort in something that is supposed to be for my comfort or amusement.

    Besides, it gives Steed the proper placement: his mouth is where it's supposed to be and his nose is where it's supposed to be. Such a wonderful thing for association training :D
  5. Fcushion

    Fcushion Active Member

    Do you like to just sit, or move around?
  6. James

    James Active Member

    I much prefer forward facesitting, more of a pussy & thighs man than an ass man. There are so many variants of facesitting you can’t please all the people all the time...
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  7. Although in fact pretty much any variant is good by me. My favourite scenario (and the one I've managed to achieve in real life) might be getting a woman addicted to the sensation of my tongue playing with her ass. But if she wanted to humiliate me with her pussy ... well, it's not like I'd say no ....

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