Marriage and foot fetish

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by HoustonFetish, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. HoustonFetish

    HoustonFetish Well-Known Member

    So, I know this has been posted before, but we have some new faces in here. How does trample fit into your marriage/relationship? Does your "other" know or do you keep it to yourself? Has she tried out the trample world with you?
  2. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Mine is about to do it! She has me already suprised by saying she can trample me every day and when her niece come up the stairs one time, she calling for her and show my situation under her trampling feet. Giggling. I think Im about to have it. ;)
  3. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    My wife used to indulge me until health reasons put paid to those activities. However, thesedays she just lets me "get on with it" as long as it remains feet related only & she see's no signs or evidence of it.
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  4. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    I'm still in secret :-(
  5. landa1

    landa1 New Member

    Not married yet, but my partner tramples me actively. I managed to awaken a dominant streak in her which she did not know to have and she's really into it now. I still have marks from being trampled in heels almost from a month ago and usually my bruises heal quite fast.
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  6. HoustonFetish

    HoustonFetish Well-Known Member

    :) That's awesome! I've had 1 relationship like that. I love seeing someone realize for the first time that they enjoy something
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  7. trfan

    trfan Active Member

    I got super lucky, but also took a super risk when I started dating my wife. On our very first date she asked me to tell her something about myself that no one else really knows.... So the big question that we all face; do I tell my secret and hope for the best, or do I hold it in and try to break it to her later and if she freaks out then it's even worse. I decided to tell her right away and I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. I said "I like to be stepped on" and her response was "Really? Like what?" I proceeded to explain trampling and she said she wanted to try it the next time we were together.

    After a bit of practice she really took to it, and loves to trample me and get other women to trample me. She makes a point to try and trample me or at minimum stick her feet in my face every day since she knows what it means to me.

    I know how terrifying "coming out" can be, but I realized life is too short not to be yourself and try your best to be happy. To anyone that is in a spot where they are debating opening up about themselves, my suggestion is to do it... You may just be incredibly surprised by the outcome.
  8. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Great to hear stories like this.
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  9. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    In my marriage, its more about foot and shoe fetish. Kissing, licking, massaging her feet. She always has pedicured toes and a nice collection of sexy shoes. Trample is always barefoot and it happens when I ask, but I am careful not to ask too much. She is still a little squeamish about trample but does it enough to make my desire to be under her satisfied. And we do play the "footstool game" where she simply uses me as a footstool, either barefoot or wearing shoes.
    All in all, she accepted it very well. She also is sometimes playful in public when she gives me a footjob, either slipping off her shoe or keeping them on, usually in a place like Starbucks or a restaurant where the tablecloth covers most of whats going on.
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  10. I have been telling it to me wife some time ago. We started with foot massages which she really likes and kissing her feet, what she enjoys very much too. We both didn't know she was going to like it, until we tested it. And then we started trampling softly on the abs. She has never heard of it before, but we did it as some kind of foreplay. Then we started to use shoes and different parts of the body. Now we are running a C4S Store ( We both had the idea, because we like filming. First we did it only for us and then we said: hey let's upload it on the internet. Now she is really into trampling and does it every time there is an opportunity, even if we are not filming.

    I suggest to everyone not to hide. Just start slowly by foot massages, kissing etc. You can win so much and as trfan said: life is too short ;-)
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  11. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Yes, you could say that! Its like me in the same boat. Im now going to marry my woman dressed in red and she seems to be more curious about trampling. Its gonna be nice life!

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  12. This does not relate to trampling but close enough.. My wife came back home From work and she just talking kind of for herself that "jeez, my toes must taste sweet! My socks are literally wet! Do you wanna taste them?" With a smile and she shoved the toes in my mouth and oh my god! So hot, wet feet and taste was a dream.. Just little luxury of marriage..
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  13. underman6

    underman6 Active Member

    Im now married. My wife is taken trampling into life so be a style of our relationship. She will even come to trample parties with me! Nice!
  14. infidel

    infidel Member

    Mine knows about my trampling fetish but isn't interested in it.
  15. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Shame fella.
  16. fusssklave50

    fusssklave50 Footslave for Life!

    I have been under my wife's feet for 35 years now. She was a gymnast. It started with foot rubs after practices. Within a short time it was full blown foot worship. Over the years it's simply gotten better.

    For me it's about 8:30 am at the moment. My face is just a little sore. The reason? My beautiful wife used me as her footstool again last night while she watched TV. The routine is pretty set, she usually grabs a bowl of ice cream or a snack, I have to put in earplugs so I can't hear the TV, I lay on the floor she sits on the couch my face is not allowed to be anything but straight up. She plops her feet onto my face, pulls her blanket up over her lap covering me up. I can't hear, I can't see anything but her feet. My entire world becomes just the soles of her feet. That's all there is.

    I massage her feet, that's my job. She likes to say "do your job", yes, Patriots fans. Last night she left me there for over 4 hours. Yes 4 hours. I have no clue what's happening up there. No idea what she's watching, doing, or when my suffering will end,.... Oh yes I suffer. A pretty foot, planted firmly on, and crushing and grinding into your face for extended periods of time... well.. if it's happened to you, you know it adds up. It becomes torture after a while, and the best part is, she could care less. As she likes to say, I'm comfortable.

    She sits above, enjoys her ice cream and snacks. I hear the spoon hit the bowl every now and then if I am lucky and I imagine ice cream. She has ice cream, I have feet. She posts on Facebook a lot while I'm underfoot, I see that after.... I'm sore because last night she crossed her legs with her right foot firmly planted in my face, then proceeded to nod off for over an hour up there. She told me later she watched 3 episodes of Modern family then switched to the Olympics and must have dozed off, and she giggled about it.

    It's not the first time she's dozed off up there. The longest time she has left me as her footstool is 13 hours. That's the record so far. It was in our first house. It started on a Friday night at around 8 pm. She drank a whole bottle of wine by herself, not typical of her. My hands were tied to the legs of the couch. I wasn't tightly bound but I couldn't get one hand to the other. I was pretty trapped. She likes that, trapping me helpless at her feet, she gets aroused.

    It was around 9 am the next morning when she finally slowly came around. I had spent the entire night getting stepped on by her feet while she slept it off. I was crushed half to death by her that night. I literally prayed to god at times to get me through this and end the suffering. I could have forcefully broken out yes, I wasn't in mortal danger by any means but that's not how it's done. She needs to release me, and she was asleep. I had no choice. When she did finally wake up, she got up, went to the bathroom got herself coffee and you guessed it, plopped her feet in my face and turned on the morning news to wake up. She had two cups of coffee then finally untied my wrists and said, you can get up. The sex was GREAT!

    It's pretty typical for me to spend at least two hours of every day as her footstool now. It's become the way she relaxes at night. I'm part of the furniture when she settles in for what she calls "princess time". She relaxes above, has her feet massaged and rubbed for hours, I have my face unmercifully crushed under them. I'm lucky that she usually does this barefoot. There are times when she's in a mood and she will suddenly put on a pair of sandals. That can really hurt. I sometimes beg for mercy and she does not give it. I will be almost insane with the crushing pain and I will say mercy goddess, mercy please. The response is usually an angry twist of the foot or sandal. That's the way I am told to shut-up when I am down there. I have earplugs in remember so she has foot signals for rub, kiss, lick, tickle, massage, she doesn't have to say a word to command me down there. I'm trained now. I know what to do based on what she does with her feet.

    It's pretty certain I found my "sole" mate.
  17. HoustonFetish

    HoustonFetish Well-Known Member

    Love it! We've started a routine here where I'm up about an hour before her getting things ready for the day (we work from home), feeding animals and making the coffee. Then I'll sneak quietly back into the room and wake her by softly kissing her soles until she stirs.
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  18. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    My wife used to trample me until, for heath reasons she had to stop.
    Thesedays, she just lets me get on with it as long as she sees or hears no signs of it.
  19. I would love to hear more of your stories? You are a lucky man. I totally agree on the weight of a foot resting firmly on your face for extended time does add up for sure, i love it though!
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  20. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Lady here. I am the one who introduced a lot of the fetishes into my marriage. I've had a dominant disposition for as long as I can remember and discovered FemDom in my younger years. My "fantasy" was to find an alpha male and break him in, to get him on his knees and make him mine. I loved the idea of making a slave out of a strong-willed man.

    My husband is a competitive bodybuilder. Big, strong guy; very smart; very assertive/alpha-male type. It's especially alluring to me that he worships me as his religion. I slowly introduced him to various activities (he did have interest in some of them beforehand e.g. feet) and utilized a very psychological approach in training. He might be all 'Alpha' to the rest of the world, but in mine, he's my slave completely.

    Trampling is an activity that I enjoy - typically as a punishment or when I'm feeling especially mean. It's certainly quite a bit of fun. I have a thing for breathing play/training, so it informs that as well. My favorite activities, however, involve forced cunnilingus, religious/ritual play, and face-sitting. I can confidently say that living a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle has been the most fulfilling thing in our lives; the level of intimacy, communication, and trust between my husband and me is unprecedented.

    I suppose this is among the plethora of reasons I am very protective of FemDom. I'm an actual dominant woman, and it's kind of aggravating to see that FemDom has become this fad for models and fakes to make money as of late. This makes sense for FinDom, but Female Domination shouldn't be fake. That is, the females at a lot of these major production studios should at least genuinely enjoy it.

    Many do; I respect that. But the girls out there who know nothing about FemDom/fetishes/paraphilia deciding to capitalize on our personal lifestyle/interests is rather insulting. It's the reason I made a clipstore in the first place - to show real and genuine FemDom. I've seen models post on forums asking how foot fetishes "work" because they want to abuse it to make money in their videos. That, I will not stand for. Again, FemDom is a huge part of my marriage and its success. Many couples benefit from the adjunct communication strategies that develop due to sharing alternative sexual interests.

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