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Flammable Christmas Carols

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by donatto, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. donatto

    donatto Member

    Bluelake the red nose wino
    had a very ruddy nose.
    And if you ever saw him,
    you would even say he blows

    All of the other pervos
    used to laugh and call him names.
    They never let poor Bluelake
    join in any FS games.

    Then one fetish Christmas Eve
    Mistress came to say:
    "Bluelake with your nose so bright,
    won't you shove it in my arse tonight?"

    Then all the pervos loved him
    as they wanked and jizzed with glee
    Bluelake the red nose wino
    you'll go down on Destiny! ;)

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  3. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Quality ! !
  4. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    When I saw this post, I came to the conclusion that donatto shouldn’t even be here as he is probably not even eighteen years old. So I ignored it.

    About a year ago or whenever, miss belladonnah and myself were ripping each other to shreds. You bfrug got your nose in, in her defence. Another person I cannot remember, said bfrug will get his nose up any womans’ arse on this board. So maybe it should be YOUR name in that song!!

    Lately miss belladonnah and myself have been at it again, but this time in a friendly way. Even so, it’s obvious what goes through your mind; hence your agreement with donatto.

    You are a moderator on another board, and have this holier than thou attitude. I regard you as a pain in the arse
  5. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Actually, it was the song/rhyme I liked - as far as I was concerned the "name" was unimportant.

    Pity you took it the wrong way.
  6. Once again my name is in your mouth.
    I considered responding to this but fear that if I do you will have a couple of wanks over it.

    Miss Belladonnah.
  7. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

  8. william77

    william77 Banned

    Don't do it, buddy.
  9. Pincushion

    Pincushion MissBelladonnahs Property

    Well, Bluelake, I can imagine that it might cause a raised eyebrow when someone writes a poem about you but is it really relevant anyway? I'd heard that you gave up facesitting ever since you used your Sean Connery accent to ask a girl to "sit on my face" ;)
  10. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    Bluelake Bond sits in a bar next to an attractive blond. The blond admires his watch. Bluelake Bond said it is also a compass, electric saw, geiger counter and shows me things. The blond asks what does it show him. He said, you are naked in bed with me and sitting on my face. The blond says, it doesn't work because I am not naked in bed with you and not sitting on your face. Bluelake Bond says.....damn thing is running an hour fast.

    M sends Bluelake Bond on assignment to Heaven. No contact with Bond so M calls Heaven. A voice says, hello, Virgin Mary speaking. She explains that Bluelake Bond has not arrived, and please call later. Two hours pass and M calls Heaven again. Same voice, hello, Virgin Mary speaking. Still no Bluelake Bond, please call later. Six hours pass and M calls again. Same voice says, hello........Mary speaking.

    Excuse me it's dinner time. I go next door and fight their dog for his bone.
    The dog always wins :(
  11. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I would say I like that, but it might be misconstrued :think2:
  12. Pincushion

    Pincushion MissBelladonnahs Property

    Well, for once, I wasn't going to get involved in this but....

    That little carol scans and fits the music really well! we put on a cd of Christmas instrumentals while we cooked on Christmas morn, and I have to say that Miss Belladonnah sounded lovely in her cheerful rendition of the donatto version as dear old Dwayne Dork (or whatever his name is) came streaming out of the stereo on his synthesizer :D
  13. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    In another thread I seriously offered best wishes to you and her. In return did I get a simple, "thanks" or "cheers mate", a simple kindly word? Nahhhhh, I get this pile of drivel.

    You two ignorant pratts deserve each other!
  14. "To alcohol!"

    Miss Belladonnah.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2012
  15. Christmas 2013!

    Is there a 'Flammable Christmas Carol' for bluelake , this year?

    Miss Belladonnah.
  16. Please, sing along, folks...

    (Clears throat and then hums initial note)

    On the first day of Christmas, poor bluelake received
    A turkey meal for one.

    On the second day of Christmas, poor bluelake received
    Two Christmas cards
    And they both came from his mum.

    On the third day of Christmas, poor bluelake received
    Three self bought presents,
    Two Christmas cards,
    And a turkey meal for one.

    On the fourth day of Christmas, poor bluelake received
    Four hours at church,
    Three self bought presents,
    Two Christmas cards
    And a turkey meal for one.

    On the fifth day of Christmas, poor bluelake received
    Five years since she left,
    Four hours at church,
    Three self bought presents,
    Two Christmas cards
    And a turkey meal for one.​

    Miss Belladonnah.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2013
  17. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Looks like Bluelake & Mr Bean have something in common then Miss B.
  18. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    To the silly bitch from the East Midlands

    Alcohol again or is it your normal frame of mind? Reminds me of kiddies' corner. I thought your favourite song would be “Black is Black”
    I always knew you were full of shit. Reason you can’t even go to the toilet is because you have a Bfrug always stuck up your arse.
  19. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    You bite so easily to one of these ;
  20. (Wipes away tears of mirth, rolling down cheeks and makes it to the keyboard).

    He sure does - for a minute, I was worried that he wasn't going to give me the satisfaction...either that or that he was going to show up on the six o'clock news, hanging by the neck from a bridge not far from his council estate (and trust me, it would be his neck because he usually never winds it in) and driven to this drastic action after reading the story of his life, in print at Christmas.

    What fun!


    Miss Belladonnah.
  21. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    Exact words and picture what you threw at UD1 recently. He had the sense to see through you as a complete idiot and so do I. You bite at anything that dopey bitch comes up with.

    Now she will reach for the bottle, come back with more drunken stupidity and try to get everybody to laugh. Pincushion will probably come on defending her.

    I have seen some ding dong battles in this forum and even been involved in a few myself. When you get some stupid drunken cow making up silly songs like a ten year old and expecting everybody to laugh....the kids' forum is that
    way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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