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MASOROTICA -Sharing with our Community (Clips & Pics)

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by hellgrinder, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    Here's a little short clip for the forum members of MDFF! It's one of our older videos called "Human Washing Machine 2" where Stacy shoved used thongs in my mouth then sat on my face! She shoved them down a little too far and it actually caused me to gag a few times! You'll notice my red watery eyes in a few close-up shots lol. Hope everyone enjoys and I wish everyone here a very nice week! :)

    She shoves a pair of dirty thongs that she actually wore for 2 days straight prior to the shoot just because she wanted me to have a real gagging effect for her video! She practically shoved her thongs down my throat then sat over my face and smothered me! First she smothers in her jeans, then pulls them down and smothers me under her panties as I Gagged on her Thong!

    "Wash my panties for me!...Good rinse cycle!" she shakes her butt all over his face and laughs. "Are you choking there on my underwear". "I should maybe put a little soap in there...that's a good idea" She taunts and laughs.

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  3. MadCaddy

    MadCaddy New Member

    Great video and description thanks for sharing
  4. sealbert

    sealbert Active Member

    great clip, and a very good idea for a vid.
    I like to be a washing machine as well, yummie!!!!:pbbbbblt:

  5. noser

    noser New Member

    ....giving back to the community
  6. noser

    noser New Member

    wow...how'd her bum smell?
  7. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    Hey Noser. Her bum smelled like ivory soap i believe. As for the 2 day panties she stuffed in my mouth well...they smelled very 'natural' :pbbbbblt:

    Thank you Robert! Be sure to read the description of our latest clip! -The Orphanage! You'll read the hottest most original damn storyline of your life! Though I must warn you, I have a somewhat dark imagination! :devil:

    Thank you MadCaddy, it's always nice to read your supportive feedback and as always I appreciate it :)
  8. insane wonka

    insane wonka New Member

    Again.... I love these clips... I love the gurls.... I hope they have myspace as do u sir... I would jus love to be apart of this... thanks to ur clips and gurls, I have been thinkin about nothing else *bows to you*... pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee make a DVD set!!!!!
  9. noser

    noser New Member

    Hi Walter...good for you man...great stuff and that was an awesonme clip by the way....awesome camera angles.....keep up the great work and your site is just awesome!
  10. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    Hey Insane Wonka, I do have myspace. I don't remember the address and I very rarely log on, but if you search for Masorotica im sure you'll find it. I too hope to have DVD sets in the future, something like Breanna's 2006-2007 DVD Clip Collection! That would be nice to see. Won't be anytime soon though, website will come first (im still figuring out what kind of site i want and what to offer members), then later I'll look into DVD's :)

    Thanks Noser :)
  11. coconino

    coconino New Member

    Hey Hellgrinder. Love your vids. I particularly enjoyed a video you have of one of the girls sitting side-saddle on a guy with her legs crossed. She was on a couch wearing a schoolgirl outfit.
    I find the sexiest stuff to be when its just a regular situation with no outrageous slutty clothes or nudity. Just part of the guy's face peeking out from under her legs and skirt.
    You need to make more like that one!!

  12. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    You must mean the clip with Murderotica tutoring the retarded boy. I believe it was called "Teacher Home Schools Special Boy". Thank you for mentioning it. I'll be sure to produce more like it in the future :)

    Customers have also reminded me to produce more classics like our Octoberfest 2006 clip where the girls 'accidentally' crush a guy lying down in a motel room because they were too drunk to notice him. They were classics of their time and I do need to produce more of those clips that made us who we are today.
  13. insane wonka

    insane wonka New Member

    ...... I LOVE U!!!! and i wanna be part of ur crew...sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly.... u dont know how excited i get seein a new clip!!! ur the greatest man!!! *still bows to u*
  14. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    You will always be a part of us insane wonka :)

  15. Level

    Level Member

    you have some awsome videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    Thanks jeffkal, I hope they only get better as time goes on :)
  17. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    Hello Sgt. Pepper. The clip is availabe at www.clips4sale.com/5090 and it's called 'Human Washing Machine'. On page 18 of 46.

    If you purchase the clip send me an e-mail if you have time to let me know what you think. I'd be happy to hear your feedback.

    The latest Panty Clip is on the front Page of the studio called 'Panty Gagging' with Murderotica where she shoves panties in the mouth while head sitting and face sitting! :)

    I have other panty gagging clips too, 'Front Page News! - Retarded Boy Missing!' is another with Breanna. I just don't advertise them much and they're spread thin throughout the studio so they can be hard to find. Clips4sale's search engine isn't exactly all that great either making things very difficult to find.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008
  18. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    I have that :eyebrows:

    Let me find the title for you and post it here. Thank you for the feedback (we'll be producing more clips with a camera man from now on to correct tripod errors such as that) and thanks for the add on myspace Sgt. Pepper :)

    Here it is my friend. On (Page 5 of 46) The clip is called "Sneaky Fan at the Laundry Mat!" -Panties go right over the head! Also a POV shot of inside the panties make it pretty cool too! :)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2008
  19. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    The Maids Revenge on Master Walter and his BB Doll (CLIP TIME 1:31)

    This is the story of the master of the house mistreating his maid, enjoy the clip :)

    Master Walter sees a grain of dust on his table and tells his Maid to but her Butt to good use by wiping the table with it! The Maid has had enough with years of his verbal abuse. She will put her Butt to good use...SITTING ON HIS FACE! She will be teaching him a lesson how NOT to treat women!

    She GIGGLES AND LAUGHS at his suffering throughout his torture! The Maid finally SMOTHERS HIM UNTIL HE FADES AWAY!

    Just when you think she's done...she's far from finished! After she made her master fade away it's time for his BB to SUFFER THE SAME FATE! She doesn't want the BB growing up into the monster it's Father was!

    She holds her ASS close to it's face so it can smell the scent of it's Mistress! She bounces on it's face a little just to amuse herself as it panics looking up at her with it's watery eyes! The she slowly crushes it's arms stepping on it limb by limb! The pressure under her weight must be quite INTENSE! She places it on the hard white table and SITS ON IT'S FACE WITH ALL HER WEIGHT BEARING DOWN ON IT! Her evil laugh is enough to send a chill down your spine! She calls the BB a cigarette she needs to STOMP OUT!

    "I hear that BB's have soft heads!" she says as she digs her heels into it's head! Then she sits on the back of it's head crushing its face into the dusty carpet!

    In the end she disposes of it's body in the Toilet and walks away from a full days work!

    SAMPLE CLIP (1:31):
  20. Mightygil

    Mightygil Femdom Fanboy

    that's great news :) with a camera man will you being using more close-ups and I guess more moving around?
  21. hellgrinder

    hellgrinder Masorotica.com

    We will yes. I'm confused about standard vs high-def. Maybe you can help me here Gil. As many know we use one of the best cameras on the market with high resolution and a very large screen size (720x480), professional grade 3ccd, etc etc. Just a few days ago I purchased a High-Def camera and I don't see the difference because my computer screen doesn't support it. Plus the file sizes are HUGE. So now I don't know what to do or what to use. File sizes might be a little too large for clips4sale, and if people are like me then they will hate waiting long for clips, they want fast downloads. In short technology confuses me...

    Maybe i'll keep it then pump out blue ray disks in the future for those who want to see Murderotica's ass in 1080i :think2:
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2008
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