Helpless (story)

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Apr 27, 2011
United Kingdom, London
Hey guys, my first go at writing a fart story, not sure if i should post in the facesitting stories too, hope you enjoy it :)

SMACK! I abruptly woke up from my slumber it was dark and smelly. SMACK! The only thing I know is that its morning one of the times I dreaded most and that usually started when my mistress would awaken and kick me in the face. You see, the reason why it’s dark and smelly here is because I live at my mistress’s feet at the foot of the bed under the covers. She would make no effort to wash her feet or any other part of her body to make me suffer and when she does want to be clean…er I am to give her a tongue bath. Lately she hasn’t ‘washed’ for 5 days. My mistress also has the foulest smelliest farts you could imagine, the stench could peel paper from walls and here I am smelling her confined farts and cheesy feet, which is my only source of oxygen.

GURGLE the disgusting sound brought me back to my senses, I felt the weight shift off the bed and the covers were pulled back. One would think that fresh air would be gods gift but the room itself was equally bad smelling and more stench invaded my nostrils. The room was a mess, it always was. Dirty underwear and socks lay about the place, some soiled and some discoloured, rotting food and mold growing on dirty dishes, the floor could not be seen, it had been swallowed up by the shit that now littered the place. I groggily opened my eyes a little wider, squinting up at the shadowy silhouette of my mistress, she had a lovely curvy body and boobs that one would die for, I just wanted to die…those curves led down to her most deadliest areas. Her ass was wide, full and bouncy, her legs were thick and toned and her feet were size 10 with high arches, slender toes and were slightly yellow from not being washed.

My mistress towered above me and returned my gaze with hungry eyes and a wide sadistic smile revealing teeth as if she was about to catch her helpless prey. She was wearing a tight t-shirt revealing her bra-less breasts and erect nipples with sweat stains here and there along with a tight pair of cotton panties that could barely hold her ass. Another gurgle sounded and she slowly turned her back towards me, presenting her round ass level with my face, there was a thin line of sweat leading from the top of her crack and disappearing into the depths of hell itself. I could have tried to run, be a man and stand up for myself but I knew the consequences would be severe and I simply did not have the will and energy to move let alone run. No I should just accept my place as her bitch. Again she was looking at me over shoulder with those hungry eyes, as if reading my thoughts she grinned from ear to ear, she knew escaping was inevitable and hooked her thumbs into her panties.

Slowly she started to peel back her panties, so agonizingly slow that she wanted to prolong this torture as long as possible. I could hear the peeling sound of her damp panties coming away from her ass, which was filling out and getting wider. She started to spread her legs because the deeper she went the more effort it required to dismantle her worn underwear. They fell to the floor, covered in brown stains easily merging with the rest of the crap on the ground; I looked up to see her sweat shined ass, I wanted to cry but no tears came. “Oh poor baby” she cooed and started to drag my helpless body off the bed until only my head remained, facing up. She slowly proceeded to rub and spread her ass cheeks revealing her dirty brown asshole taunting me and reminding me of my place…under her ass.

Her knees started bending as she lowered her ass ever so closer to my face until it filled my vision and the tip of my nose was touching her ass cheeks. Her ass hovered above me for a few painstaking minutes with her sweat running down her cheeks and onto my face. “Smell my scent! Smell the ass that will consume you!” I replied by taking deep long breaths through my nose, the smell of her unwashed rear was so strong it made my head spin it could have knocked out a horse. A third gurgle but much more resounding emitted from my mistress, we both knew it was time, not wasting a moment more she sat all the way down onto my face full weight. Her ass cheeks effortlessly spread across my face and around my head, which snaked its way to her asshole, she then proceeded to spread her cheeks and grind her ass onto my face, which took me deeper into the dark musty crevices of her backside. My nose was now mashed against her asshole with the tip penetrating it, my mistress let loose a series of moans. Her crack was very sticky and the inside cheeks stuck to my face sealing me in tight, she shifted her weight from one cheek to the other, my enveloped head in movement with her ass moved from side to side spreading her hole with my nose and sinking deeper until my nostrils were sunken completely. If it not for her bouncy ass and mattress taking some of the weight my head surely would have caved in.

Once mistress had settled she unleashed her deadly hounds upon my face, the first fart was long, bassy and seemed to go on forever. It was so powerful that it caused my face to shake from the vibrations and her ass cheeks to ripple around my head, once it died away my nasal passages were invaded with the smell of rot and death, something that nobody should ever witness. Mistress sighed greatly, the pain from holding that big one subsided but once the first one let loose there will be no control over the others. The next few were a series of SBD’s hot enough to melt ones face off and heating up the surrounding space between my face and her ass causing both to sweat. To add to this hellish experience she grinded on my face to make sure her stink ground into my pores and with in a matter of minutes her ass was making wet slapping noises against my face. She was clenching and unclenching her asshole trying to squeeze more of my oxygen out and managed to unleash a machine gun sounding fart each pop was like a punch in the face until it ended with ones that sounded like slaps spraying a little ass juice.

I could feel her tensing and hear her grunting now, trying to push more out onto my helpless face. She pushed down onto my chest so that all the air expelled from my lungs and as I breathed in pssssssssshhhhhhhhhbbrapbrapSPLATTTTT my nose was forcefully pushed out of her shit chute and was covered in a warm brown substance which splatted onto my face. She then mashed my face with her ass grinding her shit spray around my face whilst farting causing my cheeks to ripple and eyes shake in their sockets. After a few minutes I thought it was over but then rose off my face to her full height and brought her ass slamming down onto my face again each buttdrop cause the bed to shake and my body to momentarily rise. 1 second my face is free and the next I’m nose deeper in her ass, after the fourth butt drop my cheeks started to ache and for the fifth she done an extra jump before landing fullweight on my face, a loud slapped echoed around the room.

With no time to recover I was ordered to spoon out farts with my tongue and before I had penetrated a wet spluttering shart escaped her dirty hole an right onto my tongue, I had no choice but to swallow and tongue her. Squelchhh squelchhhh squelchhh, she was bouncing on my now rigid tongue getting herself off, my mouth was wrapped tightly against her rim in a sucking motion causing her gas to immediately pass from hole to hole and into my lungs and wet farts soon started turning into liquid shit being sprayed into my mouth and down my throat. Mistress finally had an orgasm, whilst screeching like a banshee let loose ear shattering shit filled farts spraying my mouth, face and the mattress around my head with shit and ass juice. After her quaking orgasms she ordered me to clean her. I tongued her shitty asshole clean then proceeded to suck the shit and grime collected of the last five days out of her wrinkled hole and tonguing her hole in circular motions giving her a good rimming too. It finally ended with taking long licks lapping the length of her crack cleaning out the salty sweat and grime. She got off my face and I could feel blood rushing back to my facial features, almost immediately I became aware or the foul smelling air around me and emitting off my face, I gagged several times and breathing was difficult, with each breath my lungs burned and shit gargled in my throat.

Laughing at my peril my mistress picked up her soiled panties from earlier and cleaned up my face a little before shoving them in my mouth and planting her dirty sweaty foot onto my face. It is only the beginning….