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Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by wildyone, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Hi OneAuthor,

    Thank you for your excellent comments and thoughts once again!

    - Your first paragraph is really a brilliant summary - as you rightly say Nicola is finding a 'third way' all by herself as she comes to understand more of what makes her tick. In fact, it is those around her that are helping her understand more of who she is and perhaps more importantly what she can be.

    - Your use of the word 'spell' is actually quite telling as you will see in the future.

    - It is the choices she makes and the flexibility she shows that really separates her from the others - when to be charming and when to be brutal as you say. Her energy and strength come from different sources than just plain power though of course she finds that overtly sexual and cannot help but succumb to her dominant when others bow to her.

    - Joanne shows a much warming caring side herself in this chapter and it is clear she really thinks a lot of Nicola - she has also obviously influenced Astra (who was quite sceptical when arriving) which would no doubt have been a catalyst to the events that unfolded.

    - Astra despite her strength clearly has a heart of gold herself and is perhaps why she wants to be sure of Nicola's intentions before showing more of her true self - she talks later about people trying to exploit her and therefore has every reason to challenge Nicola. I really love the anti-Constance observation which really is very accurate as we see things at the moment - though perhaps we need to discover more of Constance's motives before writing her off completely.

    - Your point about Astra being the one you would want as a friend is a lovely point and perhaps just the stroke of luck that Nicola needed in her life?

    - You then start to touch upon Astra's influence and the fact she will use that to help Nicola - I love the way she says that merely mentioning Nicola as a friend will be enough. There is clearly a story in it's own right in this woman.

    - The quote you chose to illustrate why Joanne cares so much for Nicola was perfect. Nicola is a dominant who cares and also someone you can trust. A rare find - no wonder she is in high demand.

    - The two quotes from Henrietta also have a lot of depth - the first is quite centred on herself and how much she gets out of the relationship with Nicola. Saying this to Joanne and Astra immediately dispels any notion that the slavery is non-consensual but more than that something truly wonderful which no doubt would have got Astra wondering. The second quote shows from Henrietta's perspective that she cannot be enough for Nicola as a lover which we will explore in a lot more depth later. Secondly, she would not want to sacrifice her slavery for a relationship of sorts. Whether this concern would evapourate altogether with Chris gone from Nicola's life altogether we don't know yet but the way things are going there that avenue may well open up. Certainly, Nicola is raising questions and sexual desires for Hen which are also confusing matters further...

    - A lovely reference back to the chance visit to the French Bakery - it just goes to show how much in life can depend on very simple choices and events. Your mention of this as fate and what she deserves is very touching...now if only she could reconcile things with Chris...

    - The final sexual encounter is really something with almost everyone getting something out of it - especially when we consider Hen's little treat before bedtime ;-)

    Thanks once again for your support my friend, I appreciate it very much

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  3. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Chapter 54 – The Worst Of Enemies

    We all slept in separate beds in the end last night. Grace was so pissed with Aurelia she went in the spare bedroom at the end of the hall that Aurelia had invited me to that night a while back. Aurelia decided to let Grace cool off so took the master bedroom and I went in my usual room.

    When I got up the house was quiet so I made my way downstairs and started to prepare breakfast. I decided to keep the old routine and just hope that Aurelia would figure things out when she got up. However it went, I was going to stay in slave mode until I could be sure what was going to happen.

    As I whistled away to myself preparing the bacon and eggs an immense pain hit me between my legs. I dropped the spatula and crumpled on the floor yelping in pain. As I turned around I could see Grace stood above me still barefoot in her nightdress. She had kicked me hard in the nuts from behind and unprepared as I was, I took the full force.

    “I don’t know what you have got to be happy about this morning cunt! You have just made a lifelong enemy out of me and I intend to make your life hell on earth. Let’s be clear here, I didn’t like you before, I never have. Just because I used you for my own pleasure it doesn’t mean I didn’t think you were a conniving backstabbing piece of shit. It turns out that that is exactly what you are.”

    She paused and placed her foot on my chest then pushed me down hard into the corner of the kitchen units onto the tiled floor.

    “I should never have agreed with Beth to allow you into this house in the first place. I knew you would snivel and worm your way out of the shit we were doing to you. At first, it was fun abusing you, hell when we started pissing on you and throwing salt in your eyes I was even starting to enjoy the prospect of having you around but how quickly things have changed. How the fuck did you manage to turn Aurelia against me?” Grace said in a quiet firm voice so as not to wake Aurelia.

    “I didn’t turn her against you, Grace. She still really cares about you. Please ask her.” I said.

    Grace then lifted her foot and started slamming it down on my chest and face hard. I raised my hands but only managed to deflect a couple of the stamps before she paused again with her foot on my chest.

    “You are a fucking liar, cunt! The way she kissed you last night wasn’t a chance thing. It meant something to her. You have been scheming and plotting behind my back to win her over. You must think I was born yesterday. Argh!”

    She then placed her foot on my face and pushed me hard into the tiled floor forcing down with all her body weight. I tried to push back against her but the anger and sadness in her body were giving her three times her normal strength.

    “Please Grace, you are really hurting me. I am sorry.” I pleaded.

    “Stop calling me Grace. I am your owner and I will abuse you however I see fit. You will call me goddess just like before. Don’t think also that I am stupid enough to leave nasty marks on you so you can go whining and complain to Aurelia about me. I am too fucking smart for that. All my abuse will be deniable so you can’t use it against me.” She added releasing some of the pressure on my face.

    “So this is how things are going to work cunt. Number one.” She then stamped on my face hard before saying; “I will get you alone as much as I can then fuck you up for my own satisfaction and pleasure. The more difficult you make it for me the worst it’s going to be when it happens.”

    “Number two.” She then stamped on my face twice hard. “You will start distancing yourself from Aurelia slowly so she doesn’t suspect anything and let her know she is too good for you, which of course she is. If she is stupid enough to try and hold onto you then you will disrespect her, undermine her and generally fuck her off until she wants to be rid of you anyway.”

    “Finally number three.” Grace stamped onto my face twice then paused to look at my confused face before she drew her leg back and slammed it into my balls again. I shrieked as she placed it back on my face and pushed me down again.

    “You will not say one word to Aurelia about any of this. If she even hints at me she suspects our arrangement I will take a knife and slit your throat while you sleep. Is that clear enough for you cunt?”

    This really wasn’t the time for debate with Grace. Her threats looked all too genuine and I could only hope she would simmer down quickly or I was genuinely in a lot of danger. I needed to get away from her and have a think. I also needed to cool it a little with Aurelia so as not to fuel Grace’s anger any further.

    “Yes, it is clear, goddess,” I said nursing my pain.

    Grace then collapsed her body on top of me then pulled her nightdress up so her pussy was directly above my mouth. I thought she was going to ask me to kiss it until I felt the strong warm flow of her urine flow all over my face.

    “Choke on it you fucking nasty deceitful cunt!” She snarled as the piss quickly filled up my mouth and started flowing up my nose and into my eyes causing me to splutter and cough. I started flailing trying to escape but Grace pinned my arms hard by my side with all her might of which there was plenty at this moment.

    “I said choke on it cunt. You are going nowhere until I am finished.” She cackled. “If you want to breathe, drink it.”

    I drank what I could to open my airways but the long night built a store I could not handle the pace of. I kept choking and gagging while she held me down until after about thirty seconds it started to abate, allowing me to breathe again. I stopped pushing and she relaxed on me a little.

    “Enjoy that cunt?” She sneered.

    “Sorry goddess, I didn’t no,” I replied.

    “Good, then that’s at least one way I will be making you suffer because it won’t be sniffing feet and wanking off that you get, well unless I want you sniffing feet for my own pleasure. But trust me you will never orgasm again if I have anything to do with it. Oh yes and I remember you hate been arse fucked right? Put that on my to-do list as well. You should just thank your lucky stars I wouldn’t shit on you otherwise that would be happening too. That’s just too fucking nasty. Hmm, that does give me an idea though.”

    Grace then got up and removed her nightdress then threw the piss soaked garment into my face. “Clean this, then get a move on with my breakfast, I will take it in bed this morning and you will feed me. Aurelia’s will be left outside her room to go cold and you will make some lame excuse as to why. If you do what I have ordered to the letter then I will use toilet paper this morning instead of your tongue. Get to it!”

    Grace then left thank goodness. I thought after going through the hell of last night things might just start picking up for me, well as long as I stayed out of the way of Constance that is. What I failed to see is that winning Aurelia over was going to turn Grace really nasty and against me. Fucking hell, when will I get a break?

    I cleaned the kitchen and myself up quickly before I made the breakfasts and then put one tray on the floor outside Aurelia’s door as instructed. I then tapped lightly so Grace wouldn’t be able to hear until I heard Aurelia stir and ask who it was. I then dashed back to collect the other tray and headed to the spare room where Grace had slept.

    As I entered she was still on top of her bed naked with her arms and legs crossed. She eyed me as I brought the tray across to her on my knees. Her face had every bit as much anger and vitriol as when she assaulted me in the kitchen so I knew I needed to be very careful. I then set the tray down and waited for her.

    “Did you do as I ordered?” She asked

    “Yes, I did goddess,” I replied.

    “Go and lock the door then bring me back the key cunt,” she ordered.

    Fuck that wasn’t good I thought. What was she going to do? I decided defiance wasn’t my best course of action before I knew where I was with Aurelia, so did as I was told. With the key in her hand, she then slapped me hard across the face.

    “Thank me, cunt,” she snarled.

    “Thank you goddess,” I said dejectedly.

    She then slapped me really hard again in the same place. “Not nearly good enough cunt. Thank me I said.”

    I took a deep breath, I really needed to hang in there, as Grace was winding me up something chronic and I was starting to lose it with her. My sense was that she was goading me into a reaction and if I launched on her she would use it against me to force a wedge between Aurelia and me.

    “Thank you goddess, for gracing my face with your hand. I am sure I fully deserved that.” I then kissed her hand for good measure.

    “Don’t fucking kiss me cunt until I order you too.” She slapped me again and laughed in my face. “What a fucking absolute piece of crap you are. How anyone can see you as anything other than a shit stain is anyone’s guess.”

    Grace then pinched my nose really hard and shook my face causing my eyes to water. She then slapped me yet again.

    “Look at that, you are crying just because I gave you a little slap and pinched your piggy nose. Pathetic, that’s what you are, utter scum. Now feed me, cunt,” she sneered.

    Fucking hell this woman was doing my head in. Her petty tortures and verbal berating were really grating me. I so wanted to punch her in the face like I did with Constance though with Grace I would probably put her out cold. I took another deep breath and cut up some food before holding it up towards her mouth.

    She picked up her phone and started tapping away on it leaving the food on the end of the fork and me with my arm stretched out holding it. I started to withdraw the food at one point before she raised her leg threatening to kick me in the face, “Move that one inch more and my sole will be kicking your face across the room cunt.”

    As I replaced the fork close to her mouth she went back to her phone. Final, y after about five minutes she looked at me and then within seconds added a very impatient, “Well?”

    I placed the fork to her mouth and she bit the bacon off and started chewing. Moments later she said, “Come here cunt.”

    Come where? I was already kneeling beside her. I shuffled a little closer more confused than anything. She then spat the chewed up bacon into my face through her closed lips so it sprayed right across me.

    “It’s fucking cold you inconsiderate cunt. Get me another forkful now or I will bust your balls again,” she snarled.

    I grabbed another forkful and placed it up towards her mouth. She then turned away and went back to her phone. Fucking bitch! I thought about cleaning my face but knew she would only use that as leverage for another slap so sat there waiting like a first class idiot. When she eventually took the bacon from the fork she spat it into my face in much the same way as before.

    “You know what cunt? Your breakfasts are shit and you are even worse. You are not even capable of the simple task of feeding a goddess without fucking up at every turn. I will feed myself while you sniff my arse and you better please me or it will be toilet paper time for you.” Grace laughed as she pulled the tray away and placed it on the top of the bed before lying on her front just below it.

    “Arsehole, nose, now!” was all she said.

    Good god, this was getting worse by the minute. I looked quickly into her arse and could see it looked pretty clean, though I knew she hadn’t showered yet. I shivered a little thinking how bad this was going to be.

    “5…4…3…” Grace started to count me down.

    I had to act or take the consequences

    “2…” She said in a hanging threatening tone.

    I took a deep breath then pushed my nose into her arse cheeks.

    “I said arsehole not arse. Spread my cheeks and get right in there, cunt. 5…4…3...” Grace growled.

    I parted her cheeks and planted my nose on her arsehole. Almost immediately as I did she let rip with an enormous fart right into my face.

    “Ahh that’s better, another few seconds and you would have missed it. I have been holding that one a while. Bet if fucking stinks too!” She started laughing to herself as she ate her breakfast and browsed her phone.

    “Right get back in there I have another one ready for you shit sniffer,” she laughed again.

    There was then a loud knock at the door, which really couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank goodness I thought.

    Grace span over quickly and got back under the sheets, she then placed the tray on her lap and beckoned me over. When I was near her she wiped my face of the bacon spits and then onto my trousers before saying, “One word and you will never have a good nights sleep again cunt. Get the door now.”

    I got up and went to the door before unlocking and opening it.

    Aurelia entered and then said, “Smells pretty fucking bad in here slave, open the window.”

    Grace stifled her giggle, as I opened the window. She then added, “Probably this breakfast, it was shit.”

    “Mine was ok Grace, didn’t you have the bacon and eggs too?” Aurelia said.

    “Well yes. So you had yours then?” Grace said looking at me infuriated.

    “Well it was left outside my door for some reason but yes I did.” Aurelia replied looking puzzled.

    Aurelia wanted to give Grace a full interrogation as to what was going on. Clearly she suspected something but given Grace was still very upset at what happened last night she let it go and just opened with a general question to test the waters.

    “So you had Chris in here feeding you breakfast then Grace?” Aurelia asked.

    The use of my name cut the atmosphere into a deep suffocating silence. Grace looked even angrier now and Aurelia picked up on that straight away.

    “Well, I am glad you found a use for our slave Grace. We will need to ensure he does a better job with your breakfast tomorrow if today’s was wide of the mark.” Aurelia replied looking at me to gauge my reaction.

    I kept my head down not wanting to give anything away at this point, which maybe looked suspicious, but given how well Aurelia could read my mind any eye contact would have been curtains for me.

    “Yes, he better do a fucking good job.” Grace started before realizing how angry she was sounding and adjusted her tone before continuing, “I had to slap his face as well after he said Constance was the most powerful dominant he had ever served.”

    “Did he now?” Aurelia said looking at me angrily.

    You lying tramp Grace I thought not looking at either of them and she had the nerve to call be deceitful.

    “So what have you to say for yourself slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “I am sorry, goddess,” I said as the painful utterances left my reluctant lips.

    “Grace would you slap this worthless fucker a few more times for me please?” Aurelia said.

    Grace leapt out of bed forgetting she was still naked and launched into my face with a volley of hard slaps. I went down on the fourth one so she kicked me twice in the ribs for good measure. As I lay there rolling around in pain Aurelia said, “Have you finished?”

    Grace looked at Aurelia realizing she had overplayed her hand and shown too much of her true feelings.

    “Look, Aurelia, I am sorry, it’s just that I am still a little upset after last night. Can you forgive me?” Grace said.

    A little upset? Aurelia forgive her? What the fuck about me?

    “Slave get the fuck out and go make Grace another breakfast. Make it the best you have ever made or you will answer to my crop.” Aurelia snarled.

    Grace then smiled and got back on the bed. She then opened her arms and beckoned Aurelia to join her. As I exited I glanced back and saw Grace looking over Aurelia’s shoulder at me. She had an evil smirk on her face that said this wasn’t going to be the end of her games.


    When I returned with Grace’s second breakfast, which was arguably my finest, Aurelia was sat up in bed and Grace was lying across her lap as she played with her hair. They were in conversation but stopped as I entered.

    I placed the tray on the bed and Aurelia grabbed the fork without acknowledging me and started to feed Grace. Grace touched Aurelia’s cheek to show it made her happy and Aurelia smiled at her. Aurelia then spoke to me whilst she looked at Grace and fed her.

    “Listen slave, Grace and I have decided we need a little time to think things through what with last night and everything,” Aurelia said.

    “Of course goddess I understand,” I said.

    “As such Grace will continue to sleep in this room for a few days and you will see to her needs each morning and every evening before bed. She has requested this and I am happy to agree, as it will give you two time to work things out. Grace feels that’s what you need anyway.” Aurelia said without looking at me once.

    Had she have looked at me she would have seen the sheer horror on my face knowing I was going to serve Grace and her fiendish orders one on one for the foreseeable future. Grace looked at me and smiled like a Cheshire cat before licking her lips to signify that I was in for a rough ride.

    Again it was not the time or place for a showdown and Aurelia had already decided what was going to happen anyway so if I challenged it now I would be fucking Grace off and defying Aurelia’s orders. I simply had to wait until I had the chance to discuss things with Aurelia later in her office.

    After about another ten minutes of me kneeling beside them while Aurelia fed Grace there was movement, which gathered my attention.

    “Why don’t you go and take your bath Aurelia, our slave can finish feeding me then we can walk to work together, ok?” Grace said.

    “Sure Grace love. Just let me know if you need anything ok? Oh and don’t worry if you need to blow a little steam off on our slave here to work things out of your system. He can handle it.” Aurelia said smiling at me before she then left.

    Brilliant, those words were literally a fucking death sentence for me. What the hell was Aurelia doing to me? Perhaps she simply didn’t know how cruel Grace could be? I really needed to speak with her as soon as possible.

    As Aurelia left the door clicked shut and Grace just looked at me with an evil grin holding the key aloft. Realising what I had to do I crawled over and took the key before locking the door again. I then looked around and Grace was back naked on top of the bed sneering at me. She then extended her finger and beckoned me over.

    When I got to her bedside she said, “How fucking beautiful is that? I have you all to myself every morning and evening now cunt, and the best bit is that Aurelia wants me to blow off some steam to work things out of my system. Well now luckily for you I still have a lot of steam in my tummy having held it in for a good thirty minutes and it’s just about time to work it out of my system shit sniffer. So lay on the bed here for me.” Grace snarled as she pointed to the bed.

    I just had to get this done somehow without being sick so I crawled onto the bed whilst she positioned herself above me pinning my arms by my side and hovering her arse just in front of my face. She then reached across the bed and gathered a bed sock before stuffing it in my mouth.

    “That’s better arse boy. We don’t want too much noise out of you whilst I give you my attention do we?” She then punched my stomach hard and I shouted into the sock.

    “Fuck!” I shouted.

    “Perfect, I can hardly hear you, so that means nobody else will. Now before when I told you to sniff my arse you didn’t really get that worthless nose of yours anywhere near deep enough for me. Now you are under me I am controlling how deep you go.” She then giggled.

    “With that sock in your mouth that nose is all you have separating you between breathing and suffocation. Let’s see how that works out for you shall we?” Grace said then slammed her arse onto my face and wriggled until my nose was halfway up her hole.

    “Perfect, now let’s see what I have cooking in here for you cunt,” Grace said and started wiggling.

    I was rapidly running out of breath at this point and trying to break free. “Oh feels like you are ready for a breath cunt. Here why don’t you take one on me.” Grace said and lifted slightly.

    As I desperately tried to fill my lungs with air she let out another enormous blast of air into my face and then laughed hysterically. “I fucking love this little game. Maybe I have a dirtier mind than I give myself credit for. As I said before I find this kind of thing quite repulsive but doing it to you feels rather appropriate given how despicable and nasty I find you. Maybe I will use you as my waste disposal after all?” Grace said.

    I screamed into the sock and started writhing and resisting as much as I could. “Oh, you really don’t like that idea do you slave?”

    No, I fucking don’t Grace you vile bitch. Get the fuck off me and stop this depraved torture I thought.

    “Ok stop resisting now or I will do just that cunt. Now!” Grace threatened and I stopped immediately.

    She then added, “One more for luck then,” before lifting herself and blasting into my face and laughing again. The smell was utterly repulsive.

    She then wriggled a little more before getting up off me. I jumped up off the bed and I really wanted to punch her and it took every bit of resolve not to. I even bit my lip to stifle the volley of abuse I had ready to launch at her.

    “You look kind of upset cunt. I would feel sorry for you but frankly, I don’t give a fuck. In fact, the more miserable you are the happier I will be. We have an inverse relationship. Yeah, I like that.” She then paused in thought before proceeding

    “So now I am learning what you really hate I am going to look forward to our time together so much more. I am going to wear my super nasty socks today and if you are a good cunt and do what I tell you I may let you sniff them. If not however then you will be enjoying the delights of my arse again or I will be enjoying yours with a strap-on.” She then laughed.

    “Now thank me for abusing you, then fuck off. Your ugly face makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.” Grace sneered.

    “Thank you goddess for your attention,” I murmured then started to leave.

    “Oi, cunt, take my plate!” Grace said and threw it at me hitting me square in the back. Fucking hell that hurt. She laughed again just to grate on me as I picked it up and left. Thank fuck that was over.


    I walked behind Grace and Aurelia as we made our way to work. Luckily I had managed to find time to shower before I left to remove the nastiness that Grace had done to my face but it was at the expense of eating breakfast.

    As I looked at Aurelia holding Grace’s hand it was like last night never happened. Surely I wasn’t dreaming? She did kiss me and tell me she loves me before then fucking my brains out. It must have, as why would Grace be so fucked off with me? I felt like I was going crazy with all the shit I was dealing with in my life.

    When we got to the office Aurelia gave Grace a kiss on the lips and bid her a good day. Grace looked back at me and whispered, “See you later cunt. Don’t miss me too much.” She then left and I followed Aurelia to her office.

    When we were inside I closed the door and as I went to speak Aurelia put her finger in the air stopping me dead in my tracks. She then went and sat down and put her feet up on her desk.

    “Ok Chris, let me summarise for you. Grace is fucked off because we kissed in front of her last night and she is blaming you for taking me away from her. You being a submissive are too shit scared to do anything to stop her in case you piss me off so you are submitting to her abuse which I am guessing is pretty horrendous knowing her like I do and now you want to plead for my intervention.” Aurelia said.

    I stood there with my mouth agape. “Did I miss anything?” Aurelia added.

    “Only why you are letting it happen in the first place,” I said

    “Well, I thought that would have been obvious. I love Grace and still want her as a friend in my life. You and her need to figure stuff out between yourselves. I am not going to take sides just because I love you. We are in a female-led relationship here which means you do what I want all the time and I only do what you want when it suits me.” Aurelia said matter of fact.

    As I tried to speak again she raised her finger and I stopped.

    “Rub my feet while I listen to you explain how confused you are,” Aurelia said.

    Fucking hell, she was in my head again and I really needed this conversation to go well if I was going to cope with the days ahead. I knelt at her desk and removed her black flat shoes to reveal her bare feet and black toenail polish. The smell of her feet immediately hit me as I did and arousal started to cloud my mind further.

    “I thought a little treat for my lover was in order to make up for what I was putting you through with Grace. Give them a good long sniff for me slave.”

    “Slave?” I said.

    “Oh yes, we need to have that conversation as well, don’t we? Well just because I love you and fuck you it doesn’t change the fact that you will still be my slave when I want and for as long as I want. If I call you Chris you may assume I am engaging you as my lover and soul mate and you may address me as such. If I call you slave then you are to be totally servile to me in every way and I mean totally! There will be no questions, delays, maybes or doubts. What I order is what you will do. I expect 110% loyalty, devotion and love for your goddess just like last night. There will not be any debate on what I have just said, I am simply stating the facts of your life from this point forward.” Aurelia said as I tried to process all this information.

    She then went on, “I will lead on all role definitions and changes you will simply follow accordingly. Any transgressions will incur my full wrath. This arrangement means I can allow you to be a part of my dominant life and those in it will see you only as a slave. Privately you will see the real me, as and when I allow, like before. Let’s just be clear though I won't have you blackmailing me with emotions like last night, trying to win me over. That has happened and now we are one together for always. You are mine now and I will never let you go. So if you try that shit I will just simply fuck you up badly, as you know I love you so I will assume you are just being disloyal or disrespectful to my dominant.”

    “Any questions? I thought not.” She said all in one swift free-flowing movement, “Now get back to your reward, my feet are drying out and I want that sweat on your tongue and up your nose where it belongs slave. By the way and for the avoidance of doubt at work you will almost always be my slave.”

    “May I just kiss you once before I do? The door is shut and no one can see. I just really need to feel your love.” I said.

    Aurelia got up and slapped me hard across the face knocking me to the floor right on the area that Grace had been so trigger-happy on this morning.

    “Did I not make myself absolutely fucking clear? This is your last fucking chance now slave, do that again and I will beat you so fucking hard you will doubt just how much I do love you.” Aurelia said.

    “I am sorry, goddess. It’s just all so new to me and I will adjust I promise. I do worship you and I will show you loyalty, respect and love as your slave. I understand I must wait until you signal we are soul mates before I ask you such a question. I will in the meantime hold my feelings inside so as not to embarrass you. I need to look past my own needs and remain focused on yours.” I said.

    “Hmm, well ok. I was going to revoke your foot sniffing privileges as a lesson but that was a pretty good show of understanding and loyalty so you may proceed.” Aurelia said.

    I crawled back up to the desk and placed my nose on her foot just under the base of her toes and took a gentle sniff. I immediately got a surge in my crotch and moaned a little, as it started to enchant me. As I started to submit to the power of her feet over me I thought that at least with the last mistake I made she didn’t whip me with her crop. Furthermore, she had allowed me to recover the situation and even allowed me to keep my reward. Aurelia was indeed a much softer and kinder creature, even if to others it might not seem so.

    Aurelia could see I was getting very horny now and was smiling to herself at how much I loved her feet.

    “Lucky for you I am a considerate goddess and didn’t wash them eh slave? My boots last night were terrible for locking in the sweat. If I were you I would be trying to get me back in those very soon!” She then chuckled teasingly.

    I giggled back, I loved the little teases she had recently started doing to me. It kind of reminded me of…never mind I thought and parked that in the back of my memory.

    I was getting really near to needing to finish now and was starting to wonder how I was going to avoid making a mess. As I looked up Aurelia threw a bunch of tissues down into my face and laughed.

    I gathered them up quickly then got my cock out and placed them in a crumpled bundle of the tissues I had made. Moments later I was exploding into the tissues and stifling my screams as my face went bright red and coloured clouds rained overhead.

    “Mmm, I felt that one slave. Now I have a stronger connection to you I feel more of what you feel. We will have to play with that more. Put my shoes on now I need to go and see Beth.” Aurelia demanded as I cleaned myself up.

    “You will spend the morning working with Laura, Sophia and Julia in their partition though I will be requiring Sophia and Laura to present their work a little later,” Aurelia said starting to leave.

    Oh fuck perfect. I had already had a gutful of Grace this morning, now I was going to spend the rest with the junior hate group and by the sound of it more time with Julia. I knew I couldn’t start winging again to Aurelia especially as she was leaving to go to Beth’s so I decided to just man up and do the best I could.
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    wildyone Member

    Chapter 55 – Remote Control

    I made my way down to the Junior’s partition and I found them in much the same positions as the day before. Laura was sat on the left and Sophia on the right with her feet on Julia’s shoulders. Laura and Sophia were looking just as smart as the day before clearly dressed up for their big meeting with Beth and Aurelia.

    Laura was in a navy blue dress with a white collar and blue neck scarf. On her feet were matching navy blue flat shoes with blue nylons. Sophia was much more colourful in an orange dress with red hem and neckline together with orange nylons and red ankle boots. She had a pair of orange sunglasses on her head to finish the look.

    Julia, on the other hand, looked like she was wearing the same black dress as yesterday though her tan stockings didn’t have holes this time, she was still without shoes and they had picked up a lot of grime from the floor.

    “Well look who it is. Glutton for punishment is back.” Laura said as I arrived, which immediately put me on guard.

    “Hi goddesses.” I said cheerily trying to calm the atmosphere. “I came to see if I could help out in any way? I understand that you have a meeting with Beth today, which is great and only what you deserve. Perhaps I can do some work for you while you are gone?”

    “I tell you what, how about you shut the fuck up and listen for a second bitch.” Sophia said. “You came here because we own you and you are our slave to do what the fuck we want with. Second our meeting with Beth is none of your fucking business and finally, of course, you will work for us when we are gone in between serving Julia.”

    Fucking hell, that just went from 60 to 0 in a matter of seconds I thought. Realising I was already done for I headed for another table trying to somehow avoid any further conflict.

    “Where the fuck are you going, boy? Get on your knees before me now!” Laura shouted.

    Realising I was just going to have to do what she asked unless I wanted Julia to go psycho on me again I smiled then got on my knees in front of Laura.

    “What the fuck are you smiling about clown? Give me your phone now!” Laura said.

    I wanted to ask why but knew that would either be a ball-breaking question or a broken phone response, neither of which I wanted, so just handed it over. Laura then snatched it away from me before tapping away on it followed by hers. She then threw the phone back at me and laughed.

    I picked the phone up and looked through to see what had happened but couldn’t find anything different. I looked back up at her and she just smiled. Moments later I got a text.

    “It’s your perfect storm here cunt, tell my bitches they are to abuse you on my behalf today.”

    Constance! So Laura had sent my number to her. Fucking bitch.

    “What does it say, boy?” Laura asked and Sophia smirked.

    “It just says Constance has my number.” I lied

    “You better not be lying to us foot bitch,” Sophia said.

    I smiled and said, “No goddess, I wouldn’t do that. Anyway, why does Constance want my number?”

    “Don’t change the subject. Let me check what she did send you.” Sophia said picking up her phone and looking through it. She then showed Laura who shook her head forebodingly.

    How the hell did she know what the text said? It was to my phone, unless they had set up some kind of redirection or something. Either way I was in deep shit for lying now. Fuck!

    “So you lied by leaving out that you were to give us a message to abuse you today on her behalf then bitch?” Sophia asked.

    “Look I am really sorry, I have been getting abuse all morning and I just needed a little break to get myself together. Please let me do some work for you instead. I beg you.” I said.

    “Oh, you beg us. Well, let’s see this begging then bitch.” Sophia said.

    This was going to be humiliating and potentially fruitless but I had to try, as any relief from what Constance had labelled abuse had to be worth a shot. Just knowing these women were in league with her was enough to worry me.

    “Please goddesses. I beg of you to show leniency towards me. I will be a loyal hard working slave and do my utmost to ensure your careers really get the benefit of my full knowledge and experience. Please take pity on me knowing I am already being harshly treated even before I get to work.” I said.

    Sophia and Laura sat in silence as I finished which rather unsettled me more than them reacting in any way. I then got another text.

    “Fucking pathetic cunt. Double the abuse girls!”

    I looked back at them just in time to see them put their phones back in their pockets and smile back at me with evil intent. Constance somehow had heard everything I said and now Laura and Sophia had instructions to go even harder to me.

    I shuffled back into the corner as they arose. “Get up Julia, I want you to help us teach this piece of shit a lesson in pain.” Julia smiled and got to her feet. The three of them then surrounded me.

    “Constance wants a picture of your face just before we fuck you up. She calls it the moment before the storm breaks and said you would understand.” Sophia said and took a picture of me kneeling below them in fear with her camera phone. She then added, “Stop trembling you stupid fucker, you will blur the picture.” They then all laughed.

    I would have joined in their laughter had I not known what was coming. Sophia was the first to throw a kick out at me. The sole of her red ankle boot snapped against by cheek and threw my head into the wall like some kind of martial art stunt. I was so dazed and confused from this point that the volley of kicks to my head, shoulders and stomach were not even discernable though the pain certainly was. Within thirty seconds I was beaten and broken on the floor curled up begging them to stop.

    “Fuck that felt good.” Laura then commented. “Pity he’s so weak and cowardly I could have done with a longer session, but then I don’t want to be all sweaty for my meeting with Beth later.”

    Sophia then added, “Ok we are done with you for now.” Then took another picture for Constance to show their handiwork before adding, “You have 2 minutes to crawl over here and be our foot stool before we send Julia back to beat on you some more.”

    I took the first minute to gather myself and assess the damage. Given the ferocity of the kicks I was surprised they didn’t break anything but I did look pretty badly bruised, especially around my ribs. I then crawled over to kneel next to Julia whilst Sophia and Laura put their feet up on my back.

    “How long we got hun?” Sophia asked Laura

    “Oh about another forty minutes or so,” Laura responded.

    “Well look I know Constance only wants us to inflict pain on the runt here but I still like making him worship my feet. So if I do are you going to grass me up?” Sophia asked.

    “Knock yourself out. I might even do the same, that way you don’t have to worry right?” Laura replied.

    “Perfect! Ok Julia, move around so we can put our legs across your back and prop up our feet, then we are going to have foot bitch here sniff and lick them for us.” Sophia said looking a little excited now.

    Julia was positively pissed off. She loved foot worship and was now going to be a pouffe for the goddesses while I worshipped them, instead of the other way around, like yesterday. She looked at me with eyes of hate as she got into position and I cringed knowing I would be alone with the psycho bitch later.

    “Er, perhaps Julia can join in with worshipping your feet goddesses. It doesn’t really seem fair leaving her out.” I said trying to dampen her anger.

    “Do you want another good kicking fucker?” Laura asked.

    “Sorry goddess no,” I said.

    “Then shut the fuck up and do as you are told or else,” Laura said.

    Just then I got another text. As I looked up at Laura who had read it ahead of me she said, ”Read it, boy.”

    I picked my phone up and read Constance’s text, “My kick boxing students did a good job on you don’t you think?”

    I then looked back to Sophia who was laughing, “Oh yeah we forgot to say Constance has had us in kick boxing classes almost every night. She wants to turn us in fighting machines as she says you will need regular pain sessions to teach you not to be such a depraved cunt. Well answer the text then foot bitch.”

    Knowing they would see my reply I responded, “Yes they are much more expert at kicking already Constance. Good job!”

    Laura shook her head when reading it, “You really are a dumb fuck aren’t you boy?”

    Seconds later a reply came, “DON’T FUCKING PATRONISE ME CUNT!”

    Then another, “And it’s Your Majesty to you cunt. Oh, I wish you were here with me right now.”

    I felt sick to my stomach. The constant reminders of violence and threats from Constance were occupying my thoughts more and more. Now she had access to my phone I was sure she would get to fuck with me even more now. I decided to wait until later and discuss it with Aurelia, as I was sure she would be interested in Constance’s threats even if she wasn’t about Grace.

    “Well at least while you are still alive make yourself useful and take my boots off slave,” Sophia said. “You know I still remember the day you came into the shop like it was yesterday. That day changed my life you know. I was instantly turned on by the whole power thing, I guess that’s what comes of having to do what lame arse store managers want all day.”

    She then went on, “Now you can know what it feels like to serve me as your boss. Ok bitch, they don’t smell as bad as they did when we first met but like all good goddesses, I keep enough scent in them to control your world. Get those boots off now!”

    I slowly removed her boots and as I leaned forward to place them by her side she smeared her foot across my face pasting it with sweat. “Oh, they are a little nastier than I expected. Must be all that kicking slave, does it smell as bad as it feels?”

    “I guess so goddess,” I said still distracted by Constance’s threats and the pain my ribs.

    “Well don’t guess, get your nose in there and know for sure.” She giggled.

    I did as she ordered and placed my nose into her orange nylons, they were a little dirty but nothing too bad. The smell, however, was quite potent and caught me off guard, as she was indicating they weren’t as bad as in the shop. I would say they were probably worse. Maybe it was the boots?

    Sophia giggled when she saw my nose wrinkle, “Oooh I felt that one. Maybe I lied and they fucking stink! But isn’t that what you most love about me, foot bitch? The fact I am so adorable and beautiful, yet I keep my feet so deliciously foul just to punish you?”

    The smell was really turning me on despite how bad it was, Sophia had this way of teasing me whilst she humiliated me, which really hit all my arousal triggers. She also enjoyed the power it gave her over me and was much more prone to making me finish to prove she could than Laura who probably subscribed more to Constance’s view that I should be left in denial.

    “Tell me how much you love my nasty little toes bitch,” Sophia cooed reeling me in further.

    I was really getting turned on now and wondering why they had to beat the fuck out of me first. But then I guess that was more Constance’s influence since it had only really started since she came on the scene. I closed my eyes and sniffed her nylons again and a flash of excitement shot through my crotch causing me to shiver.

    “Oh goddess, you are truly beautiful and your pretty feet are so enchanting. I think you have always known you have power over me since you first had me under your feet back in the changing cubicle. I am powerless to resist you and it is always a pleasure to serve you in this way.” I said.

    “Oh, that feels good bitch. Carry on. Your grovelling and bouquets are getting me all horny.” Sophia said starting to touch herself.

    Laura was looking pissed off she was now essentially queuing for my attention whilst Julia was pulling a face that said she was going to kill me outright. I couldn’t deal with their insecurities right now I was enjoying this too much. I decided to really ramp it up for Sophia as she was clearly enjoying my attention and it may give me some leverage to stop them beating on me or at least from doing everything Constance told them to.

    “Goddess Sophia, you are without a doubt one of the most captivating and alluring women I have ever had the fortune to worship. Your ravishing body, superb confidence and intellect, captivating aura and irresistible power would easily crush any resistance I could put before you. But I don’t want to resist, I actually want to respect your authority and fully submit to you as I know it is my place when in your divine presence. Please accept my worshipping of your feet as a sign of my devotion and affection for you.” I then started licking her soles and sucking her toes through the nylons. The taste really wasn’t so good as the smell for my arousal but I knew it would do more for her. Seeing her groan and play with herself whilst her face blushed told me everything I needed to know.

    To say Laura and Julia were angry at this point would be underplaying their feelings a tonne. Laura might as well have not been in the room she was getting so little attention, whilst for Julia, I was essentially making love to her goddess right in front of her face. Fuck her after what she did yesterday I thought.

    As I sucked and lapped on Sophia’s feet she got more and more aroused starting to really moan and giggle now. Laura couldn’t take anymore and actually stormed off but poor Julia was pinned down by Sophia’s legs and had to endure the whole event.

    “You fucking nasty cunt slave. You are getting me so wet now. Sniff my feet hard I want you to come at the same time as me. Show me in actions that you are truly devoted to me.” Sophia said, which really surprised and pleased me in equal measure.

    I sniffed deeply and felt my arousal deepen as my hard on stiffened. When I tried to take my cock out Sophia commanded, “Leave it in there and come in your pants. I want the wetness to serve as a constant reminder today of your love for me and what power I have over you slave.”

    I nodded and smiled as she smiled back. I continued sniffing and rubbing my cock through my trousers, while she did the same. When we finally relented to our combined orgasmic rushes we did indeed scream together almost in harmony. Julia’s back stiffened with anger and I heard her mumble something but the words were lost on me. I was in another world having had a second orgasm since I came into the office. Sophia was also flush with satisfaction and looking at me rather strangely.

    “Right go clean up slave but leave those wet pants on as I ordered ok?” Sophia said.

    “Yes goddess.” I replied and respectfully kissed her feet. “May I replace your boots before I go?”

    “Oh yes, you may,” Sophia said a little shocked I was still thinking of her needs.

    I replaced her boots then kissed them again before getting up to head to the toilet down this end of the building. It was a women’s only room again so I needed to be quick. As I entered and ensured it was empty I quickly made my way over to the hand towel dispenser to clean myself up. I had my trousers and pants around my knees at this point, so was both shocked and fearful when the door swung open. It was Sophia.

    She strolled over to me quickly and I was sure I was going to have my balls kicked again so I backed against the wall and put my hands around my cock which was still quite large from Sophia’s attention.

    She slapped my hands away then grabbed my cock with one hand and then my throat with the other pinning me against the wall. She then pushed her body against me so I could feel her soft breasts against my chest. She was still breathing heavily from her excitement and maybe in a strange way what was happening right now.

    “I want you to fuck me, slave. This enormous cock of yours needs to be put to better use than just kicking practice. I would have fucked you when we had you tied to the bed before but I wanted our little moment to be a private one.” She then squeezed it hard causing me to flinch but also groan with pleasure. “See you like that don’t you?”

    I nodded and uttered, “I am not really worthy of you goddess Sophia.”

    I was in a panic feeling that if Aurelia caught me in here doing this my life would be over there and then. Her office was literally seconds away and I had no idea how long Beth would keep her before she came to collect Sophia and Laura.

    “Fuck being worthy. I am telling you I want your cock. Don’t you want to fuck me?” Sophia purred and licked my face. Fucking hell she was gorgeous and with my cock in her hand, I was wilting under her spell by the second.

    “More than fucking anything right now Sophia, but what if someone comes in?” I said desperately.

    “You mean goddess, slave. Let’s not dampen the mood by forgetting our positions here ok?” Sophia said looking a little angry.

    “Oh no, I am really sorry goddess. It’s just you are so gorgeous I am losing my senses.” I blurted.

    “Mmmm. I like that. Losing your senses. I love that you desire me so much and your tributes really get me off. Let’s fuck now.” Sophia ordered squeezing my cock and throat harder.

    “Can’t we find somewhere with just a little more privacy goddess? Aurelia will kill us both if she catches us here.” I said relenting to my own fears.

    “Fuck I didn’t think of that. She will be back soon. My desires quite got the better of me. Ok look, you need to come and stay overnight with us. Laura, Julia and I have got a place together now and we need to arrange a reason for you to come over. Get thinking while I am in my meeting with Beth and have something good for me when I get back.” Sophia said then left as quickly as she came.

    I doused myself with cold water and finished my clean up before heading out as quickly as she did. As I exited Aurelia came walking by. She scanned me briefly and then the toilet before asking, “Where is Sophia and Laura?”

    “I think they are still in the junior’s area goddess,” I replied.

    “Ok, then you can go and get them and tell them to meet Beth, Allegra and I in Beth’s office.” She then turned on her heels and dashed off in the direction she came from.


    As I entered the junior partitioned area again, all three women looked busy at work, even Julia who was on her laptop still with Sophia’s feet perched on her shoulders.

    “Er, excuse me, goddesses. Aurelia just caught me in the hallway and asked if you would be so kind as to join her in Beth’s office as soon as you can.” I announced.

    I didn’t mention she had only asked for Sophia and Laura as I had pissed Julia off enough already.

    As Sophia and Laura got their things together, Laura walked up to me and slapped my face hard, “That’s for disrespecting me fucker. You will be paying a lot more for that later.”

    Sophia then stepped in and said, “Leave my slave alone. You are just jealous because he submits to my power and beauty as a priority over you. And why wouldn’t he? I am far more attractive and powerful than you!”

    “Fuck off bitch, you need to get a reality check. If I had asked him first you would have missed out. Right foot whore?” Laura and Sophia then turned to me.

    My face must have gone white as I was placed in this impossible predicament. Two goddesses competing as to who was the superior and me in the middle. In the end, I decided to wait them out. Luckily this worked as Sophia said, “Come on, let’s go, we can discuss this later otherwise we will be late.”

    “I still say you need a reality check Sophia,” Laura reinforced as they walked away.


    I then turned and faced Julia who had risen to her feet as Sophia and Laura left. I needed to think of something quick as her face said I was in big trouble.

    “Goddess Julia, can I go out and get you a nice coffee and cake from the local French patisserie. Have anything you want it is on me.” I said hopefully.

    “Oh, I don’t think so, do you? Did you really think you could just skulk off that easily and avoid my wrath after fucking me over completely this morning?” Julia seethed.

    She then started walking very slowly towards me. I backed away thinking about whether to run or not. If I did I wouldn’t get my work done for Aurelia as I couldn’t come back again and my laptop was the other side of Julia now so I would also be leaving that here as well.

    “Look goddess Julia, I won’t let you hurt me again like before. Please can we work this out? I only did what I was ordered to do by your goddesses.” I said holding my hand up.

    She looked at my hand and smirked dismissively before saying, “Ah right, so your plan is to threaten me in the hope I will be a shrinking violet and just disappear? Now you know that isn’t going to happen don’t you? Did I not make an impression on you yesterday that helped you understand what you are dealing with?”

    “Well yes you did goddess Julia and quite frankly I am scared of you. I think I know what you are capable of and why I am asking you not to hurt me again. Just tell me what you want from me and I will try to do it.” I said.

    “I want to crush your balls in my hand so you never have another orgasm with my goddess ever again. Want to help me with that?” Julia sneered.

    “Well no obviously. Look I only came down here to do some work. Your goddesses put on me and made me worship them and then you want to half kill me for it. How can I win?” I pleaded.

    “I don’t fucking care about your life cunt. You should be made to suffer because you are a born loser, weak and pathetic. I am far superior to you in every way and that is why you should bow down to me even though I serve another.” Julia said.

    “Look the main difference between you and me Julia is that you chose the life you are living, I didn’t. Ever since Beth fucked me over with the promotion I have been handed round to all you sadistic bitches like a kicking bag. Not once have you ever been whipped, beaten or fucked up the arse. I bet you haven’t even drunk piss or licked someone’s arse?” I shouted.

    Julia started laughing, “Fucking hell you have done all that?”

    “You don’t fucking know the half of it Julia. I am totally screwed up with the shit they have done to me. It’s a minor miracle I am not committed somewhere right now. And you want to know the worst thing?” I said

    “You may as well finish your pitiful rant now you have started it,” Julia said though she was now showing signs of becoming impatient.

    “I still care for a lot of these women. I don’t actually think they are all bad. Most of them just have lots of shit going on in their lives that has led to them losing themselves along the way. Despite everything they have done to me I still want to help them if I can.” I said

    “Finished?” Julia said.

    “No, I haven’t. What are you going to do if one day I do go and leave you here as the only slave in this hornet's nest? Are you really sure that they won’t start fucking you up and terrorising you in the same way they do me?”

    “Oh, I am quite sure that won’t be happening to me,” Julia said looking pleased with herself.

    “And exactly how do you know that?” I challenged.

    “Because I am not fucking stupid and weak like you. Yes, I am a submissive but by choice. I want to worship Sophia and I love her and she respects me. You conversely are a piece of shit that no one respects. You queue up for abuse and take what’s coming to you. Everybody here laughs at how pathetic you are. A loser who is servile and worthless.” Julia said stepping over me.

    “Fuck you Julia, I am not a loser. I am a person with a worth like anyone else.” I shouted.

    “That’s what you tell yourself but in truth, you would rather blame everything and everyone around you, instead of facing the simple truth,” Julia said.

    “And that is?”

    “You were born to serve.”

    “Bullshit!” I said.

    “Oh really?” Julia then walked back to the desk she was knelt under a little earlier and sat on top on it. “Come here now!” She commanded in a loud authoritative voice.

    I stepped up to where she was and replied, “What?”

    “Kneel when you address me slave,” she then pointed at the ground.

    I knelt down and repeated my question, “What do you want from me?”

    Julia then raised her foot and pointed to her nylon sole. “See this filthy revolting nylon sole. It fucking stinks and I haven’t washed my feet for over three days now. I am going to put this disgusting shit in your face and you are going to sniff it and thank me.”

    I started to get up when at the same time Julia slammed her foot into my face and pushed me down to the ground. “Sniff it cunt!”


    “I am not giving you a choice, I am giving you an order. Sniff my fucking filthy nylon toes. Embrace the scent that has led you down the path of ruin to a life of servitude. Admit who you are and what you are. Our fucking foot sniffing bitch.”

    As I knelt there with her rank foot planted on my face I so wanted to get up and walk out to show her she was wrong but the burden of truth was simply too heavy on my shoulders to move. I held my breath defiantly as she smirked down on my face until I could no longer. I didn’t even sense I really had a choice though I am sure I did. She was right, it is in my nature to comply and do as I am told. I even find comfort in it and now more recently sexual arousal. If I didn’t sniff her foot now I would sniff it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even one hour. I have already sniffed Sophia and Aurelia’s feet today and even Grace’s arse for fuck sake. In any of those encounters, I could have simply walked away but I didn’t. I had chosen this life and was trying to blame everyone else for who I was. Julia perhaps knew me better than I knew myself.

    I placed my hands around her foot and drew in her scent deeply, it sent the same aroused tinge through my crotch that it always did and I flushed red. I was accepting who I was.

    Julia smiled triumphantly as the tears started to fall down my face. “Thank me now for the privilege of allowing you to sniff my rank foot cunt.”

    “Thank you, goddess,” I said humbly.

    “Now tell me I was right when I said you are a servile and worthless loser,” Julia said.

    “You were right,” I mumbled.

    Julia then pushed me away with her foot causing me to fall onto my back. She then walked over and mounted my chest and looked down at me.

    “We aren’t finished yet cunt.”

    She then slowly placed her filthy nylon foot back over my mouth so her toes were surrounding my nose.

    “Now you keep breathing in the scent of worthlessness, failure and servitude while I educate your fucking tiny mind to a few home truths. Nod if you understand me.”

    I nodded and breathed in her scent again and my cock pulsed.

    “You are the most pathetic, ridiculous excuse for a human being on the planet. Ever since I met you I was repulsed by you. You have no self-respect and therefore you command none. Everyone here just sees you as an object they can use and abuse as they see fit. No one has any feelings, pity or love for you and any you think exists is just a fabrication of your desperate mind.”

    I stopped sniffing as my heart started to fracture and collapse.

    “Hate is the only feeling you command from the women here and I am full of it for you. When I speak of you to Sophia and Laura they laugh behind your back and ridicule you. If we are with friends they tell stories mocking your behaviour and people are gut-wrenchingly sick to hear someone would do what you do. To say you are the lowest of the low in your case is actually putting you on a pedestal. KEEP SNIFFING!”

    I sniffed again but the scent didn’t translate into arousal anymore. The shame I was feeling was overwhelming me and dragging me into a place I was afraid to descend into.

    “We have often talked about killing you out of pity as you are too chicken shit to escape from this prison yourself but none of us wants to waste our precious life with the stain that is your death. Constance told us she offered you a chance to retain what little self-respect you have left but you still chose to sniff fucking feet instead. That is your life in a nutshell. Dirty, smelly, feet. The bottom end of a beautiful woman that even she is repulsed by but for you it is everything.”

    I closed my eyes as the tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t even look at Julia anymore. I just wanted to crawl away and die.

    “You can close your eyes cunt but you cannot escape who you are. If you are not man enough to end yourself, do yourself a favour and crawl to Constance. She at least has the strength and power to pull you from your shallow grave back into the real world or end your suffering once and for all.”

    Julia then removed her foot and stepped off me to return to the desk she was just sat on. She then picked her laptop up off the floor then stepped back temporarily over me before launching several hard volleys of spit down onto me.

    “Get the fuck out of my site, you disgust me, cunt. I feel sick looking at you. If you must remain, get in the corner over there where I can’t see you.” Julia demanded and I crawled slowly in the corner as she sat down to work.

    Is this what my life had been reduced to? I tried to find fault with her words but my self-belief and confidence were so shot to pieces there was none to be found. Sat in the corner alone I looked back over my life from my happy go lucky childhood, through to when my father left home into my early teens when my sisters and mother started giving me a rough ride and telling me what to do all the time. I guess that’s when my submissiveness started. I was a late bloomer and they had pretty much destroyed my self-confidence with their constant teasing and bullying before I ran away from home and grew into the guy I am today. Many women would say I was attractive and I would often be asked on dates as I didn’t have the confidence to ask anyone myself. It wasn’t until I started working and was able to use my brain that I could prove to myself that I had the potential to make something out of my life. After a few dates, which quickly petered out I then met Beth and everything changed.

    I put my head in my hands to block the world out and sobbed again while I reflected on the choices that led me here and my options moving forward.

    “Shut your fucking noise cunt. You are annoying me now.” Julia shouted.

    She then picked her phone up and said, “How did I do?” whilst looking at the screen. I then heard laughing to which Julia smiled and then pressed a button before setting it down on the table.

    Just then Aurelia, Laura and Sophia strode into the partition and caught both Julia and me by surprise.

    Aurelia stopped dead on seeing me in the corner distraught; Sophia and Laura froze behind her. Aurelia looked deep into my tearing eyes to read my mind. My sorrow could hardly hide my feelings even if I wanted them to. Everything was silent as the three juniors waited for Aurelia’s next move. Her face then took a herculean leap into an utter rage, perhaps the angriest I have ever seen her. I curled up even smaller into the corner to protect myself expecting my self-pity was going to incur her wrath.

    “Would you care to explain Julia?” Aurelia said clenching her fists with her back straight as a poker and eyes as wide as saucers.

    Julia looked desperate and fearful then eyed Sophia for help but she didn’t move or speak. Seeing she had no alternative Julia tried to defend herself.

    “I just gave the cunt some home truths and he didn’t like it. It’s not my fault he is such a fucking loser. It was actually kind of funny seeing him fall apart like that and you should have heard..” Julia caught herself moving onto the mysterious caller and pegged back instantly, she then realised how open she had been with her treatment of me and started to try and undo some of her words seeing Aurelia was near to killing her.

    “Well, when I say that I meant that he was acting his usual pathetic self so I gave him shit to feel bad. He usually gets off on it but today he just fell apart. It’s not my fault.”

    “Have you finished now or would you care to lie to my face some more?” Aurelia said.

    “I am not lying,” Julia said defiantly.

    “Come here,” Aurelia said and pointed to the ground in front of her.

    Julia was trembling as she approached and who wouldn’t be seeing the look on Aurelia’s face. If I hadn’t been so sad I might have even enjoyed seeing her so nervous for a change instead of me.

    Aurelia then gave Julia an almighty punch into her jawbone, which sent out a loud crack like it had broke before she collapsed on the floor at Aurelia’s feet.

    Aurelia then said to Laura, “Get the crop from my office now.”

    Laura replied, “Don’t you think you have done enough.”

    Aurelia then replied, “I haven’t even fucking started yet bitch, now get my crop or you will get some too.”

    On that, Laura sped off to Aurelia’s office, whilst Aurelia herself walked over to me.

    “Kiss my hand and sooth it slave,” she asked calmly and I did so, though my tears were falling on her fingers as I kissed them.

    Aurelia then addressed Sophia without looking at her.

    “She is your fucking property so either you will help me deal with her or you will take the full weight of responsibility for her actions. What is it to be?” Aurelia seethed.

    Sophia was shitting herself. Despite her newfound skills in kickboxing she clearly didn’t fancy her chances against Aurelia in this mood and quite frankly only a mad person would.

    “I will do as you ask,” Sophia said reluctantly not really knowing what she was going to have to do to Julia.

    “Right choice bitch. Leaving her to me would not have been a good choice for her,” Aurelia said coolly.

    Laura then returned with the crop in her hand and Aurelia snatch it from her before pulling the hand from me that she had punched Julia with.

    “Wake the slut up and be fucking nasty about it,” Aurelia said looking down at Julia.

    Sophia stepped over and started kicking Julia in the stomach barely hard enough to move her let alone hurt her. Aurelia scorched Sophia’s back with the crop and she shrieked.

    “I said be fucking nasty or I will do it,” Aurelia screamed.

    Sophia now started kicking Julia hard, which was almost certainly hurting Julia as she started groaning and pulling her knees up.

    When she was barely awake Aurelia stepped over her and place her foot on her neck and applied a firm painful pressure.

    “Right you stupid fucking cunt. If you want to survive this day listen very carefully. I don’t know who put you up to this but I could quite easily hazard a guess and frankly, I don’t care. If you are weak and idiotic enough to follow orders to do this to my slave then you deserve everything that is coming to you.”

    Aurelia then pressed down harder on Julia’s neck causing her to start choking.

    “I know you have been fucking with him with poisonous bullshit because I know his mind better than anyone including himself. You may think he is weak and pathetic but you have absolutely no fucking idea. That man there is arguably the strongest living human I have ever met in my horrendous ill-fated life and trust me I have met just about every resilient, hard nose fucker on the planet. What he has been through and will still put himself through for those he cares about demonstrates a resolve, love and devotion which your fucking puny mind could not come close to comprehending. You think it’s funny mocking him and trying to turn him against himself but let me explain something to you cunt. When you fuck with my property and the things that matter most to me in this world you fuck with me and that is a place nobody wants to go.”

    “Right Laura and Sophia time to make yourself useful. One of you piss on her face whilst the other will stamp on her cunt to make sure she drinks it.” Aurelia commanded as calm as ever but with hate in her eyes.

    “What? You can’t be serious Aurelia?” Laura said.

    Aurelia stormed over and cracked her crop across Laura’s arm and she winced. “Do I fucking look like I am joking? If you pause or delay once more on any of my orders I will beat the fuck out of you where you stand bitch.”

    Laura quickly conferred with Sophia before Sophia bent down with her crotch over Julia’s face and pulled her knickers to one side. Laura then stood over Julia and delivered a hard stamp onto her pussy, which Julia shrieked at.

    “Chris!” Aurelia shouted and I looked up.

    “You will fucking watch every second on this or I will beat you too,” Aurelia said. Seeing how serious and angry she was I looked at Julia and held my attention on her.

    Julia whimpered to Sophia, “Please don’t do this to me, goddess.”

    Sophia slapped her face hard and said, “It’s what you fucking deserve slut, now drink my piss.”

    Laura delivered another thumping stamp onto Julia’s pussy and she screamed out again just as the urine started flooding into her mouth and over her face. She started to choke as the unrelenting stream continued into her mouth.

    Aurelia whipped her legs hard and screamed, “Drink it cunt. Kick her again harder Laura, makes sure she swallows it all.”

    Laura stamped on Julia really hard now and Julia started crying with the pain. As her head moved Sophia planted her crotch over her mouth to ensure the remaining piss went into her mouth then forced her to swallow it. Eventually, this awful spectacle was over. Sophia got up and Laura delivered one final blow onto Julia’s pussy before joining her behind Aurelia.

    Aurelia stepped forward and crushed Julia’s neck again before speaking, “So how was that for easy then cunt? That is a little fun and games compared to what he has been through for me. Still think he is weak and pathetic now?”

    Aurelia then stamped hard on Julia’s breasts causing her to scream out in pain before adding, “Turn over bitch, your back will carry the reminder of the day you made the mistake of fucking with me.”

    As Julia rolled over desperate for this to be at an end, Aurelia bent down and pulled her black dress up to expose her bare back. She then started thrashing her back with her crop over and over while Julia screamed and cried.

    I could tell Aurelia would go into that dark place where this wouldn’t end and Julia would be in big trouble. She had nothing like the strength I had to absorb Aurelia’s worst thrashings. I jumped up on about the seventh lash and put my arms around Aurelia holding her tight so she couldn’t administer anymore.

    “Enough,” I whispered in her ear.

    “It’s enough when I say it’s enough fucker.” She screamed.

    “Enough,” I whispered again and kissed her cheek gently as I put all my strength into restraining her. Eventually, she relented and relaxed and I placed my cheek against hers while I held her.

    “Ok let go of me now Chris,” Aurelia said.

    I gave her one final squeeze then let go slowly half expecting her to start whipping Julia again or even me but she didn’t.

    Aurelia stepped across to Julia and I followed just in case before she spoke down to her.

    “This isn’t over yet. I will decide what to do with you when I have calmed down. You in the meantime will devote every living second I have granted your life to thinking how you are going to make this up to Chris, clear?”

    “Yes goddess,” Julia murmured still wracked with pain and the taste of piss in her mouth.

    “I know you will also think of running off and telling her about what I have done to you in the vain hope they will sponsor your cause for revenge against me. Well if you do don’t ever let me see your face again. If you realise in hindsight that you made the biggest mistake of your life, which most certainly it was then I will hear your plea for mercy tomorrow morning before you start work.”

    Aurelia then turned to Laura and Sophia and said, “You two need to make a choice whose side you are on and quickly. Either you are with me or against me, there is no middle ground. Trust me when I say no matter how powerful you think she is I will crush her to dust like all those who tried to beat me and failed before. Think very carefully overnight and if you decide to stand by my side then come to work otherwise I never want to see you again either. Are you both clear?”

    They both nodded.

    “Good then kiss my feet and then get that fucking piece of shit out of my sight before I lose it again,” Aurelia said.

    They looked at each other quickly before bending down and kissing Aurelia’s shoes and then moving back to attend to Julia so they could get her out of the office.

    Aurelia then looked at me and said, “My office now!”

    Her voice sounded threatening and ominous, I was still feeling hollowed out by Julia’s life-destroying speech but some of that damage had at least been repaired by Aurelia’s words when she referred to me as one of the ‘things that matter most to her in this world.’ That said her anger was still peaking and I suspected I would now be at the wrong end of her wrath as a lesson not to cower down to such abuse, especially as it was not her who delivered it.

    I was halfway through the door when she pushed me in from behind and slammed the door shut. She then locked it as she did before when she gave me that terrible beating. I moved away from her ready for anything even though I knew I would never be used to the pain she could inflict with that crop.

    She then rushed me with the crop in hand and I backed off until I hit the wall. She then threw the crop to one side then embraced me and kissed me lovingly on the lips. The kiss held so much love and affection I was consumed by it as it drew all the feelings that at that moment were lost in my life back into my heart. No sooner did the kiss end and she took me into her eyes then she started kissing me again, this time with more passion and sexual energy.

    “Fuck me with your heart and soul Chris. I want to feel everything you have for me in your body translated to affection and desire.” Aurelia said looking into my eyes.

    I dropped my trousers and pants and at the same time pulled her pink lace knickers down to her ankles below her black dress. I then lifted her up into my arms and she threw hers around my shoulders and legs around my waist. I then let her slowly slip down onto my large erect cock and she closed her eyes and groaned with pleasure. I pulled her tight towards me so our hearts beat together and rocked her body up and down against my shaft. I kissed her neck and cheeks lovingly before she used her head to direct me back to her lips. Once connected again our bodies intertwined in a firm embrace as we danced in a rhythm of sexual commitment. Her breasts, lips, arms, legs and pussy held me tight so that I could surrender all the love I had in my heart for this immaculate woman. Winning her love had arguably been the toughest trial of my life but now I knew it was worth every second of the pain and sacrifice it had cost me.


    Having had one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences of our lives we were sat on the floor together in much the same embrace as we were standing, making love. Aurelia’s arms and legs were still wrapped around me and her wet post orgasmic pussy was nestled over my now softening cock.

    She looked into my eyes again and said, “You know I would die for you don’t you.”

    “Don’t say those words, I am not sure I could live in a world without you in it Aurelia,” I replied.

    “I know I am probably the most difficult person in her world to love but somehow you found a way through,” Aurelia said.

    “You are not difficult to love Aurelia. I think many love you, but it is difficult to earn your love.” I said.

    “Smart arse.” She said and giggled. There was silence while she stared at me.

    “Are you going to be able to hang in there for me?” She asked looking doubtful.

    “Fucking right, I didn’t come all this way just to turn back,” I said.

    Aurelia then kissed me tenderly.

    “You know it’s going to be a hard road though don’t you?” Aurelia said.

    “Probably the hardest but it will be worth every sacrifice for the moments that I get to share with you like now,” I said.

    “And my dominant?” She asked.

    “I will love, respect and obey her. I will also suffer for her as I know I must. I won’t always enjoy it but then it is not about me, it is about you and what you want. We are in a female-led relationship where you will decide and I will support and comply with all your wishes and I will do so with my whole heart as I know it will take that to endure it. I will have my wobbles but with your mind reading skills and my resolve we will get through it together. You know when I need you most and you are always there for me Aurelia. No man could be happier.”

    “That’s the right answer. I am training you well.” She beamed and I smiled back. “Now hold me close and don’t let me go, I want to feel you for a while.”

    As I held her I thought it strange she didn’t ask me what specifically Julia had said to crush me so. I guess she could read most of it in my eyes and already she knew that love not words were needed to help me understand the value I did have on this earth. My value as her lover, friend and slave.
  5. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    Here are my full comments on these last two amazing chapters...

    Chapter 54: I figured that Grace would be the worst of enemies toward Chris, and she certainly delivered. That scene in the kitchen was quite brutal, including her pissing on his face and in his mouth. I saw her three “demands” in a similar way to Aurelia’s five demands of Nicola, although I would fear more for Chris breaking one of Grace’s demands than I fear for Nicola breaking a demand from Aurelia.

    What she did to him in the bedroom before Aurelia arrived just continued the degrading onslaught. Her little game of making him hold a forkful of food close to her mouth while she ignored him and the food went cold...that was quite devious. Then making him sniff her ass while she farted in his face was yet another level of wicked.

    Once Aurelia arrived in the room, Grace tried to play things off and make Chris look bad in the process. And it seemed to be working, as Aurelia had Grace slap him a few times then he was ordered to cook Grace the best breakfast he had ever made. On his return, Aurelia even told him he was to serve Grace each evening and morning in that bedroom for the next few days. This certainly didn’t sound good for Chris!

    Then after Aurelia left, Grace went back to being the uber-nasty bitch toward Chris by farting into his nose again, and threatening to do all kinds of awful stuff to him when she has him alone. I did seem a bit odd of her to dangle the carrot of possibly allowing him to sniff her socks if he was good, but then again she could just be stringing him along so she gets the pleasure of crushing his hopes later. The final blow was her throwing the plate at his back. I’m impressed that he somehow kept some degree of composure through all of that.

    His thoughts on the way to the office about Aurelia acting like the previous night never happened shows two things: Chris has insecurities regarding his relationship with Aurelia, and Aurelia is almost Beth-like in her ability to let others see only what she wants them to see. In this case, she still wants to keep Grace around so she is showing Grace affection and treating Chris like a slave in her presence.

    The scene in Aurelia’s office was great. The master of mindreading knew exactly what was going on between Chris and Grace, and it’s interesting that she wants to let that situation play itself out. I suppose it could be a test of Chris’s love and devotion to her that he will endure the abuse from Grace and do whatever he can to make some semblance of peace with her.

    Aurelia’s speech about how their female-led relationship was going to work reminded me of Nicola’s conversation with Henrietta on the same topic. There were some terrific sentences and phrases within that speech, such as “If I call you Chris you may assume I am engaging you as my lover and soul mate and you may address me as such” and “That has happened and now we are one together for always. You are mine now and I will never let you go.” Referring to him as her lover and soulmate and that they are one together for always...undoubtedly those words warmed Chris’s heart when he most needed it.

    The foot smelling session at the end of the office scene was tremendous. As a fellow lover of sweaty female feet, how could I not love these fantastic words from the beautiful Aurelia? “My feet are drying out and I want that sweat on your tongue and up your nose where it belongs slave.” And this! “Lucky for you I am a considerate goddess and didn’t wash them eh slave? My boots last night were terrible for locking in the sweat. If I were you I would be trying to get me back in those very soon!” It’s no wonder he had an explosive orgasm. I would have too! :)

    Chapter 55: Constance! Her remote control of the juniors to abuse Chris on her behalf showed more of her evil and diabolical nature. And her having Chris’s mobile phone number is definitely not a good thing for him. Her wanting before and after pictures of “the storm breaking” was simply the icing on her cake of wickedness and torment. Oh, and now we find out she is teaching the juniors how to kick-box. Yikes!

    This was followed by a quite delicious foot worship scene in which Sophia turned on Chris with her stinky nylon feet and her words. Chris of course gave her fantastic verbal tributes and sniffed/licked her feet in such a way as to really turn her on as well. The fact that the scene ended with both of them having fantastic orgasms in unison showed something of how they feel about each other. And their encounter in the bathroom sealed my suspicions: there is a sexual attraction between them. Clearly, it wasn’t easy for him to push off Sophia’s advances. I would have just said “Yes goddess” if she had ordered me to fuck her and I was in his position. :)

    Of course, in the process of worshipping Sophia’s feet he also pissed off Laura – whose feet were completely ignored – and Julia, who was simply being used as a footstool while her goddess’s beautiful feet were getting attention from someone else. It was interesting seeing Sophia come to the defense of Chris when Laura slapped him and promised to make him pay for disrespecting her. This to me was further proof that Sophia has an appreciation for Chris. I wonder how this situation will play out, and whether Chris will really arrange an overnight session at the place where the juniors live.

    Then we come to the time when Laura and Sophia left for a meeting – and Chris was alone with Julia. As opposed to the physical torture he was forced to endure from her the previous time, this was almost all verbal torment. And wow, was she ever at the top of her game! How much of her words were guided by Constance is unclear, but Julia really cut into his mind, heart, and soul. It made him think back to how he came to be a slave at the feet of these women, and we got a peek at his childhood – including the bullying/teasing he endured as a teenager from his mother and sisters, which seemed to be when his submissiveness to females began.

    It was all tied up with a bow when Julia then checked with someone on the phone about how she did (by someone, I mean Constance), while Chris sobbed in the corner at the truth he felt in Julia’s devastating evaluation of how pathetic he is. At this point, I was feeling terrible for him and was hoping Julia would get her comeuppance. And then Aurelia came back with Sophia and Laura in tow.

    To say that Julia got her comeuppance was perhaps an understatement. What Aurelia did to her directly (punched her in the face, knocking her out cold – and later whipped her severely with the crop) and indirectly (having Sophia kick her into consciousness, and then having Sophia piss in her mouth while Laura stomped on her pussy) was severe and even over-the-top…but it proved that she will not stand for anyone trying to fuck with Chris without her permission – especially Constance (who she knew had directed this).

    What I truly admired about this was the way Aurelia defended Chris with her words. “That man there is arguably the strongest living human I have ever met in my horrendous ill-fated life and trust me I have met just about every resilient, hard nose fucker on the planet. What he has been through and will still put himself through for those he cares about demonstrates a resolve, love and devotion which your fucking puny mind could not come close to comprehending.” Bravo, Aurelia...bravo!

    And while Julia had been completely horrible toward him on a previous occasion as well as earlier that day, he still tried to show her some compassion. First he wanted her to be included in the foot worshipping of Laura and Sophia, and then he physically stopped Aurelia from further beating her with the crop. I’ll be curious to see if his deeds and the punishments/threats from Aurelia do actually change the way Julia acts toward him.

    What then transpired in Aurelia’s office was magical. Not only the lovemaking scene (which was beautiful in every way), but their conversation afterward was incredible. Aurelia saying she would die for Chris was another incredible statement to show what he means to her. And the rest of their heartwarming discussion was capped off with this tremendous summary regarding how Chris feels about Aurelia’s dominant.

    “I will love, respect and obey her. I will also suffer for her as I know I must. I won’t always enjoy it but then it is not about me, it is about you and what you want. We are in a female led relationship where you will decide and I will support and comply with all your wishes and I will do so with my whole heart as I know it will take that to endure it. I will have my wobbles but with your mind reading skills and my resolve we will get through it together. You know when I need you most and you are always there for me Aurelia. No man could be happier.”

    Regardless of how I have ever felt about Aurelia, the way she has let Chris into her heart and showed what kind of woman she can be means that I now simply adore her. :)
  6. wildyone

    wildyone Member

    Hi OneAuthor,

    Wow what an amazing set of comments with lots of fantastic insights and thoughts. Below is my reply to these.

    - You did indeed guess correctly that Grace was the worst of enemies. She really did make a flying start to her new found hatred for Chris and you can see Aurelia has rubbed off on her quite a lot with her demands approach. You are also quite right that Aurelia's demands of Nicola were more a mind game as they were near impossible to fulfil as well she knew. Grace's demands, however, are full of genuine malice and Chris must be very careful with her.

    - Grace is really giving it to Chris in all the ways she suspects he will hate. She is really trying to get a rise out of him so she can use it against Chris. Unluckily for her, Chris senses this and manages to avoid biting on her devious intentions. The fact she states that she will not leave evidence on him suggests the mind fucking is going to be quite intense as well.

    - Aurelia was already onto what was happening just from her breakfast being left outside the door and then Grace's door being locked. Nothing escapes her. What is interesting is how she chooses to see this unfold - almost playing a little game between the two of them - they are both being tested at this point so every action and word carries a positive or negative consequence.

    - You are quite right - that the socks teasing was just a denial trap - there is no way with Grace being that full of anger she would let Chris get off on her feet.

    - Chris definitely does have insecurities about Aurelia and in life in general. We will return to this later and reason behind it. Your next point about Aurelia being able to veil her thoughts and intentions like Beth is a good one and again this is revisited later. Aurelia is no doubt in conflict between Grace and Chris - now we need to see how that will play out.

    - Chris is one of life's great forgivers - he sees the good in everyone and when they are bad he will look for anything in terms of a justification rather than stoop to blame or judgement. This could be the key to finding peace with Grace but then it could be a weapon he will use against her to show her for what she is. It is perhaps these qualities that make Grace so concerned for her love with Aurelia and the threat Chris poses to them.

    - The comparison with Nicola and Hen in terms of how their relationship would work starts a set of parallels in the story - this mirroring is important for a number of reasons which we will come back to.

    - The words Aurelia then uses with Chris are very intense and show you she is capable of a quite amazing set of feelings in contrast to those she unleashed on Chris before. These complexities start to emerge in a number of key conversations between Chris and Aurelia which help us understand them much better.

    - I loved your feedback on the foot smelling session and I struggle to find a character to does tease dom any better than Aurelia - though there is one who will soon emerge to prominence.

    Chapter 55

    - Constance has made a key move with the juniors but perhaps the intensity with which she has gone after Chris has backfired now that Aurelia knows. Will she now persist or have to back off and formulate an alternative strategy?

    - Sophia is really quite enchanting and there is a definite connection with Chris which will find out about later in her backstory and to an extent his. Chris clearly loves Aurelia too much to just go along with Sophia's demands which now puts him in a difficult place between them. How this will now play out is a key dynamic and complexity Chris will have to manage alongside his issues with Grace. I would probably have said yes as well ;-)

    - Nice pick up on how Sophia defends Chris - this is an important point to remember when they have their deep and meaningful discussions later. As is always the case for Chris making one happy pisses others off - Llaura and Julia were clearly none too happy about the events between them. Perhaps an overnight with the juniors can sort that out for us?

    - Julia's verbal onslaught with Chris was perhaps the cruelest part of the story so far for me and so far from the truth of what an amazing guy he is. Of course there is undeniable truth in there as well but how she develops her argument and conclusions is really beyond nasty. If you think back to Constance and Chris exchange where she gave him a choice to regain his self-respect or sniff her foot you can see the seeds of where this thinking developed from.I must confess I too was wanting her to get her comeuppance too.

    - The level of vitriol which Aurelia then unleashed shows the powerful combination of disrespecting a dominant and fucking with her soulmate all wrapped in one. I am not sure Julia would have indeed survived that had Chris not intervened such is the extent of her passions. This is another reason that she needs Chris.

    - I had a little cry to myself when I reread the passage you quoted - Aurelia's defence of Chris was so heartwarming and cuts deep to the heart of why he is such a great person. The fact Aurelia can see this in Chris shows perhaps how amazing she is too.

    - Your tribute to Chris in the next paragraph is another fine example of how his acute empathy for others will drive his actions more than any need for vengeance. Julia herself has a lot to think about now especially as Aurelia is unlikely to let this go in a hurry. She will need to think carefully how she manages herself with Chris now she is more aware of the implications of her actions.

    - The emotions then start to peak as the chapter nears it's end. It seems the circumstances with Julia (and Constance behind that) have actually helped Aurelia realise how important Chris is to her. Her thoughts then switch to whether he can truly love her dominant. His trubute to her is quite simply perfect and for once he says exactly what she needs to hear instead of the other way around.

    - I was writing these chapters about Aurelia at the same time readers were seeing her at her worst and berating her. It was quite surreal given what I knew of the woman beneath that was to emerge and now we can all see. I adore her too though we must not forget the complexity that Nicola and Beth still have a lot to say on who gets Chris (not to mention Sophia).

    - Will try and get the next chapter edited and up either just before or after the weekend.

    Thank you again for such a great and extensive set of thoughts. I loved reading and replying to them all.
  7. wildyone

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    Chapter 56 – Food Glorious Food

    “Right then slave, we are going out to lunch.” Aurelia declared initiating her intentions for me to recognise her as my goddess again.

    “Of course goddess, that would be wonderful,” I said, overjoyed that we were going to lunch together.

    Then I had a little doubt creep in as I recalled the lunch date we had in the park where she made me lick the mud off her feet.

    Aurelia looked at my face and laughed, “Don’t worry we are not going to the park today.”

    I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    “We are going to a nice little dominants eatery not far from here where I can show off my prize slave,” she chuckled.

    I laughed as well initially, which shocked her and she turned a little angry. Seeing she was not actually joking my face quickly dropped and I kissed her feet to apologise.

    “Ok let’s go, fucker!” Aurelia smiled.

    We walked for around twenty minutes in the searing midday heat. Aurelia even allowed me to walk by her side, as she strode confidently with her dominant on full display. Our hands glanced each other at one point and I looked at her in hope that she wanted to hold mine. She looked back at me almost to consider whether she wanted to then said, “Keep your distance slave. You are walking in the shadow of a superior.”

    I nodded and moved away slightly but stayed at her side, “I am sorry goddess.”

    “It’s hot today don’t you think?” she said.

    “Yes, the sun is at its peak. I hear that it might hit 30 today which is white high for this time of year and…”

    “I didn’t ask for a fucking weather forecast slave. A simple yes will do,” she interrupted.

    I looked down with a sorry look feeling a little embarrassed by the put-down.

    She chuckled to herself and then added, “Hot weather means hot feet. Poor you.”

    I looked back and saw her smiling at me. Fucking hell she looked so gorgeous, as the sun kissed her perfect skin, and I was temporarily lost in her dark brown eyes. I must have looked a little desperate in my adoration as she slapped me and said, “Put that tongue away. I know I am perfect and don’t need desperate looks from you to confirm the fact. We are here now. Don’t embarrass me ok?”

    I knew exactly what she was asking. I needed to be on my best most compliant behaviour and show the world how incredible a dominant she was. I had every intention of making my beautiful goddess proud of me.

    I leapt forward and opened the door as she strode past me confidently and into a dimly lit restaurant. A confident female maître d’ approached, ignoring me completely, and then spoke to Aurelia.

    “Aurelia, how wonderful you have decided to come visit our humble eatery today. This is really a wonderful privilege for us. I will have our best table set for you immediately. Are you dining with guests today?” she asked.

    “No, I am dining alone, Alex,” Aurelia said with an air of dismissiveness to befit her status to this woman.

    “And will you require one of our house slaves, we have cages at the rear where we can park yours while you eat if you want?” Alex said.

    Aurelia turned to look at me before she said, “Yes a house slave would be perfect. Beat this piece of shit for me while I eat, I want to sit where I can hear his screams. That would amuse me.”

    My face and heart sank. Not only was I going to be taken out the back to god knows where but I was going to be beaten by strangers just to amuse Aurelia. Fucking hell I thought, her dominant has gone through the roof after what she did to Julia. I knew my luck was going to run out with her sooner or later and it just did.

    “Well our best table will not allow you to hear his screams as it is too remote but I can move you to a table which will allow you your indulgences.” Alex offered.

    Aurelia turned to me and asked, “Slave what is your view? Shall I move so I can hear you scream or shall I keep the best table and forgo my little amusement?”

    She was testing me, I could tell by the look in her eyes. I was sure if I said to take the best table I would be out the back in seconds so I replied, “Your will is my command goddess. It is not for me to say.”

    Aurelia smiled and said, “Mmm, quite right slave.” She then turned to Alex and added, “I will take your best table and my slave will join me.”

    “Very well Aurelia and thank you again for coming,” Alex said and bowed respectfully before leading us to the table personally.

    When we arrived Alex said, “Of course everything will be on the house today. Please do enjoy our hospitality to its fullest Aurelia.”

    Aurelia smiled, “That won’t be necessary will it slave?”

    I was a little caught off guard, as I was still marvelling at the royal treatment that Aurelia was getting. Almost everywhere we went in her dominant world she was revered. So when I got the question I had to backtrack in my mind to replay it, as any indication I wasn’t listening would incur a serious backlash.

    “Indeed no goddess. It would be wonderful if you would allow me to pay for your lunch today.” I said hoping I had read her intentions correctly.

    “Indeed it would.” Aurelia smiled and sent Alex away with a smile knowing she had a guest of such prestige who was also happy for her slave to pay.

    When Aurelia was seated a young waitress appeared out of nowhere and asked, “Goddess Aurelia, it is my pleasure to serve you this afternoon. My name is Beatrice. May I ask how you would like your slave seated?”

    “Put him in the footstool Beatrice, it is hot outside today and they need a freshen up,” Aurelia ordered as she read the menu without making eye contact with the waitress.

    “Very well goddess. May I say what an honour it is to serve you today.” Beatrice said.

    “Get on with my request Beatrice, you should know better than to keep me waiting whilst you waste my time with your worthless accolades,” Aurelia said.

    “Yes of course goddess. I will see to it immediately.” Beatrice then beamed a super wide smile as she disappeared.

    In any other place such rudeness from a customer would be frowned upon and even met with stiff resistance from the management but here it was something of a compliment. Beatrice would have a fantastic story to brag about when she met her friends later especially as it was Goddess Aurelia who had delivered it. I chuckled as discretely as I could.

    “Careful!” Aurelia whispered. Fuck I thought, she is watching me like a hawk. I quickly dropped my smile and my head remaining silent.

    Moments later Beatrice returned with a colleague who she introduced as Jessica and they set down a heavy low-seated chair with straps just about everywhere you could fit them. They turned it so it was directly underneath and in front of Aurelia and then looked at her. Jessica bowed and disappeared.

    Aurelia nodded at Beatrice to indicate she was happy with the positioning before the waitress asked, “May I place your slave inside goddess?”

    “Yes do it.” Aurelia snapped as she perused the menu.

    Beatrice looked nervous like she was handling precious cargo when ushering me into the chair. It was kind of strange as I expected to be treated like shit. But then having thought things through, the slave of someone so important must also be revered otherwise it would be disrespectful to Aurelia.

    Aurelia glanced over several times to ensure Beatrice was indeed respecting her property like she was looking to find fault but in the end smiled to herself. Beatrice then asked, “Will you be requiring the restraints, Goddess Aurelia?”

    “That won’t be necessary,” Aurelia answered and Beatrice then pulled over the attached tray from the back to the front very similar to an adult version of a baby-feeding chair. She then bent down and placed a crimson silk cushion on top in front of me before asking Aurelia, “May I take your drink order Goddess before I go or would you like some more time?”

    “Bring me the Chateauneuf Du Pape 2012 Beatrice and two glasses,” Aurelia said.

    Beatrice paused as if stunned, “I am sorry goddess did you just say two glasses?”

    “Get it done.” Aurelia snapped and Beatrice hurried off.

    I was rather excited at being allowed to drink wine here. That would be a real achievement for a slave I thought.

    Aurelia then turned to me and placed her shoes on the crimson cushion in front of my face. I was feeling a little exposed as public slavery was still relatively new to me and as I glanced around I could see that the other clientele were not in the slightest bit interested in me. Though they were all nodding and gossiping towards Aurelia in respect of her celebrity status.

    There were two middle-aged looking women with a slave lying naked under their table, another had three mid 30s women who were seated without slaves and then finally the last table had a very attractive blonde woman who had a female slave kneeling underneath her.

    “Are my shoes dirty slave?” Aurelia smiled.

    I looked at them and could see they were mainly dusty rather than dirty, it was difficult to pick up dirt in such hot weather, as the earth was so dry. I understood her question was rhetorical so immediately set about licking the bottoms clean. Aurelia smiled and whispered, “Good, very good slave.”

    Beatrice soon returned and then opened the wine before presenting a taste to one of the glasses and offering it to Aurelia. Aurelia sampled and accepted the wine with a nod and Beatrice filled one of the glasses. I was rather hoping she would fill both but I guess she knew better than to presume without explicit instruction.

    “I will have the filet du boeuf with a fresh salad, make sure I can see the blood on the plate,” Aurelia ordered then virtually threw the menu at Beatrice who thanked her and then left.

    I looked up at the empty glass again wondering if Aurelia was going to allow me some wine before glancing back up at her. My tongue was now quite dry having collected the dust from her shoes. She chuckled to herself and said, “Feeling thirsty slave with all that shit off my shoes?”

    I nodded respectfully.

    “So what’s it to be yellow, white or red?” Aurelia said initiating a little mind game with me.

    White and yellow were pretty straight-forward but the red could be wine or something much worse. I was just about to select white to stay on the safe side when I realised it was another trick. I adjusted my thinking and answered, “Whatever you decide goddess.”

    “Sharp as a fucking razor today aren’t you slave. I will have you soon though don’t worry.” Aurelia smirked to herself.

    Moments later she leaned forward and said, “Open.” Before depositing a large globule of spit into my mouth.

    “Thank you, goddess.” I smiled and went to get back to cleaning her shoes before she tapped my face and said, “Uh Uh. I want that clean tongue on my feet don’t make it dirty again.”

    I nodded and removed her shoes and felt a wave of hot, stinky air waft into my face. Her beautiful feet were glistening with sweat from the outside heat but the smell was bordering on disgusting.

    “Hope they are not too potent for you today slave, these shoes have a habit of locking in the smell. I trust you will be respectful to them and adore my toes in the way I expect.”

    I placed my nose of her sole and gently took my first tentative sniff. It made my head spin the smell was so strong but I was determined to focus my mind on her beauty and what a privilege this was. Keeping my eyes closed I continued to draw in her scent until I could feel her warmth surround me. As I committed, the onset of my arousal accompanied and I then allowed myself to open my eyes to her knowing she would read me.

    Aurelia was beaming a smile down at me knowing it had taken some effort to acclimatise to her smell. It was always bare feet in flats that made hers stink the most and the hot sun combined with our walk had really done the trick today.

    “Are you enjoying that slave?” She asked and I was glad I had found my way through the initial resistance.

    “Yes goddess, thank you. You are divine as always.” I replied.

    Beatrice then appeared and smiled to herself as she looked down at me sniffing Aurelia’s feet. It was apparent already to her how bad they smelled though she would never give away the fact as she had far too much respect for Aurelia.

    “Your steak goddess. I do hope it is to your satisfaction.” Beatrice said presenting the plate. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

    Aurelia just waved her hand and Beatrice smiled and disappeared.

    Aurelia then started to eat her steak, whilst I sniffed her feet for a while.

    “Hungry slave?” She then asked me.

    “Only for you, my goddess,” I said very quietly and smiled cheekily.

    Aurelia shot me a nasty look then after glancing around she smiled and said, “You better fucking be. Start cleaning those feet, the sweat and filth on them is your lunch after all.”

    I smiled again and immediately set about licking her soles and wrapping my tongue around her heels and toes. I was quite aroused by now and I think it must have been showing on my face and by my fidgeting. I was quite lost in a world of lust having felt so low with Julia before and then been so intimate with my beautiful Aurelia afterwards. I would need to work hard not to finish in my pants in front of Aurelia as I guessed that might disappoint her.

    “Stop sniffing slave, you are getting too excited. Just focus on the toes for a bit.” Aurelia said now nearing the end of her steak lunch.

    I then took her toes into my mouth and sucked them hard wriggling my tongue between them. I could see Aurelia blush with enjoyment and knew I was doing well. I recalled sucking her toes whilst under her table at home and remember seeing her play with herself so wanted to test her resolve here.

    As I went on giving her toes and soles my best attentions adding in firm massaging strokes with my fingers she dropped her knife and fork then sat back. I pressed on not wanting to pause for a second and could see her hands descend slowly to her crotch, as she closed her eyes and lay back on the head of the chair. Her breathing was heavy and her cheeks were glowing a deep red now, partly with the wine but mostly with arousal.

    I started wondering how far this was going to go in such a public place but Aurelia didn’t give a fuck. She was aware she was the most important person in the place and she could do whatever she wanted. A few seconds later she placed her foot under the tray in front of me and kicked it back over my head. She then slid down the chair and hooked the same foot behind my neck and dragged me out of the chair and towards her.

    She didn’t even need to ask, I knelt dutifully in front of her and started kissing her thighs. She then eased herself off the chair slightly and picking up on the cue I pulled down her pink panties for the second time in a matter of hours. Aurelia’s sexual appetite was amazing.

    I then embraced her pussy and preceded to make her shiver with my little lip vibration manoeuver she loved so much. She clenched my head hard as I sucked and licked her clitoris until she was exploding into my mouth. It was an enormous orgasm once again though by some miracle she was almost silent. Looking up I could see that her head looked like it was going to explode having stifled her screams and smiled to myself. I licked her clean then remained only to kiss her thighs while she recovered. A little while later she lifted her bottom again and I replaced her knickers before backing away into my chair and replacing my tray and her cushion.

    I then bent over and gathered her feet up before rubbing them gently while she enjoyed her post-climax feelings. When she was finally gathering herself and drinking her wine again Beatrice appeared to collect the plate.

    “I trust everything was to your satisfaction goddess?” She said.

    “My slave ensured the meal was to my satisfaction,” Aurelia smirked.

    “Very good goddess. Can I get you anything else perhaps?” Beatrice said.

    “Bring me the colours and a double espresso Beatrice,” Aurelia said.

    I wondered immediately what the colours were, though Beatrice seemed perfectly clear on what Aurelia meant. Around thirty seconds later Beatrice returned with a large black expandable hand case. She bent down and placed it by my side then proceeded to open it up. As she did so an array of nail polishes, implements, creams and potions emerged. I went into a minor panic sensing I was on point for this and I had not done any pedicures since my sisters used to make me do theirs when I was in my early teens.

    “Do you have a colour preference goddess?” Beatrice asked.

    “You can fuck off now, he will choose,” Aurelia snapped.

    Beatrice not being able to help herself looked at me and said, “Lucky you slave,” then disappeared.

    Aurelia then looked at me and said, “Well?”

    I scanned the colours of which there were many. I knew Aurelia liked black so guessed it would be the darker colours she preferred so I plucked out a very dark purple and presented it to her for approval.

    She smiled and said, “Why did you pick that one slave?”

    “I noticed you wear black nail polish as a preference goddess, so hoped if I picked a darker colour it would be more to your liking,” I said.

    “Your eye for detail and my preferences will serve you well slave, keep it up. Have you done this before?” She asked.

    I thought a little about whether to answer honestly as I knew admitting I had would raise her expectations but then I could never lie to Aurelia as she could read me too well.

    “Yes, goddess I have,” I said

    “And whose toes did you paint?” Aurelia asked curiously.

    I smiled a little nervously and whispered, “My sisters.”

    Aurelia looked distinctly uncomfortable with the answer like I had said something to upset her. She then smiled again and said, “Ok show me.”

    I removed the black nail polish adorning her toes to begin with and was making good progress when the blonde woman and her female slave approached.

    Aurelia looked up but almost dismissed her and watched me, to ensure I didn’t stop. I carried on busying myself with the task at hand, as I needed my full concentration if I was to do a half decent job.

    “It’s Aurelia right?” The blonde woman asked.

    She was wearing a black dress with a large black wide-brimmed hat and lace netting across one eye. She had fully-fashioned stockings on and tall 4-inch heels I would guess size 8. She stood over six-foot in her heels as she looked down on Aurelia.

    “What of it?” Aurelia said quite rudely and I cringed at the look on the blonde’s face.

    “I just wanted to compliment you on your slave. He is quite the catch I see. I must confess to having been watching you given the reputation that precedes you. I wish mine were half as diligent and attentive.” She then sneered at the woman knelt below her who bowed in sadness before she launched a hard kick into her backside.

    Aurelia smiled at the accolade the woman had offered her without looking up, “Oh he is more than a catch. He is the best fucking slave on the planet.” Aurelia said.

    Going back a couple of months I would have been horrified by such a comment but today with Aurelia as my goddess in this place, I could not have been happier. The woman seemed quite unsettled by Aurelia’s directness and blushed a little.

    “Do I make you nervous bitch?” Aurelia smiled still not even looking at the woman.

    “Well, you are quite a daunting person Aurelia. I guess I wasn’t quite prepared.”

    Aurelia then turned to the woman, looked her square in the eyes and said, “Oh I am more than daunting. I am the nastiest fucking bitch you will ever have the pleasure to meet.”

    The blonde woman looked positively shaken by Aurelia and was struggling to find a response. In the end, she started to make her excuses. “Well, perhaps I should be going?”

    “Sit the fuck down, now!” Aurelia said turning back to me.

    “I am sorry?”

    “You heard. Your glass is the empty one. It’s been waiting for you since I arrived.” Aurelia said.

    “But how did you know that I would..” The blonde said before Aurelia interrupted and said, “My mind is as impressive as my beauty and presence. Now sit down and have your slave pour your wine.”

    The woman clearly wanted to leave, as Aurelia was far too powerful and intimidating for her but given Aurelia’s reputation, the blonde sat as she was told. Aurelia was fucking awesome I thought, she was even more impressive than Beth recalling when we went shopping and she was bossing everyone around.

    The woman sat down next to Aurelia and motioned for her slave to pour her wine, which she did spilling a little as she did. The blonde went bright red with embarrassment and slapped her slave so hard she flew 3 feet across the floor.

    “She’ll see my crop for that later.” The blonde murmured and Aurelia smiled seeing she was trying to impress her.

    I had by now removed the black nail polish and started filing and working on the cuticles of Aurelia’s nails. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows as if impressed I knew of such skills.

    The blonde then eventually took her glass and half emptied her red wine to gather some courage to continue her discussion with Aurelia. I could see she was nervous at how to start the conversation, as she didn’t want Aurelia to make her look stupid again.

    “Well anyway, my name is Juliette.” The blonde said.

    “So Juliette, answer me something. Have you been wanting to fuck me since I walked in here or has your adoration for me been haunting you for a while?” Aurelia smiled.

    Fucking hell, what a performance Aurelia. That was simply fantastic. I was almost pissing my pants with laughter inside but dare not show it. Juliette was now bright red and so embarrassed she sent her slave away from her almost as a means of deflecting some attention.

    “Well..look..” Juliette said stammering to a halt and lost for words.

    “Listen, Juliette, you are a beautiful woman and I sense you have quite a presence in the right company. If you are to approach a woman like me you need to bring your A game. I expect to see respect of course but you should present yourself as a woman or power, influence and worth. If you want to fuck me then you should also have the audacity and self-belief to make your intentions clear and not hover around hoping I might notice you.” Aurelia said.

    Juliette took a deep breath, straightened her posture and galvanised her presence before saying, “So do you want to fuck me then Aurelia?”

    “Better, but don’t ask it as a question.”

    Juliette downed her remaining wine and then with another deep breath said, “Right Aurelia, listen to me.”

    Aurelia turned to face her, “I want to fuck your brains out bitch and if you only knew how amazing I am you would be jumping at this once in a lifetime opportunity. So stop fucking me around and let's go out back.”

    “Now that is a dominant chat up line bitch. Pity you weren’t sat on my lap as you delivered it as it might have worked. Anyway, I am already spoken for.” Aurelia said and Juliette looked positively deflated having tried so hard on her line.

    Aurelia got up and approached Juliette then kissed her deeply on the mouth, Juliette was lost to her immediately and her body slumped passively with arousal.

    “Fucking hell Aurelia, what are you doing to me? First, you tell me you are spoken for then you awaken every sexual feeling in my body with that kiss. Surely you are not going to leave me hanging like this?”

    “No, I am not. He’s going to suck your toes while I play with your pussy and watch you squirm under the control of my touch. He is going to paint them for you afterwards while you relaxing knowing that no day in your life will ever be so perfect as the day you met me.” Aurelia then laughed.


    Juliette and Aurelia swapped numbers before we departed the restaurant and both were immensely pleased with their pedicures. I suspected that would be another duty I would regularly perform for Aurelia now she knew I had those skills. Juliette wanted the same colour as Aurelia almost as if to denote her view that she was someone she looked up to.

    Just before Juliette walked away with her slave she turned one final time to Aurelia and this time gave her a sensuous kiss on the lips seemingly not wanting it to end. “It has been quite the perfect day Aurelia, it was a pleasure to meet you. Know one thing though the day I fuck you, will your most perfect day.”

    Juliette then smiled and Aurelia returned the compliment before she headed off. Lunch overall was an amazing experience except for the cost which dug deep into my declining funds.

    As we walked back towards the office Aurelia said, “You were quite the perfect slave for me today and I will be rewarding you later. Grace will have to do without your services for one night as you will be with me instead.”

    I beamed back at her so happy I would avoid an evening of Grace’s wrath but also a little hesitant I shouldn’t get too cosy, as I would still see her the next morning.

    As we walked through the park I noticed we had some quiet time so asked, “Goddess, may I have a moment while we are alone and outside the office?”

    Aurelia stopped and eyed me suspiciously. She then said, “Well?”

    “It’s just I want to be very honest about something. I never want to keep anything from you.”

    “Get on with it then.”

    “Well, its just Sophia tried to accost me sexually in the toilets. I resisted of course as I am yours but I couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t try it again. She then told me I needed to arrange to spend the night at their house as they are now all living together. Then everything kicked off with Julia and well…”

    Aurelia laughed before seeing I was upset and then dampened it to a smile.

    “Of course she wants to fuck you slave.”

    “I am sorry. I don’t understand goddess.”

    “Look, given the looks and intelligence of most of the women at work, do you think any of them would have you anywhere near them if you were an ugly fuck with half a brain?”

    I still looked at her blankly.

    “Look most of the bitches in the office fancied you before. It was only when Beth took over that they gave you a wide birth realising anything more than fucking with you as a slave would incur her wrath. Sophia obviously thinks she has enough leverage with Beth to avoid that issue, though I can tell you she is wrong in her assumption.”

    I paused to consider her words. My lack of confidence with women had made me completely blind to what she was saying and though I felt a little pleased with her words I couldn’t change my perception that most of the women in the office were bitches.

    “So did you er..” I started to ask.

    “If you finish that question you will be back with Grace tonight,” Aurelia said.

    Realising she was deadly serious I immediately backtracked on that line of enquiry and instead asked, “Sorry goddess, so on Sophia is there anything you would like me to do with that situation?”

    Aurelia turned and stepped up to my face, “Look after what I said and did in front of them today you will be lucky if she ever speaks to you again, let alone tries to fuck you. Being my property comes at a price. Every fucker who knows how I feel about you will be too shit scared to come anywhere near you unless they have my permission. Get used to it.”

    Aurelia’s response made me feel somewhat suffocated but I was also endeared to know that she was so protective of me. I suspected my own personal freedoms would be impacted by our relationship but figured that was a conversation for another day.

    I knelt down and kissed her feet before realising we were in an open park and three passing strangers were all looking at me confused and amused. Aurelia didn’t pay them the slightest attention. As I got back up a little red I said, “Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me, goddess.”

    Somewhat ignoring the answer Aurelia said, “It is good to see you worship me in public without being ordered slave. Your devotion is improving all the time. Would you like to go back down and kiss my pretty bare toes whilst you have an audience?”

    I looked around and could see three girls and guy standing and watching us from a little way off. They must have seen what I did from further afield and approached. I looked back at Aurelia and smiled uncomfortably.

    “Perhaps you are not ready yet slave?” Aurelia said sceptically.

    As she turned to go I pulled her arm and she swung back looking at me angrily. “I told you before never try to prohibit me.”

    “I am sorry, goddess, it’s just that I want to show you how much you mean to me. If it pleases you I would like to kiss your toes even if there are people watching” I said nervously at what I was going to do.

    Aurelia then removed her foot from her shoe and placed it on top to signal she approved.

    I then knelt down in front of her hearing the giggles behind me echoing in my mind and kissed each of the five toes on her foot. I kept kissing until she wiggled her toes, which I assumed meant my public ordeal was over. I arose again and took a deep breath realising that was much tougher than I expected it to be. Though I loved to worship her feet doing so in such an open setting was really quite unnerving.

    “You three, come here,” Aurelia said to the girls watching. As the boy approached as well she added, “I didn’t ask for you, fuck off.”

    He then froze and kept his distance and the girls giggled again. My fear increased ten fold as I worried my public shame was going to go through the roof with what was coming next.

    “Now you have seen how it’s done I expect you to have that weak pathetic loser of yours under your feet by the end of the day. Don’t fail me.” Aurelia said to them.

    They all looked rather shocked before one gave a wicked smile and said, “Oh he’ll be getting plenty of feet later don’t worry about that Miss. Come on girls.”

    They then smiled at Aurelia and almost bowed as they departed, still giggling. I felt somewhat guilty at consigning whoever the guy was to his fate but then he shouldn’t have watched me should he?

    As we departed Aurelia took my hand and held it as we left the park, which I assumed was a reward for my continued efforts. As we left the open area and entered the busy street she led me to an open paved area with a small fountain. It seemed to be quite popular as a hundred or so people were eating their lunch.

    Aurelia then turned and ordered me onto the lip of the fountain. I went sheet white wondering what she was going to make we do in front of all these people. I took a big gulp and stepped up onto the edge as she had asked. A few people close by were now taking an interest especially as Aurelia stepped up onto the fountain next to me.

    Aurelia then turned around and placed her fingers into her mouth and gave a very loud piercing whistle, which frightened almost everyone in our immediate vicinity and attracted the attention of almost everyone eating in the area.

    “Just for the avoidance of doubt, this is what true love looks like.”

    She then flung her arms around me and gave me an enormous passionate kiss, which lasted a good minute or so. I was so lost in the moment I didn’t really pick up on what was happening around us. But when she backed away finally all the cheering and clapping from the crowd around us collapsed into my consciousness. I am not sure whether the embarrassment of this kiss wasn’t actually more intense than kissing her feet in front of four people in the park but I can say that her public show of affection meant the world to me.

    As I looked into Aurelia’s face she was bright red as well. Her face was not embarrassment though; she was far too powerful and confident for such feelings. It was the sheer exertion of such a declaration for another person that had completely wiped her out. It was only then that I realised just how difficult letting me in had been for her.

    “That’s 1-0 to me I think Chris,” she then smiled.

    Hearing my name I realised she had parked her dominant so I replied, “Oh I would say nearer 10-0. You knocked my efforts out of the park Aurelia.”

    “Well best up your game then slave, I want to see a lot more public commitment to your place at my feet moving forward.” She whispered in my ear thank goodness. Though her words sent shivers down my spine. She then ushered me to step down and I took her hand to support her descent.

    She continued to hold my hand as we walked away from the fountain so I took the opportunity to ask her, “Goddess?”

    She smiled seeing I had taken the precaution to address her as goddess.

    “Yes slave?”

    “Would you allow me to buy you a gift?”

    She smiled brightly, “As long as it’s befitting of a goddess slave.”

    I panicked a little realizing with my decreased pay and ongoing liabilities I was not as flush with savings as I once was but then I knew I had plenty of credit, as that had not been adjusted. I nodded and smiled.

    “What did you have in mind then slave?”

    I looked around at the shops and started to think. “Now you have my attention and expectation, don’t disappoint me, slave.” Aurelia added just to ratchet up the tension of the moment.

    I then stopped, seeing a place and turned to Aurelia and said, “I would like it to be a surprise goddess.”

    “Mmm, very well though I am not impressed with your power switching slave you may surprise me this once,” Aurelia said. “I will sit here and wait for you. Don’t be long I need to be back before 2.”

    I then checked my watch. We still had over 30 minutes so I headed off quickly. I returned around fifteen minutes later and saw Aurelia sat on the same seat soaking up the sun. She had her eyes closed so instead of disturbing her I moved into her sunlight to cast a shadow across her face.

    Without opening her eyes Aurelia said, “This better be good slave, interrupting my little sunlight repose.” Luckily no one heard me being called a slave.

    Aurelia then opened her eyes and ushered me to sit next to her with a tap on the seat. As I sat, I handed her a small pink bag with red ribbon handles. Her whole demeanour changed to one of excitement, it was like watching a little girl on her birthday. I suspected apart from dominant tributes, which were more or less expected she had received few presents in her life. Especially remembering how difficult her childhood had been. I didn’t actually know if she had ever taken a lover before.

    She then carefully removed the soft pink leather case and carefully popped the clasp. Inside was a white gold chain and circular pendant inscribed with an array of delicate musical notes.

    She smiled at me but looked a little disappointed like she was hoping for something else. I then leant across and said, “There is a clasp on the pendant goddess.”

    Aurelia inspected the pendant again and found the delicate lock on the side. As she popped a white diamond in the shape of a hear popped out and dangled on the end of an inner chain. Inside read, “To the woman who stole my heart. Now you have it always.”

    As quickly as her face dropped before it now lit up with a smile. She then took a deep sigh and looking down at the pendant as she started rubbing her thumb gently over the engraved words almost as if to absorb herself in their significance. I then saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

    I couldn’t help myself I wriggled over to her and placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close towards me.

    “You stupid fucker, now look what you’ve done,” Aurelia said somewhere between anger and helplessness.

    “I am sorry, goddess. It is just what my heart said for me to do. I didn’t want to make you unhappy.”

    Aurelia then wrestled free of my embrace and stood up then swung around with her face full of tears, anger and desperation.

    “I have never been happier in my whole stupid fucking life than this moment right here with you now.”

    She then smacked my face hard, which made a loud thwack sound and a number of people looked around at me while Aurelia stormed off. Seeing me rubbing my cheek there were a few giggles suspecting I had just been at the sharp end of an argument with my girlfriend but little did they know.


    I followed Aurelia back to the office remaining a good few steps behind just to give her room to breathe. When we arrived at her office a little before 2 pm she turned and said, “You have the afternoon off. Go home and prepare a meal fit for a queen. I will be home around 6 with Grace.”

    She was now looking more composed even if some of the tear stains still clung to her cheeks. I had rather hoped to spend more time with Aurelia this afternoon having shared so many wonderful moments with her at lunch, and after a difficult morning but she seemed pretty set on the idea so I started to pack away.

    When I had my laptop packed I turned to her and saw she was holding the pendant as it hung around her neck. She had put it on at some point on the way back without me noticing. It only then occurred to me that she had been clutching it ever since we got back. That made me feel very happy, as I knew I got my gift just right.

    Aurelia didn’t acknowledge me as I left, she looked deep in thought and I knew not to demand her attention when in that kind of mood as it typically had dire consequences. I made my way back home and stopped off at the specialist delicatessen to find some ingredients fit for a queen. My queen.


    I had been working my arse off in the kitchen for close to three hours when they arrived back almost on the minute at six. I rushed out to greet them both and the response could not have been more in contrast. Aurelia was beaming, still holding her pendant and said, “Something smells good slave.”

    To which the livid, seething face of Grace responded, “Well it better be good as I have had another shit day today.”

    I felt kind of sorry for Grace given how things were panning out for Aurelia and I. If she wasn’t being such a complete bitch to me I would have felt for her even more. It wasn’t like I was trying to take Aurelia’s love away from her, as I knew Grace never really had Aurelia’s heart in the first place. The trouble for me was that Grace still loved her deeply and wasn’t just going to lie down and have me strip all that away from her. Somehow I needed to encourage Grace to see she could still be a very close friend to Aurelia but that I was her true love. As I reflected on my thoughts and looked at the hate in her eyes I was now starting to realise how difficult that was going to be to work through.

    “I have decanted some red wine to go with the food I have prepared goddesses. May I bring it to you in the living room while you take a seat and relax?” I asked.

    “Very well slave. What have you prepared for us to eat then?” Aurelia asked.

    “Well for starters you have hot blanched spinach leaves in a lemon chili vinaigrette garnished with queen scallops pan-fried in garlic butter. For the main course, I have cooked fresh lobster in a Pomodoro, chilli and Mascarpone sauce with fresh linguini pasta. Finally, for dessert I have prepared homemade Tiramisu on an Amaretti crumb base with a coffee liqueur drizzle.”

    Having completed my summary I was feeling immensely proud. Though I knew I could cook, I had never achieved so much in the kitchen as of today and could hardly wait to serve up.

    “Are you serious slave?” Aurelia asked in disbelief.

    I was a little put out by the question, as it felt like Aurelia didn’t believe it was in my capability to produce such fine dining. That said I was determined not to dampen the mood so I responded with, “Absolutely, nothing but the best for two beautiful goddesses.”

    Having been careful to try and include Grace in my response I was hoping for a little breakthrough that might mean we could work out how to co-exist under the same roof. I watched her expression carefully as she looked across at Aurelia’s beaming proud face before turning her attention back to. The look of pure hate resurfaced soon afterwards, which made me shiver. I quickly turned and went into the kitchen to fetch the wine and compose myself. I was determined not to let Grace ruin my hard work and preparations for a perfect evening.

    When I returned Grace and Aurelia were in the middle of an argument, which stopped as I entered. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. I placed down the two glasses on a coffee table then poured the wine and headed quickly back out to finish the starter.

    Around fifteen minutes later I was ready and went into the living room so I could escort Aurelia and Grace through to the table I had laid in the dining room. On entering I lit the candles and seated them both opposite each other. They had at this point progressed to polite conversation though the atmosphere was still uncomfortable.

    On seating at the table Aurelia asked, “Where are you sitting slave?”

    Aurelia was clearly keeping herself in the dominant to prevent any further inflammations to Graces’ already sour mood.

    “I am not eating with you, goddess. This is your night together though I would like to wait on you and present my work if I may?” I said.

    “Nonsense having bought and prepared such a fine meal you must join us.” Aurelia followed up.

    I really needed them to figure things out amongst themselves tonight. I knew I couldn’t go on with Grace abusing me to the levels she started with this morning so had planned very carefully to omit myself from this meal. Now with Aurelia pressuring me to join them, I needed to figure a way to keep my plan on track.

    “I am sorry, goddess, there simply isn’t enough food. I have prepared only enough for two. I will be eating an omelette in the kitchen and would be very happy to do so. Please, why don’t you and Grace just enjoy your evening and let me take care of the rest? I insist.” I said.

    “Slave’s don’t get to insist,” Aurelia said.

    Grace then put her hand on Aurelia’s arm and said, “Let him wait on us. As a slave, it is better that way. Just like it used to be.”

    Aurelia was quite angry now but looking back at me and reading my intentions she eventually relented and said, “Fetch the starter then.”

    As I went to leave Aurelia then added, “Oh and you will eat your omelet under the table here slave. Now fuck off.”

    Grace chuckled as I left. Aurelia clearly wanted the meal to work differently and was blaming me for undoing her plans. This was one I had to take on the chin if I was to have any chance of getting the right side of Grace again. It didn’t take me long to finish the starter preparations and I then returned to the dining room. As I entered Aurelia and Grace both looked at me keen to see the dish I had prepared.

    “Wow, that looks amazing slave,” Aurelia said, her pleasure at seeing the food now diminishing her earlier discontent with my omission from the table.

    Grace just stared reluctantly at the plate having to acknowledge at least externally it did look quite the picture. I hovered briefly to observe their first mouthfuls just so I could gauge whether the taste was as good as the presentation. Though both Aurelia and Grace made contented sounds on their first mouthful, Grace caught herself and then turned her pleasure instantly into a sneer seeing I was watching her.

    I was just about to leave them to it when Grace asked Aurelia, “I see you have a new pendant. Been treating yourself, Aurelia?”

    There was a temporary uncomfortable silence while Aurelia considered how to respond. Eventually, she replied, “something like that Grace.”

    “May I take a closer look, Aurelia?” Grace probed.

    “After dinner maybe, can’t we just enjoy the food as Chris has prepared such a nice meal for us?” Aurelia said.

    “You mean the fucking cunt stood over there? What happened to slave?” Grace snarled.

    “Look, Grace, he has spent hours on this meal and not put a foot wrong with me all day. Can’t you just give him a little respect for once based on that alone?” Aurelia asked.

    “You can call him what the fuck you want. He will always be a slave and nothing more in my eyes.” Grace said begrudgingly.

    Aurelia then sighed and said, “Chris go and make yourself busy in the kitchen please.”

    I left them on the verge of another argument, which regrettably was spoiling the ambience of the evening and the starter I had spent so long planning and preparing for them. It was hard to see how they would be able to reconcile their differences given the stark contrast in views on my position in the house. I was so happy that Aurelia was defending me to the extent she was but couldn’t see Grace backing down so easily. The key question I guess was how much did Aurelia really love Grace?

    It was the extent of feeling she had for her that would determine the level of compromise Aurelia would embrace and also the partitioning of our relationship from their friendship. I gave them twenty minutes before I started my preparations for the main course. The lobster was cooked and the sauce prepared so I just needed to boil the fresh pasta and put it all together, as I glanced at the clock on the wall I guessed no more than ten minutes was required. I decided to return to top up their wine and see how things were progressing and gauge their readiness for the main course.

    I entered with the wine and it appeared they were still discussing my position in the house and the threat it was posing to their love and friendship. I couldn’t really back out and as they were in the middle of their exchange of words all I could really do was fill the glasses and then leave.

    “Can’t you find a way to accept what I want Grace? You know how important this is to me.” Aurelia requested.

    “I thought I was the one who was important to you Aurelia. I was there for you when he was nothing but an anchor into your darkness from which you wanted to escape. What changed?” Grace asked.

    “I did Grace. I just got sick of the hate and how much it was corrupting me. Beth and you were the only people I have ever trusted in my life until he came along. The difference is that whilst you and Beth feed on my dominant he drew out the part of me I thought was lost forever.” Aurelia said and sighed deeply.

    “I can be that person for you too, Aurelia. You don’t need him. He doesn’t love you like I do and he certainly can’t be trusted.” Grace said then glanced at me with eyes of hate.

    “You are wrong Grace. I trust him most of all because he doesn’t know how to lie and if he did he knows I would see through it. It took me time to open his mind and his heart. Now he is an open book. He wants you to stay and knows how important you are to me, why can’t you feel the same way about him?” Aurelia asked.

    “I just don’t know how you can trust him so. He still loves that fucking tramp, I am telling you. He will break your heart Aurelia if you let him.” Grace warned.

    Aurelia looked at me then and allowed Grace’s words to echo in her mind while she scrutinised my intentions. She sat silently looking deep into my eyes, carving out all the truth that was there to see. A tear formed in the corner of her eye and started it’s journey down towards her cheek.

    “Do you still love her Chris?” Aurelia asked.

    This was a heartbreaker of a question as like Aurelia said she already knew the answer even before she had asked it. I looked Aurelia straight in the eye and took a breath before I spoke.

    “Yes I do still love Nicola and you know that Aurelia, but none of that changes what I feel for you. My love for her is something that is fading with every breath I take. She is in a difficult place still and I believe she is losing herself every day. Nicola is forsaking me for something more important to her now, power. You conversely are giving your heart to me and I believe for the first time. I do solemnly love you dearly and each moment we are together my feelings for you grow. I am also learning every day how to be the person you need me to be to love and respect your dominant. I would be lost without you, Aurelia. Never in my life have I fought so hard for something so special. You have to trust me when I say I will never leave you for Nicola. You have given far too much of yourself for me to ever turn my back and walk away. It is why you will have my heart always.” I said.

    Aurelia touched her pendant and rubbed the engravings with her finger to remind herself of the inscription contained therein. Her eyes initially narrowed as if questioning and then softened as she smiled at me.

    Grace looked increasingly uncomfortable seeing the truth in my eyes and the love in Aurelia’s. Her heart was breaking as she sat and watched the two of us rip her life to shreds. Neither of us wanted to hurt Grace and only she could find solace and comfort in the friendship and love that was available to her. Aurelia pushed her chair back and arose. She then approached me and put her arms around me.

    She then turned to Grace and said, “Listen, Grace, you will fucking sit there and watch every second of this moment and imprint it on your mind. You will never question or challenge my love for Chris or his for me ever again. Am I making myself absolutely fucking clear on that point?”

    Tears were streaming down Grace’s cheeks, as her eyes silently rested on the image of Aurelia kissing me with all her love and affection. I closed my eyes to block out the hurt written all over Grace’s face. I knew she had to face this truth and decide for herself where her future lay. When Aurelia eventually broke away from me she brushed my cheek and smiled again, I believe signalling her intent to stand by me and trust in my words.

    Aurelia then stepped over to Grace and ordered her to stand and face her. As she did so still crying Aurelia kissed her tenderly on the lips but more with kindness and compassion for the hurt she was causing her. Grace’s arms hung limply by her side, her body was hollow and lost in a sea of confusion and hurt.

    “I still love you Grace and I want you to remain in my life but I must know that you want for me what I want for myself. Now I have shown you, you must choose whether to leave this house or embrace the love of my life.” Aurelia said in a definitive tone.

    Grace looked into Aurelia’s eyes longingly. She then caressed her face and said, “I can’t live without you, Aurelia. You once said we were as one and that is as true today for me, as it was then. If I walk away I can never be whole again. If this is what you truly want then even though it kills me, I will love you for it.”

    Grace then approached me. Her eyes were devoid of any emotion or feeling but nevertheless, she was committed to the act, which she knew must play out. She placed her arms around my shoulders then tenderly kissed my lips. The pressure she applied was barely perceptible. As she pulled away and looked at me, it was almost like I was transparent.

    “If you can excuse me please, I need a little time on my own,” Grace said and exited through the dining room and up the stairs.

    I looked at Aurelia who was visibly upset at hurting her friend so much but still deliberate and committed to her love for me. “Embrace me, Chris, I need to feel you near me.”

    I took her in my arms and squeezed her so our bodies merged briefly and she pulled me back even tighter. No words were spoken but everything was said in those moments. I waited for her to signal that she was ready to stand-alone and I took her hand and walked her back to the sofa grabbing her wine on the way. As we sat together Aurelia remained deep in contemplation and I left her with her thoughts.

    After some time she asked, “Will dinner be ruined?”

    “Fuck dinner, you and Grace are the only thing that matters here tonight. She needs you, Aurelia. You need to go see her.” I said.

    “How can you say that after what she said about you?” Aurelia asked.

    “You know how Aurelia and it’s why you chose me to give your most precious gift to,” I answered.

    Aurelia looked up at the stairs and then back at me before smiling. She then arose and gathered her glass before entering the dining room to grab Grace’s. Seeing what she was doing I quickly grabbed the bottle and nestled it under her arm as she ascended.

    I sat alone with my thoughts for close to an hour waiting and hoping somehow Aurelia could make things right with Grace. Eventually, they both appeared and walked down the stairs hand in hand with their now empty wine glasses. Noticing this I got up and dashed into the kitchen to open another bottle and returned to find them curled up together on the sofa.

    As I approached them Aurelia pointed to the floor beneath them and said, “On your knees slave.”

    I was a little confused but seeing the seriousness on Aurelia’s face it was a command not to be questioned. I knelt down with the open bottle in my hand.

    “Listen carefully, slave. If you ever try to come between the love and friendship I have for Grace I will crush you then abandon you. I told you that being in my life would have conditions and consequences. This is one such term, tell me you understand.”

    “I will never try to come between your love and friendship goddesses,” I said.

    “In the same way you will worship me you will also worship Grace as your goddess. Grace and I will decide your status under this roof between us and I will have the final say. When I decide you are to be recognised as my lover and soul mate she will respect that and embrace it in the same way as you do her as your goddess. Grace please share your thoughts.”

    Grace looked at me still quite deep in thought but clearly she was resolved to say something and started to speak, “As my slave, you will be treated with the respect you deserve as Aurelia’s partner. I will not be entertaining further thoughts of abusing you in the way I have, though I will expect your full devotion to my needs as your goddess when I do make demands. As Aurelia’s lover and soul mate I will respect her wishes and address you accordingly and hope we can find friendship amongst the difficult threads of our relationship thus far.”

    Grace then breathed a huge sigh and offered me a broken smile as best as she could muster. Before I was asked to speak again I leaned forward and kissed Grace’s sneakers remembering she was wearing her now infamous socks from this morning. Wow, that seemed so long ago I thought.

    As I started to withdraw I felt a hand on the back of my neck and heard Aurelia say in a low commanding voice, “You need to stay down there slave and make my beautiful Grace happy with your devoted nose and tongue. I don’t fancy the smell much so I am going to go into the kitchen to finish preparing the main course you have started. You will then join us at the table to eat, no fucking excuses. Am I clear?”

    As I remained bowing, my face inches from Grace’s revolting sneakers I said “Yes goddess. It would be my pleasure to serve goddess Grace and her perfect feet. Thank you.”

    “Just one more thing slave. If she hasn’t had a mind-blowing orgasm by the time the main course is ready you will be eating your dessert from both of our sweaty arses.” Aurelia then chuckled and I thought I heard Grace join in before she got up and left for the kitchen.

    I then continued to kiss and lick Grace’s sneakers awaiting her instruction to remove them. I thought for a while she was delaying to ensure I would be eating my dessert from her backside before she eventually said, “Ok take them off slave and show me your love.”

    I didn’t delay and pulled them both off by the heel simultaneously. Grace’s socks were simply something you could never get used to. Every time I was faced with them seemed to be a higher mountain to climb just to prevent myself from throwing up. I reflected briefly on Julia and how she must have so hated having to deal with Grace’s feet in these socks last Friday in Aurelia’s club. Perhaps that’s why she was so fucked up with me? I chuckled inside before my thoughts returned to the task in front of me.

    “Nice and wet for you slave. Fresh out of my filthy sneakers just as you like them. Now pick my feet up and submit yourself to them and tell me how divine I am.” Grace said.

    Though Grace’s tone was commanding it was somehow a little shaky compared to her usual confident self. Even her words were a little muted and lacked the real depth of humiliation she usually afforded me. The evening had clearly knocked the wind out of her sails and I resolved to put her back on her pedestal for Aurelia’s and my sake.

    “My goddess. Truly no woman’s feet carry the allure and power of your commanding soles. It is these feet that so enslaved me as I learnt my place beneath you. It is an honour for me to worship you even now as I kneel before you. Thank you for your continued attention.” I said.

    Grace seemed to be in two minds how to react and looked to the kitchen twice momentarily before relaxing back in her chair and saying, “Shut the fuck up and drink in the stink cunt. Your only worth to me at this moment is as a tongue and nose.”

    It was a little blunt and to the point but I responded as best I could and took a sniff of her blackened white sports socks and allowed the horrific stench to strangle my senses. I clenched my body to force more resolve into my follow up sniff but still felt utterly repulsed. Grace was now giggling at my discomfort and starting to play with herself, which was my only solace.

    Wanting desperately to get past the socks I asked, “May I remove your socks goddess and embrace your feet?”

    “Just keep fucking sniffing the socks cunt. Know your place. My orders are the only thing that counts here. Get that through your thick skull.” Grace smirked.

    I sniffed on the socks a couple more times and was really struggling to overcome the awful smell. Usually, I would have broken through by now and felt some arousal but the combination of this being Grace, what happened this morning and tonight together with their terrifying smell was just too much for me. The more I struggled and wretched the more she got off on it until eventually, she was rubbing herself furiously.

    “Suck the fucking toes bitch. I am going to cum.” Grace squealed.

    Breathing a huge sigh of relief I removed the offensive white sock and sucked on her toes. The taste was also pretty foul but nothing compared to the socks, which hadn’t seen a wash in weeks now. As I sucked and slurped on her toes Grace was pushed the final few steps into a crevasse of deep irresistible pleasure and she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm dug its claws into her resistance and tore it apart. Her red face and chest danced with her contorted body before she slumped back into the sofa exhausted.

    I knelt beside her and refreshed the glass with wine, before holding it out towards her waiting for to take it. Aurelia then dashed through the lounge on her way to the dining room carrying what looked like an extra plate, knife and fork for me. On her way back she looked over and smiled seeing Grace’s contented body wasted on the sofa.

    The movement stirred Grace who was now watching Aurelia’s movements. When she disappeared back into the kitchen Grace leaned forward and whispered, “The journey from hate to acceptance is a long arduous one slave. I hope you have the courage and conviction to walk with me along it. Rest assured I will be sprinkling it with broken glass and making every step seem like a mile. Now fuck off out of my sight.”

    Well, that went well I thought to myself not really sure if that download was a step up or step down from this morning. At least she had promised not to continue her tirade of abuse with me in the meantime. What she meant by broken glass and seeming like a mile only time would tell. For now though, she had been through enough, so when Aurelia appeared again this time with food, I jumped up to help her carry the remaining dishes through.

    The remainder of the meal was interspersed with polite conversation and the odd digression into fashion and cosmetic choices, which I felt more than a little marginalised by. I did however really enjoy the meal and complimented Aurelia on finishing off my preparations perfectly. She seemed very pleased with any praise linked to the meal given how well it had turned out. Even Grace seemed to be making an effort now adding how fresh and succulent the lobster was. Following an equally delicious dessert I departed into the kitchen to make some coffees and on my return, Aurelia spoke.

    “Chris and I will be sleeping together tonight Grace. I know that you were promised slave time in the evening and morning but I think we have moved on from that now, agreed?” Aurelia asked.

    I cringed a little suspecting we were in for another difficult and excruciating passage of conversation before Grace said, “Of course Aurelia, you should take the master bedroom. I am sure you will be more comfortable there.”

    I looked at her face and could see a fleeting tongue poke before she crossed her arms. Both were cues that she was more than uncomfortable and upset by what Aurelia had said but was keen to disguise the fact. I knew with Aurelia’s psychology training that she would also see through it as well but she didn’t comment on the fact and just said, “Thank you, Grace.”

    Following coffees and more muted conversation, Grace excused herself saying it had been a long day and then went off to bed. Aurelia stayed a little while to slap my arse and tickle me while I tried to carry the plates out to the kitchen before she then excused herself and told me she would meet me in bed. It took me close to thirty minutes to clean up before I headed off up the stairs. As I walked along the hallway I glanced into the bedroom I usually slept in and saw Grace looking back at me eyes wide open and full of tears.

    I really didn’t know where to put myself as she stared at me so just bowed my head to avert her gaze. Moments later she turned over so her back was to me and I moved on. That moment really shook me and made me feel awful, it wasn’t so long ago that person was me and my life was in the turmoil hers was. I thought briefly about going back to comfort her but figured it really wasn’t me she wanted to see right now.

    As I entered the master bedroom Aurelia was sat on the bed in a see-through red nightdress that barely adorned her waist. She wasn’t wearing any knickers and briefly flashed herself at me as she crossed her legs. I approached her tentatively not yet knowing my role in her bedroom. Being in this room was full of lots of difficult memories including a number of brutal beatings and half blinding me with salt, so I was naturally quite apprehensive.

    Aurelia sensed this and said, “Come sit next to me Chris.”

    Hearing my name was all I needed to launch into a bouquet of compliments that were trapped in my head and bursting to come out. “Fucking hell Aurelia, you look absolutely ravishing. I don’t even feel worthy to get in the bed of such a beautiful woman.”

    Aurelia replied, “Don’t get too submissive on me Chris else my dominant will come out and fuck you up big time. I was figuring we might fool around a little tonight as lovers. We have both had a day full of emotion and difficulty and now I need a good hard fuck.”

    She had barely finished the sentence when my clothes were off and I transported my raging hard cock the short distance to her awaiting wet pussy. As I glanced her with the end she slid down the bed forcing my shaft deep inside her. Fuck she felt so warm, so wet and so good.

    As we fucked over and over until sheer exhaustion and sexual fatigue got the better of us we collapsed into a slumber filled embrace. As I held onto the last moments of consciousness before sleep overwhelmed me I looked into Aurelia’s face and she was staring back at me.

    “I love you, Aurelia,” I said softly.

    “I know. Great isn’t it?” She replied cheekily and closed her eyes
  8. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Member

    That was…fantastic in every way! There is so much I want to say!

    Aurelia was at her absolutely best in this chapter. It’s no wonder so many find her irresistible. She can switch from total bitch dominant to teasing/playful dominant in the blink of an eye – keeping people off-balance but extremely intrigued. And it presses all of Chris’s buttons (as it does mine).

    The lunch scene was an instant classic. At first, she tested Chris with the threat of having him whipped while she ate lunch…only to allow him to serve her at her table when he responded to this the way she wanted him to. And wow, what an experience that was. I would imagine there were a number of people at that restaurant who would have given anything to be allowed to lick Aurelia’s shoes clean, smell her sweaty feet, lick her feet and suck her toes, lick her to orgasm, then paint her toenails. How lucky is Chris? :)

    The way Aurelia played with the blonde dominant (who we then came to know was named Juliette) was incredible. I agree with Chris’s thoughts – Aurelia is fucking awesome and has a more impressive public presence than Beth. This line from Aurelia was tremendous, toward Juliette: “He’s going to suck your toes while I play with your pussy and watch you squirm under the control of my touch. He is going to paint them for you afterwards while you relax knowing that no day in your life will ever be so perfect as the day you met me.”

    Aurelia’s reaction to Chris telling her about Sophia wanting to fuck him was a bit surprising but also wonderful. She is clearly very possessive of him, but at the same time lets him know that he is an attractive, smart man who she knows that many women fancy.

    The public foot kissing was great, but Aurelia calling over the three girls who were watching and giggling was even better. I’m pretty sure she made disciples out of them, and that boy who was with them will be at their feet by day’s end. :)

    The next part was special indeed. Gathering a crowd just so she could show them what true love looks like, and then making out with Chris…I loved it! Then Chris buying her the pendant and her reaction to it…priceless! It really was beautiful to see Aurelia so overwhelmed by happiness that she hardly knew how to handle it.

    Chris then was given the afternoon off to make a meal fit for his queen, and Grace too. The tension throughout serving the meal was more than palpable, as Grace kept trying to push back against Aurelia’s desire to treat Chris as more than just a slave. Chris, for his part, was wanting to play the part of the perfect slave in an effort to start mending his relationship with Grace.

    It all came to a head when Grace told Aurelia that Chris “still loves that fucking tramp” (Nicola), and Aurelia then asked him if he did. His answer was pure perfection, and Aurelia making out with him in front of Grace after telling her that she should never question or challenge Aurelia’s love for him again...that was magical.

    Then this…this shows what kind of amazing guy Chris is.

    After some time Aurelia asked, “Will dinner be ruined?”

    “Fuck dinner, you and Grace are the only thing that matters here tonight. She needs you, Aurelia. You need to go see her.” I said.

    “How can you say that after what she said about you?” Aurelia asked.

    “You know how Aurelia and it’s why you chose me to give your most precious gift to,” I answered.

    It was nice to know that Aurelia and Grace have mostly worked out their differences, and it seems as though all three of them will be able to coexist. The socks/foot worshipping scene between Chris and Grace was a bit awkward for both participants, but at least Grace orgasmed over how Chris’s revulsion for the smell.

    This moment of truth from Grace was one I expected, but at least it seems she wants to make an effort.

    Grace leaned forward and whispered, “The journey from hate to acceptance is a long arduous one slave. I hope you have the courage and conviction to walk with me along it. Rest assured I will be sprinkling it with broken glass and making every step seem like a mile. Now fuck off out of my sight.”

    Chris getting to enjoy some of that glorious food was great, as I was beginning to worry about him after only eating foot sweat and shoe dirt at lunch. And then the little butt-slapping and tickling from Aurelia while Chris cleared the table was fun. Her playful side is a joy to see.

    It’s interesting that I do feel bad for Grace, in the same way Chris does. Seeing the tears in her eyes as he walked past the bedroom where he used to sleep was a reminder of how that used to be him. And he felt sympathy for her, knowing that her lover now considered someone else to be her soulmate. I hope things can evolve in such a way that Grace finds contentment in her situation.

    That final scene in the master bedroom between Aurelia and Chris was the best way to end the day – for both of them. Making love until they fell asleep in each other’s arms…who could ask for anything more? Of course, their final exchange before drifting into slumber was my favorite part of the chapter.

    As I held onto the last moments of consciousness before sleep overwhelmed me I looked into Aurelia’s face and she was staring back at me.

    “I love you, Aurelia,” I said softly.

    “I know. Great isn’t it?” She replied cheekily and closed her eyes.

    It’s better than great…it’s perfect! :)

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