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    Hi OneAuthor,

    Thanks again for a fantastic commentary on this latest chapter!

    - Nicola's dilemma as you say is now becoming fully evident. Her natural dominant is in deep conflict with the prospect of slavery to Beth, ongoing blackmail with Aurelia, being usurped to power by other power players and of course her love for Chris.

    - You are very insightful to point to how her relationship has evolved with Henrietta - I am sure if this had not happened she wouldn't have been so quick to put so much into jeopardy. All that said I am sure Nicola won't give up fully on Chris without a fight - just look at her reaction at the end and her guilt in recounting the events

    - Nicola does love a good lose-lose predicament and let's be honest what Dominant doesn't. I am also sure the biggest fan of all is Henrietta herself. She just loves attention from Nicola in whatever form its delivered.

    - Nicola is certainly being bewitched by Beth and in many ways, her affection for her is growing - but to what end? She did say at the beginning that Nicola would learn to love her - can that prophecy really come true? Surely not...

    - You recount well, the conflict that Nicola is feeling and this is key to how erratic and unpredictable her behaviour is at the moment - truly knowing where her head and heart is I am sure in near impossible to know - watch for the clues though!

    - I love how you refer to Beth as the Master (it has a kind of Star Wars ring to it for me and there is more than a hint of that in this story). Beth's manipulations show that whether she is in the heart of the story or in the periphery everything is being controlled by her - is there anything that can stop her imposing her will?

    - As you say Nicola allowed herself to be manipulated but was that genuine or just showing Beth what she wanted to see. Nicola certainly went pretty crazy at Chris and even Beth was shocked and tellingly concerned at the end. Why?

    - The choice of words 'Does this mean I should go, Nicola?' was indeed a double meaning and why it cut so deep for Nicola and for me the reader when I reread it. I think this is another of those chapters where we are challenged to look beyond the events unfolding if we are to see the hope and optimism of what can happen beyond.

    - Aurelia is more than fucked off with Nicola - the dinner date is going to be a pretty tough read, to say the least. Again though the underlying feelings and intentions are what really matter

    - You are right that it is hard to deny that Beth does still have feelings for Chris and perhaps why she worried at how hard Nicola went for him. Perhaps her game worked too well or then perhaps it was always what she expected/hoped for.

    - Beth loves a little stoking of the fires among the gladiators in her Colosseum of chaos - all her games have her purpose though and are rarely frivolous like they are for the others. That's what makes her the Master! lol

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    Chapter 49 - The Five Demands

    I did contemplate making the bitch wait a while longer, fuck my dominant would have had her wait all night, but I needed to get this done and avoid making it unnecessarily more difficult than it was already going to be. I took the route through the park where Chris and I spent some time together. As I looked over at the grass where we talked my heart pulsed just a little heavily. I knew he would be at Aurelia’s and wondered if I would get to see him tonight. I really hoped I would but I was also really dreading what I was going to say.

    Eventually, I got to Aurelia’s house and knocked on the heavy wooden door using the large brass knocker. I was still really impressed with her place and recalled Beth’s point earlier in the day about how success is linked to realizing the potential of your dominant. I was no doubt a changing person and could see sense in how that would help me achieve much more. The trouble was that I could also see how much I could potentially lose by letting go.

    The door swung open to interrupt my thoughts. It was Aurelia. She didn’t acknowledge me but instead turned and walked back into the house. I waited a few seconds almost half expecting her to launch at me on sight. She seemed very cold but no longer as volatile as earlier so I entered with trepidation. I removed my shoes and placed them in the shoe rack then entered through the porch and turned into the living room.

    Aurelia was at the bottom of the stairs and called out to me, “Hey bitch, pour me a wine I am going up to get changed. You may have a glass yourself given the shit day you have had but only one understand?”

    Without waiting for an answer she ascended leaving me alone in the living room. I looked around and could see a decanter of red wine and three glasses. I assumed Grace would be joining us and hence the third glass, so poured three and quickly downed one. I had had a completely fucking shit day so far, so she could go to hell telling me I was only allowed one. I then quickly poured a second and went to sit down on the pink leather sofa. As I sat there admiring the rather bizarre artwork and top end technology that adorned the room I realized how tired I was from the emotional outpouring of the day. I was half tempted to have a lay down and grab some sleep but knew I needed to stay on guard while I was in the viper’s nest.

    Noticing the record player and record collection again that I had perused on the night of the masqued ball I made my way over taking another big swig of my red wine. As I leafed through the records I remained impressed by her jazz collection and thought to myself how strange it was that a complete fucking psycho like her would have such sophisticated taste in music. My musical inspiration was my mother by birth, I was very young when she passed away but the one thing that remained with me was her love for jazz. I had some pictures of her playing the soprano saxophone, which apparently was her prized possession, I had a little sigh to myself as I recalled those difficult memories before pulling out a few more records to take my mind away from them.

    I found a couple of very nice French jazz LPs including Noel McGhie and Space Spies and then I found the Vincent Geminiani LP called Modern Pop Percussion which had a tune on it titled Ophis Le Serpentaire. The haunting surreal melody and undulating rhythms on that tune were stunning and hypnotically emotive. I really wanted to put it on the record player, as it had been years since I had heard it, and it really meant a lot to me, I had lost my own copy and it was nigh on impossible to track another down. Fucking bitch must be loaded to have these tunes I thought, which just made me resent her a little more. I pushed the records back into place and swigged the remainder of my wine back. Figuring she would be down soon I sped back and poured myself a third glass. If I was going to be in for a tough night it would be with at least three glasses in my stomach I thought.

    I had just sat down when I heard a door slam upstairs and the padding of feet across the landing. As Aurelia started descended the stairs I noticed she was wearing a stunning red low cut dress with shoulder straps with white pearls. On the bottom half, she had white sports socks, which looked worse for wear and some old beat up trainers. I had a little shudder figuring her feet would be on my menu tonight and I fucking hated that. Her figure blurred a little as she descended and I wiped my eyes to agitate my senses to ensure my fatigue didn’t take any of the edge off my sharpness.

    Aurelia stepped over towards me and sat on one of the two pink leather chairs by the side of the sofa I was on. She sat down with poise, every move she made looked deliberate and pre-meditated. Aurelia crossed her legs and swayed her dirty sneaker towards me, the smell rising from it was fucking disgusting and she was smirking at my clear discomfort.

    “Do you find my perfume not to your taste whore?” Aurelia sneered.

    Not wanting to entertain her little game I tried to change the subject. “I see you have a copy of the Geminiani LP Aurelia. A little above your primitive tastes I would have thought.” I said with a smirk on my face.

    Though my dominant was laughing its arse off inside she wasn’t and her immediate change in demeanor was quite unsettling. I half expected her to launch at me but she instead bit her lip and returned a rather sinister fake smile. I must be fucking knackered I thought, I was now ready to hit my bed, as soon as possible. The day I had had and the wine must be a bad combination I thought.

    “My record collection has nothing to do with you slut. You may think it will impress me or distract me to pluck out records, remember the names and then reel them off but I assure you, I see right through your little game. Jazz is for sophisticated palettes not stupid little cunts like you. Now go fetch my drink slut.” Aurelia growled.

    As I arose my legs started to buckle and it was all I could do to stand up straight. Aurelia jumped on my clumsiness immediately and said, “I knew you were stupid. Walking is even beyond your tiny brain.”

    I took another step and my legs faltered again. They felt like lead. “How many fucking glasses did you have bitch?” Aurelia said, alluding to my excessive drinking.

    “I don’t fucking know. Three I think. Who cares?” I slurred.

    As I took another step Aurelia uncrossed her legs and flipped my back foot up with her sneaker causing me to trip and fall. I heard her shout, “Fucking stupid bitch.” Just before I blacked out altogether.


    I awoke slowly and feeling very groggy. My eyes were still very cloudy and it took a number of blinks and some hard concentration to get some focus. As I started to move I felt completely restrained so looked down to see I was trapped in several restrictive devices. I felt handcuffs on my wrists, which were behind my back, across my ankles were what also looked like cuffs as well through separated by a three-inch long bolt to restrict walking. Across my upper arms and upper legs was a heavy black nylon rope binding them together meaning further restriction. I was kneeling and would find it near impossible just to stand let alone run. Finally, there was another set of black nylon ropes criss-crossing my body attached to my leg and foot knots at one end and arm knots and handcuffs at the other. I was also completely naked.

    “Bondage is a wonderful thing you know slut. Men and women used to pay me thousands for my skills and you get to enjoy them for free. My knot technique is perfect and I can assure you your weak pathetic body will not be moving an inch from the neck down unless I allow it. I figured that you wouldn’t be open to wearing handcuffs again after last time, so I offered you a little temptation to ensure you would do exactly what I wanted. Three glasses wasn’t it? What a stupid fucking idiot you are.” Aurelia said.

    My eyes were now focusing, as I could now see Aurelia sat back on the pink leather chair she was in when I collapsed. She had a glass of wine and was swilling it around and sipping it intermittently.

    When I looked at it she said, “Oh this one is fine, in fact, it is one of my best a Château Margaux ‘95. The one you drank had a sedative in it, oh and a nice dose of my piss. I knew a vulgar palette like yours couldn’t tell the difference between a fine wine and my piss so I treated you to the later. You think that spending time with Beth makes you special but to the others and I you are nothing more than a worthless tramp. You have no refinement, no knowledge and certainly no finesse. In fact, you are little more than Beth’s bitch in my eyes.” Aurelia then took another sip of her wine and tilted her head back to acknowledge the bouquet and taste of grape.

    “Fuck you, Aurelia. You are the worthless tramp.” I snarled.

    Aurelia calmly gathered up a pair of slim black gloves that were resting on the arm of her chair and placed them carefully on her hands taking the time to adjust the fingers so they were snug and comfortable. She then leaned forward and slapped me so hard across the face. I thought I was going to black out again but my restraints somehow held me firm against its impact.

    “Right whore. Let’s start at the beginning then shall we? First of all, I will remind you only this last time to refer to me as a goddess. Any other reference will result in my glove and crop re-educating your face and back respectively until the pain leaves you breathless. Now I may look quite calm and controlled but I assure you the hatred and anger inside me at this moment is something quite extraordinary, even for me. Knowing myself like I do I can promise you that if I were in your position right now I would be positively quaking with fear at what was to come.”

    “Now let's recap on how we finished our last little encounter shall we? So as I recall it you took the liberty of calling me a mad fucking psycho bitch on your way out which normally from my friends I would take as a compliment. From you however, a gutter slut, I take only offense. Chalk that one up.”

    “Then there was the threat, indicating the indulgences that I had prepared and administered were no more than a day at the seaside apparently compared to what you would do to me. Clearly, I was upset by that, as you were basically telling me your ability to inflict suffering was well beyond mine and I simply cannot have that.”

    “Finally you threw one final threat against me mind-fucking Chris saying that ‘he doesn’t love me and never will’. That’s some bunch of horseshit considering what you did to him today.”

    “All in all I don’t think I have ever sat in a room with someone I have despised and wanted to hurt, as much as you right now.” Aurelia then took another sip of wine toasting her speech.

    I guess a whole bunch of her outburst was going to come out sooner or later this evening. Though her propensity for recalling every word with such precision was a little disturbing. My dominant had a big mouth, as I had learned over the last few weeks, and I was now going to end up suffering badly for not keeping it in check. Despite all the threats and the impending punishment, which I kind of deserved based on what I did to Chris today, it was her use of his name that hurt me the most, especially in the context she used it.

    Just then the front door burst open and Grace entered, “Is the fucking shitty little cunt here?”

    “Have a look for yourself Grace sweetheart.” Aurelia said.

    Fucking perfect I thought, two wound-up crazy bitches to deal with now. I was starting to wonder if I was going to get through this night alive and as Aurelia had planted the seed in my mind, my fear was growing by the minute. Grace was soaked with sweat having just been for a long run by the look of her and was wearing a grey and pink flannelette jogging suit with pretty nasty looking white sports socks and old ratty sneakers. A pink sports t-shirt reached out above the zip of the jogging suit top.

    As Grace made her way over to me, Aurelia added, “You said that you would like to get off making this slut suffer big time. Do you remember that my love?”

    “Oh yes, I remember all too well Aurelia. I so want to see her suffer, my heart is racing with excitement already. This is going to be fucking legendary!”

    Grace then stepped over so she was standing directly above me so naturally, I looked up at her, “That’s right you fucking despicable cunt, look at me. By the end of tonight, you will learn to fear me like you tried to make me fear you. I even recall you threatening to kill me if I told anyone about you trying to strangle me. Well, now you can know how it feels slut!”

    Grace then crouched down on her knees and placed her hands around my throat. She then started to squeeze softly at first but increasing the pressure with every moment.

    “You feel that slut? How does it feel knowing you are totally helpless and your life it literally in my hands?”

    Grace then applied more pressure to the point where it was more than uncomfortable and bordering on pain.

    “Do you remember what I said to you, Grace? Just remember I don’t make empty threats bitch!” I replied, damning her fucking pathetic attempts to scare me.

    I felt Grace’s hands soften around my throat, as she recalled my words recognizing their gravity. Aurelia then put her hand on Grace’s shoulder and said, “Don’t you fear her Grace, my dear. Her words are shallow and she is full of empty threats. I am here with you now and she is completely at your command. Unleash your will on her and teach her to respect your dominant.”

    Grace then slapped my face hard three times which stung like fuck. She appeared to be converting her fear into anger and unleashing it into my cheeks. They were throbbing badly and had I not been restrained I was sure I would have toppled under that torrent.

    “Shut your fucking foul mouth slut. I am in control now and you will learn to respect and fear me like she did.” Grace snarled.

    “Who the fuck else you been putting on Grace, the five-year-olds down at the primary school?” I shouted back.

    Grace slapped my face even harder three more times using the full leverage of her body weight to apply the force. It was a minor miracle I didn’t go over as I toppled to the side slightly on each. I screamed angrily on each one and I could feel the trickle of blood down my cheek, as my eyes started to stream tears. It was more the intensity of the pain and anger than any sorrow for myself I was feeling.

    “You have no fucking idea what I am capable of, you ignorant pathetic slut. One day you will realize that and it will be too late.” Grace screamed, seeming like she was losing it completely.

    “What are you going on about Grace? Just fucking punish her already and remember don’t do so much damage to her face, I don’t want a whole bunch of shit off her big sister Beth tomorrow.” Aurelia said, in a stern tone.

    Grace seemed to gather herself again momentarily and then placed her hands around my throat again and started squeezing. This time much harder and with real venom and purpose. I was starting to choke and could see in Grace’s face she was actually acting without any empathy or emotion. I suddenly realized I was in grave danger.

    Grace then said, “Let me see if I remember the words correctly cunt. ‘Right now your life is in the balance and I would have absolutely no qualms about offing you. I feel nothing for you and your miserable life.’ That was it right? Wasn’t it?”

    I could no longer respond as my head went bright red and I struggled to breathe. I desperately tried to move but Aurelia had placed me in bondage that left me utterly helpless. Everything then went dark.


    When I awoke Grace was sat down on one of the pink chairs and Aurelia was leaning over me slapping my unmarked cheek.

    As I came around she said, “Near fucking miss, you had there slut. Luckily for you, I don’t need your death on my conscience because if I didn’t give a shit you would be gone by now.”

    Seeing I was now awake she pulled me back up onto my knees and went to sit down next to Grace.

    “Well, Grace you certainly let off some steam there love. I didn’t really realize how angry this piece of shit had made you.” Aurelia said, laughing to herself.

    “I haven’t finished yet Aurelia.” Grace said, forebodingly.

    “Well be a love and get us some more wine while I have a little talk with this piece of trash.” Aurelia requested.
    Grace got up and took Aurelia’s glass as well as her own for a refill, indicating I had been out for some time.

    As she left for the kitchen Aurelia said, “What the fuck are you not telling me bitch?”

    I said, “Look I gave her a hard time and yes I did threaten her. She started giving me a whole bunch of shit about what you and her were doing with Chris and I lost it. Much like you would right? I get that you want to fuck me up because of who you are but why should I accept shit from her?”

    Aurelia spat, “You will accept whatever shit I command and from whoever I want you worthless tramp. Especially if it’s Grace, she is worth a thousand of you!”

    “Look why don’t you just get on with fucking me up? It’s why you brought me here right?” I said.

    Aurelia was unsettled a little by my casual response and goading for more punishment. I, however, was tired of all this crap. For the first time in many years, the wall I had surrounded myself with was crumbling and flashbacks of my childhood suffering were leaking in. In part, I deserved all this for who I was and who I have become, at this point I just didn’t care anymore.

    Aurelia could see my resignation, which I knew from my dominant side would really fuck with her pleasure at my suffering. If she continued with this level of brutality she sensed it wouldn’t necessarily break me like she wanted. My attitude to what was happening was making her curious.

    “You are a fucking weird one bitch. You nearly died and all you can say is ‘get on with it’ to more punishment. Do you have some kind of death wish?” Aurelia said.

    “Look I don’t really want to discuss it. Let’s just say I know more about pain than you ever will.” I said.

    Aurelia went ballistic, “FUCK YOU! You know nothing of pain. If you had to live a fraction of my early life it would have destroyed a sniveling bitch like you. Don’t sit there and think you can tell me about suffering cunt. You have no fucking idea.”

    Though I was sure she was wrong, I really didn’t have the strength to argue. I was bound up so I couldn’t move an inch, my cheeks were burning like hell, my throat was still only just recovering from the swelling of Grace’s strangulation and now she wanted a competition over who had the harder upbringing.

    “Ok, whatever.” I said.

    Aurelia was hitting the roof now and knew she was losing control. I was suspecting a vicious onslaught but instead, she left the room to join Grace in the kitchen. I guess to cool off.

    Around fifteen minutes later they both returned with their drinks and took the seats in front of me. Aurelia had pulled me a couple of feet forward so I was close enough to kick and then applied a neck brace to my current restraints that would keep my head forward facing. I guessed she must have just about every fucking nasty torture and punishment accessory that was available from her BSDM ventures.

    Aurelia then said, “Listen cunt face. You need to fucking cool off a bit. When you start asking for punishment and meaning it, it shows us how fucked up you are and also calls for a change in approach.”

    Aurelia then went on, “I remember how much you love to worship feet, especially smelly dirty feet, so we have rolled out our nastiest socks just for the occasion. Grace has a particularly bad foot odour problem but despite that was kind enough to wear her socks all weekend just for you. I am actually surprised no one at Seraphina’s stables actually noticed Grace.”

    “I have my ways, Aurelia, my love.” Grace answered.

    “So now we have you all strapped up tight in front of us we thought a nice calm hour of sniffing and licking foul feet is exactly what you need to reconnect with the sane Nicola who hates all this shit.” Aurelia said.

    Grace then got up and pulled a pouffe in front of my face on which they then placed their filthy sneakers. Given the restraints I was in, my face was leaning right over the end completely at their mercy. I knew this would be fucking nasty and I was starting to feel sick at the thought. I had heard stories of Grace’s feet and she went into great detail herself when goading me before so I would need to really get it together if I was going to get through this without giving them the satisfaction they craved to watch me suffer.

    Aurelia then produced a crop from the side of her chair and flashed it across the space in front of me. “Of course I suspect you will still need a little encouragement to do exactly as we command so this little lady will help me with that.”

    “So now as we have all night we can go nice and slow here. Why don’t you have a go at removing our shoelaces with your teeth?” Aurelia added.

    I knew I would have to put in some effort during the course of this evening otherwise the whole time would be dedicated to whipping my back and slapping my face and though I could be a hard, stubborn bitch I knew, in the end, I would eventually relent. With those thoughts in my mind, I decided that in the main I would do as they asked unless they really ramped it up on me. That said I wasn’t going to plough on at any pace, I would make them work for their supper.

    As Grace’s first sneaker was placed up to my mouth the first thing that struck me was the heat coming from her foot, that was quickly followed by a smell so thick and stifling it was making me choke even whilst still trapped inside the shoe. Aurelia wasn’t kidding when she said that Grace had an odour problem. Fucking hell if my feet ever smelled that bad I would go and see a chiropodist and get them checked out before they rotted away and fell off.

    Taking care to breathe in through my mouth, I started to nibble at the double knot that Grace had tied. It wasn’t pulled that tightly so within a few minutes I had managed to get some leverage on it and then pulled to release it. It was then just a matter of pulling to undo the remaining tied part of her laces. As I waited for Grace to present the second sneaker I could see her face change to something resembling annoyance. Since she had returned from the kitchen a definite calmer person than when she left after half killing me, she had seemed almost relaxed. That was changing again now.

    Eventually, she shouted, “Well suck the fucking laces clean then you filth whore!”

    Oh, of course, I thought, the laces. Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe because being this fucking nasty to someone is just immoral. As I started to suck on her near-black laces I tried to take my mind off the taste by recalling my approach with Henrietta to foot worship. Generally, I would get to the sniffing part pretty quickly, which I knew she enjoyed and then would make sure if I was in the mood to get some nice foot licking and toe sucking afterward. I didn’t really make her wallow in the filth of my sneakers and definitely not shit like my laces beforehand. Then I started to wonder whether she would actually like me to draw out her punishment like this. I guess for a submissive it would actually make the tension and build up that much more potent. For me however it was already starting to grate on me, and I am sure my face was giving away my discomfort at being tethered for so long as well as being made to do something so beneath me.

    “Ok next one now slut. Don’t make me have to spell it out this time. I know you are useless, inept and as thick as shit but don’t labour it.” Grace said.

    I then started nibbling at the second shoelace and as I looked at Grace I started to think to myself how strange it was that such a shy, intelligent and passive woman as her could become so twisted and seduced by these punishments. At least with Aurelia and Beth, I got it. They were natural dominants and hence thought it was their right, even their duty to dominate others but Grace up until a few weeks back knew nothing of this lifestyle and I suspect had no innate tendencies for it. Perhaps her descent into all this was actually driven more by her peers and Aurelia. Was it simply that Grace was trying to fit in or did she actually see herself as ascending the power ladder and actually finding a position for herself amongst the dominant elite? Either way, I was aware of how aroused she got when she did punish her victims, in many ways she got off on it more than any of us. Why the fuck was that?

    During all this contemplation time, I had subconsciously managed to untie Grace’s shoelace and was now sucking on it. It must have been a while as she snatched her sneaker back and the lace caught on my teeth as it was retracted snaring my lips on the way through. Ouch, I thought and winced. She smirked back at me.

    Aurelia’s sneakers were then presented to my face. “Mine doesn't have a double knot so you can use the extra time by giving them a tongue bath, sneaker slut.”

    It was still Aurelia who knew how to press all my buttons, it was as though she could see right through me when she planned each step of my suffering. Her instructions really grated on me much more than Grace’s who I saw as more impertinent due to her lower rank on the dominance ladder. Aurelia, however, was the genuine article, a real nasty, horrible tour-de-force and someone you either made of point of getting on the side of, or getting out the way of. For me, though I couldn’t stop myself challenging her. Beating her down and having her serve me was a thought virus that was filling up my mind and starting to pre-occupy my thoughts daily. It would be so sublime to have her suffer for me I thought, which then helped me understand why trapping me like this was so perfect for her.

    I put my tongue out to try and clean the sneaker when the lace was untied but she withdrew it slightly so I couldn’t reach. My bodily restriction was also preventing movement including through my neck. Aurelia laughed at my pathetic attempts to clean her sneaker.

    “That tongue would be incapable of giving pleasure to a door mouse let alone to real women like us. She can’t even reach my sneaker which is a mere two inches away from the slut’s mouth Grace.”

    “Pathetic, that tongue should be cut off to save us having to listen to her endless drivel too. Stupid, dumb bitches like her should be seen and not heard. In fact seeing her makes me feel sick. She is so fucking ugly only a real dick head like our slave would be stupid enough to fall for trash like that.” Grace said, starting to ramp up her anger and vitriol.

    Aurelia also looked angry but more from what Grace had just said. It was like she wanted to stifle her outburst somehow though why she would want to protect me I have no idea.

    “Well, go get a nice sharp knife then Grace.” Aurelia said, smiling at me while she did.

    Grace leaped up and immediately started making for the kitchen saying only, “Excellent,” as she disappeared.

    I was genuinely disturbed by this as I couldn’t be 100% sure this was purely a mind game. Being as bound as I was I knew I would be at their mercy for pretty much any punishment they cared to inflict on me. I then recalled Aurelia saying that she didn’t want me damaged to an extent that Beth would be seeking revenge, so relaxed a little.

    “Oh, I couldn’t really give a fuck what Beth thinks or does really whore. The only reason I would actually leave that tongue in your mouth is to service my feet and arsehole. After all, that’s all you are good for.” She then chuckled to herself.

    The blood must have drained from my face with the cold delivery of this threat and I felt my body shudder at the prospect.

    “Mmm, delicious I felt that one. I got some little goosebumps just seeing how fearful I can make you. Weakness, that’s what I smell, and what I shall exploit. Whether it’s tonight, the day after or even next week you will crumble and fall beneath me, you know you will. In fact, I would be thinking the sooner the better if I were you, as it will save so much unnecessary extra pain and suffering.” Aurelia cooed.

    Grace soon returned with the knife, a long razor sharp kitchen blade, which was so potent it came in it’s own slipcase. “Perfect Grace that will go through her tongue like knife through butter. We will, of course, need a branding implement to cauterize the wound, we don’t want her choking to death and putting a swift end to her slavery do we?” She then cackled and Grace joined in with her laughter.

    Aurelia then went on, “We can use my ceramic hair straighteners. They heat up nice and hot and should be a perfect fit for that worthless mouth of hers. Would you pop upstairs and fetch them from my dressing table love?”

    Looking at how calm Aurelia was organising all this I was starting to wonder if she might not actually go through with it.

    “You see whore, I know a number of specialists in this kind of thing and have seen some pretty fucking nasty, sadistic shit in my time that I wouldn’t force on my worst enemy. Well maybe with the exception of you of course. I have never actually extracted a tongue or removed an appendage but having witnessed the process a number of times, I am quite familiar with what is required. The only thing we will need is a sedative, as I can’t have you screaming the house down making a fuss. Anyway I know by experience the pain will put you out, so we might as well just save you that little discomfort, well only if you beg for it of course.” Aurelia smirked again, and tapped my cheek with her sneaker.

    “Look Aurelia…sorry I mean goddess. This has gone far enough, I know you are fully capable of doing this but you have nothing to prove to me. I am sorry for what I did to Grace and now I just want out ok?” I said, starting to tremble and feel sick with their sordid games.

    “Well, I am not going to cut it out just yet slut. I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good evening of suffering for you. You know how I like my little coup-de-grace to finish off my little sessions. Your tongue removal will be just perfect for that. I even know a few doctors I can reach in case something goes wrong. You can stay here tonight so we can keep an eye on you while you recover.” Aurelia said.

    My courage was shot at this point realizing no words or actions could prevent whatever they intended. I couldn’t move a muscle and knew my dominant mouth would only make things worse. I was left with no option but to bargain and plead.

    “Ok. Look I am genuinely afraid now. You have succeeded. I realize now that I was stupid to fuck around with Grace and I regret it. Just let me out of here and I will do whatever you ask.”

    “Really slut? Well, I put it to you that you are only saying all this shit because you know I have you at my beck and call. If and when I release you I am sure you will go running off to big sister crying for help and protection and I can’t really have that can I?”

    “I promise I won’t goddess. I know that will only defer your retribution, which in the end will be even worse!” I said.

    “At last you are starting to realize how capable and determined I am. Indeed if you were to cross me in such a way your life would be at an end, it would only be a matter of time.” Aurelia said.

    “So will you please spare me the tongue removal goddess?” I begged.

    “I will consider your plea. It depends on your performance tonight. You see I can still remove your tongue and let you live, we could then decide which appendage would be next and so forth depending on your behaviour in between our sessions. Fingers and toes are easily removed and you have twenty of those to play with.”

    We then heard Grace’s feet striding along the hallway upstairs. “Ok remember slut. I want to see utter devotion from here on otherwise…” She then made a slicing motion with her hand across her mouth. “We will discuss the whatever I want part of your plea when we have some privacy later.”

    Grace jumped off the final few stairs excitedly and across the room saying, “They weren’t on your dressing table in the end. I looked everywhere and eventually found them in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe. Shall I plug them in?”

    “Patience Grace. We have all night after all. Let’s relax and have our feet pampered for a while, shall we? I know you like that.” Aurelia said.

    “Well I did work especially hard on these socks, so yeah that would be great Aurelia.” Grace replied.

    “Ok take a seat then my love. Foot whore, would you like to sniff and slobber over goddess Grace’s beautiful feet? They do have a refined, unique bouquet to them unlike anyone else’s.” Aurelia asked.

    “Yes, I would like that very much please goddess.” I said, resenting every word as they left my mouth. Aurelia smirked, seeing my immediate attitude adjustment and how much it was killing me.

    “Wow, that’s some turnaround bitch. We will see how much you like my feet when you are up close and personal with them. I want to see complete submission to them. If there is anything but love and desire in your eyes for them I will be displeased. Oh and don’t think a little foot worship is going to stop me carving that tongue out tonight slut, that is going to take a minor miracle on your part but servicing my feet will help your cause.”

    Grace then spat in my face hard a number of times before saying, “Feels pretty fucking degrading doesn’t it bitch? I didn’t forget one second of our encounter and nor will you about tonight.”

    As the spit ran down my face, Aurelia laughed and sat back in her chair with her wine looking at me with contempt like I was worthless. Grace chuckled to herself in self-satisfaction then sat down before presenting her sneakers back towards my face.

    “Ok foot fungus, I will hear you beg now for the privilege to sniff my disgusting socks.” Grace said, with an air of superiority.

    “Please goddess Grace may I have the privilege of sniffing your disgusting socks?” I said in the best pleading voice I could muster though I must have been sneering though most of it.

    Grace slapped me hard with her sneaker on the same area she had hit me earlier. Consequently, the pain returned. “Disgusting? How dare you!” She said.

    “I am sorry goddess, I meant beautiful.” I corrected myself, just wanting this done and dusted.

    “Well, now you put it like that toe sniffer maybe I will let you have just a little sample.” Grace said, with an evil grin on her face.

    She extended her sneakers out towards my face again and then placed the heel of one on top of my head. She then pressed it down hard to get friction from my hair and then eased the heel of her sock free from its tight casing. She then pressed the hot, wet heel of her foot against my forehead and started to slide her filthy socks down my face towards my nose. As they approached I nearly screamed the smell was so bad. I really had no idea how I was going to cope with this at all, even in my worst nightmares I didn’t think they could smell that bad.

    As her socked foot slid down my face it coated it with a hot sticky layer of sweat with just about every foul smell in the world all wrapped up inside it. I actually started to sweat due to how foul the stench was, combined with how hot her feet were in the first place. After around twenty seconds her foot had completed its slow descent down my face and she cupped her toes around my nose pressing the sock webbing firmly around my nostrils. It was the place on her foot where I knew it would smell strongest, so I held my breath hoping and praying for some kind of miracle stay of execution. None came.

    “I know just how bad they are slut. I still can’t get used to the smell myself and Grace has them like that almost all the time lately. That said I am not as close as you are thankfully but I will tell you something you will sniff them and sniff them fucking good if you ever want out of that bondage and leaving here with your tongue. So it is the easy way by submitting yourself right now, or the hard way with a sock gag and my crop. You can choose.” Aurelia laughed.

    I muttered bitches under my breath, which was obscured by Grace’s foot and prepared for my first sniff. My dominant was really getting fucked off at this point and I was plotting every conceivable revenge in my mind, just to stay together with that sock on my nose.

    As I took my first tentative sniff my head immediately went dizzy and my nostrils burnt like someone had put a lit match up them. The evil offensive acrid smell shot through my body like a cloud of acidic gas and I choked, coughed and spluttered. My face was also bright red and the veins on my neck were standing to attention as bloodshot through my face trying to wash the offending olfactory killer away.

    “Wow, Grace that might be the best reaction I have seen yet to those nasty socks of yours. I was going to leave the room and let you get on with it given how bad they are, but now I am glad I decided to stay. Give that foul sock another big whiff cheese drinker, I demand more entertainment.”

    Grace was now flush red herself with sexual tension and excitement. She just couldn’t stop herself especially when her victims like me hated it as much as I did. She started to reach down between her thighs to stroke her pussy gently.

    “I want to make this one last Aurelia. Normally I get too excited like at the club on Friday night and reach my peak real quickly. Tonight I want her suffering to last ages, so I can burn the memory long in my mind to revisit time and time again.” Grace said.

    “Knock yourself our Grace. We have as long as you want and she isn’t going anywhere.” Aurelia laughed.

    Grace then started clenching and unclenching her socked toes around my nose just to stifle my breathing and promote more intake of her smell.

    “Tell me how much you hate this bitch. I want to hear it.” Grace said, rubbing herself softly.

    Aurelia seeing I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction lashed my shoulder hard with the crop before sitting back. It stung like hell and she knew it.

    “Well, goddess the smell is utterly horrendous and is making me feel positively sick. It is actually burning my nostrils and completely debilitating me. Not only do I feel physically nauseous, but it is also completely belittling to be stuck here sniffing your feet just so you can get off on it. Is that what you wanted to hear?” I said sarcastically.

    Aurelia was going to whip me again but apparently, Grace loved every word of my pissed off tirade and continued to rub her herself.

    “Ok slut bite the end of my sock and start to pull it off. It should slide off nice and easy with the copious amounts of sweat on my foot. Just make sure you only pull it off halfway.” Grace said, confusing both Aurelia and me to her intent.

    As her socked foot descended to settle on my lips I caught the bitter, revolting salty taste and nearly heaved there and then. I closed my eyes to think of something else, as I clenched my teeth on the end of the sock. When I had a firm grasp I tried to pull my head back but it wouldn’t move due to the neck restraint.

    “She has the sock in her teeth, Grace, you will need to pull your foot as she cannot move her neck even an inch!” Aurelia giggled. “Still at least you can control exactly how much of the sock gets removed for whatever it is you are planning.”

    Grace opened her eyes and looked to confirm what Aurelia had said then proceeded to draw her foot away slowly. The filthy white sock was now barely hanging onto the heel of her foot and the toe end was overhanging by about two inches.

    “Perfect sewer slut. Now unclench your teeth.” Grace ordered, and I complied wondering what the fuck was going on.

    “Right now you may suck the filth out of the toe end of my socks where all the really nasty shit has collected. I demand a black tongue and at least ten minutes washing before we can proceed. Oh, and if you throw up I will reset the clock back to zero.” Grace said.

    Fucking hell, no way was I going to do that shit for her. The sniffing was bad enough but this was getting ridiculous.

    Aurelia knew I wasn’t going to comply just by the look on my face but couldn’t resist a little humiliation before she arose with her crop again.

    “You know Grace I have met some pretty hardcore fucking feet lovers in my day but your style and intensity of foot domination are more than I think anyone of them could have handled. When it comes to nasty feet worship you are truly the queen!”

    Grace beamed with pride at her mentor’s compliment, whilst Aurelia stood above me and administered two hard lashes across my shoulder. Once again the pain throbbed and coursed through me and I even shouted to expel the feeling.

    Aurelia laughed to herself and added, “Next time it will be three and so on.”

    Grace’s filthy sock toe entered my mouth, as she pushed it towards me and rested it on my tongue. Needing a break from another three lashes I brought my lips down and braced myself for the horrendous emissions to come. I expected my taste buds to quit my life forever. I did actually feel some sick come up but I managed to stifle it back down and held all my resolve together to suck on that sock for ten minutes. The first couple were the worst, as I adjusted as best I could to the invasion in my mouth, after that it almost felt routine. Grace played with herself softly groaning periodically as they both watched me almost in a hypnotic trance.

    “Ok bite on the sock now slut, it’s time for it to come off so you can experience the wonder of my perfect toes.” Grace ordered, and I bit again on the sock as she pulled her foot back before the sock recoiled once off of her foot and hung in my mouth.

    “Don’t drop my sock bitch! Gather it up with your tongue until it fills your mouth. It will save me having to get out of my chair to force it in there myself as a sock gag.” Grace smirked.

    Fuck me don’t get out of your chair please, I would hate to think I had inconvenienced you or anything you revolting unwashed fucking tramp I thought. I was sneering my resentment at her, as I gathered the sock up.

    “Careful, slut. You make sure you look at Grace with respect and subservience to recognize her superiority over you or I will get her to put the tongs on to charge.” Aurelia threatened.

    The revulsion of the socks and her demeaning orders had almost made me forget about the threat hanging over me I was so lost in the moment. I looked at Aurelia and validated her ice-cool intent and then adjusted my attitude accordingly. As my mouth was gagged with the abysmal sock I didn’t bother to try and speak.

    Grace was only half aware of all this too busy getting into her own sexual arousal and wanting her bare foot in my face. Almost immediately I had gathered up my sock gag she started firmly wiping her sweaty foot all over my face.

    “Mmmm, let me get all my precious scent over that face. I am marking my territory foot whore. Given we own you completely now, I am making sure you will smell of feet for as long as we keep you captive. You will become a connoisseur in my foot stench. Drink in all that delicious sweat as I coat your face with it. Now let's get that undeserving nose right between my toes so you can hoover out my yummy jam.” Grace laughed, she was really getting excited at this point and rubbing herself more frequently.

    “Fucking hell that’s evil!” I shrieked, into the sock gag and Aurelia laughed.

    Each breath I was now taking was coming directly from Grace’s toes and Aurelia was starting to laugh herself into hysterics.

    “That is so fucking nasty. I love it.” She said, as she leaned forward and pinched my nose waiting for my face to go bright red. On releasing it a huge shot of toe stench blasted its way into my nose and I coughed and gagged again. Aurelia was literally crying with laughter now and repeated the process a further four times studying and laughing at my utter despair each time.

    After the fifth time, Aurelia could see Grace was starting to approach her climax so pulled the sock gag out of my mouth and said, “Suck on those toes while she climaxes whore, it will send her into orbit.”

    “If I do it will you let me go?” I asked, and a further three lashes rained down on my shoulders.

    “You are in no place to bargain slut. You are working to keep that tongue of yours remember now use it to pleasure her toes or lose it!” Aurelia snarled, widening her eyes to add to her threat.

    I took Grace’s toes into my mouth and wrapped my tongue around them and licked, as I would have wanted if Henrietta were doing it to me. Grace did indeed go into orbit and her body almost snapped, as her orgasm started to take effect. The convulsion in her body forced her foot deeper into my mouth and choked me, as I coughed and spluttered she started screaming the house down. It lasted for at least twenty seconds like she was coming in some endless loop of multiple orgasms. Like I said before no one got off on this like she did. Eventually, after one final ear piercing scream, she collapsed and luckily her foot fell out of my mouth.

    I was quite exhausted with the ordeal myself and not being able to move for so long was making my body start to cramp and ache. Aurelia went to sit down and then took some time stroking Grace’s hair while she relaxed and recovered. Aurelia took her own sneaker off and placed her own socks over my nose while they took their time.

    “I don’t want you to miss out on your punishment time, while Grace gets herself together so you can sniff on mine in the meantime. If I don’t hear sniffing I will assume you are ready for your four-stroke cropping.” Aurelia chuckled, then squeezed her socks around my nose and focused on Grace.

    We stayed like that for about fifteen minutes with me sniffing Aurelia’s revolting socks though they weren’t half as bad as Grace’s. As Grace started to recover Aurelia said, “Have a glug of wine my beautiful princess.” Aurelia then placed the glass to her lips and she took a drop. Aurelia then kissed her on the lips and rubbed her hands on Grace’s breasts.

    “Oh, Aurelia you are getting me all horny again love.” Grace said.

    “Good, then you will be ready to put that other foot to some good use on our slave then Grace darling!” Aurelia said, and then looked down at me with an evil smile.

    FUCKING HELL! Not all over again I thought. Grace and Aurelia then proceeded to lead me through the exact same torture of sock sniffing, sock sucking, toe sniffing and finally toe sucking as before. Grace’s climax was arguably even stronger the second time around and the best that I can say about the whole ordeal is that she was shot to pieces and pretty much incapable of anything else when we were done.

  3. wildyone

    wildyone Member


    Aurelia spoke to Grace even though she was barely with us in her post-climax state. “Now Grace, our slave here is going to service me. For dominants, it is the ultimate low to service another so it is something I must make her do and I don’t want you to get jealous ok?”

    Grace looked quite upset but was too out of it to really form a coherent objection.

    “Well anyway you have had your fun and now it is my turn. So pussy-bitch, here is your perfect opportunity to prove to me why you should keep that tongue in your head. If you do a mind-blowing job pleasuring me I would be loathed to remove it from you right?” Aurelia laughed.

    I was tempted to ask if I could go after this but I was not inclined to give Aurelia an excuse to give me four further lashes. I was sure that would break the skin given the force she was using and wanted to get out as close to scar-free as I could manage.

    “Ok goddess. I will serve you to show I deserve to keep my tongue.” I said, summoning up as much enthusiasm as my discomfort and displeasure would allow.

    She was right of course that this was the ultimate submission for me as a dominant to pleasure her with my mouth as my suffering was directly linked to her pleasure. Given I couldn’t move a muscle Aurelia stepped over and straddled my mouth with her pussy. I noticed for the first time then that she wasn’t wearing knickers under her extravagant red designer dress.

    Her pussy was already wet watching Grace unleash both feet on me over what must have been close to an hour and a half. How I managed to get through that shit is really anyone’s guess. I presented my tongue to her and she lowered her pussy onto it slowly and deliberately. As it landed she gave a loud moan as the warmth of my mouth and lips surrounded her.

    I set off at a pace trying to get this over and done quickly but Aurelia wasn’t having any of it. She placed her red painted fingernails in my back and applied enough pressure to dig them down into the flesh causing me to yelp.

    “Slow down slut! You are my tool for pleasure and you do as I say. I want slow, long strokes from that tongue to begin with. This is going to last a nice long time to ensure my end is befitting of my status above you. My nails will inform you if you are pleasing me or not, I don’t want to be distracted teaching you how to do this because you are incompetent.” Aurelia cooed.

    I slowed down and felt her nails soften on my back indicating she was happy. I placed a firm pressure on her labia, as I traversed up and down it several times accumulating saliva to moisten her even more. She started groaning again reinforcing my suspicions she was indeed enjoying it. Of course, I knew exactly what she wanted the question was actually whether I was prepared to give her the pleasure she craved. Given this was hopefully my last test of the night I decided to give her both barrels of my best attention to avoid any more issues.

    As I licked hard up and down her pussy I started darting my tongue in and out of her at one end then encircling her clitoris at the other. I then proceeded to suck gently on her clitoris and allow it to vibrate between my lips knowing this would send shivers through her body. As I did this I could feel her hands shaking on my back and knew she really liked that. I slowed down a little to steady the pace of her ascent and then repeated the lip vibrations and sucking on her clitoris several times until her whole body was shaking. Her groaning now was loud and heightened. I was determined at least to fuck Grace off by giving Aurelia the climax of her life in front of her and as I caught a glimpse of Grace’s face my suspicions were confirmed that she looked really hacked off.

    I then introduced little tongue swirls in between the lip vibrations and sucking and felt her hands move up to my hair. She was actually running her fingers through my hair at this point and had clearly lost track of exactly who was giving her this pleasure. It was rather disgusting me that she was effectively making love to me but at the same time I got a perverse kick out of it knowing I could have this effect on her.

    My next step was to increase the speed, pressure, and frequency of my attention around her clitoris which really started to make her whole body jolt and shudder, she was undoubtedly approaching her climax at this point. I concentrated hard to feel when she would hit that tipping point and managed to stop just before she was sent over the edge. I then teased and tantalized her clitoris delicately just with the edge of my tongue knowing her heightened sensitivity would be sending her mad. Each little tongue flick sent a strong shudder through her arms and body. She was actually submitting to my teasing, she was enjoying the control I was having over her orgasm. Fucking hell this was perfect.

    When I sensed she could take no more and could feel her hands applying a strong pressure to my head, I started to increase the rate again and used my lip vibrations and tongue sucks on her clitoris to bring her towards her ending. Her moans grew into shouts and her shouts grew into screams. Her body was throwing itself all over the place and I was struggling to keep my tongue focused on her sensitive zone but I hung in there as she had orgasm after orgasm. Her cum was flowing down my chin and dripping onto my thighs but I kept going. She then pulled my face into her pussy for one last huge eruption of pleasure during which her screams turned into tears of sheer ecstasy and sexual pleasure. Seconds later she literally fell back across the pouffe and into her chair crying with joy and rapture. Grace was distraught but remained motionless. I didn’t make eye contact with her but could feel her stare boring through my head.

    Everything fell silent for a long while except for Aurelia’s tears which turned into laughter before then she fell into a self-satisfied smile, as she curled up and embraced herself. I don’t think I have ever witnessed such a completely perfect orgasm as that, and I have never had one that good. That was something I would need to work on when others were pleasuring me I thought.

    “Grace, would you please be a love and fill my wine up?” Aurelia moaned towards Grace who then got up and stormed off out of the room.

    Aurelia then turned her smiling face to me and said, “You know slut if I didn’t hate you so fucking much I would probably love you. Fuck that tongue is never coming out of your pretty little mouth while I am alive to use it.”

    I smiled within myself knowing I had got myself out of a fucking shitty situation, I now just needed to walk the home straight and get out of here.

    I then said, “Kiss me then Aurelia.”

    She looked back at me shocked and angry but didn’t react, “What did you just fucking say bitch?”

    “I said kiss me. Then you will know if you hate me or not.” I replied.

    Aurelia looked at me deep in thought, my mind game was working perfectly and had really thrown her off. Before she had a chance to react either way Grace returned with her wine and she was still looking brutally upset.

    “Here is your wine Aurelia.” She almost shoved it in her face with the jealousy she felt and then stepped over to me and slapped me across the face again.

    “Toilet time bitch, open up.” Grace ordered, with a face so livid I was sure she was going to try and kill me again.

    Aurelia still drunk in her post-orgasm daze could only raise a smile lying on her side in the foetal position, content within herself.

    Grace looked around seemingly very agitated and seeing what she was looking for gathered up Aurelia’s crop in her hand before returning to stand above me again. She was literally spitting in my face she was so angry as she spoke.

    “You fucking little tramp whore. I see exactly what you are and what you are trying to do. Aurelia is mine you understand, she fucking hates you as do I. She will never feel any different to you no matter how much you try to please her and if you do I will fucking kill you. Got it?” Grace warned.

    She was totally serious in her threat and I realized that if she started to try and strangle me again Aurelia was not in a fit state to stop her this time. So I went along with Grace’s threat to appease her as best I could.

    “Look I am really sorry goddess. Aurelia said I was going to lose my tongue if I didn’t do a good job so I just did the best I could. There was really nothing else in it honestly. I know you and Aurelia are very close and I would never try to come between that. Anyone who did would be a fucking fool.” I pleaded.

    “Damn fucking right you gutter whore! Heed my warning though, as if I ever see you do that to my love ever again you will die.” Grace seethed.

    Though it was barely discernable, she did, in fact, go from murdering psychopath back down to mad bitch full of rage, which was a blessed belief even though she still fully intended to punish me badly.

    “Right here is how this works whore. I am going to piss in your slutty little mouth to teach you not to use it against me. You will drink everything that goes in, as it goes in. I will not be stopping to give you a chance to recuperate. If you spill anything I will start thrashing you with this thing.” Grace barked.

    Grace then waved the crop in front of my face just to let me know specifically what was already pretty obvious. I was really dreading this new low I was about to hit. Drinking someone’s piss, especially hers was fucking revolting. I sighed to myself praying in my mind for this night to come to an end. I was feeling really uncomfortable now having been in bondage for so long and my body was starting to cramp badly.

    “Yes goddess, I understand.” Was all I could muster as Grace pulled her jogging pants and white lacy knickers down around her ankles.

    Grace then stepped towards me and started rubbing her pussy against my exposed face. It stank pretty badly and was indicative of her reluctance to wash that made her feet smell so rank. I held my breath while she smeared it over my nose and mouth. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of my tongue, as she made no indication she wanted it and I had no desire to offer. A few moments later I heard those god-awful words.

    “Ok, it’s coming piss drinker, open up.”

    I closed my eyes. With my body and head fully fixed in place to do her bidding I opened my mouth and started to put my mind to work on as many divergent thoughts as I could. This time my thoughts went to Beth’s promotion opportunity and the leverage that could give me to fuck these bitches over once and for all. Once I had Beth’s confidence I was sure she would help me bring them down. I then felt a hot stream of liquid enter my mouth; it was salty with a hint of wine and made a filling up noise as it started to collect in my throat.

    It was time to take a gulp, as it was coming in hard and heavy, so I prepared my stomach and swallowed. It was difficult to achieve whilst keeping my mouth open but I got it done. I started imaging doing this back to them. I had never pissed in someone’s mouth before but someone would be getting it from me and soon as this was fucking up my dominant big time. I hope to god it would be them.

    Another gulp was required and I successfully repeated the same manoeuver without spilling any. Grace’s piss stream seemed to go on forever but I was drinking it so quickly the taste was almost passing me by. I must have a better ability to block stuff out than I thought, but then my whole life had been about blocking things out I didn’t want to face.

    Grace was becoming really fucked off now and pushing her piss harder and faster into my mouth but I still kept pace. In the end, she lost it seeing her game was being undone and just pissed all over my face anyway. It went into my eyes and up my nose and I started coughing and spluttering trying to open up my airways and repair my damaged vision.

    “You fucking spilled it you useless pathetic waste disposal whore! Now you will pay.” Grace screamed.

    I then realized Grace was going to make me take that crop one way or another. She didn’t even stop pissing on me before the crop started lashing my bare exposed back. As she arched her back to put her full force into each blow her piss kept flooding into my face and then down my torso onto my legs as she swung forward. The pain was overriding the discomfort of my saturated face at this point and she administered seven hard strokes before her piss abated and she paused for a break. She was out of breath in part due to anger but mostly from her exertions. My back was stinging like a bitch and I think some piss had gotten into the marks, which was just emphasizing the pain even more.

    “Clean me off then toilet slut, it’s all you that mouth of yours is fucking good for after all.” Grace ordered.

    Having stood up to most of the drinking I could finish the job I thought and sucked the piss from around Grace’s pussy. The worst bit was actually feeling her excessive pubic hair in my mouth. She was nothing like as well kept, clean and trimmed as Aurelia. Fucking skank I thought.

    Grace then turned to Aurelia who was still curled up and smiling having watched Grace abuse me over the last ten minutes or so, “So can I cut her tongue out or not then Aurelia?”

    Aurelia perked up slightly seeing she needed to be clear in her response, “No Grace, I don’t need the shit from Beth that will come with that and I also like her tongue where it is.”

    “FUCKING HELL! Who do you care more about her or me?” Grace screamed.

    “You of course Grace. It has nothing to do with that. This is just politics.”

    “Well fuck politics and fuck you, Aurelia!”

    Grace then stormed off and leaped up the stairs in a flood of tears desperate at an evening that had promised so much for her but delivered so little.

    Silence descended on us once again and Aurelia sat there looking at me, as the final remnants of Grace’s piss dripped off my face. As the door to their bedroom slammed from above Aurelia looked over her shoulder to validate what she suspected, that Grace had gone to bed. She then got up, then made her way into the kitchen and came back with a tea towel. She reached over the top of me and unlocked my handcuffs and eased the ropes around my upper arms with expert navigation. She then threw the towel in my face and said, “Clean yourself up whore, you look a right fucking state.”

    The freedom afforded to my arms was pure heaven after so much restriction and though my neck, torso, and legs were still bound the movement in my arms released much of my bodily cramping. I let out a huge sigh before using the tea towel to wipe my face, body, and legs. I then even wiped the pouffe seeing there were splash marks on it before throwing the towel down at my feet.

    “Ok then whore it’s time for a little private conversation.” Aurelia said.

    I knew those words were always going to precede a deep and meaningful discussion when it came to Aurelia. She didn’t really do trash talking, she either talked because it needed saying or asked because she really needed to know. This evidently, was the later.

    “I want to know why you fucked your ex-lover over so badly today.” Aurelia said, with a look of absolute interest and seriousness.

    The first thing that struck me was the use of the word ‘ex’ like it was already over between Chris and me. I distinctly remember when he asked if he should leave I said ‘I didn’t know’. Did he take that as a yes? What did Beth then say afterward that might have pushed him in that direction? Damn, I wish I had had the courage to stay in that office now.

    Also, had he already discussed this with Aurelia? I suspected he had, as she would have made him talk so I needed to be careful not to lie otherwise she would definitely know. The question for me was how much to tell Aurelia of Beth’s plans and the opportunity to be her second. If I opened that up I could expect a whole bunch of extra opposition and grief from Aurelia so needed to be careful. She obviously didn’t know at this point, as she would not be able to help herself in telling me she would beat me to the job.

    “Beth goaded me on, threatening to make me a slave again if I didn’t.” I said.

    “So you threw away your relationship because you are too shit scared to stand up to Beth? That’s fucking pathetic!” Aurelia snarled, clearly angered by my answer.

    It did sound pathetic when she put it like that but that was indeed in part the truth, I was scared of becoming her slave again. With the upside of being her second missing from the answer, it just made me look all the worse.

    “Well, what would you do if she enslaved you?” I barked, feeling defensive.

    There were times when I knew I could speak up to Aurelia and there were times when I had to keep my mouth shut. These open and honest discussions were some of the few times she passed over the details of how I addressed her and would talk to me almost as a peer. I say almost in the loosest possible way.

    “That fucking bitch has neither the courage, power or guile to enslave me, Nicola. I thought you would have realized that by now. Though she has tested me many times.” Aurelia answered.

    Her use of my name confirmed my suspicions that this was indeed a peer interaction, as best as it could be. It was interesting to note that Beth had tested Aurelia but she had clearly stuck to her guns and got through it, that made me feel even weaker.

    “Well, maybe you are just stronger than me. I am still coming to terms with even being a fucking dominant. I thought I had parked that side of my life years ago.” I said.

    “Maybe? You fucking imbecile! I have strength in me that is a world apart from you. You are pathetic, weak and even insignificant. As far as you being a dominant look at you sniffing feet, drinking piss and serving your goddess with orgasms on demand I have never seen so much unbridled servitude. You need to get a reality check on who the fuck you are Nicola because from where I am sitting you are fucking delusional!” Aurelia sneered.

    Her put-downs were killing me, as the ring of truth they contained was irrefutable. It was only now I was starting to understand just how much stronger and more powerful Beth and Aurelia really were than me. True I had not completely unleashed my dominant, as much of it was still behind my wall but on current evidence, I was indeed weak and pathetic. I then wondered if Beth was right that I did indeed have the potential to be so much stronger or if she was just playing me? I would only know for sure if I went it alone like Beth and Aurelia and let my whole-self unleash on those around me, that was a scary thought.

    “Well you may be right, as I am here before you today because I am naïve and still clinging onto who I was and the Nicola that Chris fell in love with. But have you stopped to consider how different things would be if you didn’t have that leverage over me anymore?” I said.

    “So you would sell your own love down the river just to have a chance to take me on?” Aurelia smiled.

    “Well I am just saying is all…” I said, feeling my dominant rising to her goading.

    “Then bring it on bitch. I will be waiting for you.” Aurelia smiled.

    “Can I go now, Aurelia?” I asked.

    I got another hard slap across the face after she had put her glove back on. This time it was a left-handed swipe on the other cheek, which was so far unblemished until now. Her left-handed swipe was almost as hard as her right. Though she was shorter than me and quite slender and less muscular she had uncanny strength. I figured it must be her trained technique. This made me wonder how I would fair in a straight fight with her. I wasn’t aware she had any formal training though I suspected she would have had to defend herself numerous times in her BDSM lifestyle given some of the seedy characters that live in that world.

    “You mean goddess don’t you slut?” Aurelia snarled indicating peer discussions were concluded and I was once again the subordinate.

    “So to round up we just have one more item on the agenda, the whatever I want point.” She then smiled, as she sat down and popped her socks off throwing them into my face. Very soon her stinky bare feet were in front of me and she issued the instruction, “Rub them now you have a pair of hands free, whilst you suck my toes. You can lick any shit out from between them as well, whilst you are in there slut. I need to think about whatever I want” She then chuckled, as I started rubbing her soles.

    As I rubbed her feet she stared at me deep in thought. She was clearly much more of a strategist than I think Beth gave her credit for. Yes, she was fucking temperamental but something had changed in her recently, it seems her motivations were not all about instant gratification anymore but linked to something more meaningful and long-term. I felt sick as I hoped it was succeeding Beth and not taking Chris.

    “Hey filth eater, suck my fucking toes and clean them out I said.” Aurelia reminded me, tightening her glove as a threat.

    As I started to suck her toes and take my first tentative tongue excursions between her them I felt the nastiness assemble in my mouth. I thought about spitting it out but knew that was a guaranteed cropping so I swallowed my pride and at the same time the filth from her feet. Yuck! I shivered as it went down feeling repulsed causing Aurelia to giggle.

    “I so love watching you do all this pathetic shit loser. In fact, that’s my new name for you loser. The loser who thought she was a dominant and took on a real dominant, and lost. LOSER!” She then went into fits of laughter, which really made my blood boil. Fucking slut!

    “Aw, I can see that really makes your skin crawl doesn’t it LOSER! Fucking hell I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, loser. Knowing how much that is going to really fuck you off just makes it perfect!” Aurelia laughed again, until eventually, she returned to her earlier train of thought.

    My eyes must have been filled with hate at this point and I just wanted to get out and punch her in the face. Seeing my anger, she pushed her foot harder into my mouth to choke me a little as a warning.

    “Careful now loser. Don’t start getting all antsy on me, there is still plenty of time for me to cuff you back up and start your night's trials from scratch. Just face up to your loser status with dignity. In fact, as it’s you I would actually say, face up to your loser status with pride.” She then laughed again mockingly.

    Fucking hell she was pressing all my buttons at the same time, I was losing it and needed to get control before I bit her toes off.

    She then withdrew her foot almost realizing I needed to cool down and then said, “Ok I am now ready to discuss whatever I want loser so listen up.” Aurelia declared.

    “Firstly as my loser bitch, you will make your tongue available for my intimate pleasure day or night. That means that when I click my fingers you will drop whatever you are doing, or in case of Beth make whatever excuses you need to and then be by my side pronto ready to pleasure me. If it isn’t up to standards like it was tonight then you will be punished. Three failures will mean you will lose that tongue altogether.”

    How the fuck was that going to be possible I wondered? I could see these demands were going to be ridiculous and we had just started.

    “Secondly you will be Grace’s foot loser in much the same way. Anytime day or night you will sniff and lick her feet and socks, as she wishes, so she can get off at your expense. Any fucking with Grace will be immediately answerable to me and I will fuck with you so bad you can’t even imagine.”

    Another stupid demand, it took complete bondage and a good cropping to get me to do that tonight. What makes Aurelia think I would ever come back for more?

    “Three, losers don’t have lovers and nor will you. You will tell Chris that after your little tirade on his arse today that you have reflected and now realize he is too good for you. You are to say that he should never speak to you again or even attempt to contact you. Don’t think I am stupid enough to believe you haven’t already since Beth split you up. You will also suggest he finds a woman who is both strong and powerful and will protect in a way that you never could.”

    Fuck that one was a body blow. Not the fact that he is too good for me because at the moment I figure that is probably right but the fact that despite everything I have done to try and protect him I have basically failed. We are no further forwards at finding a way to be together than we were when Beth split us up. In fact, we are now on the verge of losing each other forever because I am too weak to find another way.

    “Four, you will use what inside influence you have with Beth to help me find a way to bring her down. I expect absolute loyalty to my command. Any backstabbing, double agent bullshit or betrayal will result in you being on my shit list for the rest of your miserable life. Trust me when I say you don’t want to be on that, as tonight will be every day as long as you can live through it. Which on past experience won’t be long.”

    Now that one would kill me either way. Once Beth knew I was going behind her back she wouldn’t even bother making me her slave again she would either send me to jail or kill me in a fit of anger. I was guessing the fifth one she was building up to was going to be the coup-de-grace

    “Finally when I am queen, I will only keep my loyal subjects around me. If you have done everything I asked and been totally devoted to my causes I will let you serve as my principal slave. Given how much I hate your fucking guts you should consider this as good as it’s going to get for you. Something to aim for you might say. I might even spare you the toilet duties and just keep you on feet if you really impress me.”

    There it is, the mad fanatical despot in action and she had the cheek to call me deluded for merely referring to myself as a dominant. She couldn’t possibly expect me to do all that so what game was she playing here? I suspected there was a test in there somewhere but her commands were going to doom me to fail. Perhaps she did indeed suspect I would go running off to Beth and side against her though I couldn’t be sure Beth would. She seemed to like this side of Aurelia and said it helped keep her sharp. Fucking hell the mind of a dominant is a complex thing.

    Either way, I needed to force out some sincerity so I could get out of here.

    “So then loser do you accede to all my demands and promise to follow every one of them to the letter. They are after all whatever I want and that was the agreement to release you from bondage.” Aurelia smirked.

    I looked blankly wondering truly what to say to such mindless drivel. In the few seconds thinking time I was giving myself Aurelia added, “Well if you need more time to think about it, you can spend the night like that with the cuffs back on mulling it over?”

    “No please goddess. Yes, I accede to all your demands.” I said, hoping she would just accept that.

    “Mmmm. Something tells me you may fall short of my demands but I am going to give you a chance loser.” Aurelia giggled.

    She then added, “To seal our contract I want you to lick my arsehole five times and say, ‘I am a loser goddess Aurelia and though I know I don’t deserve you, I idolize and worship you. Thank you for making me the loser I am,’ after each lick. Ok?”

    “Ok goddess I said” Praying for the end.

    She then jumped up and turned around and headed off towards the stairs.

    I called out, “Where are you going goddess?”

    Aurelia replied, “Only slaves get clean bottoms, losers get what they deserve!”


    After throwing up several times on my way home I was a complete and utter mess. It was about two o’ clock in the morning and I was cramped, despondent and completely exhausted with what they did to me tonight. I could hardly face Henrietta and hoped she would be sleeping.

    When I turned the key and opened the door she was kneeling eagerly awaiting my return. I barely made it halfway across the room before I collapsed and everything went black.

    “Sis…Sis…speak to me please.” Were the first words I heard as I came to.

    Henrietta had somehow managed to get me from the living room floor to the bed and removed my clothes down to my knickers and put a nightshirt and bed socks on me. I was tucked under the duvet and she was gently rubbing my forehead and hair looking at me lovingly.

    “Oh Sis, I was so worried. You looked so bad. I managed to get some painkillers down you before but then you crashed straight back out again.”

    I couldn’t even remember waking up in the bed before. The last thing I remember was, oh god no I need to forget that. I looked back at Henrietta and said, “Get in bed and embrace me please Henrietta, I really need you now.”

    She smiled at me and slid beneath the duvet and snuggled up tightly next to me being sure not to overwhelm me with too much affection.

    “Come closer Henrietta, I want to feel your body next to mine and your lips on my cheek. I need to feel your love for me tonight.” I urged her.

    She shuffled closer so she could put her leg over mine and her arm across my chest. She then leaned in and kissed my cheek leaving her lips where they lay against my skin. I closed my eyes so I could feel the heat from her body and the touch of her lips on my face.

    “Can you talk to me about who is doing this to you yet Nicola? You know I need to know now don’t you?” Henrietta said, taking the big sister position.

    “Let’s talk in the morning Hen. I am too weak right now.” I answered.

    Silence filled the room, as we lay there together embraced and sharing a moment of sisterly love. I started to cry realizing just how important she is to me.

    “Sis?” I said.

    “Yes, Nicola?” She answered.

    “Do you think you could still love me if I couldn’t be your goddess anymore?” I asked.

    “Nicola, I will love you always while there is breath in my body. Nobody in this world is more important to me that you are.”

    I smiled and allowed my exhaustion to take me back into a deep sleep.
  4. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    What a wild and crazy evening that was! Thanks for taking us on an incredible emotional roller-coaster! :)

    And now for my comments:

    On the way to Aurelia’s, Nicola walked through the park where she and Chris had spent time together. This made her think of Chris as her heart felt heavy. I wondered the same thing she did – would she get to see Chris tonight? But alas, either he was tied up in another part of the house or else Aurelia loaned him out for the night. Either way, he didn’t make an appearance.

    The time that Nicola spent at Aurelia’s was a full display of Aurelia’s dominant – and perhaps even more proof of her delusions of grandeur. Although I am beginning to think that these are no longer delusions, but perhaps prophecies. I suppose time will tell.

    Nicola’s dominant took one hell of a beating in many ways – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Heck, having to refer to both Aurelia and Grace as goddesses likely affected her spiritually as well. ;-)

    It all started with Nicola drinking not one, but three glasses of wine. Naturally, Aurelia was one step ahead of her and had spiked the wine bottle with her own piss and a sedative. The bondage Nicola ended up in after she blacked out showed more of Aurelia’s background in the BDSM scene.

    The alternating between mind-fucking and torture that Nicola endured from Aurelia and Grace (although with Grace it was mostly the latter) was quite brutal. Having to deal with Grace’s wretched socks and feet – as well as Aurelia’s (which weren’t as bad) – as well as having to eat Aurelia’s pussy and drink Grace’s piss…and finally being made to lick Aurelia’s dirty asshole…now that’s a lot for anyone to deal with, never mind a dominant who hates the women she is being forced to serve.

    But then having to also deal with the caustic words, the croppings, the choking from Grace, the spitting in her face, and the very real threats to cut off her tongue (complete with showing her the knife and the method they would use to cauterize the wound)…that really made Nicola fearful and willing to submit.

    Of course, what she submitted to was the evil smell and taste of Grace’s socks and feet. That scene was surely horrible for Nicola but incredible for us readers – and for Grace, given the orgasms she gave herself while each of her feet were worshipped.

    The pussy-licking scene was fantastic, and not just because Nicola gave Aurelia a truly mind-blowing orgasm that resulted in Nicola getting to keep her tongue. The mind games that Nicola played first on Grace (to get her insanely jealous) and then on Aurelia (by asking Aurelia to kiss her) proved that while Nicola’s dominant certainly took a beating, it was far from extinguished.

    Grace’s jealousy boiled over, resulting in Nicola being forced to drink her piss – then ending up with Grace’s piss all over her face and body (as well as a severe cropping) when Nicola did “too good” of a job swallowing it.

    The next part was quite telling:

    Grace then turned to Aurelia who was still curled up and smiling having watched Grace abuse me over the last ten minutes or so, “So can I cut her tongue out or not then Aurelia?”

    Aurelia perked up slightly seeing she needed to be clear in her response, “No Grace, I don’t need the shit from Beth that will come with that and I also like her tongue where it is.”

    “FUCKING HELL! Who do you care more about her or me?” Grace screamed.

    “You of course Grace. It has nothing to do with that. This is just politics.”

    “Well fuck politics and fuck you, Aurelia!”

    Grace then stormed off and leaped up the stairs in a flood of tears desperate at an evening that had promised so much for her but delivered so little.

    I suppose in Grace’s question “Who do you care more about: her or me?”…the ‘her’ referred to Beth. And as is typically the case, Grace gets insanely jealous any time she feels Aurelia is putting someone else above her. I truly believe this will lead to Grace’s undoing, as Aurelia will cast her aside.

    This leaves two more items for me to comment on – both of which were extremely powerful in their own ways. First there was the private conversation between Aurelia and Nicola which included “The Five Demands”. Then the last scene with Nicola and Henrietta.

    Regarding the former, Aurelia started off by cutting down Nicola’s dominant with her words – referring to her as weak, pathetic and a loser. That whole ‘loser’ diatribe was Aurelia at her verbal-bashing best. Aurelia making Nicola massage her feet and suck her toes while she delivered this was just the icing on the cake of exerting her superiority.

    The five demands from Aurelia to Nicola were fantastically insane as they were definitely ones that Nicola would find nearly impossible to fulfill. That third one was further proof to me that Aurelia wants to have the full attention and devotion from Chris by removing Nicola from his heart forever. Aurelia was certainly referring to herself when she said Chris should find “a woman who is both strong and powerful and will protect in a way that you (Nicola) never could.”

    The last two, demanding Nicola give Aurelia inside info on Beth and that Nicola would earn the privilege of being Aurelia’s principal slave when Aurelia is queen (if Nicola is totally devoted), show Aurelia’s desires to being the top dominant continue to grow even if they are deluded. I believe Nicola was wise to assume there was a test in these commands, and I’ll be interested to see what unfolds when there is a failure to meet these outrageous demands. Finally, having to ‘seal the deal’ by making that humiliating little speech while licking Aurelia’s shitty asshole five times…that was quite the awful way for Nicola to end a horrible night at Aurelia’s house.

    Regarding the latter, it was good to have Henrietta to come home to for Nicola. That entire scene was heartwarming and tender – showing once again how perfect their relationship is and reinforcing Nicola’s realization of just how important Henrietta is to her. In my opinion, they are everything to each other. Just as Henrietta would be crushed without Nicola, so Nicola would be crushed without Henrietta.

    This was maybe my favorite dialogue exchange so far in the story…

    “Sis?” I said.

    “Yes, Nicola?” She answered.

    “Do you think you could still love me if I couldn’t be your goddess anymore?” I asked.

    “Nicola, I will love you always while there is breath in my body. Nobody in this world is more important to me than you are.”

    Once again, thank you for another great update.
  5. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Hi OneAuthor,

    Firstly let me say - it was fantastic to see such an amazing commentary on that chapter. Thank you. As you say things are really going pretty crazy in the world of MH at the moment with yet more to come.

    - Chris' absence is explained in the next chapter but it is fair to say that Aurelia had no intention of allowing Nicola to have access to him. A large part of her affront on Nicola is through denial of access. That way Aurelia gets to control the situation much more to her liking.

    - The full potency of Aurelia's dominant was on display and even for her was quite extreme. There is a lot more going on here than just fun at Nicola's expense for sure. This show of strength was definitely more about the bigger picture - as you question - does she now sense her opportunity to oust even Beth?

    - It is a credit to Nicola's resolve that she got through that emotionally as you indicate as well as physically. I sense Henrietta will be even more important to Nicola following this pummeling

    - Aurelia shows her true devious nature letting Nicola drink herself into sedation knowing how tough her day was. The temptation of wine was a perfect illustration of her ability to outwit her opponents. Nicola will have to be even more guarded if she is to avoid Aurelia's future intentions.

    - Your recounting of exactly what Nicola went through summarises perfectly how brutal the onslaught was - especially given she is a dominant - this is clearly a dangerous game for Grace who has already received one backlash from Nicola - it now raises the question of whether Aurelia should be stoking such fires?

    - At times it seemed that Aurelia wanted to up the stakes and kill off Nicola's resistance all in one go. When Nicola relented early in the exchange Aurelia dropped the pace to increase the longevity when Grace wanted to act on the tongue removal, Aurelia again protracted the threat until the end. It was almost as though Aurelia was determined to land as much on Nicola as she could in this exchange which would raise the question - why the sense of urgency?

    - Grace was indeed on top form and the exuberance of such an unwilling and power slave as Nicola was more in the end than she could handle...let's hope it was worth it

    - Nice observation on Nicola and how she fights back whenever she can especially during the pussy licking. She also stopped calling Aurelia goddess as soon as she knew she could get away from it. In fact she tested the boundaries continuously despite the crop thrashings she took for it. This shows one thing very clearly - she had much more strength than I think anyone gives her credit for.

    - Grace's question about who Aurelia care's more about was almost certainly aimed at Beth given how much Aurelia hates Nicola - that said perhaps the pussy licking put some doubts in her mind?

    - Grace's insane jealousy is an Achilles heel no doubt - especially if anything more develops between Aurelia and Chris. As to whether Aurelia will cast her aside will depend on Grace's adaptability to the situations as they unfold. A key question here is - Does Grace have her own agenda or is she just supporting Aurelia's?

    - The Aurelia loser diatribe was my favourite sequence in that chapter - it really was so deliciously nasty and exemplifies for me personally why I find her dominant the most magnetic and seductive. You also indicate there was more than a slither of mind-fucking and belief manipulation going on there - Aurelia at her psychological best. To what extent can Nicola recover herself to believe she is strong enough for Chris and not a loser as supplanted by Aurelia?

    - Now having set her trap - what is Aurelia's purpose for the five impossible demands? Mmmm....that's a great little surprise that one

    - The heartwarming nature of the chapter's end as you say shows how important Nicola and Henrietta are to each other - helping Nicola recover from this will be a challenge - but if anyone can...

    - Ending on the slave reference in the next chapter title...that's more unexpected than you may think.
  6. goldmund

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    One could hardly thank you enough for sharing this epic (I repeat myself - but I know no word that would fit better) story.

    Its amazing, how the different characters and their relations to another unfold. Its a little Game Of Thrones, you created.

    After the first chapters I felt that Beth really fell in love with Chris. She cared for him, even if she send him to hell to break him. Her goal seemed to be to built him up as a multi-use slave using his devotion and his business-skills, enjoying him suffer for her.
    The scenes in which she drank his tears were mostly the one she cared most of him.

    So I feel a little sorry for Beth. She seemed to be very happy, finding true slave-material in Chris. And who know, if Beth haven't tought him how to worship feet, Nicola may have never fell in love with him?
    But of course Beth still seems in control of everything. I wonder if she ever been surprised.

    Now I want to read your latest updates. Thank you for those.

    And @OneAuthor, your reviews are a great help to follow this complex story. Sometimes, after a time and many other stories read I am very thankfull, that you remenber me what happend last and how all unfolds. Thank you for this.
  7. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Thank you, Goldmund for your kind and gracious words.

    Please always feel free to ask questions or comment if anything is confusing or needs clarification. It is a deep and complex story with many characters and relationships but I promise it will all come together in the end.

    I would also like to concur that OneAuthor is a fantastic commentator on many stories. His support, insight and own stories are all quite outstanding and he is a credit to multiple boards. I personally will be forever grateful for his support and what he has shown my story.

    You make a great point that without Beth introducing Chris to slavery then many of the other dominants would never have got to see that side of him. In some ways, she may regret the offsite - converting and liberating so many powerful women. That said Beth always has a purpose to what she does and her backstory and motives will come into play before the end.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the story,

    Best wishes,
    goldmund likes this.
  8. wildyone

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    Chapter 50 – Don’t Fuck With Slaves

    My head was still spinning after the last two days I had endured. I awoke early and made my way downstairs to prepare breakfast for Aurelia and Grace. I could still see Nicola’s seething face spitting her awful tirades at me every time I closed my eyes. I couldn’t lay in bed any longer thinking about it. I had to keep myself occupied.

    I kept recalling kneeling in front of her, as I endured her humiliations, whilst I begged for a job I only wanted so I could be near her. I sensed something was wrong on the Sunday when she kissed Beth and spent the day looking like they were the best of friends.

    Beth looked so fucking pleased with herself, as she sat there gloating over what Nicola was doing to me in her office. Aurelia had told me I was bound to my room last night and not to come out under any circumstances. She even locked me in telling me I could listen to music as long as I wore earphones. I had searched my heart whilst in my room alone last night trying to find reason in what had happened.

    I so wanted to believe it wasn’t really Nicola who was doing that to me or perhaps she was forced to in some way. I recalled Beth’s words at the stables ‘Well we will see if you still love me when I tear the remaining threads of your life apart tomorrow slave.’ This seemed to indicate she was behind Nicola’s outburst, but then Nicola seemed so determined and malicious with her cruel words, looking for the most part like she was getting off on it like some kind of power trip. It was only when she cracked and ran out at the end I grasped hope with both hands that maybe it wasn’t really my Nicola who was doing this to me.

    When Beth then had me alone afterwards she tried to tell me that she felt for me and that although she wanted some fun that Nicola had taken it too far. She then went on to say that Nicola was dangerous and would only continue to hurt me if I stayed with her. Beth said Nicola was changing and embracing her dominant and I guess it was that what hurt me most.

    In the end at least Beth allowed me to stay and figure things out, in some ways I wanted to tell her to poke her job, but I still felt in my heart that Nicola needed me. In a strange way I suspected she needed me more than ever to protect her, not from Beth or Aurelia, but from herself.

    I then felt a smack on my backside and as I span around Aurelia was standing behind me. She grabbed my throat with one hand and pushed me up against the wall then grabbed my cock with the other. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

    “What did I do wrong goddess?” I stammered, looking into her glinting eyes.

    “Oh nothing really.” She said, and started rubbing my crotch softly and purposely sending excited shivers down my back. “Mmm, you like that don’t you slave?” She then added.

    “Er…I guess so goddess. Why are you doing this to me?” I asked, in a quiver.

    “Because I can and because you love it. Do you want me to stop?” She then licked my cheek and blew softly onto it producing a cold breeze on the side of my face.

    “Oh no please, goddess.” I said.

    “No please, what the fuck does that mean?” Aurelia said.

    “That I like it goddess.” I said, sweating and blushing as my cock hardened.

    “Do you want to fuck me, slave?” Aurelia said.

    “Sorry? Did you just say fuck me goddess?” I was now panicking wondering where this was going. Given Aurelia’s propensity for mind games I was sure this would end in pain or suffering for me at some point, I just couldn’t figure out which.

    “What’s the matter slave, can’t handle me?” said Aurelia giggling.

    “Oh it’s not that goddess its...” Aurelia then put her finger on my lips to stop me speaking and said “Grace won’t be up for an hour yet, get down on your knees and warm my pussy with your hot breath and loving tongue.”

    Aurelia then took her hands from my erection and neck and placed them on my shoulders before pushing me down against the wall. When my face was level with her pussy she pulled her nightdress up with one hand then slowly pressed her pussy into my face.

    I licked and sucked away at her warm wet pussy and clasped my hands around her firm pert arse pulling it hard into my face. Her smell and sex were sending my arousal through the roof. As I sucked and licked she ran her fingers through my hair and intermittently clamped my head in her hands each time a wave of pleasure passed through her. After about ten minutes of vigorous licking and sucking around her clitoris my cock was throbbing and Aurelia was shivering and jerking with delight. Her orgasm was fast approaching and her moans indicated it would be a strong one.

    “Come for me Chris, I want you to enjoy this as much as I am.” She cooed.

    I dropped one hand from her arse onto my cock and started pulling at it though I really needn’t have bothered, as I would have easily come just from sucking her pussy. As she climaxed and stifled her screams, to avoid waking Grace, so did I. My come went everywhere and my head blew up into a cloud of colours. Fucking hell she was so sexy it killed me.

    “Clean me up now Chris.” She whispered, and held her pussy by my face with her hand on my cheeks. As I licked and cleaned delicately she gave off little shivers every time I caught an area that was still in a post climax sensitive state. As I went on she seemed to be getting turned on again, which only served to arouse me further. She didn’t even have to ask, as my arms ran up her thighs and I placed them on her arse again and pulled her closer. She relented and offered herself to me again and I dived in splashing my tongue against her wet lips and clitoris quickly bringing her back to a position where she was close to another orgasm.

    I licked and searched for the moment where I knew she would face the point of no return. When I felt it with my tongue, I slowed down and just held her arousal in suspense.

    “Goddess?” I whispered.

    “Mmmm.” Replied Aurelia, dizzy with the ripples of pleasure running through her body.

    “Tell me how much you want me to finish you.” I said. I don’t really know why I said it in the way I did, I guess I just wanted her to let me know how much she cared, given how rejected I had felt over the last days.

    Aurelia stopped momentarily, and I started to worry I had fucked up. She started to stiffen like anger was setting in. I then felt her eyes drop onto my face and looked up at her instinctively.

    “What did you just say to me?” Aurelia asked, looking very serious.

    “I just...” I started to say, before she said, “It was a rhetorical question stupid.”

    She then smiled somewhere between evil witch and frightening bitch before saying, “I want your tongue all over me more than I have ever wanted another. Give yourself to me Chris. I want to feel all the passion and feeling you have for me, as you bring me to fulfilment.”

    I embraced her body and drew it towards me, as I trembled with excitement and deep emotion for her. I pulled her so hard it was as though I was trying to crush her body into me and make it one. I offered all the feeling inside me into her pussy, as the tears rolled down my face. My tongue thrashed hard and deep into her, caressing her clitoris with devotions of my desire to make her cum. When she did there was an almighty scream and she slammed her hands against the wall above me then pulled my hair like she was trying to rip it out. I forced against it keeping my tongue on her for as long as I could, until she collapsed and fell onto my lap.

    I looked into her eyes, which were awash will sexual fulfilment. Her hot wet pussy was touching my cock and making it jump to attention trying to work it’s way inside her. She even giggled as it squirmed beneath her. “Did I ever tell you Chris you have a fucking enormous cock for a slave?” She laughed.

    I laughed too and we briefly shared a moment of genuine warmth. I instinctively leaned forward in an attempt to kiss her but she placed her finger on my lips again and said, “I may be falling but I haven’t fell yet. There is more I need to know of your heart before you will have a chance to earn mine.”

    She then smiled again and arose to her feet and placed her sole on my lips. “Now kiss my fucking foot and get my breakfast slave!” She sneered, as I kissed it gently. Then she walked out.


    I ascended the stairs with a tray full of breakfast goodies including eggs, smoked salmon, hash browns and a hollandaise sauce. To the side I had coffee, toast and fruit juice with a set of condiments and napkins.

    I lightly tapped on the door and was told to enter. I opened the door and got onto my knees and started to crawl in careful not to disturb the contents of the tray. Aurelia was sat up in bed reading, whilst Grace was still sleeping.

    Aurelia didn’t look up from her book but did put her hand on Grace’s shoulder and gently rocked her until she was awake. Grace moaned a little before coming to and also sitting up in bed. She looked pretty groggy like she had drunk quite a bit the night before.

    “Kneel beside Grace and feed her like the queen she is, slave. I want you to give nothing but your absolute devotion to her needs this morning.” Aurelia ordered.

    I felt her pushing me away again and gave a little sigh to myself, before smiling at Grace and crawling around with the tray.

    “I am sorry about last night my love. I guess, when I watched you, you know…and got jealous. I over-reacted as I know it didn’t mean anything...” Aurelia’s eyes widened and she blushed a little before putting her hand on Grace’s leg which was still under the duvet. “Let’s talk about this later, ok Grace?” Aurelia smiled

    “Yes of course love,” Grace replied, and kissed Aurelia on the lips. Aurelia then very briefly glanced at me and caught my stare before burying her head back into her book.

    I felt a little low hearing that, it sounded like Aurelia had had company and maybe did something with them, which made Grace jealous. It also made me feel jealous and I wasn’t even there.

    As I looked up at Grace and smiled again I asked, “May I feed you, my queen?”

    She giggled and gave a little shiver with delight. “Oh, I really like that slave. Say it again!”

    I smiled again and said, “My queen it would be my honour to feed you, would you please allow me?” Adding an extra coat of kiss arse to start her day well. I smiled to myself thinking of how fucking great my day had started and poor Grace was none the wiser.

    “You may feed me, slave. Proceed.” Grace said and giggled again.

    I then fed her slowly and respectfully to ensure she felt well looked after and watched Aurelia snatch occasional items off the tray to feed herself never once looking over at Grace or I. When most of the food and drink were gone Grace said, “Ok I have finished slave, take the tray.”

    I then replied, “Of course my queen. Before I go would you care for a foot massage or perhaps I can kiss your beautiful toes? It would be a privilege for me to afford you something to make you feel as beautiful as you look.”

    Grace giggled again and a big smile appeared on her face, “You know slave you are pretty good at making me feel like a queen. Be careful of the standards you are setting for yourself today though, I will expect them every day hereafter.”

    Aurelia giggled to herself hearing this but didn’t look up. Grace picked up on it and gently nudged Aurelia with her elbow. Aurelia then tickled Grace under the arm and they both giggled. They then started play fighting with tickles before Aurelia pulled Grace under the covers and started kissing her passionately. As Grace submitted to her attention and into a world of pleasure, Aurelia’s head popped above the duvet and she said, “Well slave suck her toes, while I pleasure her. Make yourself useful!” She then laughed, seeing my face drop and ducked back under the covers.


    The rest of the morning was quite uneventful as Aurelia continued in the main to ignore me. She had me working on more prospective leads and proposals that she could edit as her own, only this time the promise of her feet was not on offer. Either way, it was good for me to be back doing real work especially after the embarrassment and humiliation of having to beg for my job the day before.

    All of Aurelia’s help so far had been very subtle. She never spoke of what she was doing or why she was doing it but she had an uncanny knack of knowing what I needed and when I needed it. Today of all days I needed a work boost and here she was getting me involved.

    After a few hours working hard on the proposals, she sent me out for coffees while she perused them. She told me to get two and be back within twenty minutes. This was a little longer than normal so I grabbed a croissant while I was there and then ordered the coffees to take back just before I left, to ensure they were still hot. I was imagining we would be sat at the meeting table running through my ideas and drinking the coffees, however when I entered my heart sank seeing Beth sat with Aurelia.

    I quickly dropped to my knees and placed the coffees on the table before sidling away back to my small table and chair by Aurelia’s desk. After some consultation on the proposals Beth got up and kissed Aurelia gently on the lips and Aurelia held Beth’s arm. It didn’t seem intimate but still, the kiss had a lot of feeling and made me uncomfortable, even a little upset.

    Beth then walked over to me and put her shoe up on my small desk. She was wearing the red designer shoes I had bought her when we went shopping with some light brown pantyhose. Her foot sprayed across my papers and had the desired effect of stopping me in my tracks. I looked up at her.

    “Aurelia tells me you put these together slave. Is that right?” Beth asked curiously.

    “Erm, yes goddess. I hope that was ok?” I said glancing at Aurelia, who was smiling at me and looking back to Beth.

    “Hmm, it appears I underestimated you then. Sometimes I forget with all the sniveling shit that comes out of your mouth that you do have a pretty acute business brain in there somewhere. Keep it up and maybe I won't fuck you up quite so much.” Beth sneered

    “Err, thank you goddess. I will do my best.” I replied.

    “You have Aurelia to thank for bringing this to my attention slave.” Beth said, looking at Aurelia and smiling.

    I knelt down and kissed Aurelia’s shoes and said, “Thank you goddess. I really appreciate your support.”

    As I sat down and looked up Aurelia was smiling at me contentedly and Beth was looking a little pissed off. Beth then looked at me hard before staring down at her own shoe expectantly. Realising my remiss, I leaned across the table and kissed Beth’s shoe and said, “Thank you for giving me another chance goddess.”

    Beth seemed appeased and withdrew her foot before starting to walk out of the room, as she left she turned to Aurelia and said, “That stupid bitch Nicola really doesn’t have a clue what she is doing half the time.”

    Aurelia smiled, and Beth turned away to leave with her coffee in hand.

    Aurelia sat silently leafing through the proposals before tossing them onto my desk and saying, “There are some edits from Beth and myself in there, run along around to the juniors and get those addressed for me slave.”

    As I gathered up the papers ready to visit the juniors I turned to Aurelia and said, “Thank you goddess. I really appreciate what you are doing for me.”

    Aurelia raised her eyebrows and smirked at me, “Stop wasting my time with irrelevant procrastinations and fuck off slave, I am busy.”

    I smiled to myself half expecting that kind of response then left.


    I hadn’t seen too much of the juniors yesterday after I was sent home early so my mind wandered back to the offsite horse riding day and my introduction to Constance who seemed pretty friendly with Sophia and Laura by the time it was over. I was rather hoping that brutal bitch’s attitude hadn’t rubbed off on them and that the most grief I was going to get would be some foot harassment or maybe nothing, especially if Julia was still serving them as before.

    It then occurred to me it was Tuesday, the day that Seraphina was bringing her sister Constance over to Aurelia’s for their little gathering. Fucking hell that was going to be really shit for me. No wonder Aurelia was in such a good mood this morning.

    As I turned the corner into the junior office space, I could see Sophia with her feet up on Julia’s back and Laura sat just across from her. Both were looking exceptionally smart I thought to myself like they were trying to prove a point or wanting to move up the career ladder. Sophia was wearing one of her designer dresses in light turquoise with a white peter pan collar, white stockings and matching turquoise pointed shoes with a 2-inch heel. She was completing her look with a white neck scarf similar to how Beth wears hers.

    Laura was wearing a black and white dress with large vertical stripes with fully-fashioned black stockings and flat black patent leather shoes. She was wearing her black Chanel sunglasses on her head together with a black hairband. As I looked down at Julia, who was curled up working on her laptop on the floor with Sophia’s feet on her back, I noticed she was looking far less impressive. Her simple black dress was a little dirty, as she had been kneeling on the floor, and her tan pantyhose had a couple of holes around the toes like she had been walking without shoes. It had a whole Cinderella thing going on and I smiled to myself before realizing how desperate this was starting to look for Julia. Looking at her, however, she seemed the happiest person in the world kneeling before her goddesses.

    Moments later Laura looked over and saw me enter their workspace, “Ah here comes my footrest, perfect timing. Get on your fucking knees underneath me boy.”

    Fucking hell, she was really putting my back up. I hated being called boy, especially by women as young as them. It was so degrading. I was way above their pay grade in my knowledge and experience but they had little to no respect for that fact.

    I stood in front of them defiantly for a few seconds trying to contain my annoyance, which must have been showing on my face, as Laura got up and confronted me.

    “Oh, so you want to stand up for yourself today do you boy?” Laura snarled, pushing me backward.

    Her attitude was very aggressive and she grabbed my neck with her hand and started to squeeze. I raised my hand to try and remove hers and on seeing this Sophia leaped up and they both stood in front of me, with their faces inches from mine.

    “Look guys, I just came to discuss a few actions on my proposals. There really is no need to get so aggressive with me. Can we just discuss those please?” I asked, unable to remove Laura’s strangling hand without really putting all my force into it and providing her all the excuse she needed to attack me.

    “Guys? You fucking insolent cunt!” Sophia brought her knee into my balls hard and I doubled up, falling to the floor at the same time freeing myself from Laura’s stranglehold. The next thing I knew there was a volley of kicks going into my side, stomach and upper legs. They must have been delivered in quick succession, as it felt like there were ten women attacking me instead of two. I crumpled onto the floor and remained curled up with my arms around me trying to defend myself. After a couple of minutes I felt a shoe slam into the side of my face, it was flat so I assumed it was Laura’s.

    “Want to try that entrance from the top, boy?” Laura snarled.

    “Yes please.” I pleaded, feeling bruised and low with my dignity destroyed.

    I crawled to the partition entrance then turned around and started crawling back towards them. They had retaken their seats at this point though they were looking breathless and sweaty from my beating.

    “Good morning goddesses, I have come to see how I may serve you today.” I said in a quiet, defeated voice.

    Sophia laughed, “Much fucking better foot bitch. Know your fucking place before you come into our workspace next time or your beating will be tenfold what we just administered, ok?”

    “Yes goddess, I am sorry.” I said.

    “Right well Julia has already licked my beautiful Louboutin kitten heels clean so you can crawl over to Laura and clean hers while we discuss your day’s duties foot bitch.” Sophia snarled.

    I crawled towards Laura who was grinning at me like a Cheshire cat with an evil twinkle in her eye. As I approached she lifted her shoes towards my face and said, “Here hold these up boy. You can start by licking the shit off the bottom of them.” She then laughed to herself, as I took them in my hands and inspected the soles.

    They were a little dirty but the office mats and carpets had removed most of the offending material. I started licking the remaining dirt, while Laura started talking with Sophia.

    “Ok, I think we should go with our original plan for this wanker don’t you Sophia?” Laura said.

    “Uh-huh.” Sophia nodded. “Do you want me to run him through it Laura?” Sophia asked

    I couldn’t believe that in such a short space of time these two junior staff had got so high and mighty. It took me years just to get a basic foothold on the junior consulting rung. I know, as far as Laura and Julia were concerned they were top of the class with major consultancy companies in London and had all the best training, but their confidence and self-importance were stifling. Sophia was only a retail salesperson up to a short while ago for fuck sake, what did she know? Then it occurred to me Julia must be teaching her everything she knows, at the same time forsaking her own career for her goddesses progress. What a waste I thought.

    Laura then kicked my face to force my attention towards Sophia. “Ok listen up foot bitch. We were very fucked off last week when you did all that prospective lead and proposal work for Aurelia and stole our thunder. If you think we are going to become your action and edit lackeys you have got another thing coming. We are more than capable of doing the work required to help this function get off the ground and thrive under Aurelia and don’t need you fucking up our careers.”

    “So here is how things are going to work moving forward. All your prospective work will be submitted to us in the first instance and we will evaluate it’s worth and merit. If we see fit to progress it, we will apply our superior expertise to develop the proposal and edit it accordingly before we will then submit it to Aurelia. You will not be present. Once Aurelia has reviewed it and we confirm she is pleased, we will reward you with some foot sniffing privileges. If it is a really good piece of work, we may allow you to tongue clean the filth from our bare feet and allow you the odd wank. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

    “In summary, your only purpose here now is to be a devoted slave to our career progression. Anything not clear?”

    So, I thought, let me just see if I have got this. You are going to take all my knowledge and experience then pass my hard work off as your own. You will exploit me completely making sure I get no credit at all and reward me with sweaty feet if I do a great job. Alternatively, you will just make my life hell, every day you have access to me. Fucking brilliant, another bloody hurdle to have to negotiate every day and just as I was starting to get somewhere with Aurelia.

    “No everything is clear goddess.” I murmured, reluctantly.

    “Cheer up grunt, at least you get plenty of stinky feet if you are a good slave and do what we say. Alternatively, you can be a disloyal wanker and we will set Constance on you.” Sophia laughed.

    “Oh yes, Constance says hi. Well actually, she said you are fucking dead meat, but I am not going to tell you that because I wouldn’t want to scare you. Fuck that girl is brutal.” They then both laughed.

    Grunt? What kind of fucking name is that?

    It was at this point I was starting to worry even more, not only could I recall vividly how much of a fucking lunatic Constance was, but she was clearly now in with these two and I needed to ensure I stayed well clear. The key was not allowing Sophia and Laura to lead me off anywhere, as I was sure Constance would be somewhere at the end of it. Secondly, I had actually come down to see these immature bitches just to get some edits done on my proposals and leads for Aurelia. If I now reminded them of that they would kick my arse for doing more work behind their back so I needed to keep that to myself.

    “Ok shit for brains, here is what you are going to do this afternoon.” Laura said.

    “We want to make an impression on the Masters & Johnson bid, which Allegra is putting together later this week with Beth, so we figured you can start that work and we will finish it off and present it. If it goes down well you get to eat feet, if not, however, we will kick your fucking teeth in with them.” She then laughed.

    I nodded and went to sit down at the table to look at the company profile.

    “Where the fuck are you going, boy?” Laura asked, annoyed.

    “To start work on the proposal goddess.” I replied.

    “You are my fucking footrest dickhead! You will work beneath me, while I rest my feet on you. That way I can keep an eye on your work and stop you wanking over foot fetish porn like I am sure you do all day.” They both laughed hysterically, as I sat down under Laura.

    “Shoes on or shoes off slave? You can choose.” Laura said, as she placed her legs on my shoulders either side of my neck. I looked at her patent leather shoes and her fully-fashioned stockings. Her legs were muscular and athletic, she was a beautiful woman with an amazing body and I was becoming distracted. It was going to be hard enough concentrating on this work without her feet in my face and beauty staring over my shoulder the whole time.

    “I think it might be better if they are on please goddess. I wouldn’t want to be distracted.” I requested

    “Fine, well if I change your mind for you, I will let you know. For now get to work boy.” Laura sneered, really labouring the word boy at the end of her sentence to rub it in. I figured she must have seen my dislike to the name and jumped on it.

    I went through a bunch of websites and research sources we have access to and pulled together two data files for M&J. One was on profitability analysis, the other productivity. There were some useful threads in there, which I pulled out and developed into a supply chain process improvement initiative, procurement savings project and product tail cull objective to push the blended margin up. I then put together outline approaches for each of the three initiatives and gave some ballpark impact, costs and timescales, which we could then review. All the time I was doing this Laura was looking over my shoulder and taking notes, which I could see out of the corner of my eye.

    Every now and again she would make a little noise to indicate she had learned something, or surprised by what I was doing, then would scribble furiously. I had to give it to her, if I was in her shoes and had this opportunity I would jump at it. Though they were conceited stuck up bitches, they were at least smart and beautiful to go with it.

    I decided to play a little game and sped up my pace to make it harder for her to follow what I was doing, purposely going backward and forward over different parts of the work and switching quickly between documents. I could hear her frustration until she said, “Ok stop a minute boy.”

    I stopped and looked at her with a subtle smile on my face, luckily she didn’t pick up on my smugness.

    “I have decided for you that you need my shoes off to continue. Remove them now carefully, lick the insoles clean of my sweat then place them down on the floor. Pass me your laptop while you do this boy.” Laura ordered.

    She is fucking too smart for her own good I thought. I passed her my laptop and she started paging through my analysis, while I removed her shoes. Her excessive gym regime always meant her feet were sweaty and smelly, which was only going to distract me more. I placed my nose and mouth inside of her shoes and took a long deep breath, which gave me a tingle between my legs.

    I then felt a kick on the back of my head followed by, “What the fuck are you doing insole cleaner? I said to wash them inside with your tongue not sniff them like a miserable dog.”

    Laura was a multi-tasking expert, as well as a smart arse bitch. How the hell did she see me do that while she was going through my work?

    “Sorry goddess,” I said feeling defeated and started licking the warm badly discoloured insole with my tongue. It was fucking revolting and had an acidic taste with salty undertones. I wanted to be sick, so had to slow down and pace myself while I thought of something else.

    Sophia then chipped in while Laura was busy looking through my work, “Looks pretty fucking nasty in there foot wash. Why don’t you scrape out that dead skin and toe jam stuck to the insole with your teeth?”

    I shivered at the thought and smiled nervously like it was a joke.

    “Do I look like I am fucking joking, you sniveling cunt?” Sophia shouted, as her face reddened with anger.

    “No, I guess not goddess.”

    “You guess fucking correctly. Get on with it or I will beat you.” Sophia said and kicked me hard in the side.

    I reluctantly started dislodging the revolting foot grime and filth with my teeth and it was accumulating in my mouth. I figured I would make a quick dash for the toilet soon and spit it all down the toilet if I wasn’t sick before then that is. Her review of my work was taking too long and I was getting more of the foul crud in my mouth than I could really handle.

    “May I go to the toilet please goddess?” I asked Laura.

    “Only after you have eaten my foot filth and shown me your mouth is empty, boy.” Laura snapped back.

    My head dropped and she laughed rubbing her foot in my face playfully. “Fucking sucks to be as stupid as you doesn’t it boy? Get used to the fact that two ultra smart young, beautiful doms own you now and there is fuck all you can do about it. Well apart from serving us that is.”

    Own me! Fucking there are more ownership rights on my slavery than enough around here. I don’t want to be fucking owned, I want to be respected and loved.

    “Stop feeling sorry for yourself boy and crack on, this is looking ok for a start.” Laura said, handing my laptop back to me.

    She then placed her stockinged feet on my shoulders and said, “Toilet breaks over now and you missed it so either suck on that insole filth in your mouth if you enjoy the taste that much or swallow it, frankly I don’t give a fuck. I won’t be kissing you.” They then laughed again.

    I closed my eyes and forced it down, my stomach kicked back several times before it relented and accepted what I had just put in it. I just hoped it wouldn’t make me ill.

    “Mmm super yummy eh shit stain? Right, now get on, break over as I said.” Laura ordered.

    I then carried on for another thirty minutes to complete the proposal with the three key opportunities and then straightened my back to alleviate the set in pain from having Laura’s legs resting on it.

    “Laptop!” She demanded, and I handed it over.

    She then tapped away on it for a few minutes and handed it back. I looked and all my work had disappeared. What the fuck!

    “Sorry goddess but there must be a mistake?” I said.

    “You really are a fucking imbecile aren’t you boy? I have transferred the content to my laptop and deleted it from yours so only mine has the content. We don’t want any trace that you may have been involved in this do we?” Laura said, with a big smirk on her face.

    “No, we don’t goddess.” I said, feeling somewhat stupid I hadn’t figured that out myself.

    “Then why the fuck did you put those three plagiarism bobby traps in your work then cunt?” Laura said.

    Fuck, I thought there is no way she could have seen those in the few minutes she was going through my slides. I was all of a sudden starting to feel very nervous. Why did I do that? I thought they were only juniors. Shit.

    “Er…I am sorry, goddess. Perhaps I made a mistake?” I said nervously.

    “Fucking right you made a mistake cunt!” Laura said and drew her foot back then smashed it back into my face sending me flying across the room.

    Laura and Sophia then jumped up and ran over to me before mounting me and jumping on my back and legs. Sophia thank goodness had kicked off her shoes beforehand. Even so, the trampling was killing me and I screamed in pain.

    “You fucking idiot. This will teach you to fuck with us. Next time I will keep my heels on.” Sophia shouted.

    “Please goddess. I am sorry I will never make that mistake again.” I said.

    “Fucking right you won’t, boy. Julia bring my laptop over and place it in front of cunt face here.” Laura ordered.

    Julia appeared then set down her laptop before spitting in my face and adding, “That will teach you for trying to get my goddess in trouble.”

    Sophia and Laura started laughing at the fact even Julia was punishing me.

    “Right wanker. You can edit your own work on my laptop and remove those three plagiarism traps while I am standing on your face.” Laura said.

    She then stepped from my back onto the side of my face with both feet and pressed down on the side of my cheek burying it into the carpet. It was fucking agony to just put up with her weight, let alone edit a document.

    “Please goddess, it’s so painful. If you could just step down I will edit the document for you.” I pleaded.

    “Tough fucking luck wanker. You can edit the document while I grind your face into the floor like you deserve. The quicker you edit the document the faster I will step down. Now remember there are the header and footer author references; the version control author reference; and of course that little self-reference you added into page 8 that I am sure you thought I wouldn’t find. You see not only am I smarter than you but I have a photographic memory, which allows me to assimilate and process large amounts of information quickly and identify inconsistencies and deceitful traps like yours. Not get on with it!” Laura shouted.

    I tried desperately to tap away on the keyboard and navigate the mouse but it was almost impossible. Laura kept stepping on and off my face to allow me brief glimpses of the screen before crushing my face with her sweaty stockinged feet time and time again. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, the pain was so intense and to make matters worse, Sophia didn’t step off my back and was grinding her heel into me.

    It took close to fifteen minutes of agony to achieve what I could have done in two had I not had two psycho dominants crushing me half to death. As I finished the last change Laura stepped down and then spat in my face.

    “Leave that there, you can wallow in my spit, while you consider how fucking stupid you were to take me on cunt. If you ever try anything like that again your punishment will be much, much worse, trust me.” Laura warned.

    Laura then suggested to Sophia they went through my work together to figure out who would present what and familiarise themselves with the content, though in truth Laura already had that down pat. After around thirty minutes they straightened themselves and put their shoes on ready to depart for Aurelia’s office.

    “We are heading down to Aurelia’s office now to take the credit for your hard work boy. I suggest you stay here and get those edits done on the proposals you showed her earlier. Yes, I did already know about them, and you can go fuck yourself if you think I am going to help you complete any of your crap. Your job is serving me not the other way around. Oh and one more thing while we are gone, lick the filth off of Julia here’s stockinged feet, they are super dirty and stink like hell, you should enjoy that. If she is even in the slightest bit displeased with you then it’ll be trample time again wanker.” Sophia snarled.

    They then headed off down towards Aurelia’s office laughing, while I contemplated my predicament.

    Not only were these two young bitches much smarter than I had given them credit for, but they were also much more brutal. I figured Constance was having a much greater effect on their temperament and attitude to me than I had suspected. I couldn’t believe in such a short space of time they had all of a sudden decided to be that fucking nasty. They didn’t even seem to be especially excited by it like Grace or Aurelia would, it was more a means to an end for them and that was it.

    I sat up slowly trying to move my body to stretch out the muscle pain of the pounding I had taken, and on inspection was relieved to find I wasn’t so badly bruised. I think if one of the amazon bitches had done that to me I would quite simply be a mushed up pool of blood on the carpet.

    “Ah-hm.” I heard and looked over to see Julia sat atop the desk she was recently knelt under. Her legs were crossed and she was kicking her leg towards me pausing at the top of the swing to show me the filthy bottom of her tan stockinged foot.

    “I think you have a job to do right you miserable fucking cunt?” Julia said.

    “Hey come on Julia.” I said, “I thought we were friends after I tried to help you and give you advice before.”

    “You are a fucking deceitful cunt, who tried to get my goddess in trouble and I fucking hate you with every bone in my body!” Julia said, quivering with anger and rage.

    I was very unsettled at her response. Clearly upsetting a goddess in front of her slave was a bad move and I was going to learn the hard way.

    “Look, Julia, I am really sorry for what I did and I deeply regret it. I even paid dearly with the trampling they gave me right?” I said, trying to pacify her.

    “You should be dead or in a hospital now by rights. You are fucking lucky I am on orders to only make you clean my feet otherwise I would be fucking you up so badly now.” Julia snarled, continuing her intense anger with me.

    I really couldn’t believe how loyal and dedicated to Sophia’s cause Julia already was. Was this normal for a slave or was it just that Sophia was the best goddess in the world or something? I decided to start by sucking up to Julia and then ask, so I understood better. It reminded me of Henrietta and how hard she fought me for Nicola’s attentions literally just after she had met her. It was becoming clear to me that a slave’s wrath could be infinitely worse than their goddess. I then had a little pang wondering if Henrietta was exploiting my time away from Nicola or looking after her like I hoped she would.

    “You are right Julia of course. I will come and serve you as your goddess has ordered me and hopefully win your favour in recognizing I can do a good job and please you.” I said.

    “Yeah well good fucking luck with that cunt!” Julia said, her anger not abating one jot.

    I smiled nervously as I approached. Julia pulled a cold, hostile and threatening stare back at me. Fucking hell her intimidation was good. Why the fuck was she even a submissive?

    “Kneel before me cunt.” She ordered.

    I smiled still trying to calm the situation and knelt down underneath her. She then reached out her leg and slapped my face hard with the sole of her foot sending me backward onto the floor.

    “I said kneel before me cunt!” She repeated.

    I got up gradually and carefully before approaching her more cautiously. I tried to kneel just out of her legs reach. Julia smiled in a nasty wicked way, seeing how I was trying to avoid her.

    She then put out her filthy tan stockinged foot with her knees bent and said, “Place your nose on my foot and take a good sniff then tell me if it stinks cunt.”

    I shuffled forward slightly with her foot ahead of me, I was now around one foot away when she extended her leg again and slapped me hard across the face with her foot. I was again on my back feeling both an idiot and a sore cheek.

    “You are so fucking stupid aren’t you cunt? No wonder women love fucking you up. Even slaves love it. Now go and sit in the corner and prepare to clean my stockings.” Julia ordered.

    I looked into the corner she was indicating then crawled over to it and sat snug with walls supporting my shoulders. Julia jumped down from her desk and walked over towards me slowly.

    “Do you feel your fate looming, as I approach cunt?” Julia threatened.

    She was really fucking starting to scare me now and I shivered before trying to smile once again.

    “I wouldn’t be fucking smiling if I were you cunt, not for what I have in store for you.” Julia said, red with anger.

    I curled up a little preparing for what was coming but I was evidently not quick enough and Julia leaped forward and brought her foot crashing into my balls with a swift kick. I screamed with the pain and placed my hands over them to prevent a reoccurrence. With my hands preoccupied protecting my balls, Julia raised her filthy stockinged sole and placed it on my mouth with her toes nestling perfectly into my nostrils.

    “Look at me, cunt. You have displeased my goddess so you have displeased me. If I ever catch you upsetting her even slightly ever again I will request her permission to fuck you up so badly you will never want to come into this office ever again knowing I will be here. Are you absolutely fucking clear what I am telling you?” Julia warned.

    I looked up at her and said, “Yes Julia. I will try never to upset your goddess again.”

    Julia then pressed her sole hard against my face crushing it into the wall. Her toes were now splayed forcing my head backward and stretching my nostrils. I started to cry with the pain.

    “You will do more than fucking try cunt. You will do exactly what I have ordered.” Julia said, pushing her foot harder into my face and stretching my nose further with her toes. I raised my hands to try and prevent the onset of the pressure and pain whereby Julia withdrew her foot and slammed it back into my balls.

    “Face or balls, I don’t care which I fuck up. You can choose.” Julia said.

    “Please goddess Julia, I beg you. Please give me mercy, I can’t take the pain anymore. I will never disobey you or your goddess again. Please just let me do what your goddess asks and serve you.” I begged, with tears of pain rolling down my face.

    “I don’t fucking do mercy when it comes to cunts like you, but I do what my goddess asks and she has commanded me to make you clean my filthy stockings so stick that revolting tongue of yours out now!” Julia shouted.

    Anything to avoid the face crushing and ball busting I thought. This woman has lost the plot, there is devoted slavery then there is demented worship and she was definitely in the latter category. I placed my tongue out as far as I could offer it and Julia roughly dragged her sole firmly down it several times almost dragging it out of my mouth. Fucking hell that hurt as well. Does this bitch do anything in a gentle or non-painful way?

    Julia then inspected the sole of her foot and could see the holes had been stretched and opened by her rough dragging on my tongue.

    “Fucking pathetic cunt. They are still filthy and I am not going to present them to you only to have you sniff on them like a pathetic, desperate dog.” Julia sneered.

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black I thought, given how much she loves stinky feet. I sighed feeling like this encounter would go on forever. I glanced to the side hoping to see Laura and Sophia appear from Aurelia’s office but they did not. What did appear was Julia’s foot crashing straight back into my balls.

    “Fucking hell enough.” I screamed, unable to mask the pain or my anger anymore.

    “It’s enough when I say it is cunt. Don’t you dare look away from me, when I am addressing you. The only thing of importance in this room is me. Now clean these off in your mouth.”

    Julia had removed her stockings whilst I was distracted and had just thrown them into my face. It was the first time I really caught the smell, as earlier I was either in too much pain or unable to breathe at all with her toes rammed up my nose. They did indeed stink and putting them in my mouth was not something I was going to get aroused by looking at the filth on them. Needless to say, I did put them in there anyway and started sucking on them as she watched me carefully tapping her dirty foot.

    “Just try to pull a disgusted face cunt!” She threatened, to which I smiled and said “Thank you, Julia,” through the stockings in my mouth.

    She continued to watch me for a while and then turned to go and sit back on the desk. She watched me carefully for at least another ten minutes until we heard footsteps approaching. Julia, as quick as a hare, jumped down from the desk and back onto her knees.

    As Sophia and Laura entered the open area Julia sped over to them and flourished their shoes with kisses and embraced their ankles.

    “Wow slave, that is a most respectful and adoring welcome.” Sophia chuckled.

    “I just wanted to show you both how much I love and adore you. I am so lucky to serve such beautiful goddesses.” Julia beamed

    Laura then added with a smile, “Indeed you are slave. Did the boy behave for you?”

    Julia looked at me intent on instilling fear into me, but did not want to upset her goddess by delaying the answer so replied, “He did what you asked goddess, I made sure of it.”

    Sophia and Laura looked over at me beaten, abused and sucking on Julia’s filthy stockings. They both pointed and laughed at me simultaneously unable to stop. Even Julia giggled and added, “I am so warmed to see I have made you happy goddess.”

    “Oh indeed you have slave, this is truly priceless, and he is a quivering mess, look at him. Whatever you did slave, it was simply perfect and you will have to be rewarded.” Sophia said.

    “The cunt really upset me when he tried to get you into trouble. I made him pay a heavy price for that. Nobody ever gets away with that shit when my wonderful goddess is involved.” Julia said.

    “Though I don’t need your protection slave. It warms my heart to know I have it. You may approach me now on your feet.” Sophia said.

    Julia rose to her feet and stepped towards her goddess. Sophia raised her hand to her face and gently kissed her lips. On seeing this Laura did the same. Julia was quite overcome with emotion and tears began to stream her cheeks. Seeing her joy, Sophia and Laura both smiled.

    “So then boy, it sounds like you were lucky that our slave didn’t kill you.” Laura said.

    “You are telling me. I was frightened for my life goddess.” I said, and they laughed again before stopping into deadly seriousness.

    “So we need to discuss a few points before you may leave today slave. There is good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first boy?” Laura said.

    “The good news please, goddess.” I requested.

    “You stupid fuck, nobody ever has the good news first, and you will have the bad news first and like it. So the bad news is you still have to pay for your treachery at plotting to embarrass us with your hidden agenda in the proposal. Three fuck ups equal three kicks in the nuts. I think given our slaves great working over on you in our absence, that we should divide those out one each. Follow me, ladies.”

    They then all stepped over to me and I was instructed to allow them free access to kick my nuts. “Any deflection or protection will incur another kick so I suggest you take it like the cunt you are.” Sophia ordered.

    Sophia and Laura’s kicks were pretty bad but I could see they held back a little for fear of really hurting me. When Julia then lined up, I gulped knowing she would want to impress them and would have no intention of giving me some relief, especially given her goddess had commanded her to do it this time.

    “He’s fucking shitting himself Laura, look at him. Just wait for a second Julia I want to feed on his fear a little while longer while he anticipates your brutality.” Sophia commented.

    They all watched for around twenty seconds grinning and maintaining excitable looks. They were seemingly getting aroused, so maybe I was wrong to think they didn’t get off on my suffering, they just needed an appropriate level of fear to accompany it first.

    “Ok Julia, I want you to please your goddess by showing me just how brutal and unforgiving you can be with this cunt.” Sophia said, and Julia’s smile widened to fill up her entire face.

    I went into a panic and started trying to get up to escape but Sophia and Laura jumped on me and pinned me down. I continued to struggle but was not able to fully fend them off. They were bright red with arousal now and laughing as they tried to keep me down, “Be quick then slave we can’t hold him down here forever.” Sophia said.

    Julia took one step back then flew across the room before maximising the back lift in her leg, to then bring the full force of her foot crushing down on my privates with her full bodyweight behind it. The sound itself was frightening but the pain was unbearable and I shrieked before passing out.

    I don’t know how long I was out, but when I came to they were sat back in the same positions as when I came in. If it weren’t for the pain in my crotch I would have thought it was all a bad fucking dream.

    Laura spotted me first, “Hey boy, are you awake?”

    “I think so.” I said, somewhat drowsy with the throbbing pain in my crotch.

    “Good because we have the good news to discuss. Crawl over here.” Laura commanded and pointed to the floor.

    I slowly crawled with my legs wider apart to prevent any rubbing on my balls. I was very slow but finally made it and knelt underneath her. Looking at her evil grin I was suspecting my good news wasn’t going to be what I hoped for.

    “Aurelia was very pleased with our work and has arranged a meeting with Beth and Allegra to discuss our inputs tomorrow. So we did promise you some nice stinky feet as a reward, would you still like that?” Laura asked seductively.

    I looked at Sophia who was also smiling and Julia who had a look that would kill me given one word from her goddess, then back to Laura. I needed any kind of comfort at this point given the pain I had been through so swallowed the humiliation I was feeling and said, “Yes please goddess.”

    “I am sorry, I didn’t quite hear that boy.” Laura said mockingly.

    “Yes please goddess,” I repeated, now much more loudly as I blushed with shame.

    “Here have a little sample boy, they are nice and sweaty for you.” Laura said removing her shoe and placing her fully-fashioned stockinged foot on my nose. I sniffed deeply and got a huge erection with the very strong stink clinging between her toes. It must be the sheer joy of feeling something other than pain that was accentuating my pleasure responses.

    “Here smell mine now cunt, they are nice and dirty on the bottoms too.” Sophia said extending her white stockinged foot onto my nose. I closed my eyes and sniffed again and I felt my cock start to throb, as her strong scent drifted up my nose. At this point, I just really want to grab it a jerk off to maximise my pleasure. Julia was spitting mad and mumbling under her breath, watching my enjoyment.

    “Now remind me again how much you want these stinky, sweaty disgusting feet in your face cunt.” Laura said.

    This whole hook me and reel me in shit was really starting to grate me now as I suspected this was turning more into a tease than please event. I said quite despondently, “I would really love to smell them right now goddess given the pain I am in, but I suspect that pleasure will not be mine.”

    “Well, perhaps you are not quite as stupid as you look cunt. Correct you won’t be getting our delicious sweaty, stinky feet. Our slave will for being so beautiful, loyal and attentive. Despicable and treacherous wankers get to watch and wonder what might have been but before you do I want you to tribute our slave for her dedication and wish her nothing but enjoyment in her submission to our wonderful stench.” Laura said.

    I sighed deeply; this really couldn’t be any worse. Not only was I in a lot of pain all over my body but I was now going to miss out on any chance of an orgasm and to cap it off have to tribute the crazy fucking bitch who just downed me.

    “Goddess Julia, you truly are most deserving of your reward. I realize the error of my ways only too late. You, however, have shown nothing but love and loyalty for your goddesses and that will now be repaid. I hope you enjoy watching me suffer, as I watch your pleasure in fulfillment.” I said, feeling sick with every word but not wanting more ball kicking.

    Laura smiled, “Perfect, now slave,” She added looking down at Julia, “Prepare for a stinkfest, as we overwhelm your senses with our beautiful aroma. I want to see lots of self-play and hear lots of enjoyment for cunt here to soak up.”

    As Julia lay down already flush red with excitement now overjoyed with her impending reward. Sophia and Laura kicked off their shoes and shoved them in her face, all at the same time. The stench filled up the room and its incessant lingering was just enough to keep me erect but not enough for me to climax. Whenever Laura could see my erection fading she swung out her foot and wiped it down my face just to prolong my agony as well.

    Pretty soon Julia was in another parallel world of orgasmic abandon, screaming and writhing in pleasure. If I could have touched myself at this point it probably would have done it for me I was so desperate, but instead, I just got to watch.

    When it was finally over Julia lay in pure heaven with Sophia and Laura’s feet still resting on her face. Laura then said, “Would you like to thank the cunt for his tribute before he leaves slave?”

    Julia stumbled to her knees then up on her feet before she bent down and delivered ten (yes ten) hard thick globules of spit into my face. She then screamed, “Fuck off,” before yanking her stockings from my mouth and kicking me in the chest sending me back across the room.

    As I gathered my laptop to leave, all I heard was laughter and “You heard the slave, fuck off!”
  9. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Here are my comments for the latest wonderful chapter.

    The first few paragraphs in which Chris reflects back on the previous day continue to show his concern about his relationship with Nicola. He seems to be divided about whether Beth is strongly influencing Nicola’s behavior vs. Nicola’s dominant is now seeing Chris as weak. I get the feeling he believes both of these are issues and that his chances of being with Nicola as he was prior to being forced into slavery under Aurelia and Grace are fading fast.

    That encounter with Aurelia in the kitchen was incredible. My guess on why Aurelia seduced Chris is twofold: first, she wanted to compare the feeling of Chris’s loving tongue on her pussy against Nicola’s hateful tongue. Second, as she herself admits “I may be falling but I haven’t fallen yet. There is more I need to know of your heart before you will have a chance to earn mine.” In other words, she is very much attracted to Chris and has developed feelings for him. This was a way for her to explore those feelings. I did like Chris attempting to take a bit of control, which instead of earning him punishment actually paid off rather nicely. :)

    A couple of comments on the following scene in the bedroom. Chris only just found out during a conversation between Grace and Aurelia that there was a visitor the previous night. So he had no clue Nicola was there. In that case, perhaps he is unaware of what is really going on between Aurelia and Nicola. Hmmm.

    Also, Chris being extremely nice to Grace was likely, in my opinion, due to the earlier scene in the kitchen with Aurelia. Of course, Aurelia’s attitude toward Chris went back to being fairly bitchy – to be expected when it isn’t just the two of them. I still wonder whether Grace will be able to stay with Aurelia long-term, their little playful tickling/passionate scene notwithstanding.

    In the office, while Aurelia didn’t say much (perhaps the earlier morning’s events were still rolling around in her mind) she did continue to show that she really does know Chris almost more than he knows himself. This summed it up well, from Chris’s own thoughts. “She never spoke of what she was doing or why she was doing it but she had an uncanny knack of knowing what I needed and when I needed it. Today of all days I needed a work boost and here she was getting me involved.”

    The little visit to Aurelia’s office from Beth was another bit of mind-fucking from the master. First he witnessed what appears to be a tender/affectionate moment between the two women and then Beth gives a parting comment of “That stupid bitch Nicola really doesn’t have a clue what she is doing half the time.” I think this line has a dual purpose. One is to make Aurelia think that she has the upper hand over Nicola for a promotion and the other is to add even more confusion into how Chris perceives Nicola.

    Last but not least is his time spent with “the juniors”. Damn, Laura and Sophia have certainly become more dominant and sadistic. I definitely do detect some influence from Constance. The fact that they want to take all the credit for any good work he is doing, and will reward him with their feet (and perhaps even a chance to masturbate himself) is devious on their part. Their punishment of him for trying to undermine their work shows how cruel they can be.

    Then there was Julia...the slave in this chapter that Chris “fucked with” when he upset Laura and Sophia. She really worked Chris over (especially with those hard kicks to his balls) and even after his tribute to her, she still spat in his face ten times and told him to fuck off. Her attitude toward her goddesses is almost identical to Henrietta’s attitude toward Nicola. Chris’s description of her was funny. “This woman has lost the plot, there is devoted slavery then there is demented worship and she was definitely in the latter category.” I am sure Julia loved the fact that Chris had to sit and watch her get all the foot attention/sexual pleasure from her goddesses while he only got pain and humiliation.

    All in all, a fun chapter to read with heavy doses of torment from the juniors.
  10. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Hi OneAuthor,
    Many thanks for your great comments!

    - It does appear that Chris is starting to lose hope of winning back Nicola's heart from these latest encounters - she is not the woman he once knew but is she still the woman he loves? I am sure if he can convince himself that this is Beth making Nicola do all this then there is still hope...

    - You are right on both counts here my friend - the third, of course, is that Aurelia wanted to compare Chris' attentions with that of her sleeping lover who at this point is none the wiser. There, of course, is a final and most important fourth reason but that would be spoiling the story...

    - Yes - at this point Aurelia is going to great lengths to hide her abysmal treatment of Nicola from Chris - he of course is in part aware as was explained in the foyer encounter after Nicola's office session with Aurelia. Either way Aurelia is playing a dangerous game - especially if Beth knew what she was up to

    - You are quite right that Chris' guilt complex is making him play up to Grace more than we have seen before. It also shows she has nothing of Aurelia and Beth's perception skills that she just enjoys it instead of asking herself why. As for where this will take Aurelia and Grace...well that doesn't look good.

    - I must confess to really loving the way Aurelia helps Chris and then goes out of her way to pretend she has no intention of doing so. Referring to his thanks as 'irrelevant procrastinations' is perhaps my favourite line in this chapter.

    - I love the way you refer to Beth as 'the master'. It really is quite fitting for her given her reach and omnipotence.Without doubt both of the things you observed were gaming to fuck with Chris and would have sent his head into a spin. Beth also wanted to drive more conviction into Chris mind that Nicola acted of her own volition especially after saying what she did to him at Seraphina's stables. Though you are quite right that Beth is playing up to Aurelia here, she will not be aware of the potential right-hand role as Beth has not discussed it with her...well to our knowledge that is...perhaps that did happen in the background?

    - You are perfectly right that the puppet mistress behind the sudden change of behaviour to Chris is Constance - though quite why she has such an interest in him we don't yet know. I am not sure this level of cruelty is really them either - as you could tell from when they helped Chris in the back room of the stables. This raises a whole bunch of questions on how this will pan out...

    - Julia's treatment was indeed a surprise and very soon we will find out just what did motivate that outburst - it was more than just her love of her goddess.

    - This chapter was indeed a little fun especially given how tough the last couple were. Now we have a little trip to Purgatory to take care that chapter is a game changer!

    Thanks again for your immense support my friend.

  11. wildyone

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    Chapter 51 – Why I’ll Go To Purgatory

    I had a lecture on the way home from Aurelia, as Grace had gone ahead to prepare the house for the evening's entertainment, about not being so weak and allowing the juniors to steal my work and present it as their own. Aurelia was too smart not to notice but still said it would be presented as theirs, given they were smart enough to know how to use me to get what they wanted, and she admired their guile and desire for power.

    She also noticed I was walking oddly and when I explained they had been ball busting me all afternoon she was less impressed. “Those fucking balls are mine, they won’t be doing that again unless they get my permission.” She said.

    Aurelia then added, “Well tonight I want to give them a test run and make sure they are still working properly.” She then looked at me and smiled. It was one of those brief warm moments that made me want to throw my arms around her but knew that would be some kind of death sentence.

    The trouble was the thought was now in my head and I was having one of my many reckless moments. I looked around confirming nobody could see us. I then touched her hand slightly knowing it would stop her.

    “Did you just pull me back slave?” She said threateningly.

    I then threw my arms around her and kissed her deeply on the lips. For about the first few seconds she was in complete shock, she then embraced me and kissed me back briefly before finally she stamped on my foot causing me to fall and scream before slapping my face three times as I knelt before her.

    “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” She screamed.

    “I know I should say sorry but I can’t Aurelia. I so wanted to kiss you and show you how thankful I am that you care. In my darkest moments, it has been you that has shown me a light. I am aware that you try and do it discretely and often masked with punishments, threats and stuff but I know how well you read me and you always do what I need the most. Even if that is kicking my arse because I feel sorry for myself.” I said with tears in my eyes.

    “You don’t know me as well as you like to think you do,” Aurelia said coolly.

    I paused hoping so much I wasn’t wrong and looked deep into her eyes searching for something to grasp onto.

    “Stop analysing me, slave. I am not the easy read you hope I am.” Aurelia said.

    “Just don’t tell me I am wrong Aurelia. I think I am really falling for you now and it would break my heart if you pushed me away. I would rather have silence than rejection.” I said still looking deep into her eyes for a sign.

    “Very well,” Aurelia said and started to walk on leaving me in the dark as to how she felt. I guess I was lucky to get away with that given what I had done in retrospect.

    She walked deep in thought but did not look or talk to me, as she often did lately when delving deep within herself. She then stopped and said, “I told you before any such moments are only to be instigated by me. This is a female led relationship and I am making all the decisions for us. Are you clear?”

    I knelt down and kissed her shoes then looked back up at her and said, “I am clear goddess.”

    “Right well, as you simply couldn’t help the overflow of emotion and feeling that caused that outburst, I will just this one time forget it ever happened. Anyway, I kind of enjoyed it myself, a little.” She then smiled to herself and walked off.

    My heart warmed again, as I followed her walking a few paces behind.

    Just before we reached the door Aurelia stopped me again and said, “Listen fucker, tonight is an important night for me and I don’t want you embarrassing me under any circumstances. I will be treating you like shit when I want to and you will accept it and thank me for it like any good slave. Don’t fucking test me ok?”

    Again I knelt down and kissed her shoes before arising and saying, “It is the least I can do. I promise not to let you down goddess. I owe you that much.”

    Aurelia then slapped my face, “It’s not about what you owe. It’s about the fact that I own you and you will do whatever I fucking tell you too or face the consequences. Get your fucking head straight now!”

    Aurelia stared at me as I processed her warning. I thought through what she was saying and the optimist in me read it that she didn’t want any interpersonal stuff leaking into the open, which I knew I needed to respect. I made a promise to myself to do whatever it took to make her proud of me as her slave tonight and to ensure everyone could see how powerful she is as a dominant. I knew that is what she would want and that would make her happy.

    Again I went through the process of bending down and this time licked her shoes before arising to my knees and saying, “My beautiful goddess. I am yours to command, your wants and needs are my goals and ambitions. I will do all within me to please you ensuring everyone understands that it is you who owns me and you I worship and obey.”

    She looked down and me and smiled seeing I got her point, she then said, “Better slave,” she then walked the remaining short distance to her house


    I was told I would be naked for the evening save for a simple white apron that would cover my chest, stomach and crotch area. I was somewhat sceptical, to say the least, but showed nothing but enthusiasm to Aurelia’s order when she informed me. My next order was to go downstairs and prepare a buffet for the guests and get the drinks ready to serve them as they arrived. It was made clear to me that I would be the waiter, slave and evening's entertainment all in one. Feeling quite overwhelmed and fearful at the prospect I simply thanked Aurelia and got about my duties.

    After about an hour of hard work, I had the drinks trolley assembled including decanting the red wine Aurelia had chosen and set the white to chill in an ice bucket. The food looked amazing even I say so myself, there were most world cuisines represented and a fine balance of vegetarian, meat, and hot and cold plates. I had baked some fruit muffins and chocolate cupcakes as a dessert with either coffee or tea, as they required, later in the evening.

    As I tidied up I could hear Aurelia and Grace giggling and laughing upstairs as they dressed. The whole situation felt perfectly normal at this point by comparison to what would be happening in a few hours. I ran the hoover around to finish and then even padded the cushions on the pink leather sofas.

    As I was applying the final touches I heard feet descending the steps behind me. As I turned around my jaw almost dropped through the floor. I ran over to the bottom of the stairs and knelt down as I watched them make their way down.

    “Emma Peel and Black Widow have arrived. What have you to say for yourself slave?” Aurelia declared pointing to the fact that she was wearing a black PVC cat-suit unzipped to her breast and black knee-length laced boots with her crop in hand. Grace was also wearing a rubber cat-suit this time all in white with black stripes down the arms, torso and leg sides together with soft rubber white boots with black circles on the ankle straight out of Carnaby Street in the 1960s.

    “Well, to be honest, I am lost for words. You already know that I think you are both beautiful and divine goddesses but tonight your radiance, seductive aura and power are quite literally suffocating the room. I don’t think I have ever felt two women make such an overwhelming impression on me in such a moment.” I smiled.

    Grace beamed happily with her tribute whilst Aurelia raised an eyebrow and offered a reluctant almost embarrassed smile before adding, “Well don’t cum in your pants just yet as you haven’t got any on and I don’t want my carpet ruined.” They both then chuckled and went to sit down.

    I dashed over and kissed their boots before asking, “May I offer you both a drink please goddess?” I took care to look at Grace when asking, as I knew she would want to be recognised equally in my devotion to them. Aurelia noted this and smiled to herself, she was always one step ahead of my thinking even before I had got there myself.

    After taking their order I quickly returned with a glass of red for Aurelia and a glass of white for Grace. They took them from me, without snatching this time, but without a look or a thank you either. The later was to be expected and I thought it was just nice they didn’t snatch for a change. I was hoping this was a sign of their good mood.

    As they drank I waited patiently for anything else they needed. In the end, they just ignored me and shared stories from their working days. A little while later Aurelia asked me to put some music on. I quickly scanned the records and plucked out one that was slightly protruding figuring that one must be a favourite. It was foreign by the look of it and called Pop Percussions, or something like that.

    I crawled back holding the record aloft carefully and presented it to Aurelia for her approval. Grace then spoke and said, “Not that one, it makes her sad.”

    Aurelia seemed really annoyed with Grace and shot her a nasty stare. Grace was embarrassed and turned to me saying, “Find something else quickly slave.”

    I returned quickly with Donald Byrd’s Ethiopian Knights LP on Blue Note, which got a nod of approval, so I darted back to place it on the record player. Moments later we were listening to a fluid, melodic and a quite funky piece of trumpet-led jazz. It seemed Aurelia’s taste in music was very refined and intelligent as well. I knelt down by the speaker losing myself in the rhythms when the doorknocker clacked.

    I looked at Aurelia for an instruction to get the door and she once again nodded, so I dashed out to greet our guests. When I opened the door Seraphina, Porsche and Constance were standing in front of me. I nearly cried as they entered throwing their long coats at me, which was hiding the fact that Seraphina and Porsche were wearing pink rubber cat-suits with nipple and pussy zips. On their feet, they had matching pink rubber knee high boots with a side zip. They could almost have been related, with their matching clothes and to say they looked sexy wouldn’t even come close to how good they looked. Constance then came in behind dressed in her riding wear, the same crimson blazer with cream jodhpurs she was wearing on Sunday but this time with a much older pair of riding boots that looked well worn and no helmet. Though she didn’t look much different she still looked sexy as hell.

    Unlike Seraphina and Porsche who walked straight past me, she stopped and lifted my apron with her crop then raised her eyebrows before saying, “I was suspecting peanut would have been a good name for you but looking at the size of that thing that wouldn’t work at all.”

    She then tapped my cock hard with the crop and I winced before she smirked and walked past me. Well at least I just saved myself a lifetime of being called peanut I chuckled to myself.

    I hung their coats up and then made my way into the living room, where the guests were now spread out across the three-seat sofa and two pink leather armchairs.

    “Constance I am afraid could not be convinced to wear a cat-suit Aurelia, so she chose to come in her riding gear again, sorry about that.” Seraphina sighed.

    “Just because my muscles are too big to fit in one of those things don’t blame me. If you got your arse into the gym a little more maybe you would have my problem.” Constance said standing up to her sister.

    Seraphina just brushed the argument off with a raised eyebrow before clicking her fingers at me.

    I rushed over and before she even spoke I kissed her boots and said, “May I offer you a drink please goddess?”

    Seraphina smiled and said, “Well he is well trained at home, isn’t he? Get me a red bitch.”

    Aurelia smiled satisfied with the compliment. I then kissed Porsche’s boots who as usual was looking like she would prefer to kick my head in with them, but ordered a red instead. When I finally approached Constance she put her hand up to stop me and said, “White for me cunt then you can come back and lick my boots clean.”

    Seraphina said, “Really do you have to use that language?”

    “Does it offend you then Sis?” Constance smirked like she loved to wind her sister up with abusive words.

    Aurelia then intervened to prevent another argument, “Look you can say what the fuck you want in my house, ‘cunt’ or otherwise. Just make sure you relax and enjoy yourselves.”

    She then looked down at me and said, “Cunt, get those drinks quickly, then I want to see your tongue on those filthy boots pronto!”

    Aurelia then smiled at Constance, who smirked back somewhat surprised like she was trying to get a rise out of Aurelia, but instead had charmed her. I think Constance was just starting to realise how unflappable Aurelia was.

    I returned with the two glasses of red and a white for Constance. After I served Seraphina and Porsche their drinks I quickly checked that Grace and Aurelia were still topped up and then crawled towards Constance who was sat at the far end of the sofa.

    Constance was already looking angry when I approached, she quickly noted that the others were in conversation then whispered to me, “I am your fucking priority here cunt. You will pay for making me wait for my drink and boot cleaning.”

    I gave her a double glance, as I was so surprised she could be so pissed at what was hardly a ten-second delay.

    “I am sorry, goddess,” I said.

    “You will apologise with pain not words cunt, now lick my fucking boots clean.” Constance seethed still in a low quiet voice.

    This was going to be a long night. Remembering what happened at the stables when Constance got me to herself, it was only by virtue of Aurelia’s timely arrival and Laura and Sophia’s apprehension that I didn’t get into a lot more bother with her. I didn’t speak again but started licking her boots.

    Constance’s long boots were black leather with a thick brown leather trim around the top calf end. Typical riding boots but hers were a very soft leather and looked like when new, they were the top end of the market in terms of cost and quality. They were muddied but most of it had been removed with use so I was able to start making progress with their cleaning quite quickly. Over time though, the dirt started to accumulate in my mouth and eventually I was very dry and any further licking was applying as much dirt as I was removing. I took a gulp and spoke to Constance quietly, “Goddess?”

    She just looked at me without speaking.

    “May I get some water to clean my mouth, so I can do a better job on your boots please?” I pleaded.

    Her face turned sour and angry very quickly and she grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my head back. I yelped quietly with the pain, she was so incredibly strong, maybe even more than Beth.

    “Open cunt.” She said and I opened my mouth knowing what was coming.

    Everyone was looking at me now while she handled me roughly. No one showed any remorse, not even Aurelia. Constance spat into my mouth several times and then instructed me.

    “Gargle then swallow cunt,” she ordered and I complied, “right back on the boots.”

    Fucking hell, what a bitch I thought, she has not one ounce of compassion for human life. Everything she does is with extreme pain and violence. I was starting to feel a little despondent and planning how quickly I could get away from her. A little while later her boots were done and I started to move away. Constance held her boot up in front of my face to halt my progress.

    “Where the fuck do you think you are going cunt?” She seethed.

    “He is coming to do my boots, Constance,” Aurelia replied smiling, “get here at once.”

    Constance dropped her boot reluctantly and slowly almost like she was considering defying Aurelia but decided against it. I dashed out to rinse my mouth clean then crawled over to Aurelia and started licking her boots. I could feel the weight of Constance’s stare on the back of my head so didn’t dare to turn around. I glanced up several times and even caught Aurelia looking at me once but as soon as our eyes met she looked away.

    A little while later, Seraphina asked, “Shall we start to have a little fun now Aurelia?” Seeking her permission to begin their planned activities.

    “Well, of course, Seraphina what did you have in mind?” Aurelia asked.

    “Well, our little bitch here can start by warming up my cold pussy. Perhaps he can do yours too Porsche?” She replied.

    Constance mumbled angrily, “He should be warming up my fucking crop.” Then started playing with her phone trying to seem disinterested.

    Porsche then grabbed my throat and bent down into my face and said, “This isn’t a fucking treat for you bitch. I am objectifying you as a tongue and nothing more. You have one simple purpose, getting me horny. If I think for a second you are enjoying yourself I will stamp on that big cock of yours, got it?”

    I looked at Aurelia who simply replied, “Yes we all know you have a big cock, pity your brain doesn’t match up. You have your orders, get to work.” They then all laughed. Even Constance smiled though it was hidden behind her phone.

    Apart from the offensive remark about me being stupid I was no clearer how on earth I was going to do this without arousal. Once again I dashed out and rinsed my mouth ready for my task. When I was again kneeling in front of them I could see Porsche and Seraphina undoing their pussy zips ready for me, so shuffled forward towards Porsche first. Of the two she was slightly less gorgeous but really there was nothing in it. They were both stunning and I had to block out that fact.

    Once in front of Porsche, I oriented myself to her pussy, which was neat, well trimmed and blonde like her hair and then began my first tentative licks. I closed my eyes and started pinching my leg to generate some pain to divert my attention. I then felt my way around her labia so her hole and clitoris placement was clear in my mind. I then started licking and circling her tender erogenous spots. After a short while, Porsche was moaning loudly, I was surprised how quickly she responded to me, as I thought she would struggle given how much she hated me. Perhaps she didn’t hate me as much as I thought or then perhaps I was just better at this than I suspected. Moments later she pushed my head away.

    “Fuck off now tongue boy.” She snarled and looking at her face, which was bright red, I would say she must have been close to a climax. How the hell she had the control to stop then I will never know, but then men are weak when it comes to their dicks according to these bitches, so would never understand such things. In her case, she would beat my resolve hands down.

    Seraphina grabbed my hair and pulled me across to face her. Holding onto my hair she bent forward like Porsche but this time licked across my mouth and up the side of my face. Looking into her radiant, beautiful face I was breathless and transfixed. My heart was racing and my crotch was tingling, I must have been blushing as well because she giggled to herself.

    “Listen to me slave and listen carefully,” Seraphina said seductively.

    Fucking hell I thought she is going to do that teasing siren talk on me now and I am going to melt and lose all control of my dick. I had to try and block her out but as I averted my eyes she slapped me firmly and frowned bringing my attention back to her face. I pinched my leg as hard as I could whilst she started.

    “My lonely little pussy needs a willing warm wet tongue to tease and tantalise it and you are the slave that’s going to do that for me aren’t you?” She questioned.

    Grace was watching intently like she was learning a different approach to fucking with me over and above plain straightforward hard humiliation, which she was pretty damn good at by now.

    I nodded.

    “Yes, that’s right. Now my cute pussy might just be a little wet already so the perfume of my aroused body will be surrounding your senses whilst you lick. I want you to take my scent in and submit to it; I want you to know what my sex smells like. Imagine it was surrounding your big throbbing cock sucking hard against the sides of your shaft as I bounce up and down on it. You would be helpless to control yourself but you know you must or it will be stampy cock time.”

    “Fucking hell Seraphina, give the slave a chance. I am getting off myself over here just listening to you for fuck sake.” Aurelia chuckled, but I suspect feeling a little put out by the intensity of Seraphina’s advances and her control over me.

    “Very well then, come embrace my pussy slave. Submit to my scent, resist me if you can!” She then laughed to herself, as she clasped my head and pulled me towards her.

    My cock had grown now and was gently throbbing below me. I had managed to pull my thighs together above it so it was hidden out of sight but I needed to calm down and quickly if it wasn’t to bounce up as soon as I opened them again. I pinched my leg hard again and shuddered a little as my tongue made contact with Seraphina’s labia. She shuddered as well like the effect had rippled through her.

    Sensing this would help me refocus my concentration, I started experimenting with creating vibrations around my mouth and tongue as I licked her up and down. Each time I created a ripple with my lips she would shudder with pleasure. After a few minutes, I gently took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked softly before creating the ripple with my lips. Her hands slammed down on the sofa and she arched her back like she was having some kind of extreme reaction.

    Porsche said, “Are you alright Seraphina?”

    “Yes love, it’s just a little intense is all.” She replied moaning. Porsche looked distinctly pissed off with the effect I was having on her lover, but as I was trapped I decided to press on.

    I started a combination of deep tongue thrusts into her hole, hard licks up the centre of her labia and then sucking and rippling her clitoris with my lips and tongue. Once I had the hang of it I increased the speed and pressure further. Seraphina was now gripping onto the pink leather for dear life but the pleasure was too strong for her to make me stop. I couldn’t see her face from where I was but her body was swimming in pleasure, shuddering and contorting with each precession of my tongue. Moments later she was starting to really shout and Porsche said, “I think you might be warmed up now Sera.”

    Seraphina heard nothing however and pulled my face deeper into her pussy. Given my limited movement now I concentrated all my efforts on her clitoris applying pressure with my tongue, making darting and stroking movements across it and blowing through my lips to create the vibrations that were driving her crazy.

    A few seconds later she exploded and screamed at the top of her voice. Her hands left my head and flailed out on either side knocking Porsche’s remaining swig of red wine onto Constance’s cream jodhpurs and with it her glass onto the carpet. Her contorted body bounced the other two on the sofa up slightly before she slumped down and collapsed into the warm comfort of her orgasmic fulfilment.

    “Fucking hell, what the fuck did you just do?” Seraphina murmured using the same language she had just told her sister off for.

    “Well get a fucking cloth you stupid cunt!” Aurelia screamed at me, and I darted into the kitchen.

    Whilst there, I took a few seconds to splash my cock with cold water to reduce my own swelling before returning. I figured I had upset Aurelia but then she had put me in this position in the first place. I needed to show her my slave-based affections and quickly if this wasn’t going to spiral badly against me. I had already fucked off Porsche and Constance so I didn’t need any more enemies tonight.

    As I returned I got onto my knees and doused white wine onto Constance’s jodhpurs and carefully wiped them with the towel. Her leg muscles were like solid rocks and she wasn’t even tensing them. Luckily the stain came out, as I had been just quick enough. I grabbed Porsche’s glass and returned almost immediately with a refill before offering the same to the others. Seraphina was too shot to even respond.

    When everyone was refilled I knelt by Aurelia’s side to signify her ownership of me then kissed her hand before bending forward and kissing her boots. She didn’t respond but in some ways that was a good thing, as if she was still really angry she would be finding a reason to whip me right now.

    “Get up,” Aurelia commanded and I arose to my knees quickly.

    She then leaned over and lifted my apron with her crop to inspect my arousal and seeing I was still flaccid sat back again with a slight smile on her face. “Grace, would you like tongue boy here to serve you now?”

    She nodded vigorously and slid her catsuit bottoms and white thong knickers down to her ankles. I repeated much the same approach and though Grace did not respond to the same degree and intensity as Seraphina, she did enjoy my servicing immensely and screamed loudly at the end signifying she also was not prepared to wait for an orgasm. She even slapped my face at the end and said, “Not fucking bad bitch. You get better at that every time I have you do it. I keep forgetting that is one of your few talents and must exploit it more.”

    I then bounced back to Aurelia and looked up at her longingly to show that I really wanted her to ask me to kiss her pussy now. Being so open in my desire it was a trivial read and she simply said, “No slave. I have other plans for you.”

    As my eyes dropped in disappointment her body shivered like she was recalling this morning and remembering what she would be missing. I then distinctly heard her sigh quietly. It was then I realised that her power as a dominant was in direct conflict with her desires as a woman. In her mind, it was weakness to admit she wanted me in front of the others and strength to push me away like I was nothing but an object she controlled and didn’t need. I then sighed myself wondering if I could continue to feel for her living only in the shadow of her dominant, bereft of feeling.

    “Of course Goddess, what may I do for you?” I asked.

    Aurelia was caught off guard by my question, as she clearly just wanted to reject my attentions and didn’t have another plan for me. Seemingly a little flustered she asked Constance, “Do you want to use the bitch for a while, Constance?”

    I cringed at the thought of spending any time with her at all but Aurelia was looking at her not me.

    “Well, I don’t really want to perform in front of all you guys. Maybe I can take him upstairs for an hour?” She suggested.

    Please fuck no, I thought.

    Seraphina shook her head subtly at Aurelia as if to indicate that would be a bad decision, knowing what her sister was capable of especially alone with me. I wasn’t sure if Seraphina or Aurelia actually knew how fucking mad this woman was though I knew, or at least hoped, following Aurelia’s intervention at the stables that she would want to marshal Constance under her watchful eye before she let her loose on me.

    “I think we are all agreed that we are having communal fun tonight Constance. Can’t you think of something that you might want to do with him here?” Aurelia asked.

    “Don’t fucking bother, I can tell you don’t trust me. So let’s leave it at that shall we?” Constance said, looking really hacked off.

    The mood was dampening quickly with Constance’s caustic reaction polluting the atmosphere. Seraphina feeling compelled to recover the situation said, “Well, in that case, myself and Porsche can use him whilst you guys have a think.”

    Seraphina then reached across and kissed Porsche on the lips sensuously for at least a minute and began touching her breasts and pussy. Porsche was now getting very aroused especially given she didn’t finish earlier. Seraphina then got up and returned with a bag from the porch, which I didn’t see on them when they arrived. It must have been my eagerness to catch their flying coats and those pink cat-suits that distracted me. Initially, she seemed confused by the contents of the bag, before she then withdrew a long pink dildo with a brace and belt attached.

    “I want you to fuck me hard with this bitch.” She sneered at Porsche.

    Porsche snatched the device and stood up saying, “You are going to fucking get it princess.”

    They were clearly in some kind of role-play, which was both fascinating and incredibly erotic. Seraphina slid onto the floor and opened the pussy zip a little wider, as it was still ajar from earlier, whilst Porsche put on the dildo and tightened it up. Porsche then turned to me and snarled “Open up my arse zip wanker, you are going to lick my hole while I fuck her.”

    Shock doesn’t really cover how unprepared I was for that command. Though I wasn’t particularly into licking arses the thought of being in a three-way sexual performance with these two women was way above my pay grade as a slave, so I nodded and shuffled forward then slowly pulled Porsche’s zip to expose a large part of her perfect arse.

    Porsche then knelt down between Seraphina’s legs and pushed her arse into the air before sliding the dildo up to the entry point of her pussy. Whilst Porsche then started kissing and caressing Seraphina’s body through her pink rubber cat-suit I looked at Aurelia for confirmation I was allowed to do as commanded.

    She looked at me suspiciously like she was trying to get a read on me. “Goddess I await your order,” I said quietly.

    She then smiled and nodded. I sidled around the back of Porsche and leaned forward before licking just on the inside of her crack. As I did so she bucked slightly with the shock before pushing her arse back towards me. It was a little sweaty and rubbery with the taste of the cat-suit but otherwise quite clean and nice smelling thank goodness. Her hole was pink and tight and also clean as I ran my tongue from her cheek to her hole. I had never properly licked an arse before for pleasure, though I had been forced to do it as a punishment, so I guessed licking and probing would be what was required here as well.

    I was apprehensive about going inside initially, as that felt quite revolting, so I gave her crack and hole hard licks across it and she started moaning letting me know she was enjoying it. She was now thrusting her dildo in and out Seraphina slowly and purposefully so I had to move with her rhythm. After a few minutes Seraphina was groaning and Porsche was still enjoying my arse licking.

    She then said, “Ok touch my pussy whilst you stick your worthless tongue deep into my hole bitch.”

    I must have looked shocked as Grace and Aurelia both giggled at my reaction. Seeing I was now committed as they were in full flow I slid my hand underneath Porsche’s crotch until I felt the sticky wetness of her pussy and then started rubbing backwards and forwards. I then took a deep breath and placed my face into her arse crack before I took my first tongue poke into her hole. Again she jolted a little like it shocked her, then she gave a loud audible moan.

    “Fuck yeah. Deeper bitch!” She snarled.

    Porsche then started thrusting harder and deeper into Seraphina so I had to work to keep my tongue inside her. Both women were now rising to their orgasm and the pace and intensity of movement increased accordingly. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and Porsche let out a louder moan rising to a shout. I rubbed her pussy quicker and quicker, focusing my fingers around her clitoris. As we rocked to and fro together I felt my cock stiffen with the excitement and this time I had no way to dampen it so figured to just hang in there until they were finished.

    I thrust my tongue deeper and rubbed her clitoris harder and felt her cum start to bleed across my palm as she screamed and moaned. Porsche was now starting to climax so I pulled myself deeper inside her and held on whilst her body stiffened and struggled with the coursing of pleasure sweeping through her. Her hard thrusts were now making Seraphina scream and sensing Porsche’s climax she started playing with her own pussy to double the effect of the dildo. Moments later both women screamed in unison, as they climaxed with Porsche’s orgasm spraying all over Seraphina’s cat-suit and then collapsed into each other's arms.

    As Porsche lay there on the floor barely able to move embracing Seraphina, who was even less compos mentis given it was her second orgasm of the night, she said “Clean us up slave, be gentle. That includes the cat-suits.” She then smiled and closed her eyes.

    It was probably the nicest Porsche had ever addressed me. Almost every time she talked to me, before that she would be spitting fire or being abusive. I smiled to myself as I approached them ready to clean their pussies delicately. Aurelia saw this smile and whipped my back hard forcing an involuntary yelp out of me.

    I looked up at her face, which was full of anger. “You are a fucking object, a worthless tongue bitch. Don’t presume to enjoy yourself and wipe that fucking smile off your face or I will do it for you.”

    “At last, some proper fun,” Constance replied, as the crop lashing sparked her interest.

    “I am deeply sorry, goddess,” I said as I crawled over and kissed her boots.

    Aurelia then kicked my face. “Get the fuck off me you cunt. I didn’t give you permission to kiss my boots. Carry on with Porsche’s order.”

    I felt quite rejected, as though I did enjoy the intimacy of Porsche and Seraphina, all I really wanted was to spend time with Aurelia. I looked longingly into her face as my eyes welled up. Grace noticed this and said, “He actually looks devastated Aurelia. Your rejection is having an amazing effect on him.” She then laughed at my self-pity.

    “Yeah well fuck him and whatever he feels. Who gives a shit?” Aurelia snarled, and then spat in my face before getting up and leaving for the toilet. Grace then looked back at me suspiciously, so I quickly returned to Porsche and Seraphina to start cleaning them and helping their gentle return from the sexual slumber they were trapped in.

    When Aurelia returned I was just finishing off. Seraphina and Porsche climbed back onto the sofa and snuggled up together.

    “This is fucking torture, watching you lot fucking around like some kind of Roman orgy. I thought you were hard bitches? More like a bunch of fucking pussies!” Constance grumbled.

    “Patience Constance, your impetuous nature will undo your strength unless you learn to harness it. You are just like I was at your age.” Aurelia said and smiled.

    “I am not like anybody, I am me and that’s it. And your point about being impetuous is bullshit! I do what I want and when I want to. If people get in my way they get fucked and that’s all there is to it.” Constance snarled, as the atmosphere in the room worsened again.

    “I told you it was a bad idea.” Seraphina said quietly.

    “Stop fucking preaching shit about me Sera. I am sick of you always trying to take the moral high ground over me. If you are scared of me just fucking admit it and stop trying to project your insecurities onto me.” Constance said, then stood up. Aurelia tensed up preparing for anything and Grace held her leg.

    “I am off to the toilet. This party better liven up soon of I will either fuck off or liven it up for you, fucking pussies!” Constance sneered and then left for the stairs.

    “Well her true colours are on full display tonight I see.” Aurelia smiled.

    “Look I am really sorry Aurelia. Perhaps it was a bad idea after all.” Seraphina said.

    “Nonsense. It’s time for more fun before we have food. Grace watch this.” Aurelia said.

    Aurelia then arose and dragged me to the floor by my hair and pushed me onto my back with her black boots. She then slammed her first boot onto my chest and ordered me to undo it. There were many criss-cross laces so this took me a few minutes but eventually, the boot was ready to come off. Aurelia placed the toe end on my chin and dug her heel in my chest making me wince before she said, “Off.”

    I reached up and grabbed the boot and gently pulled it to release her foot. She was barefoot and her shining silver polished toes were glistening with sweat from the boot. She then slapped it down on my face and said, “Yuck, super sweaty. Clean it off.”

    Then Aurelia proceeded to wipe it down my face several times, smiling as she could see the effect it was having on my arousal and cock size. “Next,” she added as her second boot went through the same process. By the end of the foot wiping the smell was really arousing me and I had a clear hard on.

    Aurelia then pulled her cat-suit bottoms down and discarded them showing she was not wearing knickers. “You see my perfect body above you slave?”

    I was flush red and almost panting with excitement. I nodded looking at how remarkable a woman she was and how utterly beautiful.

    Aurelia then knelt down over my face with her knees either side of my head her pussy about 4 inches from my mouth. She then squeezed her feet together to pull my arms in by my side even though I had no intention of moving unless she commanded it.

    “Undress for me Grace but keep watching,” Aurelia said smiling at her and Grace smiled back and started to remove her clothes.

    She was clearly excited Aurelia was taking control and something was going to happen. Aurelia then placed both her hands around my neck and started squeezing. It went from uncomfortable to quite painful quickly and I started becoming a little breathless. I didn’t speak at this point but was hoping she would ease up quickly, as I didn’t know what was happening.

    “Enjoying the view of my pussy fucker?” Aurelia scolded.

    “Yes goddess. You are simply ravishing.” I said barely able to speak.

    “Of course I fucking am. I don’t need you to tell me that. Lick it!” Aurelia said.

    Given she was pushing down on my throat and squeezing tightly I couldn’t move my head one inch. I pushed out my tongue as far as I could but I was still 1-2 inches away. She smiled back at me then squeezed harder. I was now choking.

    “Not fucking good enough. I said lick it fucker!” Aurelia growled. I could see the anger and resentment rising in her face like when she used to lose it with me and I started to become fearful.

    I pushed my throat forward putting myself in more pain and pushed my tongue out as far as I could but it was still not far enough, it was still less than an inch away.

    “Pathetic, you don’t deserve to live. You are a useless waste of fucking space and a stain on the human race. I will give you one more chance.” Aurelia snarled beetroot red with rage and squeezing me so hard I could no longer breathe.

    My life force was starting to fade now, as I threw every ounce of strength into pushing against her arms and hands around my throat and pushing my tongue out the few millimetres I was away. I gave her pussy the slightest perceptible touch with the tip of my tongue and she closed her eyes momentarily. Her grip on my throat was not abating and I was starting to lose consciousness. Then she slapped me hard across my face almost a dozen times, the hits were brutal and indicative of how much anger she was carrying.

    Constance was now returning and stopped in the middle of the room to watch the onslaught into my face. “That’s more fucking like it.” She smiled and sat down.

    My face was stained with blood and my jaw ached as her slaps felt more like punches their ferocity was so hard. My eyes were tearing and I was breathless with the pain. Aurelia then said, “Was it worth the pain fucker?”

    “Yes goddess, always.” I replied and she went back into a rage.

    “Want me to do it again then you smart fucking prick?” Aurelia said.

    “As you wish goddess. You own me and I am yours to do with as you desire.” I replied.

    “That’s some serious fucking servitude right there!” Constance chipped in.

    Seraphina and Porsche were stunned by the brutality and even Grace was wondering where this was going, as she wanted sexual fulfilment with Aurelia and was expecting something more akin to what the others had just done.

    “You will crumble before me. I can give you pain you never knew existed.” Aurelia snarled, as she gripped my throat again.

    She knew at this point she was pushing me to my limits and suspected I would either crack or say something stupid which may embarrass her. She, therefore, was having some trepidation about how far to take this.

    Her suspicions were then born out when I said quietly, “I crumbled before you long ago goddess, physical pain I can endure just don’t snuff out..”

    Aurelia slapped me hard again to prevent me finishing, as she suspected it was something she didn’t want said.

    “Shut the fuck up slave, you are boring me and everyone here.”

    Aurelia then got up and stepped towards Grace who was now sitting naked. She took her by the hand and said, “Grace my love I am wet with excitement give me your loving tongue deep inside me.”

    Grace climbed off the chair and lay beside me beckoning Aurelia down onto her mouth. Aurelia descended so slowly it was barely discernable. She knew I was watching and wanted to make me suffer. Her arousal was being accentuated by strong gestures until her pussy was sitting gently on top of Grace’s lips.

    “Show this pathetic piece of shit how to please a woman Grace. Make love to me.” Aurelia said.

    Grace embraced Aurelia with passionate kisses and licks but nothing like I had done to her this morning. Aurelia was enjoying the attention but her heart was empty and it looked more procedural than emotive. Perhaps I was kidding myself but it felt like she was testing Grace. Aurelia was making comparisons with me and how it felt for her when she was in my embrace before. I knew she was in conflict and the brief shared moments we were having had started to help me decode this complex woman. I felt her sadness and the persona she was trapped by. What could I be for her? Was I really strong enough?

    I cried silent tears but not for myself but for the loneliness in her heart which I felt. She looked at me briefly and seeing my face she started to crack just like that moment back in the office when I first spoke of my feelings for her. In the same way, I could see through her she could see straight back through me. Tears began to run down her cheeks and she felt her vulnerability surround her. I had said nothing but I had also said everything.

    Aurelia started to panic turning away from me having been trapped by my stare. As her tears fell onto Grace she said, “Wow Aurelia you must really be enjoying this love.”

    “Yes Grace, please keep going. Slave, get behind me and serve Grace, do something useful.” Was all she could muster when addressing me.

    Her words were mindless, shallow utterances unbefitting of such a queen of pain and power as Aurelia. But it was not the queen of dominance that was sat atop Grace at that point, it was the woman I was falling in love with.

    I crawled behind Aurelia breaking my stare and the spell I had over her then bent down and started licking Grace’s wet pussy. It was soaked with passion and arousal, Aurelia’s control over her was something she could never resist and within a short space of time Grace was nearing her own end. I couldn’t see Aurelia but could tell from her moans of pleasure that they were not a true reflection of her feelings, they were nothing like this morning.

    As Grace climaxed and screamed with my rather expert tongue attentions Aurelia could only replicate the sounds and the body movements, as she had nothing like the feeling to drive the response naturally. When Aurelia’s simulation and Grace’s orgasm were complete she lay beside Grace like Porsche had done with Seraphina.

    “Worship my feet slave.” Aurelia said, which I hoped to be a need to feel me touch her in her moment of vulnerability.

    This was the second time I felt enormous responsibility and strength for her, the first being in the backroom of her BDSM club. I felt almost like the father figure she never had and the love she never knew combined. Though I was at her feet while Grace was embracing her, I had never felt closer.

    My tears covered her feet as I rubbed and kissed them and we lay there in silence for a few minutes.

    Seraphina then said, “Wow, that felt strangely emotional.” Like her empathy had connected in some way to what I was feeling for Aurelia and what I hoped she was feeling for me.

    If Seraphina had broken the ice, Constance then smashed it out of the park with her follow up comment, “Yeah well it looked more like slushy bullshit to me. When are we eating for fuck sake?”

    Aurelia without looking up sighed and then said, “Slave go and prepare the food for us.”

    I gathered myself and rubbed her feet dry then kissed them one last time before getting up and heading off into the kitchen.


    As I started preparing the food ready for them to collect, I started to feel very uncomfortable. Every time I had ever got this close to Aurelia before I had suffered a terrible backlash afterwards. Sensing the fact I was tonight’s entertainment I really didn’t want to be subjected to any more pain especially if it was dangerous shit. I also feared she could push me away to Constance as a means of escaping the need to face up to me, which meant facing up to herself.

    I knew then that I needed to drop the heavy shit quickly and revert to my subordinate slave position in order to settle her and make her feel at ease again. I recalled her words from before about retreating back into her safe hate space and I was very keen to avoid that.

    As I entered the room to beckon them in for the food, Constance was talking privately with Aurelia and glancing at me. Aurelia then smiled and nodded before turning to me as I called. When she caught my eye she averted quickly almost ashamed and approached Grace to start another conversation.

    I took one plate and dashed forward towards Aurelia and then said, “Perhaps goddess you would prefer to sit down and I will bring you a plate of your choice?” I pleaded.

    She looked at me somewhat confused and then to the others.

    “Why the fuck does she get the silver service treatment? The fucking slave should bring everyone’s food to us.” Constance grumbled.

    “She is right of course. Sit down ladies, my slave will bring your food to you.” Aurelia said and sat back in her chair. “Serve the others first slave.”

    I then dashed around each of them after giving them a summary of the delights on offer before running to and fro to collect what they wanted. Constance sent me back three times before she was happy, more to fuck with me than anything else.

    I then returned to Aurelia and said, “My goddess, may I get something for you now?” Aurelia was looking at me strangely now almost amused with my face like she was looking at it for the first time. She was clearly distracted, as when I had relayed all the options I could offer, she asked me to repeat them like she hadn’t heard a word.

    “Just get me a selection you think I will like.” She said and smiled turning away to start a conversation with Seraphina.

    I returned quickly and sat by her side. She was still talking with her back to me so I remained kneeling with the plate in my hand rather than setting it down. It was almost ten minutes before she acknowledged me and it was more triggered by the others eating than my presence.

    When she turned towards me again I asked, “May I feed you like a queen please goddess?”

    As I heard myself say these words I had an outer body experience where I was able to see just how subservient I was becoming with Aurelia. When I looked at Henrietta or Julia I would often mock them in my mind for being so pathetic but then understood how desire and love were driving their motivations. As I now started to embrace my submissive side to much the same extent, I didn’t feel the shame I expected I would. As it was for Aurelia it almost felt right. When I imagined doing the same thing for Grace in my head, I felt disgusted, so erased that visual scenario quickly and looked back at Aurelia for her response.

    “You may slave.” She said and then added, “Start with those little tart things and then the smoked salmon.”

    As she then continued her conversation I diligently held out her food awaiting her desire for each bite. I looked for the subtlest indications in her gestures to ensure the food was ready for her almost as she wanted it. Eye movements towards the plate or myself, a slight turn of the head and even a pause in her conversation. Her needs were all I was focused on that point. As I continued this I felt Aurelia relax again from the stress she was carrying from earlier, I had successfully navigated her back into her dominant role, where she was clearly more comfortable.

    As she took the last bite from my hand she bit my fingers hard and I dropped the pastry. She then placed her foot above it and mashed it hard between her toes. She then crossed her leg so the foot was pointing away from her as she turned to carry on her conversation.

    I knelt then rubbed my finger discretely. Fuck, bites really hurt I thought. As I looked at the food on her foot I realised how hungry I was but didn’t move awaiting her approval. I sat silently.

    After something approaching ten minutes she paused momentarily and just clicked her fingers. I then approached and started licking the food from her foot delicately and with love giving her foot as much attention as my eating.

    “Has he always been such an obedient and attentive cunt?” Constance asked.

    The others all laughed. Grace spoke first, “No, he was a right little fucker in the early days, forever trying to resist and moan about our treatment of him. It is Aurelia who has truly broken him. Even Beth failed and he betrayed her.”

    Aurelia turned to me and smiled. I smiled back. She was very pleased with that compliment from Grace as it placed her above Beth in recognising her power and control over me. It was actually true, Aurelia had a magnetism, which she used perfectly to initially tease and train me and then seeing that had gone as far as it could she showed me a side of her that she had shown nobody else. That second immaculate gesture had reached out to me on a whole new level and gathered my affection and desire to make her happy. In this instance, it meant embracing my submissiveness to empower her dominant.

    I felt my heart sink momentarily, as I wondered whether it was all a big game to her. Had she perhaps sensed my love as weakness and prayed on it to enslave me completely or did she really have feelings for me as she showed in words and actions? I still had doubts despite everything, as she was so mentally tough and smart I know if anyone was capable of deception, she was.

    It also made me sad that Beth had never extended any genuine warmth I could hold onto. In the brief glimpses of her when I was able to connect to her she had chosen to utterly crush me afterwards. Despite the brutality, ferocity and temperamental nature of Aurelia she still found a way of connecting with me that only Nicola had done before.

    Looking back at Aurelia’s smile I felt anger for what Nicola had done to me. At least Aurelia was honest in her nastiness, I knew what I was getting from her and now I think I know why. But with Nicola, she had shown me so much love and affection and then after I had been through so much for her she had woven her feelings into hatred and disgust. I just didn’t deserve that kind of deceit.

    “Even Beth the bitch failed? Wow so what have you got that she hasn’t then?” Constance asked.

    “Careful Beth doesn’t hear you say that Constance.” Grace said protecting her friend.

    “Fuck her, I would kick her arse big time if she ever tried her shit with me.” Constance said, with enough bravado you would almost believe her.

    “Do you think she could take Beth down then Seraphina?” Grace asked concerned for Beth.

    “She could fucking out anyone, she’s a first rate psychopath. Excuse my language.” Seraphina sighed.

    Constance smiled before returning to her original question and spoke in an antagonising tone, “So what have you got then Aurelia?”

    Aurelia smiled and turned to me, “Ask him.”

    My guts dropped to the floor, fuck! What was I going to say? If I said anything of my true feelings for her I would be dead. If I fucked up my tribute it would make her sound weak and I would be kicked to fuck. Aurelia just smiled as she looked at me squirming.

    “Well?” Constance said looking at me now. Thinking as quickly as I could I started to speak.

    “Aurelia is mentally stronger than Beth and more imposing. She naturally demands more respect. She also understands me more than I know myself. I have never known anyone so intelligent, telepathic and excuse the phrase goddess manipulative. She has an ability to make her demands your goals in a way that you want to embrace them. Finally, she is of course beauty personified. Her radiance, aura and magnetism are more than anyone can resist, least of all me.” I then bowed my head a little embarrassed that I had maybe overplayed my hand.

    Constance started laughing, “What a load of bullshit that was!”

    Aurelia was angry now and in a way, you didn’t want her to be. I cringed before my mind started to feel protective over her. I actually wanted to jump up and punch Constance at that point but knew Aurelia could fight her own battles and would see that as an embarrassment.

    “Oh really Constance, so exactly how many slaves have you had who would pay you such a tribute of their own free will?” Aurelia smiled

    Constance stammered and even Seraphina chuckled to herself, “Look, I have plenty of slaves and they do what the fuck I tell them to.”

    “You are missing the point, Constance, he does what I want because he is bound to me and worships me. I punish him only now because it amuses me, whilst for you, it is still a necessity. Your only power is through fear, which is a fleeting, temporary thing. Mine is in love and devotion, which with nurture is lasting and boundless in its strength and commitment.” Aurelia replied, now relaxed and calm.

    “Well ok I get that fear is fleeting but my slaves still do what the fuck I want.” Constance said.

    “Look let me turn this into a positive for you Constance. Your power in strength is without doubt mighty and I certainly wouldn’t want to fight you hand to hand but your true potential lies in your mind not your fists.” Aurelia said.

    “Careful Aurelia, we don’t need you creating a monster here thank you.” Seraphina said.

    “Nonsense, she is smart enough to adapt Seraphina, you need to get off her back and stop making her try and prove herself to you. Accept her for what she is. A beautiful strong powerful woman with the world at her feet.” Aurelia said.

    Constance smiled conceitedly for just about the first time tonight and then said, “So what about my mind?” She was looking for more accolades to stroke her already enormous ego.

    “Well I know you are very intelligent based on your education and I also recognise you are smart when it comes to adapting to people and situations but you allow your aggression to drive your behaviour instead of leading with your natural ability to control and dominate others. Your physical power should be a last resort, for when conditioning is required to open their minds to be receptive to your…how did my slave put it? Oh yes, manipulating.” Aurelia then smiled.

    “So explain the conditioning thing to me then.” Constance said, now sitting on the end of her seat.

    “Not until you apologise to my slave for calling his tribute bullshit. I want you to admit to everyone here that you now understand what he said was true and that you were wrong.” Aurelia said calmly.

    “What the fuck? You are fucking kidding right asking me to apologise to a fucking slave?” Constance shouted.

    “I have never been more serious Constance.” Aurelia said calmly.

    Constance stood up her face filled with rage. Everyone stiffened waiting for some kind of onslaught, she was a fearsome woman in this mood and everyone remained seated. Seraphina actually lowered her head too embarrassed to watch.

    Constance then threw her arm out and punched the wall. Luckily it was a plasterboard and breezeblock partition so her fist went right through it. If it had been brick I think she would have smashed her hand. Grace and Porche jumped but Aurelia remained calm.

    Constance then stepped over to Aurelia and loomed above her. “You know I could fucking kill you in just a couple of punches?”

    “But you won’t,” Aurelia said.

    “How the fuck do you know?” Constance screamed.

    “Because now is not the time. You are still trying to size me up and find out what I know and what I can do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here tonight. You want to know what I know.” Aurelia said.

    “Fucking hell!” Constance screamed, then bent down and grabbed my neck, which was still sore from earlier and then lifted me up onto my feet. Her strength was both frightening and awesome to behold.

    “I am fucking sorry and was wrong! Ok?” She then tossed me away like a rag doll and I flew across the floor behind the chair Aurelia was sat on. Though the wind was knocked out of me a bit I was not hurt, though I was scared shitless.

    “Satisfied now?” Constance concluded, looking back at Aurelia.

    “Yes I am, thank you Constance. You may sit down again now.” Aurelia said.

    Constance was feeling maybe she had showed Aurelia a little too much of her intentions and said, “I need time alone. I will be back in a bit.” She then disappeared off up the stairs again.


    I refilled the women’s drinks again whilst Constance was gone, as they weren’t yet ready for coffee and cakes. I also got another white wine for Constance and set it down on the table by her seat. As I was returning to my place by Aurelia’s side Constance returned.

    Constance then stepped across the conversation Aurelia was having, bringing it to an abrupt halt, before standing above her and saying, “Hey look, Aurelia, I was out of line tonight and have been acting like a complete bitch since I arrived. In no way do I want you to take that as a reflection of what I think of you.”

    “I would prefer you didn’t stand above me when you are talking to me Constance.” Aurelia said smiling.

    Constance thought long and hard about her next move clearly in conflict. Instead of returning to her seat she actually knelt down under Aurelia. “I guess this is what you are asking for right?”

    Aurelia knew how humble this display was for someone so mighty. It surpassed her expectations and visibly shocked her. She reacted quickly to put Constance at ease without diluting the impact of the gesture.

    Aurelia sat on her edge of her seat then leaned across and kissed Constance on the lips, it was a long lasting kiss similar to what Beth did to Nicola in front of everyone. Constance was taken by it and started to kiss her back with affection.

    When Aurelia pulled away Constance was bright red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

    Aurelia smiled and said, “If you want to know better what I am capable of then you only need to ask.” She then placed her hand on Constance’s cheek and she responded by moving her face away slightly.

    “I am in no rush Aurelia, the longer I wait the sweeter it will be, Elspeth and her sisters taught me that,” Constance said.

    Aurelia was visibly shocked and thrown by the reference to Elspeth and her sisters, the same name Constance referred to before. She then composed herself aware she was being watched and said, “Oh I have known some pretty nasty and fearsome people in my time Constance and remember fear is only temporary.”

    Aurelia then chuckled and Constance returned the compliment.

    “My slave has brought you some more wine Constance love. Sit down and relax while you drink. Perhaps he can rub your feet for you while you do. Most men are weak for feet when pushed but he is especially so, play with him and see the control it gives you without fear.” Aurelia said.

    Fucking hell what is this, a coaching manual for abusing me? I don’t even want this fucking psycho on me, she just half strangled me before throwing me away and has threated to kill me a number of times already.

    “Well I did see Sophia and Laura doing that to him and it did seem to work a treat but I didn’t really want to lower myself to do it, as he enjoyed it too much.” Constance said, getting up and moving back to her seat.

    “Perhaps you should switch your perspective. You are not doing it for him, you are doing it to him for your own means. Controlling slaves is all about what you want, as their needs are irrelevant. Sophia and Laura presented some rather amazing work to me yesterday, which my slave had done for them and they took the credit for. They did this by manipulating him in much the same way we discussed before.” Aurelia said as Constance thought about her words.

    And frightening the fuck out of me with their mad slave bitch I thought!

    “You have an impressive armory, Constance. Charm, beauty, intelligence, influence, social status, charisma, money and power. Your feet are just another weapon in much the same way but instead of beating slaves with yours you should have them worship them like the queen you are. Don’t worry that they enjoy it, that just means their submission to you is all the easier and doesn’t necessitate conditioning. Anyway, that’s enough for tonight we don’t need to turn this into an evening class for sadistic dominants.” Aurelia laughed.

    “You really are fucking amazing Aurelia,” Grace said.

    “Yes she is but I am worried sick now what my sister will be capable of if she does half of what you told her.” Seraphina said.

    “Well I learnt something myself there. I was like Constance and hated the fact he enjoyed feet. I never once thought of the control it would give me over him. It was like I turned it into some form of self-exploitation in my mind. Hey bitch maybe I will let you sniff my feet sometime after all!” Porsche said mocking me.

    Aurelia then turned to me and said, “Now crawl over to Constance and worship her feet like you would mine.”

    I knew I couldn’t do that as well as she did. I had nothing like the feelings for Constance, as I did for Aurelia but crawled over anyway. At least she is stunning looking even if she is a mad bitch, I thought trying to give myself a pep talk.

    As I arrived she looked at me and smiled with evil intent. Something didn’t quite feel right as she placed her boots on my lap. Her eyes still held that same violent purpose that frightened me every time I saw her now. I then started to wonder how much of what she had said and demonstrated in the room was really her being honest.

    “Get those boots off cunt. My socks are soaked through underneath and are the same ones I wore for kickboxing fitness last week. How does that grab you?” Constance asked.

    I smiled nervously not quite knowing what to say, as she placed the first boot in my upturned hand as a way of indicating she wanted it removed. I was now facing Constance with Porsche and Seraphina to my left and Grace just in my eye line in one of the armchairs. Aurelia was behind my left shoulder so I couldn’t really see her reaction to what was happening, which was making me feel uncomfortable.

    I took hold of her boot firmly and started to pull. Constance was barely moving she was clearly intent on me doing all the work. Eventually, she wiggled her foot a little and her foot freed from its tight casing and started to ease off. As I removed the boot I got a large waft of leather, stale sweat and nasty feet in my face. I noticed Porsche even brushed her nose as if to push the offending smell away. Constance’s sock was half hanging off, it was a thin white cotton ankle sports sock that was dark and discoloured on the sole and especially around the toe area.

    “Yes my feet are not quite as pretty or nice smelling as my sister’s but then to a depraved little cunt like you I guess that’s just perfect right?” She smirked.

    Constance then placed her foot on my lap with the sock still hanging half off and rested it directly on my cock. The heat and dampness emanating from it was very arousing let alone the smell and I started to stiffen with only my apron protecting my manhood. She clearly felt this and started to smile at the power she was having over me with so little effort. I blushed slightly and bowed my head in shame.

    Having tried to avert my eyes she raised her foot and placed it under my chin sending another strong cloud of foot stench into my face and arousing me further before pushing my head up with her toes so I was facing her again.

    “Eyes on me, cunt. Avert them again and I will kick your face and break that nose of yours.” Constance warned. None of her threats were ever subtle.

    She now started to intimidate me with her stare, as she replaced her foot on my cock and padded it gently. It was now quickly turning into a hard-on, though the fear I was feeling under her aggression was dampening my excitement somewhat.

    “Pick my boot up, get your nose inside and sniff deeply cunt,” Constance growled.

    Not wanting to take a chance of moving my head I felt to my right-hand side for the boot whilst I retained eye contact with her until I had it in my hands. I then picked it up and placed it over my face and drew in a deep breath compressing the boot and forcing all the stale air out and into my mouth and nose. It was dense, wet and acrid. Her boots must have been old and well used and had accumulated years of sweat and stink. I blushed deep red as her scent crushed my resistance and started my descent into submission to her. I momentarily closed my eyes to embrace the smell before reacting quickly to open them again to face her stare.

    Constance laughed, “Fucking pathetic. What kind of person would sniff a stinking, dirty old boot and get off on it?”

    I felt humiliated by her observation and it dampened my arousal a little as self-loathing set in. She had a way of crushing me in such an oppressive and belittling way that I could gain little from the words she used. She was nothing like as good as her sister at teasing and sexual energy anyway. Constance’s style was more like a hammer to bludgeon the humiliation into your face.

    I so wanted to avert my eyes with the shame but I knew she would really hurt me. She must have sensed this as she said, “There is nowhere to hide from your dirty, perverted little fetishes. Look at me and feel your shame. I want to feed on your discomfort and watch you squirm.”

    Fucking hell, she was really rubbing my nose in it on both counts. I had never really had this really cruel and punishing kind of humiliation before and though I didn’t like it, I felt strangely compelled to wallow in it. Almost like I wanted her to enjoy my shame in some odd way. Looking at her as she stared down at me, I sensed she wasn’t getting aroused by the humiliation she was inflicting on me, her innate feelings were being driven by something more raw and primitive. She seemed to get off on cruelty and violence; I couldn’t sense any kind of humility or empathy with her. She was cold and distant in the extreme, not a million miles away from how I found Nadine though she wasn’t anywhere near as openly nasty or confrontational.

    “Sniff my fucking boot again cunt. It’s your world right now so worship it.” Constance said sneering, as her eyes burnt through me.

    I sniffed deeply on the boot again and my body shivered with the deep, morbid leathery smell that shot up my nostrils. As my arousal translated into more interest from my cock and it hardened she pressed down hard on it with her foot crushing it into my thigh. This really turned me on and I groaned.

    “Ooh, feel my sweaty foot on your cock. Isn’t that just amazing? I can’t think of anything more arousing than someone stamping on your cock and letting you sniff their old boots.” She said with derision and sarcasm, making me feel even lower.

    “I’m sorry,” I whispered under my breath.

    “What was that cunt? Did you just apologise for being such a completely pathetic lowlife piece of shit? That’s priceless. Are you only just starting to realise how ridiculous you look kneeling down there sniffing boots for sexual fulfilment?” Constance started laughing deeply and pointed at me, her finger inches from my face.

    I was feeling horrendous at this point, she had me completely trapped between feeling disgusted with myself for what I had become but also aroused by her scent and foot manipulation on my cock. I so wanted to look around to see who was looking at this but could only see Seraphina and Porsche out of the corner of my eye. They were deep in conversation with Grace and Aurelia.

    Seeing my distraction Constance continued to pile it on, “Nobody gives a fuck about you cunt. You are irrelevant and invisible in your own little depraved world.”

    She then leaned forward and whispered, “If you were my slave I would beat the fuck out of you every day until you learnt how to be a man again or if you were incapable of that I would put you out of your fucking misery.”

    She then pressed down hard on my cock taking it from strong arousal to pain. I flinched and bent forward to try and absorb what I could, keeping my eyes on her.

    “Now I am going to put my rank stinky foot in front of your face and you are going to decide what happens next. If you push it away and tell me to fuck off, I may feel there is hope for you yet though I will probably still beat you for being an insubordinate wanker and not respecting your superiors. However, if you sniff my foot and show me you wish to continue to embrace your pathetic needs I will take you on a journey into depravity and ruin that will fuck your heart and soul into damnation cunt.” Constance warned.

    She then lifted her foot off my cock and it immediately bounced up and sat aloft pushing up my apron. Moments later her foot was in front of my face and she was staring at me with a look as serious as death.

    Her threat sat on me like a tonne of weight. I thought I was a relatively normal kind of guy just a few months ago, it was true I was a bit of a soft touch and maybe even a little submissive but I would have been disgusted to see someone do what I had done since my life had changed. In some ways, Constance was willing me to take my old life back but at the same time defy Aurelia and reject her position as my goddess. She was mind fucking me against her. The threat associated with choosing to sniff her foot sounded horrendous and I felt repulsed at what this bitch would make me do if she ever got to carry out such a diabolical plan. With no feeling or restraint, I guess there was nothing she wouldn’t do to destroy my self-worth as a human. I was left only with the choice to sniff her foot and accept my place as a slave at the same time accepting my place under Aurelia or I pushed it away giving Constance all the ammunition she needed to publically undermine Aurelia and her power as a dominant.

    It was at that point I could tell Constance had an agenda way beyond this room and some kind of vendetta against Aurelia, which she was trying to mask. Wanting to protect and honour my goddess I leaned forward and sniffed her sock allowing her scent to enrapture me.

    As I did this she reached forward and grabbed my hair pulling my face deep into her foot, which was pushing against my nose.

    “Bad fucking choice cunt. You will regret this moment so much when I own you and believe me when I say I always get what I want. No fucker defies me, least of all a wanker like you. I will destroy you, your little posse of bitches and everyone you ever loved before I am finished. Now sniff that shit and jerk off to seal the fate that awaits you.” Constance snarled then spat in my face with bile and rage in her eyes. She then sat back and looked back to her phone and started tapping away. She was up to something and I needed to get sight of that phone in order to find out what.

    I started slowly touching myself but also trying with all my might to dampen my arousal to reject her poisonous words. I sniffed her feet and this continued for a while. My anger and dislike of her was enough to prevent any further arousal and after several minutes I stopped as my erection abated.

    Constance looked past her phone back to me seeing my arousal had faded and I was looking at her resentfully. She leant forward and snarled into my face, “What the fuck are you doing cunt? Finish yourself I said.”

    I was so livid that I lost all reason and only wanted to give this woman a piece of my mind. I then said, “Listen, Constance, you are a nasty horrible bitch and I know you are up to something. I would never betray my goddess for a worthless tramp like you. Also just for the record, you have nothing like the charm of your sister or the allure of my goddess. I don’t find you, your feet or your scent even remotely arousing so I would rather not bother continuing to wank when I know it is a pointless waste of time.” Having finished I let her foot drop onto my lap and smiled at her.

    I guess if I hadn’t been in such a public setting my life would probably have ended at that point such was the aggression and contempt of Constance. In actual fact, she looked at me with complete amazement and incredulity. I am not sure anyone had ever given her such a tirade like that, and even if they did, not for a long time. She started laughing quietly and I gathered a feeling of foreboding in her underlying anger that really unsettled me like no one before. I sensed when she gathered her faculties fully she was going to unleash on me one way or another so I decided to quickly put distance between myself and her so backed away and went to kneel by Aurelia’s side.

    Aurelia was deep in conversation and paused briefly when I snuggled up close to her almost seeking protection. She looked at me and then at Constance who was smiling and looking relaxed masking her exploding rage.

    “Did you enjoy your foot rub Constance?” Aurelia asked, looking a little confused as to why she still had one boot on her foot and half a sock on the other.

    “Oh yes, it was fine. I think I learnt a lot about slaves and in particular him. It was just a little short for my liking.” Constance said.

    Constance then stood up and started walking towards me, I really tensed up and started trembling fearing the worst but she simply brushed past me.

    “Say could I borrow your slave for a few minutes upstairs he can help me get this boot back on.” She said waving the boot.

    I reached down and grabbed Aurelia’s ankle gently where Constance could not see to gather her attention. With my face not visible to Constance I widened my eyes to the size of saucers and very slightly shook my head. Aurelia’s ability to read me was now going to save my life, as she smiled and turned back to Constance.

    “Oh I am sure you can manage a boot, I need him here for a few minutes but you take your time Constance,” Aurelia said.

    “Very well,” Constance said, trying to seem disinterested and unperturbed and walked up the stairs.

    “Slave go into the kitchen and prepare tea, coffee and cakes for everyone,” Aurelia demanded.

    No sooner had I arrived in the kitchen she appeared behind me having made her excuses. “What the fuck is going on slave?”

    I span around and stepped closer to her to whisper. “She really wants to hurt you goddess, I just feel it. She was plotting against you when she had me, which in itself shows her self-confidence because she knows I would tell you.”

    “What did she say?”

    “Well, it’s not so much as what she said about you but how she was threatening me,” I said.

    “You’re not making any sense slave. Get to the point.” Aurelia said

    “She was trying to make me defy her and deny my feelings so she could humiliate you and your control over me in front of the others,” I said.

    “What the fuck are you talking about? You are being a complete fucking drama queen. If you defied her it wouldn’t reflect on me and even if she did try that it would only make her look stupid.” Aurelia said getting annoyed.

    Getting rather desperate I then went on, “Look goddess she said she would take me from you then destroy me and all of you guys before she was done. She said she always gets what she wants.”

    “I think you are buying far to much into her idol threats. I used to throw around shit like that all the time when I was young and impetuous like her. Calm down and do your duties as a slave for me. You have done well so far tonight don’t ruin it now.” Aurelia insisted trying to close the conversation down.

    “Goddess, I just don’t want anything to happen to you. I am not sure I have the strength to protect you against her. I know she is up to something.” I pleaded.

    She put her hand on my cheek, “I don’t need your protection. I can look after myself but it’s good to see the level of loyalty you are now showing me.” She then kissed my cheek and I closed my eyes to live in the moment for the short time it lasted.

    She then turned and left shouting over her shoulder, “Tea and cake, get to it slave.”

    I sighed feeling like I had let myself down. Was I just getting jittery or was Constance really another level of dangerous? She was only one person after all, what the hell could she do to bring down Beth, Aurelia, Allegra and her amazons all at the same time? It did sound kind of stupid now I thought about it. But then maybe it was Aurelia she was targeting and hence me. I was starting to regret winding her up with my words now. That was fucking stupid and I didn’t need to do it, but I had a habit of losing control when my feelings and emotions got the better of me.

    “Need a hand?” I heard behind me and turned to see Constance standing there.

    “Oh no thanks I will bring you tea and cakes shortly, please go make yourself comfortable.” I replied desperately wanting her to leave. Being cornered alone so soon after I had berated her was filling me with dread.

    “Oh but I am comfortable standing right here next to you.” Constance smiled, pausing to allow my fear to amplify.

    “So you think I am a tramp then? That is what you said right?” Constance chuckled to herself. “You know I don’t think I have ever been called a tramp by anyone in my life until tonight. Did you enjoy saying that to my face?”

    “Well look, I maybe got a bit carried away but...” I said before I was interrupted.

    “A bit carried away? You think? You know what I love about you, Chris? It is Chris right, your real name that is?” Constance said.

    The sheer coolness and composure of her recounting and analysis were deeply unsettling. It was like I was sitting on a nuclear bomb that was ticking away whilst discussing what the weather would be like later in the day.

    “Yes, it is Chris,” I replied almost stammering the words out.

    “You bring out feelings in me I never knew I had. I mean l like to think of myself as pretty fucking nasty and brutal but you emote something different in me. It’s a bit like a twister rolling through the countryside crushing everything beneath it. Normally I am that crushing force that everyone does their best to avoid and when you get too close it sweeps you up and poof you are gone. But you take me into the eye of the storm. I feel so angry and filled with hate right now that it is quite perfect and awash with serenity. With you, I think I would be capable of inflicting so much more of my wrath and vitriol on this world.” Constance said.

    I was confused, no wonder I had a hard time explaining this bitch to Aurelia.

    “Oh and don’t take my feelings towards you as some kind of compliment or affection. I am merely saying you have the ability to bring the very worst out in me. I don’t even want to hurt you right now, it would be like spoiling a surprise you have waited your whole life for. I want to delay the agony and depravity I am going to rain down on you as long as I can so that the feelings inside me seed and grow to their optimum intensity. When I have you at my mercy alone and afraid with no one to help you I will remind you of the choices that led you to me and then I will inflict an endless hateful suffering on you that will make you beg for a swift exit. Trust me when I say though that for you it will never be quick, once I have much clutches on you it will be for the rest of your miserable fucking life.” Constance said.

    I did actually feel like I was in the eye of the storm at that point and thought what an apt description it was for having this woman standing over me. I was frozen to the spot and trembling just wanting her to leave but she had no intention of letting go of this moment she was holding me in. She then stepped closer to me and ran her nose from my neck up the side of my face sniffing deeply.

    “Mmm. Your fear smells simply divine, cunt.”

    Just then Aurelia called out, “Slave, are you done with our dessert yet for fuck sake?”

    I went into a panic and scurried around to assemble everything now refocused on the delay I had incurred listening to Constance. She took the two plates of muffins and chocolate cupcakes then said, “I will take these in for you Chris.” Then blew me a kiss.

    That really didn’t do anything to help my focus and I burnt my finger on the kettle as I stumbled filling the two teapots and the cafeteria. I grabbed the tray and took it into the living room then set it down before returning for the cups and offered them around. As I held out the cups you could hear the chinking of the china as my trembling caused them to rattle.

    When I had Constance’s cup in front of her it was even more pronounced and she chuckled as she watched the cup in front of her.

    “What’s the matter, slave? Am I really that imposing that I cause you to shake in such a way?” She then chuckled and Porsche joined in. Seraphina and Aurelia sensed something was wrong and just remained calm.

    “Hold the cup still if you want me to take it.” She added smirking.

    I gripped the cup with two hands until it settled and then offered it again. She then took it and purred, “Coffee please slave.”

    Porsche frowned and said, “You never say ‘please’ to a slave Constance.”

    “Oh yes, of course, I quite forgot myself for a minute.” She then smiled.

    “Say, after coffee Aurelia, may I have my turn with the slave?” Constance asked politely.

    “Sure what were you thinking?” Aurelia said, a little hesitant given what she had interrupted in the kitchen

    “Well I am somewhat of a gooseberry here given I came alone and as it needs to be here in front of you all I am a little shy to remove all my clothes like you did. I was thinking if I am gentle whether I can fuck your slave up the arse with Porsche’s dildo?”

    Grace almost spurted her drink hearing this and then looked at Aurelia to gauge her response. Seraphina and Porsche sat quietly watching.

    Aurelia turned to me to see the look of horror on my face. I sat motionless hoping desperately she would prevent such a public defilement. She paused to think what to do.

    “Look if you can’t convince your slave to do this for me I understand. It is a lot I guess but I thought it would be kind of fun for you guys to watch knowing you are not attached to him or anything.” Constance said, trying to elicit a reaction from Aurelia.

    “Oh, he will do it if I tell him to,” Aurelia said, feeling angry at Constance’s entrapment. “Have your little game but be gentle.”

    My head dropped to my knees hearing her words, fucking hell no. Why was she doing this to me? I thought she might have cared. This is the worst thing ever. How could this even be happening?

    “Sure, as I said I will be gentle, but I don’t know why you are being so sensitive. It’s not like you love the cunt or anything.” Constance then shot a wicked smile at Aurelia who looked vulnerable and distressed.

    “Get on with it then. Slave do as she asks.” Aurelia said, embittered by Constance’s success over her.

    I looked up at her desperate and sad at what she was making me do, but she only turned her head away to avoid my glance.

    Constance took several items from the bag that Seraphina had brought saying, “ I put a few things in of my own just in case. Hope you don’t mind Sis?”

    Seraphina looked over as Constance withdrew the pink dildo, a ball gag and some nipple clamps on chains. She then turned to me and said, “Get in the centre of the room then cunt. We have a show to perform.” Then smiled, as she started to attach the dildo.

    “You can buy me a new one of those when you have finished,” Porsche grumbled as Constance laughed.

    Having attached the dildo she then pulled me towards her roughly and placed the gag in my mouth and then turned me around to tighten the straps. “Just in case you squeal cunt. Don’t want you upsetting the neighbours!”

    Finally, she applied the nipple clamps tightly under my apron then threw the chains over my shoulder before turning me around. I couldn’t look her in the eye and I am not sure she even cared anyway.

    With my back to her and feeling the dildo glancing my leg and lower arse, she pushed my shoulders and said, “Touch your toes then cunt, I am going to violate you. If you do a good job I will let you have a good sniff of my feet as I know you would really like that as a reward.”

    The irony of her throwaway comment wasn’t lost on me after I had rejected her earlier.

    She then gathered up the tension in the nipple clamp chains and pulled them firmly. I winced then let out a stifled cry through the gag. I tried to raise my head to look at Aurelia who then responded by saying to Grace. “Keep your foot on his head Grace love, it will help Constance have better access.”

    Grace did as she was asked as I felt her boot hit the base of my neck and forced my head down lower. I then felt the dildo glancing my cheeks before some rough spitting. The next fifteen minutes or so were probably the worst in my life. Constance entered me and then deeply thrust the contraption back and forth, while she pulled on the chains to ensure I couldn’t back away. Grace applied more and more pressure to my head as I tried to resist and Constance laughed hysterically and mocked me throughout. I couldn’t see the women but I did hear Grace and Porsche all laugh and comment about how shocking but great the show was. From Aurelia and Seraphina I heard nothing.

    When she was finally finished Constance just withdrew the dildo and pushed me hard on the back sending me down on my knees in front of Grace. It took everything I had not to crack during the ordeal and I took what she gave me with all the resolve I could muster. When it was over I started to remove the gag and the clamps before throwing them in front of me exhausted and shamed.

    I looked up at Aurelia who still wasn’t making eye contact with me and said, “May I be excused for a few moments goddess?”

    “After you get me another wine slave.” She answered shoving her empty glass in my face.

    I crawled up to the wines and refilled hers and then returned to place it in her hands. As I then got up to leave Constance said, “Here take this with you and clean it. I was going to make you suck it off but you are probably too weak and cowardly to do that.” She then laughed as she threw the dildo at me.

    I caught the contraption and then ascended the stairs slowly before entering the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror briefly before turning away unable to face my reflection. I then dropped to my knees, broke down and cried.


    It had taken me close to thirty minutes to pull myself together. I was hollow, devoid of feeling and sick at what I had endured. I thought I understood what monsters look like having been through what I had with Beth, Aurelia and even Nicola more recently but Constance was a world apart.

    Thank god she didn’t work at the office I thought. I decided I would tell Aurelia that I would never be submitted to anything like that ever again. I also decided after tonight I would never allow myself to be alone with such a vile creature as well.

    I washed my face and took a deep breath before leaving and descending the stairs. The conversation appeared quite normal like the ladies were just having a quiet night in with some wine. Constance was smiling at me all the while, which I could see out of the corner of my eye. I would not give her the satisfaction of my return stare.

    I took the cleaned dildo over and presented it to her whereby she replied, “I don’t want that fucking revolting thing cunt. Keep it as a memento of when you lost your virginity to a real woman.” She then laughed.

    I crawled back over to Aurelia who had lost all of her humour, I sensed regret in her eyes at allowing Constance to poison a night that should have been so much fun. But maybe that’s just what I wanted to see.

    Grace then perked up and said, “Aurelia you were going to show me how to use a crop tonight. Is that still happening?”

    “Hey, that sounds fun, Grace,” Constance added.

    “I think he has been through enough for tonight don’t you Grace?” Aurelia said.

    Grace looked back confused at why Aurelia was going soft on me but didn’t raise any objection.

    “You are probably right. Being such a pathetic weak loser like he is I am sure all he wants to do now is crawl upstairs and cry himself to sleep.” Constance laughed.

    Seraphina sensing Aurelia was about to lose it herself then stepped in, “Well Constance I think you are being a fucking spoilt bitch. Though he is only a slave, he has prepared food which was quite delicious, served drinks and done everything we have asked with respect to our sordid little games. Give the fucker and us a break from your poisonous mouth for five minutes will you?”

    Constance slumped back into her chair and pulled out her phone and started tapping away on it.

    Seraphina then added, “I tell you what slave how about we give you a little treat? We can all remove our boots and smother you in stinky feet while you play with yourself if you want?”

    I shrugged my shoulders barely able to look up.

    Seraphina then continued feeling guilty at the destruction her sister had wreaked. “Well, what would you choose then slave?”

    I looked at Aurelia who was desperately trying not to return my stare. Eventually, she relented and glancing down at me and could immediately guess my intentions. She opened her eyes wide and shook her head but I was already committed. After having been through what I had, I saw no other way.

    “I would like a kiss from Aurelia. Just one small kiss but with feeling like she was kissing someone she really cared for.” I asked.

    Everyone erupted in laughter except for Aurelia and myself who remained motionless. When Grace saw Aurelia wasn’t laughing she soon stopped herself and looked confused. It was Constance who laughed the longest but in the end, even she stopped.

    After a few minutes of silence, Aurelia stood up and stepped to the centre of the room. All eyes were transfixed on her. She then looked down at me and said, “Come here.”

    I got up to my feet slowly and walked towards her. She had no emotion at all and I was starting to feel regret at putting her in this position. I should have waited but tonight had taken so much from me.

    As I approached her she slapped me harder than ever before. As I flew backwards onto my arse I thought she had broken my jaw or at least a tooth or two. There was a mix of laughter and shock at the extreme violence. Constance was the only one not really perturbed by it.

    “Get up and come here,” Aurelia said coldly.

    I had tears streaming down my face as the pain of my earlier slapping and her rejection started eating me from the inside. I wanted to die at this point.

    As I approached again her arm swung out and I flinched closing my eyes. Moments then passed but no second hit came. I then felt the soft warmth of her lips on mine and as I opened my eyes she was kissing me with a feeling and passion I had never felt before. She then placed her arms around me and brought me close to her chest and kissed me harder and deeper. I reached out my arms and embraced her closing my eyes again to submit to the moment. The kiss must have lasted a number of minutes. I didn’t really care how long I just never wanted it to end but eventually, it did and as she pulled away she smiled at me.

    “Did that really just happen?” I asked Aurelia in a whisper.

    “Everything just happened Chris and now I will never let you go,” Aurelia replied.

    Grace then got up and ran out of the room crying and screaming. Seraphina took Porsche’s hand and said, “We are leaving.”

    As Seraphina and Porsche headed out Constance returned to collect the bag on the sofa. As she grabbed it she then stepped towards Aurelia and said, “You fucking stupid weak bitch. Tonight wasn’t a complete waste of time after all. Now I have everything I need to know to destroy you. You are fucking mine now and I will own your arse. Do you want to bend down and kiss my feet now or are we doing this the hard way?”

    I leapt over and swung a punch with all the might I could muster into Constance’s face and she fell backwards onto the floor. She was hurt, as it had caught her off guard but she was still conscious. She got up with an evil smirk on her face then rubbed the area I had hit. She then ran over to me and levelled a volley of kicks and punches into my body that put me onto the floor within seconds. I was out cold.

    When I came to Aurelia was kneeling over me anxious to see me recover. We were alone. By the looks of it, she too had been hit in the face but she showed no other visible signs of distress. I tried to move but my body was badly hurt, Constance must have continued to kick me after I went down.

    “Just stay there Chris, I am pretty sure it is only bad bruising but it's going to hurt for a while,” Aurelia said.

    “I am so sorry Aurelia, I fucked everything up,” I said.

    “From where I was sitting you did nothing of the sort. First you treated me like a true goddess all night; you did everything I asked and when I pushed you beyond your limits you still did as I commanded; when my enemies started plotting against me you were the first to try and warn me and finally when they confronted me you were the only one at my side.” Aurelia said.

    I smiled at her and said, “And I would do it all again for you Aurelia.”

    Aurelia brushed my cheek and kissed my lips tenderly, “I know you would and that is why I can tell you that I love you. No man or woman has been through what you have for me and still cared so much at the end of it. Now I know I can trust you Chris and am certain the love I hoped I saw in your eyes is surely there in your heart.”

    Aurelia then lifted my apron and mounted my crotch, I was very sore but the warmth of her wet pussy on my cock felt like pure heaven.

    “Now I need to make sure those balls still work properly.” She smiled and I closed my eyes to feel her warmth surround me.
  12. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    There is so much I want to say about this chapter, but I don’t want my comments to be as long as the chapter itself. Suffice to say, this was absolutely magnificent and definitely also my favorite chapter of the story so far. :)

    I will revert back to going character by character for my analysis, saving Chris and Aurelia for the end.

    Porsche: She started off with her usual venomous attitude toward Chris, but she softened up to something akin to how Seraphina typically treats him. It seemed that his fine work “warming up” her pussy also caused her mood to warm up a bit. And then his great efforts in rubbing her pussy to orgasm while licking her ass later on got her the rest of the way to being nicer to him.

    This was a fun little quote from her, which could be taken multiple ways – one of which includes her being a bit nicer to Chris. “Well, I learned something myself there. I was like Constance and hated the fact he enjoyed feet. I never once thought of the control it would give me over him. It was like I turned it into some form of self-exploitation in my mind. Hey, bitch maybe I will let you sniff my feet sometime after all!”

    Oh, and I loved the little roleplay between her and Seraphina. I found it interesting that she referred to Sera as ‘Princess’, which is the title Nicola suggested when having her little play with Sera in the bathroom. Except, of course, Sera ended up being treated as Nicola’s bitch instead.

    Seraphina: She was her usual charismatic self, and of course her teasing words to Chris were ones that gave him great difficulty holding back his “excitement”. The fact that she loved his efforts with his tongue between her legs so much that she didn’t want him to stop until she orgasmed...that shows once more how much she appreciates his pussy-licking skills. I am wondering if that is something that will show up again in future chapters.

    The reason I say that is in spite of Seraphina being a self-proclaimed lesbian, I think she likes Chris. Several times she scolded Constance for being too harsh with him, including this: “Well Constance I think you are being a fucking spoilt bitch. Though he is only a slave, he has prepared food which was quite delicious, served drinks and done everything we have asked with respect to our sordid little games. Give the fucker and us a break from your poisonous mouth for five minutes will you?”

    I did find it quite interesting that she found Chris’s worship of Aurelia’s feet emotional. It seems she has more of a heart than many of the women in this story…and I really like that about her. She continually said to Aurelia that it was a bad idea to invite Constance to come along, and even warned Aurelia against divulging her secrets for how to make a slave more devoted – saying that she doesn’t want Constance to turn into a monster. And of course her repeated admonishments of her own sister are further proof that she really does care.

    Grace: Poor Grace. I could just leave it at that, but I’ll expand a bit. It all seemed to be going quite well for her. Chris licked her to a nice orgasm, and she even gave him a backhanded compliment. She had some sexual fun with Aurelia that started off with this: “Show this pathetic piece of shit how to please a woman Grace. Make love to me.” Aurelia said. And of course, Chris then licked her to another orgasm while that was happening. She even got to use her booted foot to hold Chris’s head down while Constance fucked his ass with a strap-on. That was surely a lot of fun for her to be a part of. But then…

    She was completely devastated, and perhaps even blindsided, when Aurelia kissed Chris passionately and told him: “Everything just happened Chris and now I will never let you go.” I say that perhaps she was blindsided, because surely there were many hints that something like this would happen. Even that night, the attention and devotion Chris gave to Aurelia without showing nearly the same to Grace was a sign of things to come.

    I am anxious to see what happens next for Grace, although I imagine she is going to be a very bitter and hateful woman toward...well, probably everybody.

    Constance: Wow, I thought she was quite the evil and sadistic bitch before but now...I am sure that she’s completely off the charts! Her words and actions towards Chris were brutal and only became worse after he fired back some vitriol of his own. Her attitude toward him was summed up perfectly in these words of hers: “When I have you at my mercy alone and afraid with no one to help you I will remind you of the choices that led you to me and then I will inflict an endless hateful suffering on you that will make you beg for a swift exit. Trust me when I say though that for you it will never be quick, once I have my clutches on you it will be for the rest of your miserable fucking life.”

    Her words were constantly getting under the skin of her sister, who repeatedly tried to stop her from speaking/acting so harshly. The back-and-forth between her and Aurelia was terrific, as Aurelia stayed calm and collected in the face of her fury. It even seemed like she was acquiescing to Aurelia’s dominance (apologizing to Chris, even if she was brutal about it; listening to Aurelia’s wise words about how to best get devotion from a slave; kneeling in front of Aurelia and letting Aurelia kiss her; agreeing to go gentle with Chris when using the strap-on) until Aurelia spoke that line that sent Grace into tears – running from the room.

    These words she spoke to Aurelia will no doubt have ramifications down the road: “You fucking stupid weak bitch. Tonight wasn’t a complete waste of time after all. Now I have everything I need to know to destroy you. You are fucking mine now and I will own your arse. Do you want to bend down and kiss my feet now or are we doing this the hard way?” Chris attacked her, and she kicked his ass. And we are left to wonder what will happen, now that she is the sworn enemy of Aurelia and hates Chris perhaps more than anyone in the world.

    Chris & Aurelia: I knew it…I just knew it. And I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Chris showed his complete adoration to Aurelia while being put through many trials on that night, and he never wavered. Many of these trials were inflicted by Aurelia herself, no doubt to test his resolve. He showed similar devotion to Aurelia as Henrietta does toward Nicola and Julia does toward Sophia and Laura. And he took a monumental risk in asking her to kiss him in front of Grace, Sera. Porsche, and Constance. And what happened after that was truly magical.

    The fact that Chris tried to warn Aurelia about Constance, told Constance off for trying to drive a wedge between him and Aurelia, then actually punched Constance in the face to defend Aurelia…all of that was fantastic and Aurelia appreciated all of it (well, at least what she knew of it…she may not have been privy to the “telling off of Constance” while he was at Constance’s feet).

    That Aurelia would show her love for Chris in front of all those women – and Grace in particular – was absolutely beautiful. I have been wanting Aurelia to fall for Chris for a while now (as you know from my comments in the last 10 chapters, I had already given up on Nicola and Chris being together) and now she has fallen completely. This was simply perfect, from Aurelia:

    “I can tell you that I love you. No man or woman has been through what you have for me and still cared so much at the end of it. Now I know I can trust you Chris and am certain the love I hoped I saw in your eyes is surely there in your heart.”

    I have reread this many times and it chokes me up every single time. And the closing of the chapter…also perfect.

    The warmth of her wet pussy on my cock felt like pure heaven.

    “Now I need to make sure those balls still work properly.” She smiled and I closed my eyes to feel her warmth surround me.

    Relating all of this to the title of the chapter, I have always seen purgatory as follows: not as bad as hell but not as good as heaven. I think for Chris, he experienced everything on that night but surely he ended up in heaven – with the woman he loves who he knows loves him...his goddess, Aurelia.

    I am not sure you can ever top this but I am ever so anxious to find what happens next!
  13. wildyone

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    Hi OneAuthor,

    Thank you again for such fine commentary - this really was quite a defining chapter not just culminating the journey here but laying the foundations for what is to come and eventually how it will end.

    I am so glad you like the chapter so...

    Porsche: She does finally begin to open up. Perhaps one of the true real man-haters in the group through and through - even she is able to absorb the logic and rationale of those around her to emerge from the victim space. It shows also something of her insecurities that punishing Chris and him enjoying it is some form of self-exploitation for her - this means she doesn't feel in control and still sees Chris as leading the encounter.

    The interaction between Seraphina and Porsche is very telling here - all the way through. It is very clear who is actually in control. The use of the word princess says a lot about how Porsche dotes on her lover and it is an excellent contrast to see how different Nicola's approach is with Sera - perhaps she sees something that Porsche doesn't?

    Seraphina: She does indeed appreciate Chris' pussy licking skills but it also shows a lot of her relationship with Porsche that she would do this in front of her where Porsche wouldn't. Later on, it is Porsche who is pleasuring Sera while Chris is demoted to arse licker. Sera's power is very subtle but incredibly strong when you put all the elements together. I will also say that had the scene not been so public then her arguments with Constance would have been much more forthright - but Sera has too much class to drop to her sisters level when in company. Note even at the end when she is the one who commands her sister and Porsche they are leaving - nobody argues - even if Constance comes back for her parting shot when she knows her sister is out of the way.

    Her treatment of Chris does seem to have more empathy and caring in it than one would expect - maybe Sera is changing herself - she is not the person we think she is anyway. This is again exemplified by the fact it is her that picks up on the emotional content of Chris and Aurelia which seems to escape everyone else watching. She is subtle in this observation to protect them both though. Perhaps because secretly this union serves a purpose for her as well so she doesn't want it interfered with?

    Your insight into Sera in this chapter is quite brilliant - now all you need to do is take that knowledge and apply it to her circumstance to see where it will take her...

    Grace: Yes - this was indeed a night when Grace wanted to get everything back on track after the disappointment of the night with Nicola. For much of it as you said it really delivered. This chapter, however, was at its heart about redrawing the lines of relationships and redefining the futures of those in attendance. I think we all knew this and why it is such a difficult chapter to read - it implies so much sadness.

    Grace was simply living in denial with Aurelia and Chris and refused to see what was clear to us. The seeds as you say were there all along and had she known more about the secret meeting in the club then doubt would be removed altogether. Even what she could see was in her mind recoverable - Grace just couldn't see any circumstances where Aurelia would ever lower herself to fall for a slave.

    As for the woman scorned...well my goodness that is something to we shall see

    Constance: A great quote to point out and it is pretty obvious these feelings weren't spawned overnight - so why does Constance feel so much anger for Chris? Surely she can't be that much of a psycho to just react like that without cause?

    The interactions between Constance and Aurelia are a testimony to 2 very powerful women feeling each other out. There is much toying between them and gesturing for control. It seems at the end that Constance has won this round both by defiling Chris to bring Aurelia's emotions to the surface and then Chris playing into her hands by asking Aurelia for a kiss.

    What is truly amazing for me in this chapter is even though Aurelia knows Constance is up to something she is prepared to still embrace Chris and risk it all for him - this explosion of emotion from both sides, therefore, is all the more defining.

    Chris & Aurelia: Indeed you did predict this :) The parallel's with Henrietta were quite intentional and show that not only is Chris showing his true feelings for Aurelia but he is also showing his true feelings to we shall see.

    Chris has now shown something and everything of himself to Aurelia which as truly defined him apart from everyone. Let's hope she was worth all the effort!

    You then draw out a magical quote to show that having cracked arguably the hardest shell in the story there is quite an amazing woman beneath it. That said nothing is ever simple for Aurelia and Chris as we shall see...

    Going to Purgatory: The thinking here was twofold (1) What Chris had to endure on the night (2) The consequences of that night...

    Guardian Angel...I am sighing already...

    Thanks for such great support and amazing commentary OneAuthor

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    Chapter 52 – Guardian Angel

    I hadn’t really slept the last night, my head was so full of visions of the shit that Grace and Aurelia had done to me that I kept reliving the ordeal. Henrietta was still embracing me and I could feel her warmth on my body. For once she was still sleeping instead of watching me though I guess she spent most of the night worrying about me hence was exhausted.

    I couldn’t help myself and kissed her forehead as she rested on my chest. Her eyes then flickered and she moaned a little before looking up at me. Initially, she was waking slowly then recalling the night before she quickly sat up and asked, “Nicola how are you, Sis? I was so worried”

    “I have been better Hen.” I smiled.

    I felt sick to my stomach from what I had ingested and my back, cheek and neck were still more than sore.

    “Do I look bad still?” I asked

    Henrietta smiled and replied, “You always look beautiful to me Sis.”

    “That bad eh?” I said and she smiled again.

    “Would you ring into work and tell them I won’t make it in today please Hen? I really don’t have the strength or resolve to face it today. Ask to speak to Beth. If she asks any questions just say I ate something which didn’t agree with me.” I asked.

    “Sure Nicola, is the number in your phone?” Henrietta asked.

    I nodded and she got up and walked around the bed, still naked and disappeared into the living room to find my phone and make the call. She was back about ten minutes later with a coffee and said, “All done Nicola. Don’t worry she was fine.”

    “Did she ask any questions?” I said.

    “Just the usual Nicola, as I said don’t worry. She is fine with you having the day off. I am going to stay home and look after you.” Henrietta said and smiled.

    “Get back in bed and embrace me Hen. I need to feel you near me.” I said.

    I was still feeling vulnerable and my dominant was lost for the time being. That would have to be something I worked on slowly given how much of a pummelling it had taken. Henrietta got back in bed and slid up close to me again she then raised her leg over mine and placed her arm across my chest with her hand on my cheek. She then nestled her head on my left shoulder and lay silently.

    After a few minutes just feeling each other’s affections Henrietta said, “Who is Aurelia?”

    My body tensed just hearing the name and my dominant was briefly awakened, as anger pulsed through the veins in my head. I started concentrating on calming myself, as I didn’t want to drag Henrietta into my problems. She was too important to me to lose.

    “Just someone from work, why?” I said.

    “You had a text from her which wasn’t very nice,” Henrietta said. “It wasn’t like I was sneaking through your phone Nicola it was on top when I made the call to Beth for you.”

    “I know Hen, don’t worry. I trust you fully. Look I don’t want you to get involved ok? I can handle this.” I said.

    “What handle it like last night?” She said a little angrily. “How would you feel if someone was laying shit on me and I said don’t worry?”

    “Ok well I was naïve last night and that won't ever happen again. The leverage she has over me isn’t there anymore. She just doesn’t know that yet. As far as someone doing something to you…I would kill them.” I said in reply.

    “Exactly,” Henrietta said.

    I sat up slightly so she would face me and listen. “Look, Henrietta, this Aurelia has been keeping Chris from me. She was threatening to hurt him if I didn’t do what she said.”

    “What a fucking bitch!” Henrietta said.

    “It’s worse than that. I think she was lying to me as I now suspect Chris has actually fallen for her given what she was saying to me last night. If not, she is very close to stealing him away.” I said.

    “Well let’s get him back then Nicola. You love him right?” Henrietta said.

    “If only it were that simple Hen love. I really fucked up and said a whole bunch of stuff to Chris, which I shouldn’t and now I think he hates me. The only silver lining to this mess is that I might have an amazing new job by the end of the week.” I said.

    “That’s scant consolation for losing the man you love though Nicola.”

    I sighed wanting to believe there was a way back but my broken heart was telling me otherwise. I failed him and he deserved better. If he decided that was Aurelia then so be it, I wouldn’t stand in his way and she was strong enough at least to protect him from Beth. I figured as well that her five demands rant was really all about Chris. She just wanted me to walk away from him so he would be hers exclusively. With Beth and her both demanding I gave him up I knew I had neither the strength nor dominant power to do otherwise. I just hoped that Aurelia would leave me alone if I gave them both distance, I was tired of fighting right now.

    My phone buzzed almost on cue and I picked it up and read the instant message. It was from Aurelia. ‘Where are you loser? I want that tongue where it belongs. Get to my office now!’

    Henrietta read the text as I held it aloft of us. Looks like she is determined to keep fighting even though she has already won. Typical mad fucking psycho bitch mentality, I thought to myself.

    “Fucking bitch. I would kill her in an instant if she ever said that to your face while I was there!” Henrietta snarled.

    She actually looked quite frightening when she was being protective of me and I guess she meant every word given her devotion. I wouldn’t have her spending her life in prison for that stupid cunt anyway. She is my sister after all.

    “You’re staying here and looking after me Sis. That’s all you have to worry about.” I said.

    “Can I get you something, Nicola? Anything, just name it.” Henrietta said.

    “I can’t really eat. I feel too sick.” I said sipping a little coffee to test my constitution. It still felt pretty unstable, so I put the cup down again.

    “Would you like to give me a foot rub? You know like my sister, not my...”

    Henrietta then cut me off and pulled a face of assertiveness, before declaring, “I am in charge today and I order you to accept a foot rub from your sister bitch!”

    We then both laughed and she sat up and took my foot in her hands and started rubbing. I giggled to myself picturing her as a dominant. She was really shit at it. I lay there for close to an hour while she pampered me like a princess. There was no submissiveness as such, but there was much love. That said I could tell Henrietta was still quite aroused playing with my feet but she couldn’t help that, they were gorgeous after all.

    “Can I run you a bath now Nicola?” Henrietta said.

    “Sure that would be nice please.”

    She then disappeared and returned around fifteen minutes later to usher me into the bathroom. I was still a little unsteady but was finding my feet again. Once in the bath she bathed me with a sponge and washed my hair for me, giving me a soothing head massage at the same time. I wanted to treat her a little so asked if she would suck my wet toes to which she smiled and nodded.

    I hung my feet off the edge and she took each one into her mouth and sucked them tenderly rubbing my soles. It gave me some little shivers and I started to feel a little aroused, which didn’t seem quite right between sisters but I didn’t stop her. After about thirty minutes we were both flushed with arousal for differing reasons and as she towel dried me I asked, “It’s not really right for sisters to enjoy each other sexually is it Hen?”

    “No, I don’t think that is really appropriate Nicola,” Henrietta said looking at my face to see what I was getting at.

    “Hmm, well I really enjoyed your toe sucking anyway even if I shouldn’t have,” I said a little embarrassed.

    Henrietta then knelt down and kissed my feet adoringly. “Well Nicola, if you are feeling horny then it’s lucky you have a slave to do your bidding right?” She smiled.

    A spasm of pleasure darted through my loins and I smirked feeling somewhat mischievous. I was starting to feel my dominant wanted to play a little and though I was still recovering I thought a little light play wouldn’t hurt.

    “Follow me into the bedroom slave,” I said to Henrietta with a smile on my face.

    I then walked ahead while she followed on her knees bouncing after me. I lay on the bed and said, “I want you to continue sucking my toes slave. You should also use your tongue to get in between my toes as well where it is sensitive. I am sorry they are clean.”

    Henrietta popped her head up and shook her head, “Goddesses don’t apologise to slaves.”

    I smiled realising what I had said and how far from my dominant self I had fallen.

    “I need more practice slave. I have almost forgotten how to be myself. Are you up for it?” I asked.

    “I am whatever you tell me to be goddess.” She answered as she took my toes into her mouth.

    “Ok good. Now get back to those toes bitch!” I giggled to myself


    After a good twenty minutes of toe sucking and licking between them, I was all flustered and aroused again. I know it was a little odd doing this with Henrietta but then fuck it, the day I had yesterday I needed to blow off a little steam and as the bitch says, she is my slave and does what she is told. I placed my hand on my pussy and started to play with myself gently, I felt Henrietta stop for a moment and then continue. She must have seen my hand and what I was doing. I waited a little while and then she said, “Goddess would you like me to take care of you?”

    “Mmm let me think about it a while. Get back on the toes bitch.” I said though I had every intention of taking her up on her offer so slowed down my self-touching to get the lion share of benefit from her when she started.

    After a few more minutes of stretching out her wait, I raised my hand and snapped my fingers. No sooner had I done this but Henrietta’s tongue started to climb up my inner calf towards my thigh. I could feel her getting onto the bed to follow her mouth and as she did, she placed her hands on my calves and started rubbing them as she ascended. Very soon she was crouched between my legs with her head in front of my pussy. I could feel her hot breath gently blowing across my wet pussy lips and her hands now massaging my outer thigh and fingers tickling my inner.

    I started to recall the technique that I had adopted with Aurelia yesterday that sent her crazy and thought this was the perfect time to educate my slave. I know I promised Chris I wouldn’t do the sexual stuff with Henrietta but we had gotten so close recently and he felt further away than ever.

    “Listen to me bitch and listen carefully. I want you to vibrate your lips around my little clitty and use your tongue to make circles around it together with little darting gestures across it. Get to it!” I ordered.

    As I closed my eyes I felt her tongue navigating its way across my labia as she applied a nice firm pressure to part the lips. As she got to my clitoris she started to do the circles and darts, which felt fucking fantastic and I reached to the side to grab the edges of the bed to push out my tension. She then placed her mouth around me and blew through her lips creating a ripple through my most sensitive area. My whole body gave an involuntarily shiver and I let out a little yelp. I distinctly heard Henrietta give out a little giggle, which I didn’t react to as I was enjoying her attentions too much.

    She did the ripple again and then quickly followed it with a hard lick across my clitoris. This time my body quivered and then as the involuntary convulsion from the vibrations abated a warm wave of pleasure swept over me. Fucking hell this was really amazing I thought. I lay there as she continued to bring me closer and closer to arousal, she was perfect in her execution of my orders. As I could feel myself near my climax I pushed her head away gently and spoke.

    “I want you to hold me on the edge of finishing for as long as you can, just small licks to keep me going. When I can’t hold out any longer I want you to put your heart and soul into my pleasuring. Got that bitch?” I ordered.

    “Yes, goddess.” I heard her whisper in reply.

    She then slowed as I enjoyed the combination of relaxation and pleasure crawling all over my body. My fingers and toes were tingling and my hair was standing on end with goosebumps all over my body. I moaned and groaned as the feelings started to consume me and though I fought them they were beating me into submission and I fucking loved it.

    Soon I reached that perfect point like on a rollercoaster where you hit the top of a long climb and remain suspended for a fraction of a second before the fast descent takes your stomach away. That momentary feeling just before I relented was simply perfect and I grabbed her head ready to pull her deep into me.

    “Fucking hell bitch give it all to me now!” I screamed as I yanked her hair to pull her hard against me.

    My mind was swimming in colours and every audible sound in the room had a clarity and melody to it as the notes danced in my ears. I felt swamped by the bed as the pleasure compressed my body until I exploded and a number of orgasms ran one after another through my pussy. I gushed my juices onto Henrietta’s face and I giggled as I heard her choke a little trying to keep pace and not miss one lick. My ecstasy was near perfect and I let out a scream, which filled the room with piercing sound as my final capitulation into my private heaven finished. I slumped back, exhausted and feeling like a new woman.

    “Clean me up bitch then come cuddle me, I want your warmth to embrace me while I slumber.” I said before I lay back with my eyes closed.

    I remained awake just long enough to feel her body wrap around mine.

    “You were fucking awesome slave.” I said.

    “Goddesses shouldn’t tribute slaves in such a way.” Henrietta said reminding me of what a good dominant should be.

    “Fuck you bitch.” I said with a smile on my face and collapsed into a sleep.


    When I awoke later in the morning Henrietta was looking at me. I smiled thinking twice in one day to catch her sleeping would have been a long shot. She smiled at me and spoke.

    “You are so beautiful when you sleep Nicola. I am so lucky to have a sister like you.”

    “Hey bitch, who says I am not being a goddess right now?” I blurted.

    “Oh, sorry goddess I didn’t think.” She stammered.

    “Don’t worry I am just fucking with you Hen. I am lucky to have you too. I don’t think I could have gotten through the last patch of my life without you. Nobody sees your beauty like I do. That makes us both beautiful. With me being the pretty one of course.” I then winked and she nudged me with her elbow in response to my teasing.

    “Do you mind if I go and do my chores now goddess?” Henrietta said.

    “Hey bitch! Stop switching on me, that’s my job. Just for that, I am going to put my super smelly socks and sneakers on and go for a jog. You are gonna be fucking in for it when I get back slut!” I sneered and she went bright red. Her legs even curled up towards her stomach as she stifled a wave of pleasure in her pussy.

    “You just think about sniffing my rank toes and submitting to my power over you bitch. There will be nothing you can do about it. When I order you to succumb to my revolting feet you will fucking do it without question or resistance, got it?” I said knowing this would drive her crazy.

    She slid off the bed as red as a beetroot and begged, “Yes goddess, it will be an honour for me to worship you in such a way.”

    “Fucking right it will be slut. Now get my house tidy and cook me lunch. NOW!” I shouted and she scuttled off.

    As I rummaged through my laundry basket to find some suitably rank footwear I smiled feeling how lucky I was to have her. I grasped a pair of red and white striped sports socks that had seen enough exercise to fit the bill. Last night when I got home I almost felt like my world had ended, certainly that my dominant was lost forever and that meek and mild Nicola was all I was capable of. Now not half a day later and a good dose of slave Henrietta, I am a new woman. I needed to go for a run and develop a good scheme.

    It was a hot sunny day for my jog and I was beginning to think my baby blue jogging suit was overkill for the weather and I should have gone for shorts. The sweat was covering my body and I could feel the wetness smoothing the friction as I ran along the path by the river into the park. Being as fit as I was there was no problem with my energy levels and I soon turned my efforts to several sprints to really get my cardio levels up nice and high, giving me a good endorphin rush at the same time.

    I was just taking a little breather as I looked across the park when I felt a buzz in my pocket. I unzipped my joggers and removed my phone to check who it was from and could see another text from Aurelia.

    ‘Loser, you are in fucking deep waters. Where’s my tongue? Get it here now!’

    Feeling the rush of my run and how energised I was from this morning I texted back.

    ‘Fuck you slut. Kiss my arse. Better than that lick it!’

    I then smiled to myself as I pocketed the phone and zipped myself back up before heading off across the park. I knew at that point that I could not get into another situation where I was alone with Aurelia or allow her to restrain me like before. I was now more determined than ever to leverage my relationship with Beth to win her favour on the right-hand job and then deal with Aurelia in my own way. Fuck she had some shit coming to her, that bitch!

    As I ran with the freedom of the park and space in my mind for once, random subconscious thoughts started bouncing out of my brain trying to connect and make sense of the last few days.

    Where did Grace’s increased confidence and hard dominance all of sudden appear from? Though she was being mentored by Aurelia, the woman I had in a quivering mess just days before was nothing like the woman fucking me over last night. Someone else was behind her and that person was powerful and hugely influential on Grace. I figured it must be Beth but what would she stand to gain from helping Grace especially against me? No, that just didn’t make sense.

    Then there was Aurelia’s improved temperament guiding Grace and me through last night. I had wound her up easily enough for her to go through the roof but when I did she walked away instead of unleashing on me. Why was she holding back? What did she want from me that meant easing off was a better result for her? Then there was the whole tongue extraction shit, that was extreme even for her. I guess looking back she never really intended to see it through but fuck she was making every effort to make it look like she would. It was way over the top as a motivation for just playing their stupid repulsive games. The clue must have been in her 5 demands somewhere. Did she really want to take over from Beth and did she see me as an ally?

    Was she really expecting me to be so fearful after that to do whatever she wanted? Certainly, her texts were testing that out. I then chuckled at my reply thinking she certainly got the message back that I wasn’t playing her game anyway!

    Then there was her fury at what I had done to Chris and how weak I was to ‘throw away my relationship’ or ‘fuck over my ex-lover’. She was implanting thoughts that it was over between us even though I had not even spoken with him. Surely if I explained what was happening, the love we had would count for something to find a way forward? She definitely had designs on him for some reason but I thought she was incapable of affection with him, let alone anything more. If that was the case what did she want to use him for? Was it to get at Beth perhaps? It couldn’t be just to get at me, she seemed sure she had won that duel already referring to me as a loser. Fucking slut whore! I am no fucking loser and she will find that out from me one day.

    Somehow I needed to convince Beth to back me for the role without killing the love I have for Chris or what was left of his for me. I had already done enough damage there and needed to find a way to make that up to him. On the other hand, I needed to find out what Aurelia was up to and fuck with her plans big time. When she was done for, she could be my fucking slave loser and lick my arse clean!

    I built up to another sprint in the park to get the energy coursing through my body to compliment the determination I would need to succeed. Even with all that though I would need guile and cunning to avoid stepping into any more of that bitch's traps.


    When I arrived back at my apartment I was full of renewed vigour and my dominant was in the mood to play again. When I banged on the door and Henrietta opened it on her knees I strode forward quickly and place my sneaker on her chest and kicked her onto her back. I then stood over her and placed my sneaker on her face and pressed down on it.

    “Feel the pressure slut?” I asked

    She was wetting her knickers with excitement and squirming under my foot.

    “Oh yes, goddess. Thank you.” She replied.

    “It was a rhetorical question bitch, I didn’t give you permission to answer.” I snarled and pressed my sneaker down hard on her cheek so I could see the blood in her face disperse leaving a white footprint as I raised it.

    “Close the fucking door and get your pathetic arse on your knees in front of me pronto foot bitch!” I screamed and then went to sit on the sofa.

    She was there almost as quick as I was, kneeling and panting like a dog with the sheer energy and excitement I had brought through the door with me.

    “Where the fuck is my drink slut?” I screamed and kicked her in the chest sending her flying across the room.

    She got up with a massive smile on her face showing she was over the moon to have her goddess back and flung herself into the kitchen as fast as she could. Moments later she returned.

    “I pressed some fresh orange juice for you goddess and put in two cubes of ice to compensate for the heat outside. I hope that is ok for you?” She pleaded.

    I snatched the drink ignoring her pathetic pleas and put one sneaker upon her head and crossed the other leg over to bring my full weight down on her neck. I could see she was struggling and was doing everything she could to support the weight by putting tension on her shoulders. I dug the heel of my sneaker into her head to deploy more discomfort and then chuckled when she winced.

    This was now the time to test my theory on whether Henrietta would prefer to serve my ratty sneakers as a foreplay precursor to my socks or not. Grace certainly thought it was amusing so why shouldn’t I?

    I made her kneel there as my footstool while I slowly finished my drink, smirking at her difficulty supporting my legs. She didn’t complain once throughout, however. That’s my bitch I thought. After what I had been through last night I knew first hand that a good slave can be equal in resolve and strength to a hard dominant any day. Henrietta was just about the hardest fucking sub ever, she almost never cracked unless I beat her half to death, which of course I had.

    I wiggled my sneaker on her head and could see this was really hurting her now then said, “Mmm, my sneakers are filthy they need a good clean slut. Think you can manage that?”

    “Oh yes goddess, it would be an honour to clean your sneakers.”

    “Very well go and get me something comfortable to put my feet on bitch,” I ordered

    Henrietta then grabbed the nearby coffee table and put a cushion on top before pushing it back towards me.

    “Well, lift my feet onto the cushion you lazy bitch. You don’t expect me to do that myself now do you?” I snarled in my extra bitchy tone.

    “Of course not goddess.” She replied as she raised each leg and placed my sneakers on the cushion atop the table. They had picked up some fresh dirt from my excursions across the park so were ripe for my little test.

    “Ok sneaker slut. I want to see my face in these filthy fucking things when you are finished. Start with the tops and then work your way underneath to the soles. Use your teeth to gouge out any crap from the tread and make sure you swallow it all. That will be your lunch taken care of. You have prepared something nice for me?” I asked

    “Oh yes, I have prepared a fresh salad with eggs and smoked salmon, nice and balanced to restore your protein and not too heavy on your constitution.” She replied.

    Wow, she really thought about that lunch. That sounds perfect.

    “I suppose that will have to do,” I said and raised my eyebrows to display disinterest.

    In reality, I was quite looking forward to that now.

    “Right get to the shit on my sneakers then bitch,” I ordered pointing to them.

    She then lovingly adorned them with slurps and licks like they were ice-cream or something. It was quite something to watch. Even when the muck started to pile up on her tongue she would swallow respectfully, gather saliva in her mouth and then continue. My efforts last night were pathetic by comparison. The tops were eventually as clean as you could get them with a good scrub using a wash rag. She then went under the soles and started scooping out the filth from the tread.

    I cringed seeing the amount of mud going into her mouth and said, “That’s fucking disgusting you pathetic bitch. Eating the shit from the bottom of my shoes. But I bet you love it don’t you?”

    “Yes goddess, it is an honour to clean your sneakers. Thank you.” Henrietta said with mud all around her mouth.

    Well, I thought, that answers my question about foot sniffing foreplay with shoe cleaning. She is as happy as a pig in shit, literally. I chuckled to myself. After a few more minutes I raised my sneaker to inspect the undersides and could see most of the mud was off. Henrietta was now struggling to clear her mouth to present a clean tongue so I ordered her over and spat a few times into her mouth and told her to gargle, rinse then swallow. She obliged of course and then carried on cleaning.

    About fifteen minutes later she emerged from under my soles with her face caked in mud. I had wiped my sole on her a couple of times just to rub in the degradation a bit but it was funny to see her look so filthy.

    “So how was lunch then slut?” I chuckled

    “Delicious thank you goddess.” She replied.

    “Good go and clean up you filthy whore, you look a right state and I will not be embarrassed by your shoddy appearance. Then fetch my lunch, double quick!” I ordered.

    She ran off into the bathroom then sprinted into the kitchen and was back with my salad lunch and a fresh glass of orange juice. Nice touch I thought looking at my empty glass on the side table. She then knelt beside me and waited so I stopped eating for a few seconds.

    “What the fuck are you doing slut?” I asked and laughed at her confused expression. She started looking around in a panic to see what she had missed but couldn’t make sense of what it could be.

    I reached down and slapped her face then said, “Shoelaces you stupid bitch, Suck them clean.”

    I then spat in her face and added, “Let that dry off on your face as a reminder to ensure you get the details right next time slut.”

    “Yes goddess, of course. I am so sorry I didn’t think before. It will never happen again.” She apologised.

    “Fucking right it won’t or else!” I snarled and got back to my delicious salad while she sucked on my filthy laces.

    I was feeling so relaxed watching her busy away on my laces, she clearly was a big fan of licking crap off them so that was at least one minor upside from such a horrendous night.

    “Slave you can clean all my other shoes tomorrow when I am at work. Make sure to use your tongue. I want to be sure my shoe filth is going into that stomach of yours so you know your place below me ok?” I said smiling at her.

    “Yes, goddess. Thank you and of course, I will be sure to use my tongue and ensure I don’t forget any laces like I did today.” Henrietta replied.

    When I had finished I looked at her and then at my bowl expectantly and she quickly got up, took it from me and into the kitchen to clean up. She then appeared and asked, “May I serve you a coffee or tea goddess? Perhaps a little sweet snack perhaps?”

    She was right back on form I thought and one step ahead of my demands. Her attention to details was always perfect, maybe a little rusty this morning but then I did go from a little softy to queen bitch almost instantaneously. Poor fucking cow I giggled.

    “Coffee and some of that ginger cake you made slut, now.” I clicked my fingers continuing my bitchy ignorant persona.

    She had soon returned with my coffee and cake placing it on my side table before kneeling down by me. She was about to return to my shoelaces before I slapped her face with my sneaker sole. She stopped and looked at me.

    “Do they stink slut?” I asked with a wicked smile on my face.

    “They have a beautiful perfume goddess, they smell of you.” She replied.

    “Right answer bitch. Remove my first sneaker and bury your face inside and sniff it!” I ordered.

    Henrietta slipped the sneaker off carefully then made a strong seal around her mouth and nose with the shoe then took an almighty sniff. Her head went dizzy and red with the stink rush that hit her senses. She wobbled and quivered with delight.

    “Now get your worthless nose on my sock and sniff up my foot stench you nasty little foot wipe. I want to ensure you get a nice fresh warm, wet helping of that fucking vile odour you call perfume.” I snarled.

    Her nose was on my sock before I had barely finished the sentence and she was drawing in large swathes of my foot stench. It was potent but not the worst it had been. The bath this morning and the ‘not quite my worst’ socks were giving her a lot easier time of it than what I had to deal with on Grace’s feet. Fuck they were foul to the extreme, skanky bitch!

    “I bet you are in stink heaven right now eh foot bitch?” I laughed.

    Henrietta nodded not wanting to lose a second of her time on my socks. She rubbed her nose up and down my sock covering every inch but focusing mostly between my toes where the smell was strongest. Her face was bright red and she was very aroused.

    “I am wondering whether to let you play with yourself while you worship them, slave,” I said.

    She paused in hope and desperation to hear my decision on the self–declared conundrum. I waited so I could continue to prolong her anticipation, I could see she was really distracted now and waiting for my answer must have been killing her inside. As professional a slave as ever though she just carried on sniffing.

    “Nah fuck it, you can wait, bitch! You haven’t earned that privilege yet. If I see you getting excited I will stamp on your face again. Got it?” I warned.

    “Yes, goddess. I will try with all my heart not to feel aroused with your beautiful perfume entering my body.” Henrietta said.

    Good luck with that foot stink worshipper I laughed to myself. She fucking loved my feet and not getting aroused by them was nigh on impossible for her. Still, I would watch for signs and have a little mind fucking fun with her to amuse myself.

    “You will do better than try you stink loving bitch! Now get my other sneaker off and get your face in it.” I shouted at her.

    She looked at me in another panic knowing she was going to lose it taking a big sniff of my freshly peeled sneaker.

    “What the fuck are you waiting for bitch?” I snarled.

    Henrietta pensively removed the second sneaker and raised it to her nose. She closed her eyes and I am guessing tried to divert her mind and took a large sniff from it. It snuffed out her resolve instantly and she swooned under its power over her and shivered with delight.

    “Did you just shiver then slut? It distinctly looked like you got off on that smell.” I challenged.

    Her panicked expression came back instantly. “I cannot lie to you goddess as I love you too much to ever try and deceive you. Yes, I did enjoy it, I am in heaven when I embrace your scent. It is so divine and so perfect, I simply can’t resist it no matter how much I try.” Her head then dropped.

    Today of all days I wasn’t going to hurt my beautiful Henrietta. I loved her so preciously she was a divine creature sent from heaven to look after me and had turned my world around in less than a day. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little fun with her, I chuckled wickedly.

    “Hmm, what do you think we should do about that slut?” I asked.

    “I should be punished goddess. I have let you down and I am so very sorry.” She replied.

    “Damn fucking right bitch!” I shouted into her face and her eyes widened with fright briefly. It surprised me I could actually instil any fear into her after what she had been through with me. It wasn’t like I was likely to fly off the handle like Aurelia would. But then maybe I was a little unpredictable. Either way, I was a pussycat compared to that bitch. Maybe that’s why she was stronger than me? She simply cared less and hated more.

    “Take off my socks and wash them with your mouth. That will teach you to disrespect my orders whore!” I snarled.

    She looked back at me in disbelief that she wasn’t going to get my crop. She hadn’t quite realised the feelings inside me and how far from my peak dominant I still was. However not wanting to displease me the socks came off and she was sucking and chewing on them trying to remove the filth and sweat embedded therein.

    “Bet that tastes delicious doesn’t it sock sucker?” I laughed. “You look fucking ridiculous cleaning those rotten things with your mouth. How fucking low and servile is sucking filth out of someone’s nasty socks on the scale of nasty to downright depraved?”

    She started to show me a little shame, which gave me goosebumps again. For Aurelia it was fear, remembering how she got pleasure out my reaction to her threat to remove my tongue. That said everything about how different we were. I mean whom the fuck threatens to remove someone’s tongue just to get off on their fear?

    “That’s right sock muncher, you should feel fucking ashamed. The taste must be foul. All that dried sweat, dead foot skin and nasty stench in there. That sock was crusty as fuck when I put it on easier so god knows how many germs and bacteria you are swallowing right now. It’s fucking pathetic that you would put your body through that kind of ordeal just to please another woman regardless of how superior she is to you.” I smiled feeling I got the delivery of that tirade just right to peg her down another few notches.

    She was bright red now, wallowing in embarrassment. I got another little shiver and had to place my hand on my pussy just to milk every second of pleasure out of the circumstances I was imposing on her. One more level to go I thought.

    “You know what, just to really make you feel as pathetic and degraded as I can. I and going to invite you to put your worthless nose between my toes and sniff out the stench and you are going to do it because that’s how fucking weak and pitiful you are. Then I am going to laugh in your face so you feel every ounce of the shame destroying what pride and self-respect you have left. Do it bitch!” I snarled

    She literally crawled over to my toes and did as I asked. The compulsion to obey was too strong to resist for a slave even though she knew the level of shame I would heap onto her. Henrietta was completely hollowed out by my soul destroying volley of verbal humiliation. I started laughing in her face and pointing with my finger merely inches from her nose. Fuck I felt powerful.

    I was now rubbing my pussy hard as the wetness and arousal gripped me. I kept looking at her to soak up her shame and perpetuated my own arousal until soon after I was coming hard and nasty.

    I shouted at her, “Sniff that shame up bitch.” Then as she did I screamed as my climax shot through my body and contorted my body into pure bliss. “Fucking hell it’s strong.”

    I then slumped into pure relaxation and watched her through my barely open eyes as she washed my socks and sniffed my toes with her pretty red face. I had stopped laughing in her face at this point but was starting to chuckle at the fact I had just had a fucking awesome orgasm just from the arousal her shame had given me. That was a first.

    Feeling like she had earned her fill I said, “Scream for me bitch I want to hear your pleasure. Show me how devoted to my feet you are and the power I have over you. Submit yourself and give me the satisfaction of knowing that I control your sexual fulfilment completely.”

    Henrietta was already ready to explode despite the shame I had heaped on her. She fucking loved it anyway, I laughed. It was literally two minutes and she was exploding and coming all over the place. Her squirt even went over my bare feet it was so strong and intense. I guess that answers my question about whether shoe-cleaning foreplay is a keeper I thought and giggled again.


    After I had ordered Henrietta to clean off her cum from my feet and attended to the mopping up my pussy I invited her onto the sofa with me as my sister and we cuddled up together to watch an afternoon romantic comedy. I even went out and cooked some popcorn for us in the pause break. As I fed her popcorn on the sofa I asked.

    “Are my humiliations a little intense for you Hen?”

    “Oh my god, you have no idea how much I love them, Nicola. I struggled not to come when you were heaping all that on me. Though it makes me feel so low it also makes me feel so free. When you then made me sniff your toes it was game over.” She giggled and chewed on her popcorn as I put another few pieces in her mouth.

    “Say you looked like you enjoyed it as much as me Nicks.” She added.

    “Fucking right I did. When you go red and look all sheepish like it’s crushing you I get a real power rush, which gets me so horny. I never thought I could get so into something so simple. We were made for each other bitch I am telling you.”

    We laughed again and she kissed me on the cheek. I then pressed play and we finished our film together.

    After the film was over Henrietta got up and said, “I found something you might want down the side of the sofa when I was cleaning up.”

    “Oh right what’s that then Sis?” I replied.

    She then dug into her pocket and pulled out a ring, the ring that Chris had bought me to wear himself. I took it from her hesitantly and read the inscription ‘Property of Goddess Nicola. The one and only love of my life.’ I immediately went into floods of tears and was nigh on inconsolable whilst my heart bled despair for what I had crushed. Henrietta was also in tears feeling like it was her fault somehow, as I couldn’t find the words to speak I was crying so hard.

    “I am so sorry Nicola, I shouldn’t have given you the ring. Please forgive me.” She sobbed.

    When I finally managed to string some words together as the tears streamed down my cheeks I replied, “It’s not you love it’s me. I fucked everything up trying to be something I am not. Right now you are the only thing right in my life.”

    Henrietta sat down next to me on the sofa again and put her arm around me. I continued to sob onto her shoulder and said, “What shall I do?”

    “You must do what your heart says for you to do Nicola. No one can tell you how to live your life and who you should love. That is for you and you alone.” Henrietta said.

    I looked at her face and through my tears, the light refracted giving her a warm angelic presence. She was indeed my guardian angel.

    “I feel so small, how can you worship me as a goddess Henrietta?” I whispered.

    “You are everything right in my life Nicola. I told you before without you I am nothing, lost and unloved. I just want to be there for you like you came to me and gave my life meaning. If getting Chris back is what you want I will do everything in my power to make that happen for you.” She replied.

    “You would do that for me?” I asked.

    “I would do anything for you, Nicola. Just promise me one thing.” Henrietta said.

    “Of course what is it?” I asked.

    “Don’t shut me out of your life afterwards,” Henrietta said looking a little sad.

    “That will never happen Sis. You are my family now and I will always love you no matter what.” I said.

    “And how about your slave?” Henrietta said hesitantly.

    “A goddess will never be told which subjects she can choose. Even if Chris and I can find a way to be together you will always serve me. I demand it. Your slavery to me is a life sentence.” I said firmly.

    Henrietta then kissed my feet and said, “Thank you goddess, that’s all I needed to hear.”

    “Fuck!” I exclaimed.

    “What is it?” She asked.

    “Joanne and Astra are coming around tonight. What’s the time?” I exclaimed wiping the tears from my face.

    Henrietta moved a little to spy the clock then said, “Half-past six.”

    “Fuck they are going to be here in thirty minutes I gotta get my shit straight,” I shouted.

    Henrietta dashed off into the bedroom then rushed back and held my crop out to me, before dropping to her knees and removing her top.

    “What are you doing Hen?” I asked.

    “Hit me!” She said.

    “What I can’t, I am still upset and we just…” She then interrupted me.

    “Don’t be so fucking weak and hit me you pathetic bitch. Are you a Dom or not, LOSER?” She shouted.

    “How fucking dare you call me that!” My blood was instantly boiling and I snatched the crop from her and thrashed her five times across the back.

    “Is that all you got, LOSER? How the fuck are you supposed to earn Astra’s respect if she sees such a snivelling bitch like you host her?” Henrietta snarled looking defiant and angry.

    “Right you fucking stupid slut. You want hard dominant, well you just fucking got it cunt!” I then thrashed her another seven times until I started to see her back mark and open with the first trickle of blood.

    “Now get into the kitchen and prepare our food whore or I will thrash you into a flood of tears and anguish.” I was out of breath and my face was red with rage. She had been rude, insolent and disrespectful and I wasn’t taking that off anyone least of all her. More than anything though she had been smart and was sacrificing herself once more to be my guardian angel.
  15. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I have read “My Guardian Angel” a few times now, and all I can is…I love Henrietta. I know I’ve said it before, but she is truly amazing. The more you write about her, the more incredible she is in my eyes. I don’t think I have ever appreciated a submissive character in any story more than her. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that her relationship with her goddess Nicola is the most perfect domme/sub relationship in the history of ever. :)

    The way she comforted and took care of Nicola early in the chapter was heartwarming. I loved that she found out something about Aurelia and wanted to “kill the bitch”. I also thought it was interesting that she called in to the office and spoke to Beth about Nicola not coming to work. Does Beth know what’s going on between Nicola and Henrietta, or does she at least wonder who called the office on Nicola’s behalf? Hmmm...

    Henrietta suggesting that they get Chris back from Aurelia was great, as it shows Hen truly wants Nicola to be happy – even if would mean Hen would be sort of a “third wheel” in the relationship between Chris and Nicola. I also liked that she tried to draw out Nicola’s dominant by exerting her own dominance on several occasions, started with “I am in charge today and I order you to accept a foot rub from your sister bitch!” That one actually made me laugh, just like Hen and Nicks did. :)

    There were some great foot and sex scenes between them, of course. The toe sucking scene in the bath which then continued in the bedroom was terrific. The imagery of this in my head...delicious (both the scene itself and Nicola’s sweet toes). Henrietta licking Nicola to orgasm in the same manner Nicola licked Aurelia to orgasm the previous night was wonderful. And this all culminated in the fantastic sneaker/sock/foot worship scene after Nicola’s jog that Henrietta enjoyed doing whilst Nicola was verbally humiliating her. Their discussion afterwards about how much they both loved it was the perfect icing on the cake to that scene.

    During that scene were these lovely thoughts from Nicola…*heart flutters*…

    Today of all days I wasn’t going to hurt my beautiful Henrietta. I loved her so preciously she was a divine creature sent from heaven to look after me and had turned my world around in less than a day.

    The touching scene near the end in which Hen shows Nicola the ring Chris had been wearing was my favorite part of the chapter. First, it showed how much Nicola still cares about Chris. And second, it reconfirms what Nicola and Henrietta mean to each other.

    I know this is a rather long quote, but it is such a fantastic exchange between them…

    “I feel so small, how can you worship me as a goddess Henrietta?” I whispered.

    “You are everything right in my life Nicola. I told you before without you I am nothing, lost and unloved. I just want to be there for you like you came to me and gave my life meaning. If getting Chris back is what you want I will do everything in my power to make that happen for you.” She replied.

    “You would do that for me?” I asked.

    “I would do anything for you, Nicola. Just promise me one thing.” Henrietta said.

    “Of course what is it?” I asked.

    “Don’t shut me out of your life afterwards,” Henrietta said looking a little sad.

    “That will never happen Sis. You are my family now and I will always love you no matter what.” I said.

    “And how about your slave?” Henrietta said hesitantly.

    “A goddess will never be told which subjects she can choose. Even if Chris and I can find a way to be together you will always serve me. I demand it. Your slavery to me is a life sentence.” I said firmly.

    Henrietta then kissed my feet and said, “Thank you goddess, that’s all I needed to hear.”

    * * *

    The part at the very end made me laugh out loud, but also appreciate Henrietta even more. Wow, calling Nicola a loser not once but TWICE! The same horrible name Aurelia used the previous night and in the texts to Nicola that day. But of course, this was done to fire up Nicola’s dominant for the arrival of Joanne and the tough bitch Astra. That Hen...always so thoughtful. :)

    I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention some of Nicola’s thoughts during that day. Obviously, she had quite the internal struggle about Chris. She wavered from “let him go and be with Aurelia” to “I want to get him back”. It will be interesting to see if she truly does try to get him back, especially since he now seems to be in love with Aurelia – who has confessed her love for him as well.

    Speaking of Aurelia, those texts she sent to Nicola were demanding but I loved Nicola’s reply. The thoughts swimming around in her head about what Aurelia (and Grace) were really up to were terrific, but of course in the end Nicola wants to show Aurelia who is boss and have Aurelia licking her ass. Is the clue to what Aurelia wants really in those 5 demands? I think it could be!

    It also seems that Nicola is determined to get that right-hand position under Beth, which would give her leverage over Aurelia. As usual, Beth is the key figure. I’m still wondering if Beth has any inkling about Henrietta and that she is Nicola’s slave. And what will happen when/if she knows?

    To summarize, that was a wonderfully beautiful chapter and now we look forward to meeting Astra. :)
  16. LuvsHerHeels

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    Truly an amazing story...that may someday be published as a book if you is that good.
    I cant wait for the next chapter.
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  17. wildyone

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    Hi OneAuthor,

    I always think of you before posting a chapter this is rich in Henrietta content. This one indeed show her sensitive, loving and devotional qualities in quite an extraordinary way - there are a number of chapters that look deep within this complex woman to come culminating in two chapters from her own perspective

    - It is so warming to hear you heartfelt views of her and as one of life's true givers, she challenges my own personal perception of selfishness and selflessness. Her backstory development, as well deep insights into her wants and needs hopefully will bring this to the surface, and of course, I hope you will continue to enjoy her story.

    - Henrietta shows her maternal and protective instincts in this chapter which is quite remarkable given how much she missed out on that with her own parents. We are exploring here the fact that in each generation we try to pass onto other what perhaps we felt we missed out on ourselves.

    - Details of the conversation between Beth and Hen don't really emerge but knowledge of Hen does as you will see...

    - Again Henrietta shows incredible selflessness to discuss and motivate Nicola as to her intentions to win back Chris given the potential implications on herself. This sets about a very potent juxtaposition with another character who distinctively takes a more selfish means to her own ends with significantly contrasting outcomes.

    - Henrietta's more than clumsy and floored excursions into dominance are rather funny and I had a good chuckle to myself imagining her doing this. I even considered Nicola pandering to it but that just didn't feel authentic. Their laughter at the absurdity of the situation really seemed like the right outcome.

    - The dominant scene I loved the most was when Nicola was getting off on humiliating Henrietta while she was getting off on Nicola's fresh jogging feet. I really enjoyed the way Nicola was immersing herself in Henrietta's feeling and it was exciting her. Henrietta also pays very close attention as to what pleases Nicola, as we would expect...

    - Without doubt, Nicola really falls in love with Henrietta in this chapter - not in a sexual or partner way but actually something even deeper and more meaningful. By referring to her as a Guardian Angel she is recognizing her as someone above the limitations of humans - something extraordinary and to be treasured - which of course she is.

    - The ring exchange is a key moment and one that makes Nicola really challenge herself and her goals. That will come back into the story later.

    - Your quote shows the strength of bond between these women now. This exchange and how Nicola commits to Hen despite Chris is critical to what happens later.

    - Yes Henrietta picked up on the word loser from the text from Aurelia she saw earlier in the day so knew that would get Nicola going - she has an incredible eye for detail. Even though she does a less than convincing job of goading Nicola this word is one that really cuts deep and does the trick nicely.

    - Nicola is now right in the last chance saloon with Chris and it is really a now or never - there are some key events and interactions that will set in motion the path she knows in her heart is right.

    - Nicola's position with Aurelia has also reached tipping point now she has decided to turn her back on the 5 demands - now we will see whether that was the right choice or not.

    - It is a lovely observation that you bring Beth into the thinking towards the end of your commentary because that is exactly where should all be looking. What is the master up to?

    Thanks once again for a wonderful reply. I really enjoyed sharing thoughts with you on that chapter my friend

  18. wildyone

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    Thank you for your kind words LuvsHerHeels - I am glad you are still enjoying the story. Things are about to become a lot more interesting now the battle lines have been drawn.
  19. wildyone

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    Chapter 53 – As Hard As They Come.

    I went to get dressed and put on a red designer knee-length dress with light tan stockings and red patent low heel stilettos. I pulled my hair back to make myself look more confident and assertive, then applied a rich red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow to give my dark brown eyes a firm, intimidating quality. Finally, I spent some time looking in the mirror talking to myself.

    “She called you a fucking loser. Aurelia thinks she is better than you. Don’t be so weak and servile. She will make you drink her piss and lick her arse until you get yourself together bitch. She should be serving you not the other way around. Fucking slutty bitch. She must pay.”

    I then thrashed my crop several times against the furniture imagining I was stripping the flesh off Aurelia’s back, screaming and shouting abuse on each stroke. I was sweating and breathless when there was a knock at the door. I quickly made my way into the living room grabbing my black pearls on the way and fixing them around my neck.

    “Get the door bitch and make sure you greet them properly.” I snarled as Henrietta entered the room on route to do as I was asking anyway.

    She had replaced her top but was clearly looking like she was in some discomfort. That will teach the bitch not to fuck with me I thought, settling the last of my breathlessness and nerves on the sofa.

    Moments later the door opened and Joanne walked in followed by a mountain of a woman. Joanne herself was 5’9” and Astra stood at least 4 to 5 inches taller making her 6’ 1” or maybe even 6’ 2”. She was a beautiful mixed-race woman with light brown skin, which though perfect in its complexion was marked and scarred in several places on her arms, neck and to the side of her face. Her eyes were a rich dark brown and she had startling perfectly trimmed afro hairdo that gave her at least another four inches in height, not that she needed it.

    She was wearing a smart white short sleeve shirt and a pair of faded designer jeans. On her UK size 13 feet, she had tan cowboy style boots. The muscles in her arms looked permanently flexed, even though you could see she was very relaxed and self-assured. Fuck who wouldn’t be when you had the kind of presence she had. I realised immediately that I would not be intimidating her into being my slave but maybe I could seduce her to my will. I was now glad I made an effort to dress up.

    Joanne was wearing a simple black dress with bare legs and black designer trainers. She looked kind of cute tonight seeing her dressed up instead of in her Lacrosse outfit. Henrietta flung herself at their feet and gave them a few adoring kisses each, which Joanne smiled at, whereas Astra jumped back a little almost like she was ready to kick her. I chuckled a little.

    As Joanne approached she looked unsure how to address me. I guess she was a little embarrassed to kneel and kiss my feet with Astra behind her. I could see this so I told her to take a seat and she smiled and sat across from the sofa on one of the side chairs. As Astra then approached I patted the seat next to me and said, “You must be Astra, I must say what a beautiful impressive woman you are.”

    She blushed slightly then smiled and said, “Yes that’s me. Nicola right?” I nodded and she sat down.

    Astra then put her hand out to shake mine. I pushed it down gently then reached across and kissed her softly on the lips holding it just long enough for her to know it was a proper kiss. “That’s a better way to greet a friend of a friend don’t you think?”

    She really blushed this time and smiled a little nervously not quite knowing how to react. She then looked at Joanne who by now was feeling more comfortable and approached me, knelt down then kissed my lips holding them longer than Astra before returning to her seat with a big smile on her face.

    “So Astra and Joanne, can I offer you both a drink? I have some rather good red and an even better white wine.” I said.

    “I don’t usually drink much, as it makes me tipsy but what the fuck. Why not? Oh sorry, I didn’t…” Astra caught herself swearing and started to apologise before I placed my finger on her lips.

    “No apologies. Bitch get your fucking arse in here now with the wine!” I shouted and Astra laughed though as much out of shock as my sense of humour.

    “You’re pretty fucking cool Nicola, even if you are a little odd,” Astra said.

    “Fuck you bitch, I am as straight forward as they come,” I said and held a smile in my eyes long enough for her to see I was teasing and she laughed. Joanne was clearly unsure how things would go with Astra and me, but now we were laughing and joking a little she was much more relaxed.

    Astra was clearly a very upfront and direct person as her next question was, “So what gives with you having slaves Nicola? Joanne tells me you have two. That’s a bit immoral don’t you think?”

    I could see she was concerned about my attitude to slaves and what my motives were so was keen to put her mind at ease.

    “Well my partner is a natural submissive and likes to worship me as part of our foreplay shall we say. His slavery as you call it is more a fantasy or role play, which I am happy to accommodate as I am a natural dominant.” I smiled.

    Astra looked more interested. “So you are straight then Nicola?”

    “No, I am bi-sexual. I also have a female slave who wanted to be my live-in domestic servant, she also worships me for sexual gratification but in the main, we are more like sisters now than dominant and slave. Tonight though she will be my slave and yours.” I said.

    “Oh right, I am not sure how I feel about that. Having someone as my slave that is.” Astra said.

    “Oh lighten up Astra its only a little fun for fuck sake.” Joanne jumped in.

    “It’s ok Joanne, she just wants to be sure we respect Henrietta and there is nothing nasty or immoral going on here, right Astra?” I asked.

    “Yeah, that’s about the strength of it.” She said.

    Just then Henrietta entered with a tray of decanted red wine and an ice bucket of white with three glasses. She walked across the room then knelt down in front of us and asked me if she should offer the drinks.

    “Just wait, slave. I have a few questions for you first. Tell Astra here why you live with me.” I said.

    “Well, I met my goddess a while ago and fell in love with her immediately. She is so beautiful and understands me completely. I wanted to be close to her as much as I can, so offered to look after her domestic needs in exchange for a position under her.” Henrietta said.

    “So you want to live here as a slave then?” Astra asked looking sceptical.

    “Oh more than anything. I have never been happier in my life than now.” Henrietta then looked at me and said, “May I be honest about our relationship goddess?”

    “You may,” I said

    “Well Nicola and I are like family now, I love her as my sister and would do anything for her. Being her slave though is one of the most fulfilling desires I have and she is happy to oblige me with her attention like tonight.” Henrietta then smiled.

    “So what do you get out of it?” Astra said becoming more interested than sceptical now.

    “Everything. Love, friendship and the best fucking orgasms of my life!” Henrietta said.

    “Ok, she gets the point, slave.” I chuckled.

    “Yes goddess, of course,” Henrietta said signalling her return to subservience.

    “So you do sexual stuff with her as well then?” Astra said.

    “You seem very interested in my attention towards women. Are you gay then Astra?” I asked directly.

    She was quite stunned and caught off balance but recognised her directness had opened her up for some of her own medicine.

    “Er, well yes I am,” Astra said flush that she had been open so quickly with a stranger.

    She was in no way ashamed of being gay in fact I am sure she was proud of it. Her embarrassment was more coming from my body language and directness, which was starting to intrigue if not excite her.

    “Well yes, we do sexual stuff. I like to have her kiss my pussy when I am aroused like we did today but her favourite thing is to worship my feet.” I said with purpose and poise.

    Astra looked down at my shoes and as she held her gaze on them I popped the heel of my shoe and dangled it on my toe. She continued to stare almost unable to peel her eyes away.

    “It seems you are more interested in my feet than she is Astra?” I giggled.

    She went bright red and then returned a fake giggle to try and recover her composure. I had her hooked I could sense it. The trouble was it was much quicker than I expected and I didn’t know how far to push so soon. Then again my next chance might take ages or not come at all.

    I allowed my shoe to drop from my toe and then placed my foot on Astra’s lap. She sat back looking shocked and almost pinned down like I had her in an immovable hold. “They are rather pretty, don’t you think Astra?”

    “Er…I guess so.” She said looking at Joanne who was evidently pissing herself laughing inside but smiling on the outside.

    “You guess so? Oh, I think you can do better than that. Put those strong hands on my feet and give them a nice rub for me Astra sweetie.” I requested and smiled.

    “Sure I can do that,” Astra said trying to regain some of her confidence and obviously excited by the thought of touching my feet.

    This mountain of a woman was becoming like putty in my hands. I think if I had gone all hard dominant on her from the get-go she would have laid me out in seconds. By using my cheeky nature and charm with a huge slice of assertiveness it made her feel comfortable, even natural, to go with my suggestions.

    Her hands were so strong they were literally crushing my poor toes so I had to tell her to be gentle a couple of times but she was totally committed to making me feel comfortable and hardly took her eyes off my toes.

    “Serve the wine then slave,” I said to Henrietta who was impressed with Astra’s sheer size, my control over her and a little jealous all at the same time.

    She served drinks and Astra swigged hers down in one, maybe for some Dutch courage or perhaps because she was feeling pretty good about her circumstances right now.

    “Have you ever had your feet rubbed Astra?” I asked

    “No I haven’t, mine are pretty big and certainly not as cute as yours.” She said.

    “Cute. I like that you find my feet cute.” I said and she blushed again.

    “Slave, remove Astra’s boots and rub her feet for me,” I ordered and Henrietta quickly pulled off the tan cowboy boots and then massaged Astra’s enormous size 13 feet through her tan stockings.

    I watched Astra’s face as she watched Henrietta’s technique and copied it herself indicating she was enjoying it. I raised my foot and tapped Astra’s chin to gather her attention and she blushed again. I was going to put my toe on her lips to see her reaction but didn’t want to move too quickly and reverse all my progress.

    “My slave is going to suck your toes now Astra and you are going to understand why I enjoy it so much,” I said switching to an instruction to avoid giving her the chance to say no.

    “Rip the nylon and suck her toes slave. I will buy her a new pair.” I said. Astra started to stiffen feeling uncomfortable but still curious.

    As Henrietta started to suck her toes she pulled them away a little and said, “It doesn’t feel right having her suck my toes, Nicola, sorry.”

    Joanne then said, “Perhaps you are more of a toe sucker yourself then Astra and that’s why it makes you feel uncomfortable?”

    You stupid bitch I thought to myself. I had been building up Astra slowly now for a while until I could be sure she would go for something more submissive and now Joanne had killed it in one idiotic move.

    “You are right Joanne. I have been dying to suck Nicola’s toes ever since her shoe dropped on the floor. I didn’t even really know I liked feet that much until tonight but well Nicola I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in your own house but may I?” Astra said.

    I was pretty much dumbfounded but managed to retain my composure on the outside. Her directness together with Joanne’s antagonising had shifted everything forward at a pace I wasn’t prepared for. I now had to shift my approach accordingly.

    “No, you can wait, Astra. It will give you something to look forward to. But it will happen, be assured of that.” I smiled seeing her thrown off balance and looking unsure. I then dropped my feet onto the floor and snapped on my shoes before getting up and excusing myself for a visit to the bathroom.

    “I want to hear all about your fighting prowess when I get back Astra. I hear you are something of a tour-de-force on the sparring mat and in the fighting ring.” I said noting her disappointment at pulling my feet away. She was still staring at them as I walked towards the bathroom.

    She then refocused her attention and said, “Oh right, sure Nicola.”

    “More wine slave. Be quick.” I said turning and disappearing into the bathroom.

    When I returned I could tell Astra and Joanne had been discussing me intently so-called Henrietta into the kitchen and followed her in.

    “What did they say, slave?” I said.

    “Well, Astra said she thinks you are fucking awesome and fancies the pants off you or something like that. Joanne then said she told her so and then they both went quiet seeing I was in the room with them.” Henrietta said.

    “Very good slave. Be quick with the food now. I want to eat soon.” I ordered.

    “Of course goddess. I can have it ready in fifteen minutes if that is to your liking?”

    “Thirty will be fine, we will eat at the table tonight. Astra will sit opposite me and you will be on the floor underneath me. Joanne can have either of the end chairs, clear?”

    “Yes, goddess all clear.”

    I then returned to the living room and sat down just a little closer to Astra than before knowing she would be intimidated now by my beauty. It worked perfectly and she started shifting nervously as I occupied her personal space.

    “So Joanne tells me you can fight Astra.”

    “Fucking right I can, 15 and 0 on the underground circuit Nicola,” Astra said looking proud of her accomplishments.

    I didn’t know much about fighting but assumed she had won fifteen out of fifteen which given the kinds of people she would have been facing was indeed mightily impressive. I remained cool and interested trying not to appear too keen.

    “Impressive. What styles do you use?” I asked like I would know when she answered.

    “Well, Joanne and I wrestle. She actually got me started on that, but I was already a kickboxer and Taekwondo champion before so use a mixed fighting style now. That’s what makes me so good I guess.” Astra said.

    “Doesn’t sound to me like there is much guesswork involved at all. You kick arse and bitches suffer is what I am hearing?” I chuckled.

    Astra laughed back, “Yeah something like that. Do you fight then Nicola?”

    “My only fighting weapon is my charm Astra though I am very sporty and fit,” I said.

    “Well let me tell you Nicola, no one ever gets me to submit on anything but within one hour of meeting you I was rubbing your feet and wanting to suck your toes so I know who I would bet on between us.” She said paying me a flirtatious compliment and almost offering a hint of submissiveness.

    It was like she had come here tonight ready for this in some way. Maybe Joanne had prepared her or maybe I did have charms I didn’t know I had. Perhaps that was the power I had that Beth could see that I couldn’t? Perhaps I was more like Seraphina than I was like Aurelia. Maybe Aurelia was more brutal with the nasty stuff because she didn’t have the same persuasive charms?

    I smiled modestly and said, “Well you need to stop thinking about my cute feet for a bit and get ready for some food Astra. It’s almost ready.” She then smiled and looked down at my dangling shoe again.


    Not long after we were sat at the table. Henrietta knew I would sit against the wall looking out into the room as that was my usual place so she stood by the chair opposite and invited Astra to sit first and then pulled the chair out that Joanne was hovering over near the end. Good job Henrietta I thought.

    Henrietta then came to and fro the kitchen bringing large sirloin steaks, chips, salad, mushrooms in garlic butter, baked cherry tomatoes and a selection of sauces including peppercorn, garlic and hollandaise.

    “Take a seat at the table, Henrietta, I want you to sit with us tonight,” I said.

    She looked shocked and a little disappointed. “Don’t worry you can continue to be my slave afterwards it’s just that you have created such a fine meal for us I don’t want you to miss out.” I then got up and kissed her on the lips lovingly until she swooned and blushed red.

    “Of course Nicola, thank you.” She replied and went to gather a placemat and cutlery for herself.

    “Nice call Nicola. I like you more and more.” Astra said.

    We sat there and started to eat the delicious food, I shared my steak with Henrietta so that Astra could have two. I am pretty sure she would have managed three but I was too hungry to give up any more. During dinner, we discussed fighting a little more before moving onto music. Astra was also a vinyl fan and big on soul music which I also liked but not as much as jazz.

    As she was recounting some of her favourite tunes I slipped off my shoe and placed the heel of my foot on the front of her chair then gently brushed my toes on her pussy. When I first did this she made a coughing sound as though she had received a strong shot of arousal and was trying to deflect attention.

    “Are you ok Astra?” Joanne asked.

    “Oh yeah,” Astra said looking at me briefly. “It was just a bit of steak going down the wrong way. I need to slow down a little and chew my food properly. That said, Nicola, I really loved that.” Astra said smiling and wanting to subtly request I continue.

    I smiled back and said, “That’s the steak right? You should compliment Henrietta not me.” I chuckled again as Astra thanked Henrietta in a bit of fluster.

    My foot was back on her chair and this time I applied a little more pressure on her pussy and rubbed it in a circular motion. Halfway through her thanking Henrietta she closed her eyes and groaned before coughing again and apologising.

    I left her alone for a bit to gather her composure, as she was almost sweating now with the excitement of my little game and needed a break anyhow, I giggled to myself. That said I am sure she would love for everyone else to have just disappeared and for me to have continued my little toe arousal all night by the look of her reaction.

    A while later when Henrietta had served a homemade rhubarb crumble and custard I purposely dropped my spoon and paused looking at Astra as it clattered onto the floor.

    As I held her gaze she said, “Can I get that for you, Nicola?”

    “That’s very kind of you,” I said smiling.

    Astra being such a big woman occupied most of the underside of the table as she disappeared. Joanne chuckled to herself guessing what I was up to, as did Henrietta. I couldn’t actually resist a sly wink to them both before I kicked off my shoe and crossed my leg bringing my foot down, wiping it across Astra’s face while she gathered my spoon.

    “Oh sorry Astra, did I just catch you, dear?” I asked as we all masked giggles.

    She remained under there a few more moments and I could feel her face in close proximity to my toes like she was sniffing or just being close to them. She then returned and bumped her head as she held the spoon out to me.

    “Go get me a clean one Astra. They are in the drawer.” I said. Sensing Henrietta would offer I nudged her with my foot to indicate not to and she stayed quiet.

    The fact that I had missed off a please made it sound more like an order though I didn’t put any nasty or vindictive tone to my request. I looked at her as she registered the request and was considering how to react. This was a woman after all who dealt out orders not received them.

    I smiled towards her and then added, “Tonight would be nice.”

    This seemed to push her through any final reluctance and she replied, “Of course Nicola I will go get you one immediately.” She then disappeared.

    As she left Joanne whispered, “Goddess is exactly the right title for you Nicola, you have her wrapped around your little finger. Fuck you have everyone at your beck and call and we all love doing it for you. How the hell does that even happen?”

    “I guess I do have a little charm on my side, Joanne. Keep stroking my ego like that and I will be letting you worship my feet later too, bitch!” I said to Joanne and winked again.

    She went bright red and replied, “Really?” Like it was a gift she wasn’t expecting.

    “We will see. Astra already has my first promise.” I replied.

    A few seconds later Astra returned with my spoon, which I took and then to her surprise thanked her. I like to keep my company guessing, it keeps me in control and them not knowing how to deal with me.

    After the meal was done I ordered Henrietta to clear up and clean the kitchen giving us a good thirty minutes alone. I then threw in a coffee request to give us an extra ten minutes on top just in case.

    I knew this was now the defining moment to test Astra and whether she wanted to relent to her submissive desires. She had shown me many of the signals I needed to see before this critical decision so felt the time was right.

    As we approached the sofa I looked up at Astra who was a good half a foot taller than me and said, “You can choose to join me on the sofa on sit here at my feet Astra.”

    As I then sat down I saw Astra look back at Joanne for guidance and she nodded at the floor as if to encourage her to go with her urges and instincts. Astra knelt down beside me and looked up.

    “You have made the choice to kneel at my feet, Astra. Do you understand what that means?” I said purring at her.

    She shook her head though I suspect she knew very well.

    “It means you have chosen to be subservient to me, this gesture shows me you want to relinquish power and you desire for me to treat you as such. Is that right?” I asked.

    “I guess so Nicola.” She said.

    “I don’t do guesses Astra, I deal in certainties. Are you submitting yourself to me or not? If you are, address me accordingly and I will grant you my affections. If you have doubts come back and join me on the sofa. But know this, there will be no second chances.” I said assertively as I held her cheek in my palm.

    She tried to look at Joanne again but I pulled her face back to me.

    “The question was to you Astra not her. It must be your choice.” I added.

    She looked up at me again almost like a lost child, her face was full of vulnerability and desire. She didn’t know what to do.

    “Will you tell everyone, Nicola?” She asked.

    I laughed a little but not disrespectfully and said, “What happens here tonight is between us and us alone. Giving yourself to me in this way is a treasured gift that must be respected and revered. It will create a bond between us that will never break but it will also define our relationship forever and you will desire me in a way you never thought possible. It is why you must choose.”

    Astra sat up slightly like she was going to stand then turned and sat back on her knees. She looked at me this time with more certainty but still carrying vulnerability. “Goddess may I kiss your feet?”

    The words flooded my heart with joy. This beautiful mountain of a woman who had entered here only hours before a warrior and gladiator was now going to submit to me as a slave both willingly and completely of her own volition.

    “Kiss my lips first slave,” I whispered and she sat up on her knees and offered her lips to me and closed her eyes.

    I took her head within my hands and drew her towards me. I then placed my lips on hers and pressed firmly, darting my tongue around their circumference and teasing the edges of her mouth. The kiss lasted close to a minute and when I let go she slumped onto her heels and continued to absorb and relive the feeling that was overwhelming her.

    I then sat back as she recovered. The intensity of feeling she had was enormous; these moments of initial submission had an excitement, trepidation and arousal unlike any other. Much like first love.

    As her eyes opened I said in a low commanding tone, “Slave, remove my shoe and bring my foot to your face and love it with all the desire in your heart.”

    Every movement she made was slow and deliberate like she was recording it and wanted to prolong the experience. She was flushing red on her face and chest and her breathing was heavy and laboured. As she raised my foot to her face she placed her nose on it and drew in my scent.

    “You will remember that moment for the rest of your life Astra. Now draw in my scent again I want you to allow it’s allure to consume you.”

    She then closed her eyes and took an enormous sniff, not unlike one of Henrietta’s best efforts. I glanced at Joanne who was smiling ear to ear and rubbing herself gently. When she saw me she stopped and waited. I smiled and nodded at her then she smiled back and continued to play with herself.

    When Astra had taken every lasting second of scent her breath had afforded her she looked at me again and I spoke to her, “Is it everything you hoped it would be Astra?”

    “It is more goddess. May I…” She said and I interrupted her.

    “Patience my beautiful Amazonian princess. Don’t be in such a rush to release your inhibitions and fulfil your deep desires. I want tonight to be forever in your heart.” I whispered.

    I then held her gaze as she looked at me lovingly. As I kept staring she dropped her eyes in submission and my dominant gathered up this moment of perfection it had achieved.

    “Rip my nylons now Princess and worship my beautiful toes. Touch yourself to extract every feeling and emotion you can from their exquisite power over you.” I demanded.

    I had chosen to use the title Princess for her, as I would Joanne, due to their power and strength demanding respect. I wanted to continue the intimacy of these names openly from this point forward. It was important to me that they both knew their true meaning whilst those around would see nothing.

    I sat back and watched Astra embrace my feet like they were prized possessions. Her delicate touch was now a million miles away from the aggressive foot rub she was giving me earlier. She was handling something precious, revered and loved. When she sucked my toes my heart fluttered and I felt immediate arousal again. Soon we were both rubbing ourselves vigorously. I paused as she neared her end, as I wanted to live in the moment of her first act of submission. She screamed beautifully for me before she collapsed down at my feet. I then removed them and placed them on the sofa while she recovered.

    As I looked over, Joanne was sitting there blushing as well. She had finished herself, just watching Astra submit to me. Joanne then crawled onto the floor and lay underneath me next to her friend Astra.

    “Goddess?” She whispered.

    “Yes princess?” I asked

    “May we serve as a footrest for your beautiful feet?” Joanne asked.

    “You may.” I purred as I lay one sole on each of their faces and closed my eyes to feel their hot breath passing through the toes of each foot.


    We remained in that position for about fifteen minutes before Henrietta came back with coffees and placed them on the table. She looked upset seeing the two women under me like I had given her up.

    Seeing her face I beckoned her over with my finger. She approached and knelt beside me and I kissed her lips. “No one will ever take your place slave. Ever.”

    I smiled and she shed a tear for me. I caught it on my finger and kissed it.

    A short while later, I removed my feet and asked my princesses to arise and sit next to me on the sofa. As they sat down I bounced a little due to their sheer size. It was like sitting between the Symplegades I chuckled.

    “Princesses should also be adored and rewarded as well as serve their queen don’t you think?” I giggled cheekily.

    “What did you have in mind goddess?” Astra asked.

    “Well, I was thinking Astra that as you did such a good job sucking my toes you could kiss my sweet pussy. You see I got rather wet and excited from your toe sucking attentions but unlike you, I did not finish. What do you say, Princess?” I asked.

    She flushed a little and then smiled, “Wow I would really like that goddess. But maybe just one thing?”

    “And what is that?” I said hesitantly.

    “I would prefer you call me slave while I am worshipping you.” She smiled and her eyes flashed excitedly.

    “Well you really are quite the submissive aren’t you Astra? I will call you slave when we are alone together like tonight but you will be my princess whenever we are in public ok?” I said.

    “Yes, I would like that. Princess is respectful.” Astra said.

    “You need to be careful though making such a request or my naughty dominant may come out to play and I am not sure you can handle that just yet,” I said and flashed my eyes wide at her, licked my lip and ran my hand down the side of her cheek.

    She shivered with excitement and I could see her mind processing the prospect. In the end, I could see the doubts had won over and she replied, “I really think I would like that goddess but you are probably right that I am not yet ready.”

    “Very well. Now before we start I need to address Joanne here. Would you like to attend my divine feet princess?” I asked knowing she was desperate at this point to do exactly that.

    “Oh yes please goddess, but like Astra, I would prefer you call me slave also. I find it increases my arousal when you talk down to me while I worship you” Joanne responded.

    “Well in that case why stop at slave? Perhaps I should call you my slut or bitch?” I smirked wickedly.

    Like Astra, she gave a little shiver of excitement too. “Oh, that gave me a quiver goddess.” She said placing her hand on her pussy almost to recognise and mask her inner feelings simultaneously. “Yes please really talk down to me like I am really worthless.”

    Astra looked shocked and maybe a little confused at what was happening, I could see this in her so decided to give a little demonstration.

    “So if I said to you, ‘right you fucking stupid worthless slut get on your knees and lick the bottoms of my superior divine feet. Know your place and submit to me like I deserve. It is after all that you were born for.’ How would you feel?” I asked.

    “Well if anyone else had of said that to me they would be on a life support machine by now but given it was you…Fucking hell Nicola I think I just shat my pants with excitement.” Joanne said rather unexpectedly.

    “I am sorry what did you just say to me bitch?” I seethed.

    “Oh my god. I am so sorry, I was so excited I just lost myself goddess. I didn’t mean any disrespect, please forgive me.” Joanne said almost hysterically.

    “Hmm, let me think about that bitch,” I said looking back to Astra whose mouth was open almost drooling and her lip was quivering. “Are you ok slave?” I giggled at her.

    “Er…goddess, may I be excused just for a second, I need the bathroom.” She replied. I leaned over and licked across her mouth sensuously then said, “Keep those lips wet for me then slave.”

    She then ran into the toilet and I could see a large damp patch that had bled through to her jeans like she had either wet herself or actually had an orgasm right then and there. Surely she couldn’t be that sensitive to my teasing and dominant words could she?

    I took a slurp of my coffee and sat back for a few minutes. Astra returned looking even less composed than before we left. She literally sprinted over and flung herself at my feet and showered them with kisses.

    “What are you doing slave? I didn’t give you permission to do that.” I said.

    She looked up at me and blurted out in her usual direct manner, “Goddess, I can’t wait any longer. I want to submit to you fully now. My mind and body are going crazy with love and lust for you, please be mean to me, treat me like dirt, hurt me I beg you.”

    Fucking hell this night couldn’t get any crazier if it tried. This giant of a woman was turning more and more into a Henrietta level submissive by the second. I didn’t know whether to exploit this knowing it would really push her into a whole new world or not. My worry was that she might then reject it and I would never see her again. I decided to ease up on her and lead her into this more gently.

    “Get a grip slave.” I then slapped her face firmly but more to shake her senses than try to hurt her. Anyway, who am I kidding? Even my best full bodyweight punch would hardly put a scratch of this woman.

    She stopped her begging and looked back at me shocked.

    “You will wait until I am convinced of your loyalty. I don’t just dominate anyone on demand you know. I am a goddess and my slaves are very important to me, their place must be earned. Tonight you will do as I command to demonstrate you can follow my orders. If you serve me well I will give you 24 hours to reconsider your plea away from the heat of the moment. Your pussy is doing all the talking now you see. If you still desire my attention in the way you described you will text me and beg to return tomorrow. If I see fit I will have you back here underneath me but if you disappoint me in any way tonight or in between I will never see you again, clear?” I said playing the ultimate gambit with a woman I so needed on my side.

    “Yes goddess, you are right. I was getting carried away. Thank you for stopping me and giving me a chance to really think this through. You are so much more than any woman or dominant I have ever met before. You are thoughtful, respectful and even kind. I am struggling to find any reason not to fall in love with you.”

    “Listen Astra and listen carefully. Yes, I am all those things but if you beg to return and are kneeling before me tomorrow you will also see that I can be a royal bitch who can turn deep submissive desires into a world of hidden pleasures. Oh, and of course you will fall in love with me, who fucking wouldn’t?” I then laughed a little wickedly.

    “I understand goddess. May I still please you by kissing your beautiful body where you asked?” Astra said in a humble tone.

    “I didn’t ask you anything of the sort…” I then paused to watch her face drop. “I ordered it and that means you will do it.” I giggled and her smile returned wider than ever.

    I then paused again trying to remember where I was, the chaos in the room was getting a little difficult to keep track of. Never have I had so many women demanding my attention at the same time and with such adoration. It really was a little overwhelming even though my dominant was going through the roof.

    “Right where was I? Oh yes, that’s right. My stupid little foot whore was getting her orders wasn’t she?” I said rhetorically looking now at Joanne.

    “Right you snivelling little tramp, make sure when you are worshipping the bottoms of my feet you draw in their scent and bind your heart to them. Lick clean any dirt you encounter, divine feet must be adored accordingly and clean between my toes. I went for a jog this afternoon and have not had a chance to shower yet.” I smiled

    Joanne was holding her pussy desperately like she was already set to climax and was concentrating like hell on keeping calm.

    “Yes, goddess.” She barely murmured.

    “And now my priceless, treasured slave who means the world to me.” I looked at Henrietta. She was feeling quite isolated with my instructions to the others but smiled back at me on hearing my tribute.

    “You will lick Joanne’s pussy while she worships my feet as she has already committed to me and demonstrated her loyalty. I also want you to play with Astra’s pussy with your hands, as I want all of her attention on me at all times. I will then reward you slave when the others have left, I have something very special lined up if you are obedient and serve me well tonight.” I cooed.

    I knew Henrietta didn’t like worshipping other women but would still do so if I ordered. But it was important for me to bind these lost Amazonian women to my will by creating the deepest emotional attachment to their servitude. Ensuring they have multiple powerful orgasms while they serve me was just the thing I needed Henrietta’s help for. Anyway, she would be in pure heaven later, I chuckled.

    Henrietta nodded appreciatively like she already knew what her reward would be and was willing to do anything to earn it. She shuffled around behind Astra and Joanne, as they knelt before me. I cast my eyes out on my sea of slaves all looking at me with love, affection and expectation. I smiled to myself and said, “Remove all your clothes and let the pleasure begin.”

    All our flesh intertwined as they writhed and squirmed over my body to exert their pleasures on me. I have never felt so sexually adored and my body was in pure raptures, as Astra rubbed my body and licked my pussy whilst Joanne massaged my feet and legs then sucked my toes. Their moans were as loud as mine, as Henrietta sucked hard at Joanne’s pussy and played with Astra. My two Amazonian princesses and I had multiple orgasms before we collapsed like a house of cards into a well of post-orgasmic bliss.

    Astra’s head lay on my thigh as she slumbered, Joanne lay at my feet while they rested on her face and Henrietta knelt beside me while I played with her hair lovingly. Nobody spoke for at least thirty minutes and all that could be heard was the occasional moan of pleasure as the previous experiences were recounted.

    Eventually, Astra spoke, “Goddess?”

    “Yes, slave what is it?” I replied

    “Tonight has been so amazing, when Joanne told me about you I laughed at her thinking how ridiculous it all sounded. I have met a whole bunch of dominants given the people I mix with for my fighting but not one of them is anything like you. They are all power crazed lunatics or money grabbing S&M queens. How can you be so different goddess, I just can’t work it out?” Astra said.

    “I don’t know for sure, the answer is in your heart no? I am just myself.”

    “But you seem so natural, so confident and so caring. Your strength is alluring and your sexuality is overwhelming. If someone had of told me I would be kissing a dominants feet and pussy tonight before I had met you I would have likely crushed their skull in my hands for being so conceited. Yet here I am at your feet totally happy to be here and only wanting you more.” Astra said.

    “Look you may see me as something otherworldly Astra but I am a normal person with feelings, vulnerabilities and problems of my own. I think because I have shown you the real me without pretence and you can see I am indeed loving and respectful, it has probably touched you in a way others wouldn’t” I said.

    “What vulnerabilities and problems can someone like you have?” Astra asked.

    “There are people who want to hurt me and take what I love away from me. Where you see strength they sense weakness. For them, my honesty, integrity and love is an opportunity to exploit and control me.” I said forlornly

    “Who the fuck is trying to hurt you, goddess?” Astra said perking up and looking angry.

    “Look, Astra, I want to be very honest with you now. There is something I need to share with you before you can consider whether to return to me tomorrow.”

    “Of course go on,” Astra said.

    “As I said, I am more vulnerable now than I have ever been. When I met Joanne and she told me she had a friend as powerful as you I wanted to meet you because I need someone in my life that can help protect me. I am not trying to exploit you in any way, rather I wanted to meet you and see if we connected. My intention was more to befriend you and maybe have fun like I did with Joanne. She said we would hit it off together and right from the get-go I think we have. When you came here tonight and I teased you I wasn’t expecting you to respond in the way you did. Well not so quickly, as most people can’t resist me forever.” I giggled and Astra smiled waiting for me to finish.

    “Then when you started to find me attractive I couldn’t help but want to dominate you, it’s just who I am Astra. I don’t desire to use, manipulate or hurt you like those you spoke of before. I just want to play with my slaves in a way where we both get what we want. It is true some slaves like Henrietta have given more to me than I deserve and maybe I have taken more than I should.” I said feeling a little sad.

    “Please don’t say that goddess. You have been wonderful to me in every way and there is not a second we have been together that I would change!” Henrietta shouted at me.

    I smiled at Henrietta and then continued, “Well as I said Astra, the more you submitted to me the more I wanted to dominate and control you. Now I want to release you from that burden, you are such a strong, beautiful Amazonian princess you don’t deserve to be drawn into my problems. I couldn’t live with myself if I crossed the line and tried to exploit you for my own personal ends because you allow me to, as my slave.” I said.

    “I think it’s best you go now and I am sorry if anything I have said has hurt you.” I said then sighed and looked back at Henrietta.

    “You will have to fucking push me out of that door kicking and screaming if you think I am going to walk away from you after tonight Nicola,” Astra responded.

    “I am sorry I don’t understand,” I said confused.

    “Let me ask you a question, Nicola,” Astra said.

    “Sure, fire away.”

    “Do you think a woman as powerful as me hasn’t had people try to exploit them before? Do you not think I am smart enough to know a true heart versus a deceitful and manipulative one? Most importantly do you think I would even for a second worship and kiss the feet of a woman I did not respect, trust and feel a lot for?” Astra said.

    “You are a smart woman Astra, of course not. In fact, I am sure many women would like to worship you.”

    “Well, there you have it. It is the fact you would be so open to tell me that you could exploit me but wouldn’t and I know you would feel guilty if you did that makes you different from the rest. You told me all this and then asked me to walk away but I have never wanted to be closer to you than right now. I don’t care what your problems are Nicola. Now they are my problems.”

    “And mine!” Joanne said adding, “Why didn’t you tell me all this before Nicola? I thought we were friends?”

    “Look, Joanne, I am just a private person and I care too much about you all to get you involved. This is my fight even if it’s one I cannot win alone.”

    “What a load of horseshit that is Nicola. You listen to me as your friend. We all need other people sometimes and you have to be strong enough to know when that is. I bet if I had problems and you could help, you would be first in the queue and I have only just fucking met you.” Astra said.

    “It’s who I am. I cannot let my dominant corrupt and destroy that. Unfortunately, it’s also what makes me weak. I care too much.” I said starting to get upset.

    “Fuck that! It’s what makes you strong Nicola and why we care about you like we do. No one wants a dominant who is only self-serving, shallow and spiteful.” Joanne said.

    “Well, my Chris does for one,” I said now starting to crack.

    “Who’s Chris?” Astra asked Joanne.

    “He’s her partner or at least was,” Joanne said. “Nice guy actually. You should have seen how heartbroken he was when he thought she had left him. Fuck, it hollowed me out and I had only just met him.”

    “Well, now I have lost him and more than that the woman who has taken him from me wants to forcibly enslave me,” I said.

    “Over my fucking dead body. Who is this bitch?” Astra said standing up and looking ready to take someone on there and then.

    “Look, I really appreciate the support, I honestly do but I need time to think things through. It’s really so complicated right now. Can you do that for me please?” I asked.

    Astra and Joanne nodded but Henrietta was less convinced having seen how I had come home recently looking like shit. I thought for a second she was going to say something but in the end, she didn’t thank goodness.

    We chatted for a little while longer skirting around the issue as best I could before Astra said, “Ok look whenever you need me I will be there for you Nicola. I must admit I was a little gutted to hear you have a man as I was rather hoping to have you all to myself but then a woman as special as you I am sure has endless admirers so I will just have to get in the queue.”

    I didn’t want to start bragging about my exploits with Seraphina at this point. I also knew that Julia desired my dominant attentions but seeing her with Sophia and Laura at the offsite I guessed that was already being taken care of. Apart from that everything else I had done had really been forced upon me one way or another. Well maybe with the exception of Beth but that was more complicated.

    “Oh hardly, as I said before I am not a dominant on demand. Henrietta here is my special and most precious slave. Apart from her, there is no one now my partner is gone.” I said.

    “Don’t forget Anita and Sarah. Sarah fucking worships Nicola desperately, she is all she ever talks about. Even Anita loves her and she made her lick Henrietta’s arse last time she was here! Though she did deserve it.”

    “No fucking way? Well, I am sure you have a lot more admirers than you probably realise. How many people have seen your dominant side?” Astra asked.

    “Very few,” I answered.

    “Well, there you go. Anyway, I don’t want anyone else to know. I want you all to myself.” Astra laughed and Henrietta shuffled nervously at her comment.

    “You might not be saying that if you are on your knees in front of me tomorrow Astra.”

    Astra laughed and then paused wondering what would really happen if she fully submitted to me. I then changed the subject wanting to know more about Astra and her influence.

    “I understand you know the Deneuve twins, Astra?” I asked.

    “Karine and Mireille, oh yes they are some hard French bitches. Mind you they know who the killer queen is!” Astra chuckled then flexed her enormous arm muscles.

    Fucking hell they were almost as big as my legs I thought. It was the first real display of her strength she had shown. I guess it showed how comfortable she now was in my company.

    “I happen to work with them, Astra,” I said.

    “Are they the ones giving you shit?” Astra said looking concerned.

    “No, not really. But they are not necessarily helping me either.” I replied.

    “Well, they are going to be helping you real fucking soon Nicola. I assure you of that.” Astra said.

    “Look I don’t want to start any trouble, Astra,” I said.

    “I know Nicola and you won’t. I am just going to have a little chat with them that’s all, they respect me and what I have to say. All I am going to tell them is that you are a personal friend of mine. That will be enough.” Astra smiled to herself.

    “She also works with Allegra,” Joanne said.

    “That fucking lightweight. Is she giving you shit?” Astra said.

    “Well a little, she thinks I am trying to get between her and another woman so she’s giving me grief,” I said.

    “Grief how?” Astra said.

    “Well, she kicked and punched me and then threatened me. That kind of shit.” I said feeling like there was little left to hide now.

    Joanne then chipped in, “You didn’t tell me that last time Nicola. Fucking hell I am going to kick her arse royally.”

    Astra turned to Joanne and said, “You take care of Allegra and I will discuss matters with Karine and Mireille, ok?”

    “Damn right,” Joanne said.

    Astra then turned back to me, “Right anything else?”

    “No nothing. I need time to think about the rest. I really appreciate your support, both of you.” I said and held both their cheeks.

    They turned to each other then smiled and nodded. They then turned back to me and simultaneously kissed my feet on the tops lovingly. “Anything for you, goddess.”

    “Damn fucking right!” I said half laughing and with tears in my eyes feeling so cared for.


    We had some more wine to drown out what had turned into quite a heavy conversation and by then it was already into the morning hours. Joanne and Astra said they needed to go and we started to wrap up with hugs and kisses.

    As they were about to leave I said, “Remember what I said Astra about giving yourself time and space to think about whether you come back or indeed help me. I will respect your decision either way and just want to say what a pleasure it was to meet such a beautiful woman. Your heart is as kind as it is strong.”

    “I know a lot of people that wouldn’t agree with that Nicola after I have beaten the fuck out of them,” Astra smirked.

    “Well just remember if you do want to return I expect you to reaffirm your intentions. Text me on the number I gave you.” I said.

    “Ok thank you, Nicola,” Astra said and turned once again and gave me an enormous hug half crushing me to death. She then whispered into my ear, “It’s going to be alright. Trust me.”

    She then kissed my cheek before turning and walking away. Joanne stepped in and kissed me also. “I am so glad we came now, Nicola. Astra and I are going to work things out for you. Don’t worry ok?” I nodded and she turned to join her friend.

    As I came back in Henrietta was smiling at me whilst on her knees. She was clearly overjoyed that Joanne and Astra had offered to help me and was eagerly awaiting news of her special reward.


    I took my seat on the sofa and took a deep breath. “Come join me please Hen. I want to talk with you.”

    As she approached I lay down and tapped her space next to me to indicate she lay next to me. She looked upset I had switched out of my dominant role. As she lay down I put one arm under her neck and embraced her, while I then played with her face with my other. I was lightly tracing her eyebrows, cheeks, nose then lips with my fingers. She sat silently unsure of what was happening but warmed by my affections.

    “You know I love you don’t you Hen?” I said eventually.

    “Er…sure in a sisterly way right?” She said hesitantly.

    “Well in lots of ways really. I love you as my sister and of course my slave. But you are also my best friend. Nobody cares about me like you do.” I said.

    “Yes but you love Chris too right? He is your partner.” Henrietta said wondering where my affections were leading.

    “Well, he was. I am not sure where we are now. Lost at sea I suspect.” I said allowing my thoughts to drift off into the distance.

    “Are you ok Nicks?” Henrietta said trying to reel me back in.

    “Do you ever desire me sexually Hen? You know as a woman to woman thing?” I asked.

    Henrietta went just about as red as I have ever seen her.

    “Can I be honest with you Nicola?” She said.

    I quickly gathered all my attention and focused on her, as I knew what she was going to say was important.

    “When I first met you I desired you in every way possible. In some ways I still do but our relationship is too important for me to jeopardise in that way now. I want to be your sister, your friend and from a sexual viewpoint your slave. I don’t think it would work between us if we were to become lovers. My worry is then if that didn’t work we would lose everything.” Henrietta said.

    I cuddled her close and gave her words some thought.

    “So how do you feel when I am with other women like tonight?” I said.

    “Well from a sisterly and friend perspective I am happy for you. Astra and Joanne are really good people and you need friends like that given the bitches you hang around with. From a slave perspective, I am jealous as fuck!” She smiled.

    “But you know I won’t leave you for another slave don’t you Hen?” I said.

    “Yes but I am greedy and only want you all to myself. Like Astra said, I just have to get in the queue.” She sighed.

    “Hey, you! You will always be at the front of my queue. I just need to be me Hen. Do you understand what I am saying?”

    “Well, it’s not like I am ’Miss run of the mill’ or anything. Yeah, we have all got to be who we are and the fact you love and respect me as a slave is actually really important to me. I didn’t realise until tonight hearing Astra speak why you are so special. I could have easily ended up in the arms of one of those heartless money-grabbing bitches instead.” She said.

    “But you didn’t. You are in my clutches and that’s where you will stay. Forever!” I chuckled.

    Henrietta turned to me and grabbed me really tight our bodies wrapped as one. “I never want to be anywhere else.” She whispered.

    We cuddled for a while silently before I pushed her gently to look at her face. “So we agree to keep everything the way it is then Hen?”

    “Yes, I would like that.” She said.

    “So I guess you are wanting your goddess back now?” I said licking her across the lips.

    She tensed up and her body went rigid with excitement. “Take all your clothes off again slut and kneel before me!” I snarled.

    She blushed, as she always did, and then slid off the sofa onto the floor. Henrietta then quickly removed her clothes and knelt before me.

    “Open your legs slut, I am going to use you!” I growled.

    I could see her shiver with the anticipation of something new coming. She was obviously wondering how she would be used and whatever it was she was looking forward to it. I noted her crop marks with a sense of slight regret but knew it was what I needed to get me out of my own self-pity. Fuck Henrietta was an amazing woman.

    “Eyes closed whore!” I shouted and she complied.

    I then placed my foot between her legs and started tracking her pussy with my big toe. She shook and writhed with pleasure, as she knew what it was. I then placed my other foot on her face and said, “Hold that there slut and wait for my order.”

    As she took my ankle carefully into her hands and supported my weight I relaxed my leg. I continued playing with her pussy and watched her growing excitement and arousal. She was groaning loudly now and I guess the whole evening had somehow raised her base excitement level somewhat even if she had had little time with me directly.

    “Don’t you fucking dare sniff or lick my foot until I order you to slut. You are my property and I will use and abuse you, however, I see fit, got that?” I said.

    “Oh yes goddess, I am just your toy to play with. Please use me.” She replied.

    I chuckled at how much she was enjoying this. Fuck so was I. I could feel my pussy getting all horny again. I needed to slow down my sexual urges a little otherwise I would be permanently knackered at this rate.

    I now increased the pace of my toe as it glided up and down her now sopping wet pussy. I could feel her clit on the tip as I pulled back each time and she quivered.

    “Right listen carefully slut. You may lick my foot gently while your arousal grows but you may only sniff at the point of climax. When you do sniff I want everything you have got, understand?” I said.

    I then continued as she started to lick my foot she was now nearing her peak. I then pulled my foot away and she went to open her eyes wondering what was happening. I slapped her hard with my foot and said, “Who the fuck gave you permission to open your eyes? Do that again and you will go to bed hungry.”

    I pulled my other foot away and waited around thirty seconds whilst she suffered the threat of losing her precious release. I then touched per pussy very lightly and watched her jump and groan. Next, I teased her lightly before increasing the pace again. Soon after I place the sole of my foot back on her face and she took the weight and started licking again.

    She was losing it big time now and rocking up and down on her knees, half screaming and half moaning. She then paused as she reached the point of no return and I could see her prepare herself for that one delectable sniff I had allowed her. As she screamed and inhaled on my foot she reclaimed the biggest and best sniff record back from Astra and I laughed as she exploded. Fuck I am so good I thought.

    When she collapsed on the floor in a mess I placed my feet on her face and pushed down hard. “You are not done yet slut, keep sniffing and playing with yourself. You owe me two more orgasms before your sorry ass is going to get any rest!”

    I then laughed again as she groaned with pleasure. She was lost in the heaven that is my feet.
  20. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    That was yet another brilliant episode in the epic saga that is definitively the most engaging fetish story I have ever read.

    Nicola was beyond amazing – and deserving of the title ‘goddess’. While her beauty, charms, sexuality, and dominant nature are surely proof of that…there is her capacity to love, her innate ability to understand and show caring towards others, and most of all the way she reveals her own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Those are what truly endear her to the minds and hearts to those who fall under her spell. As she said to Astra, “Oh, and of course you will fall in love with me, who fucking wouldn’t?” We all have, goddess. :)

    I truly believe Nicola is finding herself. I know for a while she was unsure of her dominant side, and worried it would get out of control and push people away that she cared about. And it did happen with Chris (although it is still possible that she could get him back). But I think that with Henrietta, the lacrosse students, and now Astra – she is discovering the perfect middle ground between a dominant who is mostly hard/bitchy (i.e. Constance), and one who mostly uses her charms (i.e. Seraphina). It seems she is learning when to turn on the charms and when to be more brutal. But there is an underlying current of caring there which is rarely seen in other dominants in MenHaters.

    I have read this chapter several times, and it is so beautiful to me for many reasons. Nicola shone as brightly as the sun, Henrietta was her usual magnificent self, I have even more respect and admiration for Joanne than I did before (and I already had quite a lot), and I have been introduced to the wonderful and amazing Astra – who surprised me in the best way possible.

    Astra is the anti-Constance. At least that’s how I see her. Like Constance, Astra is a strong woman with a nearly devastating physical presence which commands the respect of everyone around her. But this is where the similarities end. No matter how much respect you give to Constance, she is a hard bitch who will use you to her own ends and then leave you battered and discarded when she is done. If you give Astra respect, she in turn will respect you and will be loyal to you. She has a good heart – one as big as her Amazonian body – and is the type of person you would want to have as a friend.

    Her submission to Nicola was incredible, and obviously surprised Nicola more than a little (as well as shocked me). In fact, Nicola herself had to put the brakes on Astra before things went too far too soon. But it absolutely seems like Astra is now on Nicola’s side and will do anything to help. The fact that she is going to assist in getting Karine and Mireille to help Nicola is fantastic. Did I mention I really like Astra? :)

    Joanne was once again fantastic. Her loyalty to Nicola was on display as she offered to kick Allegra’s ass, and wanted to be treated like a slave while worshipping Nicola’s feet. This line, in response to Nicola saying that she cares too much and thus is weak, was terrific. “Fuck that! It’s what makes you strong Nicola and why we care about you like we do. No one wants a dominant who is only self-serving, shallow and spiteful.” Did I mention I really admire Joanne? :)

    Then there is the beautiful Henrietta. “Nicola and I are like family now, I love her as my sister and would do anything for her. Being her slave though is one of the most fulfilling desires I have and she is happy to oblige me with her attention.” Wonderfully said. “When I first met you, I desired you in every way possible. In some ways I still do but our relationship is too important for me to jeopardise in that way now. I want to be your sister, your friend and from a sexual viewpoint your slave. I don’t think it would work between us if we were to become lovers. My worry is then if that didn’t work we would lose everything.” While she is right to be concerned, I think if Nicola completely let go of Chris in her heart then this concern would evaporate. Until then, though, what they have together is very special indeed.

    And now I will circle back to Nicola. While meeting Chris was an important event in her life, the penultimate moment in her destiny was at that French bakery where she first met Henrietta and the lacrosse students. I think Nicola would be completely lost without Hen in her life, and now she has a loving and devoted slave/sister in her – as well as true friends in Anita, Sarah, Joanne, and Astra. Instead of being broken and alone, her life is filling up with amazing women who adore her and love her. This is called fate, and is exactly what the divine goddess Nicola deserves. :)

    The entire night was magical. This beautiful paragraph sums it up perfectly.

    All our flesh intertwined as they writhed and squirmed over my body to exert their pleasures on me. I have never felt so sexually adored and my body was in pure raptures, as Astra rubbed my body and licked my pussy whilst Joanne massaged my feet and legs then sucked my toes. Their moans were as loud as mine, as Henrietta sucked hard at Joanne’s pussy and played with Astra. My two Amazonian princesses and I had multiple orgasms before we collapsed like a house of cards into a well of post-orgasmic bliss.

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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