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In the style of wimphub !!

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by donkeylathe, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Cuckholding and involving other males in my stories is not really my style but i do enjoy wimphubs stories and thought i might try a short story along those lines .

    Bob was at a low point , he had lost his job and had now lost his apartment as well . He knew he only had one option . Call his Mother and hope she didnt remember how obnoxious and abusive he was that time a few years ago when he left home as a teenager . They argued a lot , he thought she was bossy and controlling and she knew he was a selfish teenager who didnt respect her and all that she provided . His father had left before he was born so it was just them and his older sister gwen for most of his growing years .

    As he dialed the number he knew she could afford to put him up as she was relatively wealthy and still lived in her large house with its kept grounds .

    "Hi mom its Bob " There was a pause then she answered in a flat tone " I didnt think i would hear from you so soon have you failed already " There was a hint of gloating in her voice that he tried to ignore . "Yes mom i thought i could support myself without your money but i failed and now have nowhere to live ".
    "OK It will take you a few hours to get here on the bus , in that time i will consider my options , if you are respectful to me i may let you stay " she said and put the phone down .

    Eventually he completed the long walk from the bus station to her house set in the countryside .
    She answered the door and looked down her nose at him , he was hot and sweaty from the walk and looked scruffy and unwashed . She had always been a curvy large breasted 5 ft 11 inch woman but while he was away she had put on some weight , not too much but she was fuller figured than he remembered .
    She told him to leave his shoes outside on the porch . He did as he was told and entered the large entrance hall . " In here " Called mom from her main sitting room . He hung his coat and went in , he stopped in the doorway from suprise . In the room was his Mom and her sister (his nearly 50 year old aunt betty) and his older sister Gwen . "Come in and sit down "she instructed in a very business like fashion . He sat on the edge of the couch feeling self concious and aware that he was not getting the best vibe . Opposite him on the other couch wearing expensive clothes and smart stilletto shoes sat his mom ,his Aunt ( tall like his mum and also buxum in build ) and his slightly older sister . She had filled out a little and now had a good figure with large breasts just like her mom and Aunt .

    Mom had always been a business type so when she handed him a lengthy document and asked him to sign it he was not suprised . "Can i ask what it is mom ?"...he asked ....."Of course you can Robert , Its an agreement that if you dont behave to the highest standards there will be consequences " she said .
    "On the second page is a list of rules that you must obey , they include addressing us ladies with respect at all times and doing plenty of chores " ......He had no choice so he sighed deeply and signed the document and handed it back to her .
    They chatted for a while enjoying coffee and cookies . Then mom asked Gwen to show him to his room ."er...arnt i having my old room mom?" he asked ." No Aunt Betty has that room and is staying with us for a while " answered mom .
    Gwen stood up , she had always been a couple of inches taller than him but now that he was standing in his socks and she was wearing stilletto shoes , she seemed to tower over him and made him feel a little intimidated .He followed her out of the back of the house to a small single story apartment that must have been built recently . " gwen , why cant i stay in one of the other bedrooms , there are plenty " he moaned . "Because mom and Aunt betty want you to start at the bottom and earn your keep " she said with a slight edge . "So you will be staying with the ground staff "she added .

    She knocked on the door and it was opened by a large black man of about 40 . He was wearing only shorts and his large bare muscular body and big bulge in the front of his shorts made Bob feel very small.Gwen indroduced him as Todd then returned to the house . Bob followed Todd into the sitting room where another large black male was watching TV in his boxer shorts . "Hi i'm Jay "said the man without getting up . "Hi I'm Bob "he replied ........."Yeah we know who you are , the ungrateful kid that treated his mom bad " jeered Todd as he sat on the couch next to Jay . Jay was a bit younger and a bit leaner than Todd . " er...what do you mean " stammered Bob as he suddenly felt the atmosphere in the room charge . Todd continued "She told us how you bad mouthed her and were lazy ".

    "Well you better not start any of that shit around us or we will come down on you hard "growed Jay .
    "yeah , real hard boy" added Todd in a threatening voice . They watched some TV in silence then Todd directed Bob to a small room . He lay on his bed and his mind churned unhappily . In the morning he awoke with a start as Todd shook him roughly "wake up your mom wants you to start your chores at 7am sharp " ............"ok .ok "said Bob , he could feel where Todd had shaken his shoulders . He dressed in a plain white T shirt and shorts that had been left for him and went to the main house . In the kitchen mom, Aunt Betty and Gwen sat in dressing gowns and slippers eating cerial . Bob joined them bidding them good morning ." How are your quarters Bob " asked Aunt betty ."well.................not bad i suppose "he mumbled . "You dont sound very grateful to mom for letting you stay in with the groundsmen " said Gwen accusingly .Without thinking he responded like he always did to his big sister when she was bugging him " Take a hike bitch " he blurted out . Instantly he knew it was wrong as Gwen ,mom and Aunt all glared at him with open hostility . They got up and pulled him from his chair leaving him facing the 3 angry women . " How dare you talk to your sister like that " yelled mom and slapped his face soundly "What the fuck "he screamed in pain putting his hand to his cheek . This time it was Aunt Betty who delivered a jarring slap to the other side of his face " aaaaahhhhh you bitch " he said . Just then the back door opened and Todd and Jay rushed in and began to beat him powerfully in front of the ladies .Gwen was still holding her phone from when she had called them . "Thats it , give him a proper beating and i'll give you a pay rise " shouted mom . Todd and Jay punched and kicked him and wrestled him to the ground , Jay held his legs and Todd sat on his chest and punched him in the face several times . By the time they stopped Bob was almost unconcious . Todd looked at mom and said"Is that enough yet ?".
    "Almost , i just need you to tie him on his back on that large table .....with his legs apart " replied mom.
    The guys did as she asked and then returned to work . He blinked tears from his eyes as he lay there feeling bruised and battered all over . To his left mom smiled a wicked smile at him "The document you signed gives us the power to punish you or to use Todd and Jay to punish you if we so chose ".
    "You cant be serious" he burbled through swollen lips .
    "Gwen show bob what we do to abusive men "said mom coldly .
    Gwen climbed up and kneeled on the sturdy table between his legs . Slowly her hands ran up the inside of his thighs ."what...what are ....you doing " he asked Gwen timidly . "I'm going to punish you for being rude "replied his sister as her hands reached the leg holes of his shorts . But she didnt stop there her hands invaded his shorts taking a firm grip on his manhood . She pulled them out of a leg hole and let them sit on the table between his thighs . Mom and Aunt leaned in from each side to get a closer look .Gwen reached behind her and removed a slipper , then holding it by the heel part she raised it above her head then smashed the sole brutally down on his genitals . There was a loud thwack sound followed shortly after by Bobs strangled scream as agony like he had never known spread slowly through his guts. Mom and Aunt clapped and cheered and hi fived each other .

    Mom reminded Betty that he called her a bitch . Betty gripped his balls in her strong hand and began to squeeze . Bob yelled out again and again for mercy but Betty wasnt in the mood for mercy and brutally ground him in her fist . When she had finished he lay panting heavilly as mom went to her bedroom and returned carrying her chamber pot . She put it close to his nose and ordered him to smell and sniff it . The smell made him retch and gag . " I know its a bit stinky because some of it is 4 days old but on the plus side there is a large quantity " giggled mom as she pulled on a rubber glove " dont ,,,,,,dont mom whatever you are thinking please dont "he whimpered . "Would you like me to call Todd and Jay "asked Gwen .. ' Ok ok i'll do whatever you want just please dont call them ,,please "he begged . Mom scooped a thick knobled turd and held it sagging near his face . He threw his head from side trying to avoid it . Gwen and Aunt held his head still while mom squished the turd in her hand then splatted it down on his face it was about 6 inches long and about 2 inches wide and as she mashed it , it covered his face completely . He gasped in air but only managed to gulp down a mouthful of cold stale shit . mom kept the rubber glove held firmly only letting him breath when he had choked down enough to satisfy her .
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  3. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Not so easy to emulate another writers style !
  4. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    I really enjoyed that story donkeylathe, and I really hope you will add to it!
  5. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Thanks wimphub glad you enjoyed it , i will add to it next time we have a "big weekend " . I tend to chill out afterward writting stories into the night .
  6. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    For the next 15 minites mom showed no mercy , forcing lump after lump into his face and mouth " let that be your first lesson boy "mom chuckled . He lay there gaging , choking and spluttering . Eventually he swallowed enough and was able to talk again . "Please mom" he begged "why are you doing this ?" .
    She replied " because i spoilt you as a child and you turned out pathetic . Now that you are back in my clutches i am not going to make the same mistake twice . You will start at the very bottom of our social ladder and you will have to work your way up."..................she then added , " And i do mean bottom of the ladder, if anybody here gives you an order ..you will obey instantly and without question ........do you understand ?". "y yes mom "he mumbled .
    "Lets see shall we ?" said mom . They dragged him out the back to the small building were the 2 black groundsmen ( and now Bob )live. Gwen knocked on the door but instead of Todd or Jay .........a very large middle aged black woman answered . "Hi Millie "said mom . " Hi Honey "replied the woman . Mom turned to Bob "This is Todd's mom , she and Jays mom are staying here for a while .The guys are going off around europe and they didnt want to leave the ladies to fend for themselves in a tough neighborhood so they are staying in the apartment untill further notice . "stated mom .
    Millie spoke "Is this the ...guy.?..." she asked . "Yes this is my pathetic son i told you about " said mom as she shoved bob forward .
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  7. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Instincively he raised his hand in a defensive manner as he was propelled toward the powerful woman . Millie's arm shot out toward him and her huge paw grabbed his raised hand in a grip of iron making him yelp loudly . "how dare you raise your hand to me you pathetic creature boomed Millie . " bbbbb...ut i dddidnt .."he stuttered in fear as she lifted him up so that his body was hanging from that hand and his feet were dangling . Mom barked angrily at him " We all saw you , didnt we girls "...."YES "they replied as one .

    "You see Millie how pathetic he is and how much of a liar " said mom . " Yes what a waste of space "replied Millie ,then added " I can see why you hired us " .............
    "Oh thats right boy , as Jays mom and Millie are going to be here anyway i have employed them to torment you and bully you " stated mom ."But why mom, i havnt done anything wrong . "whinged Bob .
    "Because you are so pathetic and feeble and having 2 large women solely employed to crush your spirit is the best way to turn your attitude around ." Said mom forcefully.

    Millie let go of his hand and he fell in a heap on the ground quitly moaning .
    Mom spoke down at him "you will now prove you can be obedient when given an order"she snapped . He looked up at her blankly . Mom turned to Millie "stand with your bare feet in front of his face please " asked mom . Millie did and he imediately smelt her sweaty feet smell and tried to close his nostrils as much as possible ."Now kiss her feet "commanded mom .
  8. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Bob didnt want to comply but something in him told him to . He knelt in front of her with his head bowed and his lips an inch from her toes then slowly dipped his head until his lips were pecking at her dark sweaty feet . "You see its working already" laughed mom .
    Millie didnt really have any pronounce fetish desires but the thought of being well paid to bully this young white man was definately having an effect on her . She ordered him to suck her big toe into his mouth. Reluctantly he complied . He was suprised at how large ,slimey and filthy it was ,but mostly he was shocked at the awful smell and taste .
    "Now suck it like a sweet "said Millie her voice becoming husky .After a while she said " lick between my toes ".
    He looked between her toes and could clearly see thick black gunge and slime . "No i wont do it "he yelled......"you cant make me " he continued .Millie called over her shoulder " Sara could you come out here please ". Another huge black lady emerged from the front door . She wasnt 6ft 2 like millie , she was more like 5ft 10 But she made up for it with weight , she must have been almost 400 lbs . Her breasts and ass were massive . "Hi all " she said cheerfully . The others hugged her and introduced themselves . "Whats up Mil ." asked Sara . " This object has a problem with discipline and refuses to lick the dirt from between my toes "said Millie .

    Sara was wearing everyday flat shoes that had hard plastic soles and heals .Bob noticed this as they strode toward him .Before he realised what was happening She kicked him soundly in the face sending him sprawling on his back where he lay stunned .Then he felt a tremendous pressure as she stepped onto his chest and stomach .The air rushed out of him and his face turned bright red as her weight bore down . "there you are honey "said Sara . Millie stepped forward and put her sludge covered toes on his mouth covering him with her stench and commanding him again to lick between her toes .

    He knew he should comply but he just couldnt bring himself to obey ,the thought was too disgusting . Moms face curled into a mask of hate and rage . She stepped forward and grabbed his ankles. She spread his legs wide and tucked them tightly under her armpits . She was wearing short winter style ankle boots with a pointed toe and a short sharp heel . She stood for a moment glaring down at his pathetic body being flattened by the black heavyweight .....Then raised her right leg and stamped on his naked genitals . A supressed scream's garbled out of him as she ground her foot viciously .
    Before giving him a chance to obey or even recover slightly , she stamped again even harder this time ."you ..STAMP..will..STAMP..learn ...STAMP.. to... STAMP ...obey ...."
    Needless to say it didnt take long for him to start thrusting his tounge up between Millie's toes and slurping the acric sludge into his mouth . He gulped it down heroicly finding it almost impossible to swallow with Sara's bulk bearing down on him .
  9. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    "Hhhhhmmm . His tounge feels good cleaning the filth from between my toes " cooed Millie . "Then by all means play with this toy until you are satisfied "said mom . Mom ,aunt and his sister Gwen walked off toward the house chatting excitedly about what had just happened .

    Mom let Millie and Sara play with him all afternoon . She knew they had both been single for years and that they would enjoy getting some sorely needed satisfaction .

    Eventually as evening drew around she thought it best to check on them . She had made it clear they were not to perminently injure him but she could imagine those 2 getting carried away . She made her way across to the apartment . The door was open and she stepped inside . She stood looking at the sight in front of her . Bob was tied up laying along the sofa on his back .Sara was sitting on his groin and stomach . Millie was walking naked back from the bathroom . "Hi "they all said cheerily . "Dont let me disturb your activities ,..i just came to say Hi and make sure you wernt going easy on him "stated mom ,then added "but it looks like thats unlikely "she smiled ."i was just in the middle of teacing him his place in life "smiled Millie . Then millie stood with her back to the end of the sofa where his head was and ordered him to look up at her butt . As he did , she prised apart her large buttocks with a wet squelching noise to reveal her butt crack completely jammed full of shit . "Oopps ,looks like i left the bathroom before i was fully finished "she said with a wide smile . Sara leaned up and held his chin imobile while Millie Lowered her shit plastered bum slowly down . Millie enjoyed slowly submerging him under her shitty butt and she took her time before piledrivering down and burying him . "Hooray "shoted mom clapping loudly . Bob struggled like a wildcat ,he could not breath at all as she continued to swelch her slimey shit covered butt all over his face .Sara said "hurry up Mils i am bursting for a shit too "
  10. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    A few days later and mom was watching him clean her car naked . " do a perfect job boy or I swear i will get Millie and Sara to have a week long compitition to see who can stuff the most human waste into your puny body " laughed mom . Just then Aunt came round the corner . She Gave mom her coffe and set her own down . She walked across to bob and stood behind him as he soaped the car .She tapped him on the shoulder and as he turned to face her she smashed her big knee between his thighs . He dropped to the floor where she rolled him on his back and squated heavily on his face . She grabbed his hair and stuck her cunt in his mouth . A few moments later Bob was drowning in hot acrid urine as she emptied her bladder without a second thought ."Bravo "shouted mom . "that should put him in his place for a while " Aunt replied " yes it may but surely the best thing would be for all of us to use him as an actual toilet".
  11. wimphub

    wimphub New Member

    Nice updates!
  12. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Thanks for the encouragement Wimphub .
    That evening when bob had done all his chores for his lazy mom and aunt ,Gwen put a collar round his neck with a lead on it . Also she tied his hands behind his back leaving him naked and vunerable . Then she pulled him by the lead and took him out to the apartment . Sara answered the door and took the leash from Gwen who returned to the main house . "Hey millie your little butt cleaner is here " Said Sara as she dragged him to the main room . Sara was wearing black leggings and a huge bra while millie was standing naked . Millie looked down at him as she spoke " we have filled up your room with all our stuff so you will have to share a bed with one or both of us ". "aahhhh i aa dont really want to ...." he said shakily . Sara wrenched the leash pulling him round to face her .Then her free hand grabbed his cock and balls roughly and squeezed . He yelped instantly " you will sleep where we tell you to and you will obey our commands without question young man " barked Sara as she increased her grip . "Ok ,Ok anything but please stop squeezing my balls " he yelped loudly . "Thats better "replied Sara releasing her grip a little . She then dragged him to the sofa and threw him down on his back laying along the sofa with his hands still tied behind him . Before he could move she turned and sat on his stomach and groin . Sara weighed over 400 lbs and her body drove him deep into the sofa and cushions .He gasped as the air was crushed from his lungs . Then his eyes went wide with fear as he saw the 6ft 2" naked Millie turn and present her massive butt toward him . She sat heavily on his chest and head .His face was under her ass crack and was pushed up deep as her weight settled . "We are going to watch our programs now boy and you are our cushion " said Millie . He only snuffled a little between her ass cheeks . He was in agony under their weight and could hardly breath . Just then Millie blasted a hot dry fart into his face . He was forced to breath it in as he gagged and coughed under her . "you must have been very unpleasant to your mother to have her treat you this way "giggled Millie . "Do you know she actually encoraged us to use you as a toilet as much as possible ,and to sit on your face for long periods "went on Millie ."Thats right "added Sara "She thinks you should be broken down to nothing more than a toilet for ladies waste ,Only then will you realise your true place ". said Sara . Bob could just hear them but could not answer apart from grunts and gasps . Millie leaned forward and let him breath a few times .
    "what was it like when i sat on your face with my ass full of crap ?" asked Millie .

    Quietly he answered her . "it was horrible and disgusting ,the smell was overpowering but that was nothing compared to the taste as you filled my mouth and nose with your shit " he whimpered . The women laughed "well get used to it "said Millie "Cos there will be much more coming your way ". Just then the doorbell rang and Millie got up to answer it . Bob gasped for air his face swollen and red . Then Millie returned with his sister Gwen "he's all ready for you honey "said Millie . "what ..." he started to say but Gwen silenced him " quiet slave and listen to me , Mum has rubbed the contents of her chamber pot in your mouth and Millie has made you eat your way out of her shitty butt crack .......but you havnt tasted my shit yet and i think you should "said Gwen in a sulky teenage way .

    He tried talking to Gwen and begging her not to do this . But she pulled down her panties and sat back on his face . Her left cheek was pressing his chin down and forcing his mouth open and she wriggled around until her anus was right in his mouth and she could feel his lips pressed hard around her anus .She pushed gently on her stomach and it gurgled noisily . "Ive got bad wind today little brother "she smiled .Then a long low muffled explosion could be heard as Gwen farted violently in his mouth .Then again even harder ,this time an explosion of sludge and liquid erupted and filled his mouth the pressure built up as she continued to take a dump in his mouth ,until his throat could hold it no more and he gulped down a mouthful followed by another . She didnt care that this was his first time being a "proper" toilet she just kept filling him until she was finished .

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