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Is this too violent?

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  1. Gina

    Gina Member

    I wrote this story about an X boyfriend who was an asshole. OK.... these were during my violent wild writing days..... I have a few good stories like this left. I can't find the rest of it.....yet.


    Story Killer Spike Heels - Raymond

    Gina now pushed Raymond’s chin up with her shoe and whispered, "On your knees, little man." This was ironic because Raymond is about 8 or 9 inches taller than she is, but he didn't argue. Raymond got down on his knees in the limo in front of her and she continued, "So you like these heels, huh? Are they sexy?" Raymond responded with a nod, and Gina smacked him again, with her opened red gloved hand screaming, "ANSWER ME!" All Raymond could manage was, "Uh-huh."

    She then tapped the inside of his thighs with her spike heel to get him to spread his legs a little more and she rubbed the instep of her high-heeled foot on his package. She pulled his chin up again so she could look into his eyes and then, without warning, she snapped a kick into his balls with her incredibly sexy spike heel toe and drove it up into his sack and held it there. It wasn't even close to being as hard as she could kick, but it hurt like hell so Raymond went to cover his battered balls. Before Raymond’s hands even got there, Gina yelled, "MOVE YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS, RAYMOND!!" Raymond did immediately as he was told, and Gina rewarded him with another kick, a little harder this time.

    Raymond bent over into fetal position and felt like he was gonna puke. Gina yelled at the driver….go to 1234 Main Street now or I drive my metal heel through Raymond’s heart and you can deal with his corpse and a bloody mess in the back of your limo. Raymond groaned, "Do what she says." When they arrived, Cheryl and Melanie were there waiting….Cheryl was wearing Melanie’s incredible sexy white spikes and Melanie had on her killer leather boots with the pointed toe. Gina said we are going to have some fun tonight with these criminals. You are all going to get a piece of them…..Melanie opened the door…and Gina kicked Harry’s slumped unconscious body out of the back seat of the limo making sure to dig her heels into him as much as she could….Melanie dumped her drink on his face and as he began to come to Melanie slammed her boot heel into his mouth and saw his teeth go in 3 different directions. "That was fun she laughed."

    Then Cheryl took her white spike heel pumps and placed the heel into his mouth and stood up on it…and began to fuck his mouth with her heel and the blood began to ooze where his teeth once had been. Now her white heel had blood all over it and she was angry. "Let me clean my heel off on this guy’s shirt…" and she proceeded to step up on his chest and wipe the blood from her incredibly sexy shoes…..the heels continued to dig into him but Harry was in so much pain he couldn’t even move. Gina said, "OK who wants to finish him off?" Melanie said, "I will" Melanie, drove the toe of her boot into his sack repeated until she felt BOTH balls pop and turn into mush.

    She then changed her shoes into the metal heels she always carried around for this occasion. Melanie said, bring him over to the front of the limo and leave the lights on….she stepped up on the hood of the car, scratching the perfect finish and denting it with her metal heels. She stood on the hood of the limo and jumped high into the air and landed on Harry’s gut. Immediately both of her metal heels disappeared into his stomach. She did a heel twist and his shirt began to turn red where she pulled the heels out of his gut…He was unconscious now and she went up to his face and placed a heel into his eye socket. "You won’t be needing these anymore, Harry." She pushed her metal spike heel into his eye as he flinched..she knew he was still alive…..She tipped up her shoe and ripped the eye right out with her incredibly wicked spikes.

    The black Wild Pair Metal spikes were awesome and she loved wearing them especially for this kind of work…she also loved to wear them out dancing and to parties when all of the dirty work was done….if they could only talk. She thought that she should put notches on the heels to remember how many men she had killed with the heels. Blood was all over his face and she figured it must be time to end it all for him. Raymond watched on in disbelief as Cheryl and Gina cheered Melanie on as she got back up on the top of the limo and jumped down on Harry this time landing right in the middle of his chest. With bone cracking and the heels sinking into his heart.

    Blood begain to ooze out of his nose and ears….she pulled her Wild Pair heels out of the holes they made ripping out his skin and part of his heart valves were still stuck to the heels. She laughed as the other girls applauded. She then pushed her heel into Harry’s open eye and pulled it out with her heel and left it stuck to her heel. "He won’t need this anymore, " she laughed.

    Gina said, "I guess the eyes have it "….. Gina just walked around the body and I could hear her laughing and her heels clicking on the floor. After a couple minutes that felt like seconds, she said, "Ok, that's enough rest Raymond. Spread 'em." "Gina, baby, I don't think I can. Thank you for--" Before Raymond could finish, she grabbed the front of his shirt, and said in a stern voice, "I'm not finished with you. Now spread your damn legs before I get angry." Raymond nodded his head and did as he was commanded. She again rubbed her black metal spiked shoe on his cock and balls, and said, "Look at me, Raymond." As soon as he looked up, she kicked him, harder than the previous kicks, with the toe of her black killer heels, seemingly hitting both of his balls. Raymond let out a huge groan, and then fell silent because he didn't have the air to say anything further. Gina’s attitude suddenly changed from dominance to fear. She faked concern and said, "Oh my god, sweetie, are you ok?"

    Raymond looked up at her with a half smile, and whispered (that was all he could manage) "Never better, babe." After a while, Raymond got up and Gina and Raymond were getting ready to "finish" the rest of that intense night. "Hey, save some for me," Melanie called. Gina looked down at her helpless victim. "We'll continue this later," she purred. Then she gave Raymond a little kick to his neck with her sharp heel. Melanie walked over and stood in front of Raymond, who was still being held firmly between Cheryl's legs. Melanie's lovely feminine feet were adorned with a pair of white lethal high heel killer shoes she saw Melanie use on Harry, and she now dangled one of them in front of Raymond's face. "Do you like my pretty feet?" she asked.

    Raymond just stared at the floor, wondering how he had ever ended up in this predicament. Suddenly his head snapped to one side as Melanie smacked his jaw with the top of her foot. "I said, ‘do you like my pretty FEET?’" Melanie demanded, emphasizing the last word with another kick. "Y-yes, ma'am," Raymond meekly replied. "Now I suppose you want me to kiss them." "You should be so lucky," Melanie laughed. "Oh, but don't worry. You're about to become very well acquainted with my feet and my killer heels." She smiled at Cheryl and Cheryl gave him a quick kick in the belly. Raymond fell on his side, and Cheryl continued kicking in his stomach, again and again. Raymond groaned with pain, and finally managed to roll over in an attempt to protect his belly from the kicking Cheryl was giving him, but Cheryl was waiting. Placing her spike heel on his shoulder, she shoved him down, flat on his back, and then moved her foot to his chest and pinned him to the floor. "Where do you think you're going, Raymond?" Melanie asked, then, winking at Cheryl: "Thanks.

    Keep him pinned while I give his belly a good stomping." Melanie put her killer black boots on with the sharp heel and pointed toe and killer heels and she through the other metal heels in the corner. After all this was Gina’s guy to kill tonight. Melanie showed no mercy as she pounded Raymond's helpless body with her bootheel and pointed toe. The buckles of her boots ripped at Raymond’s skin, driving her high heel into his stomach again and again. Finally she walked away, laughing gleefully. Now it was Cheryl's turn. "You know, Raymond," Cheryl said, "you should really be more assertive. I mean, you just let women walk all over you. Take me, for instance!" And with that, she stepped with her killer heels on his stomach and stood for a moment, smiling down at him.

    Then she took a little walk to his neck, turned around, and walked back down his body, dangerously close to his genitals. She made this round trip several times, her spikey heels leaving a trail of bruises up and down Raymond's torso while he moaned with pain, helpless beneath the weight of Cheryl’s strong, womanly body. "Don't worry, baby," Cheryl said. "I'm not going to stomp you like Melanie did. In fact, we're going to play a little game. We're going to play football! Do you know how we play football?" Wincing with pain, Raymond shook his head. "Well, I'll give you a little hint, sweetie. We use my feet, and your BALLS! Get it?" Raymond's heart pounded and his throat felt very dry.
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  2. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    It's a little too violent for my tastes but to each their own.
  3. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Really loved it!
  4. dutchguy

    dutchguy Member

    Excellent story, I like the real sadists
  5. cigarashslave

    cigarashslave New Member

    Miss Gina,

    Love the story! No, it's not too violent and clearly Harry had wronged these Women somehow so naturally he had to pay for it. Of course, some will find it too violent because they don't appreciate the mind of a true sadist.
  6. Gina

    Gina Member

    Thanks for your comments... both pro and con. Yeah, I guess I have a little sadist in me.... and I can write what I could not do legally to some bad actors....

    There will be more stories.... I also really enjoy trampling and spiking things good and leaving my heel marks. :)

    Does that turn any one on?

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  7. handtrampled

    handtrampled Active Member

    Are you kidding? It drives me insane! :) I would die to be at the mercy of you and your feet. Well, judging on your writings I would die anyway... :rolleyes: Love it!
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  8. thedonkey

    thedonkey New Member

    I like many parts of the story, especially the power of women over the helpless male. I don't like the most violent part.
  9. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Trampling and leaving heel marks is definitely a turn on for me, as long as the guy doesn't need reconstructive surgery afterwards. ;)
  10. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Does that turn anyone on? haha! Are you asking that with a devious smile?
  11. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    Too the heel torture and the heel into the eyes.
    Does the story continue with Gina getting to finish him?
    Thanks for writing.
  12. maniac

    maniac Member

    Fantasy can go anywhere. So, no, not too violent.
  13. Lucious

    Lucious New Member

    too violent..still it's a good read, great writing..please post more.
    many would also love to read little less violent stories from you with such great writing and detailing I guess.
  14. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Exactly maniac. It's a story. A fantasy. It's from the mind.....and I like her mind. It's not too violent for me. If it were a movie it would be rated 'R'. I don't think I'd enjoy being on the receiving end. But I think it's hot that the fantasy came from Gina.
  15. Gina

    Gina Member

    Thank you soooo much for your comments. It may be time to kill that SOB off..... spike heel stiletto style
  16. hhhmmm

    hhhmmm Back home:)

    I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Always loved your stories, and sorry that you have quit writing them:(

    With that in mind, I hope you keep with the same era . . . Spiked heeled boots with pointed toes from back in the day. The footwear for women's suck:( Block heels with no shat, a major bummer:(

    Miss those days of women wearing them and dreaming of being under them:)

    Was trampled quite of few times back in the day . . . . . . . . . Sucks getting older:(

  17. hhhmmm

    hhhmmm Back home:)

    Btw, don't know how the avatar showed up on my reply, but would have to of licked her boot soles clean:)



    It had to of come up with from my web surfing, because I didn't add it to my profile!!!!!!
  18. rog03

    rog03 Member

    Just imagine what damage a good full body/head stomping with spiked soled running shoes would do him !!

  19. Gina

    Gina Member

    I still wear my track shoes from college and high school. There are still shards of skin and blood from my trampling days.... I would be willing to sell some of my killer worn heels or track shoes if there is interest. Enjoy!
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