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Discussion in 'Mistress Destiny Femdom Community' started by Goddess_Sophia, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Goddess_Sophia

    Goddess_Sophia New Member

    Hello all Ladies and subs of MDFF!

    Just a quick post to say hello and introduce myself to those of you who have not yet made my acquaintance in the real or online world. I'm Goddess Sophia, professional and lifestyle Domme, recently relocated to North Yorkshire from London.

    I adore life as a dominant woman, and some of my main passions include leather (you can't beat the look, smell, and feel of it!), horses (equines and their human counterparts), strap-on play (I can never decide which I enjoy more - breaching a sub's virgin hole for the first time, or finally making that same slut take my biggest cock all the way up to the hilt!!), and good old-fashioned strict British discipline. I don't feel any introduction would be complete without mentioning my love for corporal punishment - whipping and caning being my absolute favourites; but I'll happily put any subs who need it over my knee for a hand spanking to remember too!

    Outside(ish) of BDSM, I love running and strength training, travelling, and riding horses (so much they deserve another mention!). I also perform with fire, and my pyromaniac streak sometimes comes out to play when I'm at play with my subs, so...you have been warned!

    That's all for now,

  2. FeetandBooze

    FeetandBooze Member

    Welcome ma'am! We can never have too many dominant ladies here in my opinion. I too enjoy strength training and running in addition to my grappling training. I look forward to posting with you!

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