how much weight you was on you?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by son, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. son

    son New Member

    hos much weight you take on yo?
    And what is the story?
  2. son

    son New Member

    my Experience was Something like the picture.
    It was in a friend's house , I just saw the couch empty so I took it , And that's what happened.

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  3. rudeworld

    rudeworld Member

    One night stand with about a 260lbs, she sat on my face for a long time. Simply asked and without question or concern she climbed on. First on a waterbed, i remember hitting the bottom of my head...hehe. Was so good we did it a few more time, on the couch, the floor.
  4. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    I weigh 147lbs, lean. Because my weight is mostly muscle, it's a lot more compact/dense and thus feels much heavier. Steed is a strong guy (competitive bodybuilder, in fact), but even he gets tuckered out when I ride him ('pony-play') or sit on him.

    The only time I don't do full-weight face-sitting is when I want him to clean me or bring me to an orgasm - I'll usually hover a bit for that so he has better access. Otherwise, it's my full weight on his face.

    I admit it's quite amusing - his face gets beet red after a nice, long session and if I'm wearing panties, jeans, yoga/weightlifing pants, etc he'll have a perfect imprint of them on his face for a good ten minutes. I do believe the term 'panty-face' is appropriate here. I love calling him that, ha!

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