Kelly the office nightmare

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    I have to admit, I check this story every day, hoping Lucy will show up. It's been a while since a writer kept my attention this long. Go, man, go!!
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    Wonderful story! I too keep looking to see next chapter. I love the dynamic you have created in which he will have to start begging to do things for Kelly as she has stated she’s done taking advantage of him. I am too interested in Lucy, but am actually more intrigued with him somehow proving to Kelly’s mother how much he wants to clean her shoes and be of service to her.
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    Part 16
    I didn't want to seem too eager to clean Kelly's Converse high tops with my mouth. I pretended to be thinking about Kelly's suggestion, and picked up one of Kelly's sneakers. I could smell the rubber and wanted to start licking it clean, but instead I tried to look as though I was a bit disgusted.
    Kelly said "You sucked the sweat from my socks yesterday....surely a bit of dirt from my Converse won't be any worse than that!" Kelly looked up at me with puppy dog eyes "Pleeeeease".
    I said "Sure" and began to lick and suck at the rubber outsole at the toe.
    "No, wait!" Kelly said "I want to wear them while you're cleaning them."
    I said OK and Kelly extended her left foot toward me "A little help?"
    I grabbed Kelly's left foot and tried to pull her Wellington boot off, but it wasn't budging. Kelly suggested "Face the other way and try."
    I turned so my back was facing Kelly and Kelly put her left boot between my legs and raised it to where the front of her ankle was touching my balls. "OK, now try!" Kelly ordered.
    I held Kelly's boot at the back of the heel (increasing the pressure against my genitals) and as I leant forward, the toe of Kelly's boot pressed into my stomach. I unsuccessfully tried to pull the boot off and Kelly said "Try again!" and placed the sole of her right boot on my buttock and pressed hard as I tried again to pull Kelly's boot off.
    It wasn't budging and I suspected Kelly might be sabotaging my efforts by keeping her ankle flexed at 45° so that the boot wouldn't come off. I continued to try to remove Kelly's boot and, eventually, Kelly relaxed her ankle and the boot slid off very easily. We then repeated the same procedure with Kelly's right boot, Kelly's ankle remaining tensed and her left foot (in cute light blue sock) pressing on my buttock until Kelly finally decided to relax her ankle and let me take her boot off. Kelly placed both of her Hunter boots back into the large carry bag, and placed the bag under her desk. I knelt down and held the right Converse All Star for Kelly to put her foot in. Kelly slid her right foot in and rested it on my thigh while I laced up her sneaker. As soon as the lace was tied, Kelly put her left foot on my other thigh. I picked up the left sneaker and Kelly put it on and then I tied that one. I lifted Kelly's left foot to my mouth and began sucking at the white plastic toe cap, making sure to scrub hard with my tongue. It smelt strongly of the vulcanized rubber, but to my surprise didn't really taste of rubber. As I continued, I could feel tiny bits of grit inside my mouth. I wondered if Kelly could feel my tongue on her toes through the shoe. As I lowered my mouth to the outsole, I found it wasn't smooth like the toe cap, and it felt really rough on my tongue. It was a bit smoother at the toe, where the diamond pattern was worn down. I discovered that if I licked and sucked at the white rubber, then also rubbed at it with my thumb, I could actually see an improvement. Kelly broke my concentration, saying "Thanks so much for doing this for me."
    I said "That's OK" and Kelly said "I really hate to ask this....but I want to do some work on my computer.....ummm would you feel about cleaning my Converse while I sit at my computer? You, under my desk?"
    I said OK and lay on my side under Kelly's desk facing her chair. Kelly rolled her chair forward and lifted her left foot to my face. I resumed my work on cleaning Kelly's sneakers. I held Kelly's foot with my left hand, repositioning it as needed in order to get at every part of Kelly's outsole. When I got to the heel, it was more worn than the rest, almost half the writing saying 'ALL STAR' had been worn away. I could hear Kelly typing away, and sometimes laughing, more likely to be reading her emails rather than actually working. When I had finished cleaning Kelly's left sneaker, I asked Kelly "That one's done. Can I do the right one now?"
    Kelly rolled her chair back slightly so she could see me under the desk. Kelly placed her left sneaker on my face and moved it around for a minute as she inspected each part of her Converse, then said "Wow! I can't believe how clean they are. Haha. Awesome." Kelly put her left foot back on the floor and lifted the toe of her right Converse to my mouth. I began licking and sucking at the toe cap, then wiping with my thumb, then licking and sucking again, continuing until it was clean.
    Kelly said "I can't even tell you how much I'm going to miss this."
    I stopped cleaning to say "Well I'm happy to clean your boots every day if you want. You don't have to stop getting me to clean your boots, you know" and went back to sucking on the toe of Kelly's sneaker.
    Kelly replied "Yes! I do have to, actually! And I'm stopping for your sake, not mine! This sort of thing ends up going too far....I mean, I jumped up and down on your face! With my boots on!! I got carried away, but at least it was only me jumping on you. Now Lucy wants to get in on the act, things could get out of hand very quickly."
    Kelly paused for a minute, thinking while she watched me sucking at the outsole of her sneaker. "You know what?,... youre not the first person I've stood on. We used to hang out with a girl called Holly. We'd all been friends for years. But one night, she was drunk, and Lucy guilt tripped her into letting us walk on her. And not one at a time. another girl, Zoe. And then it became a thing! Every weekend we all got together, the 3 of us would walk all over Holly. FIVE TIMES we walked on Holly. I can even remember what boots and shoes I was wearing each time, even though it was over a year ago. I can even remember what boots and shoes Lucy and Zoe wore on each occasion, too. We thought it was hilarious. Great fun! We would be almost wetting ourselves we were laughing so much." Kelly looked very serious as she said "But we were bitches. Sometimes Holly was crying and we'd just laugh and keep dancing on her...or jumping on her...whatever...
    any time Holly made a sound like it hurt, we would laugh our asses off and try to stomp out another sound from her. Eighteen year old girls can be very cruel! I think I've changed a lot since then, I'm not a mean girl anymore" Kelly said as she watched me sucking on the heel of her Converse.
    I asked Kelly "So,...that first did Lucy get Holly to let all of you walk on her?"
    Kelly looked embarrassed. "Nah, it's a long story."
    I replied "I'm not going anywhere for a while. And now I'm dying to know the story. Please, Kelly???" (I'd finished cleaning the second Converse but continued sucking on the white rubber anyway, as I hoped Kelly would tell me about her and two other girls walking on their friend Holly.)
    Kelly stared at me for a while, then said "OK. I'll tell you. But you have to promise you'll never tell anyone else this story." I quickly promised to never tell a soul.
    Kelly slowly began, "OK. Holly, was the youngest of us four. Only by a few months. We'd all gone to high school together. Holly was really nice. She was kind of small. Petite! She was beautiful. Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect skin. Her dad was really rich. They lived in a big mansion. Did I say Holly was soooo nice? Seriously, she would do anything for her friends. Anyway....we all went out to the local nightclub 'Dakota' for Holly's 18th birthday. Holly hadn't been to a nightclub before. She got really drunk and vomited on the dance floor. The bouncers kicked her out and we all left with her. Holly felt bad that she'd ruined our night. We walked home and we took a shortcut across this park. It had been pretty wet and there were muddy patches to avoid. Lucy, Zoe and I were doing a good job of avoiding the muddy patches, but Holly was really drunk and ended up falling over....backwards....into this big patch of mud. Yuck! We were all laughing our heads off. So, Holly gets herself out of the mud and off we go again. Holly keeps apologising for ruining our night, the whole time. We get to this path beside the football ground fence and it's only about 3 metres wide. Well it's ALL muddy for about a metre or two. There's no way we can get across the mud without our boots getting covered in mud! Lucy talks Holly into carrying us across the mud, one at a time, to make up for vomiting and making us leave early. So Lucy gets on Holly's back...Holly's going to piggyback her across. Already I'm pissing myself laughing. Before they even get to the mud, Holly falls forward. Luce manages to land on her feet but I could tell she wasn't happy. Lucy tells Holly off, saying she could've been injured, or ended up in the mud. Holly keeps saying sorry, she's almost in tears. Lucy then notices she's got mud all down her front" Kelly started laughing at this "When Holly fell in the mud earlier she got mud all over her back. So when Lucy got on for a piggyback, she got mud all over her. Lucy is NOT happy about this. She tells Holly she has an idea...since Holly's back is already muddy, and since she owes everyone for ruining their night out...she should lie down in the mud and let us step on her to get across the mud. She'll be our bridge! Holly doesn't want to, she says she'll piggyback us across instead, but Lucy points out that her back is covered in mud so that's no good. Reluctantly, Holly goes to lie in the mud. Lucy tells her to lie next to the fence so we can hold onto it for balance. So Holly actually lays down on her the let us step on her so our boots don't get muddy!!! Can you believe it? So Lucy goes and steps onto Holly's legs and walks up to stand on her stomach, then turns around to face me and Zoe. We all crack up laughing. She tells us to get on Holly too. Holly goes "Hang on, one at a time" but Lucy ignores her and tells us to hop on. Well, Lucy is not even 50kg, and she's wearing her Doc Marten boots, but Zoe's a bit heavier and wearing cowboy boots and I'm even heavier and I was wearing my blue ankle boots, you know.....the ones I was wearing on Monday when I sprained my ankle. So we're not sure if we should step on Holly or not. Holly asks Lucy to walk across and step off, so Lucy tells her she'll get off when she's ready and starts jumping up and down on her stomach. Zoe tells Lucy not to jump on Holly. Luce tells Zoe to get on as well, that once we get on she'll hop off. So Zoe gets on too, walks up Holly's legs. Lucy moves onto Holly's chest and Zoe stands on Hollys stomach. Lucy starts stepping around on Holly's breasts. Zoe asks her to walk across and get off, but Lucy says no. Zoe's looking at her brown cowboy boots sinking into Holly's stomach. Holly's making little sounds. I'm watching Lucy having a ball walking around on Holly's chest, Zoe's Cuban heels are right in Hol's stomach. Lucy yells to me that I should get on too. So I do. To start with, I was trying to step just with the front of my boots and not with the heel. I get to Holly's thighs, hips, and I ask Lucy to move down. Lucy puts one foot on Holly's face, and I hear Holly go 'Nooooo!' but then Lucy put her other foot on as well, and covered Hollys mouth. Zoe moved onto Hol's chest and her cowboy boots were there on Holly's breasts. I stepped onto Holly's stomach and my feet sank in, and I lost my balance slightly, and my heels went in. I told Lucy to get off her so we could all move through and get off, and Zoe told Luce the same thing. Lucy started bouncing on Holly's face and laughing, then she said to me and Zoe 'If you don't want to stand on Holly, then get off! Just step off where you are and walk through the mud!' I felt really bad for Holly but I didn't want to get my boots all muddy, so I stayed there on her stomach. I didn't even try to lift my weight up off my heels, just stood there. Zoe must've thought the same as me, didn't want to stand on Holly, but... also didn't want to get her boots dirty. Poor Holly. So Lucy tells us if we bounce up and down on Holly she'll get off and then we can all step off. So Zoe starts bouncing on Holly's chest, and when Lucy tells her to go higher, Zoe starts jumping about 12 inches in the air and slamming those boots down into Holly's chest. Lucy tells me to bounce on her, so I start jumping as well, and to be honest I kind of liked how it felt. And then Lucy starts jumping on Holly's face. We all started laughing, and ended up facing the fence and looking at each other. We all looked like we were having fun. I don't know how long we jumped on Hol, but I guess maybe 5 minutes. Then Lucy said that was enough and jumped off Holly's face onto the dryer ground. Zoe stepped onto Holly's face and I remember her saying 'I'm standing on someone's face. Yeeha!' and laughing like mad before jumping off to join Lucy. I stood on Holly's chest and couldn't believe I was crushing Holly's tits under my boots. I looked down at Hol's beautiful little face and she was crying, but I stepped on her face anyway, trying to just step with the sole, not the heel, but there was some heel on her face anyway. Before I jumped off, I could hear Holly whimpering under my feet. I thought it was funny, her family was so rich, and here I was...standing on her face. With my boots on!" I jumped off and Holly just lay there in the mud crying. Lucy told Holly to get up or we'd all walk on her again. Holly got up very quickly!"
    Kelly started laughing, while I continued licking the toe of her Converse sneaker.
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    That was quite the intense experience for Holly! Sounds like Kelly's boss may be in for a rough time if he gets used by Kelly, Lucy, and Zoe.
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    I've been a member since 2001 and this is one of the best stories I've read in a long time. This story can go in so many more directions. Love the story within a story too! Brilliant! Keep it rolling, this should be a classic.

    On another note; is there any way to access the story archives? Shame they took the away. It was a GREAT resource!
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    Very hot....... a story within the F/F :)

    This story could turn out to be a classic.
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    Part 17
    I stopped licking Kelly's sneaker and asked if she was happy with the cleaning job. Kelly put her right foot on my face while she inspected her sneaker, and said "Yeah, that's great. I really hadn't expected you to get them so clean." Kelly moved her chair back to allow me to get out from under her desk. I edged my way out, and was about to stand up, when Kelly saw Fiona (one of the professional staff) about to enter our office. Fiona was 24 and was gorgeous - slim, tanned and with brown hair. Kelly used her feet to push me back under the desk and rolled her chair forward. I was soon back under Kelly's desk but lying on my back this time. Kelly sat with one foot on my chest and the other on the floor, but with the sole pressing against my cheek.
    Fiona walked to Kelly's desk and leant over the partition to hand Kelly a bundle of files for processing. Fiona noticed Kelly's brown boots sitting on her desk and asked if they were new. Kelly said "Yes, I just got them last night. Do you like them?" Fiona said she loved the new boots and asked where Kelly bought them, and how much they cost. Kelly and Fiona chatted away about boots, and about Kelly's new jacket. While they were chatting, Kelly was using me as a footrest, sometimes resting her right foot on my throat, sometimes resting both feet on my face, and sometimes rubbing the soles of her Converse into my face. Fiona asked Kelly if her feet were sore. Kelly said "No. Why do you ask?" and Fiona said she thought that might be why Kelly had taken her boots off. Kelly said she just wanted to break in her new boots slowly throughout the day. Fiona told Kelly that she likes to wear heels but they make her feet sore. Kelly said "Really? But you wear heels every day."
    Fiona explained that any time she is alone in her office, she takes off her heels. They told each other what their plans were for the weekend, and then moved on to talking about reality TV shows. At one stage, Kelly lifted her left foot to touch the desk, then dropped it down heavily onto my face. Then Kelly did the same thing, but this time with her right foot. Kelly slowly repeated this a further 8 times (4 times with each foot). After about 20 minutes, Fiona said she had to go back to her office and do some work, and left.
    Kelly rolled her chair back, but kept her feet on my face.
    Kelly began rubbing her sneakers' soles on my face, and asked with a grin, "Do you mind if I keep my feet on you for a bit longer? It'll be the last time I get to use you as a footrest, so I want to make the most of it."
    I replied "Sure, you can do whatever you want, on one condition....while you're using my face as your footrest, you have to tell me about the other times you and your friends walked on Holly."
    Kelly said "OK. I'll tell you about the second time. It was on the following Saturday night. We didn't go anywhere, we all sat around drinking at Holly's. Her parents were at a wedding or something and wouldn't be home til late. I'd been real worried Holly might've told her parents about us stepping on her. This was the first time we'd seen Holly since the previous weekend. I'd spoken to her on the phone, but she didn't mention being used as our bridge, and I certainly wasn't going to bring it up. But after we'd all had a few drinks, Holly raised the subject herself. She asked us if we'd told anyone about walking on her last week. It turned out none of us had said anything about it to anyone,...I guess we all felt a little ashamed. And then Holly asked us not to ever tell anyone, as she would die from embarrassment. Well I immediately promised not to tell anyone, and so did Zoe. But Lucy..... well Lucy just said she would think about it. Holly started panicking and started pleading with Lucy not to tell anyone. That's when Lucy offered Holly a deal....we wouldn't tell anyone about last Saturday, if Holly would let us stand on her again tonight! Holly said no straight away and then told us that she had bruises on her face, chest and stomach most of the week from when we jumped on her. Lucy gave Holly her word that we wouldn't jump on her tonight, and then pointed out that last week we'd been wearing boots, but tonight we were all wearing sneakers (which hadn't been planned or anything, it was just that we'd dressed for comfort because we weren't going out). I didn't say anything but I was kind of hoping Holly would say yes. Holly asked Lucy, "So if I let you all stand on me, you won't ever tell anyone about last week?" Lucy gave Holly her word and Holly reluctantly agreed to let us stand on her again. Lucy told Hol to lay on the floor behind the sofa. Luce was the first to step onto her. She stood on her stomach. Lucy was wearing Nike shocks, and I could see Holly looked relieved at how Lucy's weight felt in those sneakers. Next, Zoe stepped onto Holly's chest. Zoe was wearing white Adidas Superstar shell toes with blue stripes. Holly seemed to be struggling now, under their combined weight. There wasn't much room left for me. I asked Lucy where I should stand. Lucy told me "You can stand on her legs, or her face. Your choice."
    Holly quickly interrupted "Please don't stand on my face tonight." I looked back and forth, from Holly's legs to her face. I gave Holly the most sympathetic look I could muster, and said 'Sorry Hol' and then stepped up onto her face. Actually, I was wearing these very same Converse." Kelly began twisting her heels into my face, her left heel pressing into my eye, and her right heel pressing into my mouth, and said "Of course,...we'd had a few drinks....I mean I wouldn't have stepped on Hol's face if I'd been sober" as she placed her sneaker soles flat on my face and began tapping her feet on my face, and continued her story.
    "So we were giggling and gingerly stepping around on Holly. I twisted on the balls of my feet to face Zoe and Luce, and as I did, Holly did this little whimper. We all heard it and started laughing. Lucy started twisting on Holly's stomach, but Holly didn't make the sound again. And the same when Zoe twisted her feet around on Hol's chest. Lucy told me to twist on her face again to see if I could get her to make that sound again. So I did. And on the 4th or 5th twist, Holly made the sound again. We all laughed our heads off, and Lucy said "She's like a squeaky toy! Do it again, Kell!" So I did,...I twisted my feet back and forth on Holly's face, trying to get that sound again but it was no good, and then we heard this little pulsing sound coming from under my feet. We all stopped and listened. Zoe said "I think she's crying." And she was! Holly was making these little sobbing sounds. It was kind of sad. And I felt like it was partly my fault, so I stopped laughing and stepped off her face. I knelt beside Holly and said 'Sorry Hol. Are you OK?", but she didn't answer, just gave me this pathetic look. I was trying not to laugh, cos she had all these impressions from my sneakers all over her face,...the diamond pattern, plus the straight line bits as well. It looked so funny, seeing my footprints covering every inch of her face and I couldn't hold it in any longer...I burst out laughing. And then Lucy asked me to pass her can of scotch and coke to her. So I passed Lucy her drink, then gave Zoe hers as well. Lucy told me to put on some music, so I put on a CD of mixed tracks Holly had burnt, grabbed my own drink and went back to Holly's face. As the opening of David Bowie's Let's Dance began to play, I said "Sorry Hol" and stepped back up onto her frightened face. Lucy began to dance around on Hollys stomach, one hand holding the sofa for balance and the other holding her drink. Zoe started dancing as well, on Holly's chest, every so often stepping briefly on Holly's neck with her left heel or the outside of her foot. I could feel Holly struggling under my feet as she brought her hands up to try to push Zoe's left foot away from her neck. Holly's efforts were so feeble and gentle, and Zoe was bouncing around on her like she was just the dance floor, was hopeless, I was in tears of laughter it was so funny. As the song ended, Lucy told me to join in and have a dance. I said I didn't think Holly could take me dancing on her face...I was 57kg at the time. Lucy yelled "Who cares!!!", as 'Kids in America' by Kim Wilde began to play. Lucy continued, "We promised not to jump on her, but she never said we couldn't dance on her!" and we all laughed. I nodded and began to sing along, as I bounced around on Hol's face, trying not to spill my drink or lose my balance. I wondered if the way we were bouncing up and down on her might be classified as jumping, which we'd promised not to do, but then got into the music and kind of forgot about Holly under my feet. The next track was another Kim Wilde song, 'Chequered Love' and I thought Holly must be really into retro music, and was hoping there would be some more modern tunes on the CD. It was a quicker song, and as I danced and my feet pounded down on Hol's face, I felt so sorry for Holly but there was really nothing I could do, and I just kept stomping around on her face. The poor thing." Kelly looked remorseful for a moment, then laughed and said "At least I was only wearing my Converse, and not boots!" and stomped her feet up and down on my face about 12 times and asked "These soles are nice and soft, don't you think?" as she giggled.
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    Fantastic.....please keep going :)

    And Thank You.
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    Part 18
    Kelly said "Anyway, when the song ended I spotted Lucy standing a few metres away with her camera, taking photos of me and Zoe standing on Holly. I was so into dancing on Holly that I hadn't even noticed Lucy go get her camera. Lucy often took photos of our group,...I was so glad we were gonna actually have photos of us standing on Holly.
    A Queen song came on, 'Another One Bites The Dust' and I found myself stomping around on Holly's face, while Luce snapped plenty of pics of it all. As the song was ending, Lucy asked me to swap, so I stepped down and took the camera. Lucy did a little jump onto Holly's face, and as The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love' started up, Lucy began to dance around on Holly's face. I took a few photos and was amazed at how hot Lucy looked dancing on Holly's face. Lucy's not even 50kg, and she's absolutely gorgeous....her family are Italian so she's got great skin, beautiful black hair, and her eyes and smile are incredible. Zoe looked great too. Zoe's blond and always looks stunning, she's several inches shorter than me and weighs about 53kg. I wondered if I had looked hot when I was on Holly, and was looking forward to seeing the photos to see how I looked. Lucy beckoned me closer and then said 'Close-up!' as she pointed down at her feet. Lucy was laughing as she positioned the back corner of her Nike Shocks sneaker on Holly's eye. I bent down to take the photo and Lucy pressed her foot hard into Holly's eye. I took a couple of photos of Lucy's heel in Hol's eye. I wondered whether the light blue 'shock absorber' under Lucy's heel made it less painful for Holly, or more painful. And then 'Moondance' by Van Morrison came on and Luce told me to get on Hol's stomach. Funny thing is, now whenever I hear one of the songs that we played that night, it brings back memories of dancing on Holly. We all danced on Holly, and Holly didn't say anything, and she didn't really struggle, so I guess she was just enduring it all and hoping it would be over soon. But the next song was another Queen song, 'We will rock you', and we stamped our feet to the beat,....all over poor little Holly. I was really impressed by how much punishment Holly was able to take. We swapped around a few more times to make sure we each got a turn on her stomach, chest and head. The music kept playing - The Ramones, Blondie, The Clash, The Pretenders, Stray Cats, and more - and we kept dancing. And then this song came on, by Van Halen called 'Jump', do you know it? Zoe was on Holly's face, I was on her chest and Luce was on her stomach. So we started jumping whenever the song said the word 'jump'. Next thing, I see Lucy walk to the other side of the sofa, step up, and onto the back of the sofa, and as the song came to 'Jump!' Lucy jumped off the sofa and onto Holly's stomach. Lucy was laughing but I was scared she'd really hurt Holly. Lucy wanted me to jump off the sofa onto Holly, and Lucy and I stood up on the sofa together....but I was too chicken to jump on Holly from that high up. Lucy jumped onto Holly's stomach again, and stood there on Holly's stomach, laughing her head off. Zoe said "Can I have a turn?" and Lucy stood on Holly's chest to keep her in place, while Zoe went around to step onto the sofa. As Zoe stood on the back of the sofa, she was laughing sooo much. I looked down at Holly and she was looking at Zoe...she looked really sad, I guess she was sad that her friends were actually having so much fun dancing and jumping on her. And then Zoe launched herself off the sofa, tucking her feet behind her as she jumped upwards, before extending her legs on the way down, and slamming into Holly's stomach, laughing the whole time. Holly doubled up, causing Lucy to lose her footing and end up with one foot on the floor and one foot on Holly's stomach. Zoe had bounced off Holly after impact. Holly turned to the side and vomited all over the floor. Holly vomited again and again. We all kept our distance, but when the Queen song 'We Are The Champions' came on, Zoe walked over to Holly, who was lying on the floor crying, with her head in the pool of vomit. Zoe put her right foot on the side of Holly's head, and pressed down while striking a victory pose and flexing her biceps, while singing 'No time for losers, cos we are the Champions'. Lucy grabbed her camera and took a few photos. When the song finished, Zoe announced "I am the champion. Finished her off with one jump!" and burst out laughing. Lucy was laughing too, but I could tell she was jealous ....she said to Zoe "Only because I'd already softened her up with my jumps!" Zoe took her foot off Holly's head. Holly just lay there crying.
    We turned off the music and went and sat on the sofa to continue drinking. After about ten minutes, Holly stopped crying and got up from the floor. She cleaned up all the vomit, without saying a word to us. And then she went and had a shower. When she came back, Holly quietly said to Lucy "You promised you wouldn't jump on me."
    Lucy smiled at Holly and said "We weren't jumping, we were dancing", and we all laughed. Well, except for Holly....she looked like she was about to cry....again! Holly said to Lucy "So, I let you all 'dance' on me, that's the end of it! You don't ever tell anyone about last week and the mud patch. And none of you EVER put your feet on me EVER again!!!"
    Lucy said "Yeah, we'll never step on you again, Hol. Unless you want us to."
    Holly goes "Of course I don't want you to!!! You're meant to be my friends! What sort of person dances on someone's face? And jumps on them! You could have killed me!"
    Lucy grinned at Holly, and said "Settle down Hol. We were just having a laugh. Sorry if we went too should have said should've told us to stop!"
    Holly said "Actually, I don't feel well. I think you should all go home and have a think about the way you've been treating me. If you want us to stay friends, you need to treat me like a friend and not like a punching bag!"
    We all apologised to Holly. Lucy even offered to let Holly dance and jump on her to get revenge. Holly asked Lucy if she could wear her red stilettos while she danced and jumped on her, and Lucy said she could. Holly went to her room and got her red heels and came back and put them on, looking at Lucy the whole time to see if she would chicken out. Holly stood up in those red shoes with the high pencil-thin heels and said "OK. Ready?" Lucy nodded and lay on her back in front of Holly. I said "Holly, you'll put holes in her with those shoes!" Holly just shrugged and put her left foot on Lucy's stomach. Holly began to apply more pressure to her foot, the spike heel sinking into Lucy's abs. Holly asked her "Are you ready? I'm going to stand up now."
    Lucy nodded and said "I'm ready."
    Holly looked at Lucy for about three seconds, then pulled her foot away and helped Lucy up. "Oh my God, Lucy. You were really going to let me stand on you. And in these heels! You really are a good friend." as she hugged Luce, "I could never step on you. Oh, I hope I didn't hurt you when I had my foot on your stomach. Sorry!"
    Lucy said she hadn't hurt her, and we all left Holly's home. After we'd left, I said to Lucy that I couldn't believe she was gonna let Holly walk on her with her red stilettos. Lucy laughed and said she knew Holly wouldn't be able to do it, so she called her bluff. We walked home, laughing about the night, then Zoe and I got a bit sad about not getting to step on Hol any more. Lucy just laughed, with a smug look on her face.
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    An excellent story and thank you
  11. trampleme5

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    Brilliant story and thank you for your effort
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    Wow, incredible story, one of the best I've ever read
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    Good stuff. I am anxious to read more.
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    Part 19
    Kelly rolled her chair back from the desk and took her feet off my face, saying "I can't believe I told you all of that. can't repeat any of that to anyone!"
    I said that I wouldn't tell a soul as I climbed out from under Kelly's desk. Kelly looked at me and said "Uh Oh! You've got that meeting with Angela at 3:00, and look at the state of you! You're covered in dirt!"
    I told Kelly "It'll be fine. I brought a spare shirt to work, so I'll change into that before the meeting."
    Kelly looked doubtful and asked "Did you bring a spare face as well? 'Cause your face is covered in my footprints!"
    I said I could probably just wash off any dirty footprints, but Kelly said "No, it's not just from the've got the tread of my Converse imprinted all over your face!"
    Now I was worried too. I asked Kelly "How long does it usually take to wear off and return to normal?"
    Kelly said "Well when I stood on Holly's face in these sneakers, she said it took 2 hours for my footprints to go away."
    I said "Well that's OK. And were the footprints on Holly's face as bad as the ones on my face?"
    Kelly laughed, "They were much worse, ....I was standing on Holly's face for ages, and even stamping my feet cos I was dancing. My footprints on your face are nothing compared to hers....I mean, I just rested my feet on your face. I'm surprised that I left any footprints at all." Kelly leant closer and examined the marks on my face. Kelly smiled and said "I do like seeing my footprints on your face. It's kind of a shame this is the last day of using you for stuff, cos I'd love to stand on your face one day to see what footprints I could create."
    I quickly offered "Well, if you want, you can stand on my face now, and that should leave me with enough time for the footprints to wear off before my meeting."
    Kelly giggled and said "OK. If you want me to, I will."
    I lay on my back and said "Please! Be my guest."
    Kelly said "Don't mind if I do!" and stepped up onto my face, her left foot on the right side of my face, and her right foot on the left side. Kelly's heels crushed down on my lips. My nose stuck out between her two sneakers and she shuffled her feet slightly back and forth at the sides of my nose.
    After a while, Kelly stood still on my face and said "I'm a bit bored. I might tell you about what happened with Holly the next weekend....while I'm waiting for some good footprints to develop."
    "Lucy's house was empty on the Friday night, so she invited all of us to a cocktail party at her place. We all got dressed up. When I arrived, Zoe and Holly were already there. I'd worn a black skirt with a red shirt, and was wearing my black leather heels that I'd worn to our prom. Lucy looked gorgeous in a black dress and with black suede heels, they were really high and had a platform sole at the front but with a thin spike heel at the back. Zoe was wearing a floral summer dress, which really suited her, and she was wearing metallic gold leather strappy shoes with high heels. Holly was wearing a light grey skirt with a white top and was wearing her red leather heels. We all looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself. Anyway, we mixed cocktails in the kitchen and talked about our schooldays, and just had fun. But then, after nearly 3 hours of just normal girly fun, Lucy produced some photos for us to look at. Luce passed them around, one at a time.... to me first, then I passed it to Zoe, and then it was passed to Holly. The first photos were of us all at the beach, then there were some photos of us at the cafe. We were all really enjoying ourselves looking at the photos. But when Lucy handed me the next photo, I almost died. It was of me and Zoe... ....dancing on Holly. I just stared at it, until Lucy said to pass the photo to Zoe. When Zoe looked at the picture she seemed a bit shocked, too.
    Holly was laughing and happy as she asked Zoe to pass the next photo, but Zoe was reluctant to pass it to her. I looked at Lucy, and she was smiling with her eyes sparkling mischievously. She seemed to be enjoying the situation. Zoe finally handed the photo to Holly saying "Sorry Holly."
    When Holly saw the photo, her jaw dropped open. She looked like she'd just been punched in the face. The room was totally silent as Holly stared at the photo. Holly looked at Lucy and said "I hadn't realised that you actually took photos last week."
    Lucy was laughing and said of course she took photos. Holly looked back at the photo and just stared at it. A tear rolled down Holly's cheek. We sat in silence for a minute, maybe two. It was soooo awkward!
    And then Holly ripped up the photo, and asked if there were any more. Lucy said there were another 12 photos. Holly told Lucy to give the photos to her, but Luce just told Holly to calm down, and told her she was over-reacting. Holly told Luce that if she didn't hand over the photos, then the friendship was over. Lucy just laughed, and told Holly 'I'm happy to give you the photos, but what will you do for us in return?'
    Holly glared at Lucy, who was smiling smugly, and asked 'What do you want, in exchange for the photos?'
    Lucy shrugged and said 'Oh, I don't there anything you'd like to offer as an exchange?'
    Holly said 'Do you want money? Is that it? How much do you want?'
    Lucy goes 'We don't want your money. Maybe there's something you'd like to do for us?' and started laughing.
    Holly rolled her eyes and said 'Just say what it is you want, Lucy!'
    Lucy laughed and said 'Weeeelllll.... I suppose if you wanted us to stand on you one last time, then I guess I'd be prepared to hand over the photos.'
    Holly snapped 'Forget it! No way would I let you bitches walk on me again!', and grabbed her bag.
    Lucy said 'OK, fine. Obviously you won't mind then, if I send these photos to all the girls from our old school, and to your parents, and pin them on the noticeboards all around your College?'
    Holly looked defeated. She just stood there for a minute, considering her options. And then Holly said 'OK. But please not with your heels on. Please!'
    Lucy smirked, 'So you actually want us to walk on you again?'
    Holly nodded and looked at the floor.
    Lucy said 'Well say it then....ask us to walk on you.'
    Holly, red faced with humiliation, asked us 'Lucy, Kelly, Zoe, will you please walk on me?' Zoe started laughing.
    Lucy, giggling, told her 'Of course we'll do that for you, Holly...', and gestured to the floor beside the kitchen bench, '...if you'd like to lie down here and make yourself comfortable.'
    Holly lay down on her back and Zoe placed her gold strappy heel on Holly's chest, but Lucy said we should take our shoes off and walk on Holly barefoot.
    It was a hot sweaty night,...I think all of our feet were pretty stinky. Lucy was first to remove her shoes and hopped up onto Holly's face. I watched Lucy twisting and rubbing her sweaty feet all over Holly's face, as I removed my shoes. I stood on Holly's chest and watched Luce grinding her cute little feet all over Holly's face. And then Lucy started tapping her perfect little toes into Hol's eyes. Lucy dug her toes in and said 'You know, Holly, that wasn't very nice when you called us bitches earlier.'
    Zoe, having unbuckled and removed her shoes, jumped up and landed onto Holly's stomach. Holding onto the bench, Zoe began running on Hol's stomach like it was a treadmill. She was pumping her legs really fast, so her feet were just slamming up and down on Hol.
    Lucy, with her toes right in Holly's eyes, lifted her heels up, adding to the pressure. Holly started making these sounds 'ow ow ow!', but Lucy continued to add pressure, lifting the balls of her feet as well so that all of her weight was on her toes....and those toes were on Holly's eyeballs. I couldn't stop laughing. It looked awesome!'
    Holly kept begging Luce to stop. After about 30 seconds, Lucy dropped her heels back down on Holly's face and raised her toes from Hol's eyes.
    I was standing on Holly's chest, just wiping my sweaty feet, and I could feel her chest heaving as if she was crying. I told Luce I thought Hol was crying, so Luce lifted her left foot and felt at Hol's right eye with her toes. Lucy started laughing 'Yeah, she is crying! Here Holly, I'll wipe your tears away with my toes. No need to thank me!'
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  15. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    Wonderful,Wonderful Story .......Many Thanks,would love to see Holly made to Worship the Hunter Wellies!!!!
  16. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Another great update! I'm assuming the latest trampling of Holly didn't end there.
  17. chunk301

    chunk301 Member

    It's time the boss met Lucy. More foot worship please.
  18. andybis

    andybis Senior Facetrampld Member

    wowowow!! Great story!! Congratulations!
  19. bdb844lg

    bdb844lg Member

    One of the best story series I've read here. Wonderful plot & character development.

    I think most of us would love to trade places with that guy !
  20. Wasabi

    Wasabi Active Member

    Part 20
    Kelly continued her story while she was standing on my face in her black Converse hightops.
    "When Lucy got bored with scrunching her toes around in Holly's eyes (under the pretext of wiping away Hol's tears), Lucy shuffled around so her right foot was on Holly's forehead. And then she put her big toe on Holly's lips and told her to kiss it. Holly opened her mouth slightly to say no, and of course Lucy pushed her toe inside Hol's mouth."
    Kelly started laughing, "It was a hot night. Muggy and humid. So now Holly has Lucy's big toe in her mouth. Luce told me later that Holly kept her jaw closed, so all she could do was explore around Holly's teeth and gums. After a while, Lucy started ordering Holly to kiss her foot, but Holly wouldn't. Lucy thought Hol should kiss our feet as an apology for calling us bitches earlier. I agreed with Lucy....I mean, calling us bitches was a bit uncalled for. So I put my toes on Holly's throat and pressed down, but she still wouldn't kiss Lucy's foot. Lucy asked me to take her place on Holly's face and went to get her drink. I twisted my feet around on Hol's face and a few times I managed to turn almost 360°. I stopped and told Holly to kiss my foot, but still she wouldn't do it. Zoe had moved onto Holly's chest and started stamping her right foot and yelling at Holly to kiss my foot. But Holly refused to comply. I started kicking Hol in the side of the face, sometimes with the ball of my left foot, sometimes with my big toe. I probably kicked her about 20 or 30 times, but when I stopped and told her to kiss my foot, she said No!
    Zoe said 'Let me have a turn. I bet I can make her kiss my foot.' I stepped down from Holly's face and Zoe was straight on there and began jumping up and down. She stopped after ten or so jumps and told Holly to kiss her foot or she would jump on her head a hundred times....and on the last one she would jump on her head from the kitchen bench. I thought that would probably kill Holly, so I told Holly to please kiss Zoe's foot so she didn't get hurt. But she wouldn't. Then I noticed Lucy was beside me and putting on her black suede high heeled shoes, so I started putting my shoes on too. Lucy stood on Holly's stomach, with her 6 inch heels digging deep into Holly's lower stomach. I stepped up onto Holly's chest and it felt like my 5 inch heels were doing some damage. Zoe put the ball of her bare foot on Holly's mouth and said 'Last chance. Kiss it or I start jumping.' Holly gently kissed the ball of Zoe's foot. Zoe said 'Wow!' and then got so excited she started jumping up and down on Holly's face a few times anyway. Zoe then put her heel on Hol's mouth, and Holly kissed it without even being told to. Zoe moved different parts of her foot to Holly's mouth....her big toe, and each of her smaller toes, her arch, the sides of her foot, and every time Holly kissed Zoe's foot again. Lucy stepped down from Holly's stomach. I wondered if I should get off Holly too, or at least take my shoes off, but I just stayed where I was, watching Holly kissing Zoe's foot. Zoe moved around to face the other way, and gave Holly her other foot to kiss. And Holly kissed it all over without any argument.
    Finally Zoe hopped down and said 'Your turn!' to me. I lifted my left foot and removed my shoe, placing it on the kitchen bench....Holly was grunting as all of my weight was concentrated on my right foot with the heel of my shoe stabbing into her breast. I remember thinking how Holly went shopping with me when I bought these shoes, and now I was standing on her chest with the very same shoes. I placed my bare left foot on Holly's chest and took off my other shoe. I stood on Hol's chest with my right foot and put my left foot to Hol's lips. I was so surprised when she started kissing my foot over and over again. It felt soooo nice! I was laughing so hard! It tickled a bit, but I was laughing because beautiful, rich, smart and perfect little Holly was kissing my sweaty feet. Haha. And then, after a while, I swapped feet so she could kiss my right foot too.
    When I was done, Lucy took off her heels and stepped onto Holly's face.
    Holly started kissing away at Lucy's foot, while Lucy just laughed the whole time. After a while, Lucy said 'So Holly, do you take back what you said about us being bitches?' Holly said she took back what she said and apologised for calling us bitches. Lucy said 'OK. Suck my toes and we'll accept your apology.'
    Lucy said 'No Lucy. Please don't ask me to suck your toes.' Lucy had one foot across Holly's eyes, so she didn't see Lucy hand me my shoes from the kitchen bench top. I took the shoes and put them on. Lucy pointed to Holly's stomach and I stepped onto her stomach and began twisting on my heels. Lucy began telling Holly how it really upset her to be called a bitch by one of her closest friends, and that Holly needs to remember that words can really hurt, et cetera. And then I heard the sound of heels clicking on the floorboards. I turned to see Zoe, smiling gleefully as she walked to Holly in her gold high heel shoes. They were really nice shoes....a metallic gold colour, open toed, three straps across the front of her foot, and just a strap at each side of her heel, connecting to a loop around her ankle with a little buckle...the heel was 3 inches high and tapered to a narrow tip. Zoe stepped onto Holly's chest and started bouncing around, shifting direction with each bounce.
    Lucy poked at Holly's mouth with her toes and asked her 'Are you sure you don't want to suck my toes? They're awfully sweaty and I think it's only fitting that you suck them clean....kind of like having your mouth washed out with soap!' We all laughed.
    Holly opened her mouth and began sucking on Lucy's toes. (When she was kissing my feet, I was amazed how soft her lips were, so I was wondering what it must feel like to have her suck your toes. I was soooo hoping we'd all get a turn having our toes sucked.) Lucy started pushing her foot harder into Holly's mouth and Holly kept sucking away. Lucy picked up her camera from the kitchen bench and handed it to me. I stepped off Holly's stomach and took a few photos of Holly sucking on Lucy's left foot while standing across Hol's face with her other foot. I even took a close up of Holly's face, with Lucy's foot in her mouth. I also got a shot of Zoe and Lucy standing on Holly and doing peace signs for the camera. I gave the camera back to Lucy and she put it back on the kitchen counter. Lucy then took her foot out of Holly's mouth and changed direction on her face to push the toe of her other foot inside Holly's mouth. Holly sucked on Lucy's toes again until eventually Luce had had enough, and said 'Thank you Holly, that was most refreshing. Now let that be a lesson to you, unkind words do have consequences!'
    Lucy turned 180° on Holly's face and stepped down. She grabbed the camera and put it in a cupboard. I was standing next to Holly and Zoe, who was still standing on Holly's chest, and was wondering if I should tell Holly to suck my toes as well. Lucy told Zoe to get off Holly, saying 'Holly's been punished for her mean and hurtful comment. I'm sure she won't call us slanderous names again.'
    Zoe stepped off and Lucy helped Holly up, asking if she was OK, and could she get her anything. Lucy helped Holly to an armchair and fetched her a drink. Holly sat there, dazed by it all. Lucy brought the photos over to Holly, sat on the arm of the chair, and said 'A deal is a deal. Here are the photos. They're yours now. Rip them up if you want. I just want to tell you how much I admire the way you've been able to withstand the treatment we've dished out over the last two weeks. You're one tough chick, Holly McKinley!! Come on, let's give Holly a round of applause for being such a good sport!' and we all clapped. Holly looked at the photos from last week. There was me and Zoe dancing on her, me in my Converse on her face and Zoe in her Adidas on her chest. There were photos of Lucy and Zoe dancing on her, this time with Lucy on her face. There were close up shots of the heel of Lucy's Nike Shocks digging into Holly's eye. And lastly, there were some shots of Holly lying with her head in a pool of vomit, while Zoe stands with her foot on her head in a victory pose. Holly looked pretty sad as she looked at the photos, and we were all saying things like 'Sorry Hol, I know we got carried away' and 'I feel really bad about everything, Hol' to try and make her feel a bit better. Lucy told Hol she should rip the photos up and we should all just go back to how things were before. Then she said to Holly 'You know, you're partly to blame for this too. Two weeks ago, why did you lie down in the mud and let us walk on you? I mean, who lies in mud to let their friends walk all over them to avoid getting mud on their boots? You must've known we would totally seize an opportunity like that! Be honest Hol, if instead of you, some guy had laid down in the mud to let us walk over him and not get our boots dirty, wouldn't you have jumped up and down on him the same as the rest of us? And if the following week, he offered to let you walk on him, in exchange for keeping it a secret, wouldn't you have danced on him too?' Holly didn't answer, and Lucy added 'Just think about that for an hour or so....then give me your honest answer, Hol.'
    I sat listening, and wondered whether Holly would have stepped on some guy in the same circumstances. I was a bit disappointed about not getting my toes sucked.....that's why I jumped at the chance to have you suck my feet yesterday! The cocktail party continued, with Holly occasionally griping about heel marks on her top, and on her body, and about soreness in her face, chest and stomach, et cetera, which was getting really annoying."
    Kelly stopped her story there, and lifted her right Converse from my face, then removed her left foot as well. Kelly leant forward to look at my face and started laughing. "That is freakin awesome! You have two perfect imprints of my sneakers on your face. I love it!!" Kelly lightly stroked my cheek with her index and middle fingers, to see how it felt, and started laughing again. "Now, don't forget you still have to clean the soles! And while you're doing that, I'll tell you what happened later that night."
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