In search for a mistress

Discussion in 'BDSM Discussions' started by Ambitumwolfslave, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Ambitumwolfslave

    Ambitumwolfslave New Member

    In search for a mistress.

    I am looking for a mistress that will do as she pleases with me. I hate some of the thing people do to slaves but it doesn't matter, I a slave, a pet not a sub.... A sub and a mistress would draw the line agreeing not to do something for both of them but I don't want to be a sub... I'm a slave.... But I can only hope that she will be willing to let me discuss limits if not it doesn't matter because I am her property for as long as she want me.

    Woman are truly the better gender. Their better in almost every way, and I would count myself lucky to be a slave to one if not their pet... I desire to serve them how they want me to but sadly I am shy and scared, untrained... So she will have to train me to become her slave how ever she likes. I will be her loyal and obedient slave.

    But sadly I am not broken, but I have depressed a lot lately. I am 18 year old male who is still a virgin,who doesn't know how to keep his hand off himself... I am sad and pathetic I know, but I am in need a mistress.

    How I would like to serve my mistress with training:
    •Smelling her farts.
    •be her personal toilet when ever she needed where ever she needs it.
    •cleaning her ass and pussy.
    •do her chores.
    •being her dildo.
    •worshipping her.
    •cleaning her feet.
    •clean her during her period.
    •pleasure her when ever she wants.
    •kissing her feet.

    But in the end it will be up for her to decide how I am trained and to serve her. I shall serve to please and to pleasure her.

    How I think I should live under her:
    •to sleep in a big metal dog crate.
    •eating and drinking out of doggy bowls.
    •have a collar on at all times with a tags on it saying what training I have completed.
    •on a leash outside the crate and outside, only off if she pleases.
    •to walk as a dog for her of it pleases her.
    •to serve her how ever long she want me.
    •to be in a chaisty device so I can't touch myself without her permission.

    Anything else we could decide together, but it will be up to her in the end for anything at all.

    My interests:
    •being a slave.
    •gas play.
    •face sitting.
    •sniffing used panties.
    •a few I am scared to say here....

    If you are actually still reading this thank you. You might be wondering why do I list my interest well because if I like a lot of the stuff my mistress does it will make it easier for me and her in my training and to generally serve her as well as our relationship of mistress and slave/pet better, but in the end it doesn't matter if she does or doesn't because I would still be her slave to serve her anytime and anywhere. To be her property for how ever long she see fit. My physical and mental being is her's.

    If you think I be a good slave for you I be honored, if we could can talk on Skype or via email.
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  2. jimmmywanng

    jimmmywanng New Member

    all of your fetishes should be excluded from this post
    if you are really looking for an owner.. it wouldn't matter what you like, its only what she likes>? right? i know you said that a few times which is good... but remove all the fetish stuff i think

    a slave would give himself to the owner, and never ask for anything in return. that's something i have had to learn very quickly... the more you ask, the less you receive. if the woman does what you say, your not really a slave? are you? more like kinky fuck buddies?

    when i entered my slave/domme relationship. i always planned on fun kinky things happening, it took a while to learn.. that it will only happen when she is in the mood. if she calls me over to clean and cook... i clean.. and cook... then leave.. period :)

    ps- i hope you find a sexy domme who fulfills your fantasies
  3. Will YourSlave

    Will YourSlave New Member

    I want to be a Slave For A Mistress too. To be her facesitting and fart slave and her Full Toilet Slave for her Pee and Poop. Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a slave for a Mistress. I want it so bad.

  4. firasjarous

    firasjarous New Member

    Go to this mistress... She is in dubai

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  5. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    i know a very good transsexual Mistress in Leeds,She would probably cater for you.

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