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First trample session questions

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips' started by SapphireSub310, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member


    I am a lesbian female that is visiting a pro-Domme for the first time for a trampling and whipping session. She is a 185 pound 5’8” thick and curvy Ebony Domme and I am a 130 pound 5’6” petite framed woman. Does the weight difference matter? Am I at greater risk of injury with that 55 pound weigh difference? I really like stomach, breast and pelvic trample.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. Underbarefeet

    Underbarefeet Member

    I always ready for some bruise and marks created by trampling. My eyes became wet due to trampling but still I feel myself lucky. Fortunately no injuries even from multi trampling (two girls) and I found most girls are very careful even if I assure them you dont need to be careful. Though I am not sure How much you can take. It is up to u and your Domme.
  4. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you! I do expect to have some bruising and soreness afterwards. I just don’t want a cracked rib or sternum. I guess she’ll have me sign a waiver to consent form?
  5. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    I broke a floating rib once a long time back I was real careful after I healed
  6. soleman

    soleman Member

    The most common injury is what is called a "green stick" rib fracture. If you have ever tried to break a small, new growth limb off of a tree you will understand. The limb can be broken, but it takes a lot to completely break it off of the tree.

    Each rib inside the body is encased in a sheath that attaches it to the rest of the rib cage and if the rib is cracked the sheath will tend to hold the rib in place until it heals. Most times when the rib cracks you will hear inside your head a "crack" sound, unless of course there is too much else going on at the time :). Some people like the intense pain from various types of injury - I am not one of those. You would think that it would take quite a lot to bend a rib far enough to break it (large trampler - wicked shoes, etc.) but it doesn't. The last time I had a rib broken was almost 20 years ago. The woman trampling me was wearing high heeled fashion boots, with a nice heel (not too thin but really nice) and she only weighed 95 pounds and wasn't jumping or stomping on me at the time.

    On the other hand, I have had no damage from one of my regular tramplers who weighs about 165 and wears 5 inch heels and rocks back on her heels with the toe of the shoes lifting off of my chest, (I am 195 Lbs). The picture in my avitar shows what I like when a trampler is just shifting her weight from one heel to the other. You can't necessarily see it but she has all of her weight on the one heel that is buried in my chest. When she shifts from one heel to the other she doesn't come down flat and balance the load and then rock back onto the other heel, she just goes directly to the other heel! That can give new meaning to the word "intense". I often have to reach over and grab one of the little flat sandals she wears while we are getting ready for the session and stick it in my mouth and bite down just to keep from making too much noise.

    I would definitely suggest having a safe word. Time to recover from a session is only a day or so, but recovering from a fracture can take from weeks to months. It is annoying to have to wait that long before you can go under foot again. If you don't stop before it completely breaks out of the sheath you may be in for medical treatment, and of course a lot of questions you might not necessarily want to answer. Remember, you CAN'T put a splint on a rib fracture and it WILL hurt every time you take a deep breath.

    Don't let me scare you off, I certainly don't mean to - I have been doing this for a very long time (I'm OLD) and have only ever had 3 rib fractures.
  7. foottime

    foottime Member

    Welcome SapphireSub! I choose an experienced trampler and someone that was not big relative to my size. My first, for those that don't know was Ms. VQ. It helps when you have someone that likes what you prefer in a session and is experienced. You probably picked the domme for a reason, so I do not want to persuade you not to see her as your first trample but if you take it slow you should have a fun time. Good Luck!
  8. bfrug

    bfrug Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum SapphireSub.

    To the already good advice given I would add (especially as it's your first time) ;
    Just take it easy, ask the trampler to be barefoot or wear something like Ballet Flats.
    Use some sort of padding or a thin mattress to lie on.
    Weight is easier to take on the back - try this at first - if you can't take it on the back, then you won't be able to take it on the front.
    Make sure that you have a "safe" word or action to stop/get off immediately.
    Don't have a full stomach, eat little before, but make sure you have some water during the session.
    & lastly, relax, enjoy the experience & let us know how you get on.
  9. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you! The Domme I’m choosing is very experienced and dungeon trained but on her own now. I have to have a physical attraction to someone that I submit to. I am very attracted to her. It should be fun!
  10. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you! I will have her walk on my back first and barefoot or stocking feet. I’m not ready for heels/shoes. I will have a safe word. I will keep you guys posted. She is traveling to a Domme event in Europe so I can’t see her until late May. I’m just don’t some research before hand. Why should I have water during the session?
  11. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Ouch! That is an injury I hope to avoid. She is an experienced Domme. Think she will have me sign a waiver or consent form?
  12. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you for the advice! I am def going to use a safe word. Can I expect to hear little cracks/noises in some places and gurgles in my stomach during trampling? I just don’t want to be alarmed at every little sound especially if it nothing. I do want to be careful of certain injuries because of my job. I have a good office job and I want to be able to perform my functions and not have to miss any work lol
  13. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Most likely
  14. bfrug

    bfrug Well-Known Member

    You can get quite hot during a session - it's just so that if you do get hot you can sip the water so that you don't get dehydrated.
  15. bottombob

    bottombob Active Member

    Best way to find out is to go for it!
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  16. madman1_rug

    madman1_rug Active Member

    So you won't get dehydrated from muscle cramps.

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