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Mixed Wrestling Heaven

Discussion in 'Erotic Wrestling & Scissoring' started by Scorpion_Fetish, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. www.mixedwrestlingheaven.com

    Home of the hottest mixed wrestling action

    Everything from competitive to fantasy matches. Girls in gis, spandex and bikinis showing off their martial arts skills.

    Hot, athletic girls wrestling their male opponents into submission.

    Intergender wrestling at its best!

    As always, suggestions, feedback, customs are very welcome


    Scorpion xx
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  3. MWH0017 Scorpion vs Hanz Van Der Kill - Competitive Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949294

    Hanz vs Scorpion - The First Meeting!
    This was an intense, sweat-filled battle. Neither party wanted to give an inch!
    How will Scorpion do against her larger opponent?

    If you like very evenly matched, genuinely competitive matches then you will LOVE this!

    Scorpion 5'7'' 155lbs
    Hanz 6'1 180lbs

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  4. MWH0018 Scorpion vs Stephon - Competitive wrestling and Bondage

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949312

    *Sorry - lots of bikini top slippage in this match*

    Competitive bondage match between Scorpion (66kg) and Stephon (82kg). Scorpion’s back looks nice and muscular in this clip.

    They begin with some points via submission before moving on to the rope.
    As always Scorpion like to mess with her wrestling dummy Stephon, keeping him in holds after he has tapped, hand smothering him.

    Stephon attempts a headscissor and gets punished for it. Scorpion asks ‘do you want to know what scissors should feel like?’ before crushing his head in a reverse headscissors then slapping his face ‘that’s how you do it’.

    Submissions used before bondage: Triangle, Reverse Headscissors, Hand smother, Bondage time!

    There is a long stalemate as neither competitor can secure a long-lasting tie or strong position but Poor Stephon finds himself stuck between Scorpion’s legs for a large portion of it.

    Finally someone starts to get tired, and an elbow tie is secured. Hands are quickly bound too before the dreaded hogtie!

    Stephon made the mistake of bringing his bag of kinky tricks with him and Scorpion spotted a ball gag in there before the match began. Hmmmm I wonder who ends up wearing that…..while the winner victory poses over them….

    Scorpion wears black bikini top with black and white bikini bottoms.

    Stephon wears black shorts.

    *The lighting is bad in for this match so it has been discounted for that reason*

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  5. MWH0019 Triangle Challenge + KO - Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/16949326

    Scorpion has a victim trapped in a triangle choke, trapped between her muscular thighs. Watch him struggle and fail to get free.

    Scorpion tosses him around the mat only using her legs, keeping him trapped in the triangle choke for the entire 5 minutes. Then she decides that it’s lights out time for him and puts the pressure on. Squeezing his neck until he goes out.

    Scorpion wears sports bra and leggings / yoga pants.
  6. MWH0024 Tomoe nage throwdown - Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103638

    In this custom match Scorpion performs many Tomoe Nage judo throws in her white gi. She easily throws her larger opponent over her head before submitting him in various ways (x-choke, reverse triangle, armbar, kimura, baseball bat choke, triangle choke, armbar with foot choke).

    To show off her leg strength she leg presses him halfway through some of the throws before continuing and submitting him again and again. They bow and bump fists between each point.

    Scorpion wears white gi with pink bikini top underneath, with bare feet and purple pedicure.
  7. MWH0025 Bondage Match - Scorpion vs Bruce

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103658

    Scorpion (66kg) takes on a much larger (and cocky!) opponent (108kg) in this submissions and bondage match. He is big and strong.

    He has no skills BUT he is stubborn as hell once he gets caught in a submission so Scorpion has to torture him a little bit and really squeeze him hard to get that tap.

    The match is finished with simple wrist, knee and ankle bindings before Scorpion victory poses over him

    Submissions used: Reverse headscissors, anaconda choke, rear naked choke, front headscissors, wristlock (horrible Scorpion).
  8. MWH0026 Competitive Submissions Match Scorpion vs Stephon

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17103676

    A fantastic, sweaty battle as Scorpion (66kg) takes on her old adversary Stephon (83kg) in this submissions only match. Stephon is absolutely dying to get a point against Scorpion. He has been training hard in the gym and learning some Jiu-Jitsu.

    Stephon gets a poor attempt at a guillotine early in the match and asks 'do you submit'...Scorpion cheekily replies 'To what?'. He doesn't have the submission properly applied and she is going to teach him a lesson for thinking he had her so early on in the match.

    She treats him to some beautiful triangle chokes, wrapping her big thighs around him. He tries to resist, you hear him choking and struggling to escape.

    Scorpion is being extra mean today. Elbows are shoved into the side of his face, knees dug into his chest, forehead driven into the side of his face. She is taking no prisoners!!

    Later in the match Stephon has small hints of a good positions, getting on top a couple of times, he is learning! But...he is also getting tired due to the high effort he is having to make. Scorpion sense this and ups her pace with chokes and headscissors coming in.

    This is a great, sweaty battle. Scorpion's muscles are really pumped by the end of the match. show!!

    Scorpion forces him to lie flat on the floor as she victory poses over him, foot on his throat.

    Scorpion wears grey skin tight spandex leggings and grey + pink sports bra. Showing off her abs and muscular shoulders to perfection.

    Previously released on Strong Girls Rule
  9. MWH0027 Blaze vs Bert - competitive submissions

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17765468

    Beautiful dancer/wrestler Blaze takes on Bert in a 15 minute competitive submissions match. They shake hands and Blaze immediately takes Bert down to the mats, using those amazingly powerful legs to lock in a crushing thigh scissor. Blaze may be smaller but she uses her speed and agility to seamlessly transition to a mount, before obtaining the first submission by headscissors less than two minutes into the match.

    The second submission occurs even quicker, less than thirty seconds later with a wicked hammerlock/body scissors combination.

    Blaze takes Bert to submission wrestling school proving to him that 13 is certainly his unlucky number, as she exacts submission after submission using a variety of holds including neck crank, D’arce Chokes, headscissors, rear naked chokes, body scissors and some unusual holds including a leg stretch and one submission wear Bert has no choice but to tap as Blaze’s muscular calf across his throat forces him to tap frantically.

    Throughout the match Blaze goads him which at one point spurs him to a small flurry of offence wear he traps Blaze in a D’Arce Choke of his own, but it is short lived as agile as a cat Blaze escapes and is back on the attack.

    At the end of the match during the punishment round, Blaze stands atop of his sweaty defeated form in a victory pose.

    Blaze wears a black bikini top, shorts and is barefoot.

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  10. MWH0028 Jiu Jitsu Trainer Dominates

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17765486

    Bruce turns up for a Jiu Jitsu training session, but there is a problem he was expecting a male trainer and is instead greeted by Scorpion. Bruce foolishly doesn’t believe that Scorpion will be able to handle him.

    Scorpion feels his arms and doesn’t think it will be an issue, and berates him for not turning up in a Gi.

    Scorpion talks him through the plan for the training session before demonstrating the first technique taking Bruce down to the mats and applying pressure with her shoulder, commenting that Bruce actually all that strong at all.

    A triangle, and an armbar follow with Scorpion rubbing the soles of her feet over Bruce’s face as punishment for his comments about a female trainer. A figure four headscissor has Bruce’s face going red and he taps immediately. Scorpion doesn’t release immediately, and he’s quickly taking a trip to lalaland.

    Scorpion uses her black painted toe nails to rouse him by rubbing them over his mouth. He eventually comes to, but is quickly counting sheep again due to a rear naked choke, and woken again by those same feet.

    Bruce is then placed in a camel clutch and whilst he is helplessly trapped Scorpion again punishes him by rubbing her feet on his mouth, before placing her hand over his mouth and sending him into blissful dreamland.

    Bored of her useless trainee, Scorpion stuffs her entire foot into his mouth before smothering him with her hand one final time.

    Bruce had best takes his training more seriously next time….

    Scorpion wears a GI with bare feet and black painted toes nails.

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  11. MWH0029 Gi Match - Leg attack - Scorpion vs Bert

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17939004

    Scorpion takes on Bert in this competitive match-up with the stipulation that submissions can only be attained by moves using the legs such as triangles, scissors etc.

    They lock-up in their GI’s and it's not long before Bert finds himself in trouble as Scorpion’s powerful legs extract the first submission via a headscissor.

    Scorpion pauses to adjust her Gi and Bert pounces on to the attack. The match is on, and Bert isn’t going to passively allow Scorpion to win easily.

    It’s Bert’s male pride against Scorpion’s powerful physique, multiple submissions are scored all using the legs, and by the end one wrestler sits astride their opponent, sweaty yet victorious.

    Scorpion wears a white Gi with bare legs, green leopard print sports bra and black panties.

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  12. MWH0030 His 1st time - Scorpion vs Swiss

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/17939022

    It’s Swiss’s first time, so Scorpion decides to take it easy on him with a pins and scissors match. Scorpion gives up a big size and weight advantage here but is unfazed, and within a minute has Swiss flat on his back and pinned for the 10 count.

    The old adage size isn’t everything is certainly true in this case. Swiss is given a lesson in pain as Scorpion repeatedly pins and scissors him, and he is completely destroyed, when asked at the end how the match went Swiss has to concede that it didn’t go very well as Scorpion sits on him following the final pin, while he lies in painful, red-faced sweaty defeat.

    This is one hell of a first time for Swiss!

    Scorpion wears a red wrestling singlet.

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  13. MWH0031 Latex Domination Match - Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18099760

    Scorpion takes on a game male challenger in this match where both competitors wear latex. The match begins and he is on the attack immediately, Scorpion confidently takes top position and allows her male challenger to tire himself as he pointlessly tries to buck her off.

    As his strength fades she manoeuvre's herself up his body before rolling him into a body triangle and applying a rear naked choke. He taps fairly promptly.

    From there a front headlock is used to transition back into full mount and again his strength and willpower is sapped as he fruitlessly tries to obtain a more controlling position, but Scorpion is in full control.

    Then Scorpion’s incredible thighs come into play as he is subjected to a crushing body scissor followed by a headscissor. Give this man his due he doesn’t tap even though he is in obvious pain and you can see the muscles on Scorpion’s leg as she squeezes his head.

    He once again finds himself on his back being subjected to a breast smother and grapevine combination but again doesn’t tap. His stubbornness is impressive even as the mat is covered with his dripping sweat.

    It’s not until he is trapped in a rear naked choke does he give up another submission. Scorpion grabs some rope and distracts him with a breast smother while she ties his hands before sitting on his face. Now his punishment begins.

    For the the follow-on Bondage part of the see MWH0032.

    Scorpion wears shiny latex top and shorts.

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  14. MWH0032 Bondage Latex Domination Match - Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18101032

    This is the second part of the match for the first part see MWH0031.

    Scorpion sits on his face before dragging across the mats onto his back and ties his feet together. Once he is fully bound she uses a reverse facesit to punish him further. The latex has made her hot and sweaty and she forces him to lick the sweat from her arse and thighs.

    Then it is time for him to lick the sweat from her feet and in between her toes, and then from her particularly sweaty cleavage.

    Using more ropes she hogties him and then sits on his face again before making him worship her feet by kissing them, before wrapping her legs around his head and forcing him to whimper as she crushes his head like a melon.

    The pain is etched across his sweaty face as she squeezes but there is nothing he can do while hogtied to escape until he blissfully passes out receiving a final slap across the face and being left tied in a fetal position on the mats.

    Scorpion wears shiny latex top and shorts.

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  15. MWH0035 Scorpion tricks + humiliates Bert

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18246096

    Scorpion and Bert have just finished shooting a video, and are going to chill and have a bite to eat.. After the cameras had stopped rolling, Bert was being a little bit cocky and was telling Scorpion that he could take her in a competitive match. That was a tad foolish Bert, so Scorpion sets up a static camera on the floor and awaits Bert.

    Bert enters the room and sits on the sofa, and is still talking big, that he thinks he could beat Scorpion. So what does any self respecting female wrestler do? Scorpion pulls him off the sofa by his foot to the carpet and within in a few seconds has Bert pinned with his arms trapped while she sits proud atop of him in a schoolgirl pin, before forcing him to tap out to a facesit.

    Bert tells her that as she’s not filming it, it's pointless as he doesn’t wrestle for free, well got some news for you there Bert, because perhaps Scorpion is going to make you!

    She traps him in a triangle choke, squeezing him tightly while they have a conversation where Bert continues to argue that now it wasn’t a fair start, Scorpion relinquishes the hold to give Bert a chance.

    But he’s too slow and she pounces on him and Bert is trapped in a side bodyscissors before being trapped in a breast smother/grapevine combination that has him tapping again.

    The match continues with Bert being punished repeatedly by Scorpion, these two have wrestled many times before and the banter between them is a real highlight of this clip, but despite Bert’s bravado it was only going to end one way, as it always does when these two meet, with a Scorpion getting the tick in the win column and Bert flats on his back struggling for breath.

    Scorpion wears black sports bra and underwear.

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  16. MWH0036 Real session - Scorpion vs Mark

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18401348

    If you’ve ever wondered what a session with Scorpion is like then this is the clip clearly demonstrates. Mark has booked Scorpion for a wrestling match with pins to 10 count and submissions.

    They begin in a Test of Strength which only ends when someone says “Mercy”, even though Mark is taller and heavier than Scorpion she surprises him with her strength and it's not long before he’s crying out “Mercy.”

    Now they begin wrestling properly and Scorpion controls him and quickly sits on his face, locks his arms up and begins to count to 10 as she has Mark pinned. Once she finishes counting he receives a belly punch as she announces the score.

    Mark tries to put up some offence, but Scorpion has strength, experience and technique, and every time he tries to make inroads she locks him up and taps him out. He makes the mistake after tapping out of kissing Scorpion’s foot without permission. She locks him up again and makes him lick the dirt from the mat from them.

    They continue wrestling, and Mark tells Scorpion she is going down ironically just before he is trapped in a headscissors, his face going red and tapping out to her powerful thighs.

    Once Mark has conceded defeat Scorpion mercifully allows him to worship her feet as he kisses and licks her feet.

    Session wrestling is great, harmless fun, and this clip shows how a session can be catered within limits to allow you to explore your fetish and fantasy. For more information re sessioning with Scorpion or when she is visiting your city or country visit http://www.missscorpion.com/

    Scorpion wears a leopard print sports bra and lycra black patterned yoga leggings and red toe nail polish.

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  17. MWH0037 Singlet pins match - Scorpion vs Will

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18401368

    Scorpion takes on Will in a pins only competitive match wearing singlets. Both competitors waste no time getting into the action, as Scorpion traps her male opponent in a tight headlock, using it to position herself in side control whilst Will struggles beneath her. She nearly gets his shoulders pinned to the mat but he is able manage to lift them.

    As side control isn’t working, Scorpion transitions seamlessly into full mount, moving herself up his body she sits astride his chest in a schoolgirl pin, and folds his arms above his head and scores the first pinfall, despite his desperate struggling and back arching.

    The second round begins, and it’s obvious that whilst Will maybe smaller than many of Scorpion’s previous opponents, he his a game opponent, he is wiry and quick, and stronger than he looks. Time and time again he frustrates Scorpion’s attempts to trap him in a pinning predicament, and Scorpion has to use her size, experience and BJJ training to control him.

    A combination breast smother and grapevine pin nearly elicits a second fall, but like a slippery eel, Will manages to escape Scorpion’s clutches, but the constant exertion of trying to avoid being pinned as sapped his strength and a second application of the very same hold scores the second pin of the match.

    The third pin comes quickly after the second as Scorpion surprises Will with a cradle pin, locking her strong arms together as she struggles in vain to escape. He is covered in sweat from the constant struggle, and Scorpion’s superior conditioning is starting to come into play.

    Mercifully, the fourth pinfall is also the last as a facesit pin finishes Will off allowing a slightly sweatier than usual Scorpion flexing above to be honest a worthy male foe for a change.

    Scorpion wears a black singlet with grey toned muscle design.

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  18. MWH0038 Gi KO - Triangle Challenge for Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18471849

    In this special challenge video Scorpion has laid down the gauntlet to Bert that he will not be able to escape her triangle hold.

    They start on the mats with Bert’s head firmly trapped in Scorpion’s triangle hold, and the challenge begins. Bert is confident that it will be easy to escape, he couldn’t be more wrong.

    Scorpion has challenged Bert to a Triangle Hold challenge. Bert has to try and escape from Scorpion’s expertly applied triangle. Someone should have told Bert that this was not his brightest idea ever.

    His face begins to change colour as he struggles to escape Scorpion’s clutches, but he is learning quickly that there is no escape.

    In the end the challenge ends when Bert unsuccessful in his attempts to escape, is unconcious and ko’d.

    Better luck next time Bert.

    Scorpion wears a white gi, with green leopard print bra, black underwear and purple painted toenails.

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  19. MWH0039 Sativa dominates - Sadistic Submissions Match 1

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18471859

    Sativa makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut as she takes on Deviant Dave in this submissions only wrestling match. Deviant Dave likes to talk a hard game on Twitter, so Sativa walks into this match ready for a competitive challenge.

    She couldn’t have been more wrong she obtains the first submission from the larger man in less than sixty seconds, and the match quickly escalates into a one sided rout with submissions into the double digits.

    Sativa lets Deviant Dave know her disappointment by punishing him even further being slow to release holds, ignoring his taps at first and peppering him with body punches and stinging slaps.

    The punishment is not just physical as Sativa verbally berates Deviant Dave at one stage telling him “You are just fucking shit mate”.

    Amongst the multitude of submissions are arm bars, triangle holds, scissorholds, camel clutch.

    Sativa wears a leopard print bikini.

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  20. MWH0040 Scorpion pins Dave - No mercy

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18738699

    Deviant Dave takes on Scorpion in a pins only match. Things start off looking quite promising for the self-proclaimed leader of Team Deviant, he’s taller and heavier than Scorpion and takes control at the start of the match. He takes the top position and tries to pin Scorpion

    Scorpion is used to taking on heavier male challengers however, and gains control pinning the Deviant one down, it is obvious that she is technically more adept and more experienced.

    Once she gains the top she sits on Dave and keeps him pinned for the rest of the match, sitting high up on his throat in a dominant school girl pin, and that’s where she remains for the rest of the match until Deviant Dave is forced to submit the entire match.

    Chalk another one up in the win column to Scorpion.

    Scorpion wears black sports bra and panties.

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  21. MWH0041 Lucrecia - BBW Squash Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18738733

    Bert steps onto the MWH mats to take on BBW Lucrecia. To be fair, Bert never backs down from taking on any female wrestler, but has definitely bit off more than he can chew with Lucrecia. She towers above him and is certainly the heavier of the two.

    This entire match is a one sided demolition squash match of Bert. He is pinned, smothered with Lucrecia’s ample bosom and ass and scissored between her powerful thighs. Bert is completely helpless and Lucrecia takes delight in squashing him.

    By the end of this match, Bert is prone on the match after being headscissored to unconsciousness.

    Lucrecia wears black bra and panties with silver pattern and black hold up stockings.

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