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Mini Muffins (the little lady) meets the BBW's videos

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by Platinum Puzzy, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Mini Muffins meets the BBW Mean Girls
    These plus sized ladies are upset when their "mini" friend midget (66lbs 4ft tall) Mini Muffins gets spoiled & has everyone wrapped around her finger because of her tiny size. They decide it's time to show her who's boss and that she needs to be taught a lesson! They call her over and immediately she turns into a complete brat! Making fun of their fat, Kari picks her up and slams her on the sofa jumping on top of her with full weight! 6 times her weight, she smothers her with her full body! Ms Thang then adds another 300lbs and really "puts it on her!" She chuckles laughing thinking that their drastic attempt at punishment was a complete failure. Kari gets upset and picks her up tossing her around like a toddler! Thinking this would scare Mini Muffins, she spins her around and puts her on her back for piggy back rides. Minilaughs and tells her how much fun she is having! Kari gives up and decides to tickle her! Eventually she gets a bright idea to wrap her into a gift and put her under the tree. Hope she learned her lesson!!!

    Mini Muffins Rides in the Buggy
    Mini Muffins, a special lady at age 32 is 4 feet tall and 60 lbs! She is so tiny wearing a size 7 in girls clothes and size 1 in girls shoes! When we made our adventure to the mall, I couldn't help but put her little self inside the buggy and push her around! The people in the store were quite confused.... especially with her "I LOVE NUDES" gear from FanCentro/Snapchat
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  3. aslik

    aslik Active Member

    So close to the dream of a little woman getting face sat... :eek:
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  4. We did face sit her!
  5. Skidplate1

    Skidplate1 Member

    I need to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. theused47

    theused47 New Member

    You know, she actually has kinda big feet for her size. A size 1 in kids is about 8 inches...if she was average height say 64 inches her feet would be 10 2/3 inches

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