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Merhaba...Goddess Mikayla

Discussion in 'Turk Forum' started by MileHighMikayla, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. MileHighMikayla

    MileHighMikayla New Member

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  3. Maykıl Nayt

    Maykıl Nayt Fahrettin Cüreklibatur

    offf ya bir lisan bir insan diye boşuna dememişler ne dedi şimdi bu please tercüme...
  4. peritus

    peritus Nervous Tramplee


    I am so glad to hear that you will be here. When you are planning to visit to Turkey? I hope and I wish to meet you here.

  5. MileHighMikayla

    MileHighMikayla New Member

    Visiting Istanbul

    Toe, I hope to be there sometime this Fall...perhaps in November. =)
  6. MileHighMikayla

    MileHighMikayla New Member

    Turkiye`den grubuma gosterdiginiz ilgi icin cok tesekkurederim.
    Iyi haftalar.

  7. sergea

    sergea New Member

    mike kardeş

    ablamız demişki bu yaz istanbul'da olacağım umarım bir kaçınızla görüşürüz ve bu sayede türkçem gelişir vs vsvs.

    sonrada kasım da geleceğini planlamış
  8. efesivri

    efesivri New Member

    hi mmikayla i would like to meet u 2. And i can help to ur about turkish. Waiting for you :beer:
  9. peritus

    peritus Nervous Tramplee

    November? OMG... I do not think I will be here until November.
    Even November is boring time for Turkey.

    Best time is August-September

    Anyway, If you come to Turkey and I was not there at that time; I will be sad.

  10. araya71

    araya71 Darkness We Feel

    Can't believe what I read.The only wayto believe is lying under your divine feet in november at Istanbul.I'm sooooo excited Mikayla you're really AMAZİNG!!!!!
  11. carpetboy25

    carpetboy25 New Member

    Spend nice time at istanbul, you can ask anything you want to learn here.Best wishes..
  12. footopic

    footopic New Member

    Dear Goddes; What a great news that was.Thak you.I am dreaming about serving you as a carpet.Hope to see you here in Turkey.
    With my best regards....
  13. asphodel

    asphodel Far Seer of the Horde

    I hope you will like Turkey and spend nice time in here. :D have a nice trip.

    Agreed on Peritus best time August-September
  14. Maykıl Nayt

    Maykıl Nayt Fahrettin Cüreklibatur

    sevgili dostlar yukarıda yazılanlardan hiç bir şey anlamadım ama bu hatun ağustos eylül gibi istanbula geliyormuş kit kardeşlerim (hem araba olan hemde kowboy olan) kendimizi çiğnetsek nasıl olur hatta hep beraber gidelim grup indirimi yaptıralım sonra bu hatunun sitesini açıpta "baaaak ben buna kendimi çiğnettim ooolum" deyip hava atalım..
  15. asphodel

    asphodel Far Seer of the Horde

    korktum ben bundan kocaman bu, öldürür beni.
  16. darkness

    darkness Inactive

    What a great news, You are my dreams.
    I would die for you Mikayla.
  17. berkdemir

    berkdemir Member

    Great to hear that u'll visit Turkey on November Mikayla! You have so many fans in Turkey, to be honest i'm one of the biggest fan :) I also plan to be in Istanbul in September, i'm not sure that if i can be in Istanbul in November, but i'll try my best ;)
    But as my friends said, i'd also advice you to visit Istanbul before october or november ;)
    Love ya Mikayla :)
  18. MileHighMikayla

    MileHighMikayla New Member

    Istanbul...Mikayla Miles

    Merhaba my Turkish friends...well it looks like my Istanbul trip is being put off until the Spring of 2008. No worries though I will still be there soon enough =) Can't wait to see my Turkish boys =)
  19. terlikci2002

    terlikci2002 Banned

    waiting spring 2008
  20. tranceenergy

    tranceenergy Inactive

    Mikalya I am looking forward to see you and want to share the most exciting times during all of your vacation ;) To see you and To be apart of your plan going to be perfect. Let me loose myself under your feet ;) and turn loose all your wild instincts over on top of my body ;) take care so long. KEEP İN TOUCH ... Loving you
  21. MileHighMikayla

    MileHighMikayla New Member

    Naber Turkish boys,
    I hope to take my Istanbul trip in August 2008 =)
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