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Kelly the office nightmare

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by Wasabi, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. BootStories

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    WOW, thanks !
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  3. glad to read the new chapter ,thanks
  4. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    This guy is a magnet for women who want to play with him using their feet / footwear.
  5. insectoid

    insectoid Member

    Amy is a total psycho - he needs to stay well clear of her if he wants to go on living. the police woman sounds intriguing and I'm loving the cinema scene... is he becoming infamous amongst the booted beauties of his town?
  6. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 79
    I sat watching the preview trailers while the blond girl behind me sat with her feet on the back of my seat. The sole of her right boot was pressed against the back of my head, and the toe of her left boot pressed softly into the back of my neck. I moved my head forward slightly, just an inch, but the girl just moved her feet forward as well, still resting her boots against my head and neck. In fact, her feet seemed to be pressing a little harder since I moved my head forward.
    The girl to my right took her left foot off the seat and straightened her leg, resting her calf on the back of the seat. Her left foot was only twelve inches from my head, on my right. I was careful not to turn my head as I moved my eyes to the right. Her black leather boot looked fairly new, and had a strong smell of leather. The boot's heel curved gracefully inward, the four-inch heel tapering to a tip of a quarter inch. The girl began flexing her foot and ankle and it was hard for me not to stare at her boot. I tried to watch the trailers on the screen but couldn't stop looking at the black boot beside me.
    This went on for a couple of minutes, and then the movie's opening credits began. The girl with the black high-heel boots crossed her right foot on top of her left ankle. Her right boot was only eight inches from my face, and I looked at the scuffed pale leather sole of the girl's boot.
    I sat there for about five minutes staring at the girl's boots, while her friend sat behind me resting her feet against the back of my head. I was hoping the girls behind me would be keeping their feet up on the seats for the whole movie.
    Then I felt something bump into the back of my left arm just above my elbow. I didn't move my arm from the armrest, and then I felt someone's boot press firmly on my arm. I still had the blond girl's boots on the back of my head, so I figured the girl to my left had put her foot in the gap between the seats. Now two of the girls had their feet touching me, while the third girl's boots were tantalisingly close to my face.
    I sat facing the movie screen, with my eyes staring to the right at those black leather boots. She sometimes moved her feet a little bit, and her boots would move just a little bit closer toward me.
    The blond girl kept her boots pressed against my neck and the back of my head, sometimes flexing her toes inside her boots.
    The girl on my left was pressing the toe of her boot into my arm a bit harder now, but I still didn't move my arm. I just sat there, pretending not to notice the girl's boot digging into my arm, just as I wasn't acknowledging the boots pressed against the back of my head, or the high-heeled boots on my right that were now only three or four inches from my face.
    This continued for almost ten minutes, and then I felt another foot briefly touch my left ear. I stared ahead at the screen, but then the foot tapped my left ear again. About ten seconds later, the same foot touched my left ear, but this time it didn't move away. The foot stayed there, lightly touching my left ear. She must have known that she was touching me with her feet. In fact, I strongly suspected that she was doing it deliberately.
    A few minutes later, the girl on my right moved her left foot back, to rest it on the seat, but left her right foot crossed over on top of her left boot. As she moved her feet back, she momentarily tapped the side of my right cheek with the sole of her right boot. Her right boot was resting really close beside my face. I continued to stare at the screen, but the sole of the girl's right boot was right beside my eye. I couldn't have avoided looking at it, even if I'd wanted to. Every so often, her feet would move slightly as though she was flexing her feet in her boots, her right boot coming close to touching me but not quite making contact.
    We all sat like that for almost ten minutes, with me surrounded by the girls' feet. Then the girl on my right moved her feet in her boots and her boot touched my cheek again. The girl gently rested her foot against my cheek, while she sat watching the movie. The toe of her boot was just in front of my face, slightly below my eye. Now all three girls had their boots touching me. Surely, it had to be deliberate. But why did they pick me? There were other cinema-goers they could have sat behind. I wondered whether I looked so pathetic, that the girls took one look at me and thought 'doormat'. They couldn't have known about what had happened with Amy and Zoe, could they? Maybe one of the girls was a nurse at the hospital? Or had they just picked a random stranger to torment?
    The girl on my right started flexing her right foot in her boot, and then relaxing it. She did this over and over, and each time she flexed her foot, her boot pressed firmly into my cheek. But I didn't move my head at all, and just sat there letting her press her foot into my face.
    The girl behind me moved her left boot from my neck, and placed it beside her right foot, with the soles of both boots resting against the back of my head.
    Shortly after, I heard some whispering behind me, but they were too quiet for me to hear a word of what they were saying. Maybe they were whispering about the movie, but I felt like it was probably about me. They stopped whispering, and just sat watching the movie for three minutes or so.
    Then the girl on my left took her foot away from my ear, and removed her other foot from the back of my arm. For the next few minutes, I hoped she would put her feet back up on my seat.
    I was blissfully happy when one of her boots returned to the back of my seat, with the side of her boot touching my left ear. Then the girl started tapping at my ear with her foot. After tapping me with her foot about twenty times, she began angling her foot back and hooking the edge of her boot behind my ear. Then she would flick my ear forward with her foot. I heard one of the girls giggle quietly. The girl flicked my ear with her boot eleven times. It didn't hurt, even though she was kind of rough with my ear.
    When the girl had finished playing with my ear, she lifted her foot and stretched her leg out so that her right foot was right in front of my left eye. Now I could see that she was wearing ankle boots, with a low flat heel, black leather with almond shaped toes. She dropped her foot down, her lower calf resting on the back of my seat. I glanced down at her boot, just three inches in front of my face. That's when her other foot hit me in the face. She had put her left foot on top of her right, and in doing this, she had whacked me in the left side of my face, with her boot. She didn't whack me hard or anything, but it was enough to push my head to the right a little. Of course this meant that my right cheek pushed against the other girl's foot.
    The other girl, the one on my right with the high-heeled boots, seemed annoyed at being bumped. She pressed her boot hard against my cheek. My face was getting kind of squashed between the two girls' boots. The girls relaxed again, and went back to watching the movie, but with my head now sandwiched in between their feet. Their boots were blocking my view of the movie, and I could only see the top right corner of the screen.
    After approximately five minutes of sitting like this, the girl on my right took her boot away from my face. I was glad to have a break from her boot. But then she moved her left foot across from the seat in front of her, onto the back of my seat, just above my right shoulder. I think she had dug her heel into the cushioning at the top of the seat. The side of her boot bumped into my cheek at the side of my mouth. And then she placed her right boot on top of her left foot. The back of her high heel pressed against my upper lip, and the inner side of her boot was pressed against my forehead.
    The two girls in the seats behind me, to my left and right, were both putting their boots in my face! They flexed their feet against my face and rubbed their foot back and forth, up and down. It was obvious they were doing it deliberately. All the while, the girl seated directly behind me pressed the soles of her boots harder and harder into the back of my head. This went on for almost ten minutes while the girls enjoyed the movie, and I sat there with three girls pressing their feet against my head.
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  7. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    That's one way to, um, "watch" a movie. :D
  8. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 80
    The blond girl sitting behind me kept her feet on the back of my head. The soles of her boots felt really smooth, so I figured her light brown boots were well-worn. Sometimes she tapped her feet, sometimes she rubbed them on the back of my head.
    The girl to my left, in the black flat-heeled ankle boots, fidgeted with her feet, bumping my face with her boots. The girl on my right, with the black high-heeled boots, also kept nudging my face with her feet.
    I knew I should say something, but I didn't say a word. The girls must have thought I was odd for just ignoring them while they rested their feet on me.
    Sometimes the girls whispered loudly about the movie. But sometimes they whispered quietly and I couldn't hear what they said. I assumed they were whispering about me, but maybe I was just being paranoid.
    When the girls had been walking to the row of seats behind me, I'd noticed they were carrying snacks and drinks. Throughout the movie, they snacked on chips, popcorn and candy bars. And they each had a large drink as well. As they whispered to each other about the movie, they crunched on chips and popcorn, rustled wrappers, and slurped on their drinks' straws. I thought to myself that most cinema-goers would have found them quite annoying, even if they didn't have their feet on the back of the cinema-goer's seat.
    Then the girl on my right took her feet down from my seat. I heard a zip, and then a second zip. She put her feet up on the back of my seat, and pressed her right foot into the right side of my face. She had taken her boots off and was wearing dark brown socks. I heard one of the other girls say "Eeeyew! Jessica, I can smell your socks from here! They smell gross!"
    Personally, I thought Jessica's socks smelt really nice. Jessica said "You can talk! Whenever you take your shoes off, it smells like mouldy cheese!"
    Jessica rubbed her toes and the ball of her foot into the right side of my face. She sat exploring my cheek, mouth, nose and eye with her warm foot in its slightly damp sock. I sat facing the screen, and didn't move or say a word, while Jessica wiped her sweaty foot on my face. I heard one of the other girls laughing, but couldn't tell which one.
    A few minutes later, the blond girl sitting right behind me slid the soles of her boots up the back of my head, and pressed her flat heels into the back of my head. I tensed my neck muscles to stop my head being pushed forward by her feet. After about a minute of pushing the heels of her boots into my head, she slid her feet back down to go back to resting her soles on the back of my head.
    Meanwhile, Jessica was still rubbing her right foot on my face. And the girl on my left had her left boot pressed against the other side of my face.
    The blond girl lifted her left foot and put her foot on the top of my head, balanced on the back of her heel. I heard the three girls giggling. Then she started waggling her foot forward and back, before rocking her foot left and right atop my head. She then sat still for a minute or two, with her foot balanced on my head, before lifting her foot and dropping it back down on my head.... she did that three times. Then she returned her left foot to the back of my head.
    After that, the girls sat fairly still for almost five minutes, with their feet on my head and in my face, while they watched the movie.
    That is, until the girl on my left decided to take off her flat-heeled boots. She lifted her left foot, and used the toe of her right boot to push at the heel of her left boot. Her left ankle boot slid from her heel, and dangled from her foot beside my face. She shook her foot and her boot dropped forward from her foot, landing right in my lap. I was about to pick up her boot, to hand it back to her, when I noticed that she was now pushing at the heel of her right boot with the toes of her left foot. As her heel slid from the boot, she pushed the boot again, and it fell down. The boot hit my armrest and then toppled to the floor in front of the seat beside me, to my left.
    I sat there facing the screen, wondering whether I should pick up her boots and return them to her. But she didn't ask for her boots, and she didn't seem at all concerned about her boots. Instead, she crossed her feet, and rubbed her warm left foot against my face, like a mirror image of her friend Jessica on the other side. She was wearing navy blue socks.
    Jessica said "What's that smell? Is someone eating blue vein cheese?" Jessica and the blond girl started laughing.
    The other girl, the one on my left, said "Very funny, Jessica. Your feet smell worse than mine!"
    Jessica said "No way! Yours smell heaps worse!"
    Both girls were each rubbing one socked foot in my face while they debated whose feet were smelliest.
    The girl on my left said "Seriously Jessica, your feet smell bad!"
    Jessica said "Nowhere near as bad as yours!"
    That's when the girl on my left asked "Whose feet smell worst?? Mine or Jessica's??"
    To be honest, Jessica's feet did smell a little stronger than the other girl's, but I liked the smell of both their feet. I couldn't have said either girl's feet smell bad. I didn't know what to say.
    The blond girl sitting behind me said "Both of you have stinky feet! I'm almost dying here!"
    I realised the girl's question had been directed to her blond friend, not to me. Thank goodness I hadn't answered her question.
    Then the blond girl said "Actually, that's not a bad idea" and took her right foot off my head. It soon returned, but without the boot. I felt her soft sole press against the back of my head. Then the left foot was taken away, to be replaced after pulling off her boot. Her feet were warm and she rubbed the soft soles of her feet all over the back of my head.
    I sat there for the next twenty minutes, with the three girls moving their feet around trying to rub my head and face with every part of their sweaty socks. Sometimes, one of the girls got a little rough and might press her foot into me uncomfortably hard. Or she might dig her toes into me, or give me a little kick with the heel of her foot. But it was very gentle compared to the way Amy and Zoe had treated me. They didn't do any more whispering, but occasionally there was some giggling.
    The movie seemed to be drawing to a conclusion, and that's when the girl on my left kicked me in the left cheek with the ball of her foot. "Hey you! Can you pass my boots back?"
    I was holding her left boot in my lap, so straight away I turned to my left to pass the boot to her. As I turned, Jessica's feet dropped onto my right shoulder and upper back, while the blond girl's heels stayed on the back of my seat, and she stretched her toes forward to maintain contact with the back of my head.
    Instead of taking the left boot from me, the girl on my left sat holding her drink, and said "Can you put it on my foot? Thanks!"
    She was incredibly attractive. Straight dark hair, only to her shoulders, and a gorgeous face. I held the top of her boot and slid it easily onto her foot.
    I looked at her for a few seconds, sort of expecting a smile or a thank you, but she just said "The other one's down there too.... somewhere."
    As I bent down and picked up her right boot from the floor, I heard Jessica say "Great!! There goes my footrest!"
    I returned with the right boot and pulled it onto the girl's right foot. But still no thank you.
    The girl leant forward and felt inside the top of her right boot. She looked worried, and said "Is my drivers licence over there? I always keep it in my boot."
    I looked on the floor but couldn't see it, so then I checked on the seat beside me, but couldn't see her licence.
    I asked "It couldn't be in your boot, could it? Like, under your foot?"
    The girl said "Well, if it is, I can't feel it. Take my boot off and have a look."
    I removed her right boot from her foot. I couldn't see her licence inside her boot, so I put my hand inside to feel around for it. I said "Sorry, your licence isn't in your boot" and put her boot back onto her foot.
    The girl said "Well it must have fallen on the floor, or the seat, when I took my boot off. Have a good look! I need to find it!"
    I knelt on the floor, moved my jacket from the seat beside me, and shook it to check her licence wasn't in it. I looked and felt around on the seats, and even in between the seats. Then I looked on the floor in front of the seats, and felt around for it, but still no luck. Then I tried to look under the seats, but couldn't see all the way back. It was quite dark in the cinema, so again I felt around for the licence.
    The girl asked "What are you doing? What's taking so long?"
    I said "I can't find it. You might have to wait til the lights come on."
    The girl gave me an annoyed grunt, then said "Just find it! OK?"
    I lay on the sticky cinema floor and tried to see under the seats, while I felt around for a drivers licence. I found some used gum, food scraps, a movie ticket, a half-used Chupa Chup, a food wrapper, a straw, and a used tissue, but no drivers licence.
    I heard music start as the closing credits began to roll. The girl said "Come on. Have you found it yet?"
    I said "Sorry, not yet. I moved forward one more seat, thinking maybe it had bounced under that seat.
    I heard the girl say "I'll come over and help you look!"
    Next thing I knew, I felt two flat-heeled boots land on my back. She must have stepped over, onto the seat, and then dropped down with both feet onto my back. I was scared at first, as my back wasn't fully recovered yet, but then I realised that she was nice and light.
    The girl stepped around on my back, and I could hear the other girls laughing. She moved to stand on my upper back, and again I felt a bit worried, as my right shoulder still wasn't 100%. She asked "Found it yet?"
    I said "I'm really sorry, but I can't find it. Are you sure it fell over this side?"
    It felt like the girl was trying to dig her flat heels into me, as she said "Of course I'm sure!! Keep looking!!"
    So I kept looking, while the girl moved her feet around on my back. I was wondering whether it could have bounced under the seats in the next row down, when I felt a sudden pain in my lower back. The blond girl had also climbed over onto my seat, and then jumped down onto my back. Her flat-heeled boots felt so heavy. The two girls walked around on my back, giggling, and the first girl said "The sooner you find my licence, the sooner we'll get off your back."
    The girls started bouncing up and down on my back, not high, just jumping up an inch or so before landing back down on my back. After what had happened at Zoe's, I wasn't strong enough to handle two girls standing on my back. My shoulder was sore, and so was my back. I was also worried about my ribs as Zoe and Amy had broken two of my ribs that night, and given me a punctured lung. The doctors had said my ribs and lung were fully recovered, but I felt very scared in case these girls re-injured me.
    Then the girl with the black ankle boots stepped on my head. My head was turned to look under the seats, so she stepped on the left side of my face. She stood just in front of me, and whispered "Kiss my feet!"
    As I started to look up, she placed her left foot below my face. I looked down at her boot, while the blond girl moved up to stand on my upper back.
    I kissed the girl's black ankle boot. I heard all three girls laugh. I kissed her left boot again and again, while the girls laughed and giggled. I felt Jessica step down onto my back, with her high-heeled boots, and although Jessica's heels hurt I kept on kissing the black ankle boot. After at least 20 kisses, the girl pulled her left foot away, and pushed her right boot under my face. I started kissing her right boot and after about ten kisses the music stopped and the lights came on. I kept kissing the flat-heeled ankle boot, but now I could see what a nice boot it was. As I was kissing her boot, I wondered if the other cinema-goers had left, or were they all standing around looking at me being stood on by two girls, while kissing some gorgeous girl's boots.
    Finally, she pulled her right foot back, and straight away the blond girl stepped on the back of my head. She balanced there on her right foot, pressing my face into the carpet, and then stepped down.
    As I slowly raised my head, she put her right boot under my face. I knew what was expected, and I started kissing her boot. It was a really light brown leather, and had a couple of scuff marks. The leather was soft and the boots looked like they'd been worn a lot. I kissed the light brown boot, until the blond girl swapped it for her left boot and then I repeated the kissing on her other boot.
    Jessica was walking around on my back with her high-heeled boots and those sharp heels were really hurting me. I was glad when the blond girl pulled her left foot back, as that meant Jessica would soon be getting down from my back.
    But she didn't. She stayed on my back a bit longer, really digging her heels into my back. The way she was putting all of her weight on her heels, I knew she was trying to hurt me with her heels. I turned my head to try to look up at her. I just noticed she still had her drink, and was sucking on the straw, and then her right boot came down on the side of my head. My head was quickly pushed to the floor as Jessica stood on the side of my head, with her heel painfully digging into my lower jaw. She stood on my head with her right foot for about twenty seconds, then stepped onto the floor.
    I lay there, hoping that Jessica's heel hadn't cut me. I felt Jessica kick the top of my head with the toe of her boot, and realised I was expected to kiss her boots. I lifted my head and she moved her right foot in front of me to be kissed. I kissed Jessica's right boot about 40 times before she gave me her left boot to kiss. I could hear the girls whispering and giggling while I kissed Jessica's boot. I had kissed Jessica's left boot at least 30 times, when I heard a voice say "Excuse me! The movie's over ....everyone has to leave the theater."
    Jessica said "OK, we'll leave in a minute. Thanks."
    But the woman said "No. You all need to leave now."
    Jessica angrily said "Fine! We'll go!" and while I was kissing her left boot she swung her right foot into my face, the toe of her boot kicking me in the left cheek. Then she threw her drink on me as she turned and walked away. I looked at her stomping her heels on the floor, and her heels digging into the carpet with each angry step. As she walked into the aisle, I shivered with cold from the soft drink she had thrown on my back. I lay there expecting the usher to come and see me, to tell me to get out, but she didn't. I guessed she was following the three girls to make sure they left, especially after Jessica had just thrown her drink on the 'floor'. I slowly got up, and then I had a quick look around for that girl's drivers licence, but I still couldn't find it. I guessed that she must have found it while I was kissing her friends' boots.
    I felt like the usher had saved me from what could have gotten out of hand. Or maybe I was just being paranoid.
    I left the theater, but was careful to avoid bumping into Jessica and her friends. I saw the three girls walking through the lobby towards the escalators. I stood behind a large cardboard promotional display. It had a few little holes cut out, so I was able to watch them without being spotted.
    They were all very attractive. Jessica had dark curly hair, very tanned, with big eyes. She was wearing tight blue jeans, a little black leather jacket, and her black high-heeled boots, which I think were ankle boots.
    The girl who lost her drivers licence was wearing black pants and a tight black jacket, and her black flat-heeled ankle boots.
    The blond girl had long hair, and was wearing a pink and white checked shirt, a denim skirt, and light brown flat-heeled knee boots.
    The girls stopped near the escalator, and looked back at the theater. I'm sure they were looking for me. They only waited a minute, then left down the escalator.
    I carefully looked down from the balcony, at the shopping centre forecourt, and saw the three girls walking across the floor. They strolled into the bookstore on the other side of the forecourt.
    I waited a few minutes before leaving, and then I went in the opposite direction, rushing to the carpark and driving home.
    I was very happy with my trip to the movies. Once I was home safe and sound, I started regretting that I didn't catch up to the girls in the lobby and offer to let them walk on me some more. Or I could have followed them into the bookstore and put my hand on the floor. I'm sure those girls would have gladly stepped on my hand. In the end, I decided that I should just be happy with what happened in the theater, and be glad that I didn't end up with any injuries.
    I spent the rest of the weekend getting myself organised for my return to work on Monday.
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  9. Cruaver

    Cruaver New Member

    There he goes again, after more girls with shoes that will likely do severe damage...at least none of them are giving him concussions.
  10. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 81
    On Monday morning I nervously caught the train to work. I was worried in case I ran into Amy on the train again. She had said her project was only for six weeks, so I should be safe, but I couldn't help worrying about it.
    I got a window seat and sat looking out the window. I was still wondering why those girls at the cinema had picked me out as someone they could put their feet on, stand on, and then make me kiss their feet.
    When I got to work, I found that the office furniture had been rearranged a bit. I went to put my bag in the cupboard beside my desk and saw Dani's black Doc Marten boots were on the shelf where I usually put my bag. I put my bag on the bottom shelf instead.
    I went to the storeroom to check that the two 'old invoices' boxes were still there. I was relieved to see they hadn't been moved at all. When I walked back into the office area, Angela was there. She wanted to talk to me in her office.
    Angela sat at her desk and welcomed me back, then enquired about the state of my health. Angela told me that to start with, Dani and Maree had shared my duties, but before a month had passed it was apparent that Dani was exceptionally good at my job. So Dani had been placed in my job as Acting Office Manager. Angela said that if I needed any more time off work, that would be fine, as Dani was more than capable of performing my role. I thought this might be a good time to ask Angela for some time off in a couple of months' time. I had recently notched up ten years of service with the company, and I asked to take my three months of Long Service Leave in about twelve weeks time. Angela offered to let me take the time off earlier if I wanted. But I explained that the reason I wanted the leave, was so I could attend Kelly and Lucy's trial. Angela became quite annoyed that I wanted to go to Kelly's trial. She listed all of the things Kelly had done while she worked with us.... she was lazy and took lots of sick leave, she stole thousands of dollars, that day she went shopping instead of getting Angela's display folder, and last but certainly not least, she had trashed Angela's office. Angela went on and on about the damage Kelly had done.... using the heel of her boot to break the glass on framed photographs and diplomas, and to smash her coffee mug, stepping on drawings Angela's son had made and tearing them with her heel, etc. Angela was getting really emotional about how Kelly had trashed her office. Finally, Angela said I could take the Long Service Leave if I really wanted to, but said she felt betrayed that I would want to support Kelly after what she had done.
    I went back to the office, worried about Angela's reaction to my leave request. I couldn't tell Angela that I had to attend the trial as a witness. I was still hoping that somehow people might not find out about how Kelly, Lucy, Zoe and Amy had stomped all over me and made me lick their boots, etc. Hopefully the trial wouldn't get much attention in the papers or on the TV news.
    I walked in to find Dani sitting at my desk. She was changing from her platform boots into her Docs. Dani looked up and said welcome back. I asked Dani how things had been during my absence, while I stood watching Dani lace up her Docs. Dani said everything had been going really well and that she had made a few improvements to the office and our procedures. Dani put her platform boots on the shelf in my cupboard, and I noticed that her bags were on the bottom shelf where I had put my bag.
    I glanced around looking for my bag and noticed it had been moved to under Dani's desk. It seemed as though Dani must have shifted it to make room for her own bags.
    Dani said "I stayed back late on Friday night to make sure all our work was up to date for your return today."
    I said "Thanks Dani. I really appreciate that."
    Dani said "Yeah, you really owe me for doing that!"
    I smiled and said "I know. And thanks for doing my job while I was away. And for visiting me in the hospital."
    Dani said "Yeah, well I was thinking.... you were injured pretty bad.... maybe you should just take it easy for a while. I don't mind doing your job for a bit longer, so you can gradually get used to being back at work."
    I said "Really? Wow! Thanks so much, Dani. That's really nice of you. I still have a lot of outpatient appointments and stuff, so your help would be very much appreciated. I can't tell you how grateful I am."
    Dani said "That's OK. You've been so nice to me since my very first day here, so I'm glad I can help."
    I said "Thanks. I'm not fully recovered yet, and I've been worrying about whether I'd be able to handle my old workload."
    Dani said "Awesome! And I know I won't get paid for doing your work, but maybe one night you could take me shopping and buy me a nice thank you present?"
    I said "Of course Dani. It would be my pleasure to take you shopping."
    Dani said "Awesome! I'll be looking forward to that! And you already owe me a big thank you present for working late on Friday night!"
    I said "Cool, Dani. Looks like I owe you two thank you presents then."
    Dani said "Yeah, you sure do!! And if I'm going to be doing your work, I should probably stay here at your desk. Just while I'm doing your job. I like the extra desktop space and cupboard space."
    I was a little taken aback that Dani wanted to have my desk, and thought it might be a bit embarrassing for me to sit at her smaller desk. But then I thought about how I was still recovering, and said "Sure Dani. That makes sense. You need the extra desktop space for my job. I'll sit at your desk til I'm fully recovered. Thanks again for offering to do my job. I appreciate it so much, Dani."
    Dani said "Don't mention it. But there is one thing I want you to do for me, if you're not too injured..."
    I sat at Dani's desk and said "Sure Dani, what can I do for you?"
    Dani nodded toward my cupboard and said "The green Harrods bag on the bottom shelf.... take that home with you tonight. It's my pink Docs. They need a bit of a clean.... got a few scuff marks.... see what you can do. No hurry.... bring them back when you've finished cleaning them. Thanks!"
    I said "OK, Dani. I'll try my best to clean them for you."
    Dani said "Awesome! And my platform boots really need cleaning, too. Angela will be heading to an external site soon....do you think you could clean my boots after she leaves?"
    I said "I'd love to, Dani!"
    Dani laughed, then said "When I visited you in the hospital, and saw you with all those injuries, I was a bit depressed, knowing I wouldn't be able to stand on you any more...."
    I quickly said "No, you can still stand on me, Dani. You're really light. You can stand on me."
    Dani shook her head and said "No way. Not after that accident and all your injuries. No.... I won't be able to stand on you again, I don't think you'd even be able to handle being my footrest. But at least you can clean my boots.... and maybe you could massage my feet....", Dani started giggling, "....and kiss my feet, maybe suck my toes..." Dani cracked up laughing.
    I said "Of course Dani, whatever you want. I owe you heaps, so that seems like the least I can do."
    Dani said "Awesome! And you DO owe me heaps! You have no idea how much you owe me!"
    I was a bit concerned by the way Dani had said those words. She seemed a bit annoyed with me.
    I said "I'm sorry, Dani, for all of the trouble I've caused you. If there's ever anything I can do to make up for it, please just tell me. I'll do anything to make it up to you!"
    Dani said "Will you now? Well, I don't see how you could possibly make it up to me. You're a physical wreck. What you owe me, you could never re-pay."
    I said "What is it, Dani? What trouble have I caused you? I really want to make it up to you somehow."
    Dani said "Oh, it's not really your fault. It's just that when I stayed back late on Friday, I was meant to be going out for dinner with friends, but I had to cancel. Anyway, turns out they had the best time, and I missed it!"
    I felt terrible. I said "I'm sorry, Dani. And I think you're too kind, saying it wasn't really my fault. How about if I give you the money to take your friends out to dinner this Friday, and maybe you could all have an even better night?"
    Dani chuckled and said "Thanks, but no. It wasn't the dinner. You're not gonna believe this, but do you recall I told you about seeing Kim Kardashian and I stood on some guy's back?"
    I said "Yes. Of course I remember."
    Dani said "Well, on Friday, my friends saw him at the movies. Jess recognised him. So they went and sat behind him. They put their feet on him and he didn't say a word. So they kept putting their feet all over him. They put their boots in his face and he didn't even move. Then they took their boots off and rubbed their smelly socks all over his face. As the movie was ending, Monica got him to put her boots on her feet, then pretended that she'd lost her drivers licence!"
    Dani started laughing, while I sat there stunned.
    Dani continued "So he was lying on the floor looking for Mon's licence, and Mon stood on his back. Then Emma got on his back too! They were both standing on him while he was looking for a drivers licence that didn't even exist!"
    Dani cracked up laughing. "Then Mon stepped on his head and then she made him kiss her boots. And Jess got on his back. And she was wearing high heels! Emma and Jess were both standing on his back while he was kissing Monica's boots. Then Em stepped on his head then got him to kiss her boots. Jessie reckons she was digging her heels really hard into his back while he was kissing Em's boots. And then Jessie stood on the side of his head with her high-heeled boot, and then got him to kiss her boots, but then the usher came in and told them to leave."
    Dani started laughing again as she said "Jess threw her Coke on the guy's back! She was so pissed off.... they were going to walk all over him and make him lick their boots, but that usher bitch kicked them out. They waited in the lobby for a while but he didn't come out so they left. And then they went to the book store. And Jess came up with a game....they looked for people who had their hand on the floor...."
    Dani started laughing her head off. "They got one point for stepping on the person's hand, and two points if they stayed on the person's hand.... just stood there til the person said something. There were lots of people in Borders and any time they saw someone with their hand on the floor, one of the girls would go over and step on it. And if the person left their hand on the floor, one of the other girls would come along and step on it too. They reckon there were three guys that had their hand trod on by all three of them! When they stood there on someone's hand, the person usually said something, but they said that three guys and one girl didn't say anything, and just let them crush their fingers under their boots.... quietly waiting for them to step off! They must've been too shy to say anything! Mon, Jess and Em were having so much fun, and I missed out! It was getting hard to find people with their hands on the floor, so Mon came up with some new rules.... half a point for stepping on people's feet, one full point if they were wearing open-toed shoes or flip-flops, and an extra half point if you stamped your foot on their foot or hand." Dani cracked up laughing again. "So there were these three 18 year olds running amok in Borders.....stepping on people's fingers, stomping on their toes or hands...can you imagine it? Jessie was wearing high-heeled boots and she stood on one girl's foot with her heel. The girl was trying to push Jess off her foot, but Jess was all like 'Huh? What's the problem? Oh sorry', and the girl's foot was bleeding. From what they told me, it sounds like they all did some damage, but the heels of Jessie's boots were doing some serious damage! They were having the best time ever, but stopped the game because a few of the people they had stepped on had noticed them stepping on other people too. So they left before they got in trouble. Mon won with something like sixty points. And the others got fifty-something points each. I wish I'd been there....I bet I would've beat them all! Anyway, they went to a restaurant and had a great night laughing about that guy at the movies, and their game at Borders."
    I said "I'm really sorry I caused you to miss all the fun, Dani. If you ever feel like stepping on me, or just on my hands, just say the word. You can step on me anytime you want."
    Dani said "Yeah thanks, but it's just not the same. I would've loved to meet that guy from the Kim Kardashian appearance again. It would've been awesome to stand on him again. And have him kiss my feet. But now I'll probably never see him again... and I wouldn't even recognise him again anyway. Jessie recognised him, but I wouldn't have a clue what he looks like! And the game at Borders sounded like so much fun....stepping on strangers' fingers and toes, pretending like it was an accident. I was stuck here, while they were having so much fun!"
    I said "I am so sorry, Dani. I'll try to make it up to you somehow!"
    Dani said "OK. You're welcome to try! But it'll take one hell of a lot to make up for missing all that!"
    I sat at my new smaller desk, thinking about how I would've been busted if Dani had gone to the movies with her friends. I probably should have told Dani straight away that I was the guy she had stood on that day at the Kardashian appearance. But I couldn't tell her now, not after her friends had all rubbed their sweaty socks on me, walked on me, and made me kiss their boots. And now I had to worry about any of Dani's friends ever seeing me and recognising me, because of course they'd tell Dani. Hmmm, maybe I should grow a beard.
    I also thought about how I could get Dani to tell me more details about the game her friends had played at Borders. I wondered if Borders might sell me a copy of the CCTV footage from Friday night. That would be great! No, Borders wouldn't do that.... unfortunately. So how could I get Dani to talk more about the Borders game? I had a lot to think about.
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  11. insectoid

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    He's getting recognised around town now.. dangerous territory plus he's seems to being slowly downgraded at work... It's bound to come out at the trial and what are they gonna think about him in the office then? Love the way this is heading and that whole cinema scene, the girl throwing her drink on him at the end was magnificent... Thanks again and may this story never end!
  12. after what zoe and amy did to mister he might have scar face
  13. Spikes1120

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    I must say that I rather use my stiletto heels rather than boot heels :)
  14. toejam

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    Awesome story.
  15. nowiseeyou

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    This story has made me to keep on checking the board everyday! Amazing! Please post more frequently!
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  16. OneAuthor

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    Oh, man...that was a great twist! The movie theater girls were friends of Dani...and Dani was supposed to have been with them, but wasn't because of needing to do "Mister's" work. I can't wait to see what happens when Dani finds out that he was the guy they played with at the movies.
  17. nowiseeyou

    nowiseeyou New Member

    Can't wait more! Please post soon!!
  18. moonbud

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    Great story with unexpected twists!

    The movie theater scene reminds me of one of the classes I took. The cutest girl in the class sat behind me. The seat had metal bars under it to put books on. I could hear and feel her clogs banging on the bars! It made it hard to pay attention to the teacher. I would put my fingers on the bars hoping that she would step on them but she would tap my shoulder and ask me to move them.

    Thank you for the entertaining story! I wish it was a tv series that I could binge watch.
  19. Wasabi

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    Part 82
    Angela popped in and said "I'm heading off now, Dani. I'll be back at four. See you then."
    It seemed like Angela was giving me the silent treatment, so I guessed she was still annoyed about my asking for leave to attend Kelly's trial. Hopefully she'd get over it in a day or two.
    As soon as Angela had left, Dani said "Angela's gone, so now you can clean my boots. When I visited you in the hospital, I was thinking you might clean my boots and give me a foot massage while I was there. I was soooo disappointed when I saw how badly injured you were. Anyway, with you being away for so long, my boots really need cleaning. They're just here in my cupboard. Thanks."
    I went and retrieved Dani's platform boots from 'her' cupboard, and put them on my desk. Then I walked across to my old desk and went to open the bottom drawer. Dani propped her foot against the drawer to I couldn't open it, and said "What do you think you're doing?"
    I said "Sorry, I just want to grab the boot polish."
    Dani said "I moved all your stuff into your new desk."
    I returned to my desk, just as Marie walked in. Marie asked me about my health and what injuries I was still recovering from. Dani kept yawning loudly while Marie and I were chatting. Marie noticed Dani's platform boots on my desk and after a while she asked "Why are Dani's boots on your desk?"
    I hesitated, but Dani answered for me, "Oh, he's gonna clean them for me."
    Marie said "Dani! He's still injured from the accident!"
    Dani calmly said "Exactly! So he's going to be pretty useless in a lot of ways.... But cleaning my boots is one way he can make himself useful when he's here. Do you want him to clean your boots after he's finished cleaning mine?"
    Marie said "No, Dani! I don't! He's still injured."
    Dani yawned and said "Suit yourself. When do you want to take your lunch break today?"
    Marie said "Is 1 o'clock OK?"
    Dani said "Sure, Marie. I'll send him out to reception at 1:00 to relieve you."
    Marie thanked Dani and gave me a sympathetic look before returning to the reception desk.
    I'd just opened my drawer and taken out the polish and shoeshine rag, when Dani said "Before you clean my boots, would you mind doing something for me?"
    I said "Sure, what can I do for you Dani?"
    Dani said "Well, you were away for such a long time.... so you weren't around to boost my confidence and self esteem when I really needed it."
    I said "I know. I'm really sorry, Dani", but I was really thinking that she didn't seem to lacking confidence and self-esteem at all.
    Dani said "Yeah, well.... Mondays are always hard for me.... I'm always tired on Mondays.... and my feet tend to be a bit sore from the weekend's activities..."
    I said "Would you like a foot massage?"
    Dani said "Ummm.... You know what I really feel like?"
    I shook my head, and Dani said "I wouldn't mind taking a nap for a while."
    I said "That's OK. Go right ahead. I can do your work while you're sleeping."
    Dani said "Well I thought maybe you could be my footrest while I'm napping. Or are you still too weak?"
    I said "No, I can be your footrest" as I walked to Dani's desk.
    Dani rolled her chair back from her desk and told me "OK, just push my footrest back, and take its place."
    Dani started giggling while I pushed her footrest back against the wall and lay on my back with my head in front of her chair.
    Dani rolled her chair forward and placed the soles of her black Doc Marten boots on my face. Dani spent the next five minutes or so, just rubbing her boot soles all over my face, and sometimes she was a bit rough, especially when she'd lift one of her feet and drop it back down on my face. Also, she sometimes pressed her feet hard into my face and then twisted her heels into me. I was glad when Dani yawned and said "OK. You can take my boots off now."
    I couldn't see what I was doing, but I undid Dani's laces and pulled off each boot. Dani was wearing her black socks with the grey stripes, the ones that had a hole in one of them. Except that now both socks had a hole at the toe. Dani rubbed her feet all over my face, scrunching her toes into me and grinding her heels into my face. When the arch of Dani's foot was pressing against my mouth, I kissed the sole of her foot.
    Dani said "Good idea. More kisses!"
    I kissed the sole of Dani's foot while she gently rubbed her foot back and forth across my mouth. Then, after Dani had pulled her foot back and I was kissing her toes, she squeezed her toes in between my lips. I opened my mouth to allow Dani's toes inside, and then began sucking on Dani's toes. Dani wiggled her toes for the first few minutes, but then just left her toes inside my mouth without moving her toes at all. And then I heard Dani's cute little snore. She had fallen asleep with her toes in my mouth. I continued to gently suck on Dani's toes while I listened to her snoring at her desk.
    I'd been sucking on Dani's toes for about an hour, when the phone rang. Dani woke up with a jolt, pushing her toes into my cheek. Dani answered the phone, and it turned out to be a disgruntled customer querying an invoice he'd received.
    Dani said "I understand, but there's no need to raise your voice."
    As the phone conversation continued, it became apparent that the customer was wrong. But he kept on trying to argue with Dani, and yelling louder and louder. Dani on the other hand, was calm and polite when speaking to him. But whenever the customer said something to annoy her, Dani would stamp one of her feet on my face. And he was saying a lot of things that annoyed Dani. She stamped her feet on my face about 40 times!
    When the phone call eventually ended, Dani said "You can stop being my footrest now" as she pushed her chair back. As Dani walked to the door, she said "I need to go to the toilet....but thanks for being my footrest while I had my nap."
    I got out from under Dani's desk, just as Dani rushed back in. She reached over the partition and grabbed her boots from my desk, saying "Can't go to the toilet in just my socks." I saw Dani bend forward and heard each boot being zipped up, before Dani walked out of the office.
    I was sitting at my desk when Dani returned. Dani walked past me to her desk, then said "Can I have my footrest back now?'
    I quickly climbed back under her desk, lying on my back just as before. Dani started laughing as she sat in her chair and rolled it closer to her desk. Dani put her feet on my face again, but this time in her big platform boots. The sole and heel were hard as they pressed down on my face. When Dani stopped laughing, she said "When I asked for my footrest back, I just meant for you to pull my footrest out from the wall.... I didn't mean for you to be my footrest again!"
    The hard heels and soles of Dani's heavy boots crushed down on my face.
    Dani said "But thanks anyway.... I might just take another short nap."
    And sure enough, within five minutes I could hear Dani's quiet little snore again. There were tiny grains of sand or something on the soles of Dani's boots and these dug into my skin as Dani pressed her feet into my face.
    My whole face was aching from supporting Dani's feet in those heavy boots, and it was a welcome relief when Dani finally woke up just before midday and took her feet off my face.
    Dani said she was hungry and went to lunch at noon. When she came back, Dani said "It's raining outside" as she sat at her desk.
    Dani took a bite of her roll, then said "Come and clean my boots while I'm eating."
    As I started wiping the rain from Dani's boots, she asked "How are you feeling? Did I hurt you when I was using your face as a footrest?"
    I said "No, of course you didn't hurt me. I feel fine, Dani."
    Dani said "Oh good. After lunch I want to rearrange the storeroom, and I need something to stand on." Dani started giggling, then said "And while you were away, Marie told me you once let her, Fiona and Kelly all stand on your back in the storeroom.....so guess what I'm gonna be standing on."
    I smiled up at Dani and said "You're most welcome to stand on my back, Dani."
    Dani said "Awesome. But make sure you don't drop me. Marie told me that when they were standing on you, you collapsed under the weight. I only weigh 45 kilos so even you should be able to handle me standing on your back."
    I said "I promise you Dani, I won't drop you."
    Dani said "You'd better not!" as I continued cleaning her boots.
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  20. excellent,getting trampled before recovery
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