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Feeling human body under feet is so cool

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Lucious, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    Few weeks ago, I was messing around with my friends ( 2 girls from my college) at my place. We were testing strengths of each other and both the ladies decided to team up against me and the loser has to treat winner by buying lunch for a week. They both aggressively attacked me by grabbing and pushing me back and at one point, one of my friend literally threw herself at me which made me trip and I fell on my back. One girl pinned my legs by standing with her each foot on each of my ankle with her hands on her hips and other stood beside my head and stood on each of my wrist. Both of them were barefoot.
    They started countdown. I was supposed to be up before the count of 5 but they had me pinned really well. The countdown was finished and Natasha(one who stood on my leg) stepped down. Jenna( on my wrists ) still standing on my wrists puts her hands on her hips and said "fuck, I can feel his pulse under my feet..damn it's so cool".
    Natasha starts walking towards me and plants her right foot on my chest with her toes pointing towards my chin and said "Step anywhere on his torso, you'll feel his heartbeats too".
    After that they got engaged into conversation,
    Jenna: (laughing little) what? feeling heartbeats? oh my god, that is so awesome. From where do you get this stuff? can you feel his heartbeats?
    Natasha: (her foot still resting on my chest and smiling) Well, this is not first time I am stepping on someone hun, and yes I am feeling his heart pounding under my foot (gently presses her foot to apply more pressure). It's not just the heartbeat (lifts her foot from my chest and plants it on my stomach), if you apply enough pressure on any part of the body with your foot, you'll feel the blood flow, organs, pulses and infact you'll feel his breaths under your foot.
    Jenna: Jesus Natasha, who are you?
    Natasha (starts laughing): Are you telling me that you never stepped on anybody? Well my boyfriend and I fool around a lot and he always wants to wrestle me but he never tries to beat me, he just pretends to beat me but never really does as he's afraid he might hurt me so everytime I would end our wrestling with me posing like a wrestler on his body and during that I noticed what things I felt everytime when I stepped on him. I've also stood full weight on my younger bro, even he always gets into fight with me but he's too fat to move quickly so he gets real good beating from me.
    Jenna(laughing): Fuckin' Hell, is he okay?
    Natasha: What? I'm just 145 lbs and he's 260 lbs; that fat fuck can take you and me together standing on him.
    Me(requesting): Girls, lets sit and talk. I am feeling little weird lying down here like this.
    Natasha(requesting): No, stay down for a while, it feels so good. Can I stand full weight on you?
    Jenna: Hey even I want to feel his heartbeats and organs with my feet.
    Natasha: C'mon Lu, be a sport.
    Me: On one condition, bet is off
    Natasha: Ya ya..you cheap bastard.
    Me: You have my permission to use me as your lab rat.
    Jenna: I need to stand next to Natasha.
    Natasha: Come here babe, stand right next to my left. ( Jenna comes and stands next to Natasha). Okay now what do you want to feel first
    Jenna(excitingly): His blood flow and organs.
    Natasha lifts her foot of my stomach and place it on my right thigh; she rests her right palm on her right thigh and puts her left hand on her hip.
    Natasha: Okay then, put you foot his stomach.
    Jenna gently lifts her right foot and slowly rests it on my stomach.
    Natasha: What the fuck? are you stepping on your puppy or what? press harder.
    Jenna carefully applies little pressure.
    Natasha: Are you crazy? even a small baby wont feel a thing if you step like this.
    *Natasha lifts her Right foot and plants it on Jenna foot which is resting on my stomach and pushes little aggressively*
    Natasha: There you go, now can you feel his organs getting squished?
    Jenna: Holy shit, I can feel vibrations under my foot, feels like something is moving inside him.
    Natasha: That's his blood flow. Now press little harder so that you'll also feel his heart pounding even-though you're stepping on his stomach.
    *Natasha applies more pressure on Jenna's foot and even Jenna gets more confident in applying pressure and even she presses little harder*
    Me (coughing): Easy, easy girls; you are only supposed to feel my organs and pulses and whatever, you don't have to stop them.
    *both laughed and said sorry*
    Jenna: Whoa!! shit, it feels so cool.
    *How to say them that the word they were looking for is powerful?*
    Natasha: Now heartbeats and breathing.
    Jenna: Yeah...
    *Both remove their foot of my stomach*
    *Natasha steps away and stands with her right hip out and both her hands on hips*
    Natasha: Step horizontally on his chest and this time press it; more like pin him with your foot.
    *Jenna steps horizontally with her foot on my chest and puts her both palms on her knees so she can apply enough pressure*
    Jenna: Shit Nat, this idiot is so damn nervous, his heart is pounding so loud and fast. Still I can't feels his breathing.
    *Natasha steps towards me and with hands still on hips*
    Natasha to Jenna: Move.!!
    *Jenna removes her foot off my chest and Natasha puts her foot vertically on my chest and stands full weight on one foot and immediately rests her other foot vertically next to other foot and with that she stands full weight on my chest facing me and her toes towards my chin and hands still on hips, looks down upon me*
    Natasha: Turning Red huh?
    Natasha(Sounding like a pro domme): Yeesssss... Now I can feel the air leaving out of your lungs and you're having trouble breathing.
    Me: Yeah I am feeling the pressure but nothing that I can't handle.
    Natasha: Oh is it? Jenna can you get down and put your hand just above his mouth; you're gonna feel something.
    *Natasha raises her heels slowly and tries to stand tip toes; she successfully stands tip toes on my chest*
    Natasha: Jenna are you ready?
    Jeena: Yes Love.
    *Natasha lands her heels heavily on my chest, forcing all the air out of my lungs, where air coming out my mouth was felt by Jenna on her hands*
    Jenna(laughing cruelly): Oh my my, that was powerful sweetheart.
    *Natasha flaunting the most cutest smile with hands on her hips stood on me for next half minute walking up and down on my chest and stomach and finally stepped down*.
    *Natasha extended her hand to help me get up and hugged me lightly*.
    Jenna thanked me for being a sport and kissed me on my cheeks and hugged Natasha for giving her such experience and they kissed each other lightly on lips.

    I can't stop thinking about that day and would like to know from both girls and guys here that what are your thoughts on feeling human body under feet. To me it puts women at so powerful position that thinking itself make me feel I want to be on ground just under those beautiful soft feet.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  3. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    So good and nice! This is what we or at last many of us love to read and experince. This has the attityde and love for trampling.

    I myself har during the last 2 tears experince of the great sensation of having adult women trampling me barefoot or in stockings trample me heavy for long times and it geting me so high of feeling female soles kneading me sore all over.

    Women responded mostly the same you are describe here. When women are allowed to enjoyed it you can gear them talking like that.

    Thanks very much for your story.
  4. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    Thank you so much for the kind comment. I am enjoying the fact that both Jenna and Natasha(not their real names) they are still unaware about their liking for stepping on someone. I am not sure about Jenna but Natasha is really into this, atleast that is what I think like the way she talks and even though she knows that she will cause pain if she stands or steps on someone but still she wants to do it. I actually enjoyed this more than visiting a dominatrix; not that my session was worse or something, infact the domme, who trampled me was a total sweetheart (not during the session; she wasn't supposed to be ;) ) and I would visit her again as Natasha or Jenna trampling me again or any other girl willing to trample me is something that cannot be predicted so in such cases, visiting a professional domme is a best way and the one I had my session with seemed totally into it and enjoying it and best thing that she wasn't a clock watcher. But nothing beats the sensation of being under a woman who is doing it because she likes it and she wants to do it.
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  5. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Your are welcome.

    Yes, there are differences between pro dominans and natural everyday woman. If one happens to make a relationship with an everyday woman, you might create an enchanted life with lots of vivid trampling.

    The most important thing is to do and to be are lovelyness, caring, playfullness and respectfull.
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  6. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Good to hear these ladies had a fun experience trampling and stepping on you. It certainly is one of my favorite activities - primarily because it feels so empowering. Whenever I am trampling Steed (and I get rough most times, not always intentionally - I was a professional gymnast for fifteen or so years and still lift weights daily so I don't know my own strength sometimes), I love that he very quickly falls into a deep state of submission. At first, he'll wince in pain, writhe around, do pretty much everything short of opening his mouth (he wouldn't dare). But after a while, he admits defeat and just gives in. That's the moment I relish. The 'breaking point'.

    It happens with all FemDom activities, but in my experience, it's most evident with extreme activities like smothering, trampling, foot slapping/kicking, etc. Just last night we recorded a new trampling video that was one of the most intense sessions to-date. Steed even had a pretty bad headache for a little while. Despite his struggling beneath my feet, he struggled even more to kiss my soles, sniff under my toes, and say "Thank You, Goddess". That is what I love about trampling.

    In summary, having my Steed beneath my feet, looking down at him being stepped on and put in his place on the floor...and having him give in and thank me for it... That's the most intoxicating sensation of power. Trampling will bring out the true submissive in anyone. I love it.
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  7. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    It’s heaven whenever I am under a woman’s feet; My chest, stomach, thighs, shins, feet, hands etc hurts for almost a week but it’s the most pleasant pain and I would love to be trampled everyday, every hour. I just had a wrestling/trampling session this week and it was satisfactory.
    So what made you grow this fetish? I mean how come you got this fetish? When was the first time you realised that you love trampling and do you engage yourself in trampling in your personal life?
    We always listen from perspective of a trampleé but very less have been heard from trampler’s point of view that how it began for them?
  8. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    I've always had a propensity for being in control - often to a considerably domineering degree. Even as a ch**d (dunno if that word is even allowed on here, but I'm certain it's OK in this context), I had a very dominant disposition. Quite irregular for a Woman. Naturally, in my adult life this propensity needed an outlet. Most of my relationships in high school and university consisted of me bossing the guy around; I did have a talent for finding the submissive and beta boys rather quickly and would make them do things (typically pretty humiliating) for my amusement.

    By my university years, I was practicing BDSM and FemDom-related activities without even realizing it. I recall breaking up with a guy and making him kiss my feet for the chance to get back together...that particular instance was strangely arousing for me. I completely milked the situation and had him do a myriad of humiliating things and never got back together with him anyway (trust me, he deserved it). Over the years, I studied a plethora of sex psychology and alternative sexuality texts and found some Female Supremacy zines (self-published magazines, pamphlets, manifestos etc) at the local record shop. I discovered the beautiful world of Female Domination...it was exactly what I wanted. I imagine it's much akin to how foot fetishists feel when they realize foot fetishes are 'a thing' (quite common at that) and not some privatized, lonely, sexual dysfunction as they had feared.

    I met my husband in grade school, actually. He was and always has been a very assertive 'alpha-type' but would always call me 'Ma'am" and do whatever I said (which I found adorable). It was like I was the only Woman who could bring him to his knees (and now I am). When we started dating, he told me about his foot fetish and I essentially exploited the heck out of it <3

    Most of our fetish activities are things I have read about and feel like doing. He's so well-trained at this point that he loves anything I do. Trampling felt like the paramount humiliation and I loved that idea. It feels immensely empowering and euphoric to step on someone and have them literally kissing your feet, thanking you for doing so.

    So...long story, oh well. To be more laconic: yes, I practice it regularly. I step on him, use him as my foot-stool, foot-wipe, foot cleaner, you name it. I started documenting our 24/7 FemDom lifestyle last month via c4s, for the curious. Trampling is among my favorite activities but I'd say the over-arching interest for me is dominating and humiliating men. Trampling just happens to be one of the best ways to do that.
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  9. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Amazing! I just love to read your posts. Im in Poland now for Krakow trampling nights 4.

    Some of the women can show an very interesting attitude namely the one called nonchalantes while they dance about on the male surfaces on the floor. To not takes notice of men underfoot, but still aware what she is doing and only listening to the sounds of groaning, muffling and making other light noices. It must sound like music to womens ear while men on the floor are striving and in the same time do everything to support all women for making trampling comfortable.

    So you say that trampling is so deep inside the bones its true and making the lovely submission to come out for the female beauty and her dignity.

    Im still erotic high about the hourly trampling I got and feel like to stay on the floor for women to use as something trample and walk on the rest of the day. :)
  10. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    just thinking about the fact that someone lies at your feet or beneath your feet just makes you feel so much empowering. Even in the history, there has so much significance given to the feet.
    Women who are not apologetic about stepping on anything or anybody are easy to find, but someone who'd like trample you takes great amount of trust.
    Sometimes even I get confused that what actually turns me on? the idea of being stepped upon or the woman who is willingly using her foot to pin me down and cause pain by applying pressure.
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  11. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Trampling is very amazing and has something mystical about it all. I would like to say that trample don`t necessary is about sex in terms of intercourse and thats because my brain is an erogene zone for trampling, which gives me an mental satisfaction, surely not the same for everyone else. I think many can copy with that.

    I learned trample in a hard way when women and especially them with strongly fascination and enjoyment of actually trample someone to its limit. When women feels safe and confidence and sadisticaly giggels at me and just continue to trample and walk about. I got more strengh and power to endure even if my body is tired, but my brain wants more juicy trampling.

    Trampling make me feel good as a human being.
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  12. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    My thoughts exactly, trampling or just one foot resting on my body gives me this great feeling of power exchange; like I'm in control of this beautiful lady towering above me and that aspect of the activity drives me crazy.
  13. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Well, control is one thing that needed to be more examined. What I mean is to be helpless and the way of losing control by letting women being on top and dance away in her own music. If you mean that control of your own body to support that moving weight on top of you, then we understand. That something really. And thats what we call to survive the trampling, by discipline our muscules and breathing system for her use.

    Yes, thats drives me crazy too to handle her weight and watching her having a good time.

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