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How to you talk a girl into facesitting

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by Sasuke_uchiha, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Sasuke_uchiha

    Sasuke_uchiha New Member

    Im a 20 year old college student who has beem into facesitting and smothering for a while, I’ve had one Mistress smother me but i dont like having to pay hundreds of dollars for a session.
    How do you talk a girl into smothering you if they have no experience at all. They dont even know what smothering is...?
    Please help me out!
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  3. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    There's quite a simple formula which I've developed over many years. You have to introduce it gradually and you have to give her something first which she enjoys. I've never met a female who doesn't dislike being kissed all over. Start at the back first whilst telling her how beautiful her bottom is. Then help her to turn over and start on her neck, working down to her breasts, then her stomach and thighs and finally her vagina. You then perform cunnilingus but to heighten it for her suck her clitoris. This is guaranteed to bring her to an orgasm and some females will let you do this for ages. You then ask her if she would like you to do this while sitting on your face and more times than not she will comply. When she does this she may even fuck your face and you can gently pull her down onto your face so you're smothering.

    Good luck.
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  4. bigdumperonu

    bigdumperonu New Member

    make her feel beautiful and desirable. then stick your tongue up her ass - it worked for me. now its full weight rim jobs all day!
  5. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Just out of interest when she farts does your tongue rattle about like a pea in a referee's whistle?
  6. bigdumperonu

    bigdumperonu New Member

    no, i dont fart on his face but i might on yours! lol
  7. fwest

    fwest Member

    I was also unsure how to get my wife into facesitting. I was worried that she would think i'm weird. Suffocated2 is right in that oral sex is the key to getting what you want. I am sure most women do enjoy being eaten out. It is important to say how much you love doing it and how much it turns you on. Also tell her how much you love her taste and smell. Firstly it makes you seem to be a very considerate lover and secondly will make her feel more relaxed and confident about you going down on her. The next step is to tell her that you want her to sit over your face while performing oral. If you keep telling her how much you love her taste and smell and how much it turns you on I am sure she will be happy to do it especially if it really feels good for her. Once sh is comfortable with that you are most of the way there. You may find that at first she will try to just "hover" over you without really sitting as she is worried she will smother you. Just pull her down gently and tell her you love it when you can feel her weight. It is all about reassuring her that you are really enjoying this and want her to sit down fully and focus on her pleasure. Get her to try forward and reverse sitting. My favorite is when my wife sits facing my feet. My nose is then in her ass and my tongue is free to get busy on her pussy. I always get her to lean back and really settle in. Once she starts getting turned on the concerns vanish and she grinds away on my face nice and firmly untill she cums which is wonderful. At the end of the day if the woman likes you she will want to make you happy as long as you don't present the request as some strange fetish. My wife loves sitting on my face now and is completely comfortable and relaxed about it. She has often said it really turns her on as she has complete control and can see how incredibly excited it makes me. It makes her feel great that she can turn me on so much.
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  8. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    1.Tell her you want to try out some yoga. Get 5 positions. And put facesitting in there lol make up what this position is called.

    2.tell her about lap dancing. And mention you really like that position they do in lap dancing when the girl sits on the guys face. Works every time lol

    3. Talk about new new things to do in the bedroom. Talk about fantasys, ask her what she likes first!!! then you mention yours and say I always wanted to try facesitting. And laugh about it. She may agree to do it.

    4. So sexual dares. While making out. Say to her let's take it in turns and do dares. You say kiss my ear. She says lick my boobs. Eventually you tell her sit on my face.

    5.wrestle her and sit on her facem usually in my experience. She will retaliate and say see how you like it. And she will hopefully sit on your face..

    Trust me lool it works been doing this for years...
  9. noface

    noface Active Member

    In my experience, I ended up talking to ladies who were dancers or other girls who seemed more likely to be into this type of thing and I would start introducing them to pictures of headscissors. Once and if they seemed interested, I would slowly go to more 'less clothed versions of the pictures while discussing if it was something they may be into. Especially if it was like a contest to see if I could get out, they seemed to be more into it. Also, since I had experience with making videos (a lot of networking with past clients does help too) talking to ladies who have their own websites who have the possibility of over time doing shoots with members was a great ice-breaker. For example, after being a site member of this sexy lady for a few years and discussing face-smothering, she eventually ended up doing this to me :)

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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  10. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    First, you need to tell her about it. Explain your fetish and - most important - explain that you understand this is new to her and that she will have your undying support and patience. Most Women who are new to FemDom are more worried about 'doing it right' or feeling 'silly' than judging you. Besides, if someone judged you for something as inert as a facesitting fetish, perhaps you should question their emotional intelligence.

    Also, most Women who are introduced to FemDom are very often worried about feeling embarrassed themselves. "What if he thinks I smell bad?" "What if I hurt him?" "What if I accidentally fart?" are among the not-so-uncommon questions that will race through her mind.

    Explain to her why you like facesitting, and most important why you want to try it with her. Perhaps she's so beautiful and great to you, that being sat on is for you a means to express your appreciation and love for her body. Explain how opening up and building this kind of trust will enhance the intimacy of your relationship (it certainly will). Sharing fetishes is one of the most intimate things a couple can do together.

    Again, I cannot stress enough that you should correlate your fetish to her as much as possible. Leave talk of any porn/other Women out of this as much as possible. She's preparing to go out of her comfort zone for you, so keep this in mind.

    Take it slow. Don't rush or pressure her. Don't tell her a novel about your fetish, but don't allow your own nervousness to inspire vagueness. Educate her, be polite, and ensure her that you are open to any questions or concerns she may have. Make this discussion about enhancing your relationship, about how you want to share something special, something you've always wanted with her. The fun stuff comes later.

    Some people recommend showing their partners videos, but I recommend against this. A lot of fetish porn is unrealistic and unnecessarily extreme. It can place a Woman under a lot of pressure and make her uncomfortable. For Women who have never watched much porn (or FemDom porn), this can be terrifying. I feel that reading educational information about facesitting (and fetishism/paraphilia in general) is a good place to start. Of course, ask her if she'd like to read some things with you. Afford her time to take in all the new information and listen to her concerns and questions.

    And again, ensure she does not feel rushed, stress that there is not a 'deadline' on this activity.

    If you have any specific questions regarding this matter, feel free to PM me. I've been into Female Domination my entire adult life, on my own accord. Living a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle with my husband has taken our marriage to unprecedented levels of intimacy and communication. We're all here to help you out - me, my husband, and this very knowledgable community.

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  11. Sasuke_uchiha

    Sasuke_uchiha New Member

    Thank you so much for all the help! I took in consideration of everything that you said, I successfully achieved the goal!
  12. Sasuke_uchiha

    Sasuke_uchiha New Member

    Thank you!!!
  13. My experience is similar to some of the others above: it's about allowing her to get used to the idea that you love giving her oral sex (it's strange how hard it can be to convince a woman of this); about learning how she likes her oral sex; and then the final step to facesitting is pretty easy, because she wants it and you want it.

    My challenge is that what I really love is rimming a woman - and if it can be hard to convince a woman that you love kissing her pussy, it's really hard to convince her that what really turns you on is exploring her asshole with your mouth. But I've been in two long-term relationships that featured ass-worship facesitting - both times with women who are otherwise pretty vanilla in their sexual preferences - and both times I've introduced it to the relationship the same way.

    First, it started with a back massage. And then, as that got more erotically intense (and less clothed), I started kissing her back - at first around the neck, and then lower down, always taking care that what I was doing was soft and sensuous and responsive. Once it was time for her to slide out of her skirt or jeans, it was only natural to continue kissing and massaging her ass - and then to get my head between her legs and start licking her pussy. And after she was turned on by that, it was only a matter of moving a couple of inches to start exploring her anus.

    I think they were both pretty surprised when I did that. But they were already very turned on; and as far as I can tell rimming feels very, very good if it's done sensitively and right. The important thing was to make it clear that this wasn't an accident and that I didn't mean it as a prelude to anal sex - that what I was into really was just kissing and licking their assholes. And once they'd learned that I liked it and they liked it - well, then you can start experimenting, and given the amount of control a woman has when she's riding your face, it's pretty likely that will work out for both of you.

    And yeah, it's ... worked out. It's not something that happens every time my current partner and I make love. But I'd say a couple of times a month I've got her thighs around my ears and my tongue in her ass - and it's always because we both want it.

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