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Lesbianas Esclavo películas

Discussion in 'Spanish Forum' started by bakerboy68, May 10, 2011.

  1. bakerboy68

    bakerboy68 Member

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  3. bakerboy68

    bakerboy68 Member

    nuevo: Oct. 2017


    Lesbian slave beautiful teens in bondage to their Mistress provide the perfect genetic material for an unscrupulous Doctor (Melisa Mendini) running an illegal business. She had devised methods to ensure her lesbian desires are met and to ensure compliance of her chosen sex slaves via punishments and sexual rewards. Wealthy straight women come to her clinic and are cunningly required by the Doctor to engage in sex with their sexy teen donor to mutually stimulate and synchronize their hormones. Adela appears to be the perfect donor for Mrs. Donner's needs, who is at first reluctant to engage in sex with a women but soon finds herself drawn into the lesbian seduction with great passion. Their sex play provides the Doctor with an arousing voyeuristic experience.


  4. bakerboy68

    bakerboy68 Member

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