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Forced Facefarting

Discussion in 'Fart Fetish Forum - The highest smells in the lowe' started by YourNarnia, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. YourNarnia

    YourNarnia New Member

    Hey I've made a few posts on this website, but lately I've been looking for a little more. I've been looking for good farting video's where the slave doesn't enjoy it. Bondage is a plus, but not necessary. Even POV videos, as long as it's implied that the slave doesn't like it. I love video's with genuinely cruel mistresses, who don't care how their slaves feel. Stories are also appreciated. To recap, send me video's of mistresses mercilessly facefarting on their unwilling slaves face.
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  3. Goddess Amirha makes really good ones in this category. Sometimes she uses an immobilization device/chair, other times she just ties him up, and either way she keeps her ass on his face, farts a lot, and truly makes him struggle. I haven't found material in this category that's any better. Brutal Alzena did some pretty hard facefarting videos too, but her clips are older and lower quality, plus no update in years.
  4. YourNarnia

    YourNarnia New Member

    I found some previews and have actually bought a few of her clips, she's absolutely amazing. Thanks for the suggestion, let me know if you find any others like her!
  5. terrell2483

    terrell2483 Member

    I hope there's more like her since she actually presses her asshole against her victim's nose and farts directly into it.
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