Move me by Queen Krusha

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by krushingentertainment, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Queen Krusha smothers Precious Angie (140lbs) for the 1st time. She is immediately overwhelmed by the size and weight of Queen Krusha's booty! With almost 400lbs of booty, precious Angie fears Queen Krusha will never get up! Replay cam available to relive the stuggle.

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  2. bossy468

    bossy468 New Member

    Looks good, but I’m hoping there will be more sitting on the females chest and butt drops to the females chest (on a hard surface, like a floor) in the future :)
  3. nexlevl22

    nexlevl22 Member

    Yessssss!!!! Love the female seats!!! If we can get some chestsitting as well, then I would give this an 11 on a scale of 1-10
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  4. Next time we will have Queen Krusha sit direct on her chest!
  5. bossy468

    bossy468 New Member

    Can’t wait!!!!
  6. nexlevl22

    nexlevl22 Member

    Well....that would be my new favorite video! Can't wait to purchase that one!!!
  7. Mikki5400

    Mikki5400 New Member

    Hello it would nice if Queen Krusha do belly walk ower to Precious Angie.
  8. Not sure of precious Angie is willing to endure such punishment but we will ask!
  9. Precious Angie is amazed by the positive comments! Please keep them coming as this keeps her motivated to continue her services to Queen Krusha and Krushing Entertainment!!! Thank you for such great support!

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