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Membership sites that are worth your cash

Discussion in 'Your Reviews' started by Erik, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Erik


    As per Ass_on_Face's suggestion, I'll start this off. I've never actually had a membership (married to a lovely lady that like doing this), but from my conversations with WebmasterBob, he's set of sites would be worth the coin. He's a great guy, very opn, and someone you can trust is always someone you can do business with.

    Anyone else?

    Perhaps we should also do an official thread of sites/owners that should be avoided as well.
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  3. ass_on_face

    ass_on_face Fart maniac

    Great thread Erik. Let's bring some positivity back to facesitting:thumbsup2:
  4. cage05

    cage05 New Member

    DeadlyFemmes.com : Old videos of theirs were what I really used to like. More sensual domination. Unfortunately, following up with the recent trends they have started more on semi-competitive themes. Still good videos though.
  5. sgt

    sgt Carpe Diem

    Thus far the list is very marginal and the comments are of the same. [​IMG]

    So ,let me start with spicing up some things so that at least folks have an idea what is out there regarding value for money facesitting sites.
    I am not talking about 1 bogus comment like "I think miss.... is an awesome dom blabla..."but more like: Great quality clips with great facesitting
    scenes in it and cleancut good looking women, who seem to enjoy themselves.
    aka the whole package!

    1 Brutal Facesitting.

    2 Men are Slaves & co (Co = all related sites like Subbygirls,cumcountdown etc.)

    3 Facesitting Girls (former Smother.de)

    4 Meanworld & co (Co= all related sites)

    5 Roman Femdom & co ( Co = all related sites)

    6 Mistress Madeline

    7 Dom Karin

    8 Femmes Fatales aka Robin Smothers.

    9 Smother.com

    10 Facesitting & Smothering aka IBN
  6. borisbik

    borisbik French fit slave

    Nice list

    I can agree with the list; but have put other great websites As The English Dungeon, Sit and Smother,Club Stiletto and Femdom-Berlin.com. I took membership of all of them and was never disappointed.

    Meanworld is still at the top, and they have such a huge archive that, it could even be a good deal without any update for a while, and the updates are going on may be with less interesting ladies (young and tiny ladies from Men Are Slaves ect.. while I prefer curvy ones as Karen Fisher, Kelli Staxx, Allura Jenson or mature ones as Kendra Lust).

    Others website are different but very exciting.
  7. hot_ass_snack

    hot_ass_snack Big sweaty booty

    Good thread and some nice selections sgt :thumbsup2: I'm not familiar with the Dom Karin site or Mistress Madeline but i'll go check 'em out.

    Good to see some sites out there are pleasing their customers.
  8. sgt

    sgt Carpe Diem

    I took a membership in all of those sites as well and even more i didn't mention in my top 10. I 'm talking about:

    Femdom Army

    Deadly Femmes

    Dune Feet

    Japanese Fetish club from MDFF member Yosi? (= owner/admin)

    Just to name a few. But i had to draw a line somewhere.

    I can confirm that. WB is a great guy and i know him trough MDFF. He was together with "Admino",Underneath and some other MDFF members also here in
    the early days of this site and forum. We all saw the beginning of his site and the growth. I myself reviewed many of his videos he sent me later as a gift
    for this forum, not because i got a free video,but simply because he knew my reviews were honest and sincere and not biased. The same goes for Yosi
    whois the owner/admin of the Japanese Fetish site and Rennoch who now runs FetishCod.

    The good old days. ;)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  9. borisbik

    borisbik French fit slave

    Femdom Army is back. I never joined. It looks nice. But when there is an update on July 7th, does it mean July of 2014 or 2013 ??
  10. ldavalon

    ldavalon New Member


    deadly femmes -- respectfully disagree.

    English Mansion -- strong second.

    for pan-fetish, Mistress T. consistent quality, wide variety.

    cordially, L.

  11. guldis

    guldis Active Member

    What a nice thread.
    As for my personal taste in sites I prefer when there is based on more like amateurs. Where there is more lifelike point of view and not to much effort in a script that is going to be the guide through the movie. With this I do NOT say that the play is bad in any way, but it comes more from the heart.
    I have in honesty been surfing and had membership to several sites during the past years but have found a couple that I like very much, and give me that lifelike viewing experience.

  12. EmmaInk

    EmmaInk New Member

    I am gonna shamelessly self promote here and say that if you're into farting my c4s members site isn't shabby at all! 100% REAL content and I've never heard a complaint.
  13. JesseBlack

    JesseBlack New Member

    Hello, new to this forum - and hoping to learn from others more experienced in this scene than I am. My kink interests have been evolving ever since I became aware of and turned on to Femdom kink, porn, etc about a year ago. I was led to Femdom porn from a previous fascination with cuckolding (especially interracial cuckolding), and found that it fulfilled the same sort of need in me for ultra humiliation that the whole cuckolding inadequacy thing provided for.

    Only bother to mention it to add some context to my entries to the list:

    Popular sites that maybe more experienced subs here skipped BECAUSE maybe they're well known or not considered consistently worth the $$ (but I expect that ebbs and flows for many sites):

    FemdomEmpire: there's enough content there that for newbies, even if the updates aren't flowing super fast, there's just soooo much high quality content to keep you busy and getting a great return on the $$. It can be expensive if you don't sign up for a longer term renewing membership, but for the few months I've been a member - updates have been really nice. Lots of ladies to admire from sensual and sweet, to some of the more iconic sadists - there's a huge variety of kinks served here.

    ClubDom: I don't wanna make a FemdomEmpire Mistress upset, but I'd have to say that while ClubDom is cut from some of the same cloth, if you're looking for generally harder Mistresses with a crueler edge to the scenes, then ClubDom is your site - at least that's my take. During the few months I've been a member, the updates have been pretty healthy - though moreso at FemdomEmpire I think. There are several regularly participating dommes that I've really become a fan of recently (Harlow Harrison - I'm speechless).

    Individual ClipSites for Mistresses: I cant really recommend one site over another (like IWantClips, C4S, or Kinkbomb). The attraction on these sites is the worship of specific Mistresses and the off chance of a reply back for your fandom - yay... But even on normal 'membership' sites where you can access lots more content in a given time for money, I bet lots of us still become fans of certain ladies, no?

    Goddess Harley: holy hell! What can I say, I actually just lapsed my FE and CD memberships and have been happily hemorrhaging $$$ on her clips. She is well known from *MeanGirls (which I will check out now just because of her), but wherever she appears I have just become completely sucked in to her sort of amused cruelty and willingness to completely humiliate her admirers. I watch her '5 Min Fag Test' clip several times a day, and fail every time. I'm totally distracted by her...

    Erotic Goddess Christina: drop dead gorgeous. Shes more of a sensual domme in her videos, even when shes being a little cruel. I like her videos when I don't feel like almost crying while I cum to Goddess Harley's humiliation videos (which is never lately). Love love love her BBC videos.

    Princess Kaelin: a different kind of woman than either Harley or Christina, shes got a really appealing combo of cuteness with her more dominant side, which makes a subby pay attention when she gets a bit of cruel humiliation going.

    Others I intend to check out after Harley decimates my funds and I rebuild:
    - Goddess Jasmine Mendez: ballbustig and sissy clips
    - Divine Goddess Jessica: CEI, ballbusting and BBC clips
    - whatever else I can find from Goddess Harley. Ahhhh... "It's a trap"!
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  14. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jesse. Good info to have. I've been a member of Femdom empire, and I have to agree. I'm not much into the strap on stuff which there is a lot but even skipping over all that stuff and just checking out the foot/ass/pussy worship it's still worth the monthly fee to me. I'm still trying to catch up with previous updates...
    I was thinking about clubdom. I looked at their preview clips and there wasn't any worship stuff on it. Is there that kind of stuff on there too?
  15. JesseBlack

    JesseBlack New Member

    Hi there sinbad,

    Well - not being particularly interested in some of that (feet aren't my thing, ass and pussy worship are fun) and so not having focused on exploring that - I can't really say that there's a LOT of ass/pussy worship over at ClubDom, but there definitely is some. I want to say you get a bit more of that over at FemdomEmpire.

    My impression is that what you do get at EITHER site is usually with the women known more for regular porn than the ladies who are into kink and BDSM as a lifestyle. Kinda makes sense at least, since I think most true dommes will tell you "it's not about sex" while women who fuck on camera clearly don't suffer any lack of attention to their asses and pussies.

    For foot worship, again there is some. But I want to say I've noticed more content around BOOT worship at CD than FOOT worship. There also seems to generally be more sadism over at CD than FE. Not surprising either since it seems like CD tends to have a bit fewer porn stars (though they DO appear there too) coming through than FE. So with that - at CD, there seem to be more scenes featuring things like whipping, caning, and that sort of subby abuse.

    Both sites have a fair amount of strap-on, POV, ballbusting, milking, more...

    I think there is enough content at each site to make a (albeit more expensive) single month non-renewing membership make sense just to explore what's on offer, and decide if it's worth a longer term commitment.

    Non-members can search a few different ways to check out what sort of scenes are on offer. For ClubDom - try the VOD site. I did an advanced search there for all three (foot, ass, pussy worship) and it came back with over 200 results.
  16. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Yep. That VOD site helped me get some knowledge on that. Thanks. CD doesn't really let you know about updates on their regular site. I've been on the empire for a bit and they have enough of what I like to keep me interested and I just skip over what I don't. For right not CD doesn't have enough, that I don't think it's be worth my dime to join. Yet anyway. I'll keep checking back though. Thanks Jesse. Appreciate the info.
  17. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

  18. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    I've been close to joining both of those sites...but those rules have always stopped me. Doesn't mean I never will though. I don't blame them for the limits. I see what's on Pornhub and sites like it. But, I've never in my life posted, or shared a clip that I downloaded from a membership site online.
  19. hansderhans

    hansderhans Well-Known Member

    The problem is that you have to invest each day the time to download,
    but it's understandable, that they don't allow for downloading all clips at once.

    Buf even if you download 3 clips a day on average only, you still have 90 clips on a 30 day month.
    And that's a real bargain.

    I would appreciate it also more to have a weekly contingent, instead of a daily one.
    Because not every day I want to be involved with findomme/femdom clips etc.

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