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First time I was a human toilet

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by Thetallsubmissive20, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Thank you so much for the kind words. The next installment will be out tomorrow as need some finishing touches. Stay tuned
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  3. door_step

    door_step Active Member

    we certainly will (stay tuned)
  4. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Part 4!

    I was there eating megans mums shit whilst she laughs at me and walks away. There I was in pitch black. Luckily I ate the shit but I felt bloated and the putrid smell won' leave me alone fighting the gag reflex every breath I have. Suddenly I hear sounds from the bedroom. "OHHH YEAHHH" fuck sake it' Chris and megan having sex and they are being loud on purpose they get closer and closer and than the bathroom door flips open. Chris is holding megan upright he' always been a strong bastard. "Sit on the toilet sit when we fuck" I couldn't believe my ears they were going to fuck right in font of me.. well ontop of me. "I told you that you will see me fuck a real man. Oh Chris fuck me up the arse so when you cum inside me I'll push it right into his pathetic mouth!" With that megan puts her hands on the toilet seat and gets fucked in the arse whilst looking right at me smiling all the way through. I tried to escape. Getting more mad I was truly stuck. Watching megan get fucked right in front of me "sorry dude but megan deserves a real man your just pathetic" I started to cry when I hear Chris start to cum in megans arse. She turns around and immediately sits on the toilet. I beg her "please megan I don' want this please let me go I'll leave and never bother you" she just laughed and said "open up slave I got some yoghurt for you!" With that she pushed and all the cum dropped in my mouth I instantly gag trying to not think about the taste I swallow it like my life depended on it. "Wow you really are pathetic you just swallowed your best mates load..ohh I think I have a bit more" than a huge turd starts comin out entering my mouth it' huge and keeps growing. I can' chew fast enough it enters into my throat and it stops my airway. I begin to panic not able to breathe unable to push it down. Megan laughing so much "eat it bitch I've been eating so much so I can torture you. Your my pet and this turd is your master come on toilet bitch eat your meal!!!" I slowly start to black out. There I was motionless. Life being taken away from megans shit. Next thing I'm waking up with someone pissing on me. But who is it. Than I start to notice... "HANG ON IT CAN'T BE"

    To be continued...
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  5. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    I do small chapter guys so it' easy to read and gets you hooked onto the next chapter
  6. Rmartin82

    Rmartin82 New Member

    Another excellent addition!!! Thanks for sharing
  7. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    Wonderful......Many Thanks,cant wait for the next chapter......
  8. Xmiragex

    Xmiragex New Member

    Pretty amazing so far.
  9. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    I can’t wait to read about who is using him now....

    Is it that beautiful female colleague from work whom he has secretly had a crush on for years ?
    Is it his female boss from work ?
    Is it that huge ugly insanely overweightly girl from the neighborhood that he has bullied together with his friends for as long as he can remember ?
    Is it his childhood crush that he hasn’t seen since they left elementary school ?
    Is it his playful cousin ?
    Is it that stripper he hired for Chris’s bachelor party ?
    Is it the Mistress from that video he were watching then Megan walked in on him ?
    Is it that prostitute he did visit drunk after a party once, that he hoped Megan would never know about ?
    .... or is it his old babysitter ?

    So many possibilities, I can’t wait to find out...
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  10. slavetristan

    slavetristan Member

    Fantastic,can’t wait for more
  11. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Very nice , thanks for posting this great story .
  12. Thetallsubmissive20

    Thetallsubmissive20 New Member

    Hey guys thanks for the comments sorry for the lack of story had a bit of writers block I'll be uploading the next chapter tomorrow

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