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Discussion in 'Tales from the Dark Side' started by Madame Femdom, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Hello all,

    I open this thread to discuss about a fetish I write about. The Last Orgasm serum.

    Take a look at my blog The place where I write stories about this extreme yet kinky and beautiful fetish. At this moment there is only one story but soon, more will arrive.

    A story is betten than 10000 words so... enjoy my tales (don't forget to read the column at right hand side)

    Madame Femdom.

    PS: I open this thread to discuss about new ideas, contexts and comment these stories. Do not hesitate to post your thoughts.
  2. ldavalon

    ldavalon Member


    sounds like a great concept -- and one we whole-heartedly endorse for the rest of our lives... however long that is... ;-)


  3. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Thanks for this comment Lawrence. May I know which are your favorite parts?

    I am currently writing new stories about this concept. I will update this thread as soon as the new stories will be published. Your ideas / fetishes / likes are welcome! I can add them in my next chapters.
  4. davidmuleguy

    davidmuleguy Member

    Madame Femdom,

    I very much enjoyed reading your picture-illustrated story. It is elegantly written and exciting. I look forward to reading your future stories.

    I found the concept of females using males' fetishes against them to induce their unavoidable and inevitable demise through one final, life draining orgasm frightful but compelling.

    Since you have invited comments and ideas ...

    As a foot fetishist, I would very much like to see a foot-teasing/domination scene feature predominantly in one of your coming stories.

    I was thinking: Perhaps Mistress Starless could award one of her student Mistresses the prize of snuffing out the helpless foot fetishist's existence.

    Or perhaps the foot fetishist slave himself would be allowed to make his own choice: Choose the student Mistress, whose close-up bare soles he would most like to behold in his worshipful gaze in his final moments as the essence of his life-force was being so cruelly drained from him - as he was being so wickedly milked of his vitalities.
  5. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Thanks for your feedback Davidmuleguy. I appreciate your comment, coming from a guy who like this cruel demise fetish.

    For your foot fetish, do not worry. My next story (already written and ready to be published) will be predominantly about feet, nylon and footjobs. It will be published soon.

    I am also working on other scripts that will contain this fetish. Even if I don't write on demand, I am glad to add kinky details. So do not hesitate to contact me (see my blog email) and let me know your foot fetish fantasies.

    Once again, thanks for your comment.

    Madame Femdom.
  6. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Please, continue following new updates on this new blog:

    New blogspot (blogger) rules against adult content will make the old version to be closed soon...

    Thanks in advance for your time, reads, hits and likes on this new blog.
  7. davidmuleguy

    davidmuleguy Member

    Just had a quick look at your new blog site.
    I certainly think it is more reader-friendly.

    I look forward to your next story, Madame.
  8. drew34

    drew34 New Member

    I do reckon that your story is extremely hot! First of all, it is well written; then it has plenty of fetishes that lots of guys will be attracted...
    Maybe the finale is a little extreme; but as long as it is left on paper, it is alright!
  9. chunk301

    chunk301 Member

    I must have missed something. I found only one story.
  10. davidmuleguy

    davidmuleguy Member

    The hell with paper!

    What are you, some fair-weather, paper cut-out demise fetishist? Lol.

    And hey – welcome to the forum!
  11. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Thanks to all of you for these encouraging messages. For those who like it in paper, or for those who fantasize with a real experience... Enjoy it.

    A new update from a collaborating author will be published this week. I hope you will all enjoy it.

    Davidmuleguy: the foot fetish story is ready. Will be published soon.

    Chunck: blog is new... new stories will arrive little by little

    I would like to know what do you like about the serum idea...
  12. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Discovering Synthia, on Madame Femdom blog.

    A new story published on my blog. Thanks to CM for this story. I will be glad to read your comments.
  13. davidmuleguy

    davidmuleguy Member

    Madame Femdom,

    I just got around to reading Canadian Mike's face-sitting story.

    I quite enjoyed it.
    At first I was a bit concerned that a naive or mentally challenged young woman might get taken advantage of ... but all turned out well in the end.

    I look forward to reading more stories on your site.
  14. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

  15. drew34

    drew34 New Member

  16. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

  17. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

  18. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Awesome story - I look the visuals in the middle, exciting. :)
  19. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    Thanks for your comments Sauur. I am glad you enjoyed the pics and illustrations of the stories. Much appreciated.
  20. Madame Femdom

    Madame Femdom Member

    My dear readers,

    I am glad to announce you a new story on my blog: Slave brought to ashes

    I hope you will all enjoy it!

    I will be very glad to read your comments. Please, do not hesitate to enjoy this new story and let me know how you liked it.

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