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    Has anyone read any good story's where the wife force her husband to either be a toilet or to be deep throat by another man. Also to kill him off that way.

    I have been thinking about writing one but would rather read about it. I'm more into the scat part but the idea of a lady sitting on her husband's chest with is head hanging over the bed and drawing her lovers soft penis into her husband's mouth and drawing her lovers ass tightly in place as she gets her lover horny and not caring about her husband's predicament as it grows in one direction and then slowly let her lover move in and out and just as he is ready to cum pull hard on her lover so he is closer to her and whisper in his ear and say, "I'm not going to let you pull out until you pee and if he is still alive I want you to take a dump down his throat" Hmm fantasies are great

    Hmm almost a story right there.
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    ;) Any other specifics?
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    I love that fantasy! =)
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    Yeah the longer the better.;)
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    Read Chap.12 (Part. A-B-C) of my story Miss Laura (The Devil inside a niece) - Una nipote, un diavolo (It's in English and Italian)




    and in future there will be a Part D and then chap. 15

    Actually at this point of the story he is still a future husband.

    There is Scat and Deep very deep throat
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    The closest I can think off is the “Being Neighborly” by Scatwoman

    Where she is having an affair with the neighbor while her husband is licking her ass.
    He ends up as the toilet for both of them.
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    Great storie, DK-Face. Thank you.
  8. Mistress_B

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    Marriage In The Pooper

    I posted it on the site/blog.
    Let me know what you think ;)

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    yes, i'm aware of a lot of them - clips, and caption stories too if you like those - or do you mean just here in this thread? well, either way, rsvp - be happy to correspond as well.

    (anyone, is there a DM function here at the MDF? is that what "post a note" amounts to, because that seems to be a public message board. and i may well be missing something: i learn something new every day, and sadly, sometimes, it's something i learned before, or should have, and forgot ;-) )
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    ldavalon would love to know where those stories are at.
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    I loved it!! Marriage In The Pooper was great. Wish I could be Timothy. I know everyone has to die sometime but if I can chose it would be in that way. Thank you, Loved it!!!

    Oh and by the way, I would love to "test you", as long as you show no mercy.
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    No mercy eh??

    Hell hath no fury like the merciless Mistress, maliciously marvelling over SiCiAiT seizing in the septic slush, that was brought forth by her and only her..... and down upon him like no other being could ever imagine!!!

    ;) :devil: ;)
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    RSVP ??? I like them all

  14. SiCiAiT

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    ibz1987 stories are great. Mistress_B story I loved. Anymore out there anyone can think of? I even like the shrinking stories where the lady insert me opps I mean him into her ass and lift there to die.
    I read all of them at writing.com and some other ones. There was one on writing.com I loved but was taken off for some reason. Where the wife dropped me opps there I go again her husband into a condum and has her lover do her up the ass and it broke and the lover knew about it but did not tell her as she feel asleep. He was lift in there to die. Great story
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    interesting idea.
  16. SiCiAiT

    SiCiAiT My Mouth Your Ass

    I liked that one
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    Do you know where a copy of that story is?
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    Story from the old Deja News

    Husbandly Duties 1-3

    by John

    Part I

    For several years it had been building to this...My wife Jewel had
    always been slightly dominant. She enjoyed having me "wait" on her.
    I got her the newspaper, bring her drinks, etc. As time went on, she
    became more and more dominant. She enjoyed having me "do" her
    nails. On one occasion, I had just put a fresh set of dark violet on
    nails when she exclaimed, "John, I have to pee". I looked at her funny

    for a second and said "You had better go use the bathroom then". "I
    can't," she explained, "My nails will get messed up. You need to help
    me." I was still puzzled when she said, "You'll have to drink it. Face

    it John, you've been wanting to be my toilet for quite some time
    now." I was dumbfounded but before I knew it, I was kneeling down
    between her legs and removing her jeans and underwear. "Get into
    the bathroom and lay on your back," she said. "I have to use the
    toilet". I immediately got up and proceeded to do as she said. "I want

    you to position yourself with your head over the toilet bowl," she
    added. As uncomfortable as this was, I complied. She straddled the
    toilet and my face. "Start sucking my pussy and don't spill any of my
    nectar," she hissed...And with that she began pissing into my mouth.
    At first it was a slow trickle as she held back but after a few
    seconds, she started really bearing down and the piss was just
    "jetting" out of her and into my mouth as I struggled to keep up.
    After about 30 seconds, the quantity slowed down and stopped. She told
    me to keep licking while she rubbed herself against my face. "Dry me
    off now," she demanded and I wiped dry with my shirt.

    Later that day, she said, "Obviously, we both enjoy you being my
    toilet but I think you need to figure out a better seat arrangement".
    She told me to build a toilet. "The toilet should be a very short
    legged chair with a round cutout for me to sit on" she said. "Make the
    legs short enough that you can reach your head up and lick me directly
    while I do my thing!". I worked on the chair for a few days and when
    it was finished, she was very pleased with it. She had me bring it up
    into the bedroom and she placed it next to the bathroom. "Get it ready
    because I'll be needing it after my girl's night out, tonight," she
    said. She then had me help her get ready. She told me that
    she really wanted to turn some heads so I helped her pick out a really

    beautiful gold lame top which highlighted her exquisite breasts.
    Additionally, she picked out a very short black velvet skirt, and very
    tall platform high-heel pumps. She has gorgeous tan legs and does not
    need to wear stockings. "I've never seen you wear those shoes outside
    of the bedroom," I exclaimed. She replied, "I wear these when I'm
    going to have sex!" I assumed she meant when she came back. Soon after
    that, a horn beeped and she exclaimed, "Suzi's here. Be ready when I
    get back".

    About 4 hours later, I heard a car pull into the driveway. I was happy
    she was home and when she didn't come in right away, I looked outside
    and noticed that the car dropping her off was not Suzi's. The car was
    parked in the driveway for about a 1/2 hour before I heard the key
    turn in the lock and heard her coming up the stairs. "Are you ready?"
    she purred...When I hesitated, she slapped me hard in the face and
    hissed, "Get the chair, asshole. Put it in the bathroom and assume the
    position". My dick started getting hard as I imagined her sitting on
    the chair in her short skirt and pumps! I placed the chair in the
    bathroom and I took my position on the floor underneath it She
    straddled the chair and even from underneath, I noticed how swollen
    her labia was. Additionally, she was very wet to the point of
    dripping. "You like how wet I am, John?". I've been a naughty
    wife tonight. David and I were dancing all night and he was nice
    enough to drive me home. When I told him that you were my toilet, he
    suggested that you might enjoy being my douche. That's his cum that
    dripping from my cunt. NOW LICK IT UP", she yelled. I immediately
    started licking her pussy, noticing the bitter, smoky, taste from her
    sweat and his maleness. She squeezed her abdomen slightly and I was
    "rewarded" with a huge glob of semen. It was incredibly grotesque as
    it dripped into my mouth and slid down my throat. "Now you now why
    women don't like to swallow, don't you", she laughed. After a few more
    minutes of my steady licking she said, "Now get ready because I've
    been drinking all night and I really have to pee." I started licking
    and sucking her pussy and she began peeing directly
    into my mouth, sighing "That's it toilet. Drink it up. Drink David's
    cum and my piss. You're disgusting but at least you know what you want
    to do with your life!". She broke into slightly drunken laughter as
    she finished up. She had me wipe her pussy clean. She immediately
    climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

    The next day during breakfast she says, "We need to talk. It really
    makes me feel good to use you as my toilet but I feel like we're
    missing something". (Her voice trails off). "Do you feel the same
    way?", she asked. My heart was beating very fast. I was hoping she was
    leading to where I wanted to go. After a pause, I offered, "You know
    that I love you and everything about you. There is nothing about you
    that I don't worship." Hesitating a bit, she tersely said, "Be
    specific. I need to know if we're on the same wavelength". I replied,
    "Well I guess since I'm drinking your piss, It's not beyond reason for
    me to be eating your shit!" My heart was beating wildly as I was
    talking and I became aware of a lump in my pants. "John,
    I'm glad you and I see eye to eye, or should I say ass to mouth", she
    giggled. Looking down at the lump in my pants she exclaimed, "I see it

    also turns you on to think about me emptying my bowels into your
    mouth!" I then noticed that she was eating her cereal and drinking a
    cup of coffee, a ritual that always precedes a trip to the bathroom.
    She glared at me for a few seconds and as if reading my mind states,
    "Yes, it's almost time. Why don't you get the chair ready". I
    scurried up the stairs and got the chair and positioned myself under
    it. A few minutes later, I heard her coming up the stairs and walking
    towards the bathroom. My heart was beating a steady crescendo! She
    calmly slipped off her panties, bent over and picked up an issue of
    Cosmo, lit a cigarette, and plopped her ass down into the chair. This
    time, she was not straddling the chair but was sitting in a normal
    position. I noticed that the cutout spreads her cheeks and opened
    her beautiful anus right above my face. "Start licking my ass", she
    said. I began licking and tonguing her asshole. "Now suck it and don't
    spill any. I have the feeling that this is going to be really ripe !",
    she laughed. It started with a fart of gas followed by a thick, dark,
    ugly, foul smelling log. "Swallow it quickly", she groaned. I bit into
    the first chunky slab and enjoyed the way it felt as I pressed
    compressed it with my tongue. Unfortunately, she was shitting a very
    large quantity and very quickly it spilled out of my mouth and rolled
    off of my face and onto the floor. "You idiot, I told you to swallow
    it quickly. Now keep eating!". "Inhale it if you have to.", she
    grunted and another smaller log reared it's ugly head. "Suck
    it out of my ass, quickly", she yelled. I raised my head slightly,
    deep-throating the turd, and started sucking the rest of it from her
    ass. At this point her rich bowel movement was beginning to be too
    much for me and it was all I could do to keep from retching all over
    her ass and myself. "Chew it!" she said. I began chewing and feeling
    nauseous began to be repulsed at the taste, smell, and texture or her
    excrement. Nonetheless, my dick belied my true feelings. "I've never
    seen your dick this hard before," she teases. "It looks like the only
    way you can be a real man is to eat my shit." "Maybe
    the next time David and I get together, you can watch me fuck a real
    man. I know you'll enjoy eating his shit too ". She laughed followed
    by a grunt and squeezed off another chunk directly into my mouth.
    "Don't swallow this one right away" she said. "I want you to savor the
    taste. I'm going to make you a SHIT-CONNOISSEUR. I want you to be
    able to tell me what I had for lunch or dinner by the taste of my
    shit," she laughed. She stood up and watched me grimace. "Swish it
    around in your mouth and enjoy the bouquet," she said with an impish
    grin. This went on for about a minute when she uttered, "Uh-Oh. I'm
    really not feeling well this morning. I guess all that beer last
    night has given me diarrhea." She groaned and said, "Get
    ready for a torrential downpour" and then sat back down on the chair.
    I immediately positioned myself so that my mouth is directly
    underneath her asshole and like a young bird waiting to be fed, I
    opened my mouth wide. She grunted again and blasted a large amount of
    liquid fudge into my mouth, splattering it all over my face. The
    initial blast is followed by her grunting and a continual stream of an
    acrid tasting, foul smelling, light brown mess, about the consistency
    of chocolate pudding. My mouth filled up quickly and I was swallowing
    as fast as I could, attempting to time my swallowing with her bowel
    movements. This went on for about 30 seconds but it seems like much
    longer as it was the most disgusting thing I have ever done.

    "Ahhhhhhhh", she exclaimed. "I feel so much better.". She pulled some
    toilet paper off the roll and begins wiping her ass. I felt relieved
    since I was on the verge of throwing up. I started to slide out from
    under the chair when she kicked me in the balls and said, "Where are
    you going? You're not finished. Get back under the chair and keep your
    mouth open until I tell you to it's OK to close it." She then wiped
    her ass and reached down and stuffed the toilet paper into my mouth.
    "Eat it. A toilet flushes anything that's put in it. Don't get stopped
    up and force me to use a plunger on you now !" she yelled. She wiped
    herself a second time and again, stuffed the toilet paper into my
    mouth and said, "Chew it". Finally, I was optimistic about getting out
    from under the chair. At that point she cheerfully said,
    "Keep your mouth open darling" and proceeded to drop her lit cigarette

    into my mouth. It burned the hell out of my tongue but I knew better
    than to protest and I grudgingly chewed and swallowed it. "Now roll
    over and eat the shit that you spilled onto the floor". I rolled over
    and began to eat it, slowly at first and then realized that it's
    better to get it all over with at once so I stuck my tongue between it
    and the floor and sucked the entire log into my mouth. She laughed and
    clapped. "Now, Lick up the runny shit that you so rudely didn't eat!"
    I started licking and felt her foot on the back of my head as she
    pressed my face into the floor and her runny shit. I was
    licking and sucking as well as I could. "Good, you're not only a
    toilet but you also function as a vacuum cleaner. I'll have to
    remember that when I need the floors cleaned. Make sure you clean
    up." She then turned around and left to go to work.

    The following Friday, she came home from work and we went out to eat.
    During dinner, she had only eaten part of her food and I asked her
    what was wrong. She explained "I had a huge Mexican lunch today and I
    really need to use the bathroom." I suggested that she use the
    bathroom in the restaurant so that she would be able to finish her
    dinner but she just glared at me while she picked at her food.
    Eventually, she ate the entire meal and then firmly stated, "Pay the
    check immediately. I have to go really bad". I flagged down the
    waiter, told him we were in a hurry and paid the bill and
    we immediately left. "I don't know if I can wait", she said as we're
    walking towards the car. "What do you want to do?", I asked. She said,
    "Hurry. Let's duck into this alley. It looks empty." We went about 100
    yards into the alley when she grabbed by the arm and firmly says, "Lie
    down right now. I can't wait any longer." I got down on my back and
    she hiked up her skirt and pulled off her panties. She straddled my
    head, facing away from my legs, her asshole positioned against my
    mouth. "Open your mouth toilet. Since you spilled so much last time,
    I'm going to hold you into position so that you cannot spill any this
    time." She reached down underneath my head with both hands and pulled
    my head up firmly and said, "Make a suction around my asshole." In a
    sexy whisper, she added, ".And don't forget to thank Goddess for the
    blessing with which you are about to receive". Immediately, I felt her
    asshole shake and pucker and a discharge of gas followed by a massive
    amount of shit started flowing from her ass. It was coming out too
    fast again but she was holding my head so tight to her anus that it
    had nowhere to go but into my mouth and down my
    throat. I started shaking and convulsing but she only gripped my head
    tighter. I could feel her bearing down even more. A huge discharge of
    gas powered a tremendous log of shit into my mouth and at this point I
    was simply gulping it down without swallowing. I started kicking since
    my nose was closed off and my mouth was so full of her slimy waste,
    that I couldn't breath. She still held on tight, bearing down so hard
    that I can't get any air. "Finish it", she grunted. "I'll let you up
    when you have swallowed it all". I was getting dizzy but was chewing
    as fast as I could. Finally, she lifted her ass off of my face
    slightly and orders, "Lick me clean". She bent
    over and I sucked her asshole wildly, licking all the gooey shit that
    is clinging to the hair around her asshole. Finally, she grabbed the
    tail of my shirt and wiped herself off. Reaching into her purse, she
    pulled a 20 dollar bill out, pressed it onto my shit-stained face and
    said, "Take a cab home. You're not getting into our car smelling like
    that". She turned and walked away, her sexy ass swaying as she walked
    towards the car.

    >From that point on, I was her complete toilet. Whenever we were both
    home, I would eat all her shit and drink all her piss. She made sure I
    was home on time too. A couple times during the week she went out and
    would come back well fucked and I would be required to act as her
    douche. She told most of her friends about my toilet duties but most
    didn't believe it until her friend Suzi came home with her one day
    after work and witnessed
    it herself. The two of them sat around watching TV and gorging
    themselves on chips and salsa and took turns shitting into my mouth. I
    loved every moment of it.


    Husbandly Duties Pt II

    In my last posting, I explained how my wife Jewel had turned me into
    her toilet slave. Jewel had me build a special toilet chair which had
    very short legs, a hole in the seat, and was just the right size for a
    man's head to be positioned directly under the hole for specialized
    toilet training !

    Suzi is a friend of Jewel's. They go out dancing a couple of times a
    week. Apparently, while sharing stories of their cuckolded husbands,
    Jewel had explained that I was her toilet slave and Suzi had not
    believed her. Last Friday night, after a night out dancing, Jewel came

    home very late with her friend Suzi:

    I was startled as Jewel shook me awake. I was groggy but vaguely aware
    that someone else was in the room. Jewel explained, "Suzi didn't
    believe that you were my toilet slave and I had to bring her home to
    prove it. Get the toilet chair and assume your position,
    NOW!". I slowly got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.
    Feeling like I wasn't moving fast enough, Jewel kicked me right
    between the legs. I doubled up in pain and she screamed, "I said NOW,
    not 2 minutes from now." I hurried over to the chair and put it
    in the bathroom. I then laid down on the floor and positioned myself
    underneath the chair. Jewel removed her short skirt. She was wearing
    no underwear but her high heels and midriff top remained on. At this
    point Suzi spoke up, "John, you are totally gross. I hope Jewel gives
    you what you deserve. At this point Jewel said, "Suzi, get down close
    and watch how a toilet should really work." Suzi knelt down and looked
    on in horror but with a smirk on her face. "Open wide, honey" says
    Jewel. With that, she squeezed off a round lump of shit right into
    my mouth. Immediately and involuntarily, my throat puckered up and I
    could feel bile rising. Without being told, I started to chew It. It
    was very firm and chunky with an extremely dark and bitter taste. It
    did not go down easily. I attempted to swallow it but it seemed to
    really stick to my throat like a bitter peanut butter. "Grrrrooooss",
    says Suzi and she and Jewel both burst into laughter. "Here comes some
    more" says Jewel. Her ass puckered and an ugly turd showed itself.
    Instead of squeezing it off, Jewel allowed it to dangle
    precariously from her ass. Suzi is laughing hysterically. "Bite it!",
    Suzi says. I took a bite and as I was chewing, Jewel squeezed off the
    rest of the log and a 4 inch slice of shit fell onto my face. Suzi
    screamed, "Ouuuuu, I can't believe this!" Jewel just laughed and
    said "Make sure you eat all of it. Pick it up and eat it if you
    dropped any". After I chewed and swalloed the load in my mouth, I
    reached down and picked up the partial log laying on my face and
    started eating it as one would eat a banana. At that point I saw a
    flash and
    heard a hysterical laugh and realized that I had been caught on film
    for posterity! Suzi doubled up in laughter. "Will he eat my shit too
    ?", she asks ? "He'll eat anything", Jewel answered, "But he's not
    finished with me yet. Suck the shit from my ass John," she ordered,
    "But make sure you don't touch me with your filthy hands". They both
    laughed heartily. With that, I craned my neck up and started sucking
    her asshole, probing my tongue deeply into her anus in search of more
    of her tremendously rich bowel movement. With a
    grunt and a shove, I felt a loaf pushing it's way out of her colon,
    and forcing my tongue back into my mouth. It came slowly at first but
    then powered by a bout of flatulence, exploded it's way into my mouth.
    I know better than to complain and I began lustily chewing
    her shit. For some reason, this serving of her excreta tasted
    different this time around. It was somehow "fresher" and was obviously
    the waste product of an entirely different meal. It was noticeably
    looser in consistency but is also much more acrid in taste. Before I
    catch my breath and swallow it, I felt even more shit being forced
    into my mouth. Fortunately, with my head tilted back in the position
    that I was laying in, I simply allowed the shit to slide directly into
    my mouth and to the back of my throat as I simultaneously ingested and
    swallowed her precious gift. Tears were streaming down my face as
    Suzi looked on with laughter. Periodic flashes of light as more
    pictures were taken were interspersed with fits of laughter from both
    women. I was obviously the weaker of the species in the company of my
    superiors. I had surrendered to the ultimate humiliation.To be
    reduced to a toilet and to be used in whatever manner they chose. I
    had found my place in life. I was gradually begin trained to not only
    eat her shit, but to relish it the way some people relish fine wine. I
    finally managed to chew and swallow the remaining mouthful of her
    feces. Seeing this, Jewel said, "John open your mouth" and she
    dropped her lit cigarette into my mouth. Again, without waiting to be
    told, I chewed it and swallowed it. "Now, wipe my ass clean.", Jewel
    said. I started wiping her ass and knowing her next order by habit, I
    disposed of the toilet paper by stuffing it into my mouth and eating
    it. Suzi looked on in horror and fascination as I completed my job.

    Suzi then came over and whispered something to Jewel. Jewel nodded and
    told me to wash up and wait in the other room. In a few minutes, Suzi
    called my name and I walked into the bathroom, immediately aware of a
    noxious and disgusting odor emanating from the toilet. "Here's the
    next course of your meal", Jewel said. "I hope you enjoy it". I
    looked on in disgust at the toilet bowl. It was filled with a
    disgusting concoction of a huge 12" turd along with quite a bit of
    Suzi's urine. Jewel produced a set of handcuffs and told me to put my
    hands behind my back. "One more thing I forgot to tell you honey", she
    purrs. "You are to eat this meal without using your hands!". They both
    laughed uproariously as the hand cuffs click into place. "Now down on
    your knees Bitch", Suzi orders. I get down on
    my knees and looked closely at the foul smelling broth in front of me.
    As I was contemplating how to approach the meal, I felt one of the
    women grab my hair and force my face down into the mess. "Eat it
    Bitch", Suzi yells. "Bob for fucking apples or logs or whatever the
    fuck that is in there". They both laughed. I stuck my head in the mess
    and started to suck the shit out of the water. The taste, smell, and
    texture were so horrific that I found myself dizzy. I decided my best
    tactic would be to slurp the shit out of the water much like a siphon.

    "Look at this worm", Suzi screams. "He's totally pathetic." After a
    few minutes, Suzi began to grow tired of the game.I looked over to
    Jewel for help but she was sitting on the counter,
    fingering herself. Suzi tells me to lie down in the bathtub. My face
    dripping wet, I managed to get over into the bathtub where I layed
    down on my back. Suzi then grabbed the plunger and managed to scoop up
    a turd with it. She then positioned the plunger over my open
    mouth and forced the shit down my throat and into my stomach. Jewel
    claps. "Let me try it!", she excitedly says. She took the plunger from
    Suzi and scooped up the remaining shit along with more foul smelling
    liquid. She told me to keep my mouth closed while she
    positioned the plunger over my nose and face. "Now slave, open wide",
    she said and simultaneously forced the shit and piss with tremendous
    force into my mouth where it was shotgunned down my throat. "Wash
    yourself off, worm", Jewel said and she turned the cold
    water on and left the room. Being handcuffed, I could not turn the hot
    water on so I had to wash myself off in cold water the best I could
    while clothed and handcuffed

    After my shower, Suzi came into the bathroom and said, "You're quite
    obviously a little piss-drinking, shit-eating, ass-licking fag. Does
    he even have a dick ?". She pushed me onto my back down where I
    immediately noticed her shoes. She was wearing spiked,
    platform, "fuck-me" pumps. She stepped up onto my me, one heel digging
    into my stomach, the other one crushing my balls." Jerk off, you
    little queer. She began a little dance on top of me. Her heels were
    digging holes into my stomach and I could see welts appear from her
    spikes. My dick and balls were on fire. She moved up a little towards
    my chest allowing me to reach into my shorts and pull out my little
    prick which I immediately started rubbing. My dick has been as hard as
    a rock the entire time I had been humiliated and I started rubbing
    it furiously. Suzi and Jewel were giggling like crazy. Suzi stepped
    down onto my throat pinching my adam's apple beween the heel and the
    platform of her pump. She applied most of her weight to the foot on my
    neck and I could not breathe. "Don't stop if you want to breath
    again", she said. I'll release you when you cum. I was choking,
    gasping, and gurgling for breath but I continued wanking. She put even
    more weight onto my throat and said, "Look, his eyes are bugging out."
    I looked over at Jewel for help but she was once again
    fingering herself . She looked directly into my eyes and says, "For
    your sake, I hope you are true to form and cum within a few minutes of
    any sexual activity". Suddenly and on the verge of blackout, I felt my
    balls tense and spurt after spurt of semen shot out into the air and
    onto my stomach. "Good boy," Suzi says and she released her heel's
    choke hold on my neck. While Suzi was still standing on me, Jewel
    rubbed her high-heel shoe into the pool of semen collecting on my
    stomach. She then forced the heel of her shoe into my mouth and
    forcefully fucked my face with her shoe! "Eat your cum, shit-slave",
    she says. "Pretend this is a dick and get used to what you are
    tasting." She added, "You're lucky THIS dick is small enough for you
    to take completely in your mouth. Next time you will have to swallow
    something much larger". Jewel and Suzi both laughed. Jewel repeatedly
    dipped her heel into my gooey mess for several minutes until the cum
    was pretty much gone. "Now wash up and go to bed.". By the way, Suzi
    and I are sleeping in the bedroom. You can sleep
    downstairs with the dogs.


    Husbandly Duties Pt III

    In my previous postings, you learned how my wife Jewel turned me into
    her personal toilet, shitting and pissing directly into my mouth. In
    chapter II (last Friday), her friend Suzi also used me as her toilet
    and forced me to "bob" for her shit in the toilet before forcing it
    down my throat with a plunger !

    Ever since Friday, my wife had been teasing me about being everyone's
    toilet. On Sunday, I answered the phone and it was Suzi. "Hi toilet
    boy," she said cheerfully. "Do you miss me ?", she teased. "This
    morning I took a really good shit and I realized that I miss you!". I
    was silent. Suzi went on, "Well John, you don't seem to be very
    talkative today. Is your mouth full ?". I heard her cackling in the
    background. "If it's not, don't worry. I'll see to it that you have
    more than enough to eat really soon. Now put Jewel on please", she
    cooed. I went and got Jewel, even more humiliated than ever. As I
    started to walk away, Jewel asked me to make her a cup of coffee. I
    was wary since coffee usually gives her diarrhea. "Yes he's still
    here", Jewel says. "He's being so attentive to my EVERY need", she
    giggled and continues her conversation. I handed her the coffee and
    she wiggled her finger indicating she wanted me to stay with her.
    Sipping her coffee, she continued, "Yes, that sounds like a lot of
    We'll have to pick up some wine and snacks. Maybe everyone can bring
    something." She motioned for me to lie down on the floor. I complied
    immediately. Holding the phone between her shoulder and ear, she hiked
    up her skirt and sat right on my face, her glorious
    asshole centered between my nose and my mouth. All light was blocked
    out by her velvety cheeks. What little air I had to breath was
    punctuated by the stimulating fragrance of her femininity - An earthy
    combination of womanly odors emanating from the depths of soul.
    Without warning, she suddenly farted right into my mouth. "Sorry", she
    whispered. "No, I was talking to my toilet", she explained to Suzi.
    "Yes, he's underneath me right now while I have my morning coffee. You
    know the effect that has on me. I should probably get going.". "Are
    you sure? ", Jewel said. "OK, but I don't know which one of you is
    more perverted." She wiggled her bottom and said, "Suzi says that she
    wants to keep talking through your
    breakfast honey. Is that OK ?" She laughed, knowing that I'm in no
    position to protest. I'm vaguely aware of further conversation
    interspersed with occasional blasts of putrid gas coming from Jewel's
    obviously full colon. "Hold on for a sec, OK?", she says. Then to me,
    "John, I feel it starting to move. You should hold on tightly because
    my stomach is really gurgling. And she began grunting and shitting
    directly into my mouth - Rich, thick, and chunky. Not at all runny
    like last time. I was so grateful to be able to consume her waste
    directly from her anus like this. It quickly filled my mouth however,
    and I would have been choking except that with my mouth and nose
    completely covered by her ass, I couldn't get a breath to choke with.
    She was holding onto the back of my head, forcing my face into her
    ass with such force that my only option was swallowing as fast as I
    could. I knew that if I wanted to survive this ordeal, I would have to
    chug what was in my mouth and whatever remained in her colon. I
    quickly swallowed and my mouth was just as quickly filled with
    another foul discharge. Once again I chugged as quick as I could and
    again, my mouth was filled to the brim. This went on 3 or 4 more times
    when just as suddenly as it started, there was a break in the action.
    I took this opportunity to gasp for breath as Jewel slightly
    released her shit-grip on me. Once again, I was aware of the
    conversation as I heard Jewel continue,".and it is such a power trip
    to have a guy eat your shit." She added, "It makes us so much closer
    because I'm giving him part of me to keep inside his body." She sighed
    and continued, "Yes, it makes me so sad to think of all the times I've
    shit in public rest rooms when I could have given part of myself to my
    slave." After a short pause, she said, "I have a great idea: I'm going
    to carry a small jar with me to work and when I have to shit, I'll do
    it directly in the jar." She added, "That way, I won't have to waste
    any. He can eat all my shit from the jar later on. That way, I won't
    have to waste any." Suddenly she noticed the clock and said, "I've got
    to go. I guess you'll find out yourself what it's like on Saturday.
    I'll see you guys at 9 O'clock. Goodbye". Without giving me any
    warning, she grunted and with quite a bit of force, shit some more
    into my mouth. "Are you chewing your food, honey ?", she asked,
    knowing that I can't answer with my mouth full. "Are you done?", she
    said. "Stick your touch out as far as you can." She then rubbed her
    ass back and forth over my tongue. She wiggled her ass over my face
    and her shit ended up all over my face, eyelids, nose,
    cheeks, etc. She walked towards the bathroom and without looking my
    way told me to get cleaned up.

    On Friday, she called me at work and asked me to meet her for
    lunch.She was really hungry and wanted to go to a local Mexican
    restaurant which has an all-you-can eat buffet for $6.95. When I
    arrived, she was already seated. The empty remains of 2 plates still
    on the table. She was working on a 3rd plate ! She was having nachos,
    burritos, tacos, and was working on a huge bowl of beans and rice.
    "Excuse me", she said to the waiter. "Could you bring me some more
    extra-hot salsa and a sprite for my husband?" I told her that the
    buffet looked good and started to head over to get a plate when she
    grabbed my arm and said. "Don't eat anything for lunch today. Tonight,
    I'm serving you your favorite dish and I want you to be so famished
    that you'll be able to eat every bit of it". I wondered what fine
    cuisine she had in store for me. I also thought it odd that while she
    wanted me to save my appetite, she continued stuffing herself with
    chips, melted cheese, and extra-hot salsa. I couldn't believe it when
    she got up to
    go to the buffet and returned with another full plate. This time, she
    brought back 2 beef enchiladas, a beef tamale and a large bowl of the
    restaurant's "5 alarm chili". I remember thinking that she would be as
    sick as a dog. As we were paying the bill she mentioned, "John,
    would you do me a favor and stop at the liquor store and pick up some
    wine and cheese for the get-together . "Of course I said yes". She
    said, "I'm sorry, I need you to do one more favor." I ask, "What is
    it? Just tell me." She told me that she needed me to pick up a
    surprise package for tonight but refused to tell me what it is. All
    she'd tell me is that it was already paid for. She handed me a folded
    up piece of paper with the directions to the location where I was to
    pick up the package. "By the way", she warned, "DO NOT OPEN THE BOX
    UNTIL YOU GET HOME". She then turned and briskly walked away, blowing
    me a sexy kiss as she got into her little sports car and drove away.

    After work, I ran by the liquor store and then headed to the address
    where the package was located. It turned out to be a seedy bar called
    Virago. I walked into the bar and immediately noticed that it was
    populated with mostly female clientele. The women I saw looked like
    hardened, mostly trailer-park types, or "biker-chicks", if you will. I
    went up to the bar and attempted to get the bartender's attention. She
    was a tall blond haired women with a zigzag of lace tattooed on her
    neck. She was wearing an outrageous outfit consisting of a push-up
    bra-like top, and a very short skirt that barely covered her ass. I
    noticed a black widow on her bare shoulder and when she bent over to
    pick up something behind the bar, I saw a picture of an obviously
    engorged penis with a needle sticking through it on her left cheek.
    Suddenly turning and catching me staring, she spat out, "Whadda you
    want asshole?". I shuddered and told her my wife's name and explained
    that I'm supposed to pick up some kind of package. She stares at me
    for a few seconds, sarcastically laughs and adds, "I'm Gloria. I
    should have known it was you". Then she yelled, "Hey Bob, watch the
    bar for a second will you?". Next she walked around from behind the
    bar and motioned for me to follow her into the back room. I couldn't
    help but notice the clackity-clack of her spike heels. She pointed to
    a large box and said, "Here it is. I'm sure you'll put it to good
    use." It was about 3 feet by 3 feet. She laughed as I struggled to
    pick it up. "Let me help you", she said. "You're sure going to need

    We each picked up one end and heading out of the bar towards my
    waiting van. I was surprised at how heavy it was. It must have been 50
    or 60 lbs. She helped me load it into the van and headed towards the
    bar. As she entered the door she turned to me and said, "I hope
    you're really hungry. She's got a huge meal planned for you". She
    laughed loudly and slammed the door to the bar shut behind her.

    I arrived home at about 8 O'clock. I brought in the wine and Jewel
    asked excitedly, "You picked up the package didn't you?". "Of course",
    I said. "It's still in the van." "Go get it and bring it upstairs to
    the bedroom", Jewel said. Using a dolly, I managed to get it up the
    stairs where Jewel directed me to place it in the master bedroom.
    Looking like a kid on Christmas morning, Jewel hurriedly tore open the
    wrapping. What I saw gave me a very bad feeling. It was a large black
    box. On the top of the box was an opening with a toilet seat and
    cover. There was a shallow bowl with a large opening. Next to the bowl
    was a large knob. Inspecting it closer I see that the opening is
    contoured to fit a man's face. The opening appeared to be some kind of
    rubber gasket. Hanging below the opening was some kind of hood along
    with straps for adjustment. Along the inside of the box appeared to be
    "U" shaped bolts. I was breathing heavy imagining what those were for.

    I also noticed a toilet paper dispenser was screwed to the side. A
    cheap looking sticker identifies the product as a "Port-O-Slut". "How
    do you like it dear?", Jewel asks. "I thought it would be more
    comfortable for extended use." I started to to get a bad feeling again
    and I said, "What do you mean extended use?". Jewel replied, "Well
    darling, I thought you knew that me and the girls are getting together
    tonight for some wine and cheese and a little girl-talk. Openly
    sweating, I naively replied, "What does that have to do with me and
    that horrible box?". Raising her voice and digging her heel pump into
    my foot she sternly said, , "I'm warning you. I've planned this
    get-together for a week now. I've told all the girls that you are a
    toilet slave and they are expecting to experience it first hand. Don't
    undermine my credibility by attempting to back out on our arrangement.
    Do you understand?" Raising her leg and bringing her stiletto heel
    down onto my foot she cried, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND TOILET?". A feeble
    groan and a "yes" was all I could muster.

    I told her I was hungry and asked if I could eat or drink anything
    before everyone got here. She turned to me and slapped me hard in the
    face and sternly replied, "You don't seem to understand. You are a
    TOILET tonight. Your going to be feasting on a shit-buffet. You're
    going to have an `all-you-can-eat' dinner. Since you've been saving
    your appetite all day long, you should really get your money's worth!"
    She laughed heartily at her own joke. "I'm explaining to all the
    guests that the plumbing is out of order but since you are my toilet
    slave that you will be happy to consume their shit, piss, and anything
    else they have to dispose of."

    Suddenly, she got serious and said, "Come on, let's get you set up.
    Our guests will be here any second". She lifted the lid and I noticed
    a set of 4 cuffs. She had me undress and then she attached a cuff onto
    each wrist and ankle. "Get in the box", she said firmly. I climbed
    the box and she locked my wrists and ankles to the "U" bolts inside of
    the box. The cuffs had adjustable lengths and using a wrench, she
    adjusted my cuffs so that I could only move my limbs about a a quarter
    inch! She then went to the cabinet and produced a tube of
    denture adhesive. Seeing the puzzled look on my face she explained,
    "We need to make a good seal between you and the rubber gasket,
    otherwise the bowl will leak and make a mess inside of the box." She
    preceded to liberally apply the adhesive to the rubber gasket and then

    she slowly began closing the lid. "Move your head so that it goes into
    the opening" she advised. I tilted back my head and when she got the
    lid close, she slid the hood over the back of my head. The hood was
    loose enough that about a half inch separated my face from the
    rubber gasket. She then started turning the knob and I felt the hood
    tighten and forcing my head into the rubber. "Does it feel tight?" she
    asked. I replied that it was very tight". "Good", she replied then
    turned the knob several more times until my face felt like it was
    being squeezed in a vice. "Gloria told me that the knob can be used in
    case of emergency". "Wha-what kind of emergency", I stammered. She
    explained, "Well, if someone shits and pees too fast, you won't be
    able to breathe" She smirked and continued, "It's possible for the
    shallow bowl to fill up and you could start choking. Using the knob,
    the hood can be released, allowing the waste to spill out the sides,
    and for you to breath again". Glaring, she sternly said, "That's why
    I'm taking it off. If you understand the consequences, you'll make
    you swallow fast enough to keep up." As she was removing the knob, she
    added, ".Plus it would be rude to ask our guests to concern themselves
    over a toilet that's acting up."
    Jewel walked away for a minute. I could not see what she was doing but
    she returned shortly and I could see her attaching a roll of toilet
    paper to the dispense. Just then the doorbell rang. She quickly walked
    away. I could hear her heels clicking in the distance as she went to
    answer it.

    The doorbell rang several more times and I could make out voices but
    not conversation. I was getting very hot and sweaty as I waited in
    terror, knowing the worst was yet to come.

    Some time later, I heard the bedroom door swing open followed by the
    click of heels. I could hear the toilet cover being raised and
    suddenly someone sat down onto the seat. Immediately, the smell of
    feces was apparent. Before I could contemplate anything further, I
    heard the splattering of urine as my guest donated a drink of her
    sweet nectar. I heard the sound of the toilet paper dispenser and then
    felt the toilet paper being pushed down into my mouth. I chewed up the
    urine soaked wad and swallowed it. A few minutes later I again
    heard the door open. A cigarette was tossed into the "Port-O-Slut" and
    again I chewed and swallowed it. An ample ass descended upon the
    throne and began peeing. It was bitter urine, not sweet like my wife's
    wine. Nonetheless, I eagerly gulped it down, not wanting to
    take a chance on having it get "backed up". Again, I ate the toilet
    paper as was dropped into the bowl.

    About an hour later, the bedroom door opened again. I caught a glimpse
    of a pair of shapely legs encased in black. This women pulled down her
    pantyhose and revealed a beautiful pear-shaped ass, framing a thickly
    furred asshole. She sat down on the throne and immediately grunted.
    Her asshole sputtered and then produced an incredibly thick slab. It
    was so wide that I was forced to open my mouth as wide it could go. I
    had no choice but to eat it as her hole
    was positioned right against my mouth. She grunted a few more times
    and then began pissing. Fortunately, I had the foresight to gulp down
    her warm and dark offering in time to be ready for her piss which I
    gladly drank. She begins wiping and produced several nasty wads of
    shit-laced toilet paper which I had no choice but to chew and swallow.

    About 10 minutes later, I heard voices coming up the steps and also
    the metallic click of many pairs of high-heels. The bedroom door opens
    and I could hear what sounded like about 10 women's voices, all
    clamoring and giggling about my predicament. "Are we ready for
    the Grand-Finale?" my wife asks. "Yayyyyyyy", go the chorus of women.
    My wife announces, "I want to announce that I haven't shit for 48
    hours and I ate like a pig today." She continued, "John hasn't eaten
    all day and must still be famished. Like every good wife, I'm going to
    make sure that he doesn't go hungry". "Tell them what you want," she
    demands. I feebly answered, "I want to eat her shit". She spat into my
    face and screams, "You can do better than that unless you want to
    become a permanent fixture". I spoke up, "I have a need
    to eat shit. I worship everything about Jewel including her shit. It
    is my duty in life to ensure that her excreta do not see the light of
    day. What is in her colon is a taste of heaven."

    The crowd went wild over my little speech. Jewel gave me a proud look
    and loudly announced. "Get ready because this is going to be the
    mother of all bowel movements. I have the feeling that once it starts,
    I will not be able to stop it. You will either swallow it all as it
    comes out of my ass or you may smother". Several women giggled. She
    sat down and ordered, "Stick your tongue up my ass. Before I start
    pushing it out, I'd like you to lap as much as you can from my
    opening". I stuck out my tongue as Jewel squashed her ass down as
    far as she could go. I inserted my tongue into her behind and
    immediately, my tongue touched the edge of her mother-lode. I
    furiously lapped at it but could reach my tongue far enough to get it
    out. "Unggg", she carefully grunted. As she did, I felt the soft shit
    push it's way out, squishing around my tongue. She squeezed her anus
    and pushed my tongue and a piece of shit out. I sucked the piece of
    shit into my mouth as I would a fine piece of chocolate. I pressed it
    against the roof of my mouth and enjoyed the texture as I squished it
    against my teeth. "I hope you enjoyed that because from here on in
    you're going to be too busy swallowing to enjoy the taste. I've also
    misplaced the adjustment knob controlling the hood so you had better
    be ready to swallow quickly". And she began expelling the mother-
    lode, the mother of all shits, a mountain of thick, warm fudge. It was
    so thick that I was forced to chew it. Unfortunately, I quickly got
    behind and could feel the shit winding it's way around my chin. I
    started sucking and slurping it and along with a combination of
    gulping was able to keep up. Heaving slightly and grunting even
    harder, another foul log was forced into my mouth. This one made my
    eyes open wide. Sensing my surprise, she laughed between grunts and
    said, "You wondered why I was eating all those chips and extra-
    hot salsa didn't you?" She added, "As hot as it was going in, I wonder
    what it's like coming out". She laughed and grunted some more,
    expelling more of the foul, nasty excrement. In the mean time, the
    Mexican hot-turds were so foul that I had started choking and was
    unable to swallow for a few seconds. The turds began coiling up around
    my mouth and nose. I was having a very hard time breathing. I choked a
    few more times and coughed but this only seemed to make her grunt and
    shit more. About 10 seconds later, there was a pause. I
    could barely breathe but was vaguely aware of her talking and I heard
    her moan, "I don't feel good. I guess all that food and drink are
    taking it's toll." Then she farted and a river of diarrhea exploded
    out of her ass. Unfortunately, I was still in the middle of sucking
    down the 16 inches of shit-log piled up on my face. The runs were too
    much for me and I felt her divine chocolate start to run down around
    the edges of the bowl and quickly creep up the sides of my face like a
    river about to overflow. This continued until my eyes and then my
    nose and mouth were covered. I could not breath. I began convulsing
    and trying to pull myself loose, but the hood and the cuffs were too
    tight. The "PORT-O-SLUT" with my wife sitting on it was just too heavy
    and would not budge. Finally, I felt the waterfall stop. I
    immediately resumed slurping and sucking her watery shit. Once I had
    gotten the diarrhea down below nose level, I could breath again. I
    began trying to eat the rest of the pile of shit on my face.
    Unfortunately, I could not reach it. Jewel seemed irritated,
    especially because she needed her ass cleaned. She finally wiped her
    ass with the toilet paper and dropped 4 or 5 wads of toilet paper into
    the bowl. After hiking her skirt back up, she disappeared for a second
    and returned with a soup spoon. She then fed me her shit, spoon by
    spoon as the women looked on, cheering and jeering.

    Finally I finished eating her shit. At this point, I was stuffed. My
    stomach was feeling very queasy. It had been 24 hours since my last
    real meal and I was hoping that my ordeal was over. I had just spent
    the last 3 hours eating shit, piss, toilet paper, and cigarette butts.
    was looking forward to being Jewel's toilet and no one else's. I was
    tremendously overjoyed when Jewel announced, "Folks, the party's over.
    It's been great having your guys and we'll have to do this again
    really soon". I was ecstatic when I suddenly noticed Suzi, Angie,
    Shauna, Michelle, and the woman from the bar - Gloria, standing single
    file, in front of me. "What's going on?", I asked. Suzi laughingly
    explained, "We've all been eating and drinking all evening and we've
    been having so much fun that we forgot to use the bathroom. Since I'm
    driving and it's a long way home, we decided we had better use the
    bathroom before we leave!" They all giggled and laughed and then Suzi
    added, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I just started my period".
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  19. rubbermac

    rubbermac Member

    Just love these type of stories having to serve a Master and Mistress in the most humiliating ways,just wish there were more,but many Thanks anyway for posting them.
  20. Karson

    Karson New Member

    Hey SiCiAit do you know where a copy of the condom story is. Love your stories by the way.

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