Human toilet storie 2, the girls college

Feb 7, 2011
Hey everyone, this is a story I've had in my mind for quite sometime, it's set exactly 5 years after my first 'human toilet storie' and during that time the punishment toilet has gained immense popularity amongst women who have relished the chance to punish any rapists themselves while it's also been the main reason why cases of rape have dropped substantially, however there were men out there who would still try their luck even though they knew the punishment was so severe.
With it's popularity though came new and improved toilet designs and special government contractors were hired to install these newly designed toilets in various places such as shopping malls, schools and even in private homes so the victim could use and abuse her perpetrator whenever she pleased.

Please note as well that even though this story is set in an all girls school none of the girls attending are below the age of 18. It's a school for older girls who are on their last year before moving onto university.

Also just on a side note I'd like to thank Astrall for the amazing 'Sisters new toilet' story which is one of my personal favorites as we both seem to share a common theme when it comes to toilet slavery and would like to think that our story's could both be connected in the same universe where these types of toilets are loved and enjoyed by all women. Plus if your reading this Astrall please continue with your story!

Part 1

Greg Gefforys or Mr Gefforys to all his students looked up at the pleading young girl standing in front of him who was holding a freshly graded paper who he himself had just marked.
He'd lost count of how many times a young girl had been standing in that exact spot on the other side of his teachers office desk, begging for him to change a bad mark which he himself had unjustly given out and every time he listened to their begging he couldn't help but get turned on by it, savoring every moment of it as if it were a fine wine swirling around in his mouth, enjoying the power which he had over the girls and knowing that he himself had the fate of their futures in the palm of his hands as only one bad mark from him could mean the difference between getting into their desired universities or failing completely

“Please Mr Gefforys could you just take one more look at my paper and reconsider, I've been working on it for months and a fail here would mean I wouldn't pass the course and that would completely ruin my chances of getting into Cornell next year”

He continued looking up at the begging girl, getting more and more turned on by her pleading, especially knowing that her paper was almost perfect and well and truly above the required pass rate for the course, but that only made it that much more satisfying when he said

“Unfortunately Kirsty there were things on your paper I just wasn't happy with, I really expecting more from you and the paper you presented to me simply wasn't good enough so I had no choice but to fail you”

He managed to keep a stern face on the outside while telling her even though on the inside he was filled up with joy.
All through his life from his teenage years through to his mid forties which he was in now women had always treated him badly, all through his school years girls had either turned him down when he had asked them out on a date or simply made fun of him because he was so unpopular, sometimes they even got the football jocks to beat him up just so they could laugh at him some more.
Even during his adult life women had pretty much ignored him which resulted in him never having a girlfriend and which in turn had made an anger towards women start building up inside him until finally he'd had enough and came up with a plan to take some revenge on the girls he knew he could never have by leaving his teaching job at the local all boys school and applying for the head teaching job at the private all girls school at the other end of town and while there he'd deliberately be able to give them low marks so it would ruin their future chances of getting into a good university and so with his many teaching qualifications he'd managed to secure the job there without any trouble and so far his plan had been going along perfectly.

“PPPlease Mr Gefforys I really need a pass mark otherwise they wont accept me, I thought my paper was perfect, I just don't understand how you could fail it?”

As he then happily noticed a few tears begin to stream down the sides of the pretty young blond girls cheeks before he said angrily

“Just who is the teacher here Kirsty? Me or you? If I say it's not good enough then that means it's simply not good enough, you just should of tried harder and I'm not going to be changing my mind either so you'll just have to get used to the idea that your a failure”

He then watched on eagerly to see her reaction, this was usually the point where the girls would burst into tears before running out of his office in complete and utter despair, however to his disappointment the young girl instead simply wiped away the tears from across her face and stood there staring straight at him with an almost smug look on her face like she knew something that he didn't.
Another 30 seconds went by and he began feeling slightly uncomfortable but still she continued standing there looking at him and when she started smiling at him he really began to wonder just what the heck was going on, normally the girl he had purposefully failed would have run out of his office devastated by now and he would be celebrating by putting his hand down his pants to mastabate over her misery but this time was different, something just wasn't right, then at long last the silence was broken as the girl then spoke up and said

“I can tell by the confused look on your face your wondering why I'm still standing here and not bawling my eyes out like all the other girls whose lives you've tried to ruin by deliberately failing them, you see me and some of the other girls have been onto you for sometime now, we even tried to report you to the schools board for purposefully giving out low marks for your own cruel satisfaction but no one would listen to us so in the end we decided to take matters into our own hands and together me and my girlfriends, who should actually be standing just outside the office door now, came up with a plan, a plan which will once and for all stop you from ever trying to ruin our lives again”

and with that he could only watch on in shock as the young girl then began ripping off the top buttons on her white school blouse until her bra was exposed, she then moved her hands down to her tartan school dress and started roughly ripping it down her legs until it was halfway down her thighs and her white panties she was wearing underneath were exposed.
She then began messing up her hair and smearing her lipstick and makeup across her face to make it look like she had been forcibly kissed.

While on the otherside of the desk all he could do was sit there in complete shock watching the young girl completely mess herself up until finally he managed to get his senses together and said

“Just what the hell do you think your doing! are you crazy girl, stop that at once!”

However this just resulted in her giving him another wry smile

“Don't worry Mr Gefforys, almost finished”

and with that she began knocking all of his items off the desk and onto the floor until the top of it was bare

“Now I'm finished, and hey guess what? SO ARE YOU!”

As she then took in a deep breath and began letting out an ear shattering scream which almost straight away bought in her girlfriends who had been in on the plan and had been deliberately standing outside the office waiting for her to scream, as they came rushing in and began screaming themselves while one of them shouted

“Quick someone ring the police and get the school security guard in here and hurry, Kirstys being raped by Mr Gefforys!”

1 Week Later

The last week had seemed like a painful blur for Greg Gefforys, one minute he was the head teacher of a prestigious all girls school with all the power and authority he could ever want and then the next he was being led in handcuffs towards the court room by two huge looking bailiff's to stand trial for rape.
He kept going back in his mind to when it had first happened, the school girls in his office screaming, then the school security guard running into the office and handcuffing him, then the police coming in and arresting him.
He also remembered seeing Kirsty the girl who had falsely accused him of the crime pretending to cry and shake as he was being led out of the office by the police while saying to them with a scared and shaky tone of voice on the way past “ppplease don't let him hurt me again” as they responded with “Don't worry young girl, we have a lady judge in the court system who specialises in dealing with scumbag rapists like this and believe me he's going to wish he'd never been born after she's finished sentencing him” which he couldn't help but notice bought a satisfied smile to her lips.

During the past week he'd tried to plead his innocence but no one would listen, in reality it was only his word against the four girls so while they could back each other up about what had happened he had no one to support his side of the story.
The bailiff's then opened the big wooden entrance doors to the courtroom and forced him inside where he got his first glimpse of the rowdy all female audience and then the stern looking female judge seated high up at the front of the room.
As he made his way forward he could hear some of the ladies who were seated in the public viewing area making various taunting remarks towards him as they all knew exactly what fate awaited him if he were to be found guilty of the crime of rape.
He continued forward until he was standing directly in front of the stern looking judge seated high above as she glared down at him though her small spectacles and said sternly

“Mr Greg Samuel Gefforys you have been accused of the serious crime of rape, how do you plead?”

“Not guilty your honour”

However this just bought a loud booing from the all female gallery seated behind him as he then felt something hard painfully hit him in the back of the head which made him yell out in agony and he realised one of the ladies had just thrown a rock at him, however instead of reprimanding her for it the judge simply blamed him for the disturbance

“Order in the court! Mr Gefforys if you continue to be disruptive then I'll hold you in contempt of court and believe me your already in enough trouble as it is, now if you've finished with your unruly behaviour lets begin what should be a very quick open and shut case”

As she then called each of the schoolgirls to the witness stand to give evidence and who all told exactly the same story that Mr Gefforys was a horrible rapist who had forced himself on the poor and defenceless young Kirsty which caused the booing from the all female audience to become increasingly louder as the judge then banged down her hammer to silence the rowdy crowd so she could pass down her judgement.

“Well I for one have have heard enough, I don't think it's necessary to make these poor young girls relive this horrible experience anymore so I'm ready to hand down my verdict”

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, as he looked up at the judge in complete shock, the whole court case had only taken 20 minutes and he hadn't even been given the chance to tell his side of the story and plead his innocence and explain to the court how these cruel young girls were setting him up so how could she possibly be ready to pass judgement he thought angrily.

“Your honour how can you hand down a verdict when I haven't even been given the chance to tell my side of the story I mean this is totally...”

However the judge simply banged her hammer down once again stopping him from continuing further.

“Silence from the accused and if you interrupt me one more time then I'll double your sentence! That's right Mr Gefforys after hearing all the evidence I have made my final decision and that is I find you guilty of the crime of rape, now this is a very serious crime and a serious crime deserves a serious punishment which is why 5 years ago the courts came up with a new system which enabled women to punish rapists themselves by means of humiliation and degradation so that's when the idea for very first punishment toilets came into use. Now at first they were very primitive designs with the rapist simply strapped onto a bench and his face trapped directly under the women's toilet hole about 15 feet below so everything would simply fall down onto his face, however the flaw in this design was that there was no flush system and it required cleaners to turn up every morning to spray the previous days smelly waste off the prisoner with hoses so that the ladies above wouldn't have to tolerate the awful smell while punishing him. There were also complaints from a lot of women about how the rapist was able to talk and could shout abuse at them while they were using it and how he wasn't being forced to consume much of their waste, only the small amount that managed to seep into his mouth from time to time so just like most things in life the punishment toilet has also evolved from those early days so that now we have more modern and up to date electronic designs which are now more popular than ever before, in fact as luck would have it the same school you were teaching in has requested one of the latest design punishment toilets be built immediately after your arrest and I've just heard the good news that the contractors have now finished it's construction so what better time for me to hand down my sentence than now”

and with that she raised her voice and said sternly

“Greg Samuel Gefforys I find you guilty of the most serious crime of rape and hereby sentence you to be locked underneath the women's toilet at the Queens Gardens Private all girls school for a total period of 5 years so the girls can now abuse you and have some payback of their own”

And with that her hammer came crashing down once more

“Now take the prisoner away”

As the two bailiffs then roughly grabbed him by the arms and forced him back through the courtroom past the now happily cheering women.
He was then immediately handed over to the police who wasted no time in throwing him in the back of their police van and transporting him back to his former school however this time instead of a high powered teaching position he was now going to be forced into a totally new position, one which just the thought of completely filled him up with dread.

He was still handcuffed as the police forced him out of the van as he tried to plead his innocence with them however they just told him to shut up and walk while they stood on either side of him and marched him up though the school grounds and into the main school complex.
It was just after 10 in the morning and the corridors were packed with hundreds of girls who were moving between their classes which just made the walk that much more humiliating for him as all the girls suddenly stopped in their tracks to watch him being forcibly taken towards the newly constructed punishment toilet.
Some of them giggled as he walked past while others simply gave him a cruel looking stare and commented about how they couldn't wait to use the new toilet but the worst part of all was when he was marched past the teachers lounge.
About 90% of the teachers at the school were women and as soon as they saw him walking past some of them immediately came out and began cursing and spitting straight into his face and telling him how it's not just the students who are looking forward to using him as a toilet but all the female teachers as well, while all he could do was simply bow his head down in shame and let the angry ladies spit run down the sides of his face.
After another few humiliating minutes of walking the police stopped him outside a door which had a silhouette of a women and under that the words 'Womens Toilet' written below as the shock and then the realisation of what was really about to happen to him began to sink in and he started to panic as he tried in vain to take a few steps back and get away from the door, however the police had a tight hold of him and with tasers in hand they told him not to do anything stupid and that he had no choice but to go though the door and proceed with the sentence handed down to him by the courts so knowing he couldn't do anything about it he very reluctantly stepped through the door.
Once on the other side he looked around the room and saw that it just looked just like a normal bathroom complete with a mirror, basin, soap dispenser, hand drier and of course a toilet however it was then that he was surprised to notice a contractor coming up a small step ladder from a hole in the far centre of the room directly beside the toilet.
The police then gave him a shove to make sure he moved along as he walked up to the hole beside the toilet and then peered down over the edge of it and what he saw almost made his heart jump out from his chest in shock.
The first thing he noticed inside the hole was the hard looking metal bench which he guessed was there for him to lye down onto, there was also a medium sized pipe hole towards the bottom of the bench which he realised must be there for him to defecate down into when the need arouse, there also only seemed to be one strap going over the top half of the bench and he wondered how this was suppose to stop him from escaping as only one strap wasn't going to keep him down there for very long however it was then that he noticed the other shocking feature, at both ends of the bench there appeared to be 2 small holes almost like a pillory but without the hole for the head and he realised instead of his arms being strapped down comfortably beside him they would instead be painfully stretched in much the same way as a man would be stretched out on a medieval rack with his arms pulled way back over his head however his initial shock was soon disrupted by the contractor who spoke up

“I can see you've noticed the governments brand new addition to the punishment toilet, it's a simple but affective way to make sure that your life under the toilet is as miserable and as painful as possible, you see once your hands and feet are locked into those holes at the ends of the bench and your whole body is stretched out, after only 10 minutes in that same position you'll be in complete agony with no way to relieve it”

As he and the police in the room let out a laugh

“Also that one strap going across the bench is for your neck because we don't want your head moving around to much down there, but anyway that's enough of the formalities, I've got another toilet to install this afternoon so if you wouldn't mind taking all your clothes off I think it's about time we got you down there, don't you think boys?”

As the contractor looked over at the 2 policeman who nodded and undid his handcuffs as he then reluctantly began to take off all his clothes while the contractor then made his way back down the small step ladder as the police then ordered him to follow and then lye down on the bench which he begrudgingly did.
The contractor then lifted up the tops of the pillory devices and told him to put his arms and legs through the holes which he did as the man then put the top halves of the pillory back down again and locked them into place so he couldn't escape.
Almost immediately he could feel the pain going through his entire body as his stretched arms and legs almost screamed out in agony as one of the policeman who was watching his pained expression said sarcastically

“Don't worry buddy you only have another 5 more years to go”

As they once again all laughed at his misery

The contractor then lifted the strap up over his neck and pulled it down so it was nice and tight which almost instantly began chocking him as the strap dug painfully into his neck as he then said

“I'm afraid it's gotta be nice and tight buddy, we can't have your head moving around down here”

he also jammed a tube onto his penis which was connected to a drainpipe for him to urinate into.

“Well that's the easy part done now here comes the technical part”

As he then bought out an evil looking electrical device from inside his tool kit and started connecting a pair of wire braces to both his upper and lower jaws while also inserting a small metal device over his tongue which forced it to stick to the bottom of his mouth and now meant he would be unable to stop the girls waste from going down his throat as the contractor then said to him

“Now as soon as these electronic braces are operational you will no longer have any control over the use of your mouth, you wont be able to open and close yourself, you see at the start of each day your mouth will automatically be pulled open nice and wide and a round tube which is attached around the whole base of the toilet bowl and gradually gets smaller the closer it gets to your mouth until it can fit comfortably inside will automatically come down and stop right at the start of your throat so that means all of the girls waste that drops down though the toilet bowl will easily be able to find it's way into your mouth and down your throat, also in the event your throat gets blocked up with waste the sensors will pick that up also and a small electronic rod will come down the pipe and push everything down your throat and unclog it before retracting back up again, but that's not all this incredible device can do because those same small sensors on the top and bottom of the braces are able to accurately measure the amount of waste that goes through the tube and down your throat each day and as soon as your daily 'waste eating limit' which has been set by the courts is reached the tube will automatically move out of your mouth and backup into the base of the toilet system again as your mouth will then be forced shut and the rest of the girls waste will simply drop all over your face for the rest of the day which is why I'm now connecting this small plastic piece of pipe over your nose so the girls waste won't block it up and cause you to suffocate to death, but don't worry you'll still be able to experience all the smells from the girls stinky shits as they land on top of you” he said sarcastically

“And if your wondering what happens to all the girls dirty toilet paper and other non waste bits of rubbish when the toilet is on it's forced consumption phase and the tube is still inside your mouth, well at the very top of the toilet just below the seat there is a scanner that is programmed to identify organic and non organic waste products so as soon as it detects something artificial like toilet paper or a tampon then the top of your tube instantly shuts and it gets deflected down a lager side tube and then down into the drain below, however as soon as your forced consumption is finished for the day then that will automatically stop and the rubbish will start falling on your face instead, so really the whole thing is complete genius, really state of the art technology.

He then finished off connecting the braces to his jaws.

“And in case your wondering about how you get cleaned each day the bottom of the toilet has some high powered jets which turn on automatically each morning and will blast everything off your face and onto the floor below where some more high powered jets filled with disinfectant are located and will blast everything down the drain”

As he then grabbed his tool bag and got ready to climb back up the small ladder

“Well I think I'm all done down here now, it's just a matter of rolling the toilet into place so it's situated directly over your head and the girls can start coming in to test it out for themselves”

Mr Gefforys then watched the contractor head back up the ladder, he was still in shock over the whole situation however the pain he was now feeing was very quickly bringing him back to reality as he tried with all his might to open his mouth and scream out but the braces over his jaws were well and truly doing their job and it was useless.
It was then that he noticed the toilet and part of the floor above was built on a roller system as he could see the contractor begin to roll the toilet across the hole until it completely covered it and he could hear it click into place, leaving him there in darkness.
However it didn't last long as toilet lid was then lifted up which let in some light and he could see the face of the contractor about 8 feet above staring back down at him due to the fact that the toilet hole was now situated directly over his face, he could also see where the plastic tube around the base of the toilet hole would come down from until it reached the inside of his mouth.
He then heard the contractor tell the police that he was now switching on the main control panel and that would mean the system would then be fully operational and the punishment could commence, as a few seconds later he noticed some lights from the sensors come on above his head and he then felt his mouth being forced open by the braces until his jaws were wide apart and then he could only watch on in horror as the tube inside the base of the toilet came out and began extending down towards his mouth before entering inside and stopping just before the start of his throat.

“Well it seems the installation was a success and everything appears to be in working order so I can't see any reason why the girls can't begin using it straight away”

As he then looked back down the toilet at the prisoner trapped in the toilet below and said

“And just think the next time this lid opens it wont be me standing here setting up the toilet it'll be the real thing and from what I heard walking though the school corridor on the way here the girls can't wait to give out some justice of their own so I bet your really wishing you'd never touched that girl now eh”

While all he could do was look up hopelessly with the tube inside his mouth and make a slight groaning sound, with his body stretched out in complete agony, watching as the toilet lid was then closed and he awaited his inevitable first visit from the schoolgirls above.
Dec 6, 2004
Here is a link to the first story in this serie:
Human toilet storie

Thanks a lot ToiletMan80 for another great story.
This sounds like a great start.
I can't wait for part 2

I guess Kirsty must be the daughter of the judge or something like that for her to sentence him to 5 years on his first offence since the guy in the other story on got sentence to 3 days on his first offence.
Feb 7, 2011
Here is a link to the first story in this serie:
Human toilet storie

Thanks a lot ToiletMan80 for another great story.
This sounds like a great start.
I can't wait for part 2

I guess Kirsty must be the daughter of the judge or something like that for her to sentence him to 5 years on his first offence since the guy in the other story on got sentence to 3 days on his first offence.
Thanks very much DK glad you liked the start. Now I've got the toilet design and the reason why he's under there out of the way the fun can now begin. Also Kirstys not the daughter of the judge, it's the sentencing that has changed over the past 5 years due to the thousands of complaints from the women that 3 days was nowhere near long enough so they created a petition which was presented to the government and then passed which stated that any man convicted of rape shall now be forced to serve a sentence between 3-5 years for the first offence and seeing as how Mr Gefforys was in a trusted teachers position and the courts thought he abused his power by raping a young girl the judge gave him the maximum 5 year sentence.
Jan 12, 2015
very good story.
I like the idea of continuing the saga of Astrall.
It would be incredible if more writers to join more related stories.
here are very good writers dkface, necromancer,SadVarant ,SiCiAiT ,kinkyguy,BTL1984 and many more good writers continuing the saga of Astrall Sisters' New Toilet .
besides this way the forum would be much more lively.
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Feb 7, 2011
very good story.
I like the idea of continuing the saga of Astrall.
It would be incredible if more writers to join more related stories.
here are very good writers dkface, necromancer,SadVarant ,SiCiAiT ,kinkyguy,BTL1984 and many more good writers continuing the saga of Astrall Sisters' New Toilet .
besides this way the forum would be much more lively.
Thanks manolete and yes it would be fantastic if some more writers would continue with a story along the same themes as mine and Astralls although I'd just be happy with some entirely new story's whatever the theme since the posting of new story's in this forum seems to of really died off lately.
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Good story.
But I prefer something more realistic.
An act of revenge in which the women purposely punish and humiliate the man.
Or one in which the women are unaware that a man is beneath the toilet.

Also the readability of this story might be improved with the elimination of run-on sentences and better grammar.
Feb 7, 2011
Good story.
But I prefer something more realistic.
An act of revenge in which the women purposely punish and humiliate the man.
Or one in which the women are unaware that a man is beneath the toilet.

Also the readability of this story might be improved with the elimination of run-on sentences and better grammar.
Yeah I like writing story's that are really out there, something that would not normally be possible in real life and where I can let my imagination run a bit wild as that's the fun part of doing a story like this. I actually thought the theme of this story was women purposely punishing and humiliating a man so I think that parts right however I want the women to know he's down there so they can verbally abuse and degrade him further and as for my grammar you have to realise that I'm not a professional author and just do this for a bit of fun when I've got a bit of spare time on my hands so really this is the best I can do so my apologies for this. Although please feel free to write a story yourself that involves the themes you mentioned so you can show me how it's done properly :)
Feb 7, 2011
Hey guys, thanks for the comments I really appreciate the positive feedback.

Unfortunately I haven't had much spare time lately so this chapter is a bit shorter than the last but still hope you enjoy it

Part 2

Mr Gefforys let out a groan of pain which was the only noise he was able make due to the fact he now had that big tube which had extend down from around the base of the toilet and straight into his mouth taking up all of the room inside.
His legs and especially his arms were aching with pain from being stretched on the pillory device at either ends of the bench and his only wish now was that in time they would eventually begin to go numb and dull the immense pain he was feeling.
It had been about an hour since he'd first been installed and to his tremendous relief no girls had visited the toilet yet so he started thinking that maybe the girls who had framed him for rape had begun feeling guilty about it and were now telling the authorities the truth about what had really happened and how he was innocent and didn't deserve his tourturess fate at the bottom of the schools toilet.
YES THAT MUST BE IT! He excitedly thought to himself as he really started to get his hopes up that any moment now the authorities would turn up and apologise for the horrible mistake that was made and he'd be instantly released and become a free man once again.
It was then, not to far away that he heard a door open and then shut and he guessed that it must be the police coming back through the toilet door to apologise and release him.
He started to breath a sigh of relief as he could hear the footsteps from the person above walking across the marble floor getting closer and he expected that any moment now the toilet would be rolled back across the floor and everything would go back to normal again although he couldn't help but feel extremely angry towards the girls who had put him though this ordeal in the first place and he only wished that somehow they could experience the pain and humiliation he'd just been put through even though he knew that wouldn't happen as women are never sentenced to be toilets only men.
The footsteps then seemed to stop directly in front of the toilet and he waited for it to be rolled back so the police could then let him out, however this wasn't to be as he was shocked to see the toilet lid begin to lift up and instead of the police to his complete and utter horror the smirking face of Kirsty was staring back down at him.
Almost straight away she began laughing her head off as she looked down the toilet hole at him and then said smugly

“Well well if it isn't our schools newest toilet and hey guess what? Because everybody believed my lie about you raping me and they all thought I was simply the innocent victim they decided that it would be more than fitting for me to be the very first one to try you out! I mean how funny is that! But I'll warn you now Mr Gefforys everyone in the entire school is really pissed off at you, in fact there's already a line of angry girls standing outside the toilet door just waiting for me to finish so they can then come in and abuse you themselves so just look on the bright side, your never going to be short of company”

She said with a smile

“Now if you'll excuse me I've got a bit of business that I need to take care of”

and with that he could only watch on helplessly as she turned around and began undoing her tartan school dress from around her waist and started pulling it down her thighs revealing her pink panties which she seemed to slowly begin pulling down also in an almost teasing fashion until her ass was fully exposed.

“Well Mr Gefforys I guess the one bright side for you is that your gonna be able to see all our cute little asses as we sit down on the seat above you, but I guess the downside of that however is your also gonna be able to see exactly what's coming out of them to as it falls straight down on top of you”

As she then lowered herself down onto the seat which blocked out some of the light inside however he was still able to see her ass clearly enough to witness the horror that was about to happen next.
His whole body started to tense up and his eyes grew wide with shock as she let out a couple of small farts and then began pushing out what appeared be a hard looking turd that slowly emerged from her ass before snapping off and dropping straight down into the tube below, landing with a thump into his forced open mouth.
He still couldn't believe this was actually happening to him as he thrashed around in a vain attempt at getting free but the pillory device was cruelty doing it's job and had a firm hold of his hands and feet while the tight strap that was cutting into his neck was firmly holding his head in place.
Her turd then started sliding towards the back of his throat which gave him a horribly unnatural choking feeling as his body's automatic response was to try and regurgitate it backup again however it simply had nowhere else to go and it painfully forced it's way down.
He instantly started to feel sick while the pain and humiliation he was feeling was almost indescribable, only a week ago he had been the proud head teacher of the school with all the power he could possibly want who was able to make or brake the girls future careers and now here he was, completely at their mercy instead, helplessly trapped at the bottom of their toilet and being forced to consume the waste that they dropped down on top of him.
However the cruel girl above wasn't quite finished as just as the first piece was finishing its journey down his throat he watched on as a second one emerged from her backside and just like the first dropped straight down the tube and into his waiting mouth.
By now he could taste the disgusting flavour of the young girls shit which forced him to start dry retching however anything that came up almost straight away went back down again due to the cruel design of the toilet so no matter how many times he threw up it would always find it's way back into his stomach again.

“Hey how are you going down there Mr Gefforys? I really hope your having just as much fun as I am because this is really enjoyable! I only wish we'd thought of framing you sooner!”

She said enthusiastically, before finishing off with a wave of pee that came cascading down the tube from her pussy and into his mouth.

“Wow that was really satisfying! This is the first time I've ever used one of these punishment toilets and I have to say I really wish I'd started sooner because the rush of power that it gives you is incredible! I can see why it's become so popular over the years, although I have to say I really am happy that I got to use you for my very first time, in fact you could almost say that I just lost my punishment toilet virginity to you”

As she let out a small giggle before ripping off some toilet paper and wiping herself clean.
He then watched her drop her dirty paper into the toilet bowl as almost instantaneously the top of his tube sealed off just like the contractor said it would and the toilet paper then got diverted into a large secondary one leading to the drain below.

She then stood up, pulled her panties and skirt back up again and turned around facing the hole so she could look down and see his suffering.
Even though it was fairly dark down there she could still make out the panicked expression on his face as she amused herself by watching the last of her waste slowly drain from the tube and into his mouth before disappearing completely as it made it's way down his throat.

“Well done Mr Gefforys it looks like your a natural, just think of all the time you wasted with teaching when you should have been down here eating all of our waste instead”

He looked up at the smiling girl teasing him and started becoming full of rage, it was because of her that he was in this horrendous situation in the first place and here she was happily tormenting him further after she'd just finished pissing and shitting into his mouth, he tried to yell some abuse at her but the only noise that came out was an indistinguishable gurgling sound from deep within his throat which only made her laugh harder

“What's that Mr Gefforys, are you thanking me for giving you the opportunity to discover your true calling in life, wow that's really nice of you thanks, but you don't need to mention it because just seeing you down there at the bottom of the girls toilet eating our waste is definitely thanks enough for me”

His whole body now shook with rage but there was simply nothing he could do about the situation, as far as the authorities and pretty much the whole school were concerned he was a no good rapist who deserved every bit of his punishment as she then said cheerily

“Well as fun as this is I do have an assignment I need to study for and I'm sure the rest of the girls outside will be starting to get a little impatient so I'll say goodbye for now Mr Gefforys but rest assured I'll be back again real soon, and oh that's right just one final thing, you'll be pleased to know every single one of your marks that you've given out during your time here has now become null and void so that means every single bad mark you've purposefully given to us has become meaningless and a new teacher will be regrading them instead so all of your deliberate attempts at failing us have come to nothing, although look on the brightside, the school now has a flash new toilet courtesy of you and we all get to experience the fun of using it so every cloud has a silver lining, don't you agree?”

As she looked down and gave him a cruel smile before turning around and walking away, he could then hear the taps running as she washed her hands before the blow dryer started up.
Once her hands were dry he heard her footsteps walking towards the toilet door as she exited the room while deliberately saying to the other girls waiting in line to use him

“Hey girls that was really fun and I feel so much better now, being able to take my anger out on that scumbag rapist has already helped with my recovery so make sure you don't show him any mercy because that pig deserves everything he gets”

A few moments later he heard the agonising sound of a new set of footsteps getting closer towards the toilet before the familiar face of Abby, one of his geography students appeared over the bowl looking down at him

“Well well Mr Gefforys, looks like you've gotten yourself into a nasty bit of trouble, but I guess you should of thought of that before taking advantage of poor Kirsty you horrible dirty old man, you really deserve everything you get”

She then spat directly into the tube and watched in satisfaction as it disappeared inside his mouth.

“Take that Gefforys”

As she then turned around and just like Kirsty before began undoing her school dress and peeling down her panties so she to could administer some justice to her former teacher below.

Once again all he could do was look on in horror as her ass made it's way down towards the seat.
Knowing what was about to come next completely filled him with dread and he let out a small whimper as the girls chubby behind sat domineeringly over his face, ready to expel it's full contents into his unwilling mouth below.
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Sep 20, 2015
Hello friend, very good job!
I like it. A lot.
As very strong skirt lover, i only can appreciate a toilet femdom story with a school as location .... i'm dreaming how wondeful can be the school uniforms that schoolgirls wearing, when go in restroom to use the "poor" teacher :)
A bit of hints about the future of the story, if You allow me:
- female theachers use the toilet man too .... perhaps some coworkers that Always hated him?
- schoolgirls's mum use him too (the school decide to open the toilet man for janitor punish him too.... nothing more cruel a mother that is angry for Her daughter .... if You pass before a school know what i mean ... usual see Group of mothers that stop to complain as the "bad" school is evil with their "poor" babies..
- the girls start post to facebook the way they use and abuse the toilet man ....and let him know it, and tell to him comments received on facebook while using him laughing
- find a way to force toilet man to please verbally the girls ....begging them to use it, or thank You for using it .... while instead it hate this; what about the girls give a feedback after using the toilet, and if the feedback is very good the time of punishment is reduced?
Anyway, i pray You to continue this excellent work, cannot wait read more! thank You!