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Laura´s Face Buried Between a Huge Ass -f/f

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by Karinacruel, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:16 PM.

  1. Karinacruel

    Karinacruel New Member

    Milf Joyce squeezing and smothering poor Laura´s small face and head, a really hard BBW vs small facesitting, we hope you like it, Preview video in our site: http://karinacruel.com


    Karina Cruel Productions
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  3. Sauurman

    Sauurman New Member

  4. deemixer

    deemixer New Member

    I noticed the smaller female is equipped for sitting as well. Nice.....
  5. noface

    noface Active Member

    I DO like the progression...the fist picture her pretty face is looking right at her and by the end that pretty face is WELL inside that ass!

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