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Goddess Destroi

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by drummbot, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. drummbot

    drummbot Member

    Does anybody know what happened to Goddess Destroi??
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  3. lexicondevil

    lexicondevil Member

    She has mostly retired. Last time I talked to her, almost a year and a half ago on get life she was in a happy place with a sub and done with making vids. The amount of people stealing her content was insane, so I dont blame her tbh. She was a gem.
  4. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    It's unfortunate that she quit making videos. She had a unique style of physical and verbal ass humiliation. It's unfortunate for her loyal fans like me that she was deterred by the likely hood her videos would eventually be pirated despite the loyal fans who purchased them legitimately, and would continue to do so. There's simply no way to prevent video piracy in the internet age. I miss her.
  5. drummbot

    drummbot Member

    I’m sad to hear about her content being stolen, but I’m so glad to hear she’s enjoying life and doing well. I actually appeared in a few of her videos, and had such an incredible time shooting. I would love the chance to catch up with her. Do you happen to have a working email address or anything?
  6. lexicondevil

    lexicondevil Member

    Unfortunately not. She' on fetlife, dont believe she is very active though. It' worth trying I suppose :)
  7. bowndown

    bowndown Member

    She was one of the best, I'm gonna miss her a lot. I was lucky enough to be in a few of her videos and what an experience it was to be smothered by that voluptuous ass of hers. That sexy Goddess voice was magic when she'd tease you while you were under her knowing that there wasn't anything you could do while she was riding on top.
  8. motuman

    motuman Warm Comfy Seat

    Funny, I was doing a search for her and came across this thread. I'll repeat what's been said already as I too have very fond memories of sessioning with her. She understood sensual domination and made the sessions so great through her natural enthusiasm and fun. She intuitively knew how to add excitement without being explicitly told to do this or that. One time we got together, she was still doing some things around the place and then was feeling hungry, and so we went out for lunch together and came back to a wild session. For a woman into domination, she was also very sweet and comfortable to be around. She's still my all-time favorite Goddess! Through a mutual friend I've heard also that she had to deal with at least one stalker down in LA, so I think the whole baggage that accompanies her type of work began to seriously wear on her. Our loss - she is a diamond rated woman!

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