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Forever a Slave now

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by baz180, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. chintudavda

    chintudavda New Member

    Awesome Update!! :)

    This was short and sweet update. Glad to see you working on two more stories! :) Can't wait :)
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  3. stivalo

    stivalo the bootlicker

    Excelent update.
    Can't wait to read everything you're going to write
  4. celticfc

    celticfc Active Member

    Great read as always
  5. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Nice little chapter, and am looking forward to continuation of this story - as well as reading any new stories of yours in the works.
  6. panos63

    panos63 New Member

    Love this story! Hope to see it continue!!
  7. baz180

    baz180 Member

    Finally got around to writing another Chapter

    She looked up from drinking her coffee.

    “I have decided to spend more time with Leroy, enjoy your house and the money you give me.”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “So I'm going to reset you and give you to the women of the world.”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “You will make me a list of women you have known, their ages, where you know them from and any other details.”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “I will require you to email me every week so I can keep tabs on your situation.”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    !I will print out a letter to potential mistresses and give you to them for a while. You can have the two bedroom terraced in Peckham as your base. I will get it furnished with some restraints, and other femdom items, so your stay will be fun.”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “Programming slave”

    “All previous commands are erased, is that understood?”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “You cannot cum unless the words forget your troubles is uttered along with slave beforehand, the full command being slave forget your troubles. Have your troubles back slave will stop you cumming again. Is that understood?”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “Your name followed by a command has to be obeyed. Is that understood?”

    “Yes Goddess.”

    “End programming, now pack your bags and go to your house.”

    I packed up my clothes and made my way to Peckham.

    The house was cold and dusty, I did some food shopping and organised my wardrobe.

    I spent a few hours cleaning and then watched some television.

    I reflected on my life, I had done things that were exciting and humiliating, what would happen now?

    I still had plenty of money, a few women had abused me but would Goddess Maria let them know where I was now or not.

    Who knew, only my Goddess, I just had to wait.

    I took a nice shower, prepared a hearty meal and watched some football.

    I hadn't done any of these things for two weeks.

    Time flew by and I felt tired, so I went to bed and slept like a baby for twelve hours.

    On waking, it was now midday, I took another shower and ate a gorgeous bacon sandwich, washed down with a good strong cup of tea.

    I went out and purchased a newspaper, I hadn't read one for weeks, then I popped into the local gourmet pub.

    A lovely pint of ale and a good read, what more could a man want.

    I scoped out the waitress, she had her skirt uniform on, black tights and ballet pumps.

    My eyes constantly wandered to her feet, imaging them out of their shoes, were they hot, tired, sweaty, smell of cheese or popcorn.

    My cock swelled and soon became uncomfortable, then two women came in, one with high heels and her friend with purple tights and a pair of ankle boots.

    The thoughts came back and I questioned myself, fantasising about being under the table, worshipping, the two Goddess's.

    High heels then dangled hers off her foot, giving me a show, her foot was sublime, smooth heel and sweet sole.

    Purple tights then slipped her boots off and rubbed the sole of her foot up and down her shin.

    This was some show, if I could have cum I would have in my briefs.

    I must have been mesmerised as when I looked up both women were looking at me and smiling.

    I looked down in embarrassment and went back to my paper.

    When I next plucked up the courage to look up, they had both gone.

    I had another pint and walked home with a full bladder.

    As I got closer to my house I could see a woman outside looking around, probably for me.

    Then I saw who it was, it was Lesley, my ex sister in law.

    I had married her sister, a long time back and we had eventually divorced.

    Please don't tell me she was my new mistress!

    “Well about time Clint, where have you been?”

    “In town.”


    “A few pints, what can I do for you?”

    “Well Clint let's go in and have a chat.”

    I couldn't refuse, she had said my name and issued a command.

    By this time my bladder was causing me some distress

    We went into the front room and she sat down like a queen.

    She had come from work, by the attire she wore.

    Her feet were encased in a pair of black high heels, sheer nylon covered her feet, a lightly stripped blue trouser suit and a white blouse completed the outfit.

    “Clint, is there a drink going?”

    “Of course Lesley, I have some wine, tea, coffee and water.”

    “Wine please, white.”

    I went into the kitchen and broke open a bottle of white wine.

    I poured this into a glass and headed for the front room.

    As I entered, Lesley was dangling her shoe, I was mesmerised.

    Her foot was enticing, the nylon hugged every groove and wrapped her heel beautifully.

    My bladder was getting painful now, I quickly gave her the wine and went to rush upstairs.

    “Where are you going Clint?”

    “To the toilet, I need to go, back in a minute.” I said this still moving.

    “Clint, come back here and sit down.”

    She had given me a command, she must know, oh shit.

    I dutifully sat down and again watched her bounce her shoe up and down.

    “Do you fancy me Clint?”

    “You are attractive Lesley.”

    “So you would like to fuck me then?”

    This caught me out, but I answered truthfully

    “Of course I would. Can I go to the toilet please.”

    “No I have some more questions, I'm sure you can wait.”

    “Please Lesley!”

    “Would you lick me to orgasm?”

    “Not really my thing”

    “You don't like cunnilingus?”

    “No I don't.”

    “Okay, so licking my ass would be a no as well.”

    “Of course, are you for real?”

    “Very much so, now how about my shoes?”

    “Why would I want to lick your shoes?”

    “Because you want to prove your worth to me.”

    “My worth to you, how so.”

    “Clint, answer the question.”

    “No I wouldn't want to lick your shoes.”

    “How about smelling my feet, do you like cheesy feet?”

    “No I don't, now I need to go to the bathroom.”

    “I know you do, but you can't move can you until I tell you can.”

    “Of course I can.”

    “Go on then!”

    Of course her command was sit down, she was right and I was stuck.

    “See I told you, now would you like to lick my bare feet?”

    “Again no, I would only want to fuck you or have you suck my cock.”

    “I see, well your Goddess sent me a letter and now I own you. Your mine and there won't be any blow jobs from me. She also you can't cum until I uttered some words. That's not going to happen anytime soon either.”

    “Please Lesley I'm sorry.”

    “You know I can order you to do what I want, but I want you to do of your own accord. This makes it harder for you to comply, but you know I can force you anyway. If you hesitate or disobey, the command will be worse. Do you understand me?”

    “Yes Lesley.”

    Basically I had to obey her and do things I didn't want to regardless, what a bitch, such intelligence.

    “Now lie down at my feet.”

    She lifted her feet up and waited till I obeyed her.

    Then she shuffled along and placed both of her feet on my stomach.

    A full bladder is really torturous, especially when pressure is applied.

    She then pushed her high heeled feet down, and moved them about.

    This made me incredibly uncomfortable, it caused me to get as hard as hell.

    “Do you know I had a pee just before leaving work, it was so enjoyable, such relief. Bet you wished you had that luxury.”

    “I remember a time when you wouldn't pick me up from the station in the wet, I got soaked getting home as I couldn't afford a taxi. What about the time I was late for our family dinner and you were into the main course by the time I arrived. The best one being when you lifted my skirt up at your wedding, revealing the fact I had gone commando.”

    “I'm so sorry, please Lesley!”

    “Sorry, oh you will be, you most certainly will be. Wait until I tell my sister's, especially your ex-wife and Sandy, who will be even worse than I am.”

    “No please not Sandy, I'll do anything you want, I'll smell your feet, lick your ass, be a footstool for you.”

    “A footstool for me, I hadn't thought of that one. Maria said there is a closet full of toys I can use, I will have a look in a minute. But first I'm enjoying the look of defeat and anguish on your face. Clint, think about running water, a tap or a waterfall.”

    My thoughts went to a running tap, she tapped her feet on my stomach as though she was dancing.

    “This is just so much fun, Melanie will have a field day making you smell her nurse’s feet after a twelve hour shift.”

    Lesley spent the next thirty minutes pressing down on my stomach.

    The torment was unreal, have you ever been busting for a piss, imagine having someone pressuring your bladder and not being able to do anything about it.

    “Okay Clint, go for a wee, I don't want you to wet yourself.”

    I didn't wait for her to change her mind, I shot up the stairs and relieved myself.

    Then I heard her in the spare room looking at the toys.

    “Come here Clint”

    I went into the room to see her holding a pair of bondage pants.

    “Put these on Clint”

    Basically they were a pair of leather pants where the cock was strapped up and the balls separated and vulnerable.

    I undressed and put them on.

    “Very nice Clint, I might use this later, she held up the spiked chastity cage, but not just yet.

    Now time to worship me. Follow me.”

    She went into the front room again.

    “Turn on the television and give me the remote control.”

    I did as she asked, she smiled so sweetly at me, like an angel possessed by the devil.

    “Now bring me that foot stool.”

    I placed it in front of her and she get sexily put her feet up and crossed her ankles.

    “Lick my shoes Clint, make them shiny for me.”

    I looked at the scuffed sole of high heels, I could see the size four stamp and the m&s logo.

    “Get licking slave, don't make me command it.”

    I poked out my tongue and ran it up the sole of her right shoe, the uppermost ankle.

    I then tasted the wet dust and swallowed horribly, I licked again and slowly the sole became clean.

    Lesley totally ignored my efforts, occasionally she twitched her toes forward and then laughed.

    I spent fifteen minutes on the sole and used my lips to polish it.

    Then I sucked the three inch heel, taking it in and licking it in my mouth.

    I pulled my head away and looked at my efforts, then worked on the edge I could get to.

    As I licked, I occasionally breathed through my nose and sampled the fragrance of her foot.

    It smelt like feet, I could smell the leather of the shoe and the nylon of her hose.

    It strangely aroused me and I felt like I wanted to rip her shoe off and bury my nose into her toes for a massive breath of her scent.

    All this slavery and devotion to women was having a profound effect.

    I looked up and saw Lesley watching me like a hawk, I hadn't realised the adverts were on, such was my devotion to her task.

    “You look like you are enjoying this, I'm sure you won't always. My boots get muddy when it's wet and so do my various shoes. My ugg boots make my feet sweat badly, especially in thick black tights. You can look forward to those pleasures, Coronation Street is back on. Resume your cleaning, I'll inspect them at the end.”

  8. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    So glad to see this continuing, and I love what Lesley is putting him through and her threats of what might happen to him next.
  9. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Excellent chapter!

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