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Mick Jagger

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by bluelake, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    Rolling Stone Mick Jagger's girlfriend has died, apparent suicide. Most of the newspapers today have the story on the headlines with a photo of a devastated Mick.

    How the hell would the editors of these rags feel if their wives or families were killed, and their photos went world wide. The Stones have made these papers lots of money over the years and they are still coining it in with death.

    It pisses me off big time with their lack of sensitivity, and only thinking of money, money, money.
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  3. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    The world of the media, what a minefield.

    Yes, they are parasites with the way they treat stories like these, plus the hacking scandel (I hope Caulson and Brooks get 20 years - (guilty as charged Your Honour). But you have to realise this is a very competitive market. They are in it to sensationlise and sell newspapers. They are without conscience. Why would they give a shit how Jagger feels?

    I'll give you a feel of how mercenary the press are. Once Maz Clifford is found guilty of all those sex offences do you think they are going to treat him any differently? They should defend him because of his close ties and influence with all the editors, but they'll crucify him and a good job too.
  4. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    The big fat hairy lesbo's will like her, especially with that red hair.

    On a more serious note, I agree about the media, but you have to also agree that many "celeb's" like the publicity & lead much of their lives enjoying the free publicity.

    I also beg the question that if MJ's girlfriend had the sort of issues for her to tragically end her life why was he not with her ?

    & before I get flamed I have had similar issues within my own family & close friends.
  5. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Did anyone know of her issues? Sometimes you have no idea. I've dealt with it too. Too many times, and sometimes you look back and say...wow..I should of known something was going on when they did this, or that...and other times you look back dumbfounded without a clue anything was wrong.....
    I agree both ways on the media. Yeah, they are blood thirsty but as bf says, a lot celebs love getting their face out there.
    Sometimes people forget there was someone that died in all of this.
  6. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I also beg the question that if MJ's girlfriend had the sort of issues for her to tragically end her life why was he not with her ?

    That's a good question. It appears she had run up massive debts. Maybe they fell out. Anyway, It's still tragic.
  7. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    Greetings bluelake, my love!

    I completely 100% agree with you, as there is no such thing as allowing mourning for family members and friends in these situations. There seems to be no boundries found in the lives of the media. The moral lines in the sand are clearly stomped upon.

    I would have been devastated and behind bars, as I would have probably caused harm to those shoving a camera in my face.
  8. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    That is very true & it is still a tragic loss of life, more so when people are young - think Amy Whitehouse (TBH, I did not like her as a person but did think she had a great voice) & Pixie Geldorf.
  9. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    Pixie Geldorf???
    ermmmmm Peaches Geldof?

    Flirtations Mistress Bella or should I call you my Venus :)
    I hope it won't be a camera you will be shoving in my face when you arrive :)
  10. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $


    You know it won't be a camera, my dear! ;)
  11. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator

    ah take it to a hotel room you two
  12. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    Awwweee! I missed you too UN1! xoxo

    What's your take on the media, when it come to celebrity deaths?
    When this first came about one of the first things that had sadly appeared in my mind was Princess Diana, and how the media was surrounding her before and after her death...
  13. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    UN1, you are correct about dragging little Miss Whiplash off to a hotel room. If she kills me, I will blame you :) but....I will die a very happy man.

    Celebrity deaths.....it seems that as soon as a famous person dies, the media make up anything to sell a paper. The first thing is that the person is not dead and merely gone away to escape publicity. Good examples are Elvis, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. You have to die in front of TV cameras with an audience of 3,000 people to be believed you are dead; sadly naming JFK.

    If the person is dead, first and foremost dig up any dirt you can find and print it. If none is available, make some up to sell the damn papers. If you can photograph grief stricken relatives and friends, so much the better. Find out how much money they had and who is fighting for it.

    I think many celebrities want it both ways. When besieged by the media, they hate it. When left alone, why am I not famous any more. As far as I know, Diana Ross is a good example of this.

    As for Princess Diana's death as such, there are many unanswered questions, maybe never to be answered. Before she died she was the most famous woman in the world and I suppose "literally hounded by the media". If she sneezed it made news. I personally would not have liked that sort of attention. In the days after her death, I was at Kensington and Buckingham Palaces, and surrounding areas. You had to be there to "feel" the atmosphere, and it's something I will never forget.
  14. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    little Miss Whiplash!? Oh bluelake, you have NOOO idea ;)

    Even when a celebrities death is on camera, some people seem to think it wasn't really them...lol

    I could only imagine... Can you tell us what is was like?
  15. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Duh - at least I got the 1st letter correct.
  16. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    Mistress B my little petal, your wish is my command :)
    “I know”, she says LOL

    When Diana died, I knew this was history in the making and wanted to become a part of it. From where I live it’s easy to get to central areas, so went there a few times.
    The first time there were not too many people knocking about, but it seemed those who were seemed in a state of shock. The second time was later in the week and flowers were everywhere; outside Kensington, Buckingham and St James’ palaces, and all roads between. Dodi El Fayed’s father, who owned the giant Harrods store sent refreshment trucks, handing out free tea and coffee to crowds by Buckingham Palace. There was no carnival atmosphere, just people who had arrived but for what reason? Maybe the same as me, maybe they felt they had to arrive, maybe they had a liking for Diana. It was a calm which needed no explanation. Something you knew but couldn’t put into words. People just hanging quietly around the palaces and parks, some normal, some expressionless and some distressed. I witnessed some arguments too, between members of the public and professional photographers cashing in on peoples’ sadness. The paparazzi who hounded Diana to death, were cashing in as usual.

    There was bad feeling because the Queen had not returned to London and the Union flag (not the Monarch’s standard) should be flying over Buckingham Palace. Chancing my luck I called telephone enquiries requesting the Palace’s number. I was told it is available but I will not get through. I called anyway and a miracle happened and I spoke to a woman. I gave my views on the lack of our flag not flown. She said that is the queen’s decision. I reminded her that the Union flag belongs to the people of the country and not the monarchy. She said she will pass my comments to the queen. Oh yeah, I am sure she did! Later the Union flag was flying over Buckingham Palace. I found it pleasing and funny that it happened after my call.

    I have no affection for the royal family but Diana seemed different. I didn’t go there for the funeral but later again that weekend. If there was a second coming of the Messiah and he had died, I don’t think it could have been any greater. Every road, wall, tree, monument, you name it between Kensington and Buckingham Palaces had flowers, banners, toys etc. adorning them. Kensington Gardens is a vast green area where the palace is, where Diana lived. It had turned into a wonderland of flowers and banners. So many trees were adorned and a whole sea of flowers had been laid. In parts it was up to my shoulder in height, and I am tall. Again so many arrived in the usual fashion but a little different now. The funeral has finished and reality was again kicking in.
    The royal parks close at sunset, but were left open all night during this time. I, with a friend joined a long queue to enter Kensington Palace to sign a condolence book. It was now late at night and dark. Some people had written in very large letters DIANA on the grass in candles, surrounded by candles. They also played the Elton John song, “Goodbye England’s Rose”. It was enough to turn the hardest person to jelly. A reporter was there and interviewed us, asking opinions and what we thought of it all. My claim to fame, three lines in the paper the next day.

    It was hard not to become involved with this tragedy. Some admitted they felt like a member of their own family had died. Emotions just took a person over. Tens of thousands went to the palaces and parks, each with their own reasons. One young girl was outside St James’ palace overcome with grief and crying. Whatever her reason was, I was not about to ask her.

    Paparazzi continued to take photos and an Italian tourist was arrested for stealing a teddy bear toy somebody had left. How a person can stoop that low at that time was beyond me.

    It was on the news that Britain had run out of flowers due to massive demand in all cities and towns, and had to import during this time. Did I lay flowers? Yes, I did.

    When Diana died, her sons, young boys at the time, were awoken and told of their mother’s death. Within hours they were dressed up and lugged off to church, on public display. No time for grieving, screaming or crying, just plain damn protocol from the royals. That sure produced another emotion from many…..anger and disgust!!
  17. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    amazing you even managed that
  18. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Found a full stop too.........
  19. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator

    My personal feeling is it was bad enough before 20 years ago with the media saturation in covering a celebrity death but nowadays with the way society is OBSESSED with all things celebrity, it's reached a level of just outright ridiculousness and embarrassment.

    Freaking people can't even name who represents them in Congress (nevermind going to vote) but ask them who the latest one hit wonder shithead out of the ghetto with a song on the music charts is and they know their whole life story thanks to the 5 trillion internet sites devoted to all things celebrity. Of course I don't have a clue if it's like this anywhere else but the US. I hope for all your sakes it isn't.

    I suppose if I guessed where I thought the beginning of all this new level of media obsession originated, I would blame Madonna in the 80's. I still feel she was a talentless hack who ruined modern music with mediocre talent mixed with outlandish stunts just to garner publicity.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
  20. wanderer109

    wanderer109 Active Member

    Madonna set the tone for lots of the outrageous behavior by the marginally talented to get publicity. People with real talent need no such stuff. They get their publicity from their actual work.
  21. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    OBSESSED with all things celebrity, it's reached a level of just outright ridiculousness and embarrassment.

    you ain't kidding UD1. Yesterday Yahoo news..PM Cameron attacked on holiday.
    He went in the sea and stung by a jellyfish. He ran out again shouting, "ouch".
    This was top story. If he had been bee stung, would it have been an act of war?

    Some tabloid newspapers have headlines about characters in soap operas. Never mind about a missing plane, possible war in the Crimea, or North Korea firing missiles, a soap character is seeing another man.

    I know a woman who knows all there is about soap operas and can name everything, so I made her a short quiz on other stuff. Here are a few of the questions and her answers.

    Where was the Berlin Wall?
    I am sure Germany but not sure where though

    Do you think they should arrange boat trips to Atlantis?
    No, they haven't got a boat big enough

    How many sides has a rectangle?
    Wow, that's a hard one

    John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, is named after which Beatle?
    Paul McCartney

    Are you crying yet? You will be when you read the last one I asked her.

    Do you think man will ever get to the 3rd planet from the sun?
    Don't be so silly. You cannot build a spaceship on the sun, so the answer is no.
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