First Smother Harness Session - Wow!

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by Fred UK, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Fred UK

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    Just had my first smother harness session and just had to share the experience. It was awesome! The harness itself was only a part of it of course. The amazing Aubrey Kachingwe was the real star. OMG what a woman!

    She's based in the Heathrow/Cobham (London, UK) area and is a beautiful black BBW, long blonde hair and a figure most guys can only fantasize about. Her stats are 5'10" tall, size 16 (UK), 16.5 stone in weight and an amazing 42-50-57 figure. 57" ass - and what an ass! Asses come in all shapes, sizes, firmness, softness but this one is just perfect! And strong, thick, muscular thighs as well. A dream come true!

    We'd corresponded quite a bit in advance of the session - well, quite a lot actually! But the more we discussed our impending session, the more I got to realise that she was genuinely as excited as me about it. I sent her links to videos, some clips from previous sessions I'd had and quite a few photos and drawings. She was particularly fascinated by the Namio drawings as was intending to print a few out to adorn the walls but also as a series of images that she intended re-enacting in our session - but wasn't going to tell me until I got there. She definitely does have a mischievous streak! Unfortunately her printer wouldn't work so we didn't quite manage that - but I still ended up in many Namioesque positions anyway!

    We had also discussed equipment quite a bit and I pointed her in the direction of MasterMind Crafts smother harness and smother box/bench, as well as the smother pants that DeMask make and for a little fun - a remote control cock-shocker. Well - fun for her maybe! She decided to order quite a few of the items that we'd discussed - except for the smother box/bench - I think she's got visions on getting that later. :-/ Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) only the harness arrived in time for our session. Again, I couldn't believe that she'd gone ahead and spent so much money on stuff I couldn't contribute to and even my own session tribute wasn't going to cover. She was just getting so excited about getting a piece of kit that could trap a guys head between her bum cheeks. So much so that she's actually ordering more harnesses in different colours!

    I made the mistake of thinking when I started this enquiry that I was the one setting up this fantasy session that I was interested in but the reality of it was that she was the one setting up the session that she wanted to try out. And this became more obvious as we discussed the session further. I also made the mistake of mentioning my fart fetish. Oh boy, did that get her planning even more - the night before's diet was already sorted! It was going to be one hell of a session.

    When I arrived she was wearing a figure-hugging black nylon body suit and my jaw must have hit the floor when I first laid eyes on her - closely followed by my tongue. She was beautiful - body, face, eyes, bum - I just didn't know where to look. I'm normally a little nervous at the beginning of these sessions but she was so approachable and friendly, I was at ease straight away. After all of our discussions beforehand it was like we were old friends already.

    We started by trying to work out the smother harness. So many straps! She'd downloaded some pictures and although it took us a little while, with quite a few laughs along the way, we managed to work it out and tried it out. It was very effective. Having still got my hands free at this stage as we were just experimenting, it was quite easy to help fit the harness around my head and assist with the positioning. Once she was happy that I was securely attached to her arse, she produced the restraints, put those on me and clipped them to the waistband strap so she could control them completely.

    One of the effective elements of the design of this harness is that everything is in easy reach for the Mistress - restraints and buckles for adjusting the tension on the straps - which are pretty effective too. She could have tightened them a lot more than she did and I'm glad she didn't as I was struggling with them as they were, especially after she removed her bodysuit and it was my face buried right in her bare ass - OMG what a feeling - indescribable.

    I spent quite a bit of time following her around the room on my knees while she put music on and had a dance, bent over several times forcing my face and nose even deeper into her bum. She then moved into the kitchen and did the washing up! All I could do was kneel behind her while she was doing it. She was almost oblivious to me being there at times but then grabbed my hands pulling them forwards to get me to help with the washing up - not that I could see anything though!

    While in this position, she let out the first of several farts I was to suffer during the session. As my nose was positioned right on her rosebud, it got the full force. The first sensation was the vibration on my nose which was quite weird, along with the sound of course. For a fart, it was actually very lady-like - if a fart can be described as such - and even her laughter added to the kinkiness of the situation. I guess you'll be wondering what it smelt like. Well, I've been instructed to say "like roses"! So - "like roses". Aubrey describes them as "fresh - like that well known air freshener product - fartbreeze"! Did I mention her wicked sense of humour?

    She had absolutely no concern whatsoever about my suffering at this even lower level now and just stood there laughing before forcing a couple more out, with the same effect. I thought she might check to see if I was ok with this, but to be honest, not once during the whole session did she ask me about anything - she just got on and did what we'd discussed beforehand and whatever she wanted to do. For me, this was fantastic as even though I know that a lot of ladies think they're being "customer friendly" by checking, it's much more exciting when they take the initiative and you, the victim, have no say in anything once the session is underway. I'd kinda guessed that was gonna be the case with Aubrey - and I wasn't wrong!

    We then moved back into the living room where Aubrey put on a really tight rubber dress - and I mean tight. She struggled to get into it, but that wasn't half as much of a struggle as what she had in store next - putting my head up inside it. She rolled the dress up round her waist, positioned me behind her, then rolled the dress down over and round the back of my head, completely encasing it. That rubber was really tight, or so I thought, but that wasn't anywhere near as tight as it was going to get when she bent over! I just remember wondering how much deeper my face could possibly go into her arse and that when it is my time to leave this Earth, this is how I wanna go!

    She's got a pair of trousers in similar material she was going to try as well but we just didn't have enough time to do everything - even though we overran by almost an hour! She's no clock-watcher and genuinely hadn't got a clue what the time was cos she was enjoying herself so much. Incidentally, she does sometimes appear to have quite high rates but don't take these as necessarily fixed. She is very approachable and varies her fees depending on her demand at the time and also if it's a session she is going to enjoy - and this one she clearly did! Almost as much as me!

    Anyway, we continued the session with her lying face down on the carpet relaxing and checking her phone while I was again buried deep between those glorious bum cheeks, held in place by the harness and hands cuffed behind my back with no chance of escape. There were a few more gas escapes in this position - apparently a position which is prone to bringing them on so be aware of that if she tries to get you in the lying down position - not that you'd have much choice in the matter anyway - and she can't hear your protests either as she's generally laughing so much.

    We finished off with conventional reverse facesitting which she was very effective with, squatting and also with legs outstretched alongside my body. For once she was actually quite lenient with me, allowing me breaths before I started to struggle, but by now the session had turned from being extreme kink to something more sensual and while I was being instructed in no uncertain terms as to how I should be using my tongue at this point, she was slowly and very sensitively bring me to a climax with her wonderful hands.

    She is an absolute gem and having been searching for many years, as those of you who have followed my exploits in the past will know, I have always been on the lookout for the next progression and the ultimate facesitting, smothering, arse worship experience. And do you know what? I think my quest may be over.

    I will definitely be visiting her again on every opportunity I can get and if this sounds like the kind of scene and kind of girl who you would appreciate, I can't recommend her highly enough.

    She's actually considering a trip to North Wales next week but only if there's sufficient demand. I'm certainly going to be heading over there if she does visit so please contact her if it's of any interest to you and we can make sure that she does.

    You can get find her on Adultwork - or Twitter -

    A few pics here. Promo video clip done and waiting for release. Full videos and more pics to come. Keep checking back!

    All the best - Fred.

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  2. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    All I can do is applaud. :p
  3. Midboss

    Midboss New Member

    Perhaps I'm being dense and the details are in your post but how would one go about getting in touch with her? I sessioned with Layla D Vine several times after you recommended her on this forum a few years ago and definitely did not regret it!
  4. volupfan

    volupfan Member

  5. Fred UK

    Fred UK Member

    Sorry guys. I thought I'd posted her details. You can get find her on Adultwork - or Twitter -
    I'll add them to the post as well.
  6. Fred UK

    Fred UK Member

    Oh and if you liked Layla you will definitely love Aubrey! ;-)
  7. MistressNicx

    MistressNicx New Member

    I think l might give her a try myself Fred :p
  8. Fred UK

    Fred UK Member

    OMG! Welcome to the forum Mistress Nic! Wasn't expecting to see you here. I was also hoping to keep you and Aubrey apart as you are both fantastic and I didn't want either of you thinking I was two-timing you! Lol!

    Fortunately you're in the Midlands and Queen Aubrey is in the London area, so I don't have to choose between you - it all depends where I'm sent which is out of my hands. Probably just as well! ;-)

    My only worries now are that you might try and "out-do" each other and I'll be the one to suffer. :-/ Please don't! You are both wonderful and extreme enough as it is! Lol!

    But if ever the two of you did get together - well - that would just be unimaginable and unbeatable. And I'd have to be first in the queue! x
  9. He has excellent taste it must be said! I’m new here Fred led me to this asstounding place, Please bare with me while I also try not to get distracted by all the
    Oh we are gonna have to meet up in that case! Perhaps put Freddybear in ass sandwhich:p
  10. Haha distracted mid sentence - all the ass!!
  11. Haha I can share!! Hahaha “out do each other” hahahaha I think you mean over power you with our supreme female excellency? Make you ass sandwhich ;) That would be something! Pray all your favourite mistresses don’t find each other... we without a doubt would play pin the Fred to ass goddess hahaha ok I’m getting off here before I get to excited! :p
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  12. MistressNicx

    MistressNicx New Member

    Oh what a sandwich that would be . Your giving me ideas beautiful
  13. Ride_myFace

    Ride_myFace Ear breather

    Glad that Smother Harness worked out so well for you!
  14. Thank you so much we both are very obsessed with it at the moment hehe you are a genie-ass haha genius!!
  15. noface

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    So you literally had your face attached to this! Wow! That is heavenly!

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  16. Ride_myFace

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    Thank you! FYI to everyone: We are running a sale right now on our etsy shop. EVERYTHING we make is 10% off. The Smother Harness is now only $85.50! With FREE US shipping, and free wrist restraints! Or, our World's Best SmotherBox (in our humble opinion, anyway haha) is now $382.50, marked down from $425 (I've sold over 50 at that price). 100% 5-star reviews. Supplies limited. Sale runs through July 25th, or until current supply sold out.
  17. am75

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    Hi Aubrey, I'm the bloke who was texting you but unfortunately you blocked my number as I think that you might think I'm wasting your time.
    Honestly it has never been my intention to waste your time just unfortunately I can't pay money through PayPal as I have pretty much all my accounts shared with my wife. That was the only reason I wanted to see if it was possible to pay you via bank transfer, it's just hard being married and proving before the first meet I am genuine and would love a session with you.
    Hopefully you get to read this and give me one more chance, you have my number if this is possible and I can pay you a deposit next week. I really appreciate all the messages you sent me and hopefully we could meet up very soon and if we do meet you will see I'm a honest genuine guy.
    Thank you again for you time Aubrey.

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