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Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by mike051690, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. mike051690

    mike051690 New Member

    hi to all who may be concerned .
    I'm going to take down my posts and delete my account over the next few days .
    I realized what I'm posting is bothering people which was not my intention when I started this .
    If anyone want to contact me to talk about ideas and get extensions of stories I've posted here and not to slam me for what I've written I'll leave my email below .
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
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  3. airoha

    airoha Member

    Hello dear Mike.
    I totally respect your decision. However, just for the future, do NOT let an idiot chase you away from something that you like. I know it's hard to ignore a comment of the sort they post. I experienced that kind of reaction myself. Just so you know, all these opinionated idiots that give unwanted perspectives, are simply ignorants with scholar pretens(c)es. :eek:) And I am very nice saying this.
    On your post now. If the "saludos" part of your msg, gives a hint about your native language, I would recommend you to join Luk's forum. He is spanish too and he posts some unbelievable stories. Even thou my native is english, I am fluent in french, german and very good in spanish and I would LOVE to read your stories written in spanish. I'll give you the link in email, so I won't be accused of advertising here.
  4. alberto2005

    alberto2005 Member

    Hi Mike, I'm really sorry for the stupid remarks you received on the forum. I find that your stories are perfect, rich and with a lot of imagination. I love your stories because it's fiction, like a tale with nasty ones. In life I am for equality between citizens and against racism. But some in the forum, probably retired old teacher, with a very limited intellectual can not understand it ... When I read the stories they like or write, empty, without any interest ... I am dismayed. I send you my email because I love your stories.
    Alberto (from France, as tout can see with my english :) )
  5. cigarashslave

    cigarashslave New Member

    Please Mike, continue to write here and keep your stories posted on here. Don't let a few users, that are in the minority, censor you and your writing on this site. I have read all of the sections you posted for 'Queen of the Poor' and nothing in it violates any of the forum rules so let your critics piss off. You warned them the content might be offensive and wasn't for sensitive people so they really have no right to complain about the content being offensive as they were forewarned and still chose to read the story anyways.
  6. mike051690

    mike051690 New Member

    Thanks you all for the support .
    Aihora thanks for your encouragement and your suggestions .
    I have always been a fan of sadistic femdom and writing these stories has been a great way for me to work my English while doing something I love .
    You have stuck up for me on multiple occasions when over opinionated payasos have shit on my efforts . I truly appreciate that .
    I was always worried that the stuff was a bit to offensive. I'm not here to offend people . I'm here to correspond with like minded kinksters and have some harmless fun .
    Please email me the link you described . I'd love to talk privately to anyone who's interests correspond to mine .
  7. airoha

    airoha Member

    Links sent. And again, don't worry about morons. Usually they give up once they are completely ignored. I shall wait for your answer in email.

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