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    His story is excellent...however he continues it is just fine by me.
    thanks Wasabi !
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    Part 90
    The chains under Sarah's Docs were pressing painfully into the tender flesh of my upturned face. Every little step, and every little twist of her foot, felt like my skin might rip.
    Nat skipped from foot to foot on my stomach, the three inch heels of her black leather pirate boots stabbing into me over and over again. I lay there beneath Nat and Sarah's constantly moving boots, hoping that the song would finish soon.
    Nat's right heel stamped down on my stomach, again scoring a direct hit on my sore spot. My entire abdominal area was tender and sore but that one spot was unbearable when anyone stepped on it. And then Sarah's left boot came down on my mouth, but this time the side of her heel landed on the end of my nose. The pain was intense and even my front teeth ached from Sarah's weight crushing down on the end of my septum.
    And finally the song ended. Sarah lowered her left boot across my neck and then lifted her right foot from my face. That chain dug into my Adam's apple, and Sarah just stood there on my throat, grinning at me.
    Suddenly I felt Nat's heel stomp down on the back of my right hand. It got me just above my middle knuckle. But the pain didn't go away. Nat was standing on my hand with her left foot, her boot tilted back on the heel, with almost all of her weight on her left foot. Nat's right foot was still on my stomach, but only lightly, just for balance.
    Sarah rested the toe of her right boot on my chin, but remained standing on my neck. I looked at the toe of Sarah's boot, with the red and white Union Jack pattern across the toe cap. I couldn't breathe and Sarah smirked as she watched me futilely gasping for air.
    Then I heard someone say "OK. Get off him. It's time for MY song!"
    Sarah moved her right foot to the ground and stepped off my throat. I started coughing and gulping for air. Nat tilted her left boot forward to put her sole back on the ground, but kept her heel in the back of my hand. Nat pivoted her left boot to the right and then walked off in her cute little pirate boots.
    That's when the next singer stepped up onto my stomach. It was Monica in her Supergirl costume. Her red leather boots came to just below the knee and had two-inch high heels. The song started and Monica started dancing to the music. Her heels weren't all that high, but they tapered to a narrow tip. Monica looked great as she danced, her Supergirl cape and skirt bouncing around. I caught a glimpse of Monica's
    bikini pants under her skirt and they were red too. I was impressed by Monica's attention to detail. And by her long tanned legs!
    Monica started singing "I was dreaming when I wrote this...."
    Monica's left heel was digging into my stomach just below my ribs. Monica repeatedly tapped her right foot on my chest while she sang.
    After the first verse, Monica moved to her right to stand on my face. Monica stayed there on my face, taking little steps as she sang. Monica used her heels to get a solid footing, letting them dig into the left side of my face. Several times Monica's right heel stepped in my eye and I was thankful for the strong mesh over the eyes of my Spiderman mask, stopping Monica's heel from going more a millimetre or two into my eye.
    Then I felt someone hop onto my poor stomach. I was in agony. They were obviously wearing high heels. And they were dancing on my stomach, really stamping the heels of their feet into me, and really twisting them with all their might. It felt like they were cutting me. The heels felt really sharp and I thought maybe it was Jess that was dancing on my stomach, with those nasty little metal heel tips on her white high heeled shoes.
    As Monica continued singing '1999', she stepped all over my face with her red boots. And the girl on my stomach kept on dancing. One stomp landed right on my sore spot and it felt like I'd been stabbed with a knife.
    When the song ended, Monica stepped off my face and turned to look down at me. I saw the girl on my stomach. I'd guessed correctly... it was Jess. I looked back up at Monica and she was smiling.
    Jess stepped off my stomach, making sure to stamp her left heel on the back of my hand. It landed on the knuckle of my little finger, then slid off to the side, capturing my flesh between the concrete and her heel. Jess lifted her toes and cruelly twisted her heel back and forth.
    Monica called out "OK, where's Brooke and her friends??"
    I heard someone say "Over here!" and turned my head to the right. I saw some girls at the back of the lawn finish smoking their cigarette, taking turns to have a puff. Jess was still grinding her metal heel into the skin at the side of my hand.
    Monica called to the girls who were sharing a cigarette "Time for your song ladies.... Come on!"
    The girls hurried to finish their shared cigarette. With Jess still torturing my hand under her heel, I looked up at Monica and said "Excuse me Monica.... but I'm feeling a bit wrecked.....would it be OK if, from now on, singers took their shoes off being standing on me?"
    Monica glanced down at me and seemed a little annoyed.
    After at least ten seconds, Monica said "Yeah. Sure. Whatever." and turned away to look at Brooke and her friends. Jess finally took her foot off my hand and walked off. My hand was throbbing with pain.
    I didn't know whether Brooke was going to be singing a duet or whether there was going to be three singers, but I was very happy that from now on the singers would all be taking off their shoes and boots. Hopefully the girls wouldn't be able to do much damage in bare feet or in their socks. I started to feel a bit more relaxed.
    Brooke ran over in her Cleopatra costume, followed by Kerrie dressed in her baseball uniform, and Naomi dressed as a boxer. Then a fourth girl, Sasha the cheerleader, rushed over to join them.
    None of them were wearing heels, so now I felt a little guilty about saying to Monica that everyone had to take off their shoes before stepping on me.
    Monica went to the karaoke machine and said "Oh, he wants you guys to take something off before you stand on him."
    Naomi said "Huh? What???"
    Monica said "Let's see...what was it he said? Dunno! Must have been his mask. Yeah, that's it... take off his mask before you stand on him!"
    I stared at Monica. She was facing away from me but I could tell she was laughing. Naomi bent down and pulled off my mask. I panicked, expecting that Monica, Jess or Emma would soon recognise me as the guy from the cinema.
    "Christ!! Look at his face!" said Brooke as she looked down at me.
    Kerrie said "Wow! What a mess!"
    And Sasha said "Ow! That looks pretty painful, hey?"
    The girls all looked down at my face, and gave me sympathetic looks.
    Then the music started to play. Sasha quickly slammed the sole of her right Adidas hightop down on my battered face, right across my forehead and eyes. She brought her left foot up onto my nose and mouth. I noticed there was a fair bit of wet dirt stuck to the soles of Sasha's hightops.
    The other girls rushed to find a space on my body. Kerrie stood on my chest, with her white Converse sneakers. Naomi and Brooke jostled for position on my stomach, with Naomi winning and standing on my ribs and stomach. Naomi was wearing black Adidas boxing boots. Brooke found a spot on my lower stomach and groin in her brown flat-heeled sandals, just in time to start singing. "Young man, there's no need to feel down...."
    The four girls sang 'YMCA' while they stepped up and down on me. Sasha's hightop sneakers pounded away at my bruised and swollen face.
    Kerrie's Converse stomped up and down on my chest, her right foot sometimes landing on my throat.
    Naomi slammed her feet up and down on my stomach, often hitting that awful sore spot with her left Adidas boxing boot.
    And Brooke danced all over my groin and lower stomach, her left sandaled foot coming down on my penis and family jewels with every step.
    The girls seemed to be dancing with great gusto. They stamped their feet and bounced around while they sang. I could hear the rest of the girls cheering and singing along on the chorus. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Even me! Despite the pain in my stomach and my face, I was loving being walked on by so many beautiful young women. My face was really sore under Sasha's stamping feet. And my stomach was so painful that I thought I might have a serious injury. Thank goodness none of the girls were wearing heels.
    When the song ended, Naomi was the first to step off. Sasha stayed on my face, rubbing the soles of her hightops on my face as though she was trying to wipe the dirt off her sneakers.
    Then I heard Kerrie say "Good idea!" and she started wiping her converse sneakers on my chest like I was a doormat.
    Brooke also stayed on me, and she was wiping the soles of her sandals on my groin. My Spiderman costume was tight and made of spandex, so with Brooke wiping her sandal on my groin it soon became obvious that I was enjoying it. In between each wipe of her sandal, Brooke started digging her toes into my penis.
    I could hear the other girls laughing. I don't know if they were laughing at my excited state, or whether they were just laughing at the three girls using me as a doormat and wiping the dirt from their sneakers and sandals.
    Sasha was really rough in how she ground her feet into my face. She had looked so sweet earlier when she'd said that my face looked pretty painful. But then she had stood on my face without any hesitation, and walked all over my battered face. And now she was using my poor face to wipe the dirt off her hightops.
    Monica said "OK, time for the next song! Janie and Vanessa, you've both chosen the same song, 'Wannabe'. Do you want to do a duet?"
    I heard someone answer "Yeah. Cool."
    But then I heard Dani's voice say "I love that song! Can I join in too?"
    Janie replied "Of course you can. The more the merrier!" Then Janie asked the others "Anyone else want to be a Spice Girl? We've got room for one more!"
    I heard a bunch of people all answer yes at the same time. I thought it was three people, but also might have been four.
    Janie said "We've only got room for one more.... but you're all welcome to join in if you can find somewhere to stand. Maybe stand on his legs."
    Kerrie stepped down from my chest. Sasha was STILL wiping her feet on my face, so I couldn't see who else was wanting to sing 'Wannabe' on me. Dani and Vanessa were both wearing heels, so I hoped the others were wearing flat heeled boots or shoes. Brooke stopped rubbing her foot on my penis and walked away.
    I heard footsteps beside me, some with high heels, and then Sasha got down from my face. I looked at the girls gathered beside me. There was Dani, as well as Janie in her fifties outfit. Also Vanessa who was dressed as an Indian and Megan the karate girl.
    Then Megan said "Eeeeew! Look at his face! It's black with dirt! Well I'm not standing on his face. I don't want to get my feet dirty!"
    There was also Wendy the bride-to-be, and Molly who was dressed as a schoolgirl. And two of the more bitchy girls, Sammi dressed as Snow White, and Juliet the little cowgirl. I felt a bit scared, and then Monica said "OK everyone! Find a spot to stand so I can start the song!"
    I had a real bad feeling about this one.
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  3. it's very good and humorous monica told them to take off his mask instead of shoes,excellent twist
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    Part 91
    Megan said "I'll stand on his hips" and stood with one bare foot on each of my hips, facing my head. Megan then said "Cool, now I can practice my groin kick" and brought her right foot up behind her before yelling "Kiai!!!" as she kicked her foot into my groin.
    I groaned with pain and the girls all laughed.
    Dani said "I'll take his stomach" and stepped up onto my sore and tender stomach. Dani turned around so she was facing the yard, her boots' four-inch heels digging so hard into the left side of my stomach that it made my eyes water.
    Wendy said "Well I'm not standing on his face in my white boots.... it's covered in dirt! Who wants his face?"
    I heard a voice say "Me!! My shoes are already dirty anyway!"
    The girls to my right stepped aside to let the girl with dirty shoes through. I looked to my right, waiting to see who was going to stand on my face. A few metres away, I noticed Jess talking to Monica. Jess had her back to me and I looked at her white high heeled shoes. Both heels had blood on them. The left heel had a little bit of blood at the bottom, which I figured was from my hand. But the right heel had blood on the bottom two inches of her three-inch heel! I couldn't figure out how she got so much blood on her right heel.
    Then Molly blocked my view as she stepped into the gap. Molly was dressed as a schoolgirl with a short blue skirt and long white socks. Molly was wearing her old school shoes, they were well-worn black leather t-bar shoes. Molly's shoes were dirty.... she'd obviously been hanging out on the back lawn.
    Molly lifted up her left foot to show the others the sole of her shoe. Molly pointed out how the wet dirt had gotten stuck in the holes under her heel. Her heel had been worn down so much that most of the little square compartments in the flat heel had been exposed. And when Molly had been standing on the wet ground, dirt had gotten embedded in the little squares. Molly said "Seeing as how his face is already dirty, I might as well clean my shoes on it" and stepped up on my face. With Molly's heels on my mouth and cheeks, and the soles on my forehead, Molly began wiping her shoes on my face.
    I heard someone say "I'll take his chest!" and felt someone stand on my chest, her wide heels on my ribs. I guessed it must be Vanessa in her brown suede boots with the fringes at the top and the two-inch-high wide heels.
    I felt Megan kick me in the balls again, and then she started wiggling her bare toes on my penis. Molly was still wiping her feet on my face.
    Wendy stood on my right arm, with the heel of her left platform boot on my elbow and the sole on my upper arm. Wendy put the heel of her other foot on my hand and the sole on my forearm.
    Molly began stomping her heels on my face, trying to dislodge the dirt that was stuck in her heels.
    Sammi stepped onto my left thigh and knee, her five-inch heels stabbing into my leg and knee.
    Janie stood on my other thigh with her flat heeled saddle shoes. The combined weight of all the girls was getting to be too much. I was hoping one or two might get off me. And then Juliet stood on my lower legs in her black and white cowboy boots. Her cuban heels were painfully crushing my ankles.
    And then the music started and I could hear the girls singing "Yo! I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want..." The girls started stamping their feet and bouncing on me. It felt like I was going to be squashed flat under the eight girls. I had never really liked the Spice Girls but now I fucking hated them! It sounded like every girl at the party was singing along with them.
    I felt Juliet move across to stand on my left lower leg with both feet. But then someone else stood on my right lower leg wearing high heels. Wendy lifted her right foot and rested it on my side, allowing someone else to step on my lower arm, wearing high heels.
    Megan moved over to my left hip and someone stepped up on my right hip wearing either Hunters or motorcycle boots. Someone in sneakers stepped onto my right shoulder and neck. And someone started trying to step up on my forehead, forcing Molly to move her feet across my eyes, nose and mouth. The new girl seemed to be having trouble balancing on my forehead and her foot kept sliding off. I think it was Candice in her big Demonia platform boots.
    The singing continued, but with so many girls trying to all step on me at the same time, they were constantly losing their balance and falling off. If they weren't fast enough stepping back up, some other girl would move into their position. The singing was louder than ever and it seemed everyone at the party was either standing on me or was standing next to me waiting for an opening to appear.
    When Molly misstepped on my face and slid off, Candice quickly took her spot on my face. Someone in hard flat heeled shoes or boots stepped onto my forehead.
    Someone in heels stood on my groin, and someone in cleats stood on my lower leg,...I guess Kerrie had changed out of her Converse and into the cleats that had been hanging around her neck.
    Some girls just stood in place, their weight moving while they swayed to the music. Others stamped their feet, or jumped up and down. Some kicked me or twisted their high heels into me.
    As the karaoke music ended, I was just glad to have survived. I was sure I'd been badly injured, but I was pleased that I was still conscious.
    However, the girls kept on singing 'Wannabe' even though the music had stopped. And they all kept trampling me under their feet. Dani later told me that all 23 girls had been trampling me while they sang about what they really really want, but of course not all at the same time, because there just wasn't enough room for all of them at once.
    They just kept singing and stamping on me. Someone in heels got on my face, but my left eye was swollen completely shut and my right eye wasn't much better. I was pretty sure their boots were black, so it had to be Dani, Nat or Mary. Whoever it was, I got their heel jabbed in my right eye at one point.
    My genitals were fairly visible in my Spiderman costume, and the girls seemed to be deliberately stepping on my junk, or kicking at my testicles. Girls were stepping all over my knees, ankles, elbows and hands. And there was hardly even five seconds when I didn't have some girl stepping on my throat. My stomach was excruciatingly painful, and I knew I had some sort of injury to my stomach. The girls were constantly swapping around, I couldn't keep track of who was stepping on me where. Someone was on my throat and had just been standing there for ages...
    * * * * * * * *
    When I woke up, I was sitting in a chair just beside the wall. Dani, Mary and Vanessa were standing around me and were obviously very happy to see me regain consciousness.
    Dani said "Sorry about tonight. We all got a bit carried away."
    Vanessa said "We were really worried about you. I was just about to ring the paramedics."
    Dani told me "Vanessa checked your injuries and said you need to go straight to hospital for treatment. She's a nursing student."
    I asked "Am I badly hurt?"
    Vanessa said "You do have a number of injuries and I think you may have several fractures. I'd suggest you get xrays, and you're definitely gonna need some stitches."
    Other girls were coming over to me, saying sorry and asking if I felt OK.
    Sarah said "I'm really sorry. I really did a number on your face and your left arm. I sort of forgot about the chains under my boots......sorry."
    Emma said "Me too. I stood on your neck for ages... when I saw you passed out like that, I thought I'd killed you! I'll drive you to the hospital, if you want."
    I said "Thanks, that'd be good."
    Mary said "I'll come too. I feel terrible about what we did to you. I was putting my heels right into you. I think I cut you pretty bad. Sorry."
    Sammi said "Yeah, I really went too far with my heels too. I hope I haven't done too much damage."
    Kerrie added "Yeah, sorry about changing into my cleats....I hadn't realised how much damage they'd do." Kerrie scrunched up her face and said "Sorry!"
    Then Sasha said "I'm sorry too.....I can't believe I wiped my feet on your face.... and I even knew it was all bruised and swollen before I stepped on your face."
    Molly said "Me too... I'm really sorry about what I did to your face."
    And Candice added "Yeah, me too. I must've done some major damage with these boots. Sorry."
    Brooke gave me a big smile and said "I'm sorry too, although I don't think I caused much of the damage. Not in these sandals."
    Megan said "Same! I wouldn't have done any of the damage cos I was barefoot the whole time I was stepping on you."
    Juliet said "No way Megan! You were stomping the crap out of his face. And your karate kicks were friggin brutal!"
    Megan said "Well you were worse! You were stomping on him with your cowboy boots! And kicking him too! My feet are a hell of a lot softer than your boots!"
    Juliet said "Yeah... I guess so... but I think we both did a lot of damage. Juliet turned to me and said "Sorry. If it's any consolation, I did have a lot of fun tonight."
    Nat said "Yeah, it was fun. Sorry if I hurt you."
    Wendy said "Everyone had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks for letting us dance on you. And use you as a doormat. It was great fun. You really made my hens night a night to remember. Thanks so much. I hope you're not too badly hurt."
    Jess said to me "This is the best hens night I've ever been to. I had a great time. Thanks."
    Dani said "OK everyone! I think we'd better get him to the hospital now. We all had fun. And we all feel bad about hurting him. Yada Yada Yada."
    Emma said "OK Mary, let's get him to my car, and then to the hospital."
    I tried to stand up. But I was dizzy and my legs were injured. It hurt to put weight on either leg. Mary and Emma helped me walk to the back door.
    Monica said "Be careful going through the house. Try not to get any blood on my carpet, or my parents will kill me."
    Juliet helped Mary and Emma get me up the back step and we hobbled through the house to the front door.
    Dani waved goodbye at the front door, saying "Thanks for being our doormat! I'd come to the hospital with you, but I'm a bit drunk. See you at work on Monday!"
    Juliet said "I guess I'd better come to the hospital to help get him inside."
    Juliet, Emma and Mary kindly helped me down the front steps and down the path to the front gate. Luckily, Emma had parked near the front gate.
    We got to Emma's car and Mary and Juliet helped me stand while Emma got an old blanket out of the trunk. Emma said "I'll put this on the back seat so he doesn't get blood all over my car."
    Emma unlocked the doors and started spreading the blanket on the seat. While she did this, Emma said "Mary and Juliet, can you take your boots off? That back lawn was kind of muddy and I don't want to get mud all over the carpet in my car."
    Mary and Juliet looked down at their boots, each girl lifting a foot to check if their boots were dirty.
    Mary said "Oh! Yeah, OK, my boots are a bit muddy.... I could feel my heels poking holes in the lawn but I hadn't realised it was so muddy."
    Juliet said "Yeah, it wasn't that bad at the start of the night.... but with everyone tramping through it, some parts of the yard ended up being more mud than lawn."
    Emma got out of the car and said "OK, let's get him in the car first, then we'll take off our boots and drive him to the hospital."
    The girls started to lower me in the direction of the open car door.
    I don't know what went wrong, but they ended up dropping me. I landed on the grass nature strip and lay there on my back. The three girls cracked up laughing.
    And then, when they'd stopped laughing, Juliet said "Hey, I've got an idea...."
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    Heh...and just when I thought they were showing mercy on him...:D
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  6. i want to tell the girls don't be sorry
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    Oh dear, his trials are not over yet!
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    it never ends for him does it? I wonder if Dani will find out he was the bloke from the shopping mall and the cinema - don't think she'll be too happy with him. Mind you i can't see him going back to work again for a while with his latest jealous of him tho!
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    Part 92
    When I heard Juliet say "Hey, I've got an idea", I was filled with dread. I hurt all over and I felt dizzy and weak. I just wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. The pain in the left side of my stomach was terrible.
    Juliet said "It'll be such a hassle, taking our boots off.....and then we'll just have to put them back on again when we get to the hospital..."
    Emma said "Sorry Jules, but we've all got muddy boots, and I don't want mud being tracked into my car. I just cleaned it this morning!!"
    Juliet replied "I was just going to suggest that we wipe the mud off our boots before we get in the car....on him! After all, he IS the party's official doormat, isn't he??"
    Mary said "Juliet! No! Look at him!"
    Juliet giggled and said "I am looking at him! Lying on the ground like that, he even LOOKS like a doormat!"
    Mary said "But look at his face! It's already been stepped on so much, it's swollen and cut, and covered in dirt. And his body's a mess too! If we step on him any more, we could cause some serious damage."
    I was hoping Mary would succeed in talking Juliet out of using me as a doormat again.
    Emma said "Well he does already need hospital treatment for various injuries from all the girls stomping on him...."
    I looked at Juliet, but my left eye was swollen shut, and my right eye had closed to just a narrow slit.
    Emma continued " I guess stepping on him a bit more won't really matter. He'll be at the hospital soon, and I'm sure they can fix any damage we might do to him while we're cleaning the mud off our boots."
    I felt excruciating pain in my stomach as Juliet landed on my tummy with both feet in her black cowboy boots. Juliet started vigorously wiping and stamping her feet on my body as she tried to remove the mud from her boots. She walked up and down my body, stomping her feet and twisting them into me. Juliet showed me no mercy at all as she continued using my injured body to clean her boots. She stamped away with her cuban heels and twisted her feet as she wiped the mud from the soles of her boots and the sides of each boot. Juliet used me as her doormat for at least two minutes, and although Juliet only weighed 52kg, the pain almost caused me to pass out. When Juliet finally stepped down from my body, the girls heard me whimpering feintly.
    Mary said "Oh my God! He sounds like he's in a lot of pain.... we really should get him to the hospital."
    Juliet said "Don't worry. I'll fix that!" and stepped up onto my face, with her right boot across my mouth, muffling my pathetic whimpers.
    Emma said "Thanks Jules, that's much better" as she stepped onto my stomach and started wiping her dark blue Hunter Wellington boots. Emma spent at least three minutes wiping her feet on me. She was every bit as uncaring as Juliet, stamping her feet on my chest, stomach and groin, and twisting her soles and heels into me as she tried to dislodge the wet soil from her boots' treads.
    All the while, Juliet stood balanced on my face in her cowboy boots, giggling. The hard soles and heels of Juliet's boots relentlessly crushed down on my face, my poor bruised, cut and swollen face. Between Juliet on my face, and Emma stamping around on my poor stomach, the pain was too much and I started to cry. But none of the girls heard my pitiful sobs, muffled by Juliet's cowboy boot and drowned out by Juliet and Emma's constant giggling.
    Emma slammed her feet into me from every angle, trying to clean every bit of dirt from her boots. Then she dragged each foot in turn from side to side, trying to remove the mud from the tread of her boots' soles. Once Emma was satisfied that her boots were clean, she walked up and down the length of my body, marching up and down four times before finally stepping off me.
    Emma turned to Mary and asked "Are you gonna wipe your feet on him too? Or are you gonna take your boots off instead?"
    Mary didn't answer for a while, and then said "I don't know.... I guess I'll just take my boots off. I'm sure these heels would really hurt him."
    Juliet told her "But even if you take your boots off, you'll still have to put the boots on the floor of Emma's car.... and if they're muddy you'll get dirt on the floor anyway. You may as well use the doormat! Then your boots will be nice and clean! And you won't get any dirt in Emma's car."
    Mary hesitated and then said "Yeah, OK. I guess I'll have to." I hoped Mary would try to be a bit gentler than Juliet and Emma.
    Mary stepped onto my stomach and began wiping the soles of her boots. I heard Mary say "Sorry about this! I hope I'm not hurting you."
    Then Mary started digging her heels into me. When her right heel dug into the sore spot on my left side, the pain was excruciating. I squirmed and tried to scream. Juliet wobbled about on my face, trying to keep her balance. Then Juliet lost her balance and her feet slid off my face. Emma quickly stepped onto my face to take Juliet's place, the soles of her Hunter boots grinding into my face with all of Emma's 55 kilos.
    I heard Juliet say "You fucking prick! You made me fall!" and then she stomped her right cowboy boot across my throat. Juliet pressed her foot into my neck and then lifted her left leg to be standing on my throat with her right boot. Juliet stood balanced on her right foot for about fifteen seconds, bouncing her weight, before stepping off.
    I heard Mary saying "I can feel my heels digging right into him... this must be killing the poor guy..." as she stamped her feet on my stomach. Mary continued "....when I was on the back lawn, I could feel my heels sinking down into the ground with every step.... and even just standing still!.... so there's dirt all the way up my heels.... I don't know how I'm gonna get them clean."
    Emma's Hunter boots were painfully mashing into my damaged face, and Mary was really stamping her sharp four-inch heels into me, trying to wipe off the few bits of dirt that were near the top of each heel.
    Juliet suggested "What if you put your heel in his mouth? Then he could lick the dirt off?"
    Mary stopped stamping her feet on my stomach and said "No way! That's disgusting!"
    Juliet said "I know, but it would get the mud off! And you could wash the saliva off later, when we get back from the hospital."
    Mary said "Oh Juliet! I didn't mean it was disgusting getting his saliva on my boots.... I meant it would be disgusting for HIM!!...having my dirty heel in his mouth!"
    Juliet said "Did you see his face?? It was covered in dirt from the boots and shoes of everyone who stood on his face at the party. I'm sure he's already swallowed plenty of dirt tonight from the soles of half the girls' boots! A bit more from your heels won't make much difference... and will keep the car nice and clean!"
    Emma put all of her weight on her heels and bounced her weight on the right side of my face until my head rolled to the side. Emma stood with her heels on the side of my head, and lifted up her left foot to stomp on my right cheekbone with the heel of her left Hunter boot. Then Emma stepped off my face.
    Mary moved to stand on my chest, then moved her right foot to my mouth, nudging my lips with her high heel.
    Mary said "Open up! Just a few little bits left for you to clean."
    I opened my mouth and Mary placed her boot's heel into my mouth. The four inches of her heel was just enough to reach the back of my throat, and I gagged as her sharp heel kept touching my epiglottis. I closed my mouth around Mary's heel and sucked on it, trying to remove any remaining bits of dirt. I could hear the three girls laughing their heads off. Mary began twisting her boot from left to right, with her heel still in my mouth.
    After I'd been sucking on Mary's heel for about thirty seconds, Mary pulled her heel out of my mouth. Mary stood on my chest examining her heel and said "Wow! That worked really well."
    Mary looked down at my face and said "OK... Now do the other one...Open up!"
    I opened my mouth and Mary inserted her other heel. Mary was a bit rougher this time, and scraped her sharp heel down the roof of my mouth, cutting me. I spent the next thirty seconds or so sucking on Mary's heel while she twisted it around to make sure I didn't miss any dirt. Then Mary pulled her foot back and stood on my chest checking her heel was clean.
    Emma asked "Did he get it all?"
    Mary said "Yes. He's done a good job!"
    Emma said "Cool. Let's take him to the hospital now."
    Mary stepped down from my chest and the three girls helped me stand up and get into the back seat of Emma's car. The pain in my left side was worse than ever.
    Mary got into the front passenger seat and Juliet got into the back seat beside me. As Emma started the car, Juliet swivelled around so her back was against the door, and dropped her feet in my lap.
    Mary said "I can't believe I just made some poor schmuck suck the mud off my heels!" The girls all laughed.
    Juliet lifted her right boot to my mouth and said "Hey schmuck! Lick my boot clean! Just in case I missed any bits while I was wiping my feet on you!"
    The girls all started laughing again.
    I stuck my tongue out between my swollen and cut lips, and started licking Juliet's boot. Juliet moved her foot around so I could lick every bit of her boot.
    Mary said "Emma, I feel bad for him, but..... I have to admit this has been the best night ever! Before tonight I'd never stepped on anyone!"
    Emma said "Really?? I've stepped on heaps of people!"
    Juliet said "What?? Are you serious?"
    Emma said "Yep... totally serious!"
    Juliet laughed, while I licked at the sole of her cowboy boot, and asked Emma "What?? Who? When? Tell us!!"
    Emma said "Well, the first time was last Friday, and again last night, and now tonight."
    Juliet said "Well, that's not exactly heaps of people, is it? That's only three times!"
    Emma said "But last Friday I stepped on about twenty people! And last night I stepped on another eight people. So including tonight, that's about thirty people I've stepped on!"
    Juliet said "No way! How did you find so many people that would let you stand on them?"
    Emma said "Well one was a wimpy guy in the movie, Jess and Mon all walked on him. But the others were all part of a game we've been playing....we step on people's hands or feet in Borders. It's so much fun!"
    Juliet said "You step on people's hands and feet?? Do they let you?"
    Emma explained "Not really... you look for people with their hand on the floor, and you just 'accidentally' step on their fingers or their hand. Sometimes they don't say anything, but if they do say something you just act like it was an accident and say sorry."
    Juliet was laughing her head off.
    Emma continued "If you just step on their foot, you get half a point. But if they're wearing open-toed shoes or flip flops, you get a whole point. You get a whole point for stepping on someone's hand. And if you just stay standing on their hand until they say something, you get an extra point. And if you really stamp on their foot or hand,you get an additional half point."
    Juliet was pissing herself laughing, and said "Oh my God. Please can I come with you next time?"
    Emma said "I don't know if we'll be playing that game again. Last night, me, Jess, Dani and Mon were playing the game, and we got banned from Borders by the manager."
    Juliet asked "Oh no! Why? What happened?"
    Emma said "Dani smashed some guy's hand with her platform boots. I mean REALLY smashed it! And then Jess stepped on his smashed hand with the high heel of her boot. Anyway, the manager banned us and said she'll ring the cops if we ever go back into her store."
    Juliet dropped her right foot heavily on my lap, and lifted her left boot to my mouth for me to lick.
    Juliet said "That's a shame. I would've loved to play that game!"
    Emma said "Yeah, it's so much fun! We hadn't been there very long before the manager busted us. And I was winning!
    I stepped on eight people and got 18 and a half points!" Emma started laughing.
    Juliet said "I wish I'd been there."
    Mary said "Me too. It does sound like fun. So Emma, how did you end up with 18 and a half points? Please tell us about it."
    I sat in the back seat, licking Juliet's boot, and hoping desperately that Emma would tell Mary and Juliet about the people she stepped on last night at Borders.
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  10. pervy2

    pervy2 Member

    Oh lucky Mister, this tale just gets better! At least they didn't drive the car over him, yet!
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  11. Nosi88

    Nosi88 New Member

    Nice one man, so finally he is being used as a doormat, trampled, shoe cleaner, foot cleaner, and more..
  12. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Well, he has survived up to this point. And now, hopefully, he (and us readers) will get to hear how Emma got 18 and a half points. :)
  13. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 93
    Emma started giggling, then said "OK, I'll tell you about last night at Borders, but please bear in mind that I'm not normally like that. When you're with friends and having a laugh, you end up doing things you wouldn't usually do."
    Mary said "You don't have to tell me!!... I don't usually walk all over people, and then put my boot in their gob to make them lick the mud off my heels!"
    Juliet added "Same here!.... at the moment I've got the poor guy licking my boots clean! And that's after I kicked and stomped him half to death!"
    Juliet started laughing and the others joined in the laughter.
    Then Emma said "The previous Friday, we went to the movies and sat behind this real loser. We rested our feet on him for the whole movie and then Mon got him to look on the floor for her licence, at which point we all walked on him and made him kiss our boots. As we left, Jess even dumped her Coke on him! It was so funny. We went back last night and looked for him...we were gonna recruit him to be our doormat for Wendy's party but he wasn't there. So we went to Borders to play the game again.
    I was the first to step on someone last night. I saw this hipster guy sitting on the floor looking at travel books, and his right hand was on the floor. So I went over and stepped on his hand while I grabbed a book from the top shelf... turned out to be a book about Chile, and I stood there pretending to read the book.... like I'm planning to go to Chile for a holiday. I was wearing my light brown leather boots, they've just got a flat heel. I just stood there.... mostly with my sole on his hand but with a little bit of my heel too. Anyway, the guy didn't say anything, even though I was standing right on his hand and fingers. So I just stayed there reading about the main tourist attractions of Valdivia. The others were at the end, watching, and they said he kept looking at my boot on his hand and then looking up at me. But still he didn't say a word. I was standing on his hand for at least a minute, maybe even two, and he just let me. When I looked over at the others, they were giving me the thumbs-up and waving for me to come back, to let me know I'd stood on him long enough to get an extra point. So I walked back to the others. They told me he stared at my boots while I was walking away. When I turned around, he was staring at his hand, still on the floor, and wiggling his fingers. Jess said 'Check this!' and walked toward him, but at the back, as though she was gonna walk around him. When she reached where he was sitting, he still had his hand on the floor, staring at it... I don't think he'd even noticed Jess approaching. Jess suddenly stepped on his hand, the same one I'd stood on, with the sole of her left boot. Jess grabbed a book from the top shelf, a book about Canada, and stood with most of her weight on his hand. Again, he said nothing. Jess was wearing brown suede boots that came up above her knees. They had a little two-inch heel, so he was lucky she just stepped on him with the sole of her boot and not the heel. Jess stood there reading about Canada and I could see she was sort of twisting her foot into his hand. He was staring at her foot and looked up at her tall boots and then up at her face, before going back to staring at her boot on his hand. Dani said that when Jess stepped off, she would go and step on his hand too. Jess was standing on his hand for about a minute before she looked over to us. We gave her the thumbs up and she put the book back and walked off.
    This time, the guy lifted his hand from the floor to look at it. He quickly glanced at us, then looked away. He stood up and walked away. We followed him from a distance, watching in case he put his hand on the floor again. But he walked to the exit and left. So that was two points for me, and two points for Jess.
    Then Mon stepped on a girl's fingers in the New Age section, with the flat sole part of her ankle boot, but the girl made a loud 'Aaaaa' sound and Mon stepped off and said sorry.
    Dani saw a guy looking at magazines with his left hand on the floor. Dani was wearing black platform boots and stepped on the guy's fingers with the thick platform sole of her right boot. The guy pulled a funny face, but didn't say anything for nearly twenty seconds. Then he said 'excuse me, you're on my finger' and Dani stepped off and said 'oh sorry'.
    Then we walked around the store for about five minutes but couldn't find anyone with their hand on the floor. So Jess stepped on a guy's foot instead. With her heel. He was an older guy, in a suit, looking at history books. We'd seen him before when we walked past, and he had looked us up and down like a sleazy pig. He seemed to think he was big man on campus, leaning against the shelves like he was really cool. Pffft! So we were standing across the aisle, while Jess went around behind him. The old perv was pretending to read a book, but he was staring at me and Dani and Mon. That's when Jess appeared from his left and stomped the heel of her right boot down on his left foot. He dropped his book and let out a cry. Jess feigned surprise and lifted her left foot as she twisted around on her right heel to face him, of course with her heel still in his foot. He made this high pitched whimper. Jess stood there with her heel digging into his foot and asked 'Are you OK? What's wrong?'
    The guy said 'My foot... you're on my foot'. So Jess, still with her heel in his foot, looked down at her boot and slowly said 'Oh!....sorry' and then after a few more seconds removed her heel from his foot and walked off. It was hilarious. The guy in the suit actually limped away. Jess got two and a half points for that one.
    We looked around for someone with their hand on the floor but couldn't find anyone. We were wondering if word had gotten round about us stepping on people's hands.
    Jess was winning, so when I saw a girl in open-toed shoes I hurried over to step on her foot. She was about 30, a bit overweight, and was wearing black strappy heels. Her feet were kind of ugly looking. If my feet ever end up looking like that, no way would I wear open-toed shoes in public. She had red lumps on some of her toes. I've heard of people getting corns on their toes... I'm not sure what corns are, but maybe they were corns. Anyway, she was looking at fashion books, with her left foot out to the side. I went to the music books behind her, and then looked back over my left shoulder. I lined up her toes and then quickly stepped back with my left foot, stomping my heel down on the front of her foot, and rocking all my weight back onto my left heel and twisting my heel a little bit.
    She let out a loud 'aaaarghh' and then pushed me off her foot.
    I said 'Whoa...what are you doing?'
    She said 'You were standing on my toes!'
    I said 'Oh? I didn't even notice. You could have said something, you didn't need to push me.'
    She was in tears, but said 'Sorry for pushing you, but look what you've done to my foot!'
    I looked down at her toes and one of the red lumps was now bleeding.
    I muttered 'sorry!' and then walked off to the others. I got two points for that one.
    The woman was crying as she limped away to the exit.
    We walked around looking some more, and as we went through the magazine section Jess stepped on some girls foot. The girl was wearing white Converse and sitting on a bench. Jess planted her right heel on the girl's foot as she walked past. The girl lifted up her left foot and rubbed at where Jess had stepped. And just then, as Dani went past, she stomped on the girl's other foot with the heel of her platform boot. Jess got half a point and Dani got a full point.
    Then we found a nerdy guy looking at sci-fi books, with his right hand on the floor. Mon walked over to him, looking at the true crime books on the shelf behind him. Mon was wearing black leather ankle boots with three-inch heels. I watched her slowly edge her right foot back near his hand. She lifted her heel, then kept looking at the guy and at her heel as she lowered her heel down onto his middle finger. Then she stood there like that, with her heel right on his finger. I was expecting her heel to slide off, but it didn't. The guy didn't say anything, he just turned his head slightly, so he could see Mon's heel on his finger, but without it being too obvious he was looking. The toe of Mon's left boot was lightly touching the floor, so all her weight was on her right foot. It must have killed, but the guy didn't even say anything. After a minute or two, Mon looked over and we gave her the thumbs up. She got off his finger and came back to us.
    I noticed the guy still had his hand on the floor, so I hurried over to the true crime books behind him. I stepped on his fingers and knuckles with my right boot....with my heel, and picked up a book about some gangster. So I pretended to read the book while I twisted my heel into the nerd's hand. And the guy didn't make a sound.... just sat quietly while I mashed his fingers with my heel. It was great!
    I didn't look at the others for a few minutes, and when I looked at them of course they were giving me the thumbs up. I wanted to stay there and keep grinding his fingers under my boot, but I walked back to the others. I got two points for that, bringing my total to six and putting me in the lead.
    Funny thing is.... when we looked back at nerd-boy, he still had his hand on the floor, and he was looking at us, and grinning. I think he actually LIKED having us step on his hand!"
    The girls started laughing and Juliet said "It's probably the first time he's ever been touched by a female, and he was just happy to have any contact with a member of the opposite sex, even if it's just having his hand stepped on!" The three girls cracked up laughing.
    Then Emma said "Well, it creeped us out! Part of the fun is getting away with stepping on people.... it's not as much fun if they actually WANT you to step on them! So anyway....we decided not to step on the nerd's hand any more, and went off in search of a fresh victim.
    I spotted an older guy in the section on business books. He was sitting on the carpet with his right hand on the floor supporting him. I hurried over before any of the other girls beat me to it. I faced the shelves behind him and grabbed a random book from the shelf. Then I stomped my left foot behind me, on his hand. And stood there. Even though my foot was right across his hand, with most of my weight, I acted like I hadn't noticed anything uneven under my boot. The guy was so polite.... haha. He was dressed like a college professor or something. And he just made this polite little coughing sound, like 'ahem'. I just pretended not to notice, like I was too absorbed in my book about computer programming! I put pretty much all my weight on my left boot, and was trying to press my weight down on his hand as much as I could, but he just kept going 'ahem' and 'cough cough'. It was hard not to laugh. I was on him for two minutes or longer, and then I just put the book back on the shelf and walked off, without even acknowledging his existence. I got two and a half points for him, and Dani said 'Let me step on someone too. Stop hogging them all!'
    The guy had lifted his hand up off the floor, so none of the other girls got to step on him after me."
    I listened intently to Emma's story, while I continued to lick away at the black and white leather of Juliet's cowboy boots in the back seat.
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  14. it's a sad truth the girls don't have much fun if someone really want them to step on
  15. moonbud

    moonbud New Member

    I hope the nurses decide to have some fun with him during one of his visits!
  16. OneAuthor

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  17. chunk301

    chunk301 Member

    Don't keep us hanging, please. Hope you are okay.
  18. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 94
    Emma said "I was the only one wearing flat-heeled boots. Mon and Jess were both wearing heels, and Dani was wearing big platform boots. So I could really stamp my foot down on people's hands and feet without doing too much damage. I think that gave me a bit of an advantage over the others, and allowed me to rack up more points than them.
    For instance, Jess was next to step on someone, but as soon as she stomped on his hand with her heel, he yelled really loud and she had to get off.
    Then Dani found a woman looking at fashion books with her left hand on the floor. Dani went over and stamped her big heel down on the woman's hand. The woman looked down at Dani's boot with her mouth wide open.... I don't know if was a look of pain, or a look of surprise. Dani just stood there squashing the woman's hand and pretending to look for a book. The woman was so polite....she said 'Excuse me dear, you've got my hand under your foot'. Dani looked down at her heel and then pretended to be shocked, and apologised to the woman. Dani was laughing when she told us about it.... apparently the woman was looking at a book about shoes and boots!
    And then Mon spotted a guy in the sport section. He was sitting on the floor looking at a book on the Olympics, so Mon went over and stamped her heel down on his right hand. We all heard him go 'argghhh' but Mon didn't step off his hand. She grabbed a book off the shelf and pretended to peruse it's contents while twisting her heel into his hand. The guy was going 'Hey! Scuse me!', but Mon just went 'Wait a minute' and pretended to be interested in her book on cricket trivia! The guy said 'My're on my hand!' Mon looked down and said 'Huh? Oh, sorry' and stepped off. The guy's ring finger was bleeding and he put the cut to his mouth and was sucking on it. Mon put the book back and came back to us.
    Then we couldn't find anyone for a while, until I saw a girl in flip flops looking at self-help books. She had her right foot turned out to the side. So I started browsing through Deepak Chopra books right beside her. I stepped forward a bit, then quickly stepped back, stomping my heel down on her toes and the top of her foot. She didn't say anything at first, but after about thirty seconds she said 'Um, sorry but you're standing on my foot'. I said sorry and took my boot off her foot. She was a really nice girl and said 'Oh that's OK....accidents happen'.
    But after that we started to go a bit far. We did a few things we shouldn't have.
    Mon saw a girl kneeling on the floor with a big stack of books, in the fiction section. She was leaning to the side and looking at the books on the bottom shelf, and had her left hand on the floor. Mon went over and stepped on the back of the girl's hand with the heel of her right boot. Mon picked up a book and started reading the back cover. The girl said 'Hey! Get off my hand!' So Monica stepped off straight away and said sorry. That's when she noticed the girl was wearing a Borders name tag, saying her name was Teneale.
    In hindsight, we should've stopped the game and left at that point. But we didn't! We stayed and kept stepping on people every chance we got.
    I saw a guy looking at books about learning Spanish. His right hand was on the floor so I hurried over and gave it a good stamp with my left heel. I kept my foot there while I selected a book about learning Cantonese. I lifted my right foot and propped it up on the second shelf, and twisted my left heel on his hand. I raised the toes of my left foot so that all my weight was on my heel, and kept slightly twisting it on his hand. Of course he eventually said 'Excuse me Miss, but you're stepping on my hand'. I apologised and I'm sure he didn't think it was deliberate that I'd stepped on him.
    Then we all saw a guy in the sports section sitting on the floor looking at some football book. He had his left hand on the floor behind him. Mon and Jess were arguing over who should get to step on him. Then Dani quickly ran over to him and ran behind him, actually stomping on his hand with her heel without even breaking her stride, as she ran past him laughing. The guy looked at her as she ran off, but didn't move his hand. Then, before the guy even knew she was there, Mon stomped her three-inch heel down on his hand, and grabbed a book from the shelf behind him. The guy spun around to his left with a surprised look on his face, and his eyes grew even wider when he saw Mon's heel in the back of his hand just above the knuckles. Mon just stood there with her heel right on him, and Jess had walked over to join her. The guy said 'Oh, um, excuse me', but Mon and Jess just ignored him, and chatted about yoga books. Then the guy turned around some more, and tried to lift Mon's heel with his other hand. He must have been really strong, cos he eventually managed to lift the heel of Mon's boot enough to slide his hand out from underneath. He lifted his trampled hand to his mouth, but as he did so, he put his right hand on the floor. Well Jess saw this and like a flash she stepped on his right hand with her left heel. I guess that made it a bit too obvious that they were stepping on his hands on purpose. The guy said 'For fucks sake! Get off my fuckin hand!'
    Jess got off straight away and said sorry to the guy but he kept telling them off, saying 'Is that your idea of fun? Stepping on people's hands?'
    We all walked off and headed to the other end of the store. After stepping on the girl that works there, and now getting busted by this guy, I don't know why we kept stepping on people.
    I found a guy looking at a book about Winston Churchill. He was kneeling on the floor but was holding the book with both hands. I started browsing through the British History books beside him. I had my back to him and slowly kept stepping back towards him. The back of my left boot bumped into his right leg. I pulled a book about Henry VIII from the shelf and flicked through it, then lifted my left foot and rested my heel on top of his right thigh. He didn't say anything at first, just looked at me, trying to figure out whether maybe I had mistaken his leg for the bookshelf. Then I could feel his leg moving under my heel, like he was trying to edge away to the left. But with the thick biography in his hands, he was finding it hard to move away. So he held the book in his left hand and put his right hand on the floor so he could push himself away from my boot. But as soon as I saw his hand being placed on the floor, I stood up on his leg with my left foot and then stepped on his right hand with my right foot. So I was standing on him with both feet! The guy just sat there staring at my left boot on his leg, then at my right boot on his hand, back and forth, like he couldn't believe someone was standing on him. Finally he said 'Excuse me, um, you're stepping on me'. I said 'Oh my! I am so sorry! Are you OK?'
    The others thought it was pretty cool how I'd stood on him with both feet.
    We walked around a bit, then saw a guy kneeling on the floor in the fiction books, but both his hands were holding his book. Dani went over and started trying to reach a book on the top shelf, but she's pretty short, and couldn't reach it. The guy kept glancing at Dani as she tried to stretch up to the top shelf. He ended up asking 'Do you want a hand reaching something?'
    Dani said 'No, I want to have a look at all the Saul Bellow books. They should have ladders or stepstools for short people like me.'
    The guy offered to take down all of the Saul Bellow books for Dani, but she put on this really cute voice and said 'Actually, can I ask you a really big favour?'
    The guy said 'Sure, ask me anything'.
    Dani said 'I'm really light, and you look so strong.... do you think maybe I could step on your back for just half a minute while I check which book I want?'
    The guy hesitated but ended up agreeing and crouched in front of the bookshelf on his hands and knees. Dani stepped up onto his back and stood there while she pretended to compare various books. Minutes passed and Dani was still standing on the guy's back with her big platform boots. Then she called out 'Hey Jess! Do you know which of these Saul Bellow books Myrtle already has?'
    Jess walked over to Dani and said "I know she's got two or three of his books. Hmmm....but which ones?'
    Dani said 'Well come up and look. See if you recognise any of these titles.'
    So Jess stood on the guy's lower back while Dani stood on his upper back, and they pretended to really be trying to decide which book to get. After a few minutes, Jess called Monica over and asked her which books Myrtle already had. So Mon got up on the guy's back as well. Now the poor guy had all three girls standing on his back. But he didn't complain.... didn't say a word.... he just let the three of them stand on his back while discussing which book to get as a present for someone called Myrtle. After about another five minutes of discussion, the girls decided to get Myrtle a box of chocolates instead. They stepped down from the guys back and walked off, all laughing. They didn't even say thanks to the poor guy. We were all starting to get a bit too cocky."
    Emma's car pulled to a stop outside the hospital. Mary said "Oh! We're here already! You'll have to tell us the rest of the Borders story on the way back to the party."
    I was feeling terribly light-headed and was keen to get medical treatment for my injuries, especially for the cut to my stomach. But I also wanted, more than anything, to hear the rest of Emma's story.
    I stopped licking Juliet's boot and said "Emma, I'd really like to hear the end of your story. Could you please continue, and then I'll go inside when you've finished? Please?"
    Emma laughed and said "Sure. Just try not to bleed too much. I only cleaned my car this morning!"
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  19. OneAuthor

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    "Try not to bleed too much." LOL...these girls are crazy (but we love them). :p

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