Its Never Easy by Queen Krusha

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  1. The seat is wrapped in plastic from his chest to his waist several times so he can not get away from a brutal smother. His feet are also tied together with a bed sheet, all while being blindfolded! Queen Krusha takes full advantage as she smothers her seat past him begging for air to breath! He groans and pleads for Queen Krusha to get up. This is the longest and most brutal smother for Queen Krusha to date. She also performs a few butt drops that appear to knock the seat out. She doesnt stop there and decides to finish him off with a brief trample to a butt drop! Replay cam available.

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  2. driwulf54

    driwulf54 Member

    oh to have the life as her ass slave
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  3. tiggidy21

    tiggidy21 New Member

    I love squashing, but it seems like she is really trying to hurt you. Have there ever been injuries?
  4. Queen Krusha has become a true professional and would not try to intentionally hurt a seat.

    Honestly, if she were to try to hurt the seat she most definitely would.

    Squashing is a very dangerous and risky fetish but for some that's part of the fetish.

    Bbws are powerful women but, to answer your question YES injury has happened but, no serious injuries that require a hospital bill. Other than a missing tooth!

    Just remember no amount of money is worth any one's health or life!


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  5. The brutality of Queen Krusha would have you begging for freedom!!!!
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  6. driwulf54

    driwulf54 Member

    as long as she never lets me go :)

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