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First time I was a human toilet

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by Thetallsubmissive20, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Before I start this is my first Time writing about an experience and my grammar is awful so hope you enjoy it but please ignore the mistakes!

    My first experience was with my ex call her megan she was 2 years younger than me at 21 and I was 23 people know me as a tall alpha strong guy but in closed doors I'm the most submissive guy you can meet. Well megan found out this one day and still happens to this day but as she's my ex not so often. Anyways I was sitting at home watching tv as I thought I wasn't seeing megan till the next day and as you do and get bored you check a couple of sites out and I looked at toilet slavery. When in the middle of watching a video megan walked in and said "HELLO" which shocked me there I was sitting on my sofa watching toilet slavery porn dick in hand and there is your girlfriend looking right at you. So it was awkward looking at eachother silence. Than I turned around stuttering "errm it's not what it looks like". She just started grinning "it's okay people watch porn" at this time I was relieved because I don't think she knows I was watching toilet slavery porn the one fetish I'm ashamed of. She sat next to me and at my horror I didn't close my phone with a title large saying "DIRTY TOILET SLAVE EATS MY SHIT" she was stunned and probably put off abit "so you like seeing people eat piss and shit" I just looked down at my shoes completely embarrassed feeling my face get red and I said in the quietest way possible "I like being the toilet" she laughed so hard for a good minute. I wanted the world to swallow me whole. After she stopped laughing she turned to me and said "good to know" which took me by suprise "really your not put off by this" she looked at me with those eyes I fall deep into and would do anything for "everyone has their kinks and yours is that" I was stunned and relieved we just watched tv and than she turned to me "do you want to have a bit of fun". So I started to kiss her and just caressed her body and her arse and she just pushed me down to my knees and went "so you like being a slave for tonight I'll make you my slave" this made me so happy but didn't want to show it "what no please megan I don' want to be a slave I only watching it" I was getting hard in my pants thinking about how dominating she's being. "Shut up your my slave tonight do what I say" with that I sealed my fate "yes mistress" she gleamed in excitment "I like that. Slave kiss and worship my feet they are dirty from my shift" I removed her shoes and they stunk so bad I have a foot fetish also but they were bad the vinegar smell took me back but before I had a chance to react she stuck her foot in my mouth the taste was like eating out of date cheese. She laughed "that''s right slave lick my feet I want them spotless" I was starting to feel a tad humilated and started to turn red and just looking at the floor whilst megan was in her element with her long blonde hair and blue eyes and curvey structure at 5foot 5 she had nice looking feet just was really sweaty. When she pulled her foot out of my mouth I noticed her pink nail varnish. Megan was just laughing "okay slave I want to watch a programme come be my cushion" I looked confused until she pulled my head under her nice round plump ass she removed her trousers and knickers and I was staring at her asshole as she sat down I could smell the sweat and hint of her last shit. From above I can feel her laughing "lick my ass slave it needs a clean" without hesitation I did so I could taste stale shit but I didn' mind the taste I was thinking this is my dream coming true but I still felt very humilated. Next thing I know "err oh I need a fart" with this being said I tried to move my head but by doing so I moved my mouth under her asshole and I couldn' close it. BFFFHHHHHHG! Right in my mouth the taste was intense. It felt rotten I felt like gagging but than BFFFFFFFFTTT! Another one "sorry I got a really bad tummy" megan was laughing uncontrollably. I was starting to get used to the taste than "ohh no I need to go but I don't think I can reach the bathroom" I started to panic I never ate shit before and tbh I didn' know if I want to I was shaking trying to get her off of me but no use "hmmmmph hmmmph" trying to scream under her but she just laughed "ohh here it comes" with that my fate was sealed my mouth under her asshole she squirted out shit it was diarrhoea I couldn' stand the taste but I couldn't spit it out and it could feel megan trying to push more out so i had to swallow or I would drown in her shit I forcefully swallowed and the second lot came in my mouth was a mouthful all I can feel is megan laughing on top of me I swallowed again as it was awful the taste of rotten eggs. After another two mouthfuls she stopped and got off of me "good toilet slave I think I'm going to keep you doing that and it saves water right" being humilated and dejected I couldn't speak my life just got flipped upside down I watched porn on it but I didnt think I would be used as a toilet. She walked upstairs and shouted "you coming" like it never happened I followed her...

    To be continued
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  3. littleboy69

    littleboy69 New Member

    Great story...
    Please continue.

  4. pervy2

    pervy2 Member

    I like this story lots!
  5. joeluvsfeet

    joeluvsfeet Member

    Great so far.
  6. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Part 2

    After the first instance with megan she became more dominant and more controlling, before I could go out with the lads or watch footie when I wanted or just do whatever really without a peep. Now I have to make sure I ask and most of the time megan says no. I was more and more becoming submissive towards her and becoming her slave what she says goes but I was still very hesitant aswell.

    One day she came home with a package looked massive "what have you got there" I asked she looked at me with a evil grin. "It''s a project you will know when it's ready" with that she went upstairs all afternoon I heard banging and sawing something wasn' right. Next thing "come upstairs" shouted from up above, like a lost puppy I ran to see her. There it was the knot in my stomach when I laid eyes on a toilet box that she made in our bathroom. "Do you like it" with a grin across her face. I looked horrified it was 7 foot tall easy 2 foot wide I was scared I didn' know what to do. "Right your going to be my full time toilet slave everytime I need the toilet I'll use you. I'm going to put you in here now keep you there for 2 days and see how you get on. Don' worry Ill still give you normal food and water as well" with this I stood there in shock whilst this I felt a firey pain shoot in my balls I crash down on my knees noticing it's megan kicking me "GET IN IT NOW! I WON'T ASK TWICE" I followed her orders and got in she strapped me up and put my head in place with a device to keep my head still. I felt like I was in a coffin. She closed the lid and all I saw was the toilet seat with her looking down laughing. I never felt so humiliaed "don't you look cute" after saying this she dangled a loogie right in my mouth. I wanted to cry but I had to be strong. She turned around and undone her jeans and I saw her pink knickers. She pulled those down and sat down on the toilet seat. I Could see her rose bud clearly I became not only megans slave but her assholes slave. I Could hear megan laughing "oh you might find something out whilst down there" I was confused what Could I find out... I'm already her toilet slave it' quite obvious that is. With this she started to pee it seemed like she was holding it for ever it was a strong stream I swallowed it as it landed in my mouth. "I was dying for that pee but I have some real bad pain' in my stomach hope your looking forward to a big dinner" I couldn't believe that megan could do this to me I was her boyfriend we were in love and everything. I notice her start straining but whilst doing this I notice a white substance coming out of her it landed on my tongue... IT WAS CUM! She' cheating on me and I found out by tasting the cum of another man to find out.. I screamed "THERE'S CUM COMING OUT WTF" she laughed so hard "I need a real man so I've been fucking your best friend Chris so I thought if I have sex with him before using you I know you will taste what a real man tastes like. Your still my slave don' worry I'll be fucking Chris and whilst your down here waiting to hear waiting to hear and taste all about it" she laughed hard and without time to react a storm of diarrhoea hit me in the face and in my mouth it was wave after wave my face was covered in her shit I couldn' properly breathe so I had to chew and swallow it tasted vile holding back my gag reflex. "Oh your so pathetic" megan trying not to burst into laughter "you eat all my shit I'm going to meet Chris and he's going to fuck me so hard whilst your eating my shit. If your lucky we even might fuck on top of you on this toilet seat later so you can see a real man fuck me" she left the room. I never felt so humiliaed there I was eating the girl I thought I loved shit whilst she fucks my best friend. I started to cry than the door went....

    To be continued.

    If I get 5 or more comments I'll write the next chapter
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  7. Rmartin82

    Rmartin82 New Member

    Early on this is looking like it could potentially be the best story I've ever read, please continue. Amazing!!!!
  8. smiec3

    smiec3 Member

  9. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    Hope Chris uses him as well.......Many thanks
  10. pervy2

    pervy2 Member

    Part 2 please! I love where this story is going
  11. peqe75

    peqe75 New Member

  12. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Thanks for all the responses the next part will be out later on
  13. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    Thanks for a great story.

    I can't wait to find out if she will hold her word and let him out after 2 days ... or will she "forget" it
  14. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Part 3!

    So there I was laying in a toilet box forced to be a toilet slave, face and mouth full of the girl I thought was the love of my life's shit when she fucks my best mate... humiliating I know.

    I was crying thinking what did I do to deserve this with another chew of megans shit in my mouth the taste hasn' got better. Than the door creeked... than I saw who it was my heart sank. Megans mum Julie she's a good 5foot 4 she' got a great bum not going to lie curvy perfect and blue eyes blonde hair olive paled skin.

    "Ohh it is true you pathetic maggot I'm so glad megan has turned you into a toilet that' all you are to me. Ive always hated you" this didn't shock me she makes it quite known forgetting my drinks always bossing me around. I looked up at her with puppy dog eyes pleading for mercy "please Julie I don' deserve this please let me go" she laughed hard spitting right in my face "I'm going to listen to you someone who has my daughters shit on his face" with this I knew it was no use... "please don' use me though I know what your shits are like I won't survive" she looked at me like I just issued her a challenge "oh I've been saving up for this moment when megan told me her plans, I'm busting to take a huge dump in your face" with that she burst out laughing turning around pulling down her leggings and knickers and sitting on the seat on top of my face "PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU DON'T DO THIS" she looked between her legs angry got up "I forgot to put the ring gag in your mouth so you have to eat all my shit" she put on a glove so she didn' get any shit on her hand and put the ring gag in my mouth, I couldnt shut my mouth it was wide open. She sat back down on the seat just inches from my face. She let out the most foulest fart in my mouth BFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT! "Hahahaha your so pathetic eat my shit bitch" the next thing the point of a turd came out it was growing insize it hit my mouth but still going starting to clog my airway I started to panic trying to scream. Julie was just laughing so hard "there' so much more to come" I swallowed hard trying to force it down quicker finally the turd finished but a second one coming out pushing down on the first one. I'm panicing waving hoping not to die on megans mums shit in my mouth. It comes to a holt slowly swallowing the huge turds. Than a terrain of creamy shit hits my mouth and doesn' stop and covers my face. She wipes her arse and laughs and spits in my face "you are pathetic you are nothing more than a toilet enjoy my shit you scum. If you thought I was bad wait till kelly comes here" she walks out the room it just sank in kelly is megans best mate and she's hated me ever since I met her. She wiped her bum on my pillow once because she felt like it.. what she going to do I'm seriously dreading it

    To be continued

    Any ideas or anything guys will be taken on board I hope you liked this part
  15. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

    I loved it ! Keep going can hardly wait for the next chapters.
  16. joeluvsfeet

    joeluvsfeet Member

    Love it so far. Thank you!!!!
  17. mustang

    mustang Member

    Great story. Look forward to next instalment.
  18. doom11

    doom11 Member

  19. toiletman80

    toiletman80 Member

    Great story that just keeps getting better and better! Especially loved the cruelty of Megan's mum in the last chapter. Having the combination of both mother and daughter hating and abusing him was wonderful and it also makes you wonder who else is going to be invited around to make him suffer. Would also love to see her have a party where all their friends can come around to see exactly what he's been turned into as well. I think the humiliation of having people he knows and are friends seeing him like that and possibly using him as a toilet throughout the night would be great. So please continue
  20. door_step

    door_step Active Member

    Great story!
    Hope he will be used when she (and het friends) are having their period and will drop their used tampon directly into his wide open mouth and drip al their menstrual fluids, clots and all...... and then rinse his mouth by urinating in it :>)
    ( real toilets HAVE to deal with lots of women having their period :>))
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