Hottest comments ever said by someone you were worshipping/being trampled by?

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Heckron, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Heckron

    Heckron Phantom Moderator

    I started a thread like this in the facesitting section and it immediately got 21 responses and is still going I thought I'd do one here and see if we get similar or very different responses :D

    For this one, I'd like to know the hottest thing any girl has ever said to you when it came to her trampling you or making you worship her feet or otherwise dominate you with her feet that turned you on incredibly. :D

    Let the games begin!

    The same girlfriend above said after making me take her whole foot in her mouth:

    "I love seeing the look of pain on ur face as I wiggle my toes in your throat and make you choke." That alone was a turn on, but then she said, "Put the back of your head against the wall. I'm going to fuck your throat even harder this time and I don't want you to be able to pull away until I'm done raping your mouth."

    As you can see from both the comments of this girl...she loved the total control factor. :D
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  2. jbug

    jbug Goddess Jana's property

    Heckron I was typing my thread at the same time you put this one up. Damn, this is going to be a great one! I have to get back to work now. After reading this, I will not be able to focus on what I have to do today. I can't wait to get back on to reply. This will be in my head all day.
  3. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Well, one lady I used to know said that she often had an orgasm when trampling me, nearly always when giving her feet a good massage & always when sucking her toes !

    Pretty hot comments to me anyway.
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  4. mikeyb

    mikeyb Member

    "I love degrading you" - pretty simple, yet music to my ears. This was a hot as hell stripper I dated for a year with perfect feet.

    Another time her and I were flying cross country, she was wearing black nylons with boots during the trip. She kept going into the bathroom on the plane and taking off her boots to see how strong her feet were smelling, then she'd tell me how sweaty they were and how she was going to smother me with them as soon as we got home. That made for a long trip.
  5. jbug

    jbug Goddess Jana's property

    The one that keeps running through my mind is Jana looking down at me..."I am going to crush the hell out of you" :devil:... and boy did she mean it!

    I immediately went to my happy place!
  6. jbug

    jbug Goddess Jana's property

    Oh! by the way. My driving really sucked today!
  7. chaz mann

    chaz mann Member

    Many years ago I saw a prodomme in Philly (Mistress Darcy) who trampled me in black patent leather stilettos. As she was preparing to trample my chest and abdomen, she stuck a timer to the wall and said, " I want to see how long you can take me trampling you full weight in heels." Then she went to town on me. I will never forget that session. Chaz
  8. jgrass1

    jgrass1 Professional Footstool

    When I first introduced my ex to my foot fetish in general she was very inquisitive and wanted to understand it better. My favorite position of course was her sitting on my stomach with her big size 9 1/2 feet covering my face. The first time she did this to me she said totally and honestly, "My feet seem to fit perfectly on your face! The way the arch on my feet seems to feet perfectly with your skull. It's like they were made to do this." The hottest part about this was it was like a discovery for her, not just something hot to try and entice me. She was actually amazed by the fit of her feet on my face.
    : )
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  9. "I really hate that T-shirt, so get on the ground, I'm going to enjoy this!"

    She wasn't a fan of the chicago bulls:)
  10. Podeptany

    Podeptany Member

    After getting slightly tipsy and trampling me to shreds with heels in a hotel room in Bulgaria, my girlfriend looked down at me and simply said, "Do you want more?"

    The best thing she said while not in the act was, "I love it as much as you do!" We were discussing trampling in our early days, after she was new to it.
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  11. Backwalk

    Backwalk Well-Known Member

    While I don't have any specific quotes, there were more than a few times while getting trampled that a girl would tell her friend where to step. One of my favorites was a girl telling her friends "I get his face!" I wass posing for a photo in a strip club, and those words were about the nicest words I could think of! She was a hottie, and among the lightest!
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  12. obiwan

    obiwan feldwebel

    "Lie down!" always has an effect on me. Another comment was "Oh dear, I was going to be gentle............." When I asked what she meant, she replied; "I'm going to crush you"
    "Oh, look, a shoeprint on your chest. GOOD!" "I'm going to trample you because you are a man, and all men should be walked on!"
    There are mre but the pasage of time makes me forget
  13. lisalisa

    lisalisa little angel

    I once turned a guy very pale, when after he stripped off and laid down on the floor, I placed my stiletto heel on his throat, gently leaned forward over him and ran my long finger nail very slowly up and down his chest.

    I then pouted my lips and said in a most casual but sincere voice ... “and who did you say was your next of kin baby”?
  14. lisalisa

    lisalisa little angel

    Thank you Mr Marcus..... Dam! I can't do that to you now!!!

    Don't worry.. I'll think of something, lol.
  15. Heckron

    Heckron Phantom Moderator

    Why do all the great women live in the UK?! :wink2:
  16. Atilla The Honey

    Atilla The Honey Moderator

    Magnifique is all i can say
  17. splitsekonds

    splitsekonds Active Member

    best thread to come out in awhile =) good call.

    hmm, I've had quite a few good lines, but tough to remember.. I was on a date with a girl who had never trampled me (or anyone for that matter) but we had talked about it (jokingly, not in the fetish sense) - anyway, we were riding the escalator up to a car show.. she was wearing pink, super SUPER high heels. She caught me looking down and said "what if I step on your face in these?"

    I almost fell down the stairs.. she was a cutie too. sigh.
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  18. Heckron

    Heckron Phantom Moderator

    My Jamaica as well :wink2: but're taken hehe
  19. Atilla The Honey

    Atilla The Honey Moderator

  20. shomp

    shomp New Member

    as my legs were spread and her car tire pressing against my hardon she stuck her head out of the drivers side window and said "does this feel good"as she was stepping on the gas pedal lightly.

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