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Hello. another idea

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by cringer3000, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. cringer3000

    cringer3000 New Member

    Hi people, it has been a while.

    Since I was on here a few years ago, banging on about what a great idea it would be to have a girl make out with a guy as she stands on her bf/hubby, the idea of footcuckold, or femdom/cuckold seems to have exploded, and many channels are making there own stuff.. I got to thinking, the one image I dont think I have ever seen is a sexy lady, standing on a wimp in her sexy stilettos, and actually touching herself for pleasure, maybe to his whimpering and the feel of his body under her heels or feet, but imagine her touching her breasts or pussy as she shifts the weight of her feet on her wimp..

    That has got to be a great image, right?
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  3. thuggemini

    thuggemini Diosa Canela's Slave

    My goddess has expressed an interest in doing a video like this with me as her slave. the only thing is that she hasn't found a man open minded for a video such as this. Her idea, since she enjoys dancing, was to have me lay under a strong board and dance on top of me with a man of her choosing while also making out with him. It sounds very unfortunate for me but she said if that idea will sell she wants me to do it regardless of how i feel :-(
  4. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Just go for it - & if she chooses you I'll lie under the board LOL !
  5. dancefloor

    dancefloor New Member

    Hi cringer, welcome back. You were one of the first who came up with the idea of footcuckold, i remember. Then there was this german movie of woman in white heels standing somewhere in a forest on a man while making out with another. That was great!

    The image you describe above, if i understand correctly, is without a man present, right? I have had the pleasure of experiencing that in reallife a loooong time ago. Unfortunately before the digital camera era... But it is a great sight, i can assure you. And a lady who is having pleasure is not minding very much the pain she is causing another, she is too much focused on her pleasure. It's tough, but rewarding!
  6. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    I remember an article I read in the 80th about just that issue about a woman having great pleasure of touching herself while letting her bodyweight treading about on a malebody. Feeling his striving against her weight as she trample and stand about on him. It was really very hot and erotic for me as a 20 years old guy back then. Even today its something specially.

    But its true we very seldom get something like that up here on this forum.
  7. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    We used to get a lot more back in "the old days", but I'm glad to say that there is some community spirit returning.
  8. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Oh, really! What community are you having in mind? I would be glad to join into a spirit of contribution.

  9. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Check out the threads where sinbad, budwiser, rehava & myself frequent & contribute - fair amount of community there.
  10. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Alright! What have I done to deserve this kind of missing? Well, I better improve myself now or things happening with me. I`m about loosing it.

    Do you remember the good old magazine "Madame World of Fantasy? In that great mag there were some heavy things about trampling. Mrs.Carlstens footboy, to just take some examples. True Devotion, the story I remember was a star!
  11. madvlad

    madvlad Member

    Live for that fantasy!

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