Looking for Bob & Imelda Trample Videos To Buy????(Strictly Walkinf)

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by smother1, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. smother1

    smother1 New Member

    Looking to purchase old videos, Bob and imelda trampling clips.
    Or does anyone know where to buy them from?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  2. sidewalk

    sidewalk Member

    Now there was a special couple.
  3. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Well, I got 2 videos. Could that be something for you?
  4. smother1

    smother1 New Member

    Yes it could. What videos do you have?
  5. smother1

    smother1 New Member

    What videos do you have?
  6. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    They were a great couple in the trample community.
    I never met them but did have some phone calls with them.
    I bought a few video tapes from them but it was many years ago and no longer have them.
  7. Do you have “Barefootin” video?

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