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GTS Home Alarm - Story meant for video

Discussion in 'Giantess Justice' started by Casually Crushed, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. This story was written a little while ago and I recently had to turned into a video. Since all of my stories are meant for video (usually with SFX in mind), I attempted to find a company that could do it.

    I didn't find anyone that could do this with SFX, but I found a company that did a decent job without SFX. It didn't come out exactly as the story says, but it also wasn't bad. They put their own spin on it. ;)

    This is the link to the video. (Clips4Sale)

    Here's the story:

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  3. Good news on this. This video is being refilmed with SFX by the legendary Thanatos. (Giantess Fatale) :) I'll inform you guys when it's done. The new video should stick more closely with the story and visuals around it.
  4. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Excellent script - thanks for posting it.
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  5. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to seeing this one in SFX.

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