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    MWH0042 Foot domination - Scorpion in Gi

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18918181

    Scorpion dons her GI to take on Will on the MWH mats. Will is always a game opponent and in this clip as in all his other experiences the exertion from trying to combat the powerful Scorpion leaves him drenched in sweat.

    All if effort is for naught as Scorpion is too strong and skilled, she controls and dominates him easily making liberal use of her feet to choke him without breaking a sweat.

    Will is the repeated victim of arm bars whilst Scorpion’s feet are rubbed all over his face, much to his disgust, and his final humiliation is when he is forced to have Scorpion’s foot in his mouth.

    Scorpion wears a white gi, with yellow sports bra and pink pedicure.

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    MWH0043 Luna - Competitive Submissions Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/18918207

    The incredibly strong, Luna makes her MWH debut as she takes on WIlfred in a full competitive submission wrestling match.

    Wilfred has his moments, but Luna is just too powerful as she extracts submission after submission from the game challenger.

    He finds himself scissored, arm-bared, rear naked choked and dominated as they both are covered in sweat from their mat battle.

    The final result is never in doubt as a spent Wilfred is face down on the mat with Luna’s foot on his spine as she flexes in victory.

    Luna wears a grey crop top and black shorts.

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    MWH0044 Judo Throws - Scorpion in the Dojo

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19044607

    Scorpion dons her GI to take on another male challenger on the MWH mats. He’s immediately judo thrown to the mat and forced to tap out to an armbar whilst Scorpion’s perfectly pedicured feet are in his face.

    This is a recurrent theme as try as hard as he can he is repeatedly thrown to the mats and forced to tap out to triangle chokes and armbars. His frustration is etched across his face as Scorpion is just too strong and technically skilled for him to make any headway.

    This frustration is only amplified when at the end of the match Scorpion forces him to worship her feet while he lays prostrate on the mats.

    Scorpion wears a white gi, with pink sports bra and pink pedicure.

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    MWH0045 Ivy dominates with her feet - Gi Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19044613

    The amazing Ivy make her first appearance on the MWH mats. If you’ve not seen Ivy before, then you are in for a real treat, not only is she insanely beautiful with curves to die for, but she is the mistress of verbal humiliation, as this poor fool is about to find out.

    She throws him to the mat and uses her feet to dominate him in this Gi match, she chokes him time and time again with her feet whilst controlling him physically and mentally. She’s not just humiliating physically but also mentally as she tells him how pathetic he is while her feet are restricting his airflow.

    At the end she is laughing, before commanding him to stand up and say thank you for the ass kicking he has just received.

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    MWH0046 Antscha vs Robbie - Mixed Wrestling Match - A domination

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19258863

    Robbie makes his debut at Mixed Wrestling Heaven, and foolishly picks the experienced Hungarian grappler Antscha as his first opponent.

    The blonde with amazing chiseled physique is a tough proposition for wrestlers of both sexes who have being stepping on the mats for years, so who knows what was going through Robbie’s head.

    The newbie believes he is in with a chance, but what transpires is a one-sided rout as Antscha destroys him making him tap time and time again, using an array of submissions including scissors, triangle chokes and armbars.

    Inevitably Robbie is left defeated and prone on the mats as a victorious Antscha shows us her amazing physique.

    Antscha wears matching white sports bra and briefs.

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  6. Scorpion_Fetish

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    MWH0047 Scorpion vs Bert - Competitive Gi Submissions Match

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19258947

    Scorpion and Bert are evenly matched with only 3kg and 1 inch in height separating them in this fully competitive submission only wrestling match wearing Gi’s.

    As the match progresses this is demonstrated in the grappling with the first submission not coming until after six minutes of sweaty combat. As the match progresses the submissions become more frequent as one valiant grappler begins to tire, and the other’s superior conditioning comes into play.

    The score maybe one sided by the end of the match but doesn’t demonstrate what an even contest this was, this is not the usual trouncing. Both wrestlers have given their all as demonstrated by the sweat pouring off of their bodies.

    Unfortunately for the loser they must suffer the indignity of being tied up with their own Gi as punishment for losing this highly fought competitive match up.

    Scorpion wears a white Gi with turquoise leopard print sports bra and black briefs.

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    MWH0048 Sativa - Triangle + KO

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19498943

    There is one fact which is irrefutable which is that Sativa is a badass and she once again demonstrates it in this clip.

    She is showing a newbie how to apply a triangle choke effectively, perhaps too effectively as she wraps her incredibly strong and skilled legs around his neck. It’s not long before her victim takes his first trip to lala land.

    Indeed, Sativa seems amused by how easy he succumbs as she applies triangle choke after triangle choke and sending him off to sleep.

    Sativa wears an electric green bikini

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  8. Scorpion_Fetish

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    MWH0049 Triangle + KO compilation - Sativa, Antscha + Scorpion

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19498943

    For all of you Triangle holds leading to KO we are proud to present our first compilation video featuring this dreaded submission. We’ve collated perfect examples from some of the best mistresses of this submission in the business.

    Featuring examples from MWH0019, MWH0038, MWH0046 and MWH0048 featuring Scorpion, Antscha and Sativa. Grapplers who are at the top of their game and accomplished appliers as you will see as their male victims succumb one by one.

    A perfect compilation for the connasseur!

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    MWH0050 Competitive Smothers Match - Scorpion vs Judoka

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19498963

    What happens when a female BJJ practitioner takes on a trained Judoka in a competitive smothers match? This clip will show you as Scorpion utilises her BJJ against a male Judoka!

    Each skilled opponent uses all of their training to try and subdue the other, sweat drenches their body as they really give each other a tough workout in this fully competitive match.

    It’s a very technical contest, but one begins to dominate their adversary and proves that their discipline and gender is vastly superior.

    One is left a sweaty devastated and defeated mess on the mats while their exhausted opponent flexes over their prone body.

    Scorpion wears a black bikini.

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    MWH0051 Student humiliates Sensei - Judo throws and Foot Domination

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19685909

    Inferno is judo student attending her first training session with a new Sensei. What he doesn’t know is that the ravishing redhead is actually quite skilled which becomes apparent when he finds himself flat on his back following a hip throw and forced to tap out. But when did rubbing your feet on your Sensei’s face become part of judo.

    It’s ok the Sensei was obviously caught off guard or was he? Time and time again he finds himself judo thrown to the mat then trapped in an armbar and forced to face the indignation of having Inferno’s perfect feet rubbed in his face and across his mouth.

    He begins to get a tad frustrated as this “student” is making him look foolish. But perhaps he should have retained his calm, as it does not help him as he is thrown about, forced to tap, and in the end worship her feet.

    Inferno wears a white gi, with black crop top and purple painted toenails.

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    MWH0052 Punished for stealing from the gym - Face trample

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19685953

    A particularly stupid donkey has made the idiotic decision to attend Scorpion’s gym for the first time, and then steal from her. Anyone would tell you that this is a not a clever move, and secondly even more ridiculous when you don’t make your getaway fast enough.

    Scorpion goes to her backpack and discovers the theft, and irate goes in pursuit of our dim-witted donkey, catching up with him on the stairs she forcefully returns him to the gym for his punishment by his big ears.

    There she teaches him a lesson by forcing him to worship her feet, sucking her toes, and kissing them clean.

    Once they have been cleaned to her satisfaction she then proceeds to stand on his chest and his head punishing him for his indiscretion, not satisfied Scorpion retrieves some handcuffs restraining the thief, while she continues to trample his his head and chest.

    This stupid donkey will think twice before trying to steal from Scorpion again.

    Scorpion wears a white Gi, with black sports bra and purple pedicured toe nails.

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    MWH0053 Goddess Anat vs Bert - Competitive Mixed Wrestling

    Available now: http://www.clips4sale.com/101681/19867063/cidf0e88d133eb05a0e6a9b1eb685

    From Los Angeles, California blonde bombshell and certified bad ass, Goddess Anat makes a visit to the UK and takes on MWH regular Bert in this competitive mixed wrestling match.

    There is a small problem here as this match, although meant to be competitive turns into a rout as Goddess Anat steamrolls through Bert like a hot knife through butter.

    Bert is just simply overwhelmed and overpowered by the American wrestler who is so unimpressed with the British competition she is pitted against that she takes every opportunity to perform victory poses flexing.

    Bert is subjected to facesitting, schoolgirl pins, chokes and scissorholds as Goddess Anat cruises her way to a decisive win.

    Goddess Anat wears neon pink lycra sports bra and black panties.

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