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LezDom: Don't Let Your Boyfriend Hear!

Discussion in 'World of Visual BDSM' started by SydneyScreams, May 15, 2018.

  1. SydneyScreams

    SydneyScreams Member

    Don't Let Your Boyfriend Hear!

    "You weren't supposed to come over today!" Violet October tells her sexy domme fuck buddy, Sydney Screams. Sydney reassures Violet that they won't get caught even though Violet's boyfriend is asleep upstairs. "Just come sit in my lap and I'll just give you a little massage!" Sydney tells her. Violet obediently comes and sits in Sydney's lap, enjoying a neck rub, but Sydney's got something else up her sleeve.

    She quickly covers Violet's mouth with her hand and tells her not to make a sound. She pulls out a vibrator and places it against Violet's cunt, rubbing her pussy with it as she pulls her dress up. Violet begs her, but Sydney just keeps telling her to be quiet. Violet's eyes are rolling back soon enough and she struggles to stay quiet, moaning and whimpering as she gets closer and closer. Her legs shake and her entire body quivers as Sydney edges her on. Sydney forces Violet to cum over and over as she struggles, moaning into Sydney's hand as it tries to cover the noise.


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