Just taken delivery of my firs ever smother box.

May 15, 2011
So here it is, my first ever smotherbox - with head restriction options too. I’ve just informed my girlfriend that’s its arrived, and that it smells of that brand new wood smell, her reply was “It’s going to smell of lust, adrenaline and fear soon... x”
I guess that’s told me then!

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May 15, 2011
Are you going to post pics here? ;)

If not please let us know about the experience anyway.

When I took delivery I wasn’t to see her for another week, the suspension was agony as the box sat in the corner of my office taunting me.
My partner is self employed so she can work off her laptop anywhere really. As she was on her way to mine she asked for the box to be in place with a side table next to it for drinks etc. I have to say my GF has really taken to this fetish of mine like a duck to water, previous GF’s have indulged my fetish, but not like her, she really has taken it up several levels. She does it because she enjoys it, she enjoyed the control and power and she loves how I respond to it. Previous GR’s indulged me to passify me, rather than be into it. She has her own thing, so in terms of mine she totally gets it, she fully understand the physical mc mental side of it which is a amazing, so for the first time I’ve been able to be completley open with her about everything that I desire, and her thing with me which I enjoy indulging her in her own fantasies - it’s very liberating to be this sexually open with someone, rather than feeling guilty or slightly embarrassed about ones desires as previous.

On the day she arrived, I had been busy so I hadn’t or maybe forgotten to set up as she’d asked. I came downstairs to greet her (she has her own key) and she was cold and unapproachable - she asked why the box was t in place like she’d asked it to be on her arrival.. she turned to face out the window arms folded whilst I set up.. she didn’t acknowledge me at all. She was wearing a full length summer dress and high heels. Once I was set up, she turned around and asked me to lie down and get into position. At this point I felt a little bit silly as this was my/our first ever ‘box’ experienc, where as before we had always used the floor, bed or couch. so there I was laid in the box, lid down.. the hole framing my face, with the smell of wood and new paint. She looked at me, and instead of perhaps laughing or making comment about my new look, she just walked over to me, and straddled the box in a forward position, she stood there, I was surrounded be her dress, no other view that straight up. She was wearing a set of great full panties that were supersoft that I had bought her ( I love buy her underwear) and stockings, nice touch. She lowered down slowly, my eyes fixed on her, I find this part really sexy, and she has the right amount of a cruel streak which just adds to it.

Just as she reached my face she stopped, allowing me to savour and breath her in...she is a real tease. She then took her seat, the box was up against the sofa, she used the sofa seat for her laptop to rest on.

At this point I’m mentally digesting everything that’s happening to me, every sense stimulated and deprived at the same time. The sensation was I have to be honest comfortable, I got the benefit of being smothered by her, but without the pressure of the eyes etc, as the seat took a part of her weight.

She ordered me to be still and I was fidgeting a little bit in my brand new surroundings, I was simply taking it all in. When I managed to open my eyes, I was up close and personal with her panties, and in my Porifera where her thighs all blanketed by her dress - the heat was was building.

I was still able to breath through my mouth if I chose to allow it, yet my nose and face were firmly fixed in place - I guess we still need to experiment more and let more familiar and comfortable with the box and the possibility it brings.

Whilst laid in the box, everything was still, I could hear the muffled taps of her fingers on the keyboard, that’s was all, is it me or does anyone else find peace when they are being sat on? Like a huge metal release, and the camlmess it brings?

After a short while she stood=d up, and asked me to reach up and take down her panties, after doing so, she ordered me to put them in my mouth, once again she lowered down assuming the same position as before, this time naked - admittedly I found it harder to breathe, - there is a part on the lid which sits under the chin, which prevents you opening your mouth to gasp air, it can be done but it’s there non the less.

As she sits in this position, the angles are deffierent to what I was used too, I found that my nose was predominantly in her ass rather than her pussy. - of course this really turned me on as she sat there still and distracted by her work, totally ignoring me, she has developed this skill to ignore very well, and more often than not, I have to struggle for release rather than her giving into me and giving me breath breaks - but that works for me.
For nearly and hour I had been forced to lie there under her.

A couple of days later I had come home from work late, I came home to a fully run bath, and dinner, which was unexpected. All she was wearing was a cute pink nightshirt and fluffy sock. After I was bathed and fed, we sat and watched a movie. Laater, totally unexpededly she said “get in your box” which I obviously obliged. We had already agreed that the first time I ever refused her order, she would never sit on it again - no matter what I was doing at the time I had to comply, Anna the use of the box was at her discression not mine - again handing the power over to her. I lie there in the middle of the rug, feet towards the TV.. she knelt down to lock the locks on the box, before standing and facing the TV whist straddling the box. She lowered down, the POV was amazing and very sexy, wearing yet another pair of panties that I had bought for her. My nose fixed deep into her ass, as she sat to finish watching the rest of the movie without me. The sound of the movie was muffled because of the head pads and the box itself, so my full attention and focus was her and only her.... she likes to get a firm grip of me by spreading her cheeks ensuring a deep snug fit. Like before this was a familiar yet very different experience to what I had upto that point gotten use to, ie the position, weigh distribution and everything else that comes with being on a smother box.

She did say the next time we use it she will tie my hands and gag my mouth with tape to render me comepletly helpless, and of course with the head pads there to prevent any chance of turning my head, then who am I to argue?